How to speed up video in imovie on iPhone

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How to change the quality of a slow motion video?

You can improve or, conversely, reduce the quality of the slow-motion video on iPhone devices from model 6S and above.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • Go to the “Settings” of the phone and select the category “Photos and Camera”;
  • At the very bottom, find the “Camera” item and select the “Record Slo-Mo” section here;
  • Choose the most suitable from the provided quality options.

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Fig. Change Slow Motion Video Quality in iPhone Settings

Note! One minute of video captured in Full HD at 120 FPS takes 350 MB in the device’s memory. This is a lot, and you should not overuse long clips shot in Slow Motion mode, otherwise your phone will quickly run out of memory.

Do not forget that the video quality is set immediately before shooting in the camera settings.

How to make a video in slow motion on an iPhone?

All iPhones starting with version 5S have built-in Slow Motion, which allows you to shoot videos in slow motion. Thus, to slow down the video, there is no need to download applications from the AppStore, but just make a few settings in the device camera itself.

From a technical point of view, the Slow Motion effect is obtained due to the increase in the number of frames per second when shooting video. When the shooting is finished, the video frame rate is brought to the standard value, due to which the effect of slow-motion is obtained. By default, iPhones shoot video at 15 FPS, and devices from version 6 and higher have the ability to shoot in HD format with 240 FPS. After simple calculations, we find that you can achieve a high-quality slowdown of the video as much as 16 times.!

But such a big slowdown is rarely resorted to, because such a file will occupy a lot of memory in the device’s memory, and its practical significance is not so high. Usually, to achieve the optimal effect, it is enough to slow down the video 2 times.

Follow these steps to activate Slow Motion shooting on iPhone:

  • Open the “Camera” application on your phone and go to the “Video” tab;
  • Find Slo-Mo in the list of modes;
  • Press the red REC button.

After the end of the video recording, it will be saved in the device’s memory, and you can view it or post it to social networks at any time, transfer it to your friends.

Note! To slow down the video, you need to press the “Slo-Mo” button exactly before the start of shooting. If you do this after its completion, you will have to slow down the video using third-party programs.

How to increase the speed of slow motion video?

If you suddenly need to return the video to its normal speed, then you can do this using the iPhone hardware.

To speed up your finished slow-motion video, follow these steps:

  • Start the video, shot using the Slow Motion mode, and at the bottom find the “Change” button. click on it;
  • A scroll bar should appear next to the video playback bar;
  • Bring both sliders together to return to standard recording speed.

How to slow down or speed up videos on iPhone?

Not every user knows all the functions and capabilities of their iPhone. So, in this device, you can modify videos, for example, change the speed up or down.

There are also third-party programs that allow you to perform this operation. To figure out how to speed up video on iPhone or slow it down, you need to familiarize yourself with the services with which you can do this.

The best programs to speed up or slow down videos

As the experience of other users shows, it is better to speed up videos in third-party applications, since it is quite easy to find them. Each program presented in this section is available for download in the AppStore.

First of all, it is worth mentioning the IMovie application, which is almost the most popular among video programs.

In addition to the acceleration function, IMovie has such features as removing unnecessary frames, shifting the picture, adding text and special effects, creating a retro style, etc. By the way, since 2013 this program has been included in the basic configuration in iOS devices.

Another decent program for speeding up or slowing down videos is 8mm Vintage Camera. It is very convenient to create videos with a retro picture here, the interface is convenient and understandable even for an inexperienced user.

Options such as adding special effects, changing shades and sound, as well as completely canceling colors (like in an old silent movie) allow you to create a real masterpiece on your phone from a regular video.

And finally, you cannot pass by the Replay program, which opens up many possibilities for editing video on the iPhone, including speeding up or slowing down the video.

over, regarding acceleration and deceleration, there are several modes that allow you to make the most accurate adjustment of the video playback speed. And, of course, as in any good editor, there is a wide range of functions for processing special effects, adding text, processing sound, overlaying frames and removing them, changing colors and others.

Also, after processing the video, you can immediately upload it to any social network or hosting without leaving the application. It is very easy to change the speed and do other operations here. the interface is convenient and will be understandable to every user.

We looked at the main options for slowing down and speeding up video through hardware and third-party applications, which you can download online from the AppStore. If you have an old iPhone model, for example, version 4, then these programs may not work. In this case, use the alternative SloPro application, which does not require high performance from the phone and is freely available.

How to flip / rewind video clips in iMovie

The reverse effect is widely used in filmmaking to give the film a more artistic or comic flavor. However, the technique is not limited to professionals. For video lovers, you can easily apply a reverse or rewind effect using IMOVIE.Then, how to swap a video in iMovie? The following article will give you complete instructions. Since iMovie works on multiple platforms, you will learn how to flip video in iMovie on Mac, iPad, and iPhone.

How to Undo Videos in iMovie on Mac

Here, we’ll take iMovie 10 as an example to show you how to invert video in iMovie. Please note that steps may vary slightly for different versions of iMovie.

Step 1 Open your iMovie and upload the video you want to edit, place the video clip on the timeline and select it.

Step 2 Click the Clock (Speedometer) tab above the viewer and you will see the Reverse option below the tab. Check the Reverse checkbox, a reverse play icon appears on the clip in the timeline.

You can now play your video clip in iMovie. Reversing a clip does not affect its duration. If you want to change the speed of the flipped clip, you can also speed up or slow down the video as you like.

Best iMovie Alternative Video Editor for Video Playback

While the iMovie software is a highly efficient video editing tool for Mac, the interface can be a little confusing to try the reverse effect on a video the first time. Meanwhile, this doesn’t work for Windows users. If so, we would like to recommend the best video editor for you to help you achieve reverse video effect.

  • Convert video to MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV, MP3, FLAC and other video / audio formats for editing in iMovie.
  • Support 1080p HD / 4K UHD video converting for iMovie editing.
  • With powerful editing functions, you can rotate / crop / merge / crop videos, customize video effects.
  • Improve video quality and add more video / audio effects.
  • Add images or text watermark to video clips and change text color, font and size.

How to Undo Videos in iMovie on iPad / iPhone

Unfortunately, iMovie doesn’t offer you a reverse function to help you play your videos in reverse, so you’ll probably need a third-party app to help you. Here we bring you a popular app called Reverse Cam. It is the fastest and easiest tool to watch videos on iPhone / iPad.

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Step 1 Free Download and Open Reverse App on your iPhone / iPad.

Step 2 You can record video or return from library. Here we select one video from the library and you will also be prompted to select the playback speed.

Step 3 Wait until the reverse process is finished, then you can get the reversed video on iPhone / iPad.

After receiving the video, you can import the video to iMovie along with the original to create a rewind effect.

Frequently asked questions about reversing videos in iMovie

Yes. Open KingMaster on your iOS or Android device. Click the Add button to select the aspect ratio first and click Media to download the video. In the editing options, select the Reverse option to reverse the video. It can take quite a long time if you are flipping a long video.

How do you flip a video on Snapchat?

Open the Snapchat app on your mobile phone and hold the shutter button to take a video. Swipe to find the inverse filter effect and you’ll see three arrows pointing to the left. This video is a reverse effect. You can preview the reverse effect and save the Snapchat video.

How do you flip a QuickTime video?

Open the video in QuickTime player. Hold down the Shift key and double-click the picture at the beginning of the video clip. Then the video will play backwards.

In this article, we have mainly shown you how to flip video in iMovie on Mac / iPhone / iPad. Still have questions about video playback? Feel free to leave your comments below.

Get the best iMovie software for Windows 10 and learn how to use it on Windows 10/8/7 for video editing.

Find out how to download iMovie for Mac and the 5 best iMovie for Mac alternatives

How do I use ConvertXtoDVD? This article teaches you to download and use ConvertXtoDVD for free. Also you will see more DVD burner better than ConvertXtoDVD.

How to fast forward in iMovie on Mac

Step 1 Open iMovie on your Mac, import the video into your project, and drag the video to the timeline. (You can click the “preferences bar” to open the preview window to see more frames in the timeline.)

Step 2 Select the clip you want to speed up. Click the clock icon above the viewer, then select Speed ​​Fast. Set the speed as “8x”, “20x”. A rabbit icon appears on the clip, and a speed slider appears at the top.

Note: To change the speed settings of a clip, you can simply drag the speed slider at the top of the clip to fast forward.

Step 3 If you are satisfied with the fast forward video clip, click the Share button at the top right, then you can save the iMovie fast forward or share it directly from YouTube, etc.

Similarly, you can slow down any clip in iMovie by choosing Speed ​​Slow in Step 2.

When you fast forward a video that contains audio in iMovie, it affects the pitch. To keep the original pitch, select the Keep Pitch checkbox above the viewer.

Best alternative video editor for fast forwarding videos

As easy and simple as fast forwarding a video in iMovie, you can’t use it on Windows. Here we would like to recommend you an alternative tool that you can use on both Mac and Windows, which also gives you a great opportunity to apply fast forward effect better than iMovie.

  • Professional video editing software works on Windows and Mac computers.
  • Easily apply popular video effects and filters.
  • Several templates are provided for free.
  • Trim / merge / split video clips or audio files.

How to Rewind Video Clips in iMovie on Mac / iPad / iPhone

As one of the best video creation software on the market, iMovie brings you many great video editing features with easy steps.

This article will introduce you to one popular feature in IMOVIE called fast forward. Fast Forward is an interesting feature that is widely used by young video producers. You can see many funny YouTube videos using the fast forward effect.

In iMovie, you can change the speed of any clip. In addition, iMovie can automatically adjust the frame rate of any clip to match the frame rate of your movie (determined by the first clip added to the movie).

Now read the tutorial below and learn how to fast forward in iMovie.

  • How to fast forward in iMovie on Mac
  • How to rewind video clips in iMovie on iPad / iPhone

How to rewind video clips in iMovie on iPad / iPhone?

Step 1 Open iMovie on your iPad / iPhone. Click on the Projects tab at the top and then New Project to load the video clip you want to fast forward.

Step 2 Click the video on the timeline and click the clock icon in the lower left corner. Then comes the speed control panel.

Step 3 Change the speed, watch the video until you get the perfect iMovie video. Click the “Done” button to save and share the fun accelerated video with others!

In this article, we’ve basically taught you how to move forward in iMovie. Do you have any more questions about moving forward with iMovie? Feel free to leave your comment below.


Jan 16, 2019 7:36 PM / Updated by Jenny Ryan in Video Editing, IMOVIE

What to do in slow motion video? You need a slow motion video app. This Post Collected 10 Best Free Slow Motion Video Apps for Android / iPhone.

How to go faster then 2X speed using iMovie for iPhone

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Want to edit video / video on iPhone? You can learn how to trim / crop video on iPhone and share / edit video on iPhone in this post.

How to cut a piece of video

To remove unwanted frames from a clip, select the part of the video that should remain on the timeline. To do this, press and hold the R button on the keyboard and move the cursor over the desired fragment. Next, hold down the Control key, click on the clip and select “Trim Selected”.

Delete video

To remove a clip or some frames from the project, you need to select them with the cursor, then select the “Edit” item, “Delete whole clip” or “Delete selected”.

How to cover up numbers on video

For stationary objects, you can use the Picture-in-Picture effect again. It will be enough to process a fragment of the image in any graphics editor, and then insert it into iMovie, stretching the application of the effect to the required interval.

How to make a square video

  • click the “Export” button at the top right. In the menu that opens, click the “New Document” button (located at the bottom left), select one of the standard themes (for example, white);
  • in the new file window that opens, find the “Document” button (located on the top right), click it. Settings will appear on the right. you will need to select “Slide Size” “Custom Size”. In the menu that opens, you will need to enter the length and width in pixels, click “OK”;
  • further, when the working area of ​​the file becomes square, you can drag the video to be cut into it;
  • you can save the result using the “File” “Export” menu, select the format in which you want to save the video.

Save video

To save the result of the work, you must click “Export”, select “File” in the drop-down menu. Next, the system will offer to choose exactly where to save the video and under what name. At the same time, you can change the file extension (mp4, dv, mov, and so on)

How to change the video format

To change the format specified when creating a project, go to the File menu and click Project Properties, then select 16: 9 or 4: 3 in the Aspect Ratio menu.

Crop video

To crop a video arbitrarily, you will need:

  • select “Crop” in the toolbar, select the desired part of the field with an adjustable frame (by default, the aspect ratio will be 16: 9);
  • click the “Apply” button in the upper right corner of the menu.

Editing content in iMovie

After adding the files of interest, you can start editing. Below are instructions on how to perform basic video conversions.

It is possible to record audio while editing or creating a movie. In the “Voice over options” click “Mute the sound in the project”, then click the recording icon (red circle).

How to clear your library

Delete unnecessary files while viewing the project. To do this, by clicking on the project, select: “Delete project”.

If you want to clear it completely and irrevocably, then select the file to be deleted and press Delete.

After that, the deleted files will be placed in the trash, from which these clips can be reviewed and restored or erased permanently.

How to crop a video

The option is useful in that the user selects only the fragment of the movie of interest. Select the clip, click the trim icon.

A frame will appear. Adjust it at your discretion. The information that is cropped will be a few shades darker than the one displayed at the end of the project. brighter.

If you suddenly change your mind about trimming the video and want to return it to its original state, click reset.

Copying Effects and Settings

The user has the ability to copy the settings on the scale and then paste them into another project. Click “Edit”, then “Copy”, all effects and results will be remembered, then use them by clicking “Edit”, “Paste Settings”. The program will offer to choose options:

All. This means preserving absolutely all effects.

  • Or one of the following settings: settings for color correction, contrast, illumination; video cropping settings; sound volume settings; adding one of the video effects, for example, “sepia”, or audio effects (for example, “echo”); imposition of speed effects; video overlay effects (eg, picture-in-picture).
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    Working with music

    The main features of the program when using audio files are described below.

    How to create a video

    Several types of movie or trailer can be created in iMovie.

    In order to start making a movie in the program, you must first add a video to it. Reset finished video from flash card or via USB cable from phone or camera.

      Next, add the desired video to iMovie.

    While uploading video, the user has the opportunity to select the following function in the menu that opens: “Perform analysis after import”. The program will reduce the jitter of the video, stabilize it. In addition, iMovie will remember the moments in which people are present. If in the future such fragments are required for creation, then it will be easy to find them.

    After choosing the required video, we start a new project.

    Choose a project theme or, if you don’t want to, leave the project without it. Before adding a video, write down the title, resolution, which will be the result, frame rate.

    After selecting the necessary parameters, click: “Create”, here you will see the window of the project being created.

    Next, add video clips that you previously imported into the library to the project being created. They will all appear at the bottom of the program desktop.

    To move from project to project, select the one you need in the library.

    Entire videos or parts of video frames are added to the project. To select the entire video, click on the clip while holding down the Shift key. After selecting only a part, hold down the mouse button on the part of the video that is in yellow brackets.

    You need to drag the video to that part of the program’s working menu, which is marked with a green rectangle with a plus sign.

    In this way, all files that will later appear in the project are added.

    In addition to videos, you can add photos to a Movie. To do this, drag the photo to the place of the current project where you want it to be. It is possible to insert pictures only between clips (on a vertical green mowing line, on which a green plus sign appears when moving).

    For the added photo, set the duration of its display in the project.

    The trademark of the program, the trailer, is a short video with a pre-selected plot in a special style, in which, as in the film announcement, you can list the names of the characters, attach certain small fragments, and iMovie will automatically create the finished version.

    What else can you do with tracks in the program?

    In the program, you can completely separate the audio from the video clip itself. This is done by changing the “Change” settings, in the settings menu, click: “Detach the audio panel”.

    After you have separated the audio track from the video, you can use it, for example, adding it to another video project. It is convenient to use such a tool and get familiar phrases from famous films, and then add these recognizable phrases that are relevant to the topic in your project.

    Another interesting effect is the fade-in and fade-out of sound.

    On the timeline, a lever opens on the audio track, by moving which you can mark the point where the sound will fade in or out.

    How to Speed ​​Up Videos on iPhone for Free

    With the necessary clarifications above, let’s get to the heart of the matter and therefore learn how to speed up video on iPhone. Below you will find a list of the most effective solutions for this purpose. They are all free.


    Do you want to speed up video playback on iPhone by constantly editing the file? In this case, I recommend contacting IMOVIE. This is a video editing application developed directly by Apple that allows you to create and edit videos for free and simply, but with a guarantee of semi-professional quality.

    To download iMovie to your iPhone, go to the appropriate section of the App Store and click the Get this button Install on PC and authorize the download using Face ID, Touch ID o Apple ID Password. Then launch the application by pressing the button opens appeared on the screen or by selecting the relative icon that was just added to the home screen.

    Now that you see the iMovie home screen, tap. Create a project and select the imagery option in the menu that opens. Then click on the Create movie option located at the bottom, and to import the video and speed it up on the iMovie timeline, first click the symbol and then into the video voice, then click the movie you are interested in and in the window that opens, click on the symbol

    After following the above steps, select the video you just added to the timeline, tap the speedometer that is at the bottom and increase the playback speed by moving the cursor on the corresponding bar that appears at the bottom of the screen to the right.

    If, instead of speeding up the entire video, you want to intervene only in a certain part of it, tap the speedometer icon, determine the start and end points of the sequence that you want to change (moving the relative yellow cursors that you will always find on the timeline) and proceed in the same way as I indicated above.

    To see the final result, click the play button located directly below the player. If you’re happy with it, export your edited video by clicking the final item in the upper left corner, choosing the share icon (the one with the square and the arrow) at the bottom, choosing the save video option from the menu that opens, and setting the export size.

    If you want to change the playback speed of a specific movie in real time without making permanent changes to the original file, you can do so using VLC.

    As you can easily understand, this is a mobile analogue of the popular free open source video player for Windows, macOS and Linux and, like the latter, it allows you to play any video (and audio) file format with the ability to apply various filters in real time.

    To download VLC to your device, first connect to the appropriate section of the App Store, click the Get button on this Install on PC and authorize the download using Face ID, Touch ID o Apple ID Password.

    Later, go to the Files app or use any other file manager the video you are interested in (or open the app where it is stored), select it, tap the share icon (the one with the square and arrow) and select the VLC Icon from the menu that opens to import its in the application.

    After following the steps above, the movie will start playing automatically. Therefore, to change the speed, touch the icon with the clock which is located in the lower right corner, and in the menu that opens, move the cursor, which you will find in accordance with the wording Playback speed on the right.

    If you want to avoid repeating the procedure just described every time you open a video, you can also change the default playback speed of the application by clicking on the configuration item located in the lower right corner of the VLC main screen, choosing the wording Default playback speed and set the one you are interested in. value in the opened menu.

    How to speed up videos on iPhone

    Would you like to make a video on iPhone in which time flows faster using time-lapse? Would you like to increase the playback speed of a movie that you recorded on your Apple smartphone that has dead times? Then I would say you hit the right track at a time that couldn’t be better.

    In fact, in today’s tutorial, I really want to explain how to speed up video on iPhone. I immediately assume that, contrary to what it might seem, this is a fairly simple operation: you just need to have the right tools at your disposal.

    Later? May I know what you are still doing while standing there? Sit back, set aside a few free minutes just for yourself, and immediately focus on reading what is reported below. I’m sure that in the end you will be able to tell yourself more than satisfied with the results you get. What do you say, we bet?

    Before we get to the bottom of the tutorial, let’s illustrate how to speed up video on iPhone, it is my duty to provide you with some preliminary information on this.

    Let’s start with a fixed point: video acceleration. it is an operation that can be performed in several ways. You can record a movie directly at high speed using Time Lapse, or you can increase the speed of video playback later, using the appropriate tools for publishing the video or, again, by acting on the settings of the player to which the file is “fed”.

    In the first case, if he has never heard of him, Time Lapse. it is a cinematic method, also integrated into the iPhone camera app, where the capture rate of each frame is much slower than the playback speed. As a result, the time of the movie being recorded increases faster than usual.

    With regard to using the application to edit video, in this case, the playback speed of the movie changes, acting directly on the file structure, so the changes are permanent. However, when speeding up a movie through a video player, you just put your hand on the settings of the latter, and therefore the original file will remain intact.


    If you are interested in understanding how to speed up video recording on iPhone using Time Lapse, I would like to inform you that you can use the specific functionality integrated into the iOS Camera app by default to take photos and record videos without resorting to third-party solutions.

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    To use it, launch the Camera app on your device by tapping the corresponding icon (the one with the camera) on the home screen, then turn on the time-lapse function by swiping from right to left at the bottom of the screen to define the text. EXPIRATION in the menu (which color changes from White to yellow).

    After completing the above steps, decide whether to use the front or rear camera by clicking the button with the camera and the double arrow which is located in the lower right corner. You can also adjust the zoom level by clicking the button. 1x / 2x always present at the bottom.

    Then start recording time-lapse video by clicking on the red round button located at the bottom of the screen. At any time, you can stop recording by pressing the red round button again.

    After finishing recording, the video will be automatically saved in the app. the photo is from iOS and you can access it from the latter by selecting the icon (the one with el white background and colorful flower) located on the home screen. In addition to what I just pointed out, you can access the video you are interested in by clicking on its thumbnail in the lower left corner of the camera app screen.

    Other iPhone video acceleration apps

    None of the iPhone video acceleration solutions I’ve suggested in the previous lines convinced you in a certain way, and therefore you want me to recommend any other solution? Then take a look at the following list of alternative applications. I am sure that in the end you will finally be able to find a solution that satisfies you.

    First, you need to create a new project and add a video to it. After that, click on the edit button and change the playback speed.

    • Free distribution. no subscription
    • Mosaic
    • Adding text
    • Correction
    • Photo movement
    • Split screen
    • Frame-by-frame animation


    Convenient and simple video editor with a nice interface. Includes many tools, filters and other features to help you create a quality video.

    Click on the “Import” button and add the required video. Swipe the bottom toolbar to the left and click on the speed change icon, set the required parameters.

    • No mandatory subscription
    • Pruning
    • Gluing
    • Effects
    • Adding text
    • Correction
    • Adding a voice to a video
    • Stickers
    • Reverse
    • Turn
    • FLIP

    VN video editor

    A friendly interactive video editor that’s easy to learn. Has a number of interesting tools and functions that will be useful for creating high-quality clips.

    After adding a new project and a video to it, click on the speedometer icon below to change the playback speed as you wish.

    • No mandatory subscription. free
    • Convenient interface
    • Special effects
    • Templates
    • Pruning
    • Fx
    • Filters


    An application developed by Apple itself. It is free and includes many features that you will need to edit your videos. Among them there is also an acceleration function.

    Add a new project and insert the required video. Click on it at the bottom to open the tool control panel. The speedometer icon changes the playback speed.

    • Free
    • Changing the playback speed
    • Volume editor
    • Adding text
    • Pruning
    • Creation of a trailer in entire films
    • Effects
    • Ready templates
    • Picture-in-picture mode

    How to speed up video on iPhone. TOP apps

    Video editor

    A great video editor with tons of video tools. All menu items are immediately shown to the user, so you won’t get confused in the controls.

    Click on the “Import” button and add a new video. To change the playback speed, click on the icon that says “Speed”. the application allows you to speed up up to 4 times.

    • No mandatory subscription
    • Filters
    • Rotation
    • Reverse
    • Volume
    • Emoticons
    • Adding Music
    • Overlay text

    Filmmaker Pro

    A functional, high-quality video editing program. Has a lot of interesting tools that will come in handy in your work.

    Add a new project and a video to it. Click on the video below to open the control panel. Speedometer button. changes the playback speed.

    • No mandatory subscription
    • 4K resolution support
    • Volume editor
    • Effects
    • Color correction
    • Rotation
    • Pruning
    • Animation by Ken Burns
    • Reverse

    How to Speed ​​Up Videos on iPhone: All Ways

    You can speed up video on iPhone, make it play faster, using special applications on your phone.

    You can find a huge variety of them in the App Store, we will choose the most convenient and effective ones. we will compile the TOP applications to speed up video playback on the iPhone.

    In the previous post, we looked at how to slow down a video on an iPhone. Now we will analyze the best ways to speed up video on iPhone, which programs to choose for this.

    How to Speed ​​Up Videos in iMovie on iPhone

    The application has broad capabilities in terms of video editing, including allowing you to speed up or slow down the video sequence. Instructions:

    • Launch the application and select a video in the “Video” tab.
    • Click on the video sequence, which is located under the window where the recording is being played.
    • A bar with available actions will appear at the bottom. Click on the icon that looks like a speedometer.
  • Using the slider, select the degree of acceleration or deceleration.
  • By moving the borders of the yellow stripe on the footage, you can specify the beginning and end of the effect.
  • Go back and select the “Save Video” option.
  • Specify location for file.
  • In the application, you can change the total length of the video, apply filters, add music, apply transition effects and much more. This is a useful and professional tool that comes in handy for the whole Spectra task.

    Pinnacle studio pro

    Professional program for slowing down videos, which is available for download only after payment (about 15). The speed change function is one of the many tools presented in the interface. The application is suitable for both ordinary users and journalists, novice filmmakers. Pinnacle Studio Pro lets you create a full-length movie directly on your mobile device!

    The application works with any type of files: photo, video, audio. In this case, the content can be located in the device’s memory or placed in the cloud storage. Navigating through the project is intuitive and hassle-free. The displayed timeline will enable accurate video editing and smooth transitions.

    Also added are acceleration or deceleration effects, titles, layered animation. Each instrument has fine tuning.

    Slow Motion Fx Video Editor

    Despite the unambiguous name, the application is capable of both slowing down the video on the iPhone and speeding it up. Key Features:

    • applying the effect of slowing down, accelerating and freezing the frame;
    • suitable for editing videos captured at 240 frames per second, as well as accelerated by 4 times;
    • frame-by-frame speed control;
    • direct video recording with effects;
    • music overlay;
    • distribution of the edited video on social networks;
    • fast processing of tasks;
    • simple and intuitive interface.

    In the paid version of the application, changing the position of slowing down is available, there are no restrictions on the added music, there is no advertising.

    How to Speed ​​Up Slow Down Videos on iPhone. Useful Apps

    Changing the speed of the video gives an interesting effect and allows you to emphasize certain captured moments. The camera of any modern smartphone has a function that increases the number of frames per second. Special applications are used when it is necessary to process previously recorded footage. This article will look at ways to speed up or slow down a video on iPhone.

    Hyperlapse from Instagram

    A video accelerator that hit the iPhone thanks to the creators of the social network Instagram. Using the built-in stabilization function, it will be possible to create a smooth recording with a “time shift” effect. The app eliminates the need for bulky tripods or expensive equipment.

    While recording a clip via Hyperlapse, the footage will automatically stabilize, smoothing out any camera shake. This will give a cinematic effect and improve the overall quality. Now it’s not a problem to record a full sunset from the back seat of a motorcycle and fit it in 10 seconds!

    • recording of accelerated video from the hand, directly while walking, while driving, jumping and even free falling;
    • automatic stabilization;
    • acceleration up to 12 times;
    • a simple interface that allows you to start recording immediately after installing and launching the application.

    Miniatures: Tilt-Shift Time-Lapse Videos

    A free application that not only creates a time-shifting effect, but also makes the video appear like a thumbnail. The functionality allows you to select the boundaries of editing, increase the saturation.

    In the PRO version, the limitation on the resolution is removed, the noise reduction filter and the vignetting effect become available.


    The application is specially designed for processing videos with dynamic events. Allows you to record with the imposition of slow-motion or acceleration effects, as well as edit previously captured files. With the release of version 2.0, numerous improvements and new features have been added.

    Main functions of the slowdown app

    • editing of individual sections of the recording;
    • instant display of the obtained result;
    • applying effects directly during recording;
    • fast transition from deceleration to acceleration to add comic;
    • super slowdown up to 500 and 1000 FPS due to optical flow simulation;
    • hardware acceleration increases performance up to 8x;
    • suitable for smartphones and tablets.

    Splice. Video Editor Maker

    A simple yet powerful application for creating and completely modifying videos for a professional look. The developers tried to transfer the capabilities of a computer program to a mobile device and they succeeded. With just one click, you can select the desired effect:

    • cropping footage;
    • change in orientation;
    • speeding up or slowing down the video;
    • applying filters with adding a background;
    • synchronization of video with music.

    The application contains a collection of music and sound effects for overlaying on video. Also, songs are added from iTunes, voice is recorded through a microphone.

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