How to turn on Wi-Fi on a lenovo laptop

What to do if the problem persists

If these simple procedures did not help, then update the computer drivers. Instructions on how to do this are below.

Also, check if your Wi-Fi is turned on. turn it on and off. The instruction is also above.

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Method 2

You can use the Lenovo website. For this:

    We go to the site:

This software will be installed in a couple of minutes.

The first way

There are several options that we can use. Since we cannot connect to the Internet wirelessly, let’s try to remember if you had a disk with your laptop. There should be drivers from the wireless module. Look in the laptop box.

If you have not found the disk, go to “My Computer”, on new laptops, the developers immediately make a separate partition in the hard disk with drivers and so they call it “Drivers”. Then there is nothing complicated, go there and run “Setup.exe”. Installing all drivers.

With an asterisk

In this case, Wi-Fi is already on and fully functional. It is enough to click on this connection in the lower right corner. Select a home network, click “Connect”, enter a password and enjoy the Internet.

We start the automatic connection of the adapter

Another option for how to enable the network adapter is to use the function keys. They are usually located from “F1” to “F12” and are displayed as different icons that are responsible for various actions and only work in conjunction with “Fn”.

Note that in newer models, manufacturers swap the functions of the buttons, after which the buttons work only in combination with “Fn”, and the functional ones, on the contrary, act as standard keys.

The “F5-F7” buttons (occasionally “F2”) are responsible for connecting Wi-Fi. To make it easier to decide which key we need, look at the icon that is applied to it. This can be a wireless antenna or an airplane (ie airplane mode). In the g550 model, this is the “F6” key.

After pressing “FnF6”, an icon will appear on the screen that will show that the adapter is connected, and if nothing happens, then you do not have the required software package installed, which activates commands with these keys.

Enabling Wi-Fi on Lenovo Devices

There are two more ways to connect Wi-Fi on a computer. by pressing the function buttons or a special switch. Different models of laptops differ in characteristics, but they do not particularly affect the whole process of gaining access to the World Wide Web. We bring to your attention detailed instructions according to which Wi-Fi is connected.

What difficulties may arise

Most often, Lenovo cannot connect to the Internet for two reasons. a disabled Wi-Fi module or a lack of drivers. If you still cannot connect the device after correcting these problems, you need to contact the service center, the Lenovo laptop may be defective and requires repair.

How to turn on Wi-Fi on Lenovo laptops

How to enable WI-FI on Lenovo laptops? A topic that I’m sure will interest most laptop owners from this manufacturer. I want to emphasize right away that all the information below is for the most part intended for all modern models from Lenovo. But, despite this, owners of laptops from other manufacturers can also learn a lot of useful information in this article.

From the title and the first paragraph, you can easily understand that the article has a narrow focus, that is, specially prepared for users with Lenovo laptops. This is due to one case when different users brought me three laptops from Lenovo, asking me to see why WI-FI does not work.

This, of course, was not in one day, but every other day so for sure. In general, along the way, I found several interesting chips due to which Wi-fi may not work on Lenovo or will turn on only after performing certain actions.

Below I will provide information on how to enable Wi-Fi on Lenovo laptops in various situations, based on my personal experience when working and setting up computers from this manufacturer.

What to do if Wi-Fi does not work on Lenovo laptops

Of course, I understand that there are a lot of situations and reasons due to which the wireless network may not work. But, if you are one hundred percent sure that everything is ok with the router, then for sure the cause of the malfunction is hidden, unrelated, in the laptop.

Therefore, I will describe several main points on turning on the network adapter, after which you will either get the Internet working, or you will be able to move on based on the data received, for example, by starting to check the network settings.

The very first thing I recommend doing. this is to check if the network adapter is enabled.

  • Open the “Run” dialog box and insert the “ncpa.cpl” command there by running it by pressing the “Enter” key;
  • Among the appeared network adapters we find “Wireless connection” and by clicking on it open the context menu;
  • Next, we find the line “Enable” and click on it with the mouse.
  • If instead of “Enable”, “Disable” is displayed, then the wireless connection is enabled, so you can proceed to the next recommendation.

Checking the installed driver

Mandatory before further configuration, check if you have installed the driver for the Wi-Fi adapter.

  • Again, with the help of “WinR” and the command “devmgmt.msc”, we get to the device manager;
  • Open “Network adapters” from the list of available devices, and find the device responsible for WI-FI there, usually the word “Wireless” is added after its name (in a normal Ethernet connection);
  • If it is displayed with a triangle or there is none at all, but some unidentified device is present, then you have obvious problems with the driver, which must be installed.

As for the installation, everything is simple and familiar there, we run Setup, wait a few seconds and restart the computer.

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Enabling Wi-Fi on Lenovo with the Monitor Cover

In general, it so happened that the two laptops that came to me turned out to be the same model, namely Lenovo z50. The problem was that when the system was booted, the adapter did not turn on automatically, well, when pressing the key combination responsible for turning it on, the computer did not react in any way.

But, as soon as you close the monitor lid for a few seconds, then after opening the wireless adapter will turn on and start searching for available networks, which is pretty amazing.

In general, this trick worked on both laptops so that I recommend using at least this connection method for a start, for its further configuration.

The algorithm is simple, we closed the laptop lid, waited a few seconds, and opened it. Voila. the internet works. I know for sure that this option works on many laptop models from Lenovo. [adsense2]

Starting to automatically turn on the wireless adapter

Another option for enabling the adapter is the function keys on the keyboard, which I mentioned above. Usually they are located on F1. F12 and are displayed in the form of various icons, while they are used only in combination with another “Fn” key.

I also note right away that in newer models more and more manufacturers are swapping these buttons, as a result of which F1-F12 works only when “Fn” is pressed, but the functional ones, on the contrary, act as ordinary keys.

How turn on WiFi of Lenovo Laptop

As it floated, F5, F6, F7 are responsible for turning on the Wi-Fi adapter. In order to make it easier to determine the required button, you can look at the icon that is applied to it. These are usually Wi-Fi antennas or an airplane (Mode: airplane). For example, in z50, I remember exactly that this is the F6 key and it shows an airplane.

In general, after pressing, for example, on “FNF6” or simply “F6”, an icon should appear on the screen confirming that the network adapter has been turned on. Well, if nothing happens, then most likely you do not have the necessary software package installed that uses these keys.

Installing Lenovo Energy Management

So, if your function keys do not work or only some of them work, then most likely you do not have Lenovo Energy Management installed.

The fact is that Wi-fi just may not work for you due to the turned off adapter, but you can turn it on only using the function keys, which in turn work only after you install this utility.

In our case, you need to set the value opposite to the wireless network to “On”, respectively, by selecting it with the mouse. After that, the adapter should turn on and start looking for available wireless networks. In addition, now you do not have to manually start each time the operating system boots, since it will do it automatically.

Also, if the necessary keys do not work, it would be advisable to check or even install the driver on the keyboard by downloading it from the Lenovo support page.

Enabling WI-FI on Lenovo using the button

In addition to the way to turn on the wireless adapter using the keyboard, on some models on the case there may be a separate special button or switch, which is solely responsible for starting Wi-Fi on a laptop.

It is usually located on one of the side faces of your laptop case or near the power button, the special features by which it can be recognized are the same, it most likely displays an icon in the form of small antennas.

The power saving mode, which is enabled by default in the device properties, can also cause the wireless connection to work incorrectly or turn it off altogether. You can remove this function by going to the network adapter settings.

  • Having opened “Run”, copy “ncpa.cpl” there.
  • Having found a wireless connection, using the dialog box, we call “Properties”.
  • Next, the “Configure” button.
  • Go to the “Power Management” tab.
  • And there we uncheck the box that allows you to turn off the device to save energy.

After, do not forget to restart the laptop and check if something worked out or not.

Is the WI-FI adapter connected to the motherboard

Well, and finally, if nothing helped you, I can recommend checking whether the antennas are connected to the adapter directly on the motherboard itself.

I once had such a case that for some reason Wi-Fi did not work on a completely new laptop, while the drivers were installed, and the device was turned on. But, he did not see more than one network, except for those cases when its distribution was carried out using a smartphone. Ito, he connected to it, but there was still no Internet access.

Having tried everything, I decided to check if everything is fine with the connection under the lid by unscrewing it. As it turned out, the antennas were simply not connected to the adapter itself, although the laptop was new, there is a chance, of course, that they disappeared, or they simply forgot to connect.

In general, after I connected them. Everything fell into place and Wi-Fi started working normally.

Here are some of the things that, in my practice, helped me turn on Wi-Fi on Lenovo laptops, maybe something will be useful for you as well. In general, as always, I await your Комментарии и мнения владельцев and wish you good luck in setting up your computers.

Removing the adapter

Are there any other options on how to enable WI-FI on a Lenovo laptop? Yes. removing the adapter. In the same menu, right-click on the adapter, but instead of “Enable” select “Delete”. This does not mean that the computer will forever lose the function of connecting to wireless networks, but it will be necessary to download and install the latest drivers from the manufacturer’s website specifically for this operating system and laptop model.

Most often, this method solves the problem with wireless networks on a laptop Lenovo G580.

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What to do if WI-FI does not work on Lenovo laptop? The specialists of this company like to supply notebooks with various additional buttons, be it NovoButton. a button to enter the BIOS, or a switch for wireless network activity. This sometimes causes confusion for users. Perhaps soon the manufacturer will supply the devices with reference literature, but so far it is not there, the owners are looking for information on their own.

How to enable WI-FI on Lenovo laptop? The first way. use the keyboard shortcut FnF5. However, some laptops from this company are equipped with additional buttons, the location of which differs depending on the model, but, as a rule, the switch is located either next to the microphone and headphone input, or next to the power button. The third location option. next to the power connector.

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How to enable WI-FI on Lenovo laptop? Connecting and configuring WI-FI on a Lenovo laptop

Wi-Fi data transfer. one of the advantages of all portable devices. Data is transmitted at high speed, no wires or additional devices are needed, the connection is very simple: you just need to find an access point, and the computer will do everything by itself. However, even brand new devices may require WI-FI setup. On a Lenovo laptop, this can be done by the user, because, as a rule, it is not a technical failure, but the operating system settings.

Enabling services

Disabling necessary services can also be a common problem. Often, users deactivate many components of the operating system to speed up the computer, and this can really help. The fact is that Windows can perform many different tasks, and for each of them certain tools are needed, but the system cannot know which of them the user may need at the next moment, so it keeps most of them enabled. This leads to slowdowns, especially if the computer has little RAM.

For example, why keep the printer and fax services enabled when the owner does not need such devices and will not be used? Also, the computer wizard (or the user himself) can turn off services related to the operation of networks if an Internet connection is not expected, and this significantly speeds up the work.


How to enable WI-FI on Lenovo laptop if this method didn’t work? The user should check the availability of the appropriate drivers The fact is that if the operating system was reinstalled, and the master (or the owner himself) did not bother installing proprietary drivers, but used the standard ones that come with the package from Windows itself, these hotkeys may simply not work. To find out if there is such a problem, you need to make sure if the rest of the F and Fn hotkeys are functional and if there is a WI-FI button among them.

The laptop program responsible for the operation of the functional buttons may require a separate download from the manufacturer’s official website.


If the WI-FI power button on a Lenovo laptop is on the side, it will most likely be in the form of a slider with the ability to switch left and right, if it is next to the power on, it looks like a regular button with a green computer icon. In this case, next to it will be the so-called NovoButton, which is responsible for entering the BIOS and resetting the device to factory settings. No, pressing it will not instantly reboot and return the computer to its original state, so nothing will happen if the user clicks on it accidentally.

However, for example, Lenovo G580 and some others do not have such a switch, and users often have questions about enabling wireless networks, because pressing the FnF5 hotkeys also does not work: the “Airplane” mode is turned on. On some laptops from this company, the FnF2 combination may work, but if the operating system was reinstalled, the combinations could change. In this case, the easiest way is to look at the list of hotkeys in the control panel.

If Wi-Fi used to work

All the previous methods on how to enable WI-FI on a Lenovo laptop should deal with the problem if the computer is new and has never connected wirelessly before. However, if until recently everything was in order, and the laptop detected the network, and now the network icon with a red cross hangs in the tray, and the operating system reports that there are no available connections, the situation may be different. Of course, first you will need to try all the previous ways to solve the problem, and if they do not help, read the instructions further.

This problem is quite common among owners of laptop computers running Windows 7 and older. First, the user must make sure that the router is working and other devices are successfully connecting to the wireless network. If everything works, then the operating system of this laptop thinks that the Wi-Fi adapter is turned off.

The first step should be to check the activity of the wireless connection in the list of network connections (first you need to go to the Network and Sharing Center, go to the “Network and Internet” tab, and from it to the “Network Connections” menu).

In Windows 8 and older, in the right pane, you should find the “Settings” item, then. “Change computer settings”, and in the window that appears, select the “Network” menu, and on version 8 of the OS. “Wireless connection”. There you need to make sure that the wireless modules are active.

With Lenovo Energy Management

If the wireless network on the Lenovo laptop still does not work, you will have to take more serious measures in the form of installing additional software. It will help make hotkeys active and solve the problem.

Most likely, the main reason why the wireless network does not work is the turned off adapter. And often you can turn it on only with the help of special keys. Therefore, you will definitely need a utility to enable Wi-Fi on a Lenovo laptop.

The most current program at the moment is Lenovo Energy Management. You can find it without any problems on the official website of the manufacturer. Any version is suitable for installation. After the utility is downloaded and installed, it is recommended to completely restart the laptop for correct operation. After turning on the gadget, you can safely use key combinations.

If everything went according to plan, a dialog box will appear in the system in which you can select “Activate” or “Deactivate” the wireless network. When activated, the laptop should start searching for all networks available for connection. You can check it in the lower right corner.

The main advantage of the utility is that after turning on the adapter through a set of hot keys, you do not need to repeat the action every time you restart the laptop. The system will start the search automatically.

In rare cases, this method may not work, it will signal that something bad has happened with the general driver for the keyboard. Then you need to go to the official Lenovo website and download it again.

Turning on with the monitor cover

In order to enable Wi-Fi on the Lenovo Z50, there is a special method that will quickly deal with the problem. If the previous methods turned out to be ineffective, there is another one, a spare one. This is the most commonplace action that turns out to be very effective on a particular model. It is enough just to close the lid of the laptop monitor, hold it closed for a few minutes, and then open it again.

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Fix Lenovo Wi-Fi Not Working in Windows 10/8/7 [2021]

This action forces the network adapter to restart and start searching for available networks again. Oddly enough, the “trick” works great. Therefore, before trying all the other methods, you need to check if this will work with your laptop. Recently, such a manipulation began to work on most Lenovo models.

Enabling the wireless adapter

You can turn on Wi-Fi on a Lenovo laptop using a wireless adapter that needs to be activated. First you need to check if the adapter works and if everything is in order.

  • To do this, go to the “Run” command line. This can be done by holding down the “Windows” button on the Lenovo “R” laptop.
  • In the window that appears, write “ncpa.cpl”;
  • By pressing the “Enter” key, we confirm the search;
  • The system takes us to the network list. You need to find the icon with the name “Wireless Connection”;
  • If you click on it, a list of actions will open, in which you need to select the “Enable” item. If instead there is a “Disable” button, then the adapter is active and you can safely work.

But how to turn on Wi-Fi on a Lenovo laptop if the adapter is active and there is no connection? Go to the same menu, deactivate the Wi-Fi adapter, and then go to the next item.

How to turn on Wi-Fi on a Lenovo laptop

How do I turn on Wi-Fi on a Lenovo laptop? To do this, there are several ways that even a beginner can cope with. This can be done using a combination of hot keys, an adapter, etc.

It is worth noting that the developers of this company always care about their users and therefore add special buttons responsible for this or that action. The clearest example is the key to go to the BIOS menu. But, unfortunately, they forget to indicate in the instructions the location of the coveted switch. Therefore, users have to think about how to connect Wi-Fi on a Lenovo laptop, and on their own look for where the Wi-Fi on button on Lenovo is.


You can turn on Wi-Fi on Lenovo in another way. As mentioned above, most often the developers of this brand place special switches. It only remains to find them.

First you need to examine the side panel of the device. The network button will be like a slider that you can move either to the right or to the left.

It also often happens that the Wi-Fi enable button on a Lenovo laptop is located next to the power button. Then it is green and looks like a regular key with a computer icon. In this case, there will also be switches for entering the BIOS, and a button for a complete reset of the system to the factory parameters. But do not be afraid to press it accidentally, for example, while transporting the device: so quickly the system will not return everything to the standard settings.

If such keys, which, by the way, greatly simplify the life of users, are absent on your laptop, then the following method is to help.

Ways to enable WI-FI on Lenovo laptops

The main advantage of a laptop is portability. With him, you can stay “at work” even outside the office. The only catch is the internet connection. Therefore, users are often interested in the question of how to activate wireless communication. It will be easier to study the topic with a specific example. Today we’ll talk about how to enable Wi-Fi on a Lenovo laptop. For the owners of this device, this is a fairly relevant topic. Simple instructions will allow you to always be online.


Fortunately for all Lenovo owners, the engineers think over their designs well. If there are no buttons responsible for the operation of the wireless connection, then you can use hot keys. There are two options for enabling Wi-Fi on a Lenovo laptop.

Among the built-in keyboard, there is a set of special keys that activate some programs. Among them, you can try to look for a nondescript button with a picture of a Wi-Fi connection.

If such a button is not found, you can use the combination “Fn” (this button certainly exists!), For example, with “F2”. But when you reinstall the operating system, the combinations may change. The “Fn” key always remains the main one, but to determine which other button you need to hold down simultaneously with it, you will have to experiment.

If you don’t want to “poke” everything, then you can open the “Control Panel” and study there which combination is responsible for what in this version of the software.

Do not panic if the “Fn” key does not exist at all on a standard keyboard. Some Lenovo owners are still using legacy models that do not have this button. In this case, you can use the buttons that are on any PC and laptop. this is a set from “F1” to “F12”. On older laptops, these keys work without the additional “Fn”.

It may well be that the hotkeys simply do not work. The fact is that developers are sometimes lazy and don’t install drivers on them. If this happens, you need to download them yourself on the official website of the manufacturer.

Checking the installed driver

The first way to enable wireless communication on a Lenovo laptop, if the adapter seems to be working, but the Internet connection does not appear, is to check if the correct driver is installed. Let’s take a look at how to enable Wi-Fi on Lenovo 560. The action plan is as follows:

  • Check if the required driver was on the device at all. To do this, you need to call the command line and enter the command “devmgmt.msc”. The system transfers to the list of drivers, where you can control everything;
  • Next, you need to select “Network adapters” in the list. In the list that appears, you must find the item “Ethernet”, sometimes it can be called “Wireless”;
  • If this item is absent at all or is displayed, but with a triangle symbol, it means that the driver is not installed. It is possible that the system will display some kind of unidentified device;
  • In this case, in order to solve the problem, you will have to download a specialized driver from the official website for a specific laptop model (in our case, for Lenovo V560).