How to unlock iPhone 11 without face

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Use iTunes to Unlock iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, or iPhone 11 Pro Max

Despite the LockWiper’s exceptional success rate and reliability, some people are reluctant to use it. This is probably because they are uncomfortable with using third party tools. Well, if you fall into this category, what can you do? Should you give up on this? Probably no. Instead of using a third party tool, you might consider using the official tool that ships with iOS devices. In fact, we are talking about iTunes, an official tool that serves a variety of purposes.

Before you try this method, keep in mind that it also has some disadvantages. For example, when you unlock your iOS device using iTunes, all data files will be deleted. Therefore, before you try this method, it is imperative that you back up all your important files.

Features of iMyFone LockWiper

Here we take a look at the most famous features of iMyFone LockWiper. This list will give you a clear idea of ​​the capabilities of this exciting tool. And Here’s The Complete iMyFone LockWiper Review For Your Reference.

  • iMyFone LockWiper Can Unlock iPhone Even If You Don’t Have Its Passcode.
  • You can use it to create a new password after unlocking your device.
  • This gives you access to all the iOS features of an unlocked device.
  • You can use it to unlock locked or disabled screens of all iOS devices and remove Jamf MDM profile on Apple devices.
  • It can provide access to a disabled iPhone even if the screen is broken.
  • It can unlock your screen lock or Apple ID (or iCloud) account or even your screen password.
  • Be compatible with all iOS versions, including the latest (iOS 14).
  • iMyFone LockWiper is perfectly compatible with all released iPhone models.

Other uses of iMyFone LockWiper

It is true that iMyFone LockWiper. it is a tool that can unlock any iPhone with a couple of clicks. However, apart from unlocking your iPhone, it can perform other important tasks as well. For example, you can use it to erase Apple ID from a given iOS device. This means that it allows the corresponding iOS device to be used as fresh from scratch. In addition to this, it also has the ability to unlock the screen time password.

If you’ve forgotten your Apple ID, LockWiper becomes incredibly handy. Think about the situation when you bought a famous iOS device. What if you need to remove it from your existing Apple ID and set it up with your Apple ID? You can use LockWiper in this case without any problem. In this case, you do not want to contact the previous owner. Instead, you can easily do it yourself without much effort. Since it can help you delete your iCloud account without a password, your device will start from scratch.

When it comes to iPhone screen passcode, this is a pretty useful feature to restrict phone usage. This feature becomes especially useful if you need to control the time on the screen of your children. Generally, you cannot change the screen time if you do not know the password for this function. While this feature is quite handy, it becomesying if you accidentally forget your password. In this case, you will have to look for a reliable and effective way to get rid of the password. This is when software like iMyFone LockWiper becomes very useful. With this tool, you can easily remove your screen password or Apple ID.

The reliability of the iMyFone LockWiper is impressive. It does not store your personal data because the company respects people’s privacy. iMyFone is a renowned software developer that offers many other tools for various tasks. So don’t worry about its reliability. When it comes to success, iMyFone LockWiper offers 100% capability, which is great. This means you can unlock any iOS device with iMyFone LockWiper if you follow the steps correctly.

With this in mind, you should follow the steps given below to unlock iPhone using iTunes.

  • As a first step, you must launch iTunes on your computer.
  • Now make sure your iOS device (which you are about to unlock) is connected to iTunes. If you are asked for a password, enter it. If not, you can use another computer to do this or in recovery mode. This goes without saying that this is another downside of using iTunes to unlock iPhone.
  • Now wait for the sync to take place. After syncing is complete, you have to click on the option called “Restore iPhone”.

unlock, iphone, face

  • You will see that it will restore your iPhone. Then it will remove the face id of your device.
  • Wait a couple of minutes for iTunes to complete the unlocking process. After completing this process, you can access the device and use it with a new password.

[100% WORKING] How to Unlock iPhone 11 Without Passcode?

We are trying to explain the process as easily as possible in this article. So, if you want to know how to unlock iPhone 11 without passcode, you can read this article.

What are the disadvantages of using iTunes?

Of course, there are some disadvantages associated with iTunes. Listed below are those disadvantages for your information.

  • This method erases all data on the device you are about to unlock.
  • In general, iPhones are programmed to automatically exit recovery mode after 15 minutes. In this case, if the whole process takes more than 15 minutes, you need to restart the process from scratch.
  • Be sure to update iTunes to the latest version beforeying this method.

Using iCloud to Unlock iPhone 11

Like iTunes, iCloud. another official tool provided by Apple. You can use it to unlock your iPhone if you don’t like the consequences of using iTunes. In fact, in this method we will be using the Find My iPhone iCloud related feature. The main advantage of this method is that you do not want to connect the corresponding iPhone to the computer. Instead, the unlocking process will be completed remotely. Following are the steps to unlock iPhone using Find My iPhone in iCloud.

  • First of all, you must launch your internet browser and go to you must enter your iCloud account login credentials.
  • Then you will see an option titled “Find My iPhone” after login. Click on it and then select the option called “All Devices”.

What are the disadvantages of using iCloud?

  • This method removes all apps, videos, contacts and everything else on your device.
  • For this unlocking method, it is imperative to have an Apple iCloud account.

Bypass iPhone X Password. 3 Ways

How to hack iPhone password via iTunes

If you have recently synced your iPhone ten with iTunes on your computer, you will be able to restore it using the software. This is how you can bypass iPhone password protection with iTunes.

Connect iPhone to the computer that was syncing and open iTunes.

Wait while iTunes syncs iPhone and backs up.

Once the backup process is complete, click “Restore iPhone”.

When in the course of restoring iPhone, the setup screen should open, where you need to click “Restore from a copy of iTunes”. After that, you need to select your own device in iTunes. Look at the creation date and size of each backup and choose the one that suits you best.

If you’ve never synched with iTunes or set up Find My iPhone in iCloud, you’ll need to use Recovery Mode to restore your device. Connect your iOS device to your computer and open iTunes.

Then do a forced reboot:

You need to press and quickly release the volume up, then press and quickly release the volume down button. After that press and hold your finger on the power button until the recovery mode screen appears.

How to unlock iPhone via iCloud

How to bypass iPhone X lock screen? Unlock iPhone in iOS 11 using iCloud. works provided that your device is geolocated and Find iPhone is activated, plus phone in Wi-Fi zone or data transfer mode.

In a web browser, open, go through the Apple ID and password authorization process.

Next, click on Settings. All devices.

We select the device from the list from which you forgot the password. Press the “Erase” button. After that, your phone will be cleared, the password from it will be deleted.

Now grab your iPhone and set it up like new. If you have previously backed up your data, then restore from the backup file.

How to Bypass iPhone X if Forgot Password Step-by-Step Guide

Forgot your iPhone passcode? Wondering how you can unlock iPhone without passcode or reset iPhone 10 passcode? Today I’m going to show you how you can bypass iPhone X passcode. Face ID will replace Touch ID on all 2018 iPhones, sometimes you still need to enter an unlock passcode. For security purposes, your iPhone has a locking mechanism that disables your iPhone if you enter the wrong unlock code multiple times.

Once you hit 6 failed attempts to unlock your device, your iPhone is locked for a while. This duration increases with each failed attempt. When you reach 10 unsuccessful attempts, a warning message will appear on the device screen. It says your iPhone is disabled, try again after 1 min. Don’t worry, this article will just tell you how you can block it.

How to remove password from iPhone using Tenorshare 4uKey

If you want to reset passcode passcode on iPhone. and your device is not connected to any of the services mentioned above, the article also presents one of the easiest and fastest ways to solve your problem. Tenorshare 4uKey. is an iPhone unlocking tool that allows you to unlock your iPhone without a passcode. The software is also available in Russian.

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Download and install the program on your PC / Mac before we start.

Run the program and connect iPhone to computer via USB cable.
After the tool recognizes your device, click “Get Started” to remove the iPhone passcode.

Before unlocking iPhone passcode, download the latest iOS firmware over the Internet.

When the software has downloaded to your computer, click “Start Unlock” to start restoring iPhone without passcode.

The whole process takes a few minutes. Please keep your device connected to the system recovery process.

When the iPhone passcode is removed successfully, you can set your iPhone as new, including passcode, touch ID.

If your iPhone is disconnected please connect to iTunes please try above 3 methods

Also, I showed you earlier how to unlock an iPhone 8. that is locked. If you have any questions please leave a message below.

Recovery mode

The method is suitable for those who know their username and password in Apple ID. By unlocking without this information with Find My Phone enabled, it is easy to turn your iPhone into a brick. Service centers won’t save him.

  • Disconnect the smartphone and connect it to the PC.
  • Launch iTunes on a PC or laptop. Click “Restore iPhone”. On devices with macOS Catalina 10.15 and earlier, just open Finder.
  • Check for updates and follow all subsequent instructions.
  • On the next screen, select “Restore”. The smartphone will delete all data stored on it.
  • Now you should wait until the current firmware is installed. All you have to do is set it up like a new phone.

Important: On some iPhones, after the procedure, an error 3004 is displayed (it was not possible to restore the iPhone). Don’t worry, everything is fixable! To fix it, just exit all browsers and set Internet Explorer by default.

If the firmware was downloaded in advance, then when you click on “Restore iPhone” in iTunes, you need to hold down Shift. As a result, a window will appear for entering the path to the desired file.

Unlock iPhone via iCloud

After 9 incorrect attempts to enter the password, iOS will lock the smartphone to prevent intruders from accessing sensitive data. You can unlock your phone using iCloud.

Important: This option works if the user knows his Apple ID, remembers additional mail and answers to security questions. You will also need access to the Internet via a PC or another smartphone.

Unlocking via iCloud will be successful if the “Find My Phone” option is enabled on the iPhone and there is a backup.

  • go to;
  • enter Apple ID;
  • go to “All devices” and select the desired gadget;
  • select the sub-item “Erase”.

iPhone will work without a password, but there will be no data on it. The backup will return everything that was on the smartphone in less than half an hour. It is installed via iTunes.

How to Unlock iPhone: 5 Ways to Unlock iPhone if You Forgot Your Passcode

Cupertinos help Apple every year justify its status as a tech giant that takes great care of its customers’ data. For several years they have been working with biometric authentication methods. fingerprints and FaceID. But what if, for some reason, it is impossible to use them, and the password was successfully forgotten? About legal methods of unlocking iPhone. further in the article.

Resetting the Wrong Attempts Counter

The method allows you to remember the password an unlimited number of times. If after the N-th attempt the iPhone is locked, it is temporary. It is enough just to reset the counter of attempts. and everything will work again.

The method is intended for phones older than iPhone X, which do not have the ability to use FaceID to unlock. You will need:

  • Connect your smartphone via a cord to your PC with iTunes enabled.
  • Go to the “Devices” submenu and select the “Synchronize with” sub-item.
  • The counter will now reset to zero. It is enough to enter the desired combination. and the smartphone will work.

Important! It is impossible to reset the counter via Hard Reset! You need to remember your password, otherwise your smartphone will turn into a brick. Also, it will not work to connect it to someone else’s PC, since for this you need to confirm the connection. And this cannot be done due to the locked screen.

Installing new firmware

If a simple recovery does not help, you should try using Hard Reset.

Special programs (jailbreak only)

If there is a jailbreak on a locked phone, then the methods suggested above will not work for it. They are created to install firmware from the manufacturer on a clean smartphone. This Unlock is not suitable for this phone, since there is already an unofficial firmware.

To unlock a Jailbreak device without a password, you need to download the Semi-Restore application to your computer. It won’t work if the iPhone is without OpenSSH and Cydia. They are? Great, then everything will go smoothly.

After that, the algorithm of actions will be as follows:

  • Download the application on a PC (for example, on DELL G3 3579 or MacBook Pro Touch Bar 13 “1Tb).
  • Connect a mobile phone via a cord.
  • Turn on the application and click on the SemiRestore icon, after which the iPhone will clear.
  • Wait for reboot and download data from the cloud back.

Don’t worry if you’ve forgotten your iPhone passcode, and you can’t log in via FaceID or fingerprints. You can fix everything using the algorithms and instructions suggested above.

Safely unlocking your iPhone

Entering your iPhone password yourself is not the same as auto unlocking

  • The trigger phrase you use to unlock can be heard by outsiders;
  • You can use automatic password entry only in the orientation in which you have configured this mechanism;
  • If your password consists of several identical numbers, you need to set them with a slight offset during setup;
  • The command to activate the action can only be in English.

Is this mechanism convenient? Undoubtedly convenient, but only in those situations when no one hears you. Because otherwise, there is a risk that someone outside will be able to use your trigger phrase and, having taken possession of the device, unlock it. The fact is that iOS is not yet capable of recognizing different voices and, accordingly, cannot determine whether the owner is speaking the command or someone who cannot be obeyed under any circumstances.

How to Unlock iPhone Automatically

The essence of the method described below is to force the iPhone or iPad to manually enter the unlock password. No, this is not the same as turning it off, because you can force the device to enter a combination only by a special voice command, which. presumably, of course. only you will know.

You can turn on automatic password entry only through Universal Access.

To unlock, you need to create a separate gesture

  • Here select “Settings” and go to “Create a new team”;
  • Enter a trigger phrase to activate the command (I have it Unlock my phone) and go to “Action”. “Start your own gesture”;

Click on the places where the numbers that make up your password should be

  • Touch your finger in the places where the buttons for entering the passcode on the lock screen are approximately located (you can lock the screen and mark these places with something. a felt-tip pen, fingerprints, saliva);
  • Save the command and exit the settings.

Now you can remove the lock from your smartphone or tablet without having to enter a password or use biometrics. You just need to press the power button, bring up the password entry window and say the trigger phrase. In my case, this is Unlock my phone. After that, you will see how an invisible hand presses the buttons on your iPhone or iPad and unlocks them. It looks especially impressive the first time. True, if there are several important aspects to keep in mind.

How to reset iPhone password

Many iPhone and iPad users, as a rule, have forgotten the password for their device at least once. This often applies to old gadgets that have not been used for a long time. In such a case, there are special applications that allow you to reset the password on an iOS device.

4uKey app and can not only remove forgotten passcode, but also reset Touch ID and Face ID information. It works very simply: connect your iPhone, choose to reset your password, after which the utility will download the latest version of iOS. installing it is an integral part of the password reset procedure. After the firmware is downloaded, the password will be deleted from the device.

The application removes not only the password, but also all information about the Apple ID from the device

The only drawback of this solution is that during the password reset process, all data from the smartphone or tablet is also deleted. However, this is not such a big price to pay for the ability to use the iPhone or iPad again with a forgotten password.

The program is not a utility for resetting the activation lock. the program only removes the forgotten password, so the owner in any case will have to log in using his Apple ID and password.

How to unlock iPhone without entering passcode and Touch ID or Face ID

Unlocking is perhaps one of the few iOS mechanics that has changed at least over the past 10 years. There were only three of them in my memory. The first time was when Apple equipped the iPhone 5s with a fingerprint scanner, the second time when it abandoned the Slide to unlock gesture, and the third time when it replaced Touch ID with Face ID. That, in general, is all. However, each of these innovations is truly difficult to overestimate, since they are all aimed at improving our convenience with you. But what if biometrics is not for you, you don’t want to give up the password, but every time you enter the coveted combination is frankly lazy? I have an answer.

Your iPhone can enter the passcode for you. It’s enough just to ask

How it works? Android needs at least 3 GB of RAM, while the iPhone needs 2 GB

I warn you right away: the method described below may not be suitable for everyone. Despite the fact that I will not offer you to abandon the password altogether. it will just remain. this is still a more primitive way to unlock your smartphone and tablet, which can be used not only by you, but also by outsiders if they find out what here’s the trick. However, the situation with the password is approximately the same. if someone finds out it, most likely, this someone will be able to access your data. But we always hope for the best, don’t we?

Longreads for you

The UK Environmental Audit Committee found Apple’s repair policies to threaten the environment. Instead of changing parts one by one, the company replaces them with modules or simply offers new devices.

Mark Zuckerberg said that he is actually glad that Apple has banned user tracking in applications on iOS. This will increase the number of ads in the. So the social network plans to keep income at the same level or even increase them a little.

If you are not deleting applications from your iPhone, iOS 14 has nothing to do with it. Most likely, you yourself have set a ban on deletion. How? We will tell in this article.

You have been offered an alternative working method. With crutches, but working and reliable (Siri can detect the voice of the owner). Stop showing off, don’t like it. don’t use it.

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Recover using a deleted iCloud service

This method is almost the same as the previous one. But you can be far from home and your home computer, in another city or another country. You can unlock iPhone via iCloud if you have enabled the “Find My Phone” option before.

  • Go to from any device.
  • Enter your Apple ID.
  • Go to the “All devices” section and select the desired gadget.
  • Select the line “erase iPhone” (Erase).

All data on the device will be erased, it will be unlocked. Then you can connect the gadget to iTunes at a convenient time and use the backup to restore.

This method only works if the locked phone is connected to WI-FI or mobile internet. And if you know your ID.

Resetting the Wrong Attempts Counter

Did you leave your iPhone on the coffee table and was grabbed by a curious child? Returning from the bathroom, they found that their favorite phone had turned into a piece of iron. But you know the password, you just need another chance! In this case, you can simply reset the counter of incorrect attempts and re-enter the desired combination, or use Face ID on your iPhone X, XS or XR.

You can reset the counter of incorrect password attempts on the phone on a computer with which the gadget has already been synced at least once.

  • We connect the phone to the computer with a cable.
  • In the “Devices” menu, select “Synchronize with” Instead of dots. the name of the device.
  • As soon as syncing starts, stop it by clicking the cross at the top of iTunes. The phone will return to the password entry window. Make no mistake this time.

By the way, you won’t be able to reset the password and the counter of attempts by “hard reset”: you must admit, it would be too easy for intruders.

It will also not work to connect the phone to someone else’s computer: in this case, you must first press the “trust” button on the phone. But you will not be able to do this as the screen is locked.

How to unlock iPhone if you forgot your password

How to unlock iPhone via iTunes

So, if you entered the wrong password more than 9 times or used the recognition scanner on the gadget, then the smart operating system will turn off the device, lock and deactivate it. In order to prevent fraudsters from accessing personal data (for example, passwords from wallets, your personal photos and contacts), all content on the device will be deleted.

And it will end well if you have done an iPhone backup restore to iTunes on a regular basis. In this case, in order to reset the phone, you will need an authorized computer.

  • Connect iPhone to computer with cable, turn on iTunes.
  • To force restart your phone on iPhone X, XS and XR, and iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, press and quickly release the volume up button, then volume down. Then keep pressing the side button until the recovery mode screen appears. (program icon). On iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, press the Side and Volume buttons at the same time. On iPhone 6s, press the Home button and the Top or Side key.
  • Select “restore phone” in the window that appears.
  • If you saved system backups during synchronization, after downloading the software, you will be prompted to use them to write to your phone. Agree.
  • Set up the newly turned on phone and use it.

Recovery Mode to Unlock iPhone if Forgot Password

This method can be used only if you know the Apple ID of the device and the password to which the device is linked in the iCloud menu. If you dare to restore a locked iPhone without this information, and activation lock is installed on it using the “find my phone” function, the device will turn into a “brick”.

It is worth using the recovery mode if you want to reset the password on a locked iPhone 6, 7, 8, X, XS, XR. This may be needed if you don’t know, don’t remember the password, couldn’t find it.

  • Turn off your phone.
  • Connect it to your computer.
  • Select Recovery Mode from the menu that appears.
  • Turn on iTunes, click OK and then “Restore iPhone”.
  • If a message appears about auto-checking for updates, click on the “check” button.
  • Then click “Repair and Update” on the next screen. You will be warned that all data from the gadget will be deleted.

IMPORTANT: on some firmware versions, an error appears (3004): Failed to restore iPhone. To cope with this, close all browsers and make Internet Explorer your default browser by launching it and agreeing to the offer in the window that appears.

If you downloaded the firmware in advance (for example, because the Internet is slow on the computer), then the “restore iPhone” button in iTunes must be pressed while holding down the Shift key. Then a window will appear where you can enter the path to the firmware file.

Why you need to urgently unlock your iPhone with really working methods?

We will not talk about cases when someone else’s phone fell into your hands. In this case, it is still better to return it to the owner. But still, atypical situations may arise:

The Face ID function has stopped working (the scanner is broken, does not respond). Yes, the situation is not the most common, but it happens.

The fingerprint scanner is broken, the settings are out of order,

Thinking while twirling the phone in your hands, and spent ten attempts to scan your fingerprint,

You only used the password, but you cannot remember it and attempts to recover have been exhausted,

The phone fell into the hands of a child who entered incorrect information 10 times, and now the gadget is blocked,

The child set the password while playing and does not remember it.

You bought a gadget off hand and did not check if it is ready to work with you. In this case, it is worth not only recovering the password, but first make sure that your gadget is not listed as hijacked. This can be done by entering the serial number on the Apple website: the device must have a Clean status. Although, if this is not the case, we generally do not recommend that you pay money for such a dubious purchase.

You bought a device handheld and the previous owner did not unactivate the device in iCloud.

Installing new firmware via DFU mode on iPhone if you forgot your password

If soft recovery does not help, then it remains to use a hard reset to install the new firmware. This task can be solved in DFU mode. To get there on the iPhone 6 and 6s, simultaneously press the Home and Power buttons and hold for 10 seconds.

For iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, the procedure is different:

  • Connect your phone to iTunes.
  • Hold down the volume down and off buttons, hold until the phone turns off. Release only the Power button.
  • In DFU mode, the screen should be black, no iTunes icon.
  • On the computer screen, the program will offer to check for updates, after clicking the “Check” button, it will inform you that the phone is in recovery mode. Click OK and reinstall the firmware (it’s better to download it in advance).

How to unlock via hard reset iPhone

If the iPhone is locked and won’t connect to iTunes. for example, it didn’t sync or was done on a different PC that you can’t access. the option is to reset it completely. In this case, the password will be destroyed along with other information.

Life hack: Try to save data using third-party software such as iFunBox.

First, you need to connect your smartphone to your computer, as in the previous method. Can be used with any PC or laptop with iTunes.

After that, forcibly restart the machine. In new versions (8, X and subsequent), you need to quickly press the volume up and release, then just as quickly press the volume down once, then hold down and do not release the side button. Recovery mode should turn on.

For 7 and its Plus version, you need to hold down the volume down and the side key.

Finally, in earlier versions, press the side / top key and “home”.

After that, a choice of options should appear.

You need to click on “Restore” and wait for the completion of the procedure. Then set up your iPhone as if it were a brand new machine.

Keep in mind that all actions in this mode are allocated 15 minutes. If the program does not meet the deadline, you will need to forcibly restart the smartphone again.

Finally, there is another way how to unlock iPhone without iTunes. contact a service center. The procedure will be the same as in the options described above, the only difference is that you do not need your own computer, plus a consultant will help you.

Important! Sometimes third-party applications are advised to unblock. However, in this case, there is no guarantee that the device will work at all. Support claims the only way out is to use iTunes in one way or another.

Restoring from a backup

If the copying process was performed, you can connect to Aityuns via a computer as usual, and then restore data and access to the mobile phone itself (you need the same PC).

Connect the devices with a cable and turn on iTunes. The program will display the smartphone icon. If you have set up automatic synchronization, wait for the application to copy the data. You can also start the process manually if you click on the desired item in the device menu and then click the “Synchronize” button.

Next, you need to use a special button to restore. The program may warn about an outdated OS version. in this case, you need to update iOS to continue. Then you need to choose to restore from a copy.

Select the appropriate copy by date or size. If you used an encrypted save password, you will need to enter it to decrypt a previously saved copy.

On the device itself, you will also need to specify recovery from iTunes.

After that, wait until the end of the process. The password is cleared and you can use the device again.

Reset attempt counter

In some cases, when the device tells you to connect to iTunes to unlock your iPhone, you just need to follow this advice. If simply connecting to your computer with iTunes isn’t enough, try starting the sync procedure. It is not necessary to complete this process to the end, you can stop it with a cross or an arrow, if one appears. After that, try again to enter the password from the device.

Important! Before connecting to iTunes, if the iPhone is locked, make sure that this is the same PC from which you have already connected. Otherwise, the program will ask for confirmation from the machine.

How to fix the error: “iPhone is locked, connect to iTunes

Apple technology, despite all its reputation, can also fail, confusing the user. over, while showing tips that your iPhone is locked, connect to iTunes: how to unlock it and prevent similar situations. we will analyze in this article.

Reasons for the error: “iPhone is locked, connect to iTunes

Before deciding what to do next, you need to figure out the reason for the message that the iPhone is disconnected, so connect to iTunes. Such a situation can easily arise as a result of repeatedly entering an incorrect password, for example, if:

  • you yourself have forgotten or changed it;
  • someone from your family or friends confused the smartphone and tried to unlock it with their password;
  • an outsider wanted to access the device in your absence.
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To prevent the device from blocking, you need to try to enter the password correctly and not exceed the limit of attempts. And of course, do not give it to strangers and children, who may accidentally block access.

Accordingly, the options for solving the problem of how to unlock it, if the software says that the iPhone is disabled, connect to iTunes, depend on the knowledge of the current password. It also matters whether you followed the backup procedure before the problem occurred. If in both cases the answer is no, then you can say goodbye to the data on the smartphone. using the method recommended by the manufacturer will completely erase the contents of the device’s memory. This is done for security reasons so that random persons cannot view personal information on any device.

A more gentle option, like unlocking the iPhone, if it is disabled and says, they say, connect to iTunes, is available if you have a backup. In this case, important data can be recovered.

Possible problems

If the iPhone is disconnected, it says connect to iTunes, but when connected to a PC it only vibrates 3 or more times. you probably have a problem with your cable or computer. Check it on another PC, with a different cord, or try restarting your smartphone. If these measures do not help, you should contact the service.

IPhone 11 review. Impressions in two weeks

I decided not to rush to review the iPhone 11 in order to put together the most complete picture of the usability of a smartphone. Two weeks is quite a normal time to understand about all the advantages and disadvantages of the device.

There are not so many impressions as Nikita Goryainov from iPhone 11 Pro. Practical changes and innovations turned out to be not enough, although no one expected them, since this is a minor update of devices.

Having been with this iPhone for a couple of weeks, I absolutely knew that it would be extremely popular. Same as iPhone XR.

Design you are not ashamed of

I think you all remember how, after the first leaks of the iPhone XR 2, everyone complained about the terrible camera design. No less than iPhone 11 Pro.

If in the “proshka” this was explained by the presence of three lenses, then in the “eleventh” there were 2 of them. Only the telephoto lens was replaced with a shirik one. And you know I like the way it looks in real life.

Apple did the right thing by not painting it black. Now the cameras are not very striking, and the substrate for them is generally transparent, it is almost invisible. Due to what the unit fits harmoniously into the body of the device.

And how I love the centered Apple logo. It seems as if it has always been this way, and he is in his place. At the same time, we got rid of all unnecessary inscriptions.

Yes, in Russia and other European countries there are trash can markings (correct disposal) and CE (certification). But they are almost invisible. To make out the presence of these symbols, you need to carefully look in bright light. Respect that they are as hidden as possible.

There is no matte finish here, the glass remains glossy. It collects absolutely all prints, even if you lightly touch the back panel. I did not notice the difference with the previous generation.

I went before with the iPhone XS Max, everything blundered the same way. Better or worse did not get better, that’s for sure. So, if you want to keep your Smart in top condition, cover it with a case. Otherwise, you will be constantly annoyed by the abundance of stains on the back panel.

Lasts a long time, but nothing special

Let’s talk about battery life. I can’t compare with the iPhone XR, but I can show the difference with the iPhone XS Max.

Apple claims the iPhone 11 lasts an hour longer than the iPhone XR. And the iPhone XR has the most powerful battery of all iPhones, which means it lasts even longer than the iPhone XS Max.

And you know what? I did not notice any increase in autonomy. Removing the iPhone XS Max from charge at 8 am, with active use (Safari and Telegram almost always work at full capacity), he sat down for lunch, at two o’clock. And I see the same thing in the iPhone 11, well, maybe another half hour.

Statistics of the last 10 days of use

But you probably don’t use your smartphone as often as I do. And in this situation, both the iPhone XS Max and the iPhone 11 quite live up to the end of the day. But don’t expect 30 percent the next morning. By the evening, you still have to put on charge.

▪️ Video playback (wireless): up to 17 hours
▪️ Watching videos in streaming mode (wirelessly): up to 10 hours
▪️ Audio playback (wireless): up to 65 hours

In general, I confirm the figures. iPhone can work as much under the conditions listed above.

In other situations, an outlet is indispensable.

No more 3D Touch, come to terms

This is the weakest point in the new iPhone for all hard-hitting fans. If you didn’t have an iPhone XR and loved 3D Touch, the pain is guaranteed. You get used to good things quickly, but wean them for a long time.

During these 2 weeks, I have not yet been able to fully switch to the new system of long presses. And that’s all. If with 3D Touch everything was done in a split second, now the response time has increased.

I’m typing the text, correcting instant mistakes in words by moving the slider. Previously, it was enough to press harder at any point on the keyboard, but now you need to tap and hold the space bar, which works every other time.

Or another example. With 3D Touch, you could instantly hide the incoming notification: clicked on it harder and immediately swipe down. Now you need to hold your finger on this message for a second and only then swipe.

Nikita was right about editing the desktop. If earlier we imagined 2 separate actions for the context menu and deletion, now for only one deletion you need to hold down and then tap on Change the order of applications, or drag the icon to the side. time is spent and it is not very pleasant.

Cameras in iPhone 11 shoot amazing

Perhaps the biggest innovation in the iPhone 11 is the camera. And both in the case of the iPhone XR, and with other models.

Before us are two lenses: a regular 12 MP and an ultra wide angle 12 MP. There is no telephoto in this iPhone, it was left for the iPhone 11 Pro.

There is no optical zoom, none at all. Maximum you can use only 5x digital zoom when taking photos and 3x for video.

There will be slightly less detail in the frame when zooming in.

Actually, this is where the differences between the cameras of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro end. The other two lenses are absolutely identical:

▪️ Main wide-angle f / 1.8 aperture
▪️ Second ultra wide-angle f / 2.4

With an ultra wide-angle camera, you can capture twice as many objects in photos and videos. Even when shooting a normal video at “super wide”, shaking is hardly noticeable. In this regard, Apple really pleasantly surprised.

What else I liked was the almost seamless switching between cameras. This is the part where Apple just trampled the competition.

Seriously, take any fancy flagship with an ultra wide-angle camera and switch to it from a regular one. You will clearly see the transition between them. IPhone 11 and up don’t have this problem, just zoom in and out.

iPhone 11. Ultra-wide-angle camera

iPhone 11. Portrait Mode

iPhone 11. Portrait Mode

iPhone 11. Ultra-wide-angle camera

iPhone 11. Panorama with ultra-wide-angle camera

And now you can always see what the super-wide head “sees”. When photographing with a regular camera, the black frames around the viewfinder window become translucent. When you take a photo with the main camera, two versions of the image are stored in memory: normal and wide. You can view them through the edit menu.

The front camera has also become a little wider, due to which more than one person is now placed in the frame. And the “selfie” itself looks thinner than when shooting with the main camera. And the video is now captured at 4K60FPS.

Also, the front camera has learned to shoot Slowy. slow motion videos. What for? I do not know, I could not find the reasons for introducing this function. Unless you shake your cheeks once at the camera and say “ha-ha, cool”. For me personally, this is the first “feature for the sake of feature” in the iPhone. But Apple clearly has big plans for this option, since it even registered a separate trademark.

Face ID now works at a larger angle

Personally, I did not notice a noticeable increase in the speed of Face ID. The iPhone XS Max with iOS 13 ran as fast as the iPhone 11 with iOS 13.1.1. Brought to face, instant, Smart unlocked. Is that great? Undoubtedly, yes. But it already happened, it was just solved by the firmware.

But what iOS 13 failed to achieve was the increased viewing angle. They have become larger in the iPhone 11, although not much. No need to reach for iPhone display to unlock it.

The only thing that didn’t work was that there was still no unlock in the horizontal position.

A trivial example: you are sitting, watching a video on YouTube, I wanted to turn up the volume and accidentally pressed the lock button. Additional action is needed. Take iPhone in hand, turn it and only then continue browsing.

It’s a perfectly balanced iPhone

How great the iPhone 11 feels after the iPhone XS Max. The novelty is lighter than last year’s flagship by 14 grams, and you can feel it.

This is pure subjectivity, but I never liked shovels like the Plus and Max models. I considered 5.8-inch smartphones to be the ideal, and 6.1-inch smartphones. a compromise, for whom 5.8 is not enough, but 6.5 is a lot.

Now I have changed my mind. Due to its weight, the iPhone 11 is as secure and comfortable as possible in the hand. This is definitely not a compromise, but an independent smartphone for everyone.

IPhone 11 Thickness. 8.3mm, iPhone XR Thickness. 8.3mm

There is no “airiness” from the iPhone 11 Pro, but at the same time you do not think that you are carrying a brick with you in the form of an iPhone 11 Pro Max, as Nikita noted in his review.

And the thickness of the devices plays a role. Due to the denser body, balance is felt, nothing outweighs anywhere. Harmony in all aspects.