How to set up iPhone 11 video

ways to record video from iPhone and iPad screen

If you need to record a video from the screen of your iOS device, there are several ways to do this. And one of them, recording video from the iPhone and iPad screen (including with sound) on the device itself (without the need to use third-party programs) appeared quite recently: in iOS 11 there was a built-in function for this. However, in earlier versions, recording is also possible.

This manual describes in detail how to record video from the iPhone (iPad) screen in three different ways: using the built-in recording function, as well as from a Mac computer and from a PC or laptop with Windows (i.e. the device is connected to a computer and already on it records what is happening on the screen).

Screen video recording using iOS

Starting with iOS 11, a built-in function for recording screen video appeared on the iPhone and iPad, however, a novice owner of an Apple device may not even notice it.

To enable the function, use the following steps (remember, you must have iOS version 11 or higher).

  • Go to Settings and open the “Control Center”.
  • Click “Customize Controls”.
  • Pay attention to the list ” controls”, there you will see the item “Screen recording”. Click the plus sign to the left of it.
  • Exit the settings (press the “Home” button) and drag the bottom of the screen: in the control center you will see a new button for screen recording.

iPhone 11 – Complete Beginners Guide

By default, pressing the screen recording button starts recording the screen of the device without sound. However, if you use a strong press (or long press on iPhone and iPad without Force Touch support), a menu will open as in the screenshot, in which you can enable sound recording from the device’s microphone.

After the end of the recording (performed by pressing the record button again), the video file is saved in.mp4 format, 50 frames per second and stereo sound (at least on my iPhone this is the case).

iphone, video

Below is a video instruction on using the function, if something remains incomprehensible after reading this method.

For some reason, the video recorded in the settings was out of sync with the sound (accelerated), so I had to slow it down. I assume that these are some features of the codec that could not be successfully digested in my video editor.

How to Record iPhone and iPad Screen Video on Windows 10, 8 and Windows 7

Note: to use the method, both the iPhone (iPad) and the computer must be connected to the same network, it does not matter via Wi-Fi or using a wired connection.

If necessary, you can record video from the screen of your iOS device from a Windows computer or laptop, but this will require third-party software that allows you to receive broadcast via AirPlay.

I recommend using the free program LonelyScreen AirPlay Receiver, which can be downloaded from the official website (after installing the program, you will see a request to allow it to access public and private networks, you should allow it).

  • Launch LonelyScreen AirPlay Receiver.
  • On your iPhone or iPad connected to the same network as the computer, go to the control point (swipe from bottom to top) and click “Screen Repeat”.
  • The list will show the available devices that can broadcast the image via AirPlay, select LonelyScreen.
  • The iOS screen will be displayed on the computer in the program window.

After that, you can record video with the built-in Windows 10 screen recording tools (by default, you can call the recording panel with the WinG keyboard shortcut) or using third-party programs (see Best programs for recording video from a computer or laptop screen).

Screen Recorder in QuickTime on MacOS

If you own a Mac computer, you can use the built-in QuickTime Player to record video from your iPhone or iPad.

  • Connect your phone or tablet with a cable to your MacBook or iMac, if necessary, allow access to the device (answer the request “Trust this computer?”).
  • Launch QuickTime Player on your Mac (you can use Spotlight search for this), and then, from the program menu, choose File. New Video.
  • By default, webcam recording will open, but you can switch the recording to the mobile device screen by clicking on the small arrow next to the record button and selecting your device. There you can also select the sound source (microphone on iPhone or Mac).
  • Click the record button to start recording your screen. To stop, press the “Stop” button.

When you finish recording your screen, choose File> Save from the QuickTime Player main menu. By the way, in QuickTime Player you can also record Mac screen, for more details: Record Mac OS screen video in QuickTime Player.

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How many minutes can you record? Recorded the screen for 1 hour 50 minutes, and the recording did not come.

I don’t know for sure, but Google suggests that someone wrote down for two hours, i.e. most likely rests on the availability of free space on the device (sort of like 1 GB for 4-6 minutes, depending on the resolution)

Hello! I am making a screen recording with sound. Everything is preserved. Then I want to send via WhatsApp, telegram or email. it is sent without sound. Tell me, what is this problem and how to solve it? Thank you!

Identical problem. It would be interesting to understand why this is happening.

Thanks a lot! I used to look and did not understand how people do this, but now I understood Thank you!

Very cool site, helped me figure out everything that interested me, explained everything verbatim, thanks!)

Dear admin, thanks for the useful info! Tell me which iPhone model is the article talking about? I would like to know which iPhone writes stereo sound

Hello. I tested it all on an old iPhone 6 Plus. There were definitely two audio tracks, but now I can’t say for sure whether they are different or not (in my opinion, yes).

Can Track iPhone Screen Recording If I Record?

Hello. Didn’t quite understand your question.

Good day. As soon as I turn on Sound Recording, the sound in the video is muffled (very much to barely audible). During playback, noise and sounds from the outside are heard, and the sound from the video is almost inaudible. What could be the problem?

Hello. Do you want to record a video with sound that is playing on your phone right now? He can’t do that. And when you turn on the sound recording, he writes from the microphone and mutes the playback sound, and what appears on the recording is what “got” into the microphone. In general, it’s not easier to download a finished video somewhere without recording from the screen?

Hello. On this program from the iPhone The maximum video recording time is 2 minutes. Why is that? I would like to record a video up to 20 minutes long.

Perhaps these methods and computer recording will work?.

Thank you very much, otherwise you will look at these paid applications, plus everything with their cosmic-ebical prices. Thank you for such people

Cool, thanks for the tips, in general I really like your portal, everything you need and to the point.

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IPhone Screen Recording with iOS 11 and above

Not all Apple smartphone owners know that starting with iOS 11, you can record video from the iPhone screen without any third-party programs. All the necessary tools are in the operating system itself. For many people, this is a fairly popular function, for example, for recording streamcasts of popular games, video instructions and similar content. Now you will learn how to use it all.!

So, if your iPhone or iPad is updated to iOS 11 (or better to iOS 12), then you can record video from the screen without any problems. To do this, you first need to enable this function. Go to the smartphone settings.

Find the section “Control Center” and open it:

Next, go to the “Customize controls” subsection. A list of already connected controls will be displayed here, and below. those that can be connected. Scroll down the list until you find the “Screen Recorder” item:

To add it to the list of available ones, click on the green button with a plus sign. After that, the function will appear at the very beginning, in the list of connected ones:

Next, to start recording from the iPhone screen, you will need to call the iOS Control Center by swiping up from the bottom of the screen to the top.

One of the buttons will be the required recording from the screen in the form of a white circle. Click on it and after 3 seconds the iPhone will start recording everything that happens on the screen. A flashing red status line will signal this.

By default, while recording video from the phone screen, sounds from the microphone are not recorded. If you want to add some of your Комментарии и мнения владельцев, then first in the control center you need to forcefully press the record button (or hold your finger if you do not have 3D Touch). This menu will appear:

iphone, video

Tap the microphone icon and it will record sound.

To end recording from the iPhone screen. again click on the icon in the Control Center, or on the status bar, after which a menu will appear, in which click the “Stop” button.

IPhone iOS 11 Screen Recorder with Sound

In early versions of Apple’s iOS, it was not possible to record iPhone screen video, when you wanted to share what happened on your iPhone’s screen, you had one option. to click the screenshot. iOS 11-13 and higher have expanded the capabilities of the phone, providing you with an additional function not only to take a screenshot, but also to record video from the screen.

The meaning of screen recording should be obvious if you’ve ever had to troubleshoot someone’s iPhone. Instead of carefully describing each step, you can now turn on the screen recording function and share the resulting video. If you were looking for instructions for recording a screen on Android devices, I advise you to read the topic “How to record a video from the Samsung screen”.

Screen recording is also useful for exchanging game exploits or going through other interesting steps that screenshots simply cannot convey in full. If you do not like the standard screen recording function, read this topic “iPhone Screen Recorder with DU Recorder”.

To capture screen recordings, you first need to set up Control Center to get quick access to this feature.

Select “Customize Controls”.

Scroll down to the Ale. Controls “and find the option” Screen Recording “. (It has a red button icon with white circles in the center as a recording icon.)

Click the green plus icon to add it to your control center. You can use the three vertical bars on the right to customize where the Screen Recorder button will appear on your screen in your customized Control Center.

You are now ready to record everything that happens on your screen.

Swipe up from the bottom to the top to access the Control Center.

Click the Screen Recording icon. You will see a 3-2-1 countdown and then the icon will turn red. Everything that happens from now on will be recorded.

If you want to hear audio on your recording, you need to take an extra step. Press and hold the screen recording icon until the pop-up menu appears. Then you can click the microphone icon to unmute the sound.

Please note that this action will not only record the sound of what is happening on your phone, but everything that you say. You can click the Start Recording button on the pop-up menu to start timing 3-2-1.

Do whatever you want to record, be it a practice session or a game session. A red bar will appear at the top of your iPhone screen to remind you that your recording has started and is on.

To stop recording, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to access the Control Center and tap the Screen Recording icon. It will turn from red to white.

A notification appears stating that your video is now stored in the Photos app. This video is ready to share, although it will look a little rough. For example, there will be a section of recording on and off in the Control Center. This probably doesn’t matter much to most people, but if you want to cut down on extra footage, it’s easy enough to do.

Select “Video” to go to edit the screen capture video you just captured.

Select the video you want and on the next screen click “Edit” in the upper right corner.

Drag the arrows at the bottom of the screen towards the center, left or right to set new start and stop points for the video. Click “Finish” when you are sure that you have selected exactly the part of the video that you need.

The clip will be saved as a new video, which can then be shared with friends, but without extra frames.

How to enable and configure auto-lock screen on iPhone and iPad

The main source of electricity consumption in modern smartphones is the screen. If it is running at full brightness, the average static mobile device will be fully discharged in 3-4 hours. Auto-locking the screen helps to avoid this. For example, if the owner of the smartphone hastily forgot to lock the device somewhere, thereby turning off its screen, then in a very short period of time the battery can be significantly discharged. This can create an uncomfortable situation in the middle of the work day.

The iOS operating system for this case has a function designed to automatically lock the screen. To enable and configure it, launch the “Settings” application, and then go to the “Display and brightness” section and select the “Auto-lock” menu here. There are several options available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch owners, one of which must be selected.

The most popular option is 3 minutes. This means that if no action is taken with the smartphone for three minutes, then its screen will automatically turn off, and the device will be locked. At the same time, a few seconds before this, the display will become very dim, so the owner of the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch will have a few seconds to prevent the screen from auto-locking.

If you select the “Once upon a time” option, the automatic screen lock will not work. Using this setting is not recommended, as it can not only significantly reduce the battery life of the device, but also negatively affect the screen itself. As you know, the more and longer it is used, the higher the probability of its breakdown. Why tempt fate again?

Attention! Until December 6, everyone can get Xiaomi Mi Band 5 for free in just 3 minutes.

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How to record video from iPhone and iPad screen without jailbreak and computer

Every owner of an iPhone or iPad at least once had a need to record a video from the screen of the gadget. Before iOS 11, the whole process took a long time, as it required installing additional software or connecting to a stationary computer. In this article, we will talk about the existing methods of recording video from the iPhone and iPad screen without jailbreak and computer.

How to record video from iPhone and iPad screen

Open the Settings app on an iPhone or iPad with iOS 11 or later and select the Control Center section.

Go to the “Customize Controls” menu, select “Screen Recorder” and click on the green plus sign.

Starting with iOS 14, the “Customize controls” item has been removed and the controls are located in the main menu of the Control Center section.

Close the “Settings” application and call the “Control Center” by swiping up the screen, after which a new icon will appear for recording a video of the screen. Long press (also works on iPhone 5s and iPhone 6) on the icon to bring up a menu that allows you to control the screen recording settings (for example, activate the microphone during recording).

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Click on “Start Recording” and the survey will start. While the recording is in progress, you can safely use your gadget. Shooting will be indicated by a red strip at the top of the screen.

When finished recording, click on the red indicator, and then on the “Stop” button.

The video will be automatically saved in the standard library of the Photos application.

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Thank you! As always written in understandable language. But, friends, please, explain to me why this program is needed? Screenshot, still understandable, but video Or something I don’t understand?

well for example, upload a video on YouTube, with battles on tanks or airplanes. it’s no secret that a “stub” is better than a “bucket” for online games ツ

there is also an easier way: by connecting the device over a wire to MacOS and recording the screen through the QuickTime player

Friends, help with advice I can not download from the site, the download fails. What to do?

Banned the program. At first I downloaded it, used it for a couple of days, and then the iPhone prohibits the launch of this program. Ales, again without screen recording, but to me it’s like a loaf.

It didn’t help at all, he says that you need to download the program for 12 dollars, if I click on no, I don’t want to download it, it just stupidly flies out. Help.

After installation, it shows that you need to install another program for this to work. She costs 12.

Good day to all. The wife of SE. Records video of the screen from some program through the “Control Center” and through a microphone. For some reason, the sound is barely obtained. I process it through Luma Fusion. Probably the program does not give write access. If you do not write through the microphone, there is no sound at all.

What are you lying in the Control Center there is no item Configure controls in general, what can we say about recording screens, this is by the way iOS 10 and methods with downloading applications from sites do not work at all, they do not even start loading and in the app store all applications for recording video from the screen are available only on iOS 11, at least some applications simply do not work because on iOS 10 there is no screen recording function at all, so delete the article because of misinformation this site was given to me by Google when I wrote how to record the screen on iPhone iOS 10

12 tips for shooting iPhone 11 and 11 Pro video

How to enable screen recording on iPhone 11?

This feature can come in handy in a sea of ​​cases. For example, you just want to log some kind of application bug.

Or just a fragment from the video to share later with your friends or subscribers.

The function works very simply, but first you need to make some points so that then everything works like a clock.

We follow these steps (screenshots from the iPhone 8 Plus, on the iPhone 11 the same principle):

  • open the Settings and go to the Control Center;
  • click on Customize controls and select the green plus sign next to Screen Recording;
  • by going to the main screen, simply open the Control Panel;
  • we tap the Screen Record button, after 3 seconds the recording starts (you will see a red bar on top, which indicates shooting);
  • to stop everything, just press the same button or the red strip.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated at all. Once you add the button for this feature and then the difficulties disappear.

How to Record Screen on iPhone 11?

In the distant iOS 11, a very useful feature called “screen recording” was made on the iPhone.

If you have an iPhone 11, 11 Pro or Pro Max, then this article is just for you.

You will find all the instructions you need most. When you put all the settings, there will be no further difficulties.

How to turn on sound during screen recording on iPhone 11?

Many users had questions about the sound. If you have it turned on on your device, then it will be on the record.

This applies to system sounds and music: keyboard, notifications, music, videos and more.

If you want to record your voice, you can turn on the microphone:

  • open the Control Panel;
  • pinch your finger on the Screen Recorder icon;
  • activate the Microphone.

Now, you can safely make Комментарии и мнения владельцев while shooting. They will persist and will be able to provide more content.

Using a smartphone headset as a shutter button

You can start shooting photos and videos on the iPhone using a standard headset. To do this, connect a wired headset to your smartphone and launch the Camera application. To start taking photos or videos, press any volume button on the headset once. Similarly, you can use the physical volume up and down buttons on the smartphone itself.

HDR is a must-have tool for capturing high-quality images. It works as follows: when taking a photo, several images with different exposures are created, which are subsequently glued into one photo of excellent quality.

    To activate HDR, open the Camera. At the top of the window, select the HDR button and then Auto or On. In the first case, HDR images will be created in low light conditions, and in the second, the function will always work.

  • However, it is recommended to activate the function of saving originals. in case HDR will only harm your photos. To do this, open the settings and go to the “Camera” section. In the next window, activate the option “Leave original”.
  • Using filters in real time

    The standard Camera application can also act as a small photo and video editor. For example, in the process of shooting, you can immediately apply various filters.

      To do this, select in the upper right corner the icon shown in the screenshot below.

  • Filters will be displayed at the bottom of the screen, between which you can switch by swiping to the left or right. After selecting a filter, start a photo or video.
  • Setting up the camera on the iPhone

    Below we take a look at a few useful iPhone 6 tweaks that photographers often use when they need to take a great shot. over, most of these settings are suitable not only for the model we are considering, but also for other generations of smartphones.

    Shooting video at 60 frames per second

    By default, iPhone records Full HD video at 30 frames per second. You can improve the quality of shooting by increasing the frequency through the phone parameters to 60. However, this change will also affect the final size of the video.

      To set a new frequency, open the settings and select the “Camera” section.

  • In the next window, select the “Video recording” section. Check the box next to 1080p HD 60fps. Close the preferences window.
  • Panoramic shooting

    Most iPhones support Panorama Capture, a special mode that allows you to capture a 240-degree field of view in your image.

    • To activate panoramic shooting, launch the Camera application and at the bottom of the window, make a few swipes from right to left until you get to the item “Panorama”.
  • Point the camera to the starting position and tap the shutter button. Move the camera slowly and continuously to the right. Once the panorama is fully captured, the iPhone will save the image to camera roll.
  • How to set up the camera on iPhone 6

    Taking a photo while shooting a video

    While recording a video, iPhone allows you to take photos. To do this, start shooting a video. On the left side of the window, you will see a small round button, after clicking on which the smartphone will instantly take a photo.

    How to add videos to iTunes?

    Now that the desired video is on your computer, you can proceed to the step of adding it to iTunes. This can be done in two ways: by dragging it into the program window and through the iTunes menu.

    In the first case, you will need to simultaneously open two windows on the screen. iTunes and the folder with the video. Just drag the video with the mouse into the iTunes window, after which the video will automatically go to the desired section of the program.

    In the second case, in the iTunes window, click on the “File” button and open the “Add file to library” item. In the window that opens, double-click your mouse to select your video.

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    To see if a video has been successfully added to iTunes, open the Movies section in the upper left corner of the program, and then go to the My Movies tab. In the left pane of the window, open the Home Videos sub-tab.

    How to Transfer Videos from Computer to iPhone, iPad or iPod?

    It should be noted right away that in order for you to be able to transfer the video to your portable device, it must be in MP4 format. If you have a video of a different format, then you will need to convert it first.

    How to Transfer Videos from Computer to Apple Device with iTunes

    How to Convert Video to MP4 Format?

    To convert videos, you can use either a special program, for example, Hamster Free Video Converter, which allows you to easily convert videos into a format adapted for viewing on an Apple device, or use an online service, which will work right in the browser window.

    In our example, we will look at how video conversion is performed using an online service.

    To get started, go to your browser using this link to the Convert Video Online service page. In the window that opens, click on the “Open file” button, and then in Windows Explorer select your video file.

    The second step in the “Video” tab, check the “Apple” item, and then select the device on which the video will subsequently be played.

    Click on the “Settings” button. Here, if necessary, you can increase the quality of the final file (if the video will be played on a small screen, then the maximum quality should not be set, but you should not underestimate the quality either), change the audio and video codecs used, and also, if necessary, remove audio from video.

    Start the video conversion process by clicking on the “Convert” button.

    The conversion process will begin, the duration of which will depend on the original video size and the selected quality.

    Once the conversion is complete, you will be prompted to download the result to your computer.

    How to Transfer Videos to iPhone, iPad or iPod?

    Connect your device to your computer using a USB cable or Wi-Fi sync. Click on the device thumbnail that appears in the top area of ​​iTunes.

    Once in the menu for managing your Apple device, go to the “Movies” tab in the left pane of the window, and then check the box next to “Sync Movies”.

    Check the box next to the videos to be transferred to the device. In our case, this is the only video, so we put a check mark next to it, and then click in the lower area of ​​the window on the button “Apply”.

    The synchronization process will begin, after which the video will be copied to your gadget. You can watch it in the Video application on the Home Videos tab on your device.

    We hope this article helped you figure out how to transfer videos to iPhone, iPad or iPod. If you still have questions, ask them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

    iPhone 11 64gb Set Up Manual Guide

    The variety of colors confuses

    To be honest, I was not at all impressed by the colors of the iPhone 11. The iPhone XR looked much prettier, each color played out bright emotions in the sun.

    And now now everything is rotten, the iPhones have become noticeably paler. This is especially evident when comparing the yellow models. Joy was gone, it was replaced by longing and sadness.

    And I, apparently, am not alone. All green and purple iPhones have already been bought in Russia. Why?

    White and black colors are classic. Already boring.

    Yellow is dull. Quite ordinary and unremarkable.

    Green, red and purple are unusual shades. Apple clearly enjoyed making green iPhones this year, and they have gained popularity because of the rarity of the color itself. And you still have to try to find a purple smartphone. And red well, it’s just red, amazing as always.

    Last year, editorial opinions on the colors of the iPhone XR differed. But this year everyone agreed on one thing: green is the best of the presented line.

    Lasts a long time, but nothing special

    Let’s talk about battery life. I can’t compare with the iPhone XR, but I can show the difference with the iPhone XS Max.

    Apple claims the iPhone 11 lasts an hour longer than the iPhone XR. And the iPhone XR has the most powerful battery of all iPhones, which means it lasts even longer than the iPhone XS Max.

    And you know what? I did not notice any increase in autonomy. Removing the iPhone XS Max from charge at 8 am, with active use (Safari and Telegram almost always work at full capacity), he sat down for lunch, at two o’clock. And I see the same thing in the iPhone 11, well, maybe another half hour.

    Statistics of the last 10 days of use

    But you probably don’t use your smartphone as often as I do. And in this situation, both the iPhone XS Max and the iPhone 11 quite live up to the end of the day. But don’t expect 30 percent the next morning. By the evening, you still have to put on charge.

    ▪️ Video playback (wireless): up to 17 hours ▪️ Video streaming (wireless): up to 10 hours ▪️ Audio playback (wireless): up to 65 hours

    In general, I confirm the figures. iPhone can work as much under the conditions listed above.

    In other situations, you cannot do without an outlet.

    IPhone 11 review. Impressions in two weeks

    I decided not to rush to review the iPhone 11 in order to put together the most complete picture of the usability of a smartphone. Two weeks is quite a normal time to understand about all the advantages and disadvantages of the device.

    There are not so many impressions as Nikita Goryainov’s from the iPhone 11 Pro. Practical changes and innovations turned out to be not enough, although no one expected them, since this is a minor update of devices.

    After going through this iPhone for a couple of weeks, I absolutely knew that it would be hugely popular. Same as iPhone XR.

    No more 3D Touch, come to terms

    This is the weakest point in the new iPhone for all hard-hitting fans. If you didn’t have an iPhone XR and loved 3D Touch, the pain is guaranteed. You get used to good things quickly, but wean them for a long time.

    During these 2 weeks, I have not yet been able to fully switch to the new system of long presses. And that’s all. If with 3D Touch everything was done in a split second, now the response time has increased.

    I’m typing the text, correcting instant mistakes in words by moving the slider. Previously, it was enough to press harder at any point on the keyboard, but now you need to tap and hold the space bar, which works every other time.

    Or another example. With 3D Touch, you could instantly hide the incoming notification: clicked on it harder and immediately swipe down. Now you need to hold your finger on this message for a second and only then swipe.

    Nikita was right about editing the desktop. If earlier we imagined 2 separate actions for the context menu and deletion, now for only one deletion you need to hold down and then tap on Change the order of applications, or drag the icon to the side. time is spent and it is not very pleasant.

    Face ID now works at a larger angle

    Personally, I did not notice a noticeable increase in the speed of Face ID. The iPhone XS Max with iOS 13 ran as fast as the iPhone 11 with iOS 13.1.1. Brought to face, instant, Smart unlocked. Is that great? Undoubtedly yes. But it already happened, it was just solved by the firmware.

    But what iOS 13 failed to achieve was the increased viewing angle. They have become larger in the iPhone 11, although not much. No need to reach for iPhone display to unlock it.

    The only thing that didn’t work was that there was still no unlock in the horizontal position.

    A trivial example: you are sitting, watching a video on YouTube, I wanted to turn up the volume and accidentally pressed the lock button. Additional action is needed. Take iPhone in hand, turn it and only then continue browsing.

    NNCXV.INFO 2021