How to tell an iPhone headphone from a fake

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Apple Headphone Features

Since Apple headphones are designed in such a way that the user receives not only high-quality sound, but also a number of unique functions, the high demand for EarPods is understandable. The remote control of the basic IPhone headset allows you to:

  • accept and drop an incoming call;
  • “Call” Siri (voice assistant of the IOS operating system);
  • give commands to the voice assistant;
  • play, stop, switch, rewind multimedia tracks;
  • “Hold” an incoming call;
  • switch between lines of active conversation.

Cable quality and strength

An example of a broken cable on a fake pair of EarPods (right)

The fake EarPods have a very thin cable. For many fakes, it is completely smooth, glossy. The original is always made from roughly the same material as Lightning cables: matte, rough to the touch.

tell, iphone, headphone, fake

The cable must not break easily! Otherwise, in front of you is exactly a copy.

Where do you NOT buy the original

Finally, simple rules of where it is better not to look for original Airpods:

  • in the passage near the metro. no one in their right mind will trade in premium for next to nothing;
  • markets and small stalls. the same, the chances of finding the original are minimal;
  • dubious sites. it is impossible to remotely verify the authenticity, and it will not always be possible to return the money spent;
  • AliExpress, TaoBao and analogues. almost all of them sell fakes, it turns out too profitable.

Checking on the official website

To determine the authenticity of the headphones, you must enter their numbers in the form on the official website at: You also need to punch the number in order to get access to additional information on the company’s technical support website.

Also, the presence of a unique number entitles you to additional AppleCare service. Each earphone has its own unique code, you need to enter numbers separated by commas. The earbuds can be used separately and independently of each other. After entering the serial number, you will need to enter the characters from the picture. This is a routine check that you are not a robot.

After clicking the “Continue” button, a page will open with a list of services to which the owners of the original product have the right to use. Green check marks opposite the list items are confirmation of the originality of the purchased model.

Wire and serial number

In branded headphones, the wire is soft, elastic and has a fairly thick rubber coating. And in copies, it is stiffer and thinner. Therefore, fakes quickly fail, as the wire bends, cracks and breaks at the point of attachment to the metal plug.

If you strongly bend the wire at a fake, then the additional plastic pad may crack.

The wire at the copies “springs”, and because of this, the headphones may fall out of the ears, twist, get tangled.

The wire for the original EarPods is white. For fakes it has a gray tint.

The cable length for fake headphones is 100 cm, and for the originals. 110 cm.In this case, the length of both wires going after the splitter must be the same.

There should be no burrs or other irregularities on the wire.

Serial number and manufacturer are printed on the wire. This marking must be applied at a distance of 20 cm from the plug. Counterfeits have no markings, or they have an incorrect serial number.

Serial number and manufacturer printed on the EarPods wire

First, the label says “Designed by Apple in California Assembled in China”, and then the serial number. The code consists of 12 digits. The fourth digit in it indicates the production date of the headset.

But, if the seller tells you that these headphones are from the sixth iPhone, and on the wire there is the fourth digit in the count “3” (the year of production is indicated), then these are already headphones from the fifth smartphone model. Otherwise, he sells fakes!

The fakes, on the wire, may have a 2012 production date, when the EarPods were not yet released. Or 2020. that is, it turns out that these headphones are already being sold and they are “from the future”.

The font of the marking should be clear, even, and the text should be free of errors.

Marking font on the headphone wire

If the box, mobile and headphones are the same color

The headset looks flawless, the main rule is to listen to the melody. If you did not find a catch here, then this is a clean original. Sometimes the original wireless headphones are included with the iPhone from Chinese manufacturers, be careful!

So you learned how to distinguish fake wired EarPods from the original. You can buy a real iPhone on the manufacturer’s official website.


The sound in the “apple” headphones should be voluminous, without extraneous whistles, hiss, with high-quality noise cancellation. The world-class premium electronics manufacturer also delivers high-quality low-frequency reproduction, resulting in subtle vibration when listening to a bass track. It is logical that counterfeits are devoid of such properties and have the ability to provide only low-quality sound, which is standard for the segment of headsets of the basic configuration of smartphones.

The price tag for EarPods with Lightning connector may be the same or slightly higher, by about 200-300 rubles.

Low cost

The suspiciously low price of the headphones casts doubt on their authenticity. Original Airpods cost about 200. The user pays such a fabulous price for the brand, ease of wearing, ultra-modern filling and crystal clear sound.

Difference of structures

Both the case and the headphones themselves are made of smooth plastic. It shines pleasantly with a gloss, but does not slip in the palm of your hand. Most likely, the fake will not be as cool. It is worth examining the device carefully:

  • For defects on the surface of the “droplets” and the charging case.
  • Compare the color. it should be white for both the accessory and the case.
  • Easy to open case.

Cheap plastic is felt in the hands, it bends, it can crack when pressed. If there is even the slightest suspicion about the quality of the materials, you should listen to your intuition and look for Apple Airpods in another place where there will be no fake.

How to distinguish original Apple Airpods from fake: tips

To be sure of 100% authenticity of your Apple Airpods, you need to be able to distinguish a fake for a number of signs. They are conventionally divided into 2 categories: visual elements and workflow.

The main signs of non-original Airpods

Noticing the following 3 nuances when buying the coveted headphones, you should think: is the accessory really real? So, what should be on the alert for the buyer choosing Airpods?

Packing quality

It is worth paying attention to which box the headphones are packed in. The real packaging from Apple is all white, to match the device. The “droplets” themselves are drawn on the front panel.

Differences during work

You can recognize real Airpods by sound. Music from them “pours” crystal clear, without noise and creaks. The bass is clearly audible. The fake has a slightly muffled sound. No matter how well a fake is done, it will not achieve such an ideal sound.

  • Apple headphones sync with any device wirelessly in seconds. Perfect work, no lags. A copy, too, will most likely be able to do this, but it will take more time to connect.
  • The original battery is used sparingly. The autonomy of the counterfeit will be lower.

External differences between the copy and the original

So, picking up branded headphones, a responsible buyer looks at:


The second way to tell the difference between a fake iPhone 10 is to take a close look at the case. When the model first appeared on the market, fraudsters did not pay attention to appearance, focusing on the main differences between the “ten”. “bangs” and a double camera. Over time, the appearance of the copy began to exactly repeat the mowing line of the original model. It is important to ensure that the speaker and camera portion of the display is cut into the screen and not part of the matrix. So far, the Chinese have not learned to fake such features qualitatively. There are other features that can be seen with the naked eye:

  • a real iPhone does not have a protective film on the screen;
  • the smartphone is not equipped with antennas;
  • there should be no additional connectors for the mini-USB interface, as well as slots for a memory card and a second SIM card. the iPhone has only one SIM card;
  • the back panel of the device can only be removed using additional tools;
  • the lid bears the words Assembled in China, iPhone and Designed by Apple in California;
  • also on the rear panel there is a model number and a certification mark. text in English, no errors or typos.
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How to tell an iPhone X from a fake?

iPhone 10 has become a breakthrough in the global electronics market thanks to top-end “filling”, updated operating system and catchy appearance. At the time of the start of sales, therefore, there were immediately found “craftsmen”, in pursuit of profit, releasing the iPhone 10, the fake of which brings an unprecedented income. Previously, fakes were not of high quality; it was possible to recognize them from afar. In order not to run into a clone, it is important to know how to distinguish an iPhone 10 from a fake. technology helps fraudsters to achieve an exact similarity between the copy and the original.

Operating system differences

When you turn on the smartphone, the Apple logo should appear. If the device is fake, then the Android icon will appear, and in advanced cases. the name of the firmware that was ported to the model from another Android device. Also smartphones without iOS cannot connect to Apple services. iTunes and AppStore. If you get error messages when you try to sign in to iCloud, your phone is a fake. It is worth looking through the list of applications. if Google Play services are indicated there, and system applications have a “green man” icon by default, then these are the main signs of an Android smartphone installed. It is also worth connecting the device to a computer. to transfer files to a real iPhone, you will need to install the desktop version of iTunes. Without installing software, files are only transferred to the fake iPhone.

Supplied complete set

The first thing to look at when buying an iPhone is the appearance of the box and the supplied equipment. The fake box either matches the original or exceeds the size. The original box will not contain any inscriptions in Chinese, typos, errors or other textual defects. To the touch, the material of the copy is unpleasant, slippery, and also has an unpleasant glossy sheen. Inside, in addition to the smartphone, the original contains:

  • adapter for Lightning connector;
  • EarPods (Lightning input);
  • USB / Lightning cable;
  • adapter for USB;
  • documents and instructions for the smartphone.

The set of fakes is not so rich, it’s good if you put ordinary headphones and USB charging inside. There are also situations when the set of the copy corresponds to the original, but the accessories are dummies. When buying, do not hesitate to check the functionality.

Serial number

Another verification option is to search for the serial number of the device on the official Apple website. The company has specifically provided for a similar method of protection against fraudsters. Information about the serial number is located in the “Settings” of the smartphone. If it is not possible to open the application and view the information, then it is worth opening the SIM card tray. the IMEI number is printed there, which is also suitable for identifying the device. There are situations when there is no access to the device. In this case, it is possible to find the serial number or IMEI of the smartphone in other places:

  • information is indicated in AppleID. it is possible to enter the account from any computer;
  • the phone box also has a sticker with the number and IMEI;
  • if the AppleID account is authorized on several devices, then at the bottom of the profile page in the smartphone settings there is a complete list of devices on which the account is used.

There is nothing complicated in the iPhone X verification methods, so the buyer will be calm about the investment. Even if the seller brings the smartphone to his home, no one will allow the device to be activated before the purchase. Therefore, take a closer look at every little thing so as not to get a fake instead of a real iPhone 10.

IPhone appearance

The smartphone itself should give the impression of a quality thing: the weight is felt, the metal pleasantly cools the hand. All modern iPhones are made of aluminum, in fakes, the case material can be any, up to painted plastic.

On a real iPhone, the parts fit tightly together and have minimal gaps. The buttons and the silent mode switch should clearly respond to pressing and have no backlash. There is an IMEI on the back cover of the smartphone, which matches the numbers on the box and the SIM card tray.

Assembled in China, on the other hand, is not to be feared. It is completely legal, because the iPhone is only developed in the United States, and produced and assembled in China.

An outright fake with giblets will give out details that simply cannot be in a real iPhone. These signs include:

  • removable back cover and battery;
  • support for two or more SIM cards;
  • slot for memory cards;
  • microUSB connector;
  • telescopic antenna.

But even if the fake is of high quality and it is outwardly difficult to distinguish it from the original, all doubts should be dispelled after switching on.

Accessories and equipment

Each iPhone comes with a charging cable, headphones, USB adapter, as well as an envelope with documentation, stickers and a paper clip to remove the SIM card tray. All accessories should be carefully wound and packed in transparent films. Original cables, unlike fakes, are much softer, and the plastic on their connectors is immaculately smooth and has no burrs or sagging. Of course, everything should be laid out in its place in perfect order.


Apple has a very reverent attitude towards detail, and it is expressed in everything about the iPhone, from the packaging. This box should be made of thick coated cardboard with even corners and a logo made by embossing. On the lower part there is always a sticker with the model name, serial number, IMEI and storage capacity. But the main thing is, of course, the contents of the box.

How to tell a real iPhone from a fake one

Proven ways to recognize original Apple devices and not fall for the bait of scammers.

The development of technology gives us not only cooler iPhones, but also a lot of copies, which are sometimes difficult to distinguish from the original. In order not to get into a mess, it is better to buy iPhone only from authorized dealers. It will be more expensive, but safer.

If you still don’t want to overpay, you can try your luck and look for better from gray sellers. Just for a start, arm yourself with recommendations that will help you not to run into a fake.

There are two ways to tell the difference between a real iPhone and a Chinese copy: an easy one and a harder one. Let’s start simple.

more complicated

A person with a trained eye will be able to distinguish a fake, not only without turning on the iPhone, but also without opening the box. There are several good signs that will help you identify a clone right off the bat. Here they are.

tell, iphone, headphone, fake


If a person has held a real iPhone in their hands at least once, they will almost certainly be able to distinguish it from a fake.

Not sure what to look for? No problem! Now we will teach.

Software and internal stuffing

The days of clumsy translations and hieroglyphs on the menu are long gone. Now the Chinese have learned to imitate the interface and repeat the fonts exactly. What they can’t do yet is fake functions: neither Siri nor Find iPhone in a clone will work, of course.

Also, a fake cannot have a valid serial number, which will be verified on the Apple website. Therefore, checking the balance of the warranty by the serial number is the easiest method to determine if the iPhone is real or fake.

To check, you need to find the serial number in the system settings (in the section “General” → “About this device”), make sure that it is identical to the number on the SIM card tray and the box, and then enter it in the verification form on this page. If the iPhone is genuine, the site will provide model details, warranty balance, and other information. Otherwise, you will see the message “Sorry, this serial number is not correct” or something similar.

Another guaranteed express method for determining the authenticity of an iPhone is syncing with iTunes.

The media combine automatically detects the connected device, showing all information about it, and, as you might guess, it will see through the fake at once. Just take a laptop with iTunes installed to the meeting with the seller and take care of the Internet connection.

Have you come across iPhone clones and fraudulent sellers? Be sure to share your experience in the comments.

How to Distinguish Airpods 2 From Fake

Apple’s Wireless Airpods 2 are a natural complement to your mobile phone for communication, audio, and voice commands. That is why many iPhone owners prefer AirPods 2.

  • If, when you first listen to music with fake headphones, you could not catch the differences, then we recommend setting the sound to the maximum mark. This will create distortion. It should be noted that non-original headphones have a problem in the face of a deterioration in the quality of communication.
  • Fake earbuds need to be charged more often than original ones.
  • A non-original product will not fully integrate with iPhones, since it does not provide subtle settings.
  • Buying non-original headphones, the consumer not only gets bad sound and inconsistent connection, but also loses the whole set of advantages that Apple put into Airpods This is what made them the most popular wireless headphones.
  • The boxes of original and fake headphones may appear identical at first glance. One difference, which can only be noticed in direct comparison, is the embossing of the accessory image on the top of the lid, which in the original products will be made with a large relief. To understand that the headphones are not original, you can also use the labeling table, since in this case all the information will be written on one sticker. In the original product, this information is indicated on three stickers. You can also see the difference in the layout of the text.
  • You can immediately identify a fake by examining the lodgement for the case: in the original it has clear embossing edges and is made of matte plastic. The counterfeit has a not-so-neat plastic stock made from the same material as the yogurt can.
  • Pay special attention to the availability of the accompanying documentation. If you have not noticed any typos in the text, then look for a separate insert with the serial number of the accessory. Non-original headphones will not have it.
  • The case of non-original products is lighter by a couple of grams, however, the quality of materials and the assembly itself practically does not differ from the original. The Chinese made it so that the cover of their product snaps into place with the same sound, and the headphones are fixed with a magnet with the same force.
  • Non-original Airpods 2 have the same serial numbers on the right and left earbuds, while the original products have different serial numbers.
  • Original Airpods 2 have an icon in the left recess on the inside of the case lid, which indicates that the headphones cannot be disposed of in household trash cans. Counterfeits mainly put this mark on the right.

Signs of Non-Original Air Pods

When buying headphones, you should pay attention to several basic nuances that will help determine the authenticity of an accessory. If you find similarities, then it’s time to be wary and think again:

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External Differences Of The Forgery From The Original

First, you need to distinguish two categories of differences: visual and workflow.

  • Original Airpods are white without yellowing. While the fake has a heterogeneous admixture of other shades: yellowness and whiteness.
  • In the original product, you get a perfectly smooth plastic without defects. It’s a fake. it is a frosted plastic with a slight roughness.
  • The original case opens easily and closes tightly, without gaps. A fake may have a worse “fit”.
  • The original earphones on the speakers have a metal mesh. It fits snugly into the case, leaving no gaps. Fake presents a fabric mesh with gaps.
  • The originals are marked for the designation. L and R. In a fake such marking may not be.
  • Original labels without errors on the packaging. Counterfeits often have errors in brand names or in general.
  • Original Airpods deliver clear sound, no squeaks or noises, with crisp bass. Fakes have a more muffled sound.
  • Apple headphones instantly sync with other devices wirelessly. It will take a little longer for the copy.
  • The original battery lasts longer, as it has an economical consumption. Counterfeit requires recharging more often.

How To Check Airpods By Serial Number?

Apple reliably monitors its product turnover. Therefore, it is not surprising that any of their products has a serial number, which can be checked at any time on their website. This is a reliable way to test headphones for originality.

The number itself is located on the lid of the charging case and on the box. Of course, cunning sellers can easily fake and re-stick the serial on the box. But changing the number on the lid is almost impossible. You can check the serial number on the official website.

Do not exclude the possibility that someone will be able to change the case by inserting non-original Airpods there. So always inspect the earbuds themselves and the charging case for signs of defects.

Airpods Pro Original Differences From Fake

The Chinese have learned to make really high-quality fakes, which are difficult to distinguish from the original in appearance. Even the name is consonant. APods Pro. So what is the difference and how not to be fooled when buying Airpods Pro?

  • The non-original product lacks the Designer by Apple in California inscription on the back of the case. over, the metal stiffener is darker than the original;
  • On the back of the non-original case, the button for resetting the connection will be highlighted more clearly. Connectors for charging, both the original and the fake are the same;
  • Fake Air Pods have oval earbuds inside, while the original product has more round ones;
  • The lid of the original case is capable of opening 120 degrees, while the fake case opens only 90 degrees;
  • A fake can be distinguished by the presence of an LED indicator in the case, since the original Airpods Pro do not have such an indicator;
  • A fake is lighter than the original by a couple of grams, however, it is quite difficult to find external differences;

You can also identify non-original headphones from Apple by two criteria: by the contact area, which is located at the bottom of the accessory, and by the shape and color of the nozzle for removable nozzles.

Of course, there is no noise reduction in the Chinese fake APods Pro. In fact, these are the most ordinary wireless headphones with a rather low sound quality. For little money and a similar appearance to the popular and fashionable Airpods Pro, you get hollow sound output and lack of adequate bass.

Manufacturers of non-original earbuds have spent a lot of effort to create a superficially exact copy of the Airpods Pro. However, they did not have enough money to provide a high-quality assembly of sound drivers.

The main thing that should confuse the consumer in the first place is the low price of the proposed headphones.

Airpods. Purchase Date Not Confirmed: How To Remove

If you, at some point, felt a trick and decided to check your headphones for originality, then the official Apple website can help. On this site you can enter the serial number of your airpods and check if they are original or a clever Chinese fake.

However, what to do if after entering the serial number you receive a notification “Purchase date not confirmed”?

First of all, do not panic, because such a message means that your Airpods wireless headphones are original, and the serial is registered in the Apple database.

On the official website, you can not only find out the authenticity of your smartphone, headphones or other gadgets from Apple, but also register them in the database upon purchase.

How to distinguish original Airpods from fake: top signs

When buying headphones, you should pay attention to several basic nuances that will help determine the authenticity of an accessory. If you find similarities, then it’s time to be on your guard and think again.

How to Remove Purchase Date Not Confirmed Message

Many users receive such a notification, as often, many company representatives miss the moment of registering the device on the official Apple website. This may cause this message to appear on the screen of your smartphone.

To update or add information about your device, you must contact an Authorized Licensed Apple Representative directly. Before calling technical support, have all Apple Care agreement numbers, device serial number, and purchase receipt ready.

Apple Technical Support Care is a service that provides specialized technical support for working with Apple gadgets.

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How to use the AutoSleep app. Basic functions and features for daily use

For many people, the term “sustainable development” is associated exclusively with environmental improvement, but this concept is somewhat broader.

Was the app or description not what you expected? Then you need to return the money for it.

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Buy original Apple EarPods for iPhone →

4) Control panel

On the original, the gaps are hardly noticeable, unlike the copy, the buttons are pressed without any effort, while the clicks are practically inaudible, but they are felt with your fingers, by the way, in a fake, the buttons do not work at all.

2) Wire

The original wire is thicker and more elastic, respectively. stronger and less tangled. Rizin casings in the form of a tube near the headphones themselves and the 3.5mm mini jack connector are soft and pleasant to the touch, by the way, in very cheap fakes there may not be a rubber tube at all. In addition, the length of the wire of the right and left earphones must be identical, and not differ even by a few mm. By the way, on the original headphones on the wire there should be an inscription “made in China”, or “made in Vietnam”, or “made in Brazil”.

3) Headphone shape

There are slight differences even in the very shape of the earphone, the fake is more elongated, in addition, the seam on the fake is very noticeable, it is practically invisible on the original. The mesh should be metal, not fabric, and two round holes should be located exactly in the oval, and not be moved to one of the sides.

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1 package

I would like to say that in the very first fakes there was no Apple logo on the back cover at all, and from this it was already possible to determine that in front of you is a fake, now this is practically not observed. But, nevertheless, if you look closely, there are differences. the color of the box and the color of the headphones themselves must be identical, they often differ slightly on fake Chinese headphones. the box is lighter than the headphones themselves. The box itself is not very high quality and closes rather tightly, so there are difficulties when opening.

How to distinguish the original EarPods from the Chinese copy

First of all, when buying EarPods from your hands, do not hesitate to consider, unpack and, of course, listen to new headphones in order to save money and not stumble upon a fake. Consider all the details when buying original Apple EarPods for iPhone. Be sure to check the sound of new headphones so as not to fall for a copy.

As we know, inventive Chinese, who, it would seem, simply do not know the word “plagiarism”, have learned to forge almost everything that is produced both in the Celestial Empire itself and abroad. Of course, this fate was not about Bosch and the Apple EarPods, which were presented about a year ago. During this time, fakes have also evolved, and if at the beginning of 2013 it was quite easy to distinguish a fake, now this can only be done by carefully examining the device or listening. It is quite difficult to determine from the photograph where the original is, and where the copy is, at first glance, both headphones are outwardly identical, but this is only at first glance.

5) Sound

The most important thing is the headphones. this is their sound. The sound quality in the original EarPods and fake ones is very different, as you understand, not towards the Chinese copy. Fake headphones have a terrible sound, they are practically devoid of bass and volume and it is better not to listen to your favorite songs in them, so as not to get upset. When recording on a microphone or communicating through a headset, your interlocutor will hear a hoarse sound. Naturally, we are not talking about smoothing out noise in non-original headphones either.

In general, we can conclude that fake headphones are inferior to the originals in all respects, and if in the design the Chinese tried to create at least some semblance of similarity, then as for their sound, they did not bother at all, putting there “stuffing” from cheap headphones for a pair dollars, passing them off as an Apple product. If you can still talk on them on the phone or listen to audio books, then you will not get absolutely any pleasure from music. Nevertheless, best of all, you can distinguish Fake from the original only when listening, because although there are many external differences, they are still not so obvious and do not immediately catch the eye.

Appearance and quality of materials

Above is a cover from the original Audio-Technica headphones, from the bottom. from fake ones. Fake reports poor quality prints and stitches /

How to distinguish original headphones from fakes

Choosing the perfect headphones is not an easy task, requiring time, numerous sound checks and frequency response comparisons. Complicating it is the abundance of fakes in the mobile audio market.


Sometimes it is not difficult to distinguish an original from a fake. Counterfeiters rarely copy designs, fonts and packaging materials with 100 percent accuracy. Find a photo of the real headphones in the box and compare with what they sell to you.

Headphones Beats Electronics

Many criticize the frequency response of Beats Electronics for biased sound, others consider the headphones to be unreasonably expensive. The high price and popularity are the main reasons that counterfeits are found on sale no less often than original headphones.

Many fakes copy the originals very faithfully. But the basic rules for buying Beats can still be made.

Pay attention to the serial number on the bottom of the package: it should be printed on the sticker, not on the box itself. Too many hieroglyphs are a sign of counterfeit. Inside the package of fake headphones, there may be no tab with which the tray is pulled out of the box (relevant for Beats models with a removable tray). The tray itself should be made of textured material, not glossy plastic.

Original Beats Studio. The serial number is located on a sticker /

What to look for when buying headphones


Airpods are wireless earbuds from Apple. Appearing on sale at the end of last year, the plugs attracted the attention of users with their branded laconic design, compactness and convenience. But these headphones also have a significant drawback. the high price.

It was she who caused the demand for budget alternatives. As a rule, manufacturers do not try to sell pseudo-Airpods under the guise of the original, but openly call them replicas. There are quite a few types of such headphones. Some of them really turn out to be good, others are ordinary Chinese marriage.

The main factor when buying Airpods is price: even a used original is unlikely to cost 50.

Remote Control

In identifying fake EarPods, it is important to check both the quality of the presented design of the wires, headphones, and the remote control of the device.

It is not difficult to recognize the original, since the button on its remote control is pressed smoothly, without an obvious sound accompaniment. In the case of using a fake, some effort must be made, and when the button is pressed, a loud characteristic click will be heard.

Manufacturers of some replicas do not fully recreate the functions of the remote control inherent in the original. This fact should also be borne in mind when checking the selected headset for authenticity.


The sound in the “apple” headphones should be voluminous, without extraneous whistles, hiss, with high-quality noise cancellation. The world-class premium electronics manufacturer also delivers high-quality low-frequency reproduction, resulting in subtle vibration when listening to a bass track. It is logical that counterfeits are devoid of such properties and have the ability to provide only low-quality sound, which is standard for the segment of headsets of the basic configuration of smartphones.


This device from the American corporation comes in a white square case with a clear engraving of the campaign logo (a bitten apple), the ideal execution of which is often neglected by the creators of forgeries. This package, which is transparent on the front side, contains the device itself. The box for the original iPhone headset is made of high-quality plastic without any shade, with the device itself inside. With a detailed examination, it will not be difficult to distinguish the original from the fake. In addition to inaccurate external performance (cracks, “burrs” and so on), the material used to create the packaging of the replica, as a rule, is of lower quality: it has a yellowish or cloudy tint, lends itself even to a slight external influence.

Apple Headphone Features

Since Apple headphones are designed in such a way that the user receives not only high-quality sound, but also a number of unique functions, the high demand for EarPods is understandable. The remote control of the basic IPhone headset allows you to:

  • accept and drop an incoming call;
  • “Call” Siri (voice assistant of the IOS operating system);
  • give commands to the voice assistant;
  • play, stop, switch, rewind multimedia tracks;
  • “Hold” an incoming call;
  • switch between lines of active conversation.

Checking Apple headphones: original or fake

How to distinguish the original Apple headphones from a fake is the most logical question that arises in the head of a person intending to pay a large sum for a branded device. What should you pay attention to when buying? What is the difference between the sound of the product of the Californian manufacturer from the non-original version of the “black” market??

How to quickly catch a seller in an attempt to sell a copy of Apple headphones, passing off as the original? The article below will not leave these questions unanswered, after receiving which a potential buyer of an Apple accessory can be confident in his choice.

How to distinguish fake Apple Earpods for iPhone

Headphone shape

It will also not be difficult for the buyer to distinguish the original headphones presented by the Apple campaign from their cheap counterfeits by carefully examining the device itself. On a genuine iPhone headset, starting with the 5 and 5S line, the manufacturer denotes the right and left earpieces with the words L / R. Most replicas do not have this mark.

In the manufacture of diffusers, as for all products, Apple uses high-quality material (metal mesh), which, in comparison with a replica (rag mesh), allows you to quickly identify the “original”.

The external performance of the original device looks solid, neat, of high quality, as, in fact, the technical components of the device. Most non-original headsets have seams, prints of parts of the forms used in the manufacture of plastic headphones.

The wire

Relying on tactile sensations, those who want to buy original Apple products will also be able to distinguish the “original” by a more elastic wire and its grayish tint. Replica wire will be more rigid in its characteristics and whiter in color.

The original EarPods cable must have the serial number of the product and the inscription: “Designed by Apple in California Assembled in China”.