How to Transfer Internet from iPhone to Computer

How to Directly Transfer Photos and Videos from iPhone to Windows Computer

Transferring images directly from your smartphone to your Windows computer is easy. Follow these instructions:

  • Connect your iPhone to your Windows PC, preferably using the cable that came with your phone. As soon as the PC detects your phone, AutoPlay will start, which will offer several options for interacting with the device.
  • Select Import Pictures and Videos. The system will guide you further and you will be prompted to select which images or videos you want to save on your computer. After you make your choice, the files will be transferred to your computer. You can also select “Erase after import” by checking the box next to the specified option.
  • After finishing the file transfer, you can disconnect the phone from the computer.

This method is very convenient and simple. So you get the opportunity to transfer photos to a PC in just a few clicks, without the need to install additional software.

Transfer Photos from iPhone to Computer with USB Cable

As an iPhone user, you may have been prompted to move photos between your device and your computer when you connect your iPhone to PC with a USB cable.

Just drag the photos from the mobile phone folder to the local folder on the computer you want, and then you can check the photos on the computer.

Can I Transfer Photos from iPhone to Computer without iTunes?

Fortunately, yes, there is such an opportunity. And if we cannot throw off other files, then photos and videos are easy, literally in a few clicks:

  • We connect the same Lighting cable;
  • We are waiting for 5-15 seconds until the smartphone is detected by the computer. It may take longer and the operating system will automatically load the drivers for the device;
  • Next, you should look at the screen of your smartphone, a window should appear asking whether you trust this PC. tap on the “Trust” button;
  • An autostart window will pop up on the PC display, where you must select the item marked in the screenshot;
  • If this does not appear, just go to “This computer” and open the device manually, it will have the name you specified, so you will not be confused.
  • In the window that opens, go to “Internal Storage”;
  • Then you should open the “DCIM” folder. It may contain other folders, but they already contain the photos themselves;
  • Select the necessary photos, click on one of them with the right mouse button and select “Copy” in the context menu;
  • Go to the folder where you want to drop them, right-click in an empty space and select “Paste” or use the “CTRL” “V” keys;
  • Done! Wait for the download to complete and the photos will remain on your PC.

This method is ideal if you do not want to install iTunes and rarely use a PC.

Uploading photos via mail and other methods

If e-mail is configured on your iPhone, then you can transfer a photo to your computer in just a few elementary steps:

Go to the “Photos” application and find the desired picture.

Click on the arrow icon located in the lower left corner.

In the menu that appears, click on the “Mail” icon. The photo will be attached to the email.

On the next screen, enter the email address to which you will send the email. You can use a mailbox that belongs to you, but is registered on another service. now it is in the order of things when one person has several mailboxes.

Click “Submit”.

A message will appear to remind you that you are sending a letter without a subject. confirm your intention by clicking “Send” again.

Go to the mailbox where you sent the photo from your computer and download the image.

In addition to e-mail, in a similar way, any of the social networks (,) can be used as an intermediary between the iPhone and the PC: you just need to send an image from your smartphone by a message, then open the message history on your computer and upload the picture to your hard drive. However, this method is suitable only if you need to download a small number of images. a maximum of 10 photos can be placed in one message.

We throw the photo through the conductor

  • We find inside the DCIM folder, which contains folders with photos.
  • Then just copy the photos you want to your computer.

How to use internet in Computer/laptop/PC by Iphone with the help of Cable (lightning USB Cable).

Importing photos using Windows

  • Then just follow the instructions. All images will be in “This Computer Images”.

How to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac using iPhoto

The awesome iPhoto app was specially created by Apple to make storing and organizing your photos as easy as possible. Here’s how to do it:

  • Use a cable to connect your iPhone to your Mac and launch iPhoto if it doesn’t launch automatically. Then you will see the import window, which will display all the photos and videos from your smartphone.
  • Click Import to copy all the photos found on your phone. If you do not want to copy all your photos, then before importing, select the images you want to copy and click “Import Selected”.
  • After importing the photos, you will be prompted to delete the original photos on the iPhone. Choose “Delete Photos”, or “Save Photos”.

How to use Bluetooth to connect your computer to the Internet?

You can also connect an iPhone to a laptop to distribute the Internet via Bluetooth. This is done as follows:

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Go to the “Bluetooth” section in the “Settings” iPhone.

Switch the toggle switch “Bluetooth” to the active position.

iPhone starts searching for devices to pair with.

Activate Bluetooth on your PC. If the laptop is equipped with the appropriate module, the wireless adapter icon will be in the system tray (at the bottom right of the screen).

Click on the Bluetooth icon with the right mouse button and select “Open Options”.

In the “Bluetooth Settings” section, check the box next to “Allow Bluetooth devices to find this computer”.

Once again click on the Bluetooth icon in the system tray and in the menu that appears, select the option “Add device”.

This will start the search procedure on the computer.

After the PC finds the iPhone and the pairing is established, you can access the Internet through a browser on your computer.

How to connect a computer to the Internet via an iPhone?

Everyone knows that you can organize the distribution of Wi-Fi from the iPhone. But this way of “sharing” the Internet is not the only one; there are even more effective ones. In the article, we will describe in detail each of the possible methods.

IPhones of the latest modifications can fully replace laptops and stationary PCs. However, some operations are simply inconvenient to perform on mobile gadgets. For example, when reading blog articles from a large laptop screen, the user strains his eyes to a much lesser extent than when trying to make out letters on a small gadget display.

Fortunately, Apple developers have endowed iPhones with the ability to distribute mobile internet. After organizing the distribution, the user can connect the PC to the Internet and continue to carry out their tasks on a device with a more comfortable keyboard and a larger screen. There are several ways to connect a computer to the Internet via an iPhone: the user can choose which one is most convenient for him.

How to provide a PC with Internet via a USB cable?

You can distribute the Internet from iPhone to computer via USB as follows:

Toggle the Hotspot slider in iPhone Settings to the active position. You will see a window like this:

Connect the gadget to the PC with a USB cable. A blue bar will appear at the top of the iPhone screen. a sure sign that the 2 devices are paired.

On a PC, go to the “Network and Sharing Center”, then go to the section “Change adapter settings”.

You will see that in the list of network connections there is a new local area connection named as a mobile device.

Try going online. You will find that when connected via USB, data downloads are even faster than via Wi-Fi.

Connecting a PC to a gadget via USB has another advantage: iPhone battery power is consumed to a much lesser extent.

How to connect a computer to the Internet via iPhone: a common way

Most often, users connect their PCs to iPhones via Wi-Fi. We will not describe this method in detail. there is an article on our site dedicated to him alone. Let’s tell only in a nutshell: the iPhone owner needs to find the “Modem Mode” section in the “Settings” section and activate the toggle switch of the same name.

Then the user should change to the PC and click on the network icon, which is located in the taskbar.

Next, you need to find your device in the list of wireless network connections and connect to it.

transfer, internet, iphone, computer

Despite the fact that iPhone users are more accustomed to distributing the Internet to their computer via Wi-Fi, a wired connection looks even preferable. It uses up battery power more slowly and provides faster connection speeds.

The method of connecting via Bluetooth among users is unpopular for a number of reasons: firstly, not all PCs have a Bluetooth module, and secondly, in order for pairing to become possible, the user will have to find and install the necessary drivers. Few people want to spend time on this, especially if Honor has no advantages of a Bluetooth connection over, say, a Wi-Fi connection.

How to distribute the Internet via Wi-Fi

The easiest and most correct way to distribute Internet from iPhone to computer is to create a Wi-Fi access point, that is, distribution of the Internet over a wireless Wi-Fi network. The rest of the methods should be used only when the distribution of the Internet via Wi-Fi is not available, for example, if the computer is not equipped with a Wi-Fi adapter.

In order to distribute the Internet from iPhone to computer via Wi-Fi, you need to follow just a few simple steps. First, you need to make sure that the device is connected to the mobile Internet. To do this, open the settings and go to the “Cellular” section.

After that, check the options “Cellular data” and “Enable 3G”, both of these functions must be enabled to distribute the Internet. And if you are abroad and use roaming, then you also need to enable the option “Data roaming”.

Then you need to return to the main settings screen and go to the “Modem mode” section.

In some cases, the “Hotspot” section may not be present in the iPhone settings. This means that the device does not have the necessary settings for distributing the Internet. To fix this, go to the “Cellular. Data Settings. Cellular Data Network” section. Here you will find the “Modem Mode” settings, which include three APN parameters, username and password. Fill in these data (you can ask your cellular operator) and restart your smartphone. After rebooting, the “Modem Mode” section should appear.

In the “Modem mode” section, you must set a password that will be used to connect to the created Wi-Fi access point. Password must be at least 8 characters long.

Also here you need to enable directly the “Modem Mode” itself. To do this, move the corresponding switch to the “Enabled” position.

This completes the iPhone setup, and it is ready to distribute the Internet to computers via a Wi-Fi network. All that remains is to connect your computer to the iPhone’s Wi-Fi network. This is done in the same way as when connecting to other Wi-Fi networks. For example, in the case of Windows 10, you need to click on the network connection icon in the lower right corner of the screen and turn on “Wi-Fi” by clicking on the corresponding button.

transfer, internet, iphone, computer

Next, you need to select the wireless network that was created by the iPhone and click on the “Connect” button. If necessary, you can activate the “Connect automatically” function, in which case the computer will automatically connect to this network when it is detected.

The last step is to enter the password. Here you need to enter the password that you specified in the iPhone settings in the “Modem Mode” section, and click on the “Next” button.

If everything was done correctly, then you will connect to the iPhone via Wi-Fi and the computer will have access to the Internet. In this case, next to the connection, the inscription “Connected, protected” should appear, and the icon of network connections on the taskbar should change.

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If your computer is not running Windows 10, but some other operating system, then the process of connecting to a Wi-Fi network may be slightly different. But, in general, the principle is the same everywhere, choose a network, enter the password and the computer connects.

How to distribute the Internet via a USB cable

You can also share the Internet from iPhone to computer via USB cable. This option will be useful if the computer is not equipped with a Wi-Fi adapter.

In order to successfully distribute the Internet via a USB cable, the latest version of iTunes must be installed on the computer. Therefore, before starting the setup, go to the official iTunes website, download the installer and install it on your computer.

After that, open the iPhone settings, go to the “Modem Mode” section and activate this mode.

If a message appears on the screen prompting you to turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, then reject it by clicking on the “USB only” button.

After that, connect your iPhone to your computer. A blue bar should appear at the top of the screen with a message about the number of connections.

If a window appears with the request “Trust this computer”, then click on the button “Trust”.

After that, a new connection should appear in the computer’s network connections, which will serve the distribution of the Internet from the iPhone to the computer. In the Windows operating system, you can check the list of network connections by pressing the Windows-R key combination and running the command “ncpa.cpl”.

If the connection is present and working, then you can check the work of the Internet.

How to share Internet from iPhone to computer

The iPhone, like any other smartphone, can replace many other devices. For example, it can be successfully used as a replacement for a compact camera, GPS navigator, music player, PDA or modem. In this tutorial, we’ll cover the latter. Here you will learn how to distribute the Internet from iPhone to computer via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless networks, as well as via USB cable.

How to share the Internet via Bluetooth

If the previous two methods do not suit you, then there is another option. You can share internet from iPhone to computer via Bluetooth. In this case, in order to successfully set up a connection, you need to turn on the tethering mode on the iPhone, turn on Bluetooth on the iPhone and on the computer, create a pair between these devices and select the Bluetooth device as an Internet access point.

As in the previous cases, you need to start by enabling tethering in the iPhone settings. If a message appears prompting you to enable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, then select the “Enable” option.

Next, we move on to setting up the computer. If you have Windows 10, then you need to open the “Options” menu (keyboard shortcut Windows-i) and go to the “Devices. Bluetooth” section. Here you need to turn on Bluetooth and start pairing with your iPhone (“Pair” button).

After that, you need to confirm the pairing on the iPhone and on the computer.

As a result, a Bluetooth connection should be established between the computer and your smartphone. Now you need to go to the list of all Bluetooth devices. To do this, right-click on the Bluetooth icon on the taskbar and select the option “Show Bluetooth devices”

Then just select the iPhone, click on the “Connect via” button and select “Access Point”.

As a result, your iPhone should start distributing the Internet to your computer via a Bluetooth connection.

If the modem mode is not available

But it can also happen that the “Modem mode” item in the settings is inactive (highlighted in gray) or even missing. In this case, select the “Cellular” item in the settings and enable data transmission (“Cellular data”).

It is also helpful to go to the Data Parameters section. “Cellular Data Network” and scroll down the page to make sure that the APN, Username and Password fields are filled in and correspond to the cellular operator you are currently using.

Usually, ISPs automatically configure the Internet connection. But failures and non-standard situations are possible. If the listed fields are not filled in or filled in incorrectly, you need to get the actual parameters from the operator.

The look and feel of iOS settings hasn’t changed much over the years. Knowing how to distribute the Internet via Wi-Fi or USB from iPhone 5s, you can easily figure out how to connect the most modern mobile gadgets from Apple.

How to distribute the Internet from iPhone: to PC and laptop, via USB

The iPhone had the ability to transfer data back in 2008. This is a very useful function, since you can distribute the Internet from an iPhone or Apple tablet with a SIM card to computers, laptops, and even to other phones.

transfer, internet, iphone, computer
  • Enable data transfer to iPhone.
  • Connect devices to the created network in a suitable way.

Watch also a video where you will learn how to distribute the Internet from an iPhone or iPad:


We have found a video instruction for you on how to connect the Internet via USB:

If you do not know how to distribute the Internet from iPhone to PC that does not have wireless modules, use USB. Let’s take a closer look at how to share the Internet from an iPhone via USB.

Plug in the wire and give the computer time to detect the USB device. The easiest way to do this is with Mac OS, for obvious reasons. For Windows 7 and 10, we recommend installing iTunes. In this case, there are no problems with iPhone detection.

A new element appears in the network connections section, which is activated in the standard way. If the hardware does not appear in the list, try restarting your computer.

We connect devices

By bluetooth

Data transmission via Bluetooth loses to other options in terms of speed. But broadcasting the Internet in this way is almost as easy as distributing Wi-Fi to a computer from an iPhone.

To make a connection, you must:

  • Enable iPhone data transfer mode.
  • Activate Bluetooth on both devices.
  • Create a pair.
  • Assign a Bluetooth device as an access point.

Share Internet to PC from iPhone | USB and Wireless methods

To create a pair on a PC or laptop running Windows, you need to go to the “Control Panel”. “Devices”. “Bluetooth”. In the list, you need to select “iPhone” and click on the “Connect” button that appears next to it.

On iPhone, you need to allow pairing, and on Windows, confirm that the code matches.

Now the connection is established, but the Internet is not working yet. You will need to select “iPhone” again in the list of devices and click “Connect via” “Access point”.

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Let’s figure out how to distribute Wi-Fi from iPhone to devices running different operating systems. First, turn on Wi-Fi on your PC or laptop.

In Windows 7 and 10, this can be done through the icon located on the taskbar. On laptops, turning wireless devices on and off is also possible using a dedicated switch or function keys. Which one depends on the model, so see the instructions for your laptop. You can also control Wi-Fi from the Control Panel.

The situation is similar in Mac OS. You can connect Wi-Fi through the icon on the top panel, or in the system settings, in the “Network” section.

It’s easy to figure out how to distribute the Internet from iPhone to iPad, because they both work under iOS. After turning on data transfer on the phone, you just need to turn on Wi-Fi in the tablet settings.

Similar steps are required for Android tablets or phones.

After activating the modem mode, a network is created, which is visible in the list of Wi-Fi connections. The network name contains the word “iPhone”. Just select this network and after asking for a password, enter it.

There is no need to change the parameters of the created connection, everything should work fine with the default settings. If everything worked out, the following message will appear on the top line on the smartphone: “Connected devices 1”.

Putting the iPhone in tethering mode

Let’s try the iPhone 5s as an example. First of all, you need to enable data transfer. This can be done in the settings. There you will see the item “Modem Mode”. You need to go into it and activate.

The first time you connect, a password will be automatically generated. It is required to be entered on all devices that will connect to the iPhone via Wi-Fi. If desired, the password can be changed. There is no risk of forgetting it, since it is not hidden by the system.

The password should not be too simple so that lovers of free Internet surfing cannot use your network.

Agree to the offer to turn on Wi-Fi if you plan to distribute the Internet in this way. The listed actions may be enough for everything to work and the question of how to distribute the Internet from an iPhone to a laptop or PC is solved.

How to transfer the Internet from a phone to a computer in modern conditions

Nowadays, many people think that life does not exist without the Internet. Therefore, in modern conditions, Wi-Fi routers are installed in public places, which provide visitors to this place with free distribution. But what if you have urgent work to do and there is no free internet nearby? How to solve this problem? Many computer users have telephones in which provider packages are installed that provide not only voice communication, but also the Internet. But how to transfer the Internet from a phone to a computer?

Internet transmission over cable

The first thing to do. is to connect your phone to your computer using a cable. It is worth noting that some phones use the same connector for data transfer and battery charging. Therefore, it is important to have a USB cable for connecting your phone to a computer, which is not always included in the package. In the future, it is necessary for the PC to identify your phone. Depending on the operating system installed on your computer and the type of phone, this operation may differ on different systems.

But the essence of this action is the same. the computer needs to provide drivers for this phone model, thanks to which it will be able to transfer data from the phone to the computer and vice versa. Some systems provide for the automatic detection of drivers in the operating system, and some cables have a CD with the corresponding software. But most often you have to look for drivers on the Internet.

After the phone has been identified, it is necessary to perform the operations shown in the photo on it.

You need to go to the phone settings and select the “Other networks” tab. In it, select “USB modem”. And after that, the Internet on the computer appears almost immediately.

Ways to transfer Internet from phone to computer

There are actually only three Internet transmission options. At the same time, their number can be reduced depending on the technical equipment of the computer and the accessories available, allowing such a transfer. So, how to transfer the Internet from a phone to a computer?

Method one. using the cable between your phone and computer. In this case, there is no need for additional devices or special requirements for the computer, except for the presence of a connection cable.

Method two. distribution of the Internet from the phone using Wi-Fi. But there are some peculiarities. The phone must have a Wi-Fi distribution option, a computer. have a built-in Wi-Fi adapter, or such an adapter must exist as a separate device.

Third way. it is using a BlueTooth connection. The restrictions imposed on this method are the same as in the previous case. The choice of how to transfer the Internet from the phone to the computer will largely depend on your preferences, as well as the technical features of the computer and the phone. In the future, let’s look at each of these methods separately.

How to transfer the Internet from a phone to a computer via Wi-Fi

This method of distributing the Internet is the most popular and is most often used by computer users. The advantage of this method is the absence of cable connections, and there is no need to search for drivers. In addition, most modern smartphones can distribute the Internet from the phone, while the phone acts as an access point. Any modern laptop has a Wi-Fi adapter. Therefore, first the access point is turned on on the phone, and if a secure connection is planned, a password is set on it.

After that, Wi-Fi is turned on on the computer, the Wi-Fi network of the phone is determined. The computer asks for a password, after entering it, the Internet is already on your computer.

Sharing the Internet using a BlueTooth connection

Using a BlueTooth connection is not so popular among computer owners. This is due to the small range of a reliable BlueTooth connection, on the one hand, and on the other. this type of connection is less commonly used than Wi-Fi. With this type of connection, the phone acts as a wireless BlueTooth modem, its setting is very similar to setting up a modem connected via a USB cable. Only in this case BlueTooth modem is selected in the phone settings.