How to turn on T9 on Samsung phone

Setting the T9 format in the phone parameters

The easiest way is to change the settings of your device, namely, to disable or enable the option. But keep in mind that this option is not supported in all phones, so if you do not have settings for T9, then immediately go to the next item in this material.

The described method in this material was tested on a phone with Android 5.0.1 version. This does not mean that it is not suitable for older or newer versions. The items in the menu or their names may just be slightly different.

  • Turn on your phone and go to “Settings”.
  • Next, select the “Language and input” tab. Here you need to find the keyboard of your device. For example, you have an HTC phone. In the list you are looking for. “HTC Keyboard”. It’s just that Android can have multiple keyboards installed, for example the same input from Google.
  • And so, let’s say that you found the keyboard of your device in the settings. Click on this item and select the “Smart Dialing” tab. Here look for the item “T9 Mode”, and turn it off if you do not need it when entering text. In the same way, you can turn on the input using T9.

How to install the new typing pad in Android

As mentioned earlier, some developers do not provide the ability to disable T9 mode in the settings. In this case, the easiest way for you is to install a new, simple typing pad. Google Play has a large selection of typing panels, however, we will consider an application called Russian Keyboard.

    And so, go to the Google Play service and log in with your account. Next, enter Russian Keyboard in the search and download the application to your phone.

After successful installation of the program, go to the “Settings” menu and here click on the item “Language and keyboard”.

How to install Smart Keyboard on a smartphone

Oddly enough, but on the devices of many users, the ability to enter using T9 may be completely absent. If you are one of these users, we suggest you install the Smart Keyboard application on your phone. It is a great alternative to standard input panels and T9 technology. The dictionary is much more extensive here, the T9 technology recognizes words as you type more correctly, and works several times faster. When typing in various applications on Android, you will no longer have any problems.

    And so, first go to Google Play and install the Smart Keyboard program on your device.

Next, you will need to go to “Settings” and select the “Language and keyboard” tab.

Here, click on the gear icon and select Smart Key. If you need T9 mode, then put a tick in front of it to activate.

T9 is not working correctly anyway? There is an exit! In the Google Play service, you can additionally download a dictionary for T9. These are huge databases that do not weigh very much, but they allow you to correctly enter all words and phrases when typing. In the search, enter the query “Download dictionary” or “Dictionary T9” and the system will give you a huge list of dictionaries from different developers.

All options for how to enable or disable T9 mode on Android

Almost every smartphone has a technology for typing using T9. Its essence lies in the fact that the intelligent system will automatically select and build words, phrases, even if you accidentally press the wrong letter or symbol.

In 90 percent of cases, this technology works correctly, however, there are certain words and phrases for which T9 cannot automatically substitute the necessary letters, as a result of which another word is inserted instead of one. This problem very often occurs among those users who write messages in an abbreviated format, for example, instead of “Hello” writes “PT” or “Priv”.

In this article, we will cover in detail the question of how to enable or disable the T9 mode on Android, taking into account all the settings for typing text messages.

Quick disconnect T9

Let’s say you forgot where the settings menu item is for the keyboard or a specific input panel. What to do in this case?

Most versions of Android allow you to turn T9 off and on in quick mode and change the keyboard. To do this, go to any application or system service where you can enter text. For example, in notes, search, messages. Now, in the input field, press and hold your finger for a few seconds. The Input Method tab appears. Here you can already select any keyboard for input and set up work with T9.

Now you know how to turn off T9 mode on Android, regardless of Android version and phone model, if this function bothers you. You also know how to enable the function directly through the system settings or even if such an action is not provided. We are talking about the above applications that install a simple keyboard.

If you often enter text from your smartphone, then the easiest way to do this is with the T9 option enabled, because in this case, typing will be somewhat faster. If you have a smartphone with a large diagonal, then you can enter text without using T9, for example, if you are used to touch typing on the same computer. You can enter letters and symbols using two hands. And remember that this technology works by default for both Russian and foreign layouts.

How to put T9 on Meizu M5?

So, to make T9 on Meizu M5, you need:

  • Go to the “Settings” of your smartphone.
  • Scroll down a little and there will be a line “Language, time, keyboard”, you need to press it.
  • Next, click on the item “Application TouchPal”.
  • In the application itself, turn on “Settings” again.
  • In the open menu, select “Smart Input”.

How to turn on T9 on iPhone?

Open “Settings”. Select the General Keyboard option. Turn on Auto Correction. By default, the Auto Correction option is enabled. May 1, 2020.

How to change keyboard layout on Meizu?

Open the settings, scroll to the very bottom, look for the “Keyboard” section Language, time, keyboard “Open it. We also scroll to the very bottom. There we see the checkboxes for selecting the keyboard you need, in my case it’s Fleksy and Gboard.

How to turn on the touch fell on Meizu?

  • If TouchPal is not in the settings, then you must first download it from Google Play;
  • Go to the “Settings” section;
  • Select the “Language and input” tab;
  • After that, the screen will display a standard TouchPal;
  • Next, you need to click the “Predictive Input” tab;

How to turn on t9 on the phone?

How to turn T9 on and off on Android?

  • First of all, open your phone settings.
  • Go to the Language & Input submenu and find among the options to customize your keyboard.
  • After selecting the desired keyboard in the list, go to the “Smart Typing” tab.
  • In the dialing settings, find “T9 mode” and deactivate it.

How to restore T9 on Meizu?

  • Go to the “Settings” menu.
  • Select the section “Language and input”.
  • The keyboard of your machine is displayed.
  • We select this item, and in the tab that appears, click on “Smart Input”.
  • Here again a list of available options will appear, among which you must select “T9 Mode”.
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How to enable dictionary on Meizu?

How to turn on T9 on Meizu. step by step instructions

  • Go to the “Settings” section;
  • In the “Language” subsection, select the “TouchPal” item in the list and tap on it;
  • Go to your own application settings and find the line “Smart input”;
  • In the drop-down list, select the line “Prediction” and put a tick in front of.

How to turn on T9 on Samsung Galaxy?

The T9 system (Text on 9 keys) got its name for a reason. it was used on push-button telephones. In modern smartphones, keyboards support prompts, however, as a rule, the system is called differently, but in Samsung, surprisingly, it is called T9. And today we’ll show you how to turn it on.

Open “Settings” on your Samsung smartphone.

Next, find “General Settings” and open them.

If you cannot find this item, for example, for the simple reason that a different menu design is used, enter the word “language” (without quotes) in the search box and select the appropriate item that will show you the search.

Click on “Virtual Keyboard”.

There is also another option. Bring up the keyboard. See the settings icon?

Click on it to open the settings. If it doesn’t help, press and hold the button until an additional menu appears, in which you tap the same icon in the same way.

If you are using a different keyboard, for example, Gboard, we recommend that you use our other instruction.

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How to enable T9 on Samsung

How to enable T9 on Samsung? It is not difficult to activate this function, you will need to spend no more than a minute on it. In our material you will find instructions describing the procedure.

How to enable T9 on Samsung?

On old and new Galaxy devices, the procedure for activating the function is slightly different, as they have different versions of the operating system. Therefore, we will study how to configure this option on them.

How to remove T9 on Android on Samsung?

You can deactivate this function in the same way as you turned it on. Only in the keyboard settings, you need to move the slider to the off position. The procedure for deactivating the option will not cause problems.

Why T9 is useful for the user?

T9, or auto-correction, is an option that first appeared on push-button devices. Previously, phones used a compact 3 × 4 keyboard. To implement typing on it, manufacturers hung several letters on one key.

Entering words on a keyboard like this took a long time. It is necessary to press one button several times to select the desired letter. Therefore, typing text messages turned into a real test for the user.

turn, samsung, phone

To facilitate the task, the T9 function was invented. It keeps track of the entered characters and suggests possible word suggestions to the user. You do not have to enter them completely, and typing is greatly accelerated.

Additionally, the system records frequently used words. Thanks to this, it adapts to the owner of the device, becomes for him a faithful assistant when typing text messages.

Another T9 feature is bug fixing. The system independently removes typos from words when typing, and the user does not need to waste his opinion on this. Naturally, T9 can be wrong, generating unpleasant and funny bloopers.

Now smartphones have switched to a virtual keyboard. But the T9 function remained in telephones, in many devices it is called Autocorrection. Her task is simple. to suggest words as you type and remove mistakes.

How to enable T9 on Samsung J2? In the future, we will provide instructions on how to activate this option on your smartphone.

On older models

  • Go to “Applications”.
  • Open settings.
  • Go to the item “General management”.
  • Open Language & Input.
  • Go to the section “On-screen keyboard”.
  • Open Samsung keyboard.
  • Find the item “Predictable text” or “T9”.
  • Move the slider to the on position.

On new models

An easy way to activate automatic fix on modern machines:

  • Open the settings.
  • Go to the “Management” section.
  • Go to Language & Input.
  • Choose among the options the Samsung keyboard.
  • Find “T9 Mode” in the list and activate it.

How can you replace T9 with Samsung?

You have learned how to enable T9 on Samsung J5 and other smartphones from the Korean manufacturer. Most owners use a standard keyboard, which is set by default as the main one. She copes well with her tasks and is quite convenient to use.

But the manufacturer allows you to replace the standard keyboard if necessary. Gbord is in demand among Android users. This is a keyboard from Google that provides comfortable typing, has a lot of settings to adapt to the owner of the device, supports changing the design.

How to enable T9 on Android?

In fact, on smartphones that run on the Android operating system, there is no support for T9 (from English Text on 9 keys. dialing using 9 buttons), because this typing system is used on push-button phones. However, smartphones’ keyboards have their own system that allows you to predict the typed word and is displayed on the keyboard. Here we will include it.

The question immediately arises. which keyboard should be used for the example? Let’s take Gboard, because this is a Google keyboard and it is probably one of the most popular, and therefore our tutorial will suit most users.

Some users say that there is no such item in the menu, but it is, it may just be in other subsections. We recommend using the menu search.

Click on the name of the keyboard used.

In the keyboard settings, select the item “Text correction”.

Turn on the tooltip string with a toggle.

Open any application where you need to enter something. it could even be the Play Market. Check.

By the way, you can get into the keyboard settings differently. To do this, press the button with a smiley face and hold it until an additional menu appears.

In the menu, move your finger to the gear.

The further process is completely identical to what is written above.

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How to enable T9 on Samsung phones and why this feature is useful?

Owners of South Korean smartphones of different years of production often ask how to enable T9 on Samsung, what are the features, pros and cons of this option. Despite the convenience and capabilities of the option, many users forget to activate it, which is why typing messages or texts takes longer. Below are recommendations that can help you fix the problem. In addition, we will highlight the features, as well as the pros and cons of the popular mode.

How to turn on T9

If, when entering text on a smartphone, the system does not offer any prompts, you need to put T9 on Samsung. The principle of operation is identical for almost all models (Galaxy J5, J2 and others), but there are still some features (we will talk about them below). The most common method is using Samsung settings. To enable the T9 option, follow these steps:

  • go to Settings;
  • go to the System or Advanced settings section;
  • enter the Language and Input section;
  • select the Samsung keyboard section.

In this section, you must enable the option (if it is disabled). Now press your finger on the T9 Mode Off button and move the slider to the side so that it lights up green. These steps are enough to enable the feature on Samsung. In parallel with it, automatic replacement for Russian and English languages ​​is activated, as well as an additional function. Spaces are not automatically inserted.

Now you know how to make T9 on Samsung. But this is only the first stage. Now it is necessary to resolve the issue of data personalization. To authorize the use of personal data, you must check the box next to the corresponding item. After activating the option, the use of personalized information is permitted. In this case, all My settings are activated. Later, when the virtual keyboard is called, a warning appears that the system is applying personalized data. To confirm this fact, you must click on the OK button at the bottom right of the window or go to the settings.

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Now let’s look at how to connect T9 to new Samsung Galaxy models. The principle of operation may differ slightly here. The algorithm is as follows:

  • go to Applications;
  • go to Settings;
  • go to the General Management section;
  • enter the section Language and input.

For Samsung Galaxy S8 phones, you need to tap on-screen keyboard followed by Samsung keyboard. The next step is to select the Predictable text or T9, and here put the checkbox in the active mode. This is enough to enable.

How to enable T9 mode on Android Samsung Galaxy

The first step is to open the Android settings (usually a blue gear icon) in your favorite Samsung Galaxy phone and go to the “Language and input” section.

At the second stage, in the smartphone / tablet, select the default keyboard.

If you did not download another one additionally, it will be “Samsung keyboard”.

Now, opposite line T9, move the slider to the right side so that it turns from gray to bright blue (becomes active).

It’s all. Now, when typing, words of choice suitable for your text will appear above the keyboard.

How to turn on T9 on a Samsung smartphone?

T9 is a typing system for mobile and now also for touch devices. Interestingly, the name T9 comes from Text on 9 keys, which can be translated roughly as “typing on 9 buttons”. Formally, the name is relevant only for mobile smartphones, but it is also used on smartphones.

Today we’ll talk about how to enable T9 mode on Samsung smartphones. In the first case, consider the option when you use a proprietary Samsung keyboard.

Go to the settings of your smartphone using the icon of the same name.

Find the section “Language and input” and go to it.

Move the switch to the “On” position as shown in the screenshot below. Here you can also configure this mode as you wish.

Now when you enter text on the keyboard, hints for speed dialing will be displayed.

Now let’s talk about cases when you use a different keyboard, for example, Google’s Gboard. Go to the same section “Language and input”, just select the Gboard keyboard.

The keyboard settings will open. Click “Fix Text”.

Move the “Show Prompt Bar” switch to the “On” position. Here you can use other settings.

There is also another option. Bring up the keyboard. See the settings icon?

Click on it to open the settings. If it doesn’t help, press and hold the button until an additional menu appears, in which you tap the same icon in the same way.

If you are using a different keyboard, for example, Gboard, we recommend that you use our other instruction.

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How to enable T9 on Android

If you enter a message on Android from a mobile phone, and you do not have any prompts when entering text, you can turn on T9 and see how it works: is it convenient or not. To do this, on the main screen of the smartphone, first open “Applications”, and then “Settings”.

In the settings, open the “System” tab, in which we are interested in “Language and input” (Fig. 3):

A list of keyboards that are used in the phone will appear (Fig. 4):

We are interested in the main keyboard. the one that is used when entering text. In fig. 4 is “Samsung Keyboard”. We open it and here it is, welcome, the T9 mode (Fig. 5):

How to Turn On/Off Auto Correct on Samsung Galaxy S8/S9 Plus

As seen in Fig. 5, the T9 mode is off, therefore, along with it, the following are also off:

  • Autocorrect for Russian and English;
  • Spaces are not automatically inserted.

To turn on T9, press with your finger on “T9 Off Mode” (highlighted with a red arrow in Fig. 5). The “T9 Mode” window will open, in which you need to click on the slider so that it turns from gray to green, as in Fig. 6:

The question of how to enable T9 on Android is almost closed, it remains only to decide the fate of personalized data. To allow the use of personalized data entered in your language, in order to improve the work of the predictive (smart, suggested) input function, you must tick the box next to “Personalize. data”.

If you allow the use of personalized data, then all “My settings” listed in fig. 7:

After turning on the T9 mode when entering messages, before the virtual keyboard appears, a warning about the use of personalized data may appear:

Obviously, in order to confirm your consent to the use of personalized data, you need to tap on the word “OK” (touch the inscription “OK” in the lower right corner of the window. Fig. 8), or you can go to “Settings”.

How to enable T9 on Samsung

Installing T9 on new Samsung models

Click on Apps. Settings. General Management. Language and input.

If you are the owner of the latest Samsung Galaxy S8 models, then click on “On-screen keyboard” and then “Samsung Keyboard”.

Select “predicative text” or “T9”, turn the corresponding option lever to active mode, and so you can activate T9 on Samsung.

Activate the “Predicative text” option on newer Samsung models

Alternatives to the Samsung keyboard

A good alternative to the standard Samsung keyboard is the “Russian Keyboard”

How to disable T9 on Samsung

If the T9 mode on Samsung does not suit you, then you can always turn it off. To do this, follow the path indicated by me above, and move the activation-deactivation slider to the “Off” mode,

turn, samsung, phone

How to enable T9 on Samsung

Some owners of Samsung phones may need to activate the T9 mode on their gadgets. The specified mode contributes to faster and more convenient typing, allowing you to significantly save the time of the owner of the phone. Turning on T9 on Samsung is not so difficult, in this article I will tell you about several ways to do it.

Using T9 on Samsung devices

  • T9 mode. popular and convenient
  • How to enable T9 on Samsung
  • Older Samsung models
  • Installing T9 on new Samsung models
  • Alternatives to the Samsung keyboard
  • How to disable T9 on Samsung
  • Conclusion
  • How to enable T9 on Samsung

    When buying a Samsung phone, users who are accustomed to T9 want to activate this technology on their gadgets. Depending on the model of a particular phone, you can use T9 on Samsung as follows:

    T9 mode. popular and convenient

    Technology “T9” (abbreviation of the English words “Text on 9 keys”. text on 9 buttons) was invented in the USA in the 90s, and was originally intended for standard 3×4 keyboards.

    Classic 3×4 keypad

    Cliff Kashner of Tegic Communication is believed to be the inventor of this technology. For the first time this technology was implemented in the Sagem MC850 phone, the sales of which began back in 1999. At the same time, the T9 technology had to actively compete with similar in functionality analogs “iTap” (Motorola), “SureType” (RIM), “Tauto” (Intelab), and, in the end, gain world recognition.

    The key feature of T9 is the ability to predict the word when it is typed in letters. Since 3-4 letters are usually attached to each button of the phone, the use of such a system can significantly save time when typing the text we need. The system fixes the frequency of the words used by the user, and during the next typing “popular” words will be suggested among the first.

    With the improvement of technology, she learned to independently complete the word the user wanted (T9 version 5.1), as well as suggest the next word, or even the whole phrase (T9 version 7 and higher).

    Incorrect sentences by the system of potential words have already become “the talk of the town”

    Some T9 implementations also offer the use of “smart punctuation”. This feature suggests using the “1” key to apply in a sentence (or for a single word) various punctuation marks automatically selected by the system.

    Older Samsung models

    Go to “Settings”. “Management”. “Language and input”. “Samsung keyboard” (click on the settings wheel next to the keyboard name). “T9 mode” (activate using the slider).

    In some phones, T9 activation is even easier, without using the “Control” option. Just go to “Settings”. “Language and input”. “Samsung keyboard” (setting wheel next to). “T9 mode” (use the latter with the slider).

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    Go to Samsung Keyboard and activate T9 mode

    To activate T9 on Samsung, you need to go to the settings of your phone, find the optional Samsung keyboard there, and use the specified mode. If, for some reason, the functionality of this mode did not suit you, then it will be necessary to follow the path described by us and deactivate T9 on your gadget.

    Alternatives to the standard keyboard

    If the way the automatic correction options work on the standard Samsung keyboard does not suit the owner of the phone, then you can install an alternative program, TouchPal or Russian Keyboard. But the most popular among Android users is Gboard. This is a Google keyboard with many settings that allow you to adapt the application directly to the owner of the phone.

    How to enable T9 on Samsung

    You can enable t9 on Samsung in several ways, depending on the model of the mobile device, since the location of the settings for this function in new smartphones is significantly different from the old counterparts due to different operating systems.

    How to put T9 on Samsung

    Some owners of Samsung mobile devices like to use the built-in T9 text autocorrection function. This mode allows you to significantly increase the speed of typing messages due to the automatic substitution of words in sentences, which greatly saves time. However, it is not always enabled on a smartphone by default, which is why this convenient option must be activated and configured manually. Thanks to the detailed instructions below, you can do it in a matter of minutes.

    New models

    To put T9 on Samsung of the latest models A 31. A 41. A 50. A 51 and A 71. as well as the Galaxy J series, you will need to use a different approach:

    • Open the “Applications” section and go there to “Settings”.
    • In the window that appears, you need to find the item “General management” or “General settings”, then from the proposed list of options select “Language and input”.

    If text autocorrect needs to be enabled on the new Samsung Galaxy S8. to do this, you will have to click on “Virtual Keyboard”, and then go to “Samsung Keyboard”.

    Select the “Predictable text” item, put the switch of the required function in the active mode, thus turning on the auto-correction option on the Samsung mobile device.

    How to set up T9

    To improve the usability of the autocorrect function and make it work more efficiently, you can independently configure autocorrect to suit your needs. To do this, you need to return to the window where the activation took place and connect the appropriate options:

    • “AutoCorrect”. in the automatic mode, the letters in the word are changed when mistakes or typos are made in it.
    • “Text shortcuts”. shortcuts are created for the most popular phrases of the user, which are then used in the process of writing text messages.
    • “Auto spell check”. underline incorrectly spelled words and expressions (if they are absent in the dictionary, the program will ask you to specify other languages ​​to continue checking).
    • “Automatic capitalization”. the sentence will always start with a capital letter thanks to autocorrect.
    • “Spaces automatically”. after each word, the program will leave indents without user intervention.
    • “Automatic punctuation”. when you double-click on the space, you can put punctuation marks: period, comma or semicolon.
    • “Swipe control on the keyboard”. the user will be able to enter words with just one swipe to spell.

    With the help of such fine tuning, the owner of the phone will get rid of the annoying functions of the T9 option, auto-correction of errors or special highlighting of incorrectly written phrases, if necessary.

    Old models

    To launch the text autocorrection option on older versions of Samsung mobile phones, the owner will need to take the following steps:

    • Go to the “Settings” section and select “Control” in the list that appears.

    In some mobile devices, this function will be even easier to use, for which you will need:

    • Go to the “Settings” section and select the “Language and input” item there.
    • Then, in a new window, open the “Samsung Keyboard” (click on the settings icon next to this item), and then activate the “T9 Mode” by moving the slider to the active state.

    Possible problems

    Users highlight 2 main problems that may arise with the autocorrect function:

    • the option stops working;
    • the dictionary disappears, offering variants of words for the typed letters.

    In such cases, re-activating this mode usually helps, but if this does not solve the problem, you will have to return the phone software to the factory state. For this you will need:

    • Click on the Settings icon on the device desktop.
    • In the menu that appears, select the About phone item and tap on it.

    If you install T9 on Samsung, it will provide the owner of the smartphone with a convenient text input system, which can significantly save time by automatically substituting frequently used words. The accuracy of the suggested phrases will gradually increase with the expansion of the internal vocabulary. The owner of the smartphone communicates by correspondence, then new words are automatically saved in the T9 dictionary.

    How to enable and disable T9

    To turn T9 on or off on Samsung Galaxy A6, A10, A20, A50, A51, A71 and Galaxy J2, J3, J5, J6 series, do the following:

    • go to the “Settings” of the smartphone;
    • scroll down the page until you find General Settings. Tap them with your finger;
    • in the category “Language and Time” go to “Language and Input”;
    • a list will open in which select “Virtual keyboard”;
    • from above, open the item “Samsung Keyboard”;
    • next to “T9” you can enable or disable T9 on Samsung by tapping on the switch opposite.

    If you cannot find the location of the above item, use the search bar. click on the magnifying glass icon in the main settings menu. Then enter “Language and input”.

    Alternatively, how to enable T9 on your Samsung phone:

    • click on the text input form (search bar in settings / browser, messenger dialog box);
    • the keyboard appears. In the lower left or upper right corner, tap on the gear icon;
    • turn on T9 by clicking on the switch opposite the function.

    On Android, when you decide to install a third-party keyboard, the mode will be inactive or you will have to use its analog built into the application.

    • start typing “When” in the dialing line;
    • 3 variants of the word spelling should appear at the top of the keyboard panel;
    • if you enter a word completely, you will be prompted to insert the next phrase.

    T9 on Samsung: how to turn on, turn off, set up automatic error correction

    Samsung‘s T9 mode is a predictive typing system. If you connect it, when typing a message, the user will be offered words for forming sentences, auto-correction of errors will work. Explain how to configure, disable enable T9 on Samsung.

    T9 settings on Samsung

    To make the mode more convenient / productive, return to the window where it was activated and examine the available settings:

    • AutoCorrect automatically changes letters in a word if it is misspelled;
    • Text Labels creates labels for frequently used phrases, which are then used when writing text;
    • Auto Spell Check underlines misspelled expressions. If the latter are not in the dictionary, it is required to indicate the languages ​​of verification;
    • “Automatic use of capital letters”. a capital letter will be put at the beginning of each sentence;
    • “Spaces automatically”. a space will be inserted after adding a word;
    • “Automatic punctuation”. double tap on the space will allow you to put a period, comma, semicolon;
    • “Swipe control” includes typing words using a swipe to spell.

    Settings help remove annoying auto-typing features like correcting mistakes or highlighting misspelled words.

    Possible problems

    When, after the update, T9 does not work on Samsung or the dictionary disappears with a suggestion to insert the next word, the problem is solved:

    • re-activation and setting the mode;
    • resetting the smartphone to the factory state for new system updates to take effect.

    T9 on smartphones from the South Korean giant is an easy-to-use text input system that saves time by suggesting the use of frequently used words. The accuracy of the suggested phrases grows with the expansion of the built-in dictionary.

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