How To Set Up The HP Laser Mfp 135w Printer

How To Set Up The HP Laser Mfp 135w Printer

HP Laser MFP 135w

Pluses: Functionality

Disadvantages: Not yet. Let’s hope they won’t.

Pluses: Fast typing. Compact.

Disadvantages: Out of the box ink cartridge and an optional new ink cartridge ran out incredibly quickly.

Commentary: An ordinary laser bw MFP does not stand out in any way against the background of its fellows. At the moment (08/19/2020) the printer costs 12999, and the cartridge 4000 is a twist, I’ll tell you. Half a year of more than one active use (printout of postage and documents) used up 1.5 cartridges

RUB 6000 Already in sadness that I changed my inkjet MFP =)

Pluses: prints well, fast enough

Disadvantages: Incorrect operation of the MFP with MAC OS X in terms of scanning

Commentary: Attention to MAC OS users! I bought this MFP, faced the following critical problem: when scanning documents, the image quality is limited to a maximum of 300 dpi, while the 600 dpi declared by the manufacturer are not even displayed for selection. I am using Macbook Air with Mac OS Catalina, version 10.15.6. The problem manifests itself in the same way in the HP SMART app (downloaded from the Apple Store and installed instead of drivers) and when scanning through MAC apps. The installation of the HP Easy Scan application (HP universal software for scanning on their devices), above 300 dpi, the MFP does not want to Scan did not help either. Option for connecting the MFP to a computer, via USB wires or WI-FI. Doesn’t change anything. At the same time, I installed the MFP on a Windows 10 computer and made sure that the 600 dpi option is available for selection when scanning and everything works correctly. I spent several days trying to force the machine to make friends with MacOS and start Scanning at the 600 dpi promised by the manufacturer. I contacted HP technical support. In the course of a long correspondence (I was offered a variety of solutions to the issue, ranging from installing drivers from Samsung M2070 and ending by flashing the printer from Windows, then resetting the printing system on my Mac and installing the printer software again. All this was done, but to nothing As a result, HP support effectively solved my problem with competent self-elimination “according to the Classic.” I quote the last answer I received literally: “If all these steps did not help you, please contact Apple.” MFP, HP was unable to ensure its correct operation under MAC OS, namely scanning as a 600 dpi statement, sending dissatisfied users to deal with Apple on their own! I did not expect this from HP, for more than 15 years I bought only their devices, Considering the most reliable in terms of trouble-free work.

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Advantages: Very cool prints the passport for the “documents” function on the panel, you do not need to turn it over and think about how to put it right. Scan works. Wi fi works great with all connected devices

Disadvantages: Very flimsy, the scanner lid dangles straight and the opening lid for changing the cartridge is very tight, I do NOT recommend it for the office, but good for home. There is a backlight on the display, you can’t see what he writes there.

Pluses: Fairly light weight. Safely packed. When connected to a laptop via USB cable, it connects easily and easily. The quality of printing, copying, scanning is excellent. Nice design.

Disadvantages: If you connect via Wi-Fi, you will have to tinker with the printer settings; if you connect the HP-SMART app, it will take even longer! In my opinion, the window from which the printed documentation comes out is not well thought out, the stand is not very reliable. Sheets are falling out

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Commentary: GOOD printer! I connected the application for a long time, but when I connected it I was satisfied. Advise

Pluses: Prints and scans norms

Disadvantages: Connected it to Wi-Fi for half a day. WPS connection does not work. The only option. Connect via Wi-Fi Direct to the printer and configure the network connection via the web interface. I would never have thought that in 2020 I would have to deal with such garbage.

Advantages: Laser printing technology, quite strong, reliable model proven over the years, 3 in 1 MFP, Wi-Fi control from mobile devices.

Disadvantages: Expensive consumables, dimensions.

Commentary: Good old re-released version of samsung scx-4200 with Wi-Fi support. Samsung still works (20,000 pages since 2009), but is outdated. HP apparently ousted Samsung from the office equipment market by buying out and banning the Koreans from developing and producing new models (monopolized). Now the price tags for cartridges are breaking. A cartridge for about 700 pages of “text” costs around 3500-4500r. Do NOT look at it, I think this is a very suitable MFP for home use. Laser competitors in this price category are far (very) behind.

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