How to set up duplex printing on a printer

Performing duplex printing with the printer

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Duplex printing on a printer is not only economical in terms of sheet costs, but sometimes it is very convenient, for example, when printing a book or magazine. Some users are wondering about the correctness of this procedure, since the manual method of flipping sheets is not always practical and takes a lot of time. Within the framework of this article, we would like to reveal all the details of this topic, providing visual guides for different programs.

Functions of programs for working with PDF-files

The required documents are not always in text format, some of them are of the PDF type, which makes it impossible to open them through the text editors mentioned earlier. In such cases, you will need to resort to special applications for working with PDF, for example, Adobe Reader DC or Adobe Acrobat DC.

Select a suitable printer from the pop-up list.

Set “Odd or Even Pages” to “Odd Only”.

When finished, insert the sheets upside down in the same order, and then change the setting to Even-Numbered Only.

As in the previous method, you need to take into account the paper feed so that the text does not print twice on one side of the sheet. If the PDF software you are using has a built-in “Duplex Printing” tool, use it instead of manually selecting even and odd pages only if you have a machine that supports this technology.

Text editor functions

If you have typed the content yourself or have a finished document in a word processor, its built-in tools will allow you to properly set up duplex printing if you have more than two completed sheets. You will need to do the following manually:

There, specify the printer that you want to use to print the selected document.

Enter additional parameters, if required, and then click on “OK” to start printing.

Before printing the desired file in “Manual Print on Both Sides” mode when using devices without duplex support, it is advisable to perform a test operation to understand which side will need to load finished sheets, where the content is only on one side. The principle of this function is to print first odd pages, and then even ones, thus forming a book version of the project.

We carry out duplex printing on the printer

There are devices that support automatic printing on two sides of the paper, but there are quite a few such models and in most cases they are MFPs with a duplex copy function on a scanner. Below we will provide instructions specifically for such equipment, and then we will talk about the manual printing method.

Performing manual 2-sided printing

This method is suitable for those users who do not have the equipment mentioned above. In such a situation, all actions will have to be performed manually, indicating the necessary pages to the program when sending to print. For example, all odd-numbered pages are printed first (1, 3, 5, 7, 9). in this order they are indicated in the same text editor. After completing the procedure, the sheets are inserted with the other side into the tray in the same order and the printing of even-numbered sheets (2, 4, 6, 8, 10) starts. Unfortunately, there are no other options for performing this operation, so you will have to monitor the print yourself.

You are now familiar with three methods of duplex printing on various printers. You just need to choose the right one and start implementing the task.

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Before anyone, you will find out if your printer has a duplex function. If there is one, do not forget to preference it in the printer dialog box when you print the document. The printer will mechanically tip over the entire sheet and print the odd and even pages of the document on both sides. For landscape sheets, select Flip Short Edge.

If you need to make a two-sided printout on a printer that does not have the function of mechanically flipping the sheet, you first need to print one side of the document, then turn the sheet over, insert it into the printer tray with the clean side out (or inward, depending on the features of the printer model), and then print the second side. If the document is multi-page, first print all the odd-numbered pages of the document on one side of the sheet, and then, on the other side, all the even-numbered ones. Do not mix up the sequence of pages. If you are not sure exactly how to put the sheet in the printer so that the printout is on the right side and in the positive direction, experiment with obscene documents in order to avoid mistakes.

Unfortunately, printers designed for office printing do not have the ability to accurately align 2 sides of a document. The offset when flipping the sheet is, as usual, about five millimeters. Consequently, if you need to print double-sided advertising products on an office printer, say, leaflets, flyers or business cards, when developing the layout of the 2nd side of the product, you should follow some rules.

Namely: try to simplify the second side of the card or flyer as much as possible. Fill it with a minimum of objects and information, place text blocks and design elements in the center as far as possible from the edges, avoid frames and vignettes. It is also better to make the background of the 2nd side of your advertising products plain or white. Otherwise, inaccuracies in the alignment of 2 sides of the sheet will be too superbly visible.

How to set up duplex printing

Duplex printing is a task that requires a different approach, depending on the type of printer and file format that you want to print. If you are working with a new printer, or rarely dealt with office equipment, you will need some time to figure out how to print on both sides of the sheet, so that when reading the document looks correct, and the advertising materials are soundly.

How to set up 2-sided printing

When preparing a printer for printing books, periodicals, and other multi-page documents, it is important to know how to set up two-sided printing. This will save you time and make the printing process easier and more glorious.


Right-click anywhere on the page you want to start printing from. This operation will be valid inside any computer and web program. Next, in the list that appears, select the “Print” column. Go there.

The “Print” folder window opens. There you will be able to set the basic print parameters. preset the desired printer, adjust the range of pages, the number of copies, as well as other additional, but important functions, such as setting up two-sided printing.

Click the Setup button below the Select your printer field. A new “Printing Preferences” window will open. Go to the top tab “Page” in the section “Duplex Printing”. Check the box opposite the words “Duplex printing”.

Use the arrow to set the side of the binding. length or width, left or right, top or bottom. Click on the “Specify field” button and enter the exact size of the field in millimeters. Click “Ok”.

Setting up duplex printing does not mean that the printer will start printing at the same time on both sides of the sheet, although there are such printers. The very special technology of document printing will easily change, i.e. first it will print one side of the sheet, and then, when you knock it over, the other.

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Helpful advice
The section “Print” is also allowed to go through the top menu “File”.

Helpful advice
If you need two-sided printing on an inkjet printer, it is better to take more thick paper than ordinary office paper, on the contrary, ink on one side can penetrate the other. If you want to print double-sided photo. use special photo paper.

In MS Word

  • Launch a text editor and open the required file.
  • Press the CtrlP key combination at the same time.
  • In the “Name” line, select the model of the device through which you plan to print the document.
  • For double-sided printing, check the box next to “Double-sided”.
  • If necessary, make additional settings and click on “OK”.

If your printer cannot print text on both sides at the same time, you can set up the “Manual Print on Both Sides” feature in Word. The user needs to pre-print one page and understand the principle of flipping the sheet to display information on the second side. After enabling this option, odd and then even are printed first. The result is a book-sized printed sheet. The process is described in more detail below in the text.

Canon printers

You can set up printing through the Canon My Printer control panel. The software sets the thickness of the paper, the format of the sheets and the distance for the indent from the edges.

After basic setup, open the document, select the print function. Set the required parameters.

Some models of Canon printing devices have a function for automatic two-sided output of the image to the media. To activate the function, check the box next to the “Duplex” option in the settings.

Manual printing on a printer without duplex

To make two-sided printing on a printer without duplex mode, the program prescribes page numbers. To print odd numbers, numbers 1, 3, 5, 7, etc. are put down. Next, the printed sheets are inserted into the printer with the other side and the numbers 2, 4, 6, 8, etc. are indicated.

Duplex Printing Methods

In printing technology, there may be duplex technology, which is of two types.

  • Automatic. In the settings, the page layout and the possibility of double-sided printing are specified. First, the text is applied on one side, then the rollers transfer the paper to the other compartment, where the data is printed on the other side, then the sheet comes out. All remaining pages of the document are printed in the same way.
  • Semi-automatic. The mode can be built-in or software. But manual intervention is always needed. correctly turn and insert sheets.

In machines without duplex, you only have to manually set up data output to paper and turn the paper.

Print PDF document

Some programs for working with pdf documents have a duplex print function. The function can be used if the technology provides such an opportunity.

HP printers

  • Open the file.
  • Press CtrlP.
  • Click on “Properties”.
  • Turn on the “Layout” option, select Print On Both Sides in it.
  • Specify the format of the page or how information should be displayed on it. If you select the Binding side option, the data will be displayed in the portrait layout. Binding on top. the option displays the text on the back of the sheet in the opposite direction, like a tear-off calendar.

Kyocera printers

  • Go to the properties of the device.
  • To print on both sides of the paper at once, choose Manual Duplex Printing.
  • Indicate the side on which the binding will be located.
  • Print text on one side.
  • Flip the sheet with the printed side down.
  • Continue withdrawing from the other side.

Options for setting up two-sided printing in Word

How do you set up duplex printing if your printer cannot do it automatically? First, you should print those pages that should be on one side of the sheet, then turn them over, reload them into the feed tray and print the rest:

  • Open file”
  • Click “Print”
  • Select “Options”
  • Select “One-sided printing”
  • Click “Print manually on both sides”
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We recommend that you first perform a test print in order to figure out how to feed sheets into the device.

You can also try to print even and then odd pages separately. To do this, you should:

  • Open file”
  • Click “Print”
  • Select “Options”
  • Select “Print all pages”, and at the bottom find and click “Print odd pages only” and send them to print.

After they are printed, do the same, only at the end click “Print even pages only”.

How to make duplex printing on a printer

If, when using an MFP or an inkjet printer, you need to print on both sides of the sheet, you first need to figure out if they have this function. To do this, simply read the instructions or look at the technical specifications of the required HP, Canon, Epson or Brother model on the manufacturer’s website.

Another option. open any file, click “Print”, when you see the values ​​”One-sided printing” and “Two-sided printing”, click on the second one, if it is active, then duplex technology is available to you. It can be implemented:

  • in automatic mode, when the printer itself turns A4 pages;
  • in manual mode, when a manual is included on how to turn the sheets over to correctly print the information on their back side.

If you have multiple printers, it may be that one of them supports duplex printing, and the other does not.

Setting up duplex printing in Excel

Double-sided printing in Excel, unlike Word, can be more difficult to implement, since it does not always work correctly even with the automatic duplex function. Especially, problems arise if you print not one sheet of the Excel workbook, but two separate.

In the first case, the sheet automatically goes to the back side of the page. for this, you just need to select the “Duplex printing” value when printing. In the second case, the printer often prints two sheets on different pages, even if you specified in the settings that you need to print on both sides of one. In order for the document to print the way you just need to make the print settings separately for each sheet:

  • In Excel, select the first sheet you want to print by clicking on the sheet tab.
  • In the print options, click on “Duplex Printing”
  • In Excel, select the second sheet.
  • In the print options, click on “Duplex Printing”.
  • Select, while holding down the CTRL key, both sheets and send to print.

Setting up two-sided printing in PDF

When you want to print PDF files from Adobe Reader DC or Adobe Acrobat DC, you must not only turn on Print On Both Sides of Paper, but also select the edge you want to turn the pages on. It is worth noting that this function may not appear in the dialog box, then just open the printer properties and mark the need for duplex printing there.

If you cannot configure duplex automatically, then you need to:

  • Open file”
  • Click “Print”
  • In the pop-up window “Set” in the “Print range” check “Even pages only”.
  • Select “Invert Pages”
  • Click “Print”

In the event that you have an odd number of files, add one blank page. When the required sheets are printed. Place them in the tray, top down, and then:

  • Open “File”
  • Click “Print”
  • In the Set pop-up box, under Print Range, check Odd Pages Only
  • Skip the “Invert Pages” option and click “Print”