How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPhone

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How to transfer contacts from one iPhone to another via iTunes utility

The second method for how to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone is iTunes. This is a standard utility for working with an iPhone or any other Apple mobile device from a computer. This method is most relevant for those who have problems with Internet access.

Connect the iPhone from which you want to transfer contacts to your computer and run the iTunes utility. Wait for the sync to finish or interrupt it.

Select the “info” tab under music, videos and files. The tab will contain information about your iPhone, as well as the option we need to sync contacts. Make sure that there is a check mark next to the item with contact synchronization, that is, contacts are synchronized.

Start sync. Wait for it to end and connect the second iPhone.

On it, also go to the “info” tab, enable synchronization of contacts and start synchronization. After that, it will have all the contacts from the first iPhone.

iTunes allows you to fully sync not only contacts on your devices, but all other data as well. The utility itself is available for free download on the official Apple website. Versions for Windows starting from Windows 7 and MAC are also available. The utility works with any iPhone model, as well as any other Apple mobile device. A Russian-language version of the utility is also available.

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPhone via Tenorshare iTransGo

We have a good way to transfer contacts from one iPhone to another without using cloud storage is Tenorshare’s iTransGo utility. The utility has a simple, unloaded interface. The new versions of the product have Russian, which makes the work easier. The method requires just a few clicks from you.

Connect both iPhones while powered on to the computer. Launch Tenorshare iTransGo utility and wait while it detects smartphones.

The utility will show from which smartphone the data will be transferred, so if the order does not fit, then click on the “flip” button in order to swap the smartphones. Click on the button “next” or further.

Now you will be presented with a selection of all Spectra files that can be moved from one iPhone to another. Here just select the required item “Text content” and in it “Contacts”. Click the “Start transfer” button to start the process of transferring contacts from one smartphone to another.

Do not disconnect both devices until the transfer is complete. After that, contacts from the old smartphone will be transferred to the new one.

This method only requires you to have a computer and two wires for your smartphone. The weight process barely takes a few minutes and is suitable for those who do not want to understand the intricacies of the synchronization processes and the work of the iTunes utility.

How to Copy Contacts from iPhone to iPhone via iCloud Storage

Transferring contacts via iCloud cloud storage is the best solution for those who bought a new smartphone and also have a stable Internet connection on both smartphones.

Go to iPhone settings. If you have iOS 10.2 or older, just go to the iCloud menu. If the version of the operating system is newer, but first you need to go to the section in your name or phone name, and already in it, to the iCloud tab.

In the tab, select the Backup item and enable only the backup of contacts in it. After that, click on the create backup button.

transfer, contacts, iphone

After creating a copy, go to settings in iCloud on the second iPhone if it is also linked through the same Apple ID. Now turn off all recovery options except contacts by simply turning off the corresponding switches.

Run a restore from a previously created backup, which will only be done for contacts. Now this device will have all the contacts from the book of the past.

This method allows you to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone only with the decency of the Internet, which is not a problem now. You can also use iCloud to transfer settings, photos, videos, application data and any other files, up to transferring all data and settings from one iPhone to another.

3 Ways to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPhone

If you have several iPhones or you recently bought a new one, then transferring contacts is a must for you. Therefore, it is important to once master how to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone in order to return to this question in the future.

This article discusses three ways to transfer contacts. All of them are described step by step, as well as their advantages and disadvantages. So if you can transfer all contacts via iCloud cloud storage, iTunes utility, or iTransGo utility from iPhone software maker Tenorshare. The latter method is more simple and intuitive than the others. Therefore, check out all and choose the one that suits you best.

There are also other ways to transfer contacts, but they are much more difficult and less fast than the ones selected here.

Final part

Choosing a method to transfer contacts from one iPhone to another is extremely easy. If you want to quickly transfer contacts and you have a stable Internet connection, then the best way is iCloud cloud storage. For those who constantly work with iTunes, this utility is the best way. It allows you to create a common database of contacts and during the synchronization process all contacts will be copied to other devices that are linked to your Apple ID. For more convenience, you can set up sync over Wi-Fi.

A stand-alone method is iTransGo from Tenorshare. The utility is suitable for those who want to transfer contacts to another iPhone via a computer in a couple of clicks.

It is also worth noting that the developer Tenorshare also produces other utilities for users of portable electronics from the famous American manufacturer. In addition to iTransGo, there is also an iFoneCare application that allows you to work directly with files on your smartphone, as well as clean it of unnecessary data, fix critical system errors and reflash. You can find a detailed list of Tenorshare utilities and their capabilities on the developer’s official website.

Using the Quick Start feature

  • If your new iPhone is already activated, then first delete all data by going to Settings → General → Reset → Erase Content and Settings. If not, insert the SIM card into your smartphone and follow the prompts of the setup wizard.
  • Turn on and place both iPhones side by side. The new device displays the “Quick Start” screen, and the old one displays the “Set up a new iPhone” screen.
  • Click “Continue” on your old smartphone and unlock it.
  • Wait for the animation to appear on the new iPhone and point the camera of the old one at it.
  • Wait a few seconds and complete the setup on the new device.
  • Enter your Apple ID password and follow the prompts.
  • On the Apps & Data screen, select Recover from iCloud.

How to make an iCloud backup

  • Open “Settings” on iPhone and click on your account icon.
  • Go to iCloud → “Backup”.
  • Turn on the toggle switch of the same name and click “Create a backup”.

Untie Apple Watch

If a watch is connected to the iPhone, then to bind to a new smartphone, you first need to break the pair with the old one.

  • Open the Apple Watch app.
  • Go to the “My Watch” tab and click on the icon ℹ️.
  • Select “Unpair Apple Watch” and confirm the action.

How to Transfer Data from iPhone to iPhone

Put your old smartphone next to the new one, and in a few minutes everything will be ready.

Save data

You can back up your information via iCloud or using iTunes on your computer. Later, the corresponding copy will be used for data transfer.

Transfer information

There are three ways to import data. Each will need a pre-created backup, but the migration process will be slightly different. In one case, you must have an old iPhone, in the other. a computer with iTunes, and in the third, an Internet connection is enough.

How to backup iTunes

  • Install the latest version of iTunes and connect your iPhone to your computer with a cable.
  • Allow access on smartphone.
  • Select iPhone from iTunes Device Menu.
  • If you want to save the data of the “Health” and “Activity” programs, check the box next to “Encrypt backup” and set a password. Do not forget the code, otherwise it will be impossible to recover the information!
  • Click “Create a copy now” and wait for the process to finish.
transfer, contacts, iphone

Recover from iCloud copy

  • If your new iPhone is already activated, then first delete all data by going to Settings → General → Reset → Erase Content and Settings. If not, insert the SIM card into your smartphone and follow the prompts of the setup wizard.
  • On the Apps & Data screen, select Recover from iCloud Copy.
  • Sign in to your Apple ID account.
  • Select the desired backup from the list by date and size.
  • Wait for the end of the recovery process and complete the setup.

How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone (iOS)

Regardless of the reason, a person who decides to switch from an Android gadget to an iOS device will most likely need to transfer contacts. There is nothing difficult in this process.


To transfer contacts from Android device to iPhone, you need to use Android OS 4.0 or higher and iOS 9 or higher. Compatible devices include iPhone 5 or later, iPad 4th generation and later, iPad mini 2nd generation or later, and iPod touch 6th generation.

In addition, you need to make sure both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network as well as a power source.

Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone

The easiest way to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone is with the software that Apple has provided for both operating systems.

When you turn on your iPhone for the first time (after activation), the user will have access to the Apps & Data screen. Click on “Transfer data from Android”. If you’ve already set up your iPhone, you should start over from the beginning by rolling back your device to factory settings. So:

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Select “Continue” in the Android app, then agree to the terms.

On the next screen, you will see a “Find the code” message that says, “If you don’t see the code on your iPhone, make sure you are in the process of setting up your iPhone for the first time and select Transfer data from Android.”.

On a new device, wait for a ten-digit or six-digit code.

Go back to your Android device, enter the code, then wait for the data transfer screen.

In this case, we are talking about transferring contacts from Android to iPhone. You can also move your message history, photos and videos, web bookmarks, mail accounts and calendars.

Note: During this process, you must defer both devices until the download bar on the iPhone fills up, regardless of what the other device is showing. Depending on the number of contacts, the process may take a few seconds or minutes.

How to move contacts manually

Since using the above tool requires resetting the iPhone to factory settings, it is better to move contacts manually. This assumes that contacts are already stored in one of the email services such as Google, Microsoft Exchange or Yahoo.

To ensure that your contacts sync correctly with iCloud in the future, be sure to check out this article.

To move contacts from Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, Yahoo, etc. manually do the following:

Open the Settings app on your iOS device and select Accounts & Passwords.

Select an email service, then enter your username and password.

On the last page, switch “Contacts” to “On” and click “Save”.

Ideally, an automated process is recommended for transferring contacts. However, depending on the circumstances, you can also do this manually. As you may have noticed, this process is relatively simple, regardless of the chosen method.

How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone: 3 Proven Ways

The purchase of a new iPhone is a joyous occasion. But before showing off a cool device to your friends, you need to fill the contact book of the novelty with numbers from your former smartphone. Since the lion’s share of modern phablets operate on the basis of Android, the article will tell you exactly about the nuances of transferring data between Android and IOS. After studying this manual in detail, it will be possible to move all numbers without loss. So, what software to use to carry out these manipulations?

Engaging Google: a detailed manual

Another way how to copy and transfer contacts from Android to iPhone (for example, 7 Plus) is using Google Contacts.

The action takes place in 2 stages:

All data from Android is sent to Google account. To do this, you need to click the menu “Settings”. “Accounts”. “Google”, then register the login of your personal account and “Synchronize contacts”. If the memory contains a large amount of numbers, the transmission will take some time.

Retrieving numbers from your iPhone account is no more difficult than the previous guide. Only in this case, already on the “apple” you need to go through the following path: “Settings”. “Mail, addresses, calendars”. “Add account”. “CardDAV account”.

Now you need to specify all the requested data and wait a few minutes. After a short time, the iPhone will have a complete list of numbers. The information can be left as it is, or edited at your own discretion.

Move to iOS

A service that will help you transfer all the necessary contacts from Android to iPhone in a matter of moments. Before you start using it, it will not be superfluous to check if there is enough memory on the “apple” device to accommodate all the necessary Android files. After that, both devices connect to Wi-Fi and to power. Well, and then. in order:

It will take no more than a couple of minutes to go through these few steps.

After that, you need to start the iPhone and find the line “Transfer data from Android”. A set of numbers will appear on the display of an iOS device, which must be duplicated on Android (a good gadget on this operating system is the Samsung Galaxy J7). The device sync process starts.

After connecting the devices to each other, the user will be offered a list of materials suitable for copying. Here you can select all the items or put “check marks” only in front of the desired files. All. It remains to wait for the completion of the transfer of information. During the process, it is not recommended to “minimize” the software, turn off the Internet or power.

By the way, Move to iOS is developed by Apple. Its release occurred simultaneously with the appearance of the ninth version of iOS to the world.

How to add contacts to iPhone from Android without syncing?

The easiest way to transfer all your phone numbers to iPhone is to use the standard Import / Export menu items. In this case, you do not need to download additional programs or synchronization. How it all goes?

On a smartphone with Android OS, you need to find “Contact” and “Import-Export”. This section has “Export to storage”. Thus, a file in vcf format will be created in the database, which can also be read by devices from Apple.

Copy numbers from SIM cards

If you need all the numbers from the SIM card to remain in the iPhone:

  • Insert SIM card;
  • Settings menu. “Contacts”;
  • Activate “Import SIM contacts”.

After that, the complete list of recorded numbers will be copied to the device section of the same name.

In addition to the above, there are many other ways to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone. All of them involve the use of computer programs (for example, CopyTrans) and take much longer. But as an alternative and for additional information, you can master them at your leisure.

As for the listed copying techniques, even a beginner can handle them. You just need to carefully follow the advice of the article and follow the instructions step by step.

Move to iOS app to transfer data from Android to iPhone

In the second half of 2015, Apple released the Move to iOS app for Android smartphones and tablets, designed to migrate to the iPhone or iPad. With this application, after purchasing a device from Apple, you can relatively easily transfer all your data, including contacts, to it.

However, with a high probability, you will still have to transfer contacts to the iPhone manually, using one of the methods described below. The fact is that the application allows you to copy data only to a new iPhone or iPad, i.e. when it is activated, and if yours is already activated, then to use this method you will have to reset it with the loss of all data (which is why, I think, the rating of the application in the Play Market is slightly higher than 2 points).

For details on how to transfer contacts, calendars, photos and other information from Android to iPhone and iPad in this application, you can read about Honor in the official Apple guide:

How to Copy Contacts from Android Phone to iPhone without Syncing

If you go to the “Contacts” application on Android, press the menu button, select “Import / Export”, and then. “Export to storage,” then a vCard file with the extension.vcf will be saved on your phone, containing all your contacts Android and perfectly perceived iPhone and Apple programs.

And then you can do one of the following with this file:

  • Email your contacts file as an Android attachment to your iCloud address that you registered when you activated your iPhone. After receiving an email in the Mail app on iPhone, you can immediately import contacts by clicking on the attachment file.
  • Send directly from Android phone via Bluetooth to your iPhone.
  • Copy the file to your computer and then drag it to open iTunes (synced to your iPhone). See also: How to transfer Android contacts to a computer (it describes additional ways to get a file with contacts, including online).
  • If you have a Mac OS X computer, you can also drag the file with contacts to the Contacts app and if you have iCloud sync enabled, they will appear on iPhone too.
  • Also, if you have enabled sync with iCloud, you can go to the website in the browser on any computer or directly from Android, select the “Contacts” item there, and then, by clicking on the settings button (bottom left), select the “Import vCard “and specify the path to the.vcf file.

I think that the listed methods are not all possible, since contacts in the.vcf format are quite universal and can be opened by almost any program for working with this type of data.

How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone

Purchased an Apple phone and want to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone?. it is simple to do this, and for this there are several ways, which I will describe in this manual. And by the way, you should not use any third-party programs for this (although there are enough of them), because you already have everything that you may need. (If you need to transfer contacts in reverse: Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android)

[4 Ways] How To Transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone Tutorial 2020

Transferring Android contacts to iPhone is possible both online, if contacts are synchronized with Google, and without using the Internet, but almost directly: from phone to phone (almost. because in the meantime we need to use a computer). You can also import contacts from a SIM card to an iPhone, I’ll write about this too.

Sync Google Contacts to iPhone

The first method is for those who have Android contacts synchronized with Google. in this case, all we need to transfer them is to remember the username and password from their account, which will need to be entered in the iPhone settings.

In order to transfer contacts, go to the iPhone settings, select “Mail, addresses, calendars”, then. “Add account”.

Further steps may differ (read the description and choose what suits you best):

  • You can simply add your Google account by selecting the appropriate item. Once added, you can choose what to sync: Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Notes. By default, this entire set is synced.
  • If you need to transfer only contacts, then click “Other”, and then select “CardDAV Account” and fill it in with the following parameters: server., username and password, in the “Description” field you can write something of your choice eg “Android Contacts”. Save the record and your contacts will sync.

Attention: if you have two-factor authentication enabled in your Google account (an SMS comes when you log in from a new computer), then you need to create an application password before performing the indicated points (both in the first and second cases) and use this particular password when entering. (About what an app password is and how to create one:

How to transfer SIM contacts

I don’t know if it’s worth highlighting the transfer of contacts from a SIM card to a separate item, but questions about this often arise.

So, to transfer contacts from a SIM card to an iPhone, you just need to go to “Settings”. “Mail, addresses, calendars” and below the “Contacts” subsection, click the “Import SIM contacts” button. In a matter of seconds, SIM contacts will be saved on your phone.

Additional Information

There are also many programs for Windows and Mac that allow you to transfer contacts and other information between Android and iPhone, however, in my opinion, as I wrote in the beginning, they are not needed, because all the same can be easily done manually. Nevertheless, I will give a couple of such programs: suddenly, you have a different view on the appropriateness of their use:

  • Wondershare Mobile Transfer
  • CopyTrans

In fact, the specified software is intended not so much for copying contacts between phones on different platforms, but for synchronizing media files, photos and other data, but it is also quite suitable for contacts.

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Even this site ignores Windows phone. And I decided to try it and did not regret it.

Pavel, I will not ignore, no. Just to write about it, it must be in stock. And I’m only ready on 950xl to use Continuum. But there is no money for it.

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Thanks for helping us transfer contacts.!

Thank! Everything worked out. synchronized successfully the first time)

Hurrah! After much suffering, everything worked out!
Deleted contacts on iPhone. And I decided to transfer contacts from android to iPhone. For some reason, it did not work through the cable, through the programs. But to save the file, send it to mail and upload it to the iPhone IT WORKED. THANK! Now we need to transfer messages and notes) went on to dig))

Thank you so much! It turned out so easy thanks to you)

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPhone via iCloud

The way to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone via iCloud is the easiest and fastest. All that is required of you is to have access to the Internet.

On the iPhone you want to transfer contacts from, go to Settings → iCloud and make sure the Contacts switch is active.

Go to Settings → iCloud → Backup and click the Create Backup button. Wait for the process to finish.

Advice! You can check if your contacts are successfully syncing with the cloud at The number of entries in contact books (displayed at the bottom of the list) must be the same.

On the iPhone you want to transfer contacts to, go to Settings → iCloud and log in with your iCloud account. If you were already logged in, you can skip this step.

In the menu “Settings” → iCloud (on the new iPhone) activate the switch “Contacts”.

Done! Your contacts after just a couple of minutes (time depends on the number of contacts) will be transferred to the new iPhone. You can make sure that the transfer is over by looking at the number of contacts at the very bottom of the contact book.

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPhone

After purchasing a new iPhone, not all users want to transfer all information from their old device. In many cases, it is only necessary to throw off contacts, with which some owners of Apple smartphones have problems. In this tutorial, we talked about how to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone in the two easiest and surest ways.

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPhone via iTunes

If for some reason you cannot use the method of transferring contacts from iPhone to iPhone using iCloud, you will have to use iTunes. This method is also not difficult, however, to use it, you will need to connect devices to a computer.

Connect your old iPhone to your computer and launch iTunes.

Advice! It is recommended that you update iTunes to the latest version. On a PC, you can check for updates by going to Help → Updates, or on a Mac by going to the Updates tab in the Mac App Store.

Select iPhone from the iTunes menu and go to the Details tab.

Activate the checkbox “Synchronize contacts with” and click “Apply”. Note that syncing contacts with iCloud should be turned off.

After syncing is complete, disconnect your old iPhone and connect your new one to your computer.

Select iPhone from the iTunes menu, go to the “Details” tab and activate the item “Synchronize contacts with.” Scroll down the settings page to the “Add-ons” section and activate the item “Contacts.” Important. iTunes will replace the existing contacts on the new iPhone.

Click “Apply”.

Done! In such a simple way, you can transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone using iTunes.

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Computer

There are different situations. For example, you are selling your phone or purchasing a new one, or maybe you just wanted to transfer your contacts from iPhone to your computer, so that if something happens you do not waste precious time manually restoring them. There may be more reasons. Also, this issue makes you think about the fact that the iPhone does not provide for the function of transferring contacts to a SIM card, which is very upsetting. So, today we will consider the question of how we can transfer our contacts to our “big brother” in various ways.

In the article we will try to describe all the methods, starting with the traditional.

Transferring contacts using iTunes

It is worth noting that there are two different ways to transfer contacts from iPhone memory to computer using iTunes. In the first case, all addresses and phones will be transferred either to Outlook or to Windows Contacts, and in the second, users will have to “get” them from the backup using special applications.

The method works only if the sync of contacts with iCloud is disabled on the iPhone.

Transfer contacts from iPhone backup

Restoring contacts from an iPhone backup can come in handy when you lost or sold your device, and the backup remained in iTunes.

In this case, iTunes is only used to create a backup. The rest will have to be done using third-party utilities. For example, such as iBackupbot.

To get where to restore contacts from, you need to first make a backup copy of contacts in iTunes:

  • Open iTunes.
  • Connect your mobile device to your computer.
  • Select iPhone in the list of connected devices and go to the Details tab.
  • Activate the item “Synchronize contacts with”.
  • Go to the Overview tab.
  • Click on the “Create a copy now” button.
  • Wait for the backup process to complete.

To restore and transfer contacts from an iPhone backup, you need:

  • Download and install the iBackupbot application (the full version of the utility costs 35, but you can use the application for free for 10 days). Download iBackupbot.
  • Launch iBackupbot.
  • In the main window, in the “Backups” column, select the last backup copy of the connected device.
  • Go to the User Information Manager section.

All contacts stored in the iPhone phonebook will be available in the Contacts tab. If necessary, the selected records can be exported in one of the appropriate formats (Exel, VCard, CSV).

With iTools

Another way to transfer contacts from iPhone to computer is with an application called iTools. It has quite wide functionality and is in many ways a replacement for Apple iTunes. With it, iTools owners of apple tablets and smartphones can:

  • View information about your device.
  • Manage applications (install, update, uninstall, backup).
  • Manage music (import and export tracks, delete songs, create playlists).
  • Interact with photos, videos and books.
  • Create new ringtones.
  • Take screenshots and record video from iPhone screen.
  • Manage contacts, calendar entries, and more.

To transfer contacts from iPhone to computer using iTools, you need to:

  • Download and install iTools (it is better to download the English version of the application from the official website).
  • Launch iTools.
  • Connect your mobile device to your computer.
  • Go to the Information section.
  • In the left column, select Contacts.
  • Select the desired contacts and press the Export key.

When exporting contacts, users can choose from several available formats (vCard or CSV) or send a card with data directly to Outlook or Gmail.

Transferring contacts using iPhone apps

It’s not just desktop apps that can transfer contacts from iPhone to computer. Various programs for iOS do a good job with this task. Several such utilities can be found on the virtual shelves of the App Store. One of them is Easy Backup.

Easy Backup is a popular tool that allows iPhone and iPad owners to back up their contacts and then send them to email or one of the cloud services.

In addition, the application allows you to find and merge duplicate contacts, as well as delete contacts without a name or without a phone number or email address.

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Computer from iCloud

The iCloud cloud service also allows you to interact with contacts stored in the iPhone memory. However, to do this, first, users need to activate the function of synchronizing contacts with the cloud in the settings. You can do this in the Settings menu. iCloud.

To move contacts from iCloud to computer memory, you need:

  • Open the web version of the iCloud service.
  • Go to Contacts.
  • Select the desired contacts (selection of both all contacts and individual records is supported).
  • In the lower left corner of the window, click on the gear icon.
  • Select Export vCard.

The exported file can then be used to transfer contacts to another device or to any suitable application such as Outlook.

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Computer via iTunes

This method will take you a little more time. It is required to install the latest version of iTunes on the computer and connect the iPhone to the computer using a USB cable.

Connect your iPhone to PC. Launch iTunes. Click on the icon of your device. A window will open with details about your iPhone.

In the left pane, click on the Details tab. In the window that opens, check the box next to “Synchronize contacts with. »And select which program on your computer you want to sync your phone book with. Click Finish.

How to transfer contacts from iPhone to computer. 3 options

Oddly enough, Apple has not come up with an easy way to transfer contacts from iPhone to computer, as it can be done on other smartphones. Users cannot even save contacts to a SIM card, and this may be required in case of selling their phone. At any time, we may need to copy contacts from iPhone to computer. And, of course, you shouldn’t carry them manually. it is rather long and tedious. There are at least three ways how to copy a phone book from iPhone to computer. via iTunes, via iCloud and using UltData program.

3 Ways How To Transfer Contacts From Old iPhone to New iPhone

How to Copy Contacts from iPhone to Computer via iCloud

In order to copy contacts from iPhone to computer via iCloud, you need an internet connection. Follow these steps to sync contacts with iCloud:

Open the Settings. iCloud app on your iPhone (on iOS 11 Settings. Accounts & Passwords. iCloud). Next, put the slider in the active state opposite the Contacts item.

Now on your computer, open your web browser and go to Enter your Apple ID and password, sign in.

Next, in the main window, click on the “Contacts” icon. You will see a list of all your contacts.

Click on any contact, highlighting it, then press CtrlA to select all contacts in the phone book. Then in the lower left corner, click on the gear button to get into Settings.

Select “Export vCard”. After that, the list of all your contacts will be transferred to Windows Contact, and you can view them on your computer.

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Computer Using Ultdata

Download the Tenorshare UltData program on the official website. Install it on your computer and run.

Connect your iPhone to your computer with a USB cable. The program will automatically detect it.

In the window that opens, in the top panel, select “Recover from iOS device”. Then put a tick in front of “Contacts” and click “Start Scan”. (You can also restore contacts from a backup, then save them to your computer).

The program will scan your device and display all phone numbers recorded on the iPhone, including deleted ones, which will be marked in red. Select the necessary numbers or all at once and click on the “Restore” button.

You will be prompted to restore to your mobile device or computer. We choose to save to a computer in a format convenient for you. Done!

In addition, the application allows you to find and merge duplicate contacts, as well as delete contacts without a name or without a phone number or email address. And UltData can recover messages, call history, notes, videos, photos, music. WhatsApp messages, bookmarks, calendars, mail accounts, and free apps, and much more. Plus, it supports transfer and sync them from iPhone to computer. In addition, you can easily manage important data through Tenorshare iCareFone, this tool is free to transfer videos, photos, music and other data from iPhone to computer.

Sync your Gmail account

If you have a Google account, you can sync your data in just a couple of taps. over, the method will allow you to collect phone numbers from all devices where the corresponding account is activated.

  • Open system settings on your Android device.
  • Select the account section, then the Google item, where in the drop-down window, click. synchronization. If you don’t have an account, create an account in the previous window. Detailed instructions are available here.
  • On the iPhone, open the settings, then the section “Mail, addresses, calendars”, and after accounts, where add your Google account.
  • Synchronize the data, after which the contacts will automatically appear in the phone book.
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How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone

Section: Iphone, For beginners, Data transfer Date: 09/07/2018 Author: Alexander Moiseenko. Comments: 0

The phone book is the most important type of information that worries every owner when changing the phone. If you decide to migrate from Android OS and use iPhone, then we offer you 6 simple and quick ways to transfer phone records.

Using the Move to iOS app

The Move to iOS program is installed on an Android device, after which it allows you to transfer contacts via a wireless connection. Detailed instructions are available here.

Via Zapya and Send Anywhere

Services Zapya and Send Anywhere specialize in transferring information, including phone book numbers. Also, both services are developing an application for Android and iOS.

Download and install the Zapya or Send Anywhere software on your Android device. Do the same on the iPhone. Zapya on the Apple Store and Send Anywhere on the Apple Store.

Open the app on your Android device. Go to the tab for transferring contacts. Check the entries and click on the submit button.

To receive contacts, just hold your iPhone and read the QR code.

Via bluetooth

Ideal if you need to forward multiple entries from the contact book on your phone.

  • Open the phone book on your Android device.
  • Select the contact you are interested in.
  • Click on the button with the drop-down list, where select “Send”.
  • Confirm the action, then select from the proposed Bluetooth options.
  • Accept and save contact on iPhone.

The essence of the problem

It was like this My close relatives bought a brand new iPhone 6. And the question arose about transferring contacts from the old iPhone 4S to the new one. Since they live in another city, they initially turned not to me, but to some familiar guy who sells phones.

As a result, this guy helped save contacts (more than 1500) to the computer as separate files with the vcf extension. I still cannot understand why it was impossible to use sync via iCloud. Anyway…

VCF (Virtual Contact File), more commonly referred to as vCards, is the most common file format for storing contact information digitally. Usually the vcf file stores the name of the contact person, postal address, e-mail address, phone number and other contact information.

This file type is essentially a container for transferring contact data between address books of different devices. VCF files are supported and recognized by all popular operating systems (Windows, OS X, iOS and Android).

Having received over 1500 individual files in vcf format, the question arose how to transfer them to the new iPhone now. First of all, we decided to use the contact sync feature built into iTunes.

If you click Details in the left column while your iPhone is connected to your computer, you can sync iPhone contacts with Outlook contacts or Windows Contacts. By adding contacts to Windows Contacts and synchronizing the iPhone with it, we got an address book full of hieroglyphs and cracklings.

For some unknown reason, during the transfer of contacts, an encoding failure occurred on the iPhone. As a result, all contacts filled in Cyrillic became unreadable Delete everything! And start over!

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  • The method of creating a backup copy of Contacts using a USB flash drive for iPhone is described here
  • How to transfer contacts from SIM card to iPhone. Instructions

Transferring contacts via iTunes failed. I didn’t want to try the same thing, but through Outlook Wait! There are other ways to transfer contacts to iPhone. For example, through the online service, you can add contacts in vcf format directly to the cloud, which is then synchronized with the iPhone.

The trouble is that you can add only one file at a time and we had 1,500 of them. Having rummaged on foreign sites and forums, I found the best way to solve this issue.

If you also have a bunch of vcf files with contacts that need to be transferred to the iPhone, follow this simple instruction.

We combine contacts into one vcf file

We combine all vcf files with contact information into one large vcf file. It may sound ridiculous, but trust me, it works.

Before copying all 1500 files into one vcf file, make sure that all these files are in the same folder.

Then, from the Terminal command line (for Windows, you need to run cmd.exe) run the following command:

OS X (Terminal): cat vcf contacts.vcf

Windows (cmd.exe): copy vcf contacts.vcf

I hope you guessed that you need to go to the folder where the vcf files are located? If you don’t know how to do this, then here are a couple of additional commands that will tell you how to navigate the disk from the command line.

  • cd folder name. allows you to enter the folder
  • cd. allows you to return to the “original position”, namely in your user folder
  • ls. displays a list of folders and files of the current position on the disk
  • cd folder name. allows you to enter the folder
  • cd exit to the level up
  • dir. displays a list of folders and files of the current position on the disk

Example: My contacts are located in the contacts folder, which in turn is located in the Downloads folder. In order to go to the folder with contacts, I executed two commands in turn (see below):

How to Transfer.vcf Contacts from Computer to iPhone

Not so long ago I wrote about how to transfer contacts from a SIM card to an iPhone. That article was born as a result of a stupor that I fell into when the above necessity arose. It seems that everything should be intuitively clear, but I didn’t do something the first time. A couple of days ago a situation of this kind arose again with contacts.

This time the contacts were saved from the old iPhone to the computer as.vcf files, and now they needed to be uploaded to the new iPhone 6. Today I will share with you the simplest solution to this issue. Go!

Transfer vcf contacts to iPhone

As a result of the first step, a new file called contacts.vcf appeared in the same folder. Now that all contacts are inside one file, transferring them to iPhone is a matter of one minute.

To do this, we need to send the contacts.vcf file to the e-mail address configured on this iPhone. If you still haven’t set up your iPhone to receive mail, do so now. Instructions for setting up mail on the way.

You should now get the contacts.vcf file in the Mail app on the iPhone. Go to the letter and click on the attached file.

Now you need to click on “Add all contacts (number)”. Then confirm by “Create new contacts”.

The contacts will be copied to the iPhone. In order not to bother with transferring contacts from one iPhone to another in the future, I advise everyone to set up automatic synchronization of contacts to the iCloud cloud.

transfer, contacts, iphone

To do this, you need to activate the necessary switch on the iCloud Settings page.

Somehow like this. If the article helped to resolve the issue with contacts, feel free to LIKE in social. networks (buttons below). In the near future, it is planned to release an article on transferring contacts from Android devices to iPhone.

iCloud Dropbox

The considered Method 1 requires a stationary computer or laptop, but if you wish, you can do with the standard iOS browser Safari.

  • On iPhone, in Safari, open
  • Click on the Share button (rectangle with an arrow) and find the item Full version of the site.
  • The full version of the page will be loaded. Log in with your Apple ID details.
  • After authorization, you will be directed to the iCloud menu. Alas, scaling may not work and page navigation will become impossible. To see all the sections, again from the Share menu, select Full Site. The page will reload and you will have access to all elements.
  • Open Contacts.
  • By clicking on the gear in the lower left corner, tap on the item Select all (touch the item twice). Once all contacts turn blue, click on the gear again and select Export vCard.
  • After downloading the VCF file, a new tab will open in the Safari browser. Select Open in and save to any of the cloud services: DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.
  • On a new device, it is enough to upload a file sent to the cloud storage and export contacts to the smartphone’s memory.

My contacts backup

To export contacts, just follow a few simple steps:

  • Install the My Contacts Backup application and after launch, allow access to contacts on the iPhone.
  • Press the green Backup button and wait for the process to finish (it takes no more than a few seconds even with an impressive size of the contact book).
  • Press the Email button and send an email with the attached VCF file to your email.
  • Download the VCF file on your new device from your own mail and run it. Contacts will be exported automatically.

You can also access the VCF file from the browser of the new device by turning on the server on the iPhone in the My Contacts Backup application (Settings. Wi-Fi Managmenent) and opening the corresponding address (in the format: Please note that both smartphones are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Note. Before starting the export, make sure that contact sync is enabled in the settings. Open Settings. iCloud and turn on the slider next to Contacts.

This method requires a laptop or computer with a full-fledged browser (preferably using Safari). The attached screenshots are in the order in which you want to export.

  • Open the iCloud website and sign in with your Apple ID.
  • Select Contacts from the suggested icons. Wait for the contact list to finish loading.
  • Highlight any of the contacts (tap once), and then press the key combination CMD A (for MAC) or CTRL A (for Windows), thereby selecting all contacts in the list.
  • Click on the gear in the lower left corner and select Export vCard.
  • The browser will automatically download the file with the VCF extension, which contains all your contacts. Send this file to a new device and run it. Contacts will be exported to the smartphone memory automatically.

This export option allows you to get a full-fledged offline copy of all your contacts in a small file that is compatible with both smartphones and mobile phones of “past years”.

Four Ways to Transfer Contacts from iPhone

Tired of iPhone, want to change mobile platform, or need a second Android / Windows Phone smartphone? Today we are going to share how to quickly transfer contacts from iPhone to Android (or other OS). Four universal ways to help you export your contact book.


Another option for exporting contacts to a smartphone running Android, using the iCloud server and the specialized CardDAV application.

  • Install the free version of the CardDAV app on your Android smartphone (Download from Google Play).
  • Launch the application and select CardDav in the list of accounts.
  • Enter the following as the server: Username and Password. Your Apple ID account details. Click Next.
  • Enter any account name and MUST check the box next to Synchronize only from server to phone. Click Finish.
  • Synchronization will start and contacts will be automatically downloaded to the memory of your smartphone.

The idea behind this method is to directly export contacts from Apple servers. After examining the settings of the CardDAV application, you can turn on automatic synchronization: when adding a new contact on the iPhone, it will be automatically added to the smartphone running a different operating system.