How to Take Video from Samsung Phone Screen

How to Record Video from Android Phone Screen?

Often users ask themselves the question “How to record video from the screen of an Android phone?”, But here everything is much more complicated than when using a PC. Anything can be captured on video. for example, instructions on how to flash your phone or interesting moments during the game, from which you can make a selection and upload to video hosting. We will look at the simplest method, which does not require root access.

AZ Screen Recorder. application for recording video from the display

This is one of the most popular, convenient and functional applications, so let’s dwell on it in more detail. An application that records video from the phone screen does not require Root access for installation, which is a significant advantage.

  • Recording can be done without time limits;
  • Not only the video from the screen is saved, but also the sound from the microphone;
  • The ability to shoot video to the front camera at the same time as shooting the display. It will be displayed on the captured video in a separate window;
  • Display touches are shown, which is useful when creating video instructions for working with the phone;
  • There is a countdown timer, after which the recording starts;
  • During the shooting, you can make notes and drawings on the screen;
  • Having removed the video, it will be possible to cut out bad frames from it or that you simply do not need.

How to Operate AZ Screen Recorder App?

The program that records video from the phone screen works very easily. To do this, you need to start it, after which a new window will appear with keys for shooting, accessing the main parameters and folders where the footage is saved. First, press the red key, it’s hard not to notice.

Samsung Screen Recorder

To interrupt the process, pull the shutter down, after which the “Pause” and “Stop” keys will appear.

When using the application for the first time, you should go to the options menu, where you can set the resolution and bitrate of the videos, specify the folder in which the materials will be saved, activate or deactivate the sound saving, set the timer before recording starts and select the standard display orientation.

You already know how to record video from the screen of an Android smartphone, but how to watch the footage? To do this, select the “Picture” button, after which a complete list of videos will be displayed. Adjacent to each material there are buttons “Edit” and “Delete”.

The advantages of the application include well-thought-out functionality that is not available in most free counterparts. Of the shortcomings. an abundance of advertisements for all free apps. Now you know how to quickly and easily record video from your smartphone screen on Android.

REC Screen Recorder

REC Screen Recorder is another great program for recording video from your smartphone screen. Its rating on Google Play is 4.2 points, and more than 1 million people around the world preferred it to its counterparts.

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This application is ideal for creating video instructions, as it supports the function of recording sound from an external speaker. It allows you to create videos up to 60 minutes long in high definition (UHD, FHD, HD).

REC Screen Recorder does not ask for root privileges. Its interface is simple and intuitive, it is easy to understand it without any explanations.

Like Az Screen Recorder, it has the ability to edit videos and add watermarks.

To run the application, you need a smartphone on Android version 5.0 or higher.

How to record video with REC Screen Recorder:

  • To take a video with sound, tap the icon with the image of a video camera with a speaker.
  • To prevent external sounds from being heard in the recording, select the camcorder without speaker icon.
  • Press the square button with a white dot in the middle to end shooting.

The user can adjust the shooting parameters at his own discretion, the program will remember them and in the future will use them by default.

Free Screen Recorder Apps for Smartphones

The programs described below are convenient in that they can be installed on absolutely any smartphone with the Android operating system version 4.4 and higher. All of them are available on Google Play.

  • Security (all programs on Google Play are scanned for viruses).
  • A wide range of possibilities (you can choose a program with a set of functions specifically for your tasks).

However, they also have weaknesses:

  • Almost all free programs of this class have paid content. The user can get premium status and additional functions only for money.
  • In some versions of such programs, watermarks are superimposed on the video.
  • Movie recording length and quality may be limited.
  • Like many free software, screen recording software often includes ads.
  • Application may require root rights to record system sounds.
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And now let’s look at the most, in our opinion, the simplest and most convenient tools for screencasting on an Android smartphone.

Az Screen Recorder

Az Screen Recorder has a very high rating on Google Play. 4.5 points, and has been downloaded over 50 million times. The application supports Android version 5.0 and higher. Its distinctive feature is the ability to work without root rights.

The program supports video recording with soundtrack, which will be a plus when creating video instructions. It also has the ability to pause recording.

How to Record Video with Az Screen Recorder:

  • Click on the video camera icon. For ease of launch, the program widget should be placed on the home screen.
  • Allow the application to record audio, access the images on the device’s screen, and click Start. After that, you will see a countdown with numbers 3, 2, 1, then video recording will begin.
  • To pause shooting, press the button with two vertical bars.
  • Press square to end recording.
  • Video recording parameters settings are available by clicking the button with the suitcase image with a wrench drawn inside.

The basic functions of Az Screen Recorder are available for free, but if you also want to get an editor with the ability to convert and cut video files, as well as apply captions to the screen, you will have to install the premium package.

In addition to the considerable price, the disadvantages of this program, users include incorrect creation of screenshots and periodic mute of the microphone during video recording while Skype is running.

DU Recorder

DU Recorder is another popular application for capturing video from a smartphone screen. It can also be used without ads without buying a premium membership.

The program allows you to record videos with a resolution of up to 1080p, edit recordings, crop them, use filters, change the playback speed and add animation. It also makes it possible to pause shooting, switch to the front camera, record both system sounds and external sounds from the microphone.

How to record video with DU Recorder:

  • To start recording, click on the white button with a red circle.
  • To add a selfie to the recording, click on the webcam icon.
  • You can pause or end the video using the corresponding menu buttons.

DU Recorder will work on smartphones with Android 5.0 and higher operating system. Its rating is 4.3 points, and the number of downloads is over 100,000.

The peculiarity of this program is its significant file size. To install it, you need 25 MB of memory, which is more than that of analogs.

How to record screen on Android

All modern smartphones have a built-in function for taking screenshots, but the need to record video from the phone screen also arises quite often. For example, to show the order of any actions on the phone, create a video instruction for the application, or record a walkthrough in a game. This feature is also useful for bloggers and YouTube channel owners.

In Android 10, screen recorder is already included in the system. But users of smartphones on earlier versions of this OS do not need to be upset: there are programs by installing which you will not only shoot a screen video, but also edit it.

How to Record Videos on Samsung Smartphones

On Samsung smartphones, the button for recording video from the screen is located in the quick settings menu (shutter). To start a survey, do the following:

  • Swipe down from the top of the screen to open the quick settings menu.
  • Find the icon that says “Screen Recorder”. If it is missing, click on the three vertical dots in the upper right corner and find this function in the list that appears.
  • Then you can start shooting. Its launch is intuitive.

Configuring video recording parameters is available in the “Additional functions” section located in the phone settings. Here you can determine the quality of the video and specify where to record the audio track: from the phone (external sounds will not be heard) or from the microphone (so you can record a voice message).

Screen recording features are available on the following Samsung phone models:

  • Galaxy Note10 and Galaxy Note10;
  • All Galaxy S flagships
  • On Samsung A series devices, the screen capture function is only available for some applications.

If you have not found such a function in your smartphone, just download one of the programs, which we will discuss below.

How to Record Video Built-in on Android 10

Back in 2019, the Google corporation pleased its users with the news that the new Android 10 operating system will be able to record video from the smartphone screen. Previously, this feature was not available on mobile devices.

To activate the screen capture mode, follow these steps:

  • Go to system settings and select the “About phone” menu item.
  • Go to the last line and press 3-5 times on the inscription “Build number” to activate developer mode.
  • Go back to the phone settings and click on the item “For Developers”.
  • Select the column “Experimental functions” and activate the Settings_screenrecord property with a long touch.
  • Press and hold the power button of your phone until a pop-up window appears. Then select “Record Screen”. If there is no such button, touch and hold your finger on the “Take screenshot” button for a few seconds.
  • After that, the video recording menu will be available to you. Tap the red circle to start shooting.
  • When you press the button with the crossed camera, the selfie mode is activated and your image appears on the recording.
  • To enable video recording with audio, press the crossed-out microphone button.
  • Press the last gear button to open the recording settings.
  • Click on the red square to finish shooting.
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The finished recording will be saved in the device memory and will be available in the Gallery. It can be viewed using the built-in player, as well as sent to friends by email, messengers and social networks.

Depending on the phone model and the version of the Android shell, the names of the menu items may differ, but the procedure is approximately the same everywhere.


Like most similar applications, ScreenRecorder is not difficult to set up, however, full access to all its functions can be obtained only after purchasing the paid version.

After you have managed to install and launch the application, to start shooting, you just need to press the Start button, after which you can minimize the application. Recording will start after 5 seconds.

This application is similar for both mobile phones and tablets. The first time you run ScreenRecorder, it will ask for root access. To approve the request, you will need to click “Submit” in the window that appears.

Confirm the app request for the app to work properly

After approving the request, you will have access to setting up and recording video.

In the application settings, you will see that ScreenRecorder allows you to configure video recording by a variety of parameters: from controlling the bitrate to imposing an inscription on the video, etc.

Movie recording can be started by pressing the red Record button. To view the footage, go to the tab with saved clips. Before you start watching, all that remains is to choose the most convenient player.

Screencast Video Recorder

To date, unfortunately, this project is not being developed. It should also be said that the application is not supported on devices with NVIDIA Tegra 2/3 processors and Galaxy Nexus gadgets. The format of the footage is MP4. The main difference between Screencast Video Recorder: shooting a video with a frame rate of up to 40 per second.

  • The recording will begin as soon as you press the “Start” button. In order to finish shooting, you need to press the back arrow, which is located at the bottom of the screen;
  • Saved videos can be viewed by clicking on the icon representing a videotape, they can also be sent via Bluetooth, by mail or posted on social networks;

How to Capture Video from Android Phone Screen

In addition to taking screenshots of your Android phone or tablet, this system also allows you to capture videos. Usually they record video from the smartphone screen for explanatory, training videos or for capturing moments from the game.

First of all, we will consider methods of recording video in the absence or presence of root rights.

You can record a video without root rights only if you have a computer at hand. For this method, you need to install an Android version of one of the applications on your phone: No Root Screen Recorder or Recordable. The computer requires the installation of a Windows version of one of the same applications, depending on your choice.

With root rights, the operation becomes much easier. There are many applications for screen recording today, such as: Screencast Video Recorder, SCR Screen Recorder, Shou, REC Screen Recorder or Screen Recorder.


Alternative Title. Easy Screen Recorder No Root.

The main disadvantages of the application are:

  • The free application allows you to record video at a frame rate of no more than 8 per second;
  • Each entry will contain the developer’s logo;
  • The correct orientation is missing. the captured video is flipped 90 degrees if the screen was rotated during recording.

In addition to the shortcomings, the application also has an advantage. the ability to send the filmed material via Skype.

In order to start recording, you need to collapse Recordable. To stop, you should go back to the application.

The application also allows you to share videos by uploading them to YouTube, social networks, upload to cloud storage, send by mail or via Skype.

Now it’s even easier to share your videos!

Samsung Screen Recorder!

AZ Screen Recorder

It differs from other applications in the most popular among consumers due to its ease of use and high functionality. Its main advantage is that there is no need for root rights. Let’s consider the rest of the advantages of this application:

  • There is no time limit;
  • Recording takes place with sound from a microphone;
  • It is possible to enable shooting not only of the phone screen, but also from the front camera, the footage from which will be displayed in a separate window;
  • Display touch display function, this will allow you to create informative visual video instructions;
  • A timer that allows you to set a countdown, after which the video will start recording;
  • During recording, it is possible to take notes on the screen;
  • The ability to cut out bad frames from the finished video.
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AZ Screen Recorder, like similar applications, has easy controls. After launching the application, you will see a window with the familiar buttons for recording, settings and the folder where the captured videos are saved. In general, the control is intuitive and after a couple of minutes the consumer can easily operate the application and shoot a video.

AZ Screen Recorder interface is intuitive and easy to learn

When you start AZ Screen Recorder for the first time, we strongly recommend that you go to the settings section and set the settings you need for comfortable video recording.

In order to look at the videos already shot, you need to select the “Picture” button, where the entire list of videos will be displayed. You can also edit or delete files there.

Editing footage is one of the main advantages of the application

SCR Screen Recorder

This application has a couple of disadvantages:

  • You can record up to three minutes in length;
  • The developer’s logo is displayed on the video.

To get rid of these restrictions, you need to purchase a paid version.

  • The application interface consists of three buttons: record, settings and exit button. First of all, let’s figure out the settings, to do this, open the main menu;
  • Looking through the menu, we see that the application has a wide grip of settings: resolutions, playback speed, types of processing, etc.

Thanks to such a variety of settings, you can easily adjust the video recording to the capabilities of your phone.


Main functionality: recording from the device screen, creating a screenshot.

  • There is a timer before the start of video recording;
  • availability of stop options;
  • there is a quick launch menu (magic button);
  • choice of video name;
  • setting the recording size;
  • selection of screen orientation;
  • bitrate setting;
  • setting up the encoder;
  • the ability to disable / enable sound recording from the microphone;
  • selection of the quality of the recorded sound from the microphone;
  • show / hide screen tap;
  • selection of the directory where the video / screenshots will be saved;
  • there is a function of adding text / logo to the video;
  • camera setup;
  • there is a choice of different themes for visualization of the application;
  • there is the ability to record video during the game (Game Launcher);
  • when using the application in your native language, you can correct various grammatical errors.


Main functionality: recording from the device display, creating a screenshot.

  • Screenshot creation of “shaking” the phone;
  • disable / enable sound recording from the microphone;
  • bitrate setting;
  • the ability to set the time to automatically stop recording;
  • stopping video recording by shaking the phone;
  • video recording speed selection.

Screen Recorder

Canceling a PIN on Android

There are several ways to disable PIN entry on Android, which are difficult to implement. Basically, the Recovery menu and special programs that are installed on the gadget and / or PC are used. Finally, the issue is resolved by a complete reset or flashing. In some cases, you need to get a ROOT in advance.

Where is the model number?

How to remove password from Samsung phone? A seemingly simple task, sometimes not feasible due to malfunctions in the smartphone. The article provides working methods on how to get rid of the service that has become unnecessary.

How to Remove PIN Lock from Samsung Galaxy

Using the archive in Recovery

Now you need to enter Recovery mode as usual. using various keyboard shortcuts and buttons on the turned off gadget. Which and in what sequence to clamp, you can find out on the website or in the manufacturer’s instructions. In the mode menu it is necessary:

  • Find the Zip installation point from the memory card.
  • Specify archive.
  • Reboot device.

After these manipulations, the PIN code will not be.

Removing certificates

Another “culprit” of the impossibility of unlocking in the standard way through the settings menu is once installed applications, which demanded, in the name of security, to put a digital or graphic password on the smartphone being used. One of the applications that you once downloaded from the playmarket contains special security certificates, and while they are valid on your smartphone, you will not be able to remove the key.

There is only one way out. to remove the notorious security certificates, following the step-by-step instructions:

  • We open “Security”.
  • Looking for ” options”.
  • Click “Delete credentials”.

The system will ask you to confirm the deletion, after which it remains to wait for the cleaning to complete, reboot and try to remove the pin in the standard way through the menu.

Third-party security certificates are not always to blame: if the line “Delete credentials” is not active when opening a section, it means that there are no programs on Android that make it impossible to unlock.