How to set up duplex printing on a printer

duplex, printing, printer

How to set up two-sided printing on a printer (duplex)

Many people face the problem that the printer does not have duplex printing, for example, when reinstalling the system from Windows XP to Windows 7. In some models, it is turned off by default. Consider the case after reinstalling the system.

Actually, a printing method called Duplex is responsible for printing on both sides.

This is a printing method of a printer in which an image is printed on both sides without human intervention. And the output is a sheet already printed on both sides. Duplex on the printer is available in both laser and inkjet printers, for home printers and office.

What types of duplex function are there

Monochrome printer models are the most common types of such devices, and are found in every office, as well as used at home. Mechanisms with the function of duplex printing are less common than others, among them I single out the following two main types:

  • In automatic mode. To do this, you need to set the page layout and the duplex property. After that, the machine prints the first sheet, applies the image on one side, then the paper is fed to the other section using rollers, where the text is printed on the blank side, and the sheet comes out into the tray. This happens until the end of a given amount of work;
  • In semi-automatic mode, which in turn can be built-in or software, but in any case, manual intervention is required to output to the printer.


Duplex printing can be useful in a variety of situations. Imagine you need to print a large document. If you use a conventional printer, you are forced to first print the even-numbered pages, then manually turn the paper over and restart printing, but this time on the odd-numbered pages. This approach takes more time from you. Plus, there is a risk that you misplace the stack of paper, and then the other side will be printed upside down.

duplex, printing, printer

If you are using a duplex printer, these problems will not occur. It is enough for the user to send the required range of pages to print, but specify in the settings that this should be done using duplex. Further, all work is carried out automatically. The user can start performing other tasks at this time.

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To solve this problem, you need to go to the printer properties by right-clicking on the printer you want to configure. Select the item Change properties.

If you have Windows 8, we wrote how you can downgrade it to Windows 7. Go to the Device Settings tab. Here the item Duplex Module (for 2-sided printing) must be set to Installed.

Then go to the print properties in the Settings section and set the Print on the reverse side parameter to the “On” position

Text editor functions

If you have typed the content yourself or have a finished document in a word processor, its built-in tools will allow you to properly set up duplex printing if you have more than two completed sheets. You will need to do the following manually:

  • Run the required document, for example, via Microsoft Word, then open the action menu.

There, specify the printer that you want to use to print the selected document.

Enter additional parameters, if required, and then click on “OK” to start printing.

Before printing the desired file in “Manual Print on Both Sides” mode when using devices without duplex support, it is advisable to perform a test operation to understand which side will need to load finished sheets, where the content is only on one side. The principle of this function is to print first odd pages, and then even ones, thus forming a book version of the project.

Performing manual 2-sided printing

This method is suitable for those users who do not have the equipment mentioned above. In such a situation, all actions will have to be performed manually, indicating the necessary pages to the program when sending to print. For example, all odd-numbered pages are printed first (1, 3, 5, 7, 9). in this order they are indicated in the same text editor. After completing the procedure, the sheets are inserted with the other side into the tray in the same order and the printing of even-numbered sheets (2, 4, 6, 8, 10) starts. Unfortunately, there are no other options for performing this operation, so you will have to monitor the print yourself.

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You are now familiar with three methods of duplex printing on various printers. You just need to choose the right one and start implementing the task.

How to set up your printer for duplex pdf (PDF) printing: tips

Often the files to be printed are in PDF (PDF) format. How do I set up the printer for duplex printing in this case? Here are the tips and instructions:

  • First you need to download a special program Adobe Reader.
  • Then open the file you want and go to print as usual.

Setting up the printer for duplex printing pdf (PDF)

The PDF will then be printed as normal. This technology often supports duplex printing, so select it to avoid manual process adjustments.

How to lay paper

Each model has its own A4 paper bookmarking scheme. After printing the first side, you need to turn the sheet over correctly. For reliability, it is better to make a mark on the sheet with a pencil, run the page through the printer and see where the mark ends up. Turning over and stacking paper in the tray will depend on it. If the beacon is at the top, the stack in the pallet must be turned over, changing the location of the top and bottom edges. When the beacon is below, you do not need to turn it over.

Functions of programs for working with PDF-files

The required documents are not always in text format, some of them are of the PDF type, which makes it impossible to open them through the text editors mentioned earlier. In such cases, you will need to resort to special applications for working with PDF, for example, Adobe Reader DC or Adobe Acrobat DC.

  • Open the required file and go to the print window by selecting the appropriate item in the menu.
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Select a suitable printer from the pop-up list.

Set “Odd or Even Pages” to “Odd Only”.

When finished, insert the sheets upside down in the same order, and then change the setting to Even-Numbered Only.

Two-Sided Printing on HP Printers from Windows | HP Printers | HP

As in the previous method, you need to take into account the paper feed so that the text does not print twice on one side of the sheet. If the PDF software you are using has a built-in “Duplex Printing” tool, use it instead of manually selecting even and odd pages only if you have a machine that supports this technology.

Setting up printing on different models

Manual 2-sided printing

If your printer does not support automatic 2-sided printing, you can print all the pages that need to be on one side of the paper and then (when prompted) turn the stack over and reload it into the printer.

Under Options, click Print One-Sided and select Manual Print on Both Sides.

During printing, Word prompts you to turn the stack over and reload the pages into the printer.

Note: We recommend that you perform a test print to determine how to feed the pages correctly into the printer.

Determining Whether Your Printer Supports Automatic Duplex Printing

Check your printer manual or consult the manufacturer.

In Microsoft Office Word, click the Microsoft Office Button. select Print, click the Properties button, and then click the Options tab in the Document Properties dialog box and review the options. The options in the Document Properties dialog box vary depending on the capabilities of the printer and its configuration. If you see options on any of the tabs for printing on both sides of the paper, duplexing, or reverse printing, then the printer probably supports automatic duplexing.

If your printer supports duplex printing, follow the directions in your printer manual to make duplex copies.

If you are using a copier-linked printer and the copier supports duplex copying, the printer probably supports automatic duplex printing.

If multiple printers are installed, it is possible that one of them supports duplex printing and the other does not.