How to turn off notifications on iPhone

How to customize notifications on iOS?

In order to manage (enable or disable) all notifications, go to Settings → Notifications.

You will see the entire list of applications installed on the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad that have access to system notifications. The type of notification or the inscription “Disabled” is indicated under the name of the application, indicating that the application does not send any of the types of notifications to the user.

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By opening the settings of any application from the list, you will have access to the full range of visualization and audio components of notifications.

The item “Admission of notifications” is the main one. It either allows any of the types of warnings, or completely prohibits applications from giving at least some signals during their inactivity.

Next, you decide whether you want to hear any sounds or not, as well as see a red badge with numerical information in the upper right corner of the icon (the folders display the total number of notifications from all applications in it).

In the “Alerts” section, you can turn off the display of notifications on the lock screen, Notification Center, or display of banners.

The banners themselves are temporary (they disappear after a few seconds) or permanent (require action from the user before disappearing).

The “Parameters” section contains the “Show thumbnails” option. It determines whether the application will show the notification text on the locked screen or whether it will simply display information that a notification has been received in such and such a program, but the essence of the message will preserve the confidentiality status (in detail).

There is a similar function in the main window of the “Notifications” section. It applies to absolutely all applications.

How to turn on, turn off and customize notifications on iPhone and iPad

If, due to your inexperience, when launching each new application, you always allowed programs and games to send notifications, then after a few days or weeks, you probably had a desire to at least cut the flow of annoying messages by at least half. They are not only distracting, but also lead to faster battery discharge. In this article, we will tell you how to turn off notifications of an application on the iPhone and iPad.

In general, we strongly recommend leaving the push notification function enabled only for the most important and demanded applications. Make it a rule. when starting a new game or program, always block outgoing messages, well, only if these are not exceptions like instant messengers or email clients. In any case, you can activate this option later in the parameters of the application itself or in the iOS settings.

How to temporarily turn off all notifications?

It allows you to permanently or temporarily block all or part of the notifications. The nice thing is that it can work on a schedule, automatically activating restrictions. For example, you will not be disturbed by some insignificant reminder in the game after 23:00, the boss or family will always get through, but other subscribers will be able to reach out only if they persistently call a second time within three minutes. Do Not Disturb is very simple, straightforward, flexible and important.

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With the release of iOS 11, the “Do not disturb the driver” option has also settled here, which does not allow distractions while driving.

Disable the ability for apps to request a rating

It’s understandable that app developers need feedback, but not to the detriment of user experience. The annoying requests to rate the application, if you like them, can be disabled once and for all:

You need to switch the slider to inactive position.

Remove messenger icons from the main screen to a folder

A folder for instant messengers is created in a similar way. Since many people use chats for work, it is better to leave work messengers on the main screen, removing the rest in a separate folder or on the second screen already inside the folder.

If the same messenger is used for both work and personal messages, you can leave it on the main screen, but mute notifications from private chats while working.

How to set up your iPhone so nothing gets in the way of your work

Even if you force yourself not to be distracted by phone signals, the thought of having to answer takes up resources. It’s much easier to spend it on work by setting up your iPhone so that the temptation to distract yourself doesn’t tempt you.

Disable notifications

In the “settings” menu (the icon in the form of a light gray gear), select “notifications”. “show thumbnails”. “never”. While the device screen is locked, notifications will not be displayed on the screen.

If there are critical applications, you can turn off notifications only from those applications that may interfere with your work. In the menu “settings”. “style of notifications” under the icon of each application there is a list of permissions for notifications:

Banners are messages on the lock screen. Sounds. beeps or vibration. Stickers. the counter of notifications in the upper left corner of the application icon.

You can remove both all permissions and some, the most distracting views.

Remove social media icons from the main screen to a folder

The iPhone automatically creates a folder when the user drags an app icon onto another. All social networks can be collected in one folder and removed to an additional screen. Thus, the chance of accidental distraction is minimal.

In the upper left corner of the folder, you can see the number of unread notifications. It is shown as a number in a red circle. Notifications from all applications in the folder are summarized. So, if you received 2 messages from. 1 from and 1 more from Instagram, the circle will contain the number 4.

Activate Do Not Disturb in Settings

Do not disturb mode is not only suitable for nighttime use. By setting the interval corresponding to the length of the working day, you can ensure yourself silence during these hours.

How to Turn off App Notifications in iOS

In order not to miss an important call, you need to set the “repeat calls” submenu slider to the active position. So, the first call from the subscriber will be muted, and the second one will be accompanied by a sound signal.

How To Turn Off ALL Notifications On ANY iPhone! (2020)

Favorite contacts can be permanently allowed even when Do Not Disturb is enabled:

Install a productivity tracking app

The App Store has a huge number of apps that help you stay focused on your work. All of them, having a common goal, differ only in the ways of achieving it. For some users, setting daily limits on the use of applications is more suitable. RescueTime and its analogues do a great job with this.

For those who prefer playing techniques to maintain concentration, applications such as Forest are more suitable. If you need to work without interruption, for example, two hours, then a timer is set in the application for this time. If during this time the smartphone is left unattended, a tree grows on the digital lawn in the Forest. If the user is still distracted and picked up the phone, the seedling virtually dies.

To choose an application to your liking, you need to type the keyword “concentration” in the AppStore search.

Sooner or later, concentration on basic tasks will become a habit, and most of the tricks will become unnecessary, but at the initial stage you need to help yourself by choosing any of the above methods.

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How to turn off individual app notifications on iPhone?

Go to the Settings menu. Notification Center

Scroll down the list and select the application you would not like to receive notifications from

In the Reminder Style section, select “No”

Here, you can more flexibly configure reminders from individual applications, for example, by preventing them from appearing on the lock screen or in the notification center. Thus, you can go through all the “annoying” applications and disable their notifications, making your life a little quieter.

There is also a more radical approach. activating the “Do not disturb” mode. With it, you can mute all calls, app notifications and text messages for any length of time. However, the settings are important here. few people want to miss an important call, so you need to do the following:

How to turn off notifications on iPhone?

iOS 7 allowed iPhone and iPad owners more flexible control over the settings of their devices, in particular, turning off all or some specific notifications. Similar settings were present in previous versions of Apple’s mobile operating system, however, the seventh generation took these settings to a new level of convenience, mainly thanks to the Notification Center.

It is thanks to the Notification Center that users can customize incoming notifications from any application, completely turning them off or making them silent. This approach helps in cases where you do not want to set the Do Not Disturb mode for fear of missing an important call or text message, but at the same time do not want to receive dozens of notifications from various social networking applications.

How to turn off all notifications on iPhone using Do Not Disturb Mode?

Go to the Settings menu Select Do Not Disturb Click on Call Allowing and define a group that can call you even if the device is in Do Not Disturb mode. We wrote about how to create a contact group in this article.

Return to the Do not disturb menu by pressing Back Make sure that the Repeated calls switch is active. it will help you not to miss repeated calls from the same subscriber within three minutes after the first Activate Do Not Disturb mode by pressing Manual

You can quickly turn on and off Do Not Disturb mode from the iPhone Control Center. to invoke it, you need to swipe up from the very bottom of the screen. The Do Not Disturb control icon looks like a crescent moon.

How to turn off notifications on iPhone

Almost all iPhone notifications can be turned off. But sometimes notifications come across, which cannot be cut off in the standard way. Fortunately, there is a tried and tested solution.

If anything, all actions are relevant for iOS 14.4. Upgrade to the latest release and let’s go in order.

The first way is from the locked screen

A notification has arrived, it appears on the locked screen. To do this, remove the lock (via Face or Touch ID), swipe right on the notification to the left, click on “Manage” and select the “Disable notifications” option. Everything!

It will be possible to re-enable notifications only in the Settings in the corresponding paragraph.

How To Turn Off Notifications On iPhone

And by the way! Directly from the locked screen, you can go to the notification settings inside a specific application. select the item “Configure in” “. This is necessary in order not to overlap all notifications at once, but to turn off only specific ones, for example, about new followers on Instagram, while saving notifications from the chat, about new Комментарии и мнения владельцев, and so on.

In settings

We go into the parameters of the iPhone (icon with gears), look for the item “Notifications” and inside scroll to the desired application. We fall inside and cut down the “Notification admission” toggle switch. The program has died down.

Here you can customize the type of notifications that will arrive on the iPhone. For example, wanting to click the back button in the upper left corner, I often accidentally find myself on a banner from the chat that suddenly pops up from above, and the system immediately throws me into it. And I may not have wanted to read the message at the moment. Therefore, it is better to disable Banners for chats.

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If the required application is not in “Notifications

It happens that some applications are simply not in the “Notifications”. Notifications come, but you can’t turn them off. In fact, you can, you need to know how.

Let’s look at the example of notifications from the “Commands” utility. It is on the locked screen, but not in the “Notifications” section.

We go to the “Settings”, then we fall into the “Screen time” and under the graph we poke on the section “See. all activity “.

Next, scroll down to the item “Notifications” and click once or twice on “Show more”. The clever application “Commands” will appear in this menu after it sends you at least one notification. But there is also a pitfall here. you cannot switch to its management of the “Teams”.

We don’t go back, just scroll back up to the graph with notifications, tap on it once or twice. Then we go down and see how the coveted arrow appeared opposite the “Commands” for detailed notification settings. And finally we are inside. we cut down the “Notification admission”. Done.

How to turn off notifications on iPhone

So how do you turn off notifications on iPhone? Do you want to block pop-up notifications or just want to turn off the icon counter? Be that as it may, in this article we’ve covered everything you would like to know about disabling notifications or icons on iPhone.

How to Disable Notification: Disable App Badges

The counter (indicating numbers) you see on the app icons if there are messages to read or missed calls. This is what the app icon icons are called. If you disable it, you will not see any counter for the specified application.

To turn it off, follow the steps given below.

  • Run Settings app.
  • Scroll down to meet the Notifications Option. Click on it to continue.
  • Now select the app for which you want to disable icon icons.
  • Finally, you just need to click on the option that says “Application Icon Icon Disable it.

Turn off lock screen notifications

Similar to the above methods, you cannot turn off lock screen notifications for all apps in an instant. You will need to select your preferred app (or multiple apps) to turn off notifications to display on the lock screen.

  • Go to settings.
  • Scroll down to meet the Notifications Option. Click on it to continue.
  • Now select the application from the list of which you do not want notifications to appear on the lock screen. For example, we have selected in the image above.
  • You just need to click on the option that says “Show on lock screenDisable it.

How to turn off notification sounds on iPhone

Now you know how to turn off notifications visually. How about an alert sound? You might want the popup to happen, but no sound notification. If you need to achieve the same, follow these steps:

  • Head into the settings app.
  • Scroll down to meet the Notifications Option. Click on it to continue.
  • Select the apps for which you want to turn off sound alerts.
  • Just click on the option that says Sound. It should be grayed out after you click on it. that is. it has been disabled.

How to turn off all notifications for a specific app

Unfortunately, there is no switch to stop all notifications immediately. You only have the option to turn off notifications by selecting a specific app of your choice. To do this, you need to follow the steps given below:

  • Run settings,
  • Scroll down to find the “Notifications Option. Click on it to continue.
  • You will find many applications on the list. In the list, click on any app that you want to disable completely. For example, we need to disable all notifications that appear from the Cymera app (as shown in the picture above). We need to choose this. And then, from the available options, click on “Allow Notifications” (which should be enabled by default) to disable all notifications from that particular app.