How to switch speaker on iPhone

How to switch from LTE to 3G for iPhone

Let’s take a look at how to manually switch an iPhone from LTE to 3G so that it stops “lagging” due to intractable problems from the cellular operator. On the main screen of the iPhone, tap on the “Settings” tab

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Next, in the Settings, select the menu line “Cellular”

In the “Cellular” window that opens, tap on the “Data Parameters” setting

Next, in the window that opens, select the option “Voice and data”

Now, finally, in the “Voice and Data” settings window, we must manually select one or another mode of Internet connection. If we need to limit the speed of the Internet connection to 3G, preventing the iPhone from connecting to LTE networks even when they are, we select and tap on the 3G line

By setting this mode, we are, as it were, “telling” our iPhone: work only in 3G mode, when 3G is disconnected, automatically switch to 2G; but “up”, on LTE. in no case, even if there is an LTE signal!

How To FIX iPhone Speaker Problems & NO SOUND (PROVEN) (w/ subtitles)

Cellular operator does not provide LTE

Consider a situation when a cellular operator does not provide the proper quality of an Internet connection using a SIM card. It is known that the Internet can be “obtained” using a Wi-Fi connection. This happens when someone is “distributing Wi-Fi”, for example, in a cafe, in transport, in another public place, in an office or at home, where there is a Wi-Fi router (s).

In the absence of a Wi-Fi signal, the iPhone switches to “consuming” Internet traffic from the cellular operator using its SIM card. In this case, the connection can be very fast (4G or otherwise LTE), relatively fast (3G) or very slow (2G).

How does iPhone work if there is no Wi-Fi signal? It connects to the cellular operator first in the highest LTE connection speed mode. If your carrier does not provide an LTE option, iPhone connects in 3G mode. It’s pretty fast too.

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Finally, last but not least, the iPhone connects in 2G mode. Here we have to admit with regret that it would be better if he did not connect at all. The 2G connection speed will be so slow that it will hardly be possible to load even the start page of Google or Yandex.

How to Switch LTE to 3G on iPhone and Back

IPhone technology is known for having relatively few customizations compared to similar Android devices. Let’s see how to switch LTE to 3G on iPhone and back.

Android smartphones have a rich settings menu, while iOS iPhones present us with limited settings.

Is it possible to manually switch LTE to 3G on iPhone

If there is a signal, but in fact it is not, Steve Jobs’ wards just shrug their shoulders: they say, this is not provided by our settings. We’re out of business! There is a signal, but the fact that it is not is not for us. Of course, “iPhones” do not speak out loud, but the logic of the iPhone implies that. Apple technology is designed for good reliable cellular communication, which in fact may not be available.

As a result, the iPhone “hangs”, the Internet does not work. Although, if at this moment the iPhone switched to 3G, the problems would disappear. LTE does not work. but 3G works great! But the iPhone does not switch, because a signal like LTE is there, and it is displayed on the screen

This is where many iPhone users get lost. What to do? There is an LTE signal, but in fact it does not work. At the same time, the iPhone does not switch to 3G.

Here you can reassure all the owners of the “apple”. iPhones can be manually configured to LTE, 3G, or even 2G, if the latter is the case the user sees a benefit from their device. Only these settings are “deep enough” where hands do not always reach.

Why is it difficult to find settings for switching from LTE to 3G and vice versa

The thing is that Steve Jobs’ wards, who, unfortunately, are no longer with us, automate the functions of devices as much as possible, leaving users with a small part of manual settings. On the one hand, this frees iPhone users from having to customize anything on their own. iPhone works without additional “guardianship”.

On the other hand, the lack of settings in unforeseen situations can limit the capabilities of the iPhone. Or even make it a useless “toy”.

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The mobile operator declares but does not provide LTE

So, let’s imagine a situation when there is a confident connection in LTE mode. This provides the fastest speed to date, while the 5G standard has not worked in industrial mode. iPhone “flies” on the Internet: sites, videos, social networks, whatever!

Suddenly LTE disappeared altogether. There can be many reasons, from overloading the cellular network to technical problems with the operator. The reasons are not important, since they are all on the side of the mobile operator, we cannot influence them. What the iPhone should do according to its automatic settings?

Yes, that’s right, switch to 3G. Switching is seamless, invisible to the user, unless there is a slight decrease in video download speed, especially when it comes to streaming video, like watching TV online.

It’s just a joy that the iPhone does everything automatically. We don’t need to rebuild it from LTE to 3G. But the problem is that our cellular operators often DO NOT deprive us of the opportunity to work with LTE. But at the same time LTE for some reason stops working. It looks like this: an LTE signal is clearly visible on the iPhone screen, but in fact there is no signal!

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Broken down speaker

After you have received an understanding of the problem, you need to try to fix them yourself, without the help of paid masters from service centers. If, when communicating with the interlocutor, you hear crackling, interference and stuttering, most likely there is something with the connection, but not always. This may be caused not by the fact that the conversational or music speaker does not work, but a problem with the audio codec, a small microcircuit, in the bowels of the phone.

What to do if speaker on iPhone is not working properly?

According to statistics, 25% of users face this problem. With the release of new models from Apple, the problem when the speaker does not work on a seemingly reliable device like a tank will only get worse.

How to troubleshoot?

Only the simplest and most obvious problems can be eliminated on your own when the conversational or lower speaker does not work.

  • Examining the iPhone case for contamination
  • We remove the cover and clean the microphone holes and the non-working speaker on the iPhone (which one is not working, we took it apart in the previous section)
  • We clean the nets, covering from dust and dirt, technical holes
  • We insert the working headphones into the 3.5 mm jack located next to the charger and carefully remove it. We repeat the procedure up to 10 times, perhaps the audio codec is frozen.
  • We are trying to restart the iPhone, how to do it, read the article How to restart a frozen iPhone.
  • In the most difficult case, we reset the settings to the factory settings. This erases all applications and user settings, in 10% of cases, the problem lies precisely in this.
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Why does not it work?

All iPhone models are equipped with an earpiece and a polyphonic one for playing music and ringing. For example, if the sound does not work on the iPhone, you need to understand which one has become unusable. There are many reasons when a speaker on an iPhone breaks, here are the most common:

  • Water got into the polyphonic or earpiece speaker
  • Mechanical damage to the phone
  • Overheating and subsequent peeling of the microcircuit responsible for encoding the audio signal, it may be because of this that you lost sound on the iPhone.
  • Falling iPhone from a great height on a hard surface, as a result, again a problem with the microcircuit.
  • IOS software bugs, apps, or common system glitches

As a consequence of the speaker not working on the iPhone 5, the sound on the iPhone is not working. But it is necessary to clarify, since the upper and lower loudspeakers are installed in the phone, each is responsible for the reproduction of different sounds. To find out which of them has become unusable, especially if water gets into the phone, we carry out the simplest tests, by analogy with microphones.

Symptoms of a Top Speaker Malfunction

  • Sound is not played during conversation
  • Noises, crackling, distortion of the voice when talking
  • You can hear me in the FaceTime app, but I can’t hear the other person.

How to Use an iPhone Speakerphone

Question answer

Most likely, the liquid got inside the device, and this is already more difficult to eliminate, read about this in the article what to do if the phone falls into water?

How To Turn Off Stereo Sound On The iPhone. Best Method.

The same as with water ingress, read here. But in this case, it will be much more difficult to clean everything, get ready to replace the loudspeaker or speaker.

Yes, it will, the methods will work with success for iPhone 4s, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and even for the 7 series.

This is a question for technical support, no Комментарии и мнения владельцев here.