How to Transfer Contacts from Samsung to Xiaomi

How to transfer data from Samsung to Huawei and Honor via Phone Clone

Phone Clone is a special program created by a Chinese smartphone manufacturer and designed to transfer information. It does not matter between which operating systems the transfer takes place. The application will perform the operation even if the old phone was on iOS and the new one was on Android. The main advantages of the utility:

  • All data can be transferred to any phone.
  • Free use of the program.
  • No internet connection required, you can use QR code.
  • The highest transfer speed reaches 1 GB per minute, which will allow you to quickly transfer all data, including photos, contacts from the phone book, notes, etc.

How to use Phone Clone? Pre-download the utility from Google Play or on the official website of the application. You will have to install it on both devices. Let’s study the instructions using the example of Samsung Galaxy and Huawei P Smart:

  • Run the program on your old phone and click on “This is the old Phone”.
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  • Do the same operation on a new mobile phone and scan the offered QR code from it.
  • The final step will be to select the information you need to transfer. Check the boxes and wait for the operation to complete.

The application works on devices starting from Android 4.0 and from iOS 6.0.

How to Transfer Contacts from Samsung to Honor and Huawei

After considering how to transfer data from Samsung to Huawei, we will study how to save contacts. Usually the phone book is stored:

  • On a SIM card. This option is not often used. This is due to the presence of restrictions. it is allowed to store a certain number of contacts, you cannot add a picture to a specific record, and there are no additional fields for entering information.
  • In the memory of the smartphone. Using the presented storage method, you will open all the functions in the contact book.
  • In the accounting profile. In fact, this option does not differ from the one presented above and provides identical capabilities, allowing you to make any changes. A distinctive advantage is that you can synchronize information through your Google account between any devices. Mostly on Android phones, this is the standard way to store.

using a google account

The first method is considered the most convenient in terms of transferring the necessary information. To import from one gadget to another through the Google service, do the following:

  • Check your internet connection.
  • Go to options.
  • Find the section “Accounts and sync”.
  • Find Google in the list and enter your profile.
  • Go to the phone book and go to settings.
  • Further, the item “Import / Export”.
  • Then click on “Import from storage” and click on the Google account where the contacts will be transferred.

After that, on the new gadget, go to the “Contacts” application and go to the parameters. Select import again and click on “Export from storage.” In the list that appears, find your Google account and complete the sync.

via bluetooth or wifi

How to transfer data from Samsung to Honor using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi wireless technology:

  • Go back to the phonebook app from the new device.
  • Going to the export menu, click on the item that allows you to transfer via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.
  • Turn on Bluetooth on the other gadget. And find it on your new smartphone.
  • Confirm pairing and grant the desired sync permissions.

How to Transfer Data from Samsung to Huawei and Honor Completely

How to transfer data from Samsung to Huawei and Honor is a question that interests many. In particular, this problem becomes relevant if you have changed your mobile device to a new one and do not want to lose the information contained in the phone. Below we will consider what methods you can use in order not to lose the necessary data.

export to storage

The last method for transferring the presented information involves the use of a drive. In fact, the instruction does not differ much from the options described in the article. Also go to the desired application and in the parameters select the section “Export to storage”.

Then the system will prompt you to select the contacts that you want to transfer, you can check all. After the procedure, a new file called contacts.vcf will be created on the smartphone’s memory card. It contains all saved phones. To find the file, go to the root directory of the drive.

Transfer the created file to a new gadget via a computer by placing it in the folder with the phone book or in the root directory of the memory card itself. Then, on your device, in the Contacts app, select Export from storage. The system will scan, find the desired file and complete the operation, and users will save contact information.

Via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi

This method is easier because there is no need to install additional services and functions:

  • enable Bluetooth devices on devices or connect them to a shared Wi – Fi network;
  • enter contacts and select the “Control” button;
  • on Huawei, a list of available actions will open. Select export by specifying the appropriate communication method;
  • establish a connection between gadgets and allow the transfer of the phone book.
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Transfer from Meizu

When the program is installed, launch it on both mobile devices. If you need to transfer files or contacts from Meizu to KXiaomi, then on the first device select “Send”, and on the second. “Receive”.

Next, you should specify the data to be sent and confirm the action.

After that, start the search for the second device in automatic mode. It is necessary to confirm the procedure and wait for its completion.

Using a personal computer and iTunes

Transferring data from IPhone to Xiaomi can still be done using iTunes and PC applications. The sequence of actions will be as follows:

  • Launch the utility and connect an iOS smartphone to it.
  • Wait until the system recognizes the device. Open a page that will display all information about data packages stored on a mobile device.
  • In the additional window, go to the information section, where to activate the contact synchronization mode.
  • In the dialog box that opens, select the Google Contacts parameter. The utility will ask for account information, after which all contact information is imported into the cloud service.
  • Log in to your Google account from your Android device.

Using iTunes to transfer data

At the end, it is imperative to activate synchronization, which will automatically transfer data to the gadget’s memory.

Note! Unfortunately, Bluetooth cannot be used to import information between these mobile devices.

How to flip data through third-party apps?

If for some reason you do not want to use Google services, install other programs. They will transfer data from Android to Android just as efficiently. There are dozens of apps. But most often three are used:

Transfer between devices

Do not be intimidated by the tricky title and do not skip the article section. The fact is that on old firmware this word was in the settings and was used when transferring data, including contacts, between Xiaomi.

Bluetooth turned on and the exchange process was completed in a matter of seconds. Subsequently, the developers removed this feature, which led to a frantic search for all possible applications from Google, working on a similar principle. Those who wrote reviews about all the methods of distilling data between phones hastened to “legitimize” the method, but Xiaomi has confused all the cards.

Numbers are transferred from phone to phone in more than one dozen (!) Ways. So why do we need to additionally install any applications? The latest versions of Xiaomi firmware have made the choice of data transfer methods as diverse as possible. Let’s consider some of them.

To select, you need to go along the already familiar path: “Settings”. “System applications”. “Contacts”. “Import and export”. “Send contacts”.

  • Free transfer. The name itself suggests the transfer “for free”. It is positioned on the Internet as a new feature from Xiaomi. Mi Drop. When the option is activated, Bluetooth is turned on by itself, and another smartphone from Xiaomi is searched for nearby. Wi-Fi is not used. As soon as there is source for the transfer, a connection will take place and your contacts will get to the right place. If you like the method, mark the selection with a tick in the “default” box. In the future, all your transfers will be carried out according to this algorithm.
  • Bluetooth. The method is as old as the world, but it works. For it, you need to independently turn on Bluetooth (unlike the previous one) and select from the found devices the one to which you want to send.
  • Post office. Sending will take place to your mail, followed by distillation to another phone The method is not very convenient, moreover, it will require the presence of the Internet in the smartphone.
  • Skype, WhatsApp, Viber. Mentioned because of their popularity with the younger generation. They do not differ in anything special, they do not give any advantages in comparison with the methods already described. Forwarding is achieved by creating a standard contacts file named 00001.vcf or something like.

This is where we can finish, as I tried to use the manufacturer’s capabilities, all sorts of MiShare and others, but instead of transferring, the phone froze. This is primarily due to the firmware, on the global there is no such specific binding with the homeland, so I recommend using more familiar export methods. Do not forget about import: it is proposed to “upload” contacts from Google or Mi accounts.

Mi Cloud: backup and synchronization with Mi account

A convenient way to transfer important files is to use the capabilities of the built-in account. When you first log into the phone, the system asks the newly-made owner to make a profile, come up with a username and password, and tie up the device in case of losing access to the account. Once connected, the smartphone user gets many additional functions, including the ability to create a backup.

In the future, the saved data can be quickly transferred to a new device without the need for switching between Xiaomi. All that is needed is to log in on the new device using the same username and password as on the old device. If the owner of the phone has previously made a backup, it will be enough to unzip the file.

First, log into your old phone from where you want to transfer data, and take the following steps:

  • go to Settings. Mi Account and enter the data for authorization (go through the registration);
  • enter the Xiaomi Cloud section and click on Desktop Reservation

The data is now in the cloud. All that remains is to connect to it on a new device and click on the Restore from backup link. In this case, the information is “poured” onto the Xiaomi smartphone in a hollow volume. Give an important point to the password, which should be as strong as possible.

Porting via CLONEit is easy enough

  • Download the utility through the Play Market.
  • Install on both devices.
  • Run the program on your old phone and click send. A wireless access point is created from this device.
  • We turn on the program on a new smartphone. Choose that he will be the recipient.
  • You are waiting for the phones to find each other, we give the command “Connect”.
  • Choosing what to transfer
  • We press “Start”. Synchronization has started, data is being transferred.
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How to Transfer Contacts from Honor or Huawei to Xiaomi?

Are the previous methods unsuitable for some reason? We offer several other methods that each user will perform. They allow you to copy data without wasting time and megabytes. At the moment, the following methods are available:

  • using a Google account;
  • using Bluetooth or Wai Fai;
  • using any storage device or cloud on the Internet.

Cloud technology help

The advantages of this method are obvious, but nevertheless it is rarely used. People are less likely to trust everything about the internet for fear of identity theft. First, you need to copy all contacts to your Mi or Google account, then upload them to the cloud, from where they can be easily downloaded to a new device. The cloud can be linked to multiple devices, allowing you to use your contacts on your tablet, smartphone or computer. If you transfer contacts from Xiaomi to iOS, then nothing will work if you use Mi Cloud. The platform must be compatible with a specific cloud. Other services are also suitable. Yandex Disk, DropBox and others, the above procedure is applicable to them.

QR code application

If you download a special application to your smartphone, you can generate a QR code. This method is not easy, so it is not used very often. After the device scans the encrypted code, it starts downloading contacts. You can complete the procedure using the QR Droid Code Scanner program available on Google Play. Not only on Xiaomi, import of contacts can be carried out in this way, any smartphone based on Android is at your service. To prepare a QR code containing contacts, go to the “Import and Export” item to access the “Send” function. Encryption into code is performed after clicking on “Send contact as”. Everything, it’s done, nothing complicated.

Moving from one device to another

For those wishing to move contacts from smartphone to smartphone in previous Xiaomi Redmi firmware, it was possible to do this by transferring data via Bluetooth. However, later, the Chinese removed this function, apparently considering that there was no longer a need for it. But you should not be upset about this, since an application downloaded from the Internet can also transfer contacts. For example, the Xperia Transfer Mobile program copes well with such a task. Despite the name, it can be used not only on Sony devices. The program works on any Android device, there is also support for iOS.

The advantage of the application is the fact that not only contacts are transferred to another device, but also various content. photos, music, videos, applications, and so on. Smartphone with smartphone are in direct contact thanks to Wi-Fi Direct connection.

Transfer contacts from SIM card to phone

This is the most common process for importing / exporting contacts. Indeed, for many, the numbers entered in the phone book are saved on the SIM card. In Xiaomi smartphones, copying contacts from a SIM card and vice versa is quite simple. You need to go to the phone settings, there will be an item “System applications”, in it find the “Contacts” section. Here click on “Import and Export”, after which you can select the required SIM card to import or export contacts.

Also, the smartphone software allows it to send contacts via Webmoney Keeper, Skype, e-mail, Bluetooth and SMS through the Import and Export menu. Transfer of contacts between Google and Mi accounts is possible.

How to transfer contacts to Xiaomi. Complete instruction.

Every time people change an old smartphone for a new one, they face some difficulties. And the main difficulty is the transfer of contacts. Owners of brand new phones from Xiaomi are no exception. Experienced users of Chinese devices probably know what to do, but for beginners it is not always clear how to transfer contacts to Xiaomi. Special functions available in Xiaomi devices can help to transfer contacts to another device. But we will consider all possible methods.

Using a CSV file to transfer contacts

It is very easy to transfer contacts using a CSV file. An application from Google Play will help to generate such a file. We can recommend the My Contacts Backup program. It can be installed on devices with Android and iOS, thanks to which the saved numbers can be easily transferred, for example, from iPhone to Xiaomi. The created file is sent to the mail, from where it is downloaded to a new device, where contacts are saved.

You cannot do without the procedure for transferring contacts if you do not want to re-enter all the data into a new device. As you can see, there is nothing complicated in the rules described today. Guided by them, you can significantly save yourself time.

Associated File and Date Transfer Tool of Xiaomi Phone

Here we will talk about the new date of the Xiaomi phone and the file transfer tool: Mi Drop, , an ad-free P2P file transfer tool that works without internet connection. It’s more powerful than Mi Mover, we think you’ll like it.

Comprehensive solutions for porting Samsung Galaxy s7 to Xiaomi

Possible problems in displaying contacts

It is definitely worth investigating the possible problems that an inexperienced Xiaomi owner may have. Often, after duplicating information in contacts, names or part of them in Russian disappear.

To prevent this from happening, in the “Settings” menu you need to go to the “Display” section. Here manufacturers allow you to choose different ways to sort your records. And also there are sections “SIM-card contacts” and “Only with a phone number”, which must be enabled so that the user displays all available phone numbers.

Xiaomi smartphones are gaining in popularity due to their performance and affordable price. The Redmi line is the most appreciated on the market, because they are easy to use.

Even with such a goal as transferring contacts from an old gadget, there are several ways to deal with it. The user only has to choose a convenient method for himself.

one click to transfer all data from Samsung to Xiaomi using MobileTrans

The headline seems compelling due to the fact that it is “One Click”. You might be wondering if this is possible with just one blow? Absolutely you can do this hectic procedure in a split second using an efficient toolkit. MobileTrans. it is a wonderful platform that effectively accomplishes this miracle, from software giant Wondershare. Before delving into the process, it’s time to learn about its features.

  • Compatible with 6000 devices for one-click data transfer
  • Provides lossless data transfer in fast mode
  • Highly adaptable to Android and iOS platform
  • Free download available for Mac and Windows versions
  • No prior skills required to understand the translation procedure
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Action 1: First step. go to MobileTrans official website to download this software. Just click to download and install the tool wisely with a wizard. Click the icon to launch the MobileTrans program.

Action 2: The main purpose of this article. data transfer from Samsung Galaxy S7 to Xiaomi phone. Obviously, you have to select the “Phone Transfer” option on the main screen of Wondershare’s MobileTrans.

Action 3: Now connect your Samsung Galaxy S7 and Xiaomi to your computer with a quality USB. MobileTrans window will display the connected devices graphically for better understanding.

It’s good. Here, the source device is the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the destination is. Xiaomi. Data must move from source to destination. In case the device was lost, use the “Flip” button to move the devices to the other side. It is highly recommended to check the source and destination devices before starting the transfer process.

Action: Check the desired data to transfer from Samsung to Xiaomi. Finally, press the “Start” button to start the transfer procedure.

The above screenshot shows the progress of the transfer process. You must wait a few minutes for successful completion. Make sure the connection exists until the end of the transfer to avoid data loss.

Wow! The process is simple as pie, without any complications. The above steps will guarantee a flawless understanding of data transfer from Samsung to Xiaomi using Wondershare’s huge MobileTrans software.

Main feature of Mi Drop

Supports all Android devices

Sharing files without using the Internet or mobile data

Send and receive files of all types

200 times faster than Bluetooth, the maximum speed reaches 50Mbps

One-touch file sharing, no complicated steps

Enable USB Debugging on Mobile Phone

If you have not enabled USB debugging mode, you can refer to this guide to enable USB debugging on your Samsung phone, which is completely identical to many other Android phones and settings. Xiaomi has changed this setting in its deeply customized Android system, MIUI. You can follow this tutorial to activate USB debugging on Xiaomi and Redmi phones. You can turn off this feature on phones after transferring data between your phones.

Copy data between Samsung and Xiaomi phone. demo video

Complete Guide to Transfer Data to Xiaomi Smartphone

If you are the owner of Xiaomi, try the following methods to transfer data.

Via Mi-account

For each Xiaomi user, the company allocates 5 GB of free cloud storage. To get access to the “cloud”, create your Mi account. To do this, go through the standard registration, which includes an email address and password. After authorization, you can provide the data for entering the cloud storage of your device to any Xiaomi user.

Mi Drop app

The program is designed to exchange files on Xiaomi mobile devices, other companies have similar transfer programs.

  • Disconnect the device where the files will be sent from the mobile Internet, activate the Wi-Fi hotspot on it.
  • Open the Mi Drop program on the receiving device, click the “Receive” button. Wi-Fi must be on.
  • In the sending phone, select the files you want and click “Send”. To transfer, select Mi Drop in the opened tab.
  • Click on the icon of the required gadget from the list of detected devices. Wait for the end of the transfer.

Transferring data between devices

Xiaomi smartphones with MIUI 7 and higher firmware have a special transfer function. “Transfer”. Data is transferred using Bluetooth.

  • Follow the path “Settings”. “Other” (or “Additional”). “Transfer”.
  • Select “I am the sender” or “I am the recipient” depending on the role of the smartphone in the transfer.
  • Determine the type of files to be copied. The following categories are available in the program: files located on the memory card, applications, contacts and system settings.
  • After selecting the destination smartphone, the transfer process will start automatically.

Transferring with Mi Mover

The app is only used to transfer data to Xiaomi.

The transfer can take place from any smartphone with the Android operating system.

  • In “Settings” open “Advanced settings”. “Mi Mover”.
  • Select “I am a recipient”. a QR code will appear on the screen.
  • Scan the QR code with the sending smartphone.
  • Select the section to transfer and send it to the addressee.

How to Transfer Contacts from Android to Android

Mi Mover allows you to exchange only sections of information (photos, audio, video files, applications, etc.), individual files cannot be transferred.

Data transfer via backup

Backup is easiest to do through the MIUI operating system. This method allows you to make a local backup, as well as back up using Mi Cloud.

  • Go to “Settings”, from there to “Advanced” or “Advanced settings”.
  • Select “Restore and reset”, click “Local backup” (here you can also select Scheduled Backup and Google Backup).
  • Create a Backup highlighting the content you want. Expect to save.

To transfer, you need to log into one Mi-account on both devices.

To synchronize data on devices:

  • Log in to the Mi-account on the second smartphone.
  • In “Settings” click “Restore using backup”.
  • Specify a restore point and transfer the saved data.

IPhone Transfer Methods

IPhone and Xiaomi do not have common applications, so use the Gmail application to transfer files.

  • In your iPhone email settings, turn off iCloud sync. Uncheck the box that offers to delete the list of subscribers.
  • Gmail is assigned by default to your iPhone account.
  • Sync your data with Gmail. After that, it will be possible to copy contacts, photos and videos to the specified email address. To do this, go with Xiaomi to the same Google account and copy the necessary files.