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Samsung Galaxy Jay 1 (2017). review, characteristics, comparison with Gelaxi Jay 1 (2016)

Samsung Galaxy J1 (2017) Specs vs. Samsung Galaxy J1 (2016):

Let’s start by making a short comparison with the previous generation of the Samsung Galaxy J1 series. What will change in the new 2017? Almost everything. If the rumors are confirmed, then we are waiting for an explosive smartphone, which will become a real budget hit. First of all, the changes concern the dimensions of the device. The new Samsung Galaxy J1 (2017) will be larger than its predecessor. The reason for this will be the enlarged display up to 5 “. The network is actively forcing information that the phone will receive a 5.5” screen, but most likely this will not happen, since this is a very large jump in dimensions and a foray to neighboring models, for example, on Samsung Galaxy J3 (2017). If we talk about the characteristics of the display itself, then they will also be pumped: an IPS-matrix, a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels versus 800×450 for the Samsung Galaxy J1 (2016). do you feel the difference? Not? This is exactly how you will feel if you take these two devices in your hands at the same time. The budget of the model is revealed only by the fact that the Samsung Galaxy J1 (2017) does not have a Super Amoled matrix installed, but IPS is not a failure either. As for performance, then Samsung surprised us at all: an eight-core Snapdragon 625 processor with an operating frequency of 2.21 GHz. And this is for an entry-class smartphone. The old modification has the unfortunate quad-core Exynos 3457, which runs Doodle Jump in half with grief. Snapdragon 625 is a worthy technical solution that will be able to keep the performance of a smartphone at a high level. It can be argued that most modern games and applications will run on the Samsung Galaxy J1 (2017) without any problems. It will help the smartphone maintain performance at the proper level with 2GB of RAM. Some sources claim that there will be a 3GB version of the Samsung Galaxy J1 (2017), but this is some kind of a fairy tale. too cool for a Samsung budget given that the Samsung Galaxy J1 (2016) only had 1GB at its disposal.

The amount of user memory in the smartphone will also be raised to the proper level: 32 GB or 64 GB if the Samsung Galaxy J1 (2017) receives two modifications. Last year’s model could only dream of such amounts of memory, and after all, it’s only been a year? The Samsung Galaxy J1 (2017) will do pretty well with the main camera. 13 MP. No other camera specs are available, but Samsung’s 13MP. this is a guarantee that the pictures will be at the level under normal conditions. You shouldn’t expect high-quality shots from the front camera. 5 MP. The Samsung Galaxy J1 (2016) was very poor at mobile photography. This was facilitated by the weak characteristics of both modules: front. 2MP, back. 5MP. As for the autonomy of work, it will be tightened to such a level that one day to support the work of a sufficiently powerful processor and an enlarged screen. 3000 mAh. battery capacity Samsung Galaxy J1 (2017). The smartphone will have a fast charging function, so it can be charged to 100% in about two hours. One of the nicest news. that’s what the brand new Samsung Galaxy J1 (2017) will run on Android 7.0 right out of the box. We forgot to mention the design of the device, but nothing will fundamentally change outwardly. The smartphone will look a little cleaner than the Samsung Galaxy J1 (2016). There are several prerequisites for this: the bezels around the display will become narrower, the back cover will have an interesting relief, the display will occupy most of the front panel.

Samsung Galaxy J1 (2017) SM-J727P

The network is simply flooded with information that the South Korean company will not present its flagship Samsung Galaxy S8 at MWC 2017, and in fact it has presented its top model at this exhibition for many years. The new year 2017 did not start very positively for the company at all: the senior vice president of Samsung was arrested and accused of bribery in the amount of 40 million. What should a South Korean company do in such a difficult situation? Naturally, to release new and cool smartphones. Despite the fact that the release of the flagship device may be postponed indefinitely, Samsung still has interesting devices. For example, the initial smartphone line J. Samsung Galaxy J1 (2017). For over a year, the modification has not received an update. By the way, judging by the information that we have at the time of this writing, the Samsung Galaxy J1 (2017) will be a very useful device. In this white paper we will give a detailed review of the Samsung Galaxy J1 (2017), comparing it with the Samsung Galaxy J1 (2016) and Xiaomi Redmi 4. Let’s get started?

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Samsung Galaxy J1 2017 performance, test results

The novelty passed a number of tests and showed good results: in GeekBench 4, the smartphone scored 889 points in single-core testing and 4200 points in multi-core. It is worth noting that this is a pretty good result for a state employee.

  • Decent performance
  • Cool screen
  • Fast charging
  • Boring design
  • High price when compared to the Chinese
  • Lack of a fingerprint scanner
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Samsung Galaxy J1 (2017) comparison with Xiaomi Redmi 4

Samsung Galaxy J1 (2017). it is a worthy contender for Chinese smartphones in 2017. Yes, Xiaomi and Meizu have already managed to amass a good fan base, but it may not resist going to the nearest store and stocking up on a Samsung Galaxy J1 (2017), which will be almost as good as Xiaomi Redmi 4. Yes, Xiaomi The Redmi 4 has a number of undeniable pluses that it boasts: the first. it is a metal body and a neater design, second. this is a more capacious battery (4100 mAh versus 3000 mAh), the third. the price is 10-20 dollars lower (depending on where you buy the smartphone. Otherwise, they will be almost identical devices. This is surprising, because in 2015-2016 Samsung did not have anything to answer Xiaomi in the budget segment, but Samsung Galaxy J1 (2017) can do it. We look forward to the official presentation of the phone and its positioning on the market.

How to prepare your Samsung phone for remote control

Select a device from the list of gadgets you own and click the Prepare button.

The user is told the steps by following which he can prepare the gadget for remote control. The main point is that in the Settings menu in the Lock screen and protection section, the Find my phone item should be open.

In the options menu, set the Remote control flag.

Items regarding the transfer of the location of the gadget are secondary and have no direct relation to the ability to lock / unlock the device.

Flashing from a computer

If after attempts to unlock the unlock pattern or an unsuccessful data reset led to violations of the boot mode, the last resort remains. flashing from a computer.

This process requires a special program, a USB cable and the firmware version downloaded from the manufacturer’s website for the model of the device. This firmware method requires some preparation from the user and carries the risk of losing the warranty at the service center.

A detailed description of the procedure, which is carried out at the user’s own risk and peril, can be found on special forums.

How to Unlock Samsung via Safe Mode

If the lock is not removed in the usual way, it is possible that the phone was blocked by some malicious applications. This does not necessarily mean viral activity, but it deserves close attention.

  • First, try restarting your gadget in safe mode. To do this, turn off your smartphone completely. When turning on, hold down the volume down button.
  • The Safe Mode inscription in the lower left corner will inform you about the successful completion of the procedure. Unlock the device in the usual way: by entering the unlock PIN or pattern password.
  • In safe mode, third-party programs are blocked. Only system applications that come with Android work. It is possible that the work of the malicious program that caused the non-standard blocking will also be blocked.

If the attempt is successful, analyze the recently installed applications and remove them from the gadget. After the operation is completed, restart the smartphone in the usual way.

How to remove a pattern or pin code through a data reset

If the user has forgotten the pattern, but remote access via the Find My Mobile service is not available, he still has one more option to unlock on Samsung. Hard reset or hard reset will fix the problem.

Samsung Unlock Instructions

Locking the screen with a pattern, password or pin code significantly increases the security of your phone. This protection will prevent an intruder from gaining access to your files, photos, cracking passwords and finding out bank card numbers. But sometimes the blocking turns against the owner of the gadget himself. Below are a few ways to unlock your Samsung Galaxy phone. The methods work with company tablets too.

Unlocking a Samsung smartphone with an incorrectly entered PIN code

After 6 incorrect PIN codes, the gadget blocks the entry of new data for 30 seconds. After this time, the user has a chance to enter the cherished numbers again.

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Therefore, the first method of unlocking Samsung is simply to wait until the timeout expires after the incorrect PIN code entered and try another combination.

Enabling 4G on an Android smartphone from Samsung

If you have a Samsung smartphone, the process for enabling 4G is slightly different. First you need to open the Android settings and go to the “Other networks” section.

Next, you need to open the section “Mobile networks”.

In the “Mobile networks” section, you need to check if the “Mobile data” function is enabled and select “Network mode”.

After that, you will see a small pop-up window in which you need to select “LTE / WCDMA / GSM”

As a result, 4G should turn on on the Android smartphone.

Enabling 4G on pure Android

If you are using a smartphone with pure Android, that is, with Android without third-party shells, then in order to enable 4G you need to open the Android settings and go to the “” section. This section with settings is located under the sections “Wi-Fi”, “Bluetooth” and “Data transmission”.

After that, you need to open the section “Mobile networks”.

After that, a small pop-up window will appear in front of you, in which you can select the type of network. Here you need to select LTE (LTE is 4G).

After that, your Android smartphone should connect to the 4G network.

How to enable 4G on Android

4G is the most modern way to connect to the mobile Internet. The speed of 4G internet allows you to watch online videos and download heavy files almost as quickly as it is done on desktops with a wired connection. In this article, you will learn how to enable 4G on an Android smartphone, if this technology is supported in your region.

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Why 4G does not turn on on an Android smartphone

If the connection does not work, then it is possible that your mobile Internet is disconnected. In order to check this, open the settings and go to the “Data transmission” section and check if the “Mobile data” function is enabled there. If “Mobile data” is disabled, then the Internet will work only via Wi-Fi.

You also need to go to the “. Mobile networks. Access points (APN)” section and check if there is an access point for your mobile operator. If there is no such access point, then it must be added manually.

In order to find out what settings are needed for the access point, contact the technical support of your mobile operator.

How to turn on or restart Samsung if the button doesn’t work

Even the most expensive smartphone is not immune to breakdowns. During operation, the device may fall to the floor, suffer from exposure to water, and receive other mechanical damage.

As a result, individual controls may fail.

Practice shows that one of the most vulnerable points of a Samsung smartphone is the power button (on / off).

If the main button of the phone breaks down or stops responding to pressing, only the master will help to correct the situation. However, you can use your smartphone for a while with the power button not working.

Turn on Samsung with a disabled button

How to turn on Samsung without power button?

There are several options for solving this problem, here are the most effective ones:

Samsung Galaxy J1 J100H hard reset

We put the smartphone on charge. Many Samsung and non-Samsung phone models turn on when connected to a charger. The first thing that can be done in this case is to put the device on charge and try to hold down the volume control key.

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If you don’t have a mains charger at hand, but you have a laptop and a USB cable, you can connect your phone to your computer.

If the first method does not work, try holding the volume button to the “-” position, the “home” button and, while holding these two buttons pressed, connect the power cable (do not release the buttons all the time!). After a few seconds (about 5-7), a warning menu should appear on the screen.

The buttons must be released immediately, and then press and hold the volume button a little to the “-” position. After 5-10 seconds, the device should start loading.

Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace SM-J110H Hard Reset & Unlock Security (Pattern)

The third method gives the result almost 100% of the time, if the button does not work on the Samsung Galaxy. It involves manipulating the smartphone battery and requires a certain amount of manual dexterity.

You need to remove the back cover from the device, insert the power cable. When the second battery indicator appears, you must abruptly disconnect the power cable and also abruptly remove and insert the battery. The phone will start to reboot.

Turn on Samsung without a button using the Mobile Uncle application

It is not very convenient to turn on a Samsung phone without a power button every time using all of the above-mentioned intricate methods, therefore, after a successful launch, we recommend installing a special application Mobile uncle tools 2017 (Mobile Uncle) on your smartphone.

With this universal multi-tool, you can do almost anything with your Android device by completely changing the settings and functionality of the working buttons.

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Mobile Uncle app works with any device based on MTK processors.

There is another application. Power button to Volume Button (available for free in the Play Store). it is designed specifically for such a case. It can be used to shift the function of the power button to the volume keys of the speakers.

There are only two active items in the application menu: Boot and Screen Off. It is enough to put a tick next to the “Boot” item and the smartphone will turn on using the volume rocker.

As an additional option, we recommend considering the Shake Screen On Off application. it allows you to turn on / off the screen by lightly shaking the device if the power button does not work.

How to switch the Internet to the desired SIM card on Samsung Galaxy Duos from SIM 1 to SIM 2 or vice versa. Samsung Galaxy how to turn off the Internet from one SIM card and turn it on to another.

How to switch the Internet to the correct SIM card on Samsung Galaxy Duos. In this article, we will look at how to change the SIM card in the settings on a Samsung Galaxy with two SIM cards with which we want to use the Internet on a smartphone. Earlier we already had an article on how to switch high-speed 3G and 4G Internet to the desired SIM card, and if you were looking for how to do this and got to this page, then you can go to the article on how to switch high-speed 3G and 4G to the selected SIM card on Samsung Galaxy by going by this link.

If you cannot find in the settings how to disable mobile data from one SIM card and enable it on another SIM card from which you want to use the Internet, then you have come to the right place. Below you will learn how to switch the Internet from SIM 1 to SIM 2 or vice versa on Samsung Galaxy Duos.

And so to switch the Internet Samsung Galaxy Duos to the desired SIM card, do the following on your smartphone: Open Settings. In the menu that opens, select the SIM card manager. Next, we find the item Data transmission network. Now you can choose from which SIM card to use the Internet with SIM 1 or SIM 2. You can also completely disable the Internet from both SIM cards by selecting Disable mobile data in the menu.

Many users of Samsung Galaxy duos on their own cannot find how to change the SIM card from which you need to use the Internet in the settings and the money goes away, do not stand the SIM card where the unlimited Internet is connected. And therefore, I think the article will be useful, especially for inexperienced users of Samsung androids. We hope this article helped you and you were able to switch the Internet to the desired sim card.

How to enable: 3 ways

Of all the methods of inclusion, the most relevant are perhaps the following:

Method 2

  • Turn off the phone.
  • When the display shows an inscription corresponding to the name of the brand of the smartphone or the inscription Android, then you must press the volume up button.
  • In this case, after switching on, the inscription “Safe Mode” will appear at the bottom of the screen.

How to disable: 2 options

No less relevant is the issue of disabling safe mode. Before that, you need to reboot the device, and then use one of the proposed options.

What is Safe Mode in Android and what is it for

A new Android smartphone or tablet always works flawlessly and glitches. But what to do if in further use the device suddenly “slows down”, its speed slows down, applications do not work correctly, the sensor responds unstably? Such problems can be solved by enabling Safe Mode. On an Android device, Safe Mode will allow you to determine what is causing the problem.

If the phone is working normally in safe mode, then “glitches” with it occur due to some application.

Method 3

If the above methods did not work, then try again like this:

  • The device must be turned off.
  • During boot, hold down the volume down button.
  • After that, safe mode will turn on.

Note: in some versions of Android, to switch to Safe Mode, you need to restart the smartphone manually, and while the operating system logo appears on the screen, you need to press the volume up and down buttons and hold until the device is fully loaded.

Method 1

  • It is necessary to press the shutdown button and hold until the shutdown window appears.
  • Holding your finger on the “Disconnect device” link, you need to wait until an additional menu appears, in which you need to select safe mode.

Clicking “OK”, switch Android to safe mode.

  • After that, find out the reason for the breakdown of the gadget.
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