How to turn off dark theme on iPhone

Why WhatsApp Dark Theme is so good

The developers announced the readiness of the dark theme for WhatsApp in 2019. In March 2020, it became available in version 2.20.30. The theme looks unusual and stylish, and also has a number of advantages:

  • Comfort. Bright light colors on the screen are perceived negatively by many users. Prolonged use of the app with a light background tires the eyes and can provoke irritability. The dark theme significantly reduces eye strain, which makes the application more comfortable.
  • Confidentiality. If you turn on the dark theme in WhatsApp, there is a very small chance that people nearby will read the correspondence. A bright screen involuntarily attracts the attention of strangers, while a dark theme, on the contrary, protects from strangers.
  • Battery saving. A dark display uses less power than a bright white display. Installing a dark theme in WhatsApp can significantly reduce battery consumption. This is especially true for users who spend a lot of time in the messenger.

Thus, the dark theme in WhatsApp surpasses the standard light one in many ways. The listed advantages allow you to make a choice in favor of the “dark” theme in the application.

Through a dedicated app

Another method to change the background to dark is to download black WhatsApp. We are talking about applications for IOS or Android, which are presented in a wide variety. The user can choose the option that suits him. As soon as the application is installed on the phone, many additional images, including dark ones, appear in WhatsApp, available for setting as a background.

After downloading and installing the application, you must perform the actions from the same algorithm as in the first two cases. In the upper right corner, tap on three dots, press the “Settings” section, then “Chats” or “Wallpapers” and select the background you like. You can change the wallpaper in the messenger an unlimited number of times and at any time. WhatsApp does not put any restrictions on this.

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In settings

The easiest way to install dark on WhatsApp is to change the background of the interface in the application. To do this, you need to do the following:

  • Exit all chats and open the main page of the messenger.
  • Then open the Settings menu (three dots at the top right).
  • In the submenu, select the “Chats” section (backups, stories, wallpapers).
  • By clicking on “Wallpaper”, a window will open where you need to select the option “Solid color”.
  • Here it is proposed to set the background of one of the available colors: white, black, dark, green, purple, lilac, etc. From the dark colors you should choose the one that will be the most comfortable for the eyes.

In the “Gallery” section, you can set your own photo or picture instead of the background, which will be displayed when using the application.

In the correspondence itself

Making WhatsApp black in correspondence is also easy. This option allows you to decorate or highlight an individual chat, which is useful for identifying the conversation. The dedicated chat will immediately catch your eye against the background of the others, and you can easily find it at the right time. This is convenient when the user communicates mainly in one or two dialogues or chats.

To change the background in a separate chat, you must select it, then click on the ellipsis at the top of the screen, select the “Wallpaper” section. The user will be offered sections: Gallery, Solid color, Library, Standard, No wallpaper. Next, you need to follow the same algorithm as described in the paragraph above.

How to make a dark theme in Whatsapp

It is not difficult to make a dark theme in WhatsApp. This option is available on both Android and iPhone. Let’s consider several ways to change the light background in the messenger to a dark one.

How to enable black theme in WhatsApp on your phone

Fans of a dark, not light background, were pleasantly delighted when a dark theme appeared in WhatsApp too. But at the same time, many still do not know how to put a dark theme in Whatsapp and what are its advantages. Let’s consider this issue in detail and present an algorithm on how to put a “dark” theme on iPhone and Android.

Black Theme on Computer in WhatsApp

For a variety of reasons, many people prefer to use the WhatsApp messenger not on a phone, but on a personal computer.

For PC, the dark theme is also available, but not for each chat separately, but only for the general background.

Installing the dark theme in WhatsApp on your computer is as easy as it is on your smartphone. You need to open “Settings” and click the ellipsis at the top of the screen. The user will open a menu where he can select the Settings subsection and find the Chat Wallpaper option in it. After that, you can choose your favorite wallpaper option from the proposed ones. There will be, including, dark colors.

Millions of users use Whatsapp messenger every day, so the developers are constantly striving to supplement and expand the functionality of the application. The dark theme has become one of the last nice additions that Watsap fans all over the world have been waiting for for several years. This is a handy option and has several advantages over the standard white theme. It is not difficult to install it, which becomes clear after reading the above recommendations.

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How to turn on the dark theme on iPhone?

Modern versions of the iOS operating system have a built-in function for changing the visual design. However, the question of how to turn on the dark theme on the iPhone if it is a 5, 6 or 7 generation device with iOS 10/11 remains open.

How to enable dark theme

To activate the mode on new iPhones, it is enough to carry out a simple setup procedure. Therefore, the question of how to enable the dark theme on ios 13 in automatic mode is not difficult.

  • Open settings.
  • Click on the button: screen and brightness, then the standard menu will open.
  • In the page that has come off, find the item registration.
  • Here are two options for the iPhone screen. light and dark.
  • Select the required modification.
  • Move the auto mode slider to on.

Important! In this mode, the dark tone of the iPhone will only be activated if it is turned on after sunset.

For a more complete customization, the instruction continues:

  • After enabling the option, press the option key.
  • In the open window, the user is offered two options, you need to select according to the schedule.
  • Next, set the activation time for each mode separately.

To set the dark tone of the iPhone in constant mode, you must uncheck the automatic switch.

For iPhones with an update to iOS 11 inclusive, the mode is not available. Here it is possible to darken the interface via Smart-inversion:

  • go to settings;
  • choose the main ones;
  • scroll to the accessibility tab;
  • then click on display adaptation;
  • choose inversion;
  • the final stage to activate the Smart Inversion extension.

Important! In dark mode, all icons will remain the same, the keyboard, menus and data entry fields will change. Fonts will be displayed in white.

Which devices got ios 13

The updated version of the operating system iOS 13 was presented to iPhone users relatively recently. The question of smartphone support remained open until the premiere, and the company expanded support for all devices relevant for 2019 to please consumers:

Due to compatibility, all iPhones presented can be updated to the latest firmware version. The operating system, according to the manufacturer’s assurances, increases the efficiency of memory crystals, processor and has a modified interface. It also stands out for the increased speed of the applications, due to the decrease in their volume.

Black keyboard

On older versions of Apple’s OS, the factory does not provide for changing the colors of the standard keyboard. This procedure is recommended to be performed using third-party applications downloaded from the App Store.

After installing the program, switching and controlling the keyboard modes is carried out by holding down the language change key. Next, the iPhone user opens a menu where the owner of the gadget can independently calibrate the colors or appearance of the keyboard.

Important! Support for the extension in message windows, contacts or other programs, installed by the add-on itself.

It is possible to fully install the dark color of the desktop and the iPhone interface only with 13 modifications of the operating system. For devices that do not support the latest OS, you will have to use third-party programs.

How to turn off Instagram dark theme on your phone

Before turning off the dark theme on Instagram, consider the relationship between the design of the smartphone and the official client. If you have previously set the appropriate background in the gadget’s configuration, the social network interface will also turn black. To return the white screen in Insta, you will have to deactivate the “night” mode on the phone.

Until there was a separate button for color control inside the social network account. neither on Android, nor on iPhone.

On Android

Algorithm of transformations for the audience that has installed the new 10 version of the OS on smartphones:

  • start the settings by clicking the gear icon in the device menu;
  • select the “Screen” button;
  • turn off the switch “Dark mode”.

Now alerts, status bar, utilities and system settings will be colored back to white. Subscribers who use the Dark Theme for Instagram application are obliged to make sure that there are no conflicts with the official client. Remove the software to get rid of the annoying black design.

How to turn off Instagram dark theme on your phone

How to remove the dark theme on Instagram, users who are not pleased with the innovation of the developers intend to know. The latter decided to pick up the trend of “muffling” the interface tone, emerging in the world of social networks.

Why did they decide to put the black mode for users:

  • reduction of eye strain when considering dark design, although the participants of the messenger do not share the idea;
  • saving battery charge;
  • “Night vision” on Instagram is a sign of grace and grace.

In this article, we will analyze how to turn off the “left” background for owners of gadgets based on Android 10, iOS 13 and earlier versions. We will give examples of user practice when darkening is implemented by third-party means and a way out.

Unlike followers of. bloggers of photo hosting did not have to write comments to activate the dark theme. But if, nevertheless, the registration of an account in black is not suitable, here are the algorithms for turning off the cover.

On iPhone

IOS devices support the discussed cover after updating to version 13. Therefore, in search of how to disable the dark theme, Instagram does not have to wander through the settings. J The configuration that erases the “night look” from the photo hosting is provided by the developers of the portable OS:

  • open settings;
  • touch the inscription “Screen and brightness”;
  • select the checkbox “Light”.
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The next time you start restoring the default settings, in the appearing “Appearance” frame, similarly mark the light background checkbox.

Starting from version 7 of OS for iPhone, you can invert colors. Make sure not to enable the feature:

  • go to the configuration;
  • select the line “Basic”;
  • tap “Universal Access”;
  • press “Display adaptation”;
  • there are two options to choose from:
  • deactivate the “Color Inversion” toggle switch if you intend to remove both versions of the option. classic and Smart;
  • click on the team name and turn off one of the design options.

How to make dark tik tok on your phone?

Before describing in detail the features of the setup, it is worth finding out for what purpose such an operation is being performed. While viewing content, having a bright white background can be uncomfortable for the eyes.

Switching to a dark theme opens up the opportunity to explore content more comfortably. Eyes get tired much less. You can study the information for a long time and watch clips and not experience problems with eye strain. Instructions on how to switch depends on what OS the device is running on.

On Android

The user, when deciding how to make a black tick tock, must perform the following manipulations:

  • You need to make sure your device is using a software variant. You can check it in the device settings.
  • Go to smartphone settings.
  • Select the Display tab.
  • The Advanced button is pressed.
  • Selectable Dark.

The phone programs will automatically change color. It will become darker and more comfortable on the eyes. If it is not possible to download and install new software on your phone, you will have to download a special Instagram MOD / InstaXtreme mod. It is equipped with advanced functionality. Among the options are darkening, no ads, clickable links. A feature of the mod is the need for ROOT rights.

How to enable dark theme in tik tok?

If the user cannot perform an operation using the standard method, the dark theme can be activated via IGDarkMode. The sequence of actions in a similar situation looks like this:

  • Find and open a window on the iPhone
  • Next, click the magnifying glass icon in the tick tock. This is the search function, which is in the bottom right corner.
  • Enter igdarkmode on the line. The tweak will automatically appear in the results box. You must click on it.
  • On the information page, Edit is selected and activated. The button is located at the top right.
  • Next, Install is activated. This must be done after the corresponding request appears on the display.
  • The performed operation must be confirmed. For this, the corresponding button is pressed. After that, a tweak appears on the used gadget.
  • The scheme of action does not end there. To complete the shutdown, it is worth enabling reboot.

After carrying out this operation, the tiktok user can, if necessary, activate the corresponding options in the phone settings. You should go to this section and click on IGDarkMode.

The function is activated using the built-in regulator and switch. You can also shoot the set dark theme. The user can easily choose for himself a good video viewing mode on the social network.

On iPhone

IOS 11 has a Smart Invert option. It works like a false dark mode. To achieve the result, the user should perform the following manipulations:

  • The extreme version is installed on the phone;
  • A section with Smartphone Settings opens;
  • Select the Display option;
  • Select Dark at the brightness level.

This feature gives the phone a dark screen. In the new software, such an option is considered an official effective tool for making a dark theme on a social network portal.

How to Turn Off Dark Mode on iPhone UPDATED

If it is impossible to use the new version of the software, if an older model is installed, you can pay attention to Classic Invert. With its help, it is allowed to change the black color in the multimedia. But this effect does not affect the application in the best way.

How to make black tik tok on your phone?

How to make a dark theme in Tik Tok is a question that is increasingly common on the net. All social networks have switched to the dark theme, this resource is no exception. The article provides information on how to switch. What benefits can be obtained from using the option. If you follow the instructions and recommendations, you can get a product that is comfortable to use.

Summing up

If you want to add a black theme in the popular tik tok on the portal, you must clearly follow the instructions provided. To do this, you need to ensure that the new Android gadget is in line with the requirements and trends. If you have an outdated phone in your hands, you will have to use third-party applications, ROOT rights and jailbreak.

How To Turn Off Dark Mode on iPhone in iOS 13

Adding a mode change button to a control center

If you don’t want to use the dark theme all the time, but you don’t think it preferable to install it on a schedule either, you can provide a more convenient and faster way to switch color schemes, eliminating the need for constant access to settings. To do this, just add a theme switcher to the control point (CP). This is done as follows:

    Launch “Settings”, scroll down a little and go to the “Control Center” section.

For convenience, move the switch opposite the “Access in applications” item to the active position, if this was not done earlier (not a mandatory action), and then tap on the line “Customize controls”.

Scroll through the list of available actions to the very bottom, find there “Dark Mode” and touch the green button located to the left of this name, made in the form of a plus.

Now go back to the top of the list with controls. the button for activating the dark theme will be added to the number available in the PU. In the same block, you can determine its location relative to other elements. just move it to any convenient place by holding and pulling the three horizontal stripes located to the right of the item name.

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After completing the necessary manipulations, tap on the “Back” inscription located in the upper left corner of the screen, then check how the button for switching the design mode works and whether it is in the right place. To do this, simply swipe up from the bottom of the screen. If necessary, change the location of the switch by following the steps described in the previous paragraph.

Now you are in control of changing the theme on your iPhone. just call up the PU and activate the desired mode, light or dark, whenever you want.

Install dark theme on iPhone

In addition to fixing bugs and improving user experience, each iOS update introduces new features and capabilities, and also partially changes the interface. The latter in the 13th version of the “apple” operating system can be transformed through the long-awaited innovation. the dark theme. Here’s how to activate it on iPhone.

Optional: Dark theme in third-party applications

As mentioned above, the dark mode applies to the entire operating system and standard applications. With third parties, things are much more complicated. there are three possible options:

  • Dark theme support is implemented at the software level and is activated in the application when switching to this mode on the iPhone. You cannot manage the design option on your own. the color scheme will always correspond to that in iOS.
  • The function is supported by software, but using a separate switch or item in the settings. In this case, you can change the theme from light to dark and vice versa, regardless of which one is installed in the operating system.
  • There is no dark theme support. It cannot be activated in the application settings, and changing the design mode of the operating system does not affect anything. Here it remains only to wait and hope that sooner or later the developer will implement the possibility of changing the mode by one of the two options indicated above.

It is logical that in practice we can only demonstrate how to activate dark mode in third-party applications, where a separate switch is provided for this. In all the rest, the theme will either change automatically, simultaneously with the activation of that in iOS, or this will not happen at all.

  • Run the application in which you want to activate night mode (in our example, this will be YouTube).
  • Open its “Settings”. Usually this section is presented either as a separate menu item, or as a tab, or available by clicking on the profile picture. In our case, the last option is relevant.

Check out the list of available options and find there the item responsible for activating the dark mode of design.

It can be called either that way, or “Dark theme”, or “Night mode”, or something else, but it is clear in meaning.

In addition to the YouTube discussed above, the ability to independently activate the dark mode is available in the Viber, Telegram, applications Gboard and a number of others. In some of them, several “darkened” design options are available to choose from.

Dark Mode on iPhone

The ability to activate the dark theme becomes available immediately after the update to iOS 13, that is, as soon as you install it and the iPhone boots into the system, you will be prompted to choose one of two interface design options or make one change automatically to the other. If you missed this window during the “first” launch of the updated device, use the recommendations below.

Dark mode only

If you want the iOS interface to always be presented in a dark style, you will need to follow even simpler steps.

    In iPhone Settings, go to Display & Brightness.

In the upper block, where the options for the color design of the interface are presented, select “Dark” by placing a marker in the checkbox under the item of the same name.

The new wallpapers that appeared in iOS along with the dark theme are presented in two versions at once, more precisely, they simply “adjust” to the design of the interface, becoming light or dark, depending on the mode set.

Automatic change

The dark theme is intended not only and not just to change the “white” interface design that has become boring over the years of using the iPhone, but also to reduce eye strain in the dark, so the best solution would be to automatically install it on a schedule.

Under the window for selecting the theme options (“Light” / “Dark”), move the switch “Automatic” to the active position.

  • The dark theme will be installed, but only if it was activated after sunset. In order to customize the “behavior” of this mode, tap on the “Parameters” item that appears. There are two options to choose from:
  • “From Dusk Till Dawn”;
  • “Scheduled”.
  • With the first, everything is clear, and the second allows you to configure the enabling and disabling of the dark theme as you see fit. Click on this item and specify the activation time for each of the modes. light and dark.

    The dark theme applies to all elements of the operating system, Apple branded applications, as well as those third-party applications whose developers have implemented automatic support for this function.

    Turning on dark mode on the iPhone is quite simple, things are more complicated outside the iOS interface and standard applications. either this function works automatically, or you need to activate it manually, or there is no support for it. And yet, sooner or later, most developers should implement it.

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