How to update vibe on iPhone

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Problems on Apple (iPhone)

The main issue faced by iPhone users is the use of devices with an outdated operating system. One of the available solutions is to install an up-to-date update before downloading viber. The second is to download the old viber, for example, through the appstore.

The next problem is a conflict between the messenger and various modifications already installed on the iPhone (including 5, 6 s, se) applications. It is difficult to find out what the program conflicts with. Possible options are sequentially deleted, reinstalled or updated by.

After the vibe is installed, due to the enabled blocking of unfamiliar numbers, users do not receive SMS.

Push-button telephone

Another non-standard question concerns the possibility of use on a push-button telephone.

The main requirement when installing vibers on a smartphone is the presence of an operating system and its support. If it is on a push-button mobile phone, then there will be no problems using the program. In other cases, you will have to communicate through other devices. tablet, PC, another phone.

Among the brands of push-button devices on which the wasps are located are sony, nokia, LG, Samsung, fly. There are models of these brands without wasps, so before downloading and installing the program, you need to read the technical specifications.

Which mobile platforms are suitable for viber

The application is installed on any touchscreen, some models of push-button phones. You can download versions for OS: Android, iOS (iPhone), Windows background. Symbian OS installed on nokia n8 is not in the list, although the model is still in use. Despite the versatility, questions may arise with the installation of the program due to the use of an outdated OS.

At the time of this writing, the phone should be:

  • Android phones. version 4.1 and higher. The program can be easily installed on sony xperia 1, nokia x6, x8, microsoft lumia 535, Meizu mt6, Samsung Galaxy, Honor, explay, fly;
  • Apple. from iOS 10. You can update iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6 plus, 6s, 6s plus, se. It is impossible to install the update on the 4c ​​model (download as a separate file. yes, but no more);
  • smartphones with win. phone (nokia lumia). 8.1 and up. Example. microsoft lumia 640 3g duos.

Subject to the specified requirements for the OS, there should be no problems with the connection and operation of the client.


Viber is downloaded on the iPhone from three sources:

  • appstore. This is the easiest way. Store pre-installed on all iPhones.
  • iTunes on PC. The program was previously used to download programs from the app store and upload them to iPhone, ipad. The method allows you to put the vibe that was on the device earlier, works on old iPhones, for example, 4s;
  • itools. Here you can find an outdated version by downloading the ipa file.

The most detailed information on installing on the iPhone by each of these methods is presented in another article on our website, which also discusses step by step the problems that arise in the process.

Viber installation on 2 smartphones and transfer from one to the second

If you have two phones and two different SIM-cards, vibeber can be downloaded and installed on both (two) devices at the same time. The messenger will work fine, but the accounts will be different: there will be no correspondence and synchronization of contacts.

update, vibe, iphone

There is a way that allows you to put vibe on 2 mobile phones at the same time under one account. It consists in convincing the program that only one of the devices used is a phone, the other is a tablet.

The installation process will need to involve a computer with an interesting adb installer program. It is used to work with a mobile OS from a PC.

Screen resolution is uploaded to a smartphone where viber is not yet installed. The task is to show the main characteristics of the phone screen. To put a vibe on the second mobile phone, they launch screen resolution, find out the dpi, remember the value.

Before authorization on the second device using adb installer, the permission is changed. After the user is authorized, it is necessary to return the previous dpi value. Otherwise, the text on the device will be unreadable.

When purchasing a new mobile phone, the question arises of how to transfer the chat history of the vibe from the old one to it.

  • start a backup on the old device (data can be saved to the Internet or on the device);
  • install on the new one, activate the vibe, select the “restore data” option. Nothing else is needed to transfer text messages from one device to another.

Transferring chats from an old mobile to a new one is sometimes accompanied by a change of number. Before starting the backup, you need to untie the old number in the account settings.

check in

To make my vibe work, you need to enter it, register. The process is OS independent.

  • telephone number. Should be working, relevant. It will receive the registration code required to use the vibe. There is no difference which operator’s number is used. SMS will come to the number tele2, mts, megaphone, any other. An alternative is to receive an activation code through a call;
  • country. The country, the code of which is included in the mobile number, is indicated. It can be Russia, Belarus, USA, China. Automatically identified during registration.

To register, the program will ask you to register a name, add a photo, agree on access to phone contacts, camera, location. The registration process does not depend on this information. you can enter it later, or better, send everything at once (it is better to register correctly once).

Windows phone

To put a client on this system, you must:

  • on the microsoft website download the installation file, open, register;
  • download the program with the xap extension is an alternative to the standard download. Contains an archive that contains a vibe for win. phone and related libraries.

the best ways to install viber on your phone quickly and free. step-by-step instructions from an expert problem solving

Viber presents thousands of opportunities for communication, it is used by millions of people around the world. It is used to send text, voice messages, videos, photos, documents, and make calls. If you are wondering how to install viber on your phone, the step-by-step instructions in this article contain detailed information. It tells about all your wants, how and where to download the program in Russian for free, how to install it correctly. we consider all possible methods for phones with any operating system what is important to configure, we also describe the problems that arise in the process, we give proven methods of solving them.

  • Which mobile platforms are suitable for viber
  • Where to download Viber
  • Free installation of viber in Russian
  • iPhone
  • Android
  • Windows phone
  • First launch of the program
  • check in
  • Viber installation on 2 smartphones and transfer from one to the second
  • Push-button telephone
  • Viber work in Crimea. solution
  • How to set up and fix errors
  • Why you get an unknown error on Android
  • Problems on Apple (iPhone)
  • Glitches with Windows background
  • conclusions

Setting up Viber on iPhone

You can customize a large number of messenger functions. IPhone users in Viber can set up the following:

    Messages, namely how long they will be stored. Not only text messages are saved, but all files that you sent. Since photos and videos take up a lot of space in the device’s memory, it is worth determining the time after which this information will be deleted. By default, this period is 2 weeks. If desired, the resulting images can simply be saved to the gallery.

Video messages, you can configure in what format you will send it.

  • Change the application language, for this you need to open the “Settings” and go to the “Languages ​​and texts” section, in the “Language” subsection select the one you need from the list.
  • Change your phone number. This involves changing your account, in order to do this, you need to open the “Advanced” section and click “Disable account”. After that, the program will restart and a welcome window will open. Here you will need to indicate your country and a new mobile phone number.
  • If necessary, you can hide your online status, you can do this in the “Show online status” section.
  • Customize notifications allows you to change banners, icons and sounds.
  • For communication, you can configure: statuses, chats, contacts, collect analytics data, save or hide images, disable an account, select an alert mode, set up calls, call and message logs, reset settings and back up data.

    How to set up Viber on iPhone

    There are more and more Viber users, this is due to the fact that it is a very convenient messenger with which you can communicate with people from all over the world.

    In order to make communication as comfortable as possible, you need to figure out how to set up Viber on an iPhone. In fact, it is very simple, all the settings will be described in this article.

    Possible errors and their elimination

    There may be a No Code issue. To do this, you need to request an SMS with an activation code, which is sent 1 for 24 hours. After the code has come, you need to enter it in the activation field, after that all the functions of the application will be available.

    If you’re having trouble syncing your contacts, try refreshing the list. If that didn’t help, then open Settings, go to Mail, calendars, addresses, then click Import SIM card contacts.

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    how to update or change a phone number in viber

    If there are no several contacts or synchronization has not occurred for a long time, then you can delete all contacts in the application and re-import them.

    How to update Viber

    To update Viber, you need to choose which way to do it preferable. The fact is that there are several options for solving this problem.

    How to update Viber for device owners on a phone that runs Android and iPhones (iOS):

    Now you need to enter “My Applications”. for Androids; you need to go to the “Installed” tab (there is information about all programs and applications installed using GooglePlay). for iPhones.

    5.Click “Update” (if the version of Viber installed on your device is fresh, then this button will not be active).

    Now you can go into the updated messenger and use it as usual: the updated version usually contains fixes and user-friendly additions.

    If the phone does not update Viber.

    In the event that the above update method does not work and the smartphone, for some unknown reason, “does not want” to download updates, or the messenger does not perform its functions after downloading, you need to try to completely reinstall the program. For this:

    1.First you need to delete the old version (remember that this will also remove the contact list, messages, history.):

    • go to the “Application Manager” of the smartphone,
    • find Viber,
    • tap on it,
    • click the “Remove Application” button.

    3.Click the “Install” button to re-download the latest version of the messenger to your smartphone.

    New Viber for computer

    Owners of computers and laptops on which the Viber client is installed should do the following to update the messenger:

    First you need to find out which version of Viber you already have installed. To do this, open the program and enter the help section (that’s what it is called. “Help”), then select the tab called “About the application”. a small window will open with information about the version of the program.

    Find out which version of Viber is the latest at the moment. To do this, go to the Viber website, section “Support” ( and write in the search bar: “last update. “. After the search is over, you will see a series of news on this topic.

    3.If the installed version is older, uninstall the program from the computer (go to “Start” in the “Control Panel” and find “Uninstall Programs”, double-click on the name of Viber, then press the “Enter” key on the keyboard or the “Ok “).

    Go to the official Viber website in the “Computer” section at and download the latest version (if your OS is Mac or Linux, follow the link of the same name and click “Download “).

    Double-click on the freshly downloaded program. it will begin to install. Thus, your outdated version of the messenger will be updated.

    The specified method of updating Viber for a computer to the latest version is called reinstallation.

    So, in order to update Viber on your smartphone (it doesn’t matter if you have a Nokia or an iPhone) or on a computer, just follow one of the instructions described above.

    With Windows

    To set up an automatic search and download a new Viber build, in the Microsoft service, click on the menu button at the top right, select the “Update applications automatically” option and activate it.

    How to check the installed version of Viber

    The version of the messenger affects the performance, support for new functions. You can check the build of the application on your phone and computer. To do this, you will have to go to the menu.

    • Launch Viber, click on the “” button.
    • In the window that opens, tap on the button “Description and support”.
    • The version of the installed application will be displayed on the screen. To check, you can go to the official website at the link and see the new assembly of the messenger.

    How to check the build of an application on a computer:

    • Open the messenger on PC, click on the “Help” button, click on the line “About Viber”.
    • The application assembly will appear on the screen. You can check the current assembly on the official website, for this click on the button “Visit site”.

    Usually, the Viber update does not take much time and is performed automatically. A request may appear on the computer to download a new assembly, do not ignore it and click on the confirmation key.

    Important. After the update, all settings are saved. Changes concern performance, new options are added to the messenger, the interface becomes more convenient.

    Automatic loading

    Usually updates to the latest version are done automatically. The next time you start the messenger, a message about the presence of a new assembly pops up on the screen. To start the installation, just click on the confirmation button and wait for the end of the operation.

    After applying the changes, Viber will restart automatically. The official Viber website will open in the browser, where useful information will be indicated.

    How to update Viber. user guide

    The new build of the messenger contains fewer bugs, works more stable and boasts advanced features. Usually Viber downloads and installs the new version automatically. If this does not happen, you will have to look for a new assembly yourself. Let’s figure out how to update Viber on a computer and phone.

    Linux and macOS OS

    Updating applications on these operating systems is carried out in a specific way. For MacOS, you will have to download the file from the official website and start installing it. During the download, you must not interrupt the process, this will lead to errors in operation.

    • Open the official Viber website.
    • In the “Download” tab, find the desired option, download it.
    • Run the installation, the components will be updated instantly.

    Important. If the Linux version is selected incorrectly and the wrong file is downloaded, you will not be able to update Viber.

    From Android

    How to update Viber on Android phone:

    Updates are available on Android for free. They are downloaded automatically and do not require user interaction.

    Updating Viber on a computer

    An internet connection is required to download files. When installing a new build, the settings and the selected language in the menu will remain unchanged.

    How To Automatically Update Apps in the Background on iPhone Tutorial

    Download the new version through the website

    You can get the latest revision on the developers website. To do this, you need to download a file for a suitable operating system and double-click on it. The installer will automatically detect the location of Viber on the computer, replace old files with new ones.

    How to download the new version from the official website:

    • Open your browser, go to the site by the link.
    • Click on the “Download” button, it is located on the top panel.
    • Select your operating system, click on the appropriate button.
    • The download will start instantly.
    • To start installation, double-click on the file you just downloaded.

    A complete list of operating systems can be found on the same page below. The links are available for current versions of Viber.

    How to update vibe on iPhone

    Convenient messenger Viber is a must-have for a modern person. This program is quite easy to use, even children can use it. It allows you to make calls, exchange messages, stickers, photos, and even send your location. In addition, it synchronizes contacts on the phone and displays those with Viber installed in the list. All that is needed for work is a working Internet on the device. And it doesn’t matter which one, WI-FI, 3G or ordinary EDGE. For a vibeer, this is quite enough. The program is free, you pay only for the Internet.

    Important! If the phone is running Android, you need to do the same in the Play Market in order to install vibe on your phone.

    How to install vibe on iPhone, iPad.

    Before you start installing vibers on your iPhone, you need to have an AppleID entry.

    1) First of all, go to the AppStore. You probably already know him. There, search for Viber and click install (Free, Install, Download).

    2) Next, you will be prompted to accept the permissions. Agree. Also, during installation, it may ask for an AppleID, we enter your data from the account.

    3) When the program finishes installing, such a window will appear.

    4) In the next step, you must enter the country and your number.

    5) Now the phone will receive a message with activation. These will be 4 digits. Enter them.

    That’s all. Viber is active on your phone and you can exchange messages with your friends for free.

    Most often, problems arise when using the old viber. If the app is updated, it is recommended that you swipe down from the top of the contact screen. The list should be fully restored. Another way is to log out of the messenger and log in again.

    How to update messenger on your phone and computer to the latest version

    The principle of updating the messenger on different devices is identical. you need to confirm your consent or purposefully choose to install a new version.

    • on an Android smartphone, for example, Samsung, Lenovo, a tablet, you need to go to Google Play, find viber, click on “install”;
    • on iPhone, go to iTunes, look for the latest version, install it;
    • on a PC, laptop with Windows, it is enough, upon receipt of a notification, to agree to install the application or to resolve the issue by reinstalling the messenger.

    Where to download the updated vibe and the latest update

    As soon as the viber developers release updates, users who have set up auto-updating apps are notified accordingly. To install a new version, you just need to agree to it.

    If notifications do not come, you can find out about their existence and download them for free from the following sources:

    • on the phone, go to the “Description and Support” section, on the PC. in the settings (gear icon), see if there is information about the update. If available, confirm the download;
    • when using an Android phone, you can download a new vibe on Google Play;
    • iPhone users download the latest versions from the AppStore;
    • the updated Windows application von and microsoft is in the “Store”.

    Updates usually include new features, fresh design, description in Russian.

    How to disable the update

    Often users don’t want apps to be installed automatically.

    On a PC, everything is simple. just refuse to install the new version. Auto-update doesn’t work here.

    On an Android phone, you need to go to Google Play and turn off auto-update applications in the settings.

    The situation is similar with the iPhone and iPad. It is enough to deactivate the automatic download option in the settings.

    How to update viber contacts, program, disable updates. detailed step-by-step instructions

    Good afternoon, dear readers! I think you often encounter receiving notifications about the need to update the vibe. The messenger stubbornly reminds of the release of new versions and assures that it is in them that functions are presented, without which it is simply impossible to communicate. But what to do for those whose application is capricious, not only does not inform that it is time to update it, but also starts to work poorly. So, the topic of our article today is updates.

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    Old versions of vibers have limited functionality if updates are available. You can update the application through the Play store, iTunes, as well as by setting up auto-updates.

    Installation procedure

    Without iOS 10.0

    If your iPhone has an old version of the operating platform, that is, lower than iOS 10, then you will not be able to install the latest version of Viber, since the technical characteristics of the system do not fall under the requirements of the application. Therefore, you will only be able to install the old suitable version of the messenger. How to do it:

    How to install Viber on iPhone 4

    The iPhone 4 was once a very popular smartphone from the prestigious Apple company. Today this phone model is considered outdated, but it still has a number of updates and popular applications available. The developers of Viber Media pay special attention to the iOS operating system, so any owner can download Viber on his iPhone. It is very easy to download and install Viber on iPhone. The installation method depends on the new version of the iPhone 4 operating system.

    Does Viber exist for iPhone 4

    Due to the outdated platform, many iPhone owners face this system error when trying to update the messenger:

    Thus, it is possible to install the Viber application on the iPhone 4, however, with a few remarks in the instructions. That is, this means that the download of the file and its installation will take place in a non-standard mode due to the outdated platform. There are two ways out here. download an old suitable version of the messenger for your iPhone 4 or upgrade the operating system through an update.

    To a smartphone with iOS 10.0

    • Go to the App Store from your phone.
    • At the bottom, click on the search icon (magnifying glass).
    • A search bar appears at the top, where you enter the name of the application. Viber.
    • According to the search results, select the Viber messenger and click “Download”.

    The download will start automatically and will only take a few seconds. After its end, the application will appear on the main screen of the phone. a standard lilac Viber icon with a handset. It is already ready for use and does not need to be installed additionally. Launch and register using your mobile phone number.

    How to update iPhone

    If you like the first option of downloading the messenger more, and you also want to receive updates for other programs, then you need to update your operating system on your phone to the maximum possible. This can be done in two ways:

    • Via phone.
    • Via computer with iTunes.

    To update the operating system on the iPhone 4 from the phone, you need to go to “Settings”, then “General”, click “Software Update”. Before doing this, your smartphone must be connected to Wi-Fi. In the “Software update” section, a search is made for an available new version of the operating system, and if there are any, then a line with the version number and the “Update” button appears. Click on it and wait for completion.

    Updating the system through iTunes may seem much more difficult, but this method is considered more effective:

    • Install iTunes and sign in to your iCloud profile from your computer.
    • Connect the phone via the cord to the computer.
    • Wait until the two devices are paired and a black smartphone icon is displayed at the top left.
    • Click on it, select the “Update” item, in the case of available new versions, the iOS OP on your four will be updated.

    Where to begin?

    The messenger is able to provide communication between people, as well as to transfer data. Sometimes there are situations when the program takes a long time to load or some functions do not work. These moments signal the need to update Viber.

    There are several ways to update the service, depending on the type of phone:

    We focus on how to update Viber on Android and iPhone.

    Android phone users should update the service as follows to troubleshoot all issues. You need to go to the Play Market and open the menu. Click on the sign at the top left. Next, click on “My Applications” and look for Viber. Opposite the title should be the word “Update”. Click on it and enjoy the new version of the program. If you have any questions, visit will help you find answers to them.

    IPhone owners are advised to first go to the App Store and then look for the Updates tab. We are looking for the program we are interested in and click “Update”. If the service is not on the list, then it has been independently updated.

    Update Viber on your phone

    Viber, like any other program, needs constant updates. They are necessary for the service to work correctly and not to cause any inconvenience to the phone user. Experts recommend monitoring the release of updates and installing them. You can find out how to update Viber on your phone by visiting the site.

    Technical support

    If, after carrying out the above steps, the application on the phone does not work normally, then you can contact or Ticket for help.

    A ticket is a request for technical support from a well-known messenger. The request must be written in English. If a person speaks this language poorly, then, as an option, you can use the services of any online translator. To do this, we describe the problem in your native language and ask you to translate it into English. After that, the text should be sent along with your email address for technical specialists to take care of the problem.

    Expect a response from Viber employees via the email you provided in your message. The average waiting time is 24 hours. The received answer will be written in English.

    Installing new versions of Viber on mobile phones is easy. After that, customers respond more positively to the work of the messenger.


    To clean the iPhone vibe from unnecessary contacts, you need:

    • Login to the messenger.
    • Go to “Contacts”.
    • Select the user you intend to delete.
    • Click on the pencil icon.
    • Next. “Delete”.

    The file system of Apple devices is closed, so you can clear the cache in applications, including Viber, only using this option:

    • Go to phone settings.
    • Click “General”.
    • Go to Storage & iCloud.
    • Find the “Storage” / “Manage” tab.
    • In the list of applications that opens, select Viber.

    Multiple posts

    In Viber, it is possible not only to remove the message from your dialogue, but also from the interlocutor. How to do it?

    • Launch the application.
    • Open the desired dialogue.
    • Select a message with a long tap.
    • In the window that appears, click “delete for me” or “delete for all”.

    If you need to delete several messages, then you can do this:

    • Go to Viber.
    • Select the desired conversation.
    • Click on the menu.
    • Next. “Editing messages”.
    • Mark SMS you want to delete.
    • Click on the trash can icon.

    Message log

    Viber has the ability to delete the entire message history at once.

    • Launch the application.
    • Go to “Settings” (gear icon at the bottom of the screen).
    • Next. “Calls and Messages”.
    • Click on “Clear message history”.
    • Confirm your action.


    To eliminate Selective Chat on iPhone, do the following:

    • Open Viber.
    • Find the desired chat and swipe from right to left.
    • Click Remove.

    REFERENCE: Group correspondence is deleted in the same way.


    Photos, videos, gifs and other files are saved in the device’s memory, so you need to clear them directly from the folders with pictures and videos.

    REFERENCE: On iPhones, Viber has an option “Store media files” (“”. “Multimedia”), where you can set the time during which received files will be kept in the smartphone’s memory: indefinitely, for a year, a month or a week.

    Call log

    In Viber, you can get rid of not only unwanted correspondence, but also call history.

    • Turn on the messenger.
    • Go to “Challenges”.
    • Press and hold on any of the calls.
    • Then it will be possible to select one or several calls manually, as well as mark all by clicking the checkmark at the top.
    • When the selection is made, click on the trash can icon.

    Cleaning Viber in iPhone

    Viber is one of the most popular messengers used by iPhone owners. The developers make sure that the application functions smoothly and is as comfortable to use as possible, therefore, many special options are provided to optimize the vibe. First of all, this is the ability to clean the vibe on the iPhone.


    If such a radical measure as ridding the device’s memory of all vibeter messages does not suit you, you can delete individual conversations and messages.

    App Store update

    First, let’s figure out how to update apps in the App Store on iPhone without using a computer or other programs.

    • Launch AppStore app on iPhone.
    • Go to the “Updates” tab.
    • Click “Update All” and enter your Apple ID password.

    If you want to update one or several applications, and not all programs, click the “Update” button next to the name. Update applications over Wi-Fi, as updates can be quite heavy and consume all mobile traffic. If you want the updated application to be installed on your smartphone without your participation, enable automatic updating in the settings:

    • Open the settings.
    • Go to the “iTunes Store, App Store”.
    • Move the “Updates” switch to the “Enabled” position.

    Now, after the release of the update, the application will be downloaded automatically when connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi.

    Updating on a computer

    If it is not possible to connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi, and you do not want to spend mobile traffic, use a computer with iTunes installed to update applications. Let’s see how to update the installed application on iPhone via iTunes:

    • Connect your device.
    • Launch iTunes on your computer.
    • Expand the “Store” menu and select “Authorize this computer”.
    • Enter Apple ID and password.
    • In the sidebar, select the “Programs” category.

    On your computer, the iTunes window displays a list of programs installed on your iPhone. Click on the “Check for Updates” button. it is located on the bottom panel. If updates are available for the application, a corresponding window will appear. If there are no updates, nothing will happen.

    In the window with updates (if any), you can update all applications at once or upgrade programs one by one. To install updates for an individual application, click on the “Get Update” button next to it. To download and install all updates at once, click “Download all free updates” and wait until the download and installation is complete. Thanks to the unlimited and high-speed Internet on the computer, the operation will be completed in a short time.

    You need to sync for your changes to appear on your iPhone. Click on the device icon in the iTunes window and click “Sync”. Another way can be used:

    • Connect iPhone, select it in iTunes under “Devices”.
    • Go to the “Programs” tab.
    • Click the “Update” button next to the application for which there is an update.
    • Click “Apply” to synchronize data.

    If there is no update available for installation, then instead of “Update” the button will say “Delete”.

    Apps are not updating

    If, when trying to update an application in the App Store, the update does not install or freezes:

    • Make sure the latest version of the application supports the system installed on the iPhone.
    • Check your internet connection.
    • Sign out of the Apple ID in the App Store and log in again (the update download will resume automatically).
    • Click on the application icon to pause the update. Press again to start further download.
    • Try downloading any free app from the App Store to connect to the server.
    • Sync your device with iTunes.
    • Reset network settings or reset iPhone to factory state.
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    Usually, when updating applications, there are no problems, but if after following the steps described above, the update is not installed, try restoring the device in DFU mode.

    Download Viber for iPhone

    A lot has been said on the Internet about how to install an application on an Android smartphone. From this article you will find out where and how to download Viber on iPhone for free in Russian, how to install which phone model is suitable for this or that operating system for this application.

    For iPhone 5 and 5s

    Installing Viber for iPhone 5 and 5s is a matter of a few minutes, since for these phone models with iOS 8 it will be easy to update the operating system: for the 5th model you can upgrade to iOS 10.3., And even the latest versions are available for 5s.

    • Update iOS to 10.3 or higher.
    • Open the AppStore and download the application. Then Viber will request data (nickname and phone number).
    • After synchronization with the phone book, the application will be ready to work. Add new contacts to the messenger and use.

    For iPhone 4s

    Now let’s look at how users of this model install the application on the iPhone 4s.

    The fact is that iOS 8, on which application updates are possible, is designed for iPhones with 2-core processors, while the iPhone 4 has a 1-core processor.

    Therefore, Apple has stopped releasing updated versions of applications on this phone.

    Conditions required to download and install Viber on iPhone

    To install Viber on the iPhone for free in Russian, without problems and difficulties, the following conditions are required:

    • Actually, the phone itself is Apple iPhone 4s and newer, since it is impossible to install the application on earlier versions, although the Internet sometimes gives advice on installing the messenger on older models of iPhones.
    • A computer for 4s, since this Viber model will have to be downloaded via a PC.
    • iOS at least 8, but better. updated to version 10.3, or at least 9.
    • Internet connection.

    Instructions: how to download and install Viber on iPhone

    The program will require a username and password, after which you must enter your name, account and phone number. When you install the application on an Android device, the contact list on the iPhone is automatically synchronized with Viber. The process of free installation of the messenger on the iPhone is over. Now you can add contacts and use its convenient and useful functionality.

    How to install Viber on iPhone

    It should be noted that both the creators of the iPhone and the developers of Viber for iOS tried to simplify as much as possible the procedure for installing the messenger client for users of Apple smartphones. Some difficulties with the solution of this issue may arise only for owners of devices operating under outdated versions of iOS, but, following the instructions below, gaining access to the information exchange system in the end is almost always obtained.


    To date, to install Viber on iPhone via iTunes, you will have to resort to installing not the newest version of the media combine. 12.6.3, and only then install the messenger client. You can download the iTunes 12.6.3 distribution kit for Windows of the required bitness (32- or 64-bit) from the link:

    To avoid problems when launching an older version of the program later, after uninstalling iTunes, additionally delete the “iTunes” directory located along the path:

    Important! During the installation of iTunes, the version you need to install Viber on the iPhone, in the second window of the installer, be sure to uncheck the “Automatically update iTunes and other Apple software” checkbox.

    After the installation is complete, launch iTunes 12.6.3.

    Call up the list of options by clicking on the menu of the sections displayed in the program.

    Next, check the checkbox next to the “Programs” item in the list that opens and click “Finish”.

    How to Update Viber Messenger App on iPhone or iPad

    Select “Apps” from the list of components available in iTunes, click “Apps for iPhone”, and then click the “Apps in AppStore” button.

    Enter the query “viber” in the search field, then specify the item “viber media sarl.” present in the resulting list of results.

    Click on the name of the application “Viber Messenger”.

  • On the iPhone messenger client page in the AppStore, click “Download”.
  • Log in to iTunes Store,
  • by entering your AppleID and password, and then clicking “Get” in the registration request window.

    Wait for the download of the Viber package to your PC. The name of the “Download” button will change to “Downloaded” at the end of the procedure.

    Connect iPhone to a USB port on your computer and confirm requests to share information on your device in the iTunes window,

    Go to the device control page by clicking the button with the smartphone image in the iTunes window.

    Next, select the “Programs” section on the left side of the application window. Viber for iPhone downloaded from the AppStore by following paragraph 10 of this instruction is present in the list of applications.

    Click “Install”, which will change the name of the button to “Will be installed”.

    Click “Apply” in iTunes.

    When prompted to authorize your computer, confirm it,

    and then enter your AppleIDY password and click “Authorize”.

    Click “Finish” in the iTunes window. In fact, the installation of Viber on an iOS device can be considered complete, it remains only to wait a little.

    Take a look at the iPhone display after unlocking it. After a while, a new application icon will appear on the screen. Gradually, Viber will be loaded and installed in the iPhone memory. Then it will be possible to launch and activate the messenger.

    After logging into the service, you can start using the features and benefits of Viber for iPhone!

    Additionally. For users of devices with outdated iOS version (below 9.0)

    For owners of, for example, iPhone 4 running iOS 7.1.2, the above method of installing Viber is one of the few opportunities to get the desired application on the device. But one should act somewhat differently than recommended above.

    • Follow the instructions for installing Viber via iTunes from point 1 to point 12 inclusive.
    • Enter the App Store from your smartphone and go to “Updates”.
    • Next, you need to select “Shopping”. A list will open containing all applications that have ever been installed on the iPhone using iTunes or App Store on the smartphone itself.
    • Tap “Viber” as a result of which a notification will appear about the impossibility of installing the current version of the application in the environment of an outdated version of iOS.
    • Confirm that you want to download a compatible version of Viber. After that, the iPhone will appear, although not updated, but a completely functional client of the service.

    Methods for installing Viber messenger on iPhone

    The cross-platform messenger Viber takes pride of place in the list of the most frequently used programs on a wide variety of devices, including Apple smartphones. In the article offered to the reader’s attention, several methods of installing Viber for iPhone are considered, which make it possible to quickly gain access to the service’s capabilities in various situations. The process of installing Viber on the iPhone is carried out in just a few steps, which are available for performing, including by novice users of Apple products and software.


    IPhone users who prefer to fully control the process of installing applications to their device and are not used to putting up with the restrictions introduced by Apple, for example, regarding the possibility of installing not the newest versions of programs into their own devices by official methods, can use ipa files to install Viber on the iPhone.

    C: \ Users \ username \ Music \ iTunes \ iTunes Media \ Mobile Applications.

    In the future, ipa packages, and Viber among them, can be installed on the iPhone using tools created by third-party developers. One of the most popular unofficial software tools for working with Apple devices, including installing applications from a PC, is iTools.

      Download and install iTools on your computer.

    Installation instructions can be found in the material, which details the functionality of the tool and its benefits.

    and connect your iPhone to your computer’s USB port.

    Go to the “Applications” section by clicking on the item of the same name in the menu on the left of the iTools window.

    Call the “Install” function by clicking “” next to the advising inscription in the upper part of the window. In the “Explorer” that opens, determine the location of the Viber ipa-file, select the package with the application and click “Open”.

    Wait for the download to the program, verification and unpacking of the archive offered by iTulsu to complete, containing the software for installation into the device.

  • After some time, Viber will be installed in the iPhone without user intervention and will take its place in the list of installed applications displayed in iTools.
  • Unlock iPhone screen, check for Viber icon among other software tools. Start the messenger and activate your account in the service.
  • Viber on iPhone is ready to use!

    App Store

    The above methods of installing Viber on the iPhone are very effective and the only effective in certain situations, but they cannot be called the simplest. For owners of fully customized iPhones running iOS 9.0 and higher, the best solution would be to use the official Viber installation method offered by Apple. downloading from the App Store, preinstalled on all the manufacturer’s smartphones.

      Open App Store by tapping on the service icon on the iPhone screen.

    Click “Search” and enter the query “viber” in the field to find the page of the messenger application. The first result displayed on the list is the target. click on it.

    Tap on the “Viber” icon to go to a screen with more detailed information about the application.

    Tap the cloud with an arrow pointing down and wait for the download of the components. After downloading the required file, the automatic installation of Viber will begin, which ends with the appearance of the “OPEN” button.

    This completes the installation of the Viber iOS client application. Open the app, activate the ID.

    You can start transmitting / receiving information through one of the most popular services!

    Thus, users of Apple smartphones can very simply and easily join the members of the modern and multifunctional Viber information exchange system. In most cases, the installation of the client messenger application for iOS does not arise any difficulties and the process takes only a few minutes.

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