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How to save contacts from iPhone to SIM card

You have decided to replace your old iPhone with an Android smartphone and therefore you want to move contacts, but you do not know how to do it.

Instinctively, you decided to copy from iPhone to SIM card, and then transfer them to Android, but, unfortunately, Apple smartphone does not allow you to do this.

The iPhone, in fact, does not have a special function in which you can copy contacts from to a SIM card in order to access the address book through other smartphones.

In short, you’re in a tight spot and can’t get out but don’t panic! Opportunities, however, are.

Today, I will give you what, in my opinion, are the best available applications that allow you to copy data to a SIM card and it’s not very difficult.

Therefore, I propose to spend ten minutes of free time and focus on reading the information that I am about to provide.

Before I tell you what steps you need to take to copy, you need to make some clarity.

On all iPhones, numbers are not saved on the SIM card, but only in the device’s memory and after enabling the corresponding option to the Apple cloud.

Thus, without any special procedure, pulling out the SIM card from the phone and inserting it into another, you will not have access to all your contacts, remember this.

Since the entire address book is stored in the phone, you need to resort to using some special applications available in the App Store.

NOTE: perform the reverse operation, Apple smartphones have built-in tools.

Application to import contacts from iPhone to SIM card of another device. My contact backup

If you want to copy contacts from iPhone to SIM, please, you can do it using the free application. My contact backup

This free application, available in the App Store, which, as the name suggests, allows you to copy contacts, download to mail, and then transfer, for example, to any Android, with which you can transfer contacts to a SIM card.

Move to mail is done in just two clicks, only the process will be a little delayed, since you need to download this data to Android, but you have no other choice.

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How to copy contacts from iPhone to SIM card

If you start searching on the Internet “how to transfer contacts from iPhone to SIM card”, you will find quite a few results.

But there is no real, direct way to transfer contacts from iPhone to SIM card, so don’t look.

The network will offer you programs and others where you need to jailbreak the iPhone, but you won’t be able to do such a procedure on ios 10.3.3 or ios 11, which are now installed on iPhones. so do not waste your time. And then what to do? There is an exit.

Why do you need to import contacts from iPhone to SIM card? Most likely, then to put the card in another phone and start using the contacts on it.

So, you can simply move contacts not to the SIM card, but from iPhone. to iPhone or from iPhone. to Android (by clicking on the links, you will see instructions). You can also read the entry below. you will learn a lot of interesting and useful.

My favorite app is to move contacts from iPhone to SIM card of another smartphone. Contacts Backup. IS Contacts Kit Free

Despite the fact that the Contacts Backup. IS Contacts Kit Free program does not have a Russian language, nevertheless I like it the most.

The app allows you to back up in XLS, CSV, Outlook or vCard format.

To use it, go to the “app store” and download it. if necessary, enter your Apple ID.

Now go back to the home screen and look for the Contact Kit icon. Once launched, you will have four options. import contacts, export, make a copy and merge.

First, click “Start” (start copying).

If you want to “Send”, for example, by e-mail, then click on “Dog”.

Now enter the address (opposite to whom) and click “Send” at the top right.

If the other phone is Android, then just sync contacts with Gmail.

If you have a second Windows Phone device, you can continue to use Gmail as you would for Android, just add your Gmail account.

As for me, this is a great free application that allows you to back up your contacts on the iPhone, after which you can copy them to another smartphone and thus to the SIM card.

By default, the backup copy of the iPhone address book is in vCard format. Later you can use the files obtained from the created backup contacts. Success.

How to Copy Contacts from iPhone to Computer via iCloud

In order to copy contacts from iPhone to computer via iCloud, you need an internet connection. Follow these steps to sync contacts with iCloud:

Open the Settings. iCloud app on your iPhone (on iOS 11 Settings. Accounts & Passwords. iCloud). Next, put the slider in the active state opposite the Contacts item.

Now on your computer, open your web browser and go to Enter your Apple ID and password, sign in.

Next, in the main window, click on the “Contacts” icon. You will see a list of all your contacts.

Click on any contact, highlighting it, then press CtrlA to select all contacts in the phone book. Then in the lower left corner, click on the gear button to get into Settings.

Select “Export vCard”. After that, the list of all your contacts will be transferred to Windows Contact, and you can view them on your computer.

Backup copy

You can also transfer all your data to your computer using an iTunes backup. However, this method is only suitable if the phone has been lost or sold. In addition, you won’t be able to get contacts from a copy as a separate file. To do this, you will have to use third-party programs. How to make a backup in iTunes, you can learn from our separate material.

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Computer

Keeping important data on their phone is a concern for many users. Therefore, it is often necessary to copy contacts to your computer so as not to lose them or accidentally delete them. This can be done in different ways on the iPhone.


A standard program for working with devices from Apple. To upload contacts using iTunes without creating a backup, you must turn off iCloud sync on your device. We described how to do this in Method 1 of this article.

    Connect iPhone to computer, open iTunes and look for the device icon on the top bar.

Go to the “Details” section. Check the box next to “Sync contacts with:”. In the next field, select which program the data will be uploaded to. Windows Contacts or Outlook. In the window below, you can also specify which contact group will be downloaded. Click “Apply”.

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Computer via iTunes

This method will take you a little more time. It is required to install the latest version of iTunes on the computer and connect the iPhone to the computer using a USB cable.

Connect your iPhone to PC. Launch iTunes. Click on the icon of your device. A window will open with details about your iPhone.

In the left pane, click on the Details tab. In the window that opens, check the box next to “Synchronize contacts with. »And select which program on your computer you want to sync your phone book with. Click Finish.


The iCloud cloud is quite popular with iPhone owners. It allows you to store all files, as well as their backups, not in the smartphone’s memory, but on the company’s proprietary servers. You can also access them on the iCloud website by logging in with your Apple ID. But first you need to enable contact sync.

Move the slider to the right in front of the “Contacts” item. After that, all data from your phone book will be automatically synced to the web version of iCloud.

Now let’s move on to working with the site and exporting contacts to a computer. To do this, we recommend using any browser other than Google Chrome, since the required window often does not open in it and it is impossible to download a file with contacts to your PC.

    Open the iCloud web site. If prompted, enter your Apple ID and password to sign in. Go to the “Contacts” section.

In the window that appears, select “Save file” and click “OK”. Contacts will be saved to the “Downloads” folder of the browser.


A software that is very similar to iTunes in its functions and interface. iTools offers tools for working with almost all files on the device, including the phone book. Exporting contacts from iPhone through this program is described in detail in another article on our website.

In this article, we have covered the main ways to download contacts from iPhone to computer. Each of the methods will be more preferable depending on the programs used by the user.

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Tired of iPhone, want to change mobile platform, or need a second Android / Windows Phone smartphone? Today we are going to share how to quickly transfer contacts from iPhone to Android (or other OS). Four universal ways to help you export your contact book.

Note. Before starting the export, make sure that contact sync is enabled in the settings. Open Settings. iCloud and turn on the slider next to Contacts.

This method requires a laptop or computer with a full-fledged browser (preferably using Safari). The attached screenshots are in the order in which you want to export.

  • Open the iCloud website and sign in with your Apple ID.
  • Select Contacts from the suggested icons. Wait for the contact list to finish loading.
  • Highlight any of the contacts (tap once), and then press the key combination CMD A (for MAC) or CTRL A (for Windows), thereby selecting all contacts in the list.
  • Click on the gear in the lower left corner and select Export vCard.
  • The browser will automatically download the file with the VCF extension, which contains all your contacts. Send this file to a new device and run it. Contacts will be exported to the smartphone memory automatically.

This export option allows you to get a full-fledged offline copy of all your contacts in a small file that is compatible with both smartphones and mobile phones of “past years”.

To export contacts, just follow a few simple steps:

  • Install the My Contacts Backup application and after launch, allow access to contacts on the iPhone.
  • Press the green Backup button and wait for the process to finish (it takes no more than a few seconds even with an impressive size of the contact book).
  • Press the Email button and send an email with the attached VCF file to your email.
  • Download the VCF file on your new device from your own mail and run it. Contacts will be exported automatically.

You can also access the VCF file from the browser of the new device by turning on the server on the iPhone in the My Contacts Backup application (Settings. Wi-Fi Managmenent) and opening the corresponding address (in the format: Please note that both smartphones are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

The considered Method 1 requires a stationary computer or laptop, but if you wish, you can do with the standard iOS browser Safari.

  • On iPhone, in Safari, open
  • Click on the Share button (rectangle with an arrow) and find the item Full version of the site.
  • The full version of the page will be loaded. Log in with your Apple ID details.
  • After authorization, you will be directed to the iCloud menu. Alas, scaling may not work and page navigation will become impossible. To see all the sections, again from the Share menu, select Full Site. The page will reload and you will have access to all elements.
  • Open Contacts.
  • By clicking on the gear in the lower left corner, tap on the item Select all (touch the item twice). Once all contacts turn blue, click on the gear again and select Export vCard.
  • After downloading the VCF file, a new tab will open in the Safari browser. Select Open in and save to any of the cloud services: DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.
  • On a new device, it is enough to upload a file sent to the cloud storage and export contacts to the smartphone’s memory.

Another option for exporting contacts to a smartphone running Android, using the iCloud server and the specialized CardDAV application.

  • Install the free version of the CardDAV app on your Android smartphone (Download from Google Play).
  • Launch the application and select CardDav in the list of accounts.
  • Enter the following as the server: Username and Password. Your Apple ID account details. Click Next.
  • Enter any account name and MUST check the box next to Synchronize only from server to phone. Click Finish.
  • Synchronization will start and contacts will be automatically downloaded to the memory of your smartphone.

The idea behind this method is to directly export contacts from Apple servers. After examining the settings of the CardDAV application, you can turn on automatic synchronization: when adding a new contact on the iPhone, it will be automatically added to the smartphone running a different operating system.

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Oddly enough, Apple has not come up with an easy way to transfer contacts from iPhone to computer, as it can be done on other smartphones. Users cannot even save contacts to a SIM card, and this may be required in case of selling their phone. At any time, we may need to copy contacts from iPhone to computer. And, of course, you shouldn’t carry them manually. it is rather long and tedious. There are at least three ways how to copy a phone book from iPhone to computer. via iTunes, via iCloud and using UltData program.

Copying contacts to your computer

To download a file with all contacts, you do not need to connect the device to your computer. For this, you can also use proprietary software from Apple. The downloaded file with contacts will be in VCF format. If you want to open it, you can find out how to do it from our other article.

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPhone Using iTunes

In this way, you can move not only phone numbers, but also all the information (photos, videos and music) stored in your gadget. So, what needs to be done for this?

  • Connect your iPhone, which stores all the phone numbers, to your computer. Launch iTunes.
  • In the window that opens, select your device and configure the sync settings. Click on the “Apply” button.
  • Disconnect the first device from the PC and then reconnect the new one.
  • Synchronize in the same way. After it ends, you will see that all phone numbers will be in the new device.

How to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone: instructions

Progress does not stand still, and sooner or later any owner of an iPhone gadget decides to purchase a new, more modern model of a mobile device. What worries us in the first place when we are going to part with an old phone? The answer is obvious: how to get all the phone numbers to appear on the new mobile device. Indeed, sometimes there are more than two hundred contacts, and it seems simply unrealistic to rewrite them manually. That is why in this article I will tell you how to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone, as well as to any other modern gadget. So let’s take a look at a few options.

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPhone Using the Mover App

In order to use this method, it is necessary that this program be installed in both gadgets between which information will be exchanged. The Mover app is available in the AppStore and you can download it absolutely free. So, let’s get down to action:

  • Connect both devices to the same Wi-Fi wireless network.
  • Launch Mover on the gadget from which you will transfer information.
  • In the program window, click on the plus sign and mark the contacts that need to be transferred.
  • Launch the Mover app on the second device.
  • Pay attention to the screen of the first iPhone. an arrow will appear at the top pointing to the second gadget.
  • Did you see? Now just slide your finger along the highlighted pins in the direction of this arrow. All information will be in the new device.

How to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone using Microsoft Outlook

This is usually the easiest way. To transfer contacts, you need to do the following:

  • Use a USB cable to connect your old iPhone to your computer and launch iTunes.
  • In the window that opens, select the “Information” section and synchronize with Outlook.
  • Disconnect the device from the PC.
  • Take a new gadget and connect it to your computer. In the program window, perform synchronization in the same way.
  • That’s all. Contacts copied.

How to transfer contacts to iPhone from any other phone

In order to copy contacts from Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson to iPhone, you need to make sure that your old mobile can work with PC. Usually, the set with the phone should come with an installation disc on which you can find the necessary program. So, let’s get down to action:

  • Connect your old phone to your PC and sync it with your computer using the app.
  • In the window that opens, find the “Export contacts” function. Using it, the program will create a file with contacts in one of these formats: CSV, vCard, vcf, etc.
  • Disconnect your old phone and connect your new iPhone to PC.
  • Start iTunes and look for the “Import Contacts” function. If the file formats are compatible, then all phone numbers from one application will automatically be transferred to another application. You just have to transfer contacts to iPhone by synchronizing it with iTunes. And how to do this, see a little higher.

From all that has been said, we can conclude that moving contacts from phone to phone is not that difficult. The main thing is to follow the instructions. I hope you will not have any more questions about how to transfer contacts from iPhone or iPhone.

How to copy (drop) contacts via MyContactsBackup

Third-party software available in the App Store copes with the task of transferring contacts no worse than Apple’s proprietary tools, the main thing is to understand the algorithm of actions:

In no time packs contacts into a familiar file with the VCF extension. and then prompts you to select an e-mail to which the information should be transmitted.

There are no restrictions here. specialized mail clients Gmail, Mail or Yandex.Mail, downloaded from the App Store, and third-party services, which can be easily accessed directly from a mobile browser, are suitable.

The main thing is to enter the correct e-mail address in the “To” line (the one that is active on the iPhone, where you want to transfer contacts) and click “Send”. The request will take thirty seconds to process.

And then it remains to open the message on your new iPhone (iPad), find it in the mail and open the VCF file with all your contacts from the old iPhone.

The last step. on the new iPhone, when you select this VCF file, click the “Share” button, which is located in the upper right corner, and select the “Copy to Contacts” option in the context menu.

It will take up to 10 minutes to integrate contacts into the address book. the speed directly depends on the number of available entries.

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPhone. 4 Easy Ways

Hello dear readers of the blog. The process of transferring contacts from the address book between iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch is simplified by the developers at Apple with each update of the iOS operating system.

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And although formally the number of available transmission options has increased, finding a suitable option that does not take up a lot of free time and does not make you spend hours figuring out the essence is still a challenge.

Therefore, a complete instruction is presented below. where each step is described in great detail. This means you don’t have to experiment, and the fully studied sections will help you make the right choice.

How to Copy Contacts from iPhone to iPhone via iTunes

iTunes is Apple’s proprietary media player, often perceived by community members and owners of iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch as the cause of endless headaches. Say, you can’t transfer music in no time, you can’t save photos, you can’t understand the interface.

In fact, iTunes appeared on the “foreground” with two goals. to secure the contents of smartphones, tablets and players, and to simplify both interaction with the music library and filmography (the media player eliminates the appearance of duplicates, automatically selects covers and lyrics, helps with downloading TV series, movies). and using files and preparing a backup copy of the phone book.

  • For those who have not yet made friends with iTunes, first of all, you will have to download the media player from the official Apple website (versions for 32 and 64-bit versions of Windows are available) to a suitable directory on your hard drive.
  • The resulting file is launched by double-clicking, after which the classic installer interface will appear on the screen. which will offer you to get acquainted with the terms and conditions, help you choose a folder for unpacking, reassign the way you interact with music tracks, download updates, and even demonstrate some of the instructions dedicated to beginners.

And also. will demonstrate some of the instructions aimed at beginners.

  • If the iTunes shortcut appears in the Start menu or on the desktop, then the preparation is completed correctly, it’s time to get to the point.
  • Open iTunes and connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to your computer via the original Lightning cable, which is available in the kit. An icon of a smartphone, tablet or player will immediately appear in the interface of the media player, on which you will have to click.
  • After switching to the vehicle parameters, the left side of the interface will be updated. additional items of the context menu will appear.
  • From the options offered, you should choose “Information”.

    And, if a message appears on the screen about the impossibility of synchronizing contacts due to iCloud settings, you will have to repeat the following algorithm of actions.

    Select the option “Passwords and Accounts”.

    After that, uncheck the box next to the “Contacts” item and accept the changes. The page in iTunes will immediately take a new position.

    There will be a chance to put a tick in front of the item “Synchronize contacts with Windows Contacts”.

    when you click on the picture, it will open in full size in a new window

    And, if this option is selected, a new smartphone, tablet or player that will be connected to iTunes will be able in the same section “Information” to agree to update the list of contacts.

    when you click on the picture, it will open in full size in a new window

    It is worth checking the box and pressing apply, and the phone book will immediately expand with new names.

    After that, it will be enough to connect your second iPhone (iPad) to Aityuns and copy the contacts saved in the application to it. All.

    Turn on syncing contacts via iCloud

    iCloud is a multifunctional cloud storage, available for free to every Apple owner (limited to 5 gigabytes of used space, you will have to pay a monthly subscription fee for additional space).

    The vault performs different tasks. it helps to protect personal information, syncs events from the calendar and entries from the phone book, allows you to configure security settings, track friends using customizable GPS sensors, and even work in a browser in the iWork office suite (Pages text editor, spreadsheets and Numbers charts and Keynote presentations).

    The listed benefits and features can be accessed in the iOS settings as follows:

    • Open “Settings” and select “Passwords and accounts”.
    • After migration. iCloud.
    • At the moment when the proposed items for synchronization appear on the screen, it remains to transfer the sliders from inactive to active state (from white to green).

    After the changes are accepted, the iOS operating system will begin to slowly but surely transfer information to the cloud.

    How to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone via iCloud

    And then, in order to copy contacts from iOs to iOs, there are two options for actions:

    • Repeat the above algorithm of actions on the second device with an empty or partially filled phone book. With this approach, contacts will begin to be transferred from the cloud to the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. The main thing is to log in to the same iCloud accounts.
    • Open iCloud in a browser on your computer and manually export the records you want. You can repeat this procedure in three steps.

    First, you will have to go to the vault’s main web page and log in with your Apple ID.

    Secondly, select the “Contacts” section (see screenshot below).

    Thirdly, in the lower left corner, find the gear and select “Export vCard”.

    The proposed file in.VCF format with contacts from the iPhone remains to be saved on the computer, and then transferred to another iPhone, tablet or player. For example, via e-mail or Telegram messenger (you can attach files from your computer to the “Favorites” section, which can only be accessed by the account owner).

    Such files are easily accepted on iOS and are instantly integrated into the phone book. If desired, such a file can be easily accepted on the Android operating system. the result is the same.

    Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPhone Manually

    The process of transferring contacts from iPhone to iPhone using iCloud backups or through iTunes can hardly be called intuitive. you need to figure it out in the “Settings” and not break the correct procedure.

    But the main problem with this movement in the chaos of the phone book is the contacts used everywhere, and the accounts of those who have long ceased to answer calls. There are two ways out of the situation:

    Manual transmission. The procedure begins from the “Contacts” menu (the default icon for the transition is located on the desktop), where you will have to select the entry that you want to share.

    And if there were no problems with the choice, then further actions will not come as a surprise.

    The first step is to reveal the details of the contact by a standard tap on the screen.

    The second is to go down to the list of additional actions and select the item “Share contact”.

    The third is to choose the direction for transmission. Options. three.

    For point and secure transfers, use Apple’s wireless file sharing technology. AirDrop.

    The party receiving contacts will have to call the context menu. On iPhones that use Face ID to unlock the desktop, swipe your finger across the screen from the top-right corner of the smartphone. On models where Touch ID security is at the heart of the bottom of the display to the top.

    After the additional menu appears, it remains to open the panel with Wi-Fi, cellular and Bluetooth and click on the AirDrop activation button.

    If you have no time to deal with setting up the technology, or the receiving party is not located within the range of AirDrop (more than ten meters away), then you should ask for help or the email client you are using (Gmail, Mail, Yandex.Mail. the brand does not matter ), or messengers. Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber.

    Regardless of the choice, the result is the same. the transferred contact can be viewed and then added to the phone book either through the context menu item “Create new” or “Add to existing”.

    Removing unnecessary contacts with Contact Cleanup

    Sorting the phone book initially and then organizing the backup. Clearing an endless list of contacts manually is harder than meets the eye. The main reason for this is the confusing scenario of actions.

    In iOS, you first have to open a contact, then click on the “Edit” button, and then, scrolling through the questionnaire, select “Delete contact”.

    With this approach, processing even 20 entries is another problem, due to which the chaos in the phone book grows to unrepeatable proportions. The situation is easily corrected by the Contact Cleanup tool available in the App Store.

    After the icon appears on the desktop, the tool remains open and select “All Contacts”.

    Accounts available for cleaning will immediately appear on the iPhone screen, which remains to be checked and sent to the trash.

    As a result, the phone book is empty, but it has retained those subscribers that are indispensable. It remains to return to the instructions on organizing a backup, but in an updated status.

    How to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone with minimal waste of time? It is worth using a combination of Contact Cleanup and additional services such as MyContactsBackup or Mover. So you don’t have to fight with unused contacts and understand the basics of synchronization, and the procedure will take on average 10-15 minutes.

    Synchronization error

    Sometimes it happens that the proposed algorithm of actions does not give results. What to do in case of errors and sync failures?

    It is enough to check that the phones are connected correctly. To do this, you will have to return to the “Mail, Calendars, Addresses” section on the iPhone. Here you need to open the data transfer settings and look at the SSL field. If the line contains port 443, it is recommended to use a different method of transferring contacts (which will be discussed later). Usually SSL is filled in automatically. If this did not happen, write 443 to the corresponding line and save the changes. After that, the user must follow the previously suggested instructions.

    How to transfer contacts from “Samsung” to iPhone: tips and tricks

    It may seem to some that transferring data from Android to iPhone is a very difficult task. It’s no secret that the iPhone works with the iOS operating system. It does not recognize many Android formats. However, if done correctly, the task is not a hassle.

    The rest of the article will tell you how to transfer contacts from “Samsung” to iPhone. What should every owner of Android and Apple phones know about this procedure? Is it really possible to transfer contacts and other data from one mobile operating system to another without problems??

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    iPhone and Google

    How to transfer contacts from “Samsung” to iPhone? If the data synchronization between “Google” and “Android” is established, you can move on. The next step is to establish an iPhone-Google connection. As a result of this action, new contacts will appear on the “apple” phone.

    What needs to be done? It is enough to adhere to a small instruction. It looks something like this:

    • Launch iPhone. Wait for him to be fully ready for work.
    • Visit the main menu of the gadget. Click on “Settings”.
    • Go to the section “Mail, addresses, calendars”.
    • Click on the button “Add Account”. “Other”.CardDAV.
    • In the window that appears, enter data from the previously used mail on Google. You will need a password and an exact address. It is important that the “Server” section has the inscription “”.
    • Click on “Forward”.

    These actions are enough to quickly transfer information from one phone to another. How to transfer contacts from “Samsung” to iPhone? Once all the above steps are completed, you need to close the settings and open the “Contacts” section. Data will be read from Android. IPhone phone book will be replenished with new contacts.

    How to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone

    “Android” and “Google

    The first step is to sync the Android operating system with Google. This is easier than it sounds. Even a novice user will be able to cope with this task. Transferring contacts from Android to iPhone is problematic without synchronization.

    It is proposed to proceed as follows:

    • Turn on Samsung phone.
    • Open the functional menu. Select the “Settings” item in it.
    • Go to the “Accounts” section.
    • Select the line with the inscription Google in the window that appears.
    • Enter data from your Google account. This is your login email and password. If synchronization has already been set, it is enough to specify the appropriate profile.
    • Click on the “Synchronize contacts” button.
    • Wait a while.

    Done! After completing the procedure, the contacts from the “Samsung” (“Android”) phone will be synchronized with the Google account. Usually, the duration of the operation depends on the size of the phone book of the device.

    What is required

    Yes. In fact, transferring contacts from smartphone to smartphone is not a hassle. Especially with the right preparation.

    If you want to know how to transfer contacts from Samsung to iPhone, then you first need to prepare some devices and data. What is it about? So, for the successful transfer of contacts to an “apple” phone, you need to acquire the following components:

    • the Samsung phone to work with;
    • iPhone;
    • Google account.

    Basically, nothing else is needed. Mobile devices must be connected to the Internet. Without it, it will not be possible to bring the idea to life. How to transfer contacts from “Samsung” to iPhone?

    No sync

    But that is not all! You can transfer data from your “Samsung” (“Android”) mobile phone in another way. It is offered by Apple. The solution was invented in 2015. Apple has introduced a program called Move to iOS. This application is designed to quickly switch to “apple” devices from Android operating systems.

    How to transfer contacts from “Samsung” to iPhone? The algorithm of actions in this case will look something like this:

    • Download the Move to iOS program to a mobile phone with the “Android” operating system.
    • Connect iPhone and Samsung to Wi-Fi.
    • Go to the iPhone in the “Settings”. “Programs and Data”.
    • Open Move to iOS on “Android”. Click on the “Continue” button and agree with the warning.
    • Enter the special data transfer code on your Samsung mobile phone. It will appear on the iPhone screen after the previous steps.
    • Click on “Next”.
    • The devices will sync. After that, the smartphone owner will be prompted to select the data to transfer. It is necessary to put a mark in front of the line “Contacts”.

    All that’s now left. it’s a bit of a wait. The exchange of data between mobile phones will start. We hope the question of how to transfer contacts from “Samsung” to iPhone will no longer cause you any difficulties.

    How to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone. 3 ways

    In this article, we will cover ways to quickly transfer contacts from one iPhone to another iPhone. Choose the option that suits you.

    New iPhone models are released annually, and the contact list has remained practically unchanged for a long time, so the question of how to transfer the phone book of an old smartphone without loss to a new mobile device is very relevant. We will not consider the option of copying contacts via a SIM card. there are more convenient and faster ways to transfer data.

    Using iCloud

    This is probably the easiest way to transfer contacts from one iPhone to another. All you need is an internet connection and an iCloud account, which each iOS user has.

    This is not a complete list of applications and methods for transferring contacts from one iPhone to another. If desired, you can use Google, Dropbox and other services for copying, transfer contacts as VCF files, but this will take much longer than applying the above methods.

    Instructions on how to sync contacts using the iCloud service

    Usually the synchronization process does not exceed 2-3 minutes. At the time of copying records, you should connect the phone to a stable Wi-Fi network.

    How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPhone

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    Switching to a new iPhone is not uncommon among iOS users. This is usually a whim, but sometimes an urgent need due to a damaged apparatus. Regardless of the reason, this article will show you how to transfer phone records from one device to another.

    Instructions for transferring contacts using iTunes

    Important! iTunes will replace existing recordings on the new device. Take care of moving important contacts ahead of time.

    • Connect your phone to your computer using a USB cable.
    • Launch iTunes. It is recommended to check for program updates before starting data synchronization.
    • After detecting your phone, open the “Details” tab.
    • Next, activate the option “sync contacts“, and then confirm the action.
    • After copying the data, disconnect the old device, then connect the new smartphone.
    • In the “Information” tab, go down to the inscription “Advanced”, where check the item “Contacts”. And then confirm the action.

    Using the cloud

    The second option, which will allow you to quickly transfer all data from your old iPhone to a new one, is to use Apple’s cloud service. This option is not only safe, but will also allow you to restore your contacts at any time, even if there is no access to your old phone or SIM card.

    The easiest option is to use iCloud. To do this, in the settings of our smartphone, select the section we need. If it is used for the first time, then authorization is required. To do this, enter your AppleID information. During the first start, the system will offer to combine the device data with the account.

    After completing the process, you have a backup of your contacts. However, in the process of further use, you can add new contacts and other data to the phone. In order for the backup to be updated as well, you need to set the sliders to sync contacts with iCloud to the active position in the smartphone settings.

    Please note that not only the latest archive will be available on the site, but also previous archive versions. This will allow you to restore the previous version at any time if you accidentally deleted the data you need from your phone.

    Using a SIM card

    This is a simple and convenient way to transfer contacts for those who are just starting to use a gadget on iOS and are not yet familiar with all the capabilities of their new device. Also, this way to copy numbers to your new iPhone, the only one for those who are switching from a regular old push-button phone.

    In order to transfer numbers to the iPhone in this way, you must first drop the numbers on the SIM card. To do this, you need to use the menu of your phone, and copy.

    Note! If your previous phone was also an iPhone, you won’t be able to copy numbers from contacts to SIM. This functionality is not provided by the operating system.

    Once the contact numbers are on your SIM card, you can transfer them to your new iPhone. To do this, you need to install the card in a new telephone set.

    After that, you need to go to the contacts settings. Please note that on earlier OS versions they are combined into the “Mail, Addresses, Calendars” menu item. At this point, select the import of SIM contacts, and wait for the completion of the process.

    The whole procedure will take less than a minute. You can find the numbers that were on the SIM card in the contact list of your iPhone.

    The disadvantages of this option include the fact that the contact field on the SIM includes only the number and name. Therefore, if you have several numbers saved for one contact, then you need to create separate contacts on the SIM for each. Do not forget about the limitation on the number of numbers that can be saved on a SIM card.

    Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPhone

    After buying a new phone, the first thing everyone does is set it up. The most important thing is to transfer contacts from your old phone to your new one. Despite the fact that this is a seemingly simple action, there are many options for how to make this process even more convenient.

    Today we will tell you how to transfer contacts to iPhone: how to drop numbers when using Apple’s cloud service, and how to copy phones from a SIM card to a brand new iPhone.

    Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPhone

    Modern technologies greatly simplify life, and now you can easily and quickly save, and, if necessary, restore, important data. So, in order to transfer your contacts to a new iPhone, it is enough to copy them on your old phone to a SIM card, and after installing it in a new gadget, import them. However, using cloud storage, you can easily not only transfer contacts and other important data from your device to a new one, but also restore from a backup in case of loss.

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