How to use iPhone as a modem

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iPhone as a Wi-Fi router

We examined this private feature in detail in the article about distributing Wi-Fi Internet from the iPhone, so now we will not be too distracted by this option, we will only note that:

  • by turning on the distribution of Wi-Fi, the iPhone will act as a full-fledged router;
  • setup is so simple that it is just a matter of inventing a password for a new network.

Using such a modem, you can connect to the network from other devices: tablet, computer or laptop. In order to connect and fully use the iPhone as a router, you need to scan for Wi-Fi networks!

Setting up iPhone as a modem

iPhone supports two of the most common modes: wired and wireless. To configure any of these modes, you first need to enable the modem function itself, let’s see what needs to be done for this:

  • The first thing we need is to go to “Settings” and then to the item “Cellular”. After making sure the cellular switches are activated, turn on 3G;
  • Then we return to the “Settings” menu, look for “Modem mode” and go there;
  • We activate the slider, after that the smartphone will turn on the modem function.

iPhone as USB Modem for PC

It is easier and much faster in every sense to connect your smartphone to a specific computer via a USB cable. This method has its advantages: there will be no loss of speed and the phone will not run out of power. In addition, if you have 3G, then the device will provide very fast speed.

You just need to connect your smartphone to your computer, turn on “Cellular Data”, and then go to the “Network” menu and select “Modem Mode”.

It should be remembered that the connection is not interrupted in case of receiving SMS-messages and incoming calls, but when you answer the call, it is interrupted and restored only when the conversation ends.

In iOS 8, the tethering slider is hidden by default. To display it, you just need to go to “Settings”. “Cellular”. “Cellular data network” (as in the second screenshot, which is located above) and scrolling through the menu to the “Modem mode” item, write: APN. internet, Login. gdata, Password. gdata.

You can also find useful information and follow the instructions that are appropriate for your case from the following

Do not forget to read the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, there is also a lot of useful information. If there is no answer to your question, and there is an answer to later Комментарии и мнения владельцев, then the answer to your question is contained in the article, respect someone else’s time.

Problems connecting to mobile internet on iPhone

iPhone as a modem. quick and easy!

There is not always access to the Internet, and even more so to free Wi-Fi, because of this, a modern person has many problems. Well, if there is no 3G modem at hand, then it seems it’s time to despair. And this is because not everyone knows about the ability to use the iPhone as a modem and about the fact that any user, thus, can create an access point by distributing the connection, including to other devices, for example. smartphones, tablets or laptops.

This is a really good opportunity, because with the help of your iPhone you can connect to the Internet anytime and anywhere, if, of course, you have money in your account. You can help out your friends who need urgent access, for example, to your VK account or even connect your laptop.

To put it bluntly, the iPhone is a modem that will work anytime, anywhere. The best thing about this situation is that setting up the entire network will take no more than a few minutes, which is a huge difference from the process when standard Wi-Fi is configured, where tens of minutes are needed, and sometimes more.

The iPhone can be safely used in this way and has a big advantage over routers, especially when 3G is available. After all, then, you not only use your favorite iPhone as a simple modem, quickly set it up, but also have a stable, high-speed Internet access.

Reasons for poor Internet performance on iPhone

How to enable hotspot mode in iPhone and iPad

Probably, every user has at least once faced a situation when it is urgently necessary to distribute the Internet. For example, from an iPhone or iPad to a laptop or from one gadget with a 3G-card from Utel or Intertelecom to another gadget with a slow or not loaded EDGE. Such an opportunity is provided in all current devices and is turned on elementary, and it is easy to configure. it is worth registering the APN.

The articles in this series are written for beginners and tell in simple language about useful techniques and capabilities of iOS / OS X.

UiP Tips Released Tuesdays and Thursdays.

To operate the modem mode and distribute the Internet via Wi-Fi, you need to register the access point of your operator. To do this, open the system settings, the “Cellular” menu and go to the “Cellular data network” section. The tab contains three blocks of filled fields: “Cellular data”, “MMS” and “Modem mode”.

In the APN field of the last block, enter the following data (leave the “Username” and “Password” fields blank):

  • Operator Life :): internet
  • Operator Kievstar, contract:
  • Operator Kievstar, prepaid:
  • Operator Djuice:
  • MTS operator:
  • Beeline operator:
  • Operator 3mob:

(Intertelecom subscribers do not need to manually register the settings)

Press “Back”, to be sure we reboot the device.

To enable modem mode, go to “Cellular” “Modem mode” and move the slider to the active state. Of the additional parameters, only the selection of the access password. It certainly needs to be asked, but there is no need to come up with something complicated. hardly anyone will have the time and desire to crack your password by guessing characters.

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Now the “Modem mode” section has been duplicated in the main settings menu, right under “Cellular communications”. When the modem is turned on, the iOS 7 status bar turns blue, by tapping on it you can go to the settings. In addition, the system writes how many devices are connected to your device.

Features of the device

  • You should be aware that a smartphone can only be used as a modem in a wired way. In this case, the user will need to understand some of the settings of his computer.
  • If he is new to this, it will be easier for him to set up a mobile device as a router. The latter method is suitable not only for iOS, but also for devices that run on the popular Android platform.
  • Fortunately, Apple has built a special feature into its device that allows you to customize it accordingly. The method is also suitable for iPad tablets that support SIM cards.
  • The mobile device can be connected to a PC and the Internet via Wi-Fi via Bluetooth, or via a SIM card.
  • In the latter case, the smartphone will distribute Wi-Fi and work as a router, and the user will be able to appear online from another device that supports wireless communication (for example, a tablet or laptop).
  • Some time ago, a special program was offered in the App Store for such purposes. It could be purchased online.

However, literally a few days later, the application was removed, and today there are no analogues to it and, most likely, there will not be any. That is why it is advisable to independently learn how to set up your smartphone to access the Internet.

How to use an iPhone as a modem: guidelines

High technologies of our time practically have no limits.This also applies to mobile devices, in connection with which users of iOS devices have a question about how to use the iPhone as a modem.

The rapid pace of life all the time makes you move and change your location. The less a person is tied to his desktop computer, the more opportunities open up for him.

In particular, he can access the Internet from his smartphone exactly when he needs it.

Many cellular operators today offer a modem that connects to a laptop via USB. However, they do not always have time to buy it, and sometimes you just do not want to spend money.

Nevertheless, there is a way out. to use your mobile device as a modem, or as an access point for distributing a Wi-Fi network.

This method is recommended if the owner of the smartphone has unlimited Internet, or a certain amount of traffic provided for free.

Step-by-step instruction

It should be immediately clarified that users of devices starting from the iPhone 3G model will be able to use the instructions.

  • Through the main screen of the device, go to the basic settings and select the “Modem mode” item in the “Network” menu. Let’s activate it. Next, select the connection mode. “Only USB” or “Wi-Fi”.
  • When you select the “USB only” item, connect your smartphone to the PC using a USB cable (you can find it in the standard delivery set, that is, in the box from the device) and download the iTunes program from the official Apple website and install it (if this has not been done earlier ).
  • A window appears on the PC monitor, where it is proposed to determine the connection method. Select “Internet Connection” and click “Next”.
  • When choosing the “Wi-Fi” mode, they come up with a password for the new network and enter it on the smartphone. After that, in the lower right corner of the computer, they find a list of available networks and select their own network.
  • Click “Connect” and enter the password. Thus, everything is extremely simple.

Bluetooth connection is allowed, but Internet speed is poor.

How to use iPhone as a modem

Unfortunately, access to free Wi-Fi is not available everywhere, and this often leads to serious problems. If a 3G modem is not at hand, then it would seem it’s time to start to despair. However, not many people know that using their iPhone, any user can create an Internet access point and distribute Wi-Fi to other devices.

You can use this opportunity as you like: help out friends who have run out of traffic on their smartphones, access the Internet with iPad Wi-Fi only, or connect the same laptop while on the train. The best part is that setting up an access point, unlike routers of various models, on an iPhone will take you less than a minute.

How to use iPhone as a modem

Make sure the Settings menu. Cellular enabled Cellular Data and Enable 3G switches

Go back to the Settings menu and go to Modem Mode

Activate the Modem mode slider. If Bluetooth is turned off, the system will give you a pop-up message asking you to activate it. If your computer has a Bluetooth adapter, then select Turn on Bluetooth for further connection

Enter the desired Wi-Fi connection password

After completing these simple manipulations, you can connect to the Internet from another device or directly from your computer. And if the situation with Wi-Fi connection is clear. you just need to scan the space for the presence of active wireless networks from any device with Wi-Fi, then the case with a USB connection needs to be analyzed in more detail.

In order to access the Internet from a PC using an iPhone as a modem using a USB cable, you need to:

  • Connect iPhone to Computer
  • Go to Control Panel. Network and Internet. View network status and tasks and make sure the connection is activated
  • If this connection is not displayed, restart your computer and reconnect your iPhone

Attention: you may need to reinstall iTunes (it is advisable to use the current version).

We recommend to iPhone owners:

Turn on the internet

To do this, go to: “Settings” “Cellular” and put the “Cellular data” switch in the On position, that is, green.

Set up and turn on the modem mode on the iPhone

You can use your iPhone as a modem to connect your laptop, tablet or other smartphones to the internet.


Sharing the Internet from the iPhone using a USB cable is even easier: you just need to activate the modem mode, connect the phone to the computer and, if necessary, add the device to the trusted category. after a short time, the PC will automatically connect to the global network.

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How to enable tethering on iPhone?

The owner of Apple technology inevitably faces many interesting tasks: from the need to synchronize the iPhone with the computer to the need to back up data. Fortunately, the quality of mobile communication provided by the manufacturer allows not only watching movies from the Internet on the iPhone or iPad, but also turning the device into a full-fledged modem. How to enable and use this mode on iPhone. let’s try to figure it out.

Enabling modem mode

Turning on tethering on your iPhone is as easy as sharing Wi-Fi from your laptop; To do this, the owner of the vehicle must:

  • Open the “Settings” menu on the iPhone and on the main page tap on the heading “Modem Mode”.
  • Move the slider of the same name to the “Enabled” position.
  • And make sure it lights up green.

That’s all. the user spent no more time on manipulations than on trying to install a melody on the iPhone; now it remains to set up a connection with a computer in modem mode according to one of the standards: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or via a USB cable.

Beeline. automatic Internet settings on the iPhone.

  • Activate the “Internet Access” service by dialing the command 110181 #
  • Then get automatic installation by calling 0880. Password for saving settings. 1234.

Instructions for Windows

Since the Windows operating system in domestic conditions is more common than the rest, the first thing to consider is the connection to the device on it. The interface of the Windows operating system has remained practically unchanged since the seventh series, so it is better to consider an example with Windows 10. iPhone in this situation works with iOS 9. It is the most optimal, since in older and newer versions practically nothing has changed dramatically.

Turning Your iPhone Into a Virtual Router : iPhone Tips & Tricks

Note! The main requirements are the installed Apple iTunes software and a standard original USB cable for the phone. The program can be downloaded from the official website, it is absolutely free. Then it needs to be installed on the computer. It’s also easy and only takes a couple of minutes.

After completing all the preparatory steps, you must enable the “Modem Mode” function on the phone. Next, you need to connect both devices with a wire. A window “Trust this computer” will appear on the display of the smartphone, which must be positively confirmed, otherwise the connection will not take place.

Steps to connect to the network via a smartphone:

  • In the list with possible network connections, find a new available network with the name Apple Mobile Device Ethernet.
  • We recommend that you check the connection and its status. To do this, click on the connection icon in the lower right corner of the screen with the right button.
  • A small menu will open in which you should click on “Network and Sharing Center”.
  • Finally, on the left side, click on “Change adapter parameters”, in the menu that opens, a list of all connections will be available.

When iPhone acts as a modem and has Wi-Fi enabled, it can be used as a router for other gadgets. To do this, you need to connect to a connection that will be referred to as iPhone or the like. After that, the system will ask you to enter a password.

Note! In this case, a personal computer via a wire and other devices via a wireless network will be able to access the Internet.

The ways

How you can distribute the Internet from the iPhone, we wrote here.

There are three tethering modes you can use on iPhone:

  • Connecting the phone to a computer on MAC, Windows 7 or 10 via USB (Lightning), and distributing the Internet;
  • Creation of an access point and distribution of a secure Wi-Fi connection with your password;
  • Connection as a modem to a PC via Bluetooth pairing.

Using iPhone in tethering mode on Mac OS X

As for connecting an iPhone as a modem to a Mac, I don’t even know what to write, it’s even easier:

  • When using Wi-Fi, simply connect to the iPhone hotspot with the password specified on the tethering settings page on the phone (in some cases, the password may not even be required if you use the same iCloud account on Mac and iPhone).
  • When using USB tethering, everything will work automatically (provided tethering is enabled on the iPhone). If it doesn’t work, go to OS X system settings. Network, select “USB on iPhone” and uncheck “Disable if you don’t need it”.
  • And only Bluetooth requires action: go to Mac System Preferences, select Network, and then Bluetooth Pan. Click Set Up Bluetooth Device and find your iPhone. After establishing a connection between the two devices, the Internet will become available.

That’s probably all. If you have any questions, ask in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. If the iPhone tethering mode disappeared from the settings, first of all, check if the data transmission over the mobile network is enabled and working.

How to connect “iPhone” to a computer via USB as a modem is a common question among users of the presented device. Apple products are gaining more and more popularity around the world, therefore, among device owners, questions are common on various topics related to additional functions and special applications. All gadgets of the company have the ability to connect to the Internet in several ways. this is Wi-Fi, a mobile connection, or a connection to a computer or laptop with access to the network via a wire. In addition, all Wi-Fi devices are equipped with the “modem mode” system function, which allows you to act as a router or router and distribute access to the global network simultaneously to several devices. This is very convenient because it allows you to connect to a personal computer that runs on the Windows or MAC operating system and does not have access to the Internet. To do this, use a standard USB cable that comes with the gadget. You may also need iTunes

Instructions for connecting iPhone to computer via USB as a modem

In the case of a wired connection to a personal computer, a telephone cord is used, which is also used to charge the device. This is convenient because it does not require the use of many wires of different directions.

Setting up a mobile connection

There are usually no problems with a cellular Internet connection, the connection and use is quite simple, because the basic SIM cards are sold with all the settings installed. You just need to install the card in your smartphone and start using all the privileges of access to the global network. But it happens that the ability to transfer information over a mobile connection is lost. In such cases, you may need to configure and turn on the network yourself. Also, the presented settings will be needed if you plan to use the iPhone as a modem.

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Important! Thanks to the “iTunes” software, which is installed on a PC or laptop, you can perform many different actions together.

The settings for activating the connection to the cellular network are carried out in two stages, first, access is connected, and then the necessary data for each of the operators are installed and entered. The first stage consists of the following steps:

  • First you need to decide whether the transmission of information over the network is activated. This is done in the gadget settings. To check, you need to carry out the following combination: “Cellular”. “Settings”.
  • After that, you need to check the activation of two sliders under the names “Enable 3G” and “Cellular Data”. They should be connected and lit in green.
  • If the slider of the “Cellular Data” tab is inactive, then it is possible to connect only via Wi-Fi. It is also recommended to activate the point about enabling 3G, otherwise the device will receive and transmit information only according to the old EDGE standard. It has a very low speed (up to 470 Kilobits per second).

Note! The 4G standard is connected in the same way, only the user is required to choose an LTE or 4G connection instead of 3G.

After all the above steps and settings are completed, you need to proceed to the second stage of work. In this case, you need to clarify and establish the correctness of the input of all data for the cellular connection. It is recommended to do this as follows:

  • Re-enter the “Cellular” section. At the bottom of the section, you need to find an additional section called “Cellular data network” and select it to enter.
  • In this section, the “Cellular data” block will appear, in which there are three lines with names: APN, username, password.

Note! For each of the domestic operators, you need to enter different data. You can find them on the official website, call the hot line or enter the data listed below.

  • APN: internet;
  • Username: gdata;
  • Password: gdata.

Internet connection from MTS requires the following combinations:

  • APN:;
  • Username: mts;
  • Password: mts.

Beeline users need to enter the following combinations:

  • APN:;
  • Username: beeline;
  • Password: beeline.

For users connected to Tele2:

  • APN:;
  • Username: do not enter anything;
  • Password: enter nothing.

Operator Yota requires the following data to be entered:

  • APN: internet.yota;
  • Username: do not enter anything;
  • Password: leave blank.

A small company “MOTIV” requires input:

iPhone : Share Internet connection with Your PC using USB cable | NETVN

  • APN:;
  • Username: motiv;
  • Password: motiv.

National telecom operator Rostelecom, data:

  • APN:;
  • Username: leave blank;
  • Password: leave blank.

It is possible to simplify an already simple procedure and not enter data into the smartphone personally. In this case, you only need to call the hot line of the mobile operator and request that the settings be sent. After a certain time, the user will receive an SMS message with all the necessary information. After that, you don’t need to enter anything, just open the message, and all settings will be saved automatically.

Important! Remember to reboot your smartphone every time after entering data. The connection is activated only after switching on.

It’s easy to connect your iPhone as a modem. The main thing is to have the original lightning installed by iTunes, and so that the phone can handle 3G / 4G LTE connections. If the GSM module only catches GPRS, the modem may be interrupted.

If you have an iPhone, you can use it in tethering mode via USB (like 3G or LTE modem), Wi-Fi (like mobile hotspot) or Bluetooth connection. This tutorial details how to enable tethering on iPhone and use it to access the Internet in Windows 10 (same for Windows 7 and 8) or macOS.

I note that, although I myself have not seen anything like this (in Russia, in my opinion, there is no such thing), telecom operators can block the modem mode or, more precisely, the use of Internet access by several devices (tethering). If, for completely unclear reasons, you cannot activate the modem mode on the iPhone in any way, it may be worth clarifying the information about the availability of the service from the operator, also in the article below there is information on what to do if the modem mode disappeared from the settings after the iOS update.

Features of the

  • make sure you have a package with gigabytes or have enough funds on your balance to connect to the Internet;
  • iPhone sees a stable 3G or 4G LTE connection;
  • the computer port defines the devices connected to it;
  • original lightning is used;
  • the computer must have the latest version of iTunes installed.

If all conditions are met, proceed with the setup.

How to enable tethering on iPhone

To enable tethering on iPhone, go to Settings. Cellular and make sure cellular data is turned on (Cellular Data). When the cellular network is disabled, the modem mode will not be displayed in the settings below. If even with a connected cellular connection you do not see the modem mode, here will help the instruction What to do if the modem mode on the iPhone has disappeared.

After that, click on the “Tethering” settings item (which is located both in the cellular settings and on the main screen of the iPhone settings) and turn it on.

If you have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth turned off at the time you turn it on, the iPhone will offer to turn them on so that you can use it not only as a modem via USB, but also via Bluetooth. Also below you can specify your password for the Wi-Fi network distributed by the iPhone, in case you use it as an access point.