How to use nfc on a Samsung phone

Use on Samsung smartphones

These devices were among the first to be equipped with an NFC chip. However, there is this miracle only in flagships and mid-range devices. But you need to know everything about how to use NFC on a Samsung phone. This can definitely come in handy in everyday use. Consider using a chip to transfer data between two smartphones. Everything is extremely simple here:

  • First you need to open the file you want to transfer.
  • Now you need to combine the two devices almost closely. Back covers. over, the transmitting device must be on top.
  • It will take some time to determine the connected smartphone. After the completion of the operation, a corresponding notification will appear.
  • To start the transfer, just click on the screen.
  • Upon completion of the process, a sound notification will be applied.

That’s all. This is the answer to the question of how to use NFC on a Samsung phone. For contactless payment using this chip, you will first have to bind the card to the phone. In this regard, any device has corresponding instructions. Now let’s look at other smartphones.

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What is NFC?

The abbreviation NFC comes from the English language. It is short for Near Field Communication. This literally translates as “near contactless communication”. This technology allows devices to exchange data at higher speeds. But only within 10 centimeters.

Currently, this technology is used mainly for contactless payments. There are special terminals that can handle such things. NFC chips are installed exclusively on flagships and mid-range smartphones. Budget-level devices are rarely equipped with such chips.

For the first time, it was in the “iPhone” that NFC appeared. Even the most advanced users did not know how to use it. But soon the manufacturers published detailed instructions. However, let’s consider other features of NFC technology.

The advantages of this technology

Like everything around, this technology has its advantages and disadvantages. The ratio of these indicators demonstrates how advanced this or that function is considered. And in the case of NFC, there are far more advantages than disadvantages.

  • high data transfer rate;
  • the ability to save smartphone settings in NFC tags and their automated and instant application;
  • the ability to make contactless payments;
  • the option of storing all receipts of payment in electronic form;
  • the ability to use an NFC card as a business card or postcard;
  • implementation of data transfer between two devices using the P2P protocol;
  • quick setting of the NFC chip with system options;
  • the ability to use NFC even if there is no chip in the smartphone (with some restrictions).

In fact, there are many advantages to NFC. But none of the smartphones can make full use of this technology. In “iPhones” it is generally used exclusively for contactless payments. How do I use the NFC system on my phone? We will definitely answer this question, but first we will consider the disadvantages of this technology. There are far fewer of them than advantages.

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NFC in the phone: what it is, how to use it, purpose, usability and tips

Modern smartphones. these are high-tech devices with a huge range of functions. Among them there are both the usual light sensors, a Bluetooth transmitter and a gyroscope, and quite exotic things like the face unlock option. There is a special technology in the phone. NFC. What is it and how to use it? We will definitely tell you about this very useful option. Let’s start with its description and history of occurrence.

Use on smartphones from Apple

There is, in principle, nothing to tell here. The fact is that the guys from Apple artificially limited the capabilities of the NFC chip in their smartphones. On iPhones, it can be used exclusively for contactless payments. No labeling work. No option to exchange data between smartphones.

Owners of smartphones on “Android” have long been using all the possibilities of this technology, and only loyal fans of “iPhones” suffer from infringement of their rights. Be that as it may, if a person wants to use all the capabilities of NFC technology, then Apple smartphones are categorically not suitable for this. Better to look for something on “Andoid”. And the iPhone owners have detailed instructions on using the chip for Apple Pay. There is no point in considering her here.


Do not think that the disadvantages of this technology in any way affect security or create problems when using it. It’s just that under certain circumstances they are possible. But the chance of encountering them is extremely small.

Here is a list of the known issues with NFC technology:

  • the maximum distance for data transmission is strictly regulated and extremely small;
  • it is possible to access data during transmission by intercepting the signal (but for this you need to be at a distance of a meter from the smartphone);
  • it is possible to interrupt the transmission using the usual “jammer” of cellular communication (such cases are extremely rare).

That’s all. There are no more flaws. Now it’s time to consider how to use NFC on your phone to pay. Examples with specific models will be considered.

Use on Huawei smartphones

This option is not very common in Huawei devices. Mainly flagships are equipped with it. But you still need to know how to use NFC on your Huawei phone. In principle, there is nothing complicated about it. The algorithm is similar to the one used in Samsung devices. You just need to turn on this very NFC first.

This can be done using the following algorithm:

  • Open the “Settings” menu using the corresponding icon on the smartphone desktop.
  • We move to the block of settings for wireless networks.
  • There we click on the item “”.
  • We tick the box “Allow data exchange when combining a smartphone with another device”.
  • Next, turn on Android Beam by setting the appropriate checkbox.
  • Let’s start transferring data.

NFC is now successfully activated. As for the very process of data transfer on Huawei phones, it is exactly the same as on Samsung phones. Therefore, you can use the previous instruction.

Let’s move on to the features of other smartphones and NFC in the phone. What is it, how to use it and why is it needed on other devices?

Use on Honor smartphones

In these budget devices, the NFC chip is present exclusively for contactless payment and interaction with tags. You cannot transfer files on “Honor” devices. Nevertheless, it is worth analyzing the question of how to use NFC in an Honor phone.

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NFC tags. These are certain stickers with an embedded NFC chip, into which certain settings are entered. With their help, you can automate some actions on your smartphone: distribute Wi-Fi, turn on the alarm, turn off the sound, and so on. But first, the label needs to be programmed. This will help special applications that are in the “Market” on “Android”.

So, the algorithm of actions for carrying out the work of a smartphone with a tag is as follows:

  • Open the “Market” and download the application for programming labels.
  • Acquiring the tag itself.
  • We bring the smartphone to the tag and program it using the instructions provided by the application.
  • We stick the label in any convenient place.
  • If you need to use it, just bring the device to the mark.

That’s all the wisdom. Thus, you can fully automate the routine actions of managing your smartphone. A very handy thing.

However, there are other smartphones as well. From a well-known company that unrealistically inflates the price of its products. How are things going with NFC on the phone? What is it and how to use it in the understanding of Apple? Let’s try to figure it out.

How to find out if your phone has NFC

Near Field Communication is supported by many different types of devices, including mobile phones. NFC in a phone is a piece of hardware that is responsible for pairing with other NFC devices. It is usually located on the inside of the back cover, but if the battery is non-removable, its location is often marked with a logo on the case itself.

There are several ways to check if your smartphone supports NFC. Some mobile phone manufacturers, such as Sony, mark their products with the appropriate logo or sticker with the NFC text, while others, such as Samsung, place a “Near Field Communication” label on the battery. You can also look for a mention of NFC in the documentation that came with your phone.

There are sites dedicated to the subject that provide information on which phones have NFC, for example, on the page there is a table with several hundred NFC-enabled devices. Finally, the most correct thing is to open the settings, go to the “Wireless networks” section, select “” and see if there are NFC and Android Beam items.

What is NFC and what is this technology for

details about the use of Near Field Communication in different areas will be discussed below, we will also find out what NFC is in a smartphone, and now let me say a few words about how it works. Data exchange between devices supporting the technology is carried out using NFC modules, which are electromagnetic coils. Being conjugated, the coils alternately generate an electromagnetic field, under the influence of which a current arises in them, which is then converted into a transmitting signal.

However, one should not assume that the exchange is always carried out directly. If you use NFC to transfer files from smartphone to smartphone, they will be transferred via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, while NFC will only serve to identify devices. It is also necessary to distinguish between active and passive modes of NFC operation. Active is the mode in which the electromagnetic field is generated by both devices, passive. only when the field is created by one of the devices. An example of the second mode. writing or reading data from NFC or RFID tags.

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The NFC function in the phone. what is it and how to use it

Wireless Fidelity, also known as Wi-Fi, is far from the only wireless technology supported by modern mobile devices. To transfer data over short distances, in particular, to exchange files between phones, today Bluetooth is usually used. a specification of wireless networks that allows communication between devices at the physical level. However, there are other technologies that are still less in demand in everyday life, but are rapidly gaining popularity, such as, for example, NFC, which will be discussed in this article.

What you can do with NFC

So, what is NFC is more or less clear, now let’s move on to examples of its specific use. The field of application of this wireless communication technology is quite extensive. So, NFC is used:

How do I use NFC on my phone? After making sure that the NFC function is available on the device, it must first be activated, for which in the settings you must check the NFC item “Allow data exchange when combining the tablet (phone) with another device”. In this case, the Android Beam option should be automatically activated. If this does not happen, turn it on manually by clicking on it and selecting “Yes”.

Let’s consider the simplest example of using a function. to transfer data. After enabling NFC and unlocking both devices, open the content on the phone that you want to transfer, and then bring the devices closer with the back covers (you can be at a distance of up to 10 cm). After the devices have found each other, a “Tap to transfer data” notification appears on the sending gadget’s screen. Tap on the display and wait for the transfer to complete, about which you will be notified by a sound signal.

Similarly, through NFC, you can exchange links to web pages, applications on Google Play and videos from YouTube.

There are also third-party applications that support the technology and work with bank cards. In Russia, these are Qiwi and Wallet from the developer CardsMobile. Among banking applications in Russia, one can note Alfa-Touch from Alfa-Bank, in Ukraine. Privat24 from Privat-Bank.

To work with NFC tags, you also need the appropriate applications. Thus, the Yandex.Metro application can be used to obtain information about the number of remaining trips on the Metro card, and AnyTAG NFC Launcher or NFC Actions can be used to program your own tags and control various functions and devices with their help.

The NFC tag is scanned as follows. After activating NFC on the phone and opening the scanner application, place the gadget over the tag at a distance of 1-10 cm.The phone will scan the tag and offer to open its contents.

Now you know in general terms what NFC stands for and where this technology is applied. In the post-Soviet countries, Near Field Communication, however, has not yet become widespread due to the relatively small number of communication devices supporting it. Nevertheless, the NFC function is very promising and in the very near future it will surely turn out to be one of the most demanded.