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Find and Track a Friend’s iPhone

On the phone screen, you will see a list of friends who have shared their location. It will be enough just to choose a friend to track where his iPhone is now. Well, and where the phone is, there is the owner.

If you are just setting up a connection between the iPhone, then you need to click on “” in the upper right corner, enter information about a friend and select Send. The person should be warned that you are going to add him to your list so that there will not be any trouble in the future.

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You can select the Temporary mode and then you will be able to see your friend only temporarily. After that, you can go to the Me menu and see exactly where you are and who can watch you. There you can also see where your friends are and identify their iPhone.

Track your iPhone

If you go to the Devices tab, you can select any of your Apple devices and determine its location. Your iPhone will also appear in this list. Click on it, and the program will immediately begin to determine the location.

If the phone is turned off or the battery is dead, the program will show the last location when it sent a signal to the satellite. Alas, it is still not possible to accurately track phones that are turned off.

Find my iPhone app screenshots

A huge plus of this program is that you can send a notification on the iPhone. This will help you find it in a pile of things, even when the sound is turned off. The phone will give a very loud and shrill signal for a couple of minutes, which will be impossible not to hear. Lost Mode is provided for this functionality.

Tips to help you avoid crashing your iPhone

3 Ways to Track iPhone

Often there are unpleasant situations when your favorite iPhone is lost, and sometimes a robbery takes place. We have devoted several articles to such situations, for example this or this one. We also considered in detail the blocking of the iPhone when stolen.

Today, let’s talk about other reasons that, if resolved, may also need to determine the location of the iPhone, for example: a friend lost in the open spaces of the city, the desire to look after a child, or tracking the location of employees during working hours.

We will determine the location of a person in three different ways and each of them requires preliminary preparation, and since we do not have an emergency today, there is an opportunity to prepare the iPhone.

IHound Program

iHound can work through the Geofencing system. Its main idea is to inform you on the page about the current position in cases when the phone is in a popular place. You can also see where your friends are now and join them at any time.

The above methods of tracking iPhone are far from the only ones, but only the simplest and most popular ones. If you have any other methods in mind that do not require any difficulties to connect and work adequately in Runet, write in the comments, add, and for today everything!

Do not forget to read the comments, there is also a lot of useful information. If there is no answer to your question, and there is an answer to later comments, then the answer to your question is contained in the article, respect someone else’s time.

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Tell Pzhl. I sent a notification to ID. now you need to install it on that device too? Prog?

and how did they reveal the truth? did they install some application or just watched your husband ?

RE: Farid
If you are talking about the Find My Friends app, yes, both must have it installed.

How to change geolocation on iPhone. description of methods

Each user may face such a situation when it is necessary to hide their true location from other people (for example, for security reasons). In this case, changing the geolocation on the iPhone will help. When someone wants to know the user’s location, he will receive false data in place of the real one. You can choose any country and any locality instead of the real address in order to misinform others.

How to change location on jailbroken iPhone

Many advanced owners of mobile devices know how to change the location on a jailbroken iPhone. This is not difficult to do. To configure false user location data, you need to:

  • Open the Fake GPS Pro tweak.
  • The program will ask if it is possible to set access to the location. You need to give a positive answer to this request.
  • Next, you should select any interesting settlement on the map.
  • Click Play.

Further, if everything is done correctly, the text Traveling on will be displayed at the top left. This means that the selected location does not match what exists in reality. If you mark a selected location with an asterisk, it appears in the favorites list. There is a switch at the bottom that allows you to choose between false and true geolocation location.

It’s easy to change the location, the main thing is to follow the instructions

For your information! Most models have the function of immediately sending a new location to social messengers that the owner of the device regularly uses. Coordinates are sent directly from the mobile app interface.

Sending the geolocation of the second device

How to change geolocation on iPhone has already been described above. Some mobile devices are known to lack jailbreak. This applies primarily to Apple gadgets. However, it is still possible to indicate the wrong geolocation and disguise your location, for this it is necessary:

  • Connect both gadgets to one account.
  • Install iOS 8 or higher (e.g. 10).
  • Go to settings, select the “privacy” option.
  • Select geolocation services, activate the option “share location”.
  • Go to the menu item called “from device”.

For example, if the user wishes to change the location of any iPhone model, the iPad menu item is selected. Now it is worth placing the second device where the person would like to be, after which you can send false coordinates.

Important! Please note that Fake GPS Pro does not work on non-jailbreak devices. The reason is that the iOS system is closed. However, you can successfully use the method described above to trick the device.

Both devices must be connected to the same account

This function can be very useful for those who actively correspond in various social networks and publish their photos.

How to change geolocation on iPhone

Not everyone knows how to change geolocation on iPhone. This requires:

  • Download the special program Hola Fake GPS Location.
  • Install this application on your mobile device.
  • Run the application following the prompts.
  • Allow automatic geolocation change.
  • Go to the setup menu.
  • Select the option dedicated “for developers”.
  • Next, select an application to indicate inaccurate geo-location data.
  • Make it so that geolocation is determined exclusively by GPS satellites.

People often change geolocation for security reasons

After that, you need to find the coordinates of the desired place and change the real geolocation, for which you need to press GO.

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Note! The user can, as usual, take pictures and upload their pictures on any social networks: Instagram,. Odnoklassniki. However, the photo will show false coordinates.

For example, in this way, other people will not be able to find out that the owner of the iPhone is currently traveling abroad. This change is very valuable for those who, for security reasons, do not want to inform others about their long-term departure.

To download the application for changing coordinates, you need to pay for a subscription. You can do this for free, but in this case, the processing power of the iPhone will be used when the program is running.

Hide geolocation for some apps

Device owners often think about how to deceive the periscope. to change or remove the geolocation on the iPhone for individual mobile applications selectively. To change, you need to go to the developer menu. The system will offer to select applications from the list, which will indicate inaccurate coordinates. After that, you should return to the “Location” menu item and make sure that the coordinates are determined only by GPS satellites. Then the user specifies a false location and clicks “start”. After that, the location will change, but not for everyone, but only for a few individual applications. After that, spying on the user will not give any results, since the true location of the person will be reliably hidden.

Note! Statistics say that most often users contact the technical support service with a request to change the geolocation for some instant messengers. This is mainly WhatsApp, Viber and Telegram.

You can hide geolocation not for all applications, but selectively

It is not difficult to change or hide geolocation, this function is available on almost all models of modern model devices. The main thing is then not to forget to configure the true location instead of the false one, so as not to get confused and not to mislead oneself. Hide your coordinates on the iPhone should be strictly according to the instructions. If you have any difficulties, you can watch a training video or consult in a cellular salon.

How to change your location?

To do this, first click in the GO application, and then Settings. the “For Developers” section will open. Then find the “Select Fake Location Apps” option and use it to select Hola Fake GPS location. Next, go to the device settings and open the section responsible for the location parameters.

How to see where you were on iPhone?

How to view your travel history

  • Open “Settings”.
  • Go to the “Privacy” section (icon with a white hand on a blue background).
  • Select “Location Services”.
  • Scroll to the bottom and select “System Services”.
  • At the bottom of the list you will find the section “Significant places”.

How to view another person’s Geolocation on iPhone?

To check your location transfer status, follow these steps.

  • Click on “Settings” [your name]. In iOS 11, select the Settings menu [your name] iCloud.
  • Click “Share Location”.
  • Click [family member’s name] to share this person.

How to change location on laptop?

  • In the upper right corner of the browser, click the button → Settings.
  • Click the Show advanced settings link (at the bottom of the page).
  • In the Personal data section, click the Content settings button.
  • In the Location block, set the switch to the desired position:
  • Click the Finish button.

How to access location history?

  • Go to Google Settings. To do this, do the following (depending on your device model): Open the Google Settings app.
  • Select Location Location History.
  • Turn location history on or off for account or devices: In Google Account.

How to find your location?

How to see the user’s location

  • Open the Google Maps app.
  • Click your profile photo or initials. Transfer geodata.
  • Select a user. To get the latest location data, tap the user icon, then the icon and select Refresh.

Geolocation in WhatsApp

Geolocation in the application is based on the principles of GPS operation; it can be turned on and off in the account settings and in a separate conversation. Also, like other data, location messages are protected by a double encryption system, which means that no one, except your interlocutor, will see the geotagged information. With its help, you can send the interlocutor a place on the map. convenient when making an appointment or general fees. You can also open the broadcast of your movements by setting a timer. so your interlocutor will be able to keep track of where you are and where you are going. The maps that you will send are synchronized with Google Maps, they will display the current addresses and points of interest in the vicinity.

Sending data from an Android phone

To inform the subscriber about the location of the user of Androdi’s smartphone, you must first turn on the GPS. The user should go to the smartphone settings, select the “Location” tab and check the box next to “Use GPS”.

To send geodata via the messenger, you should:

  • Launch WhatsApp program.
  • Enter the “Contacts” section and select the required dialogue.
  • Click on the paperclip icon.
  • Select the required action. The window will display functions: send contact, document, music, video and location.
  • Confirm sending. The phone will take a little time to determine the user’s location.

Information is displayed in the form of a map with an arrow, which shows the exact position of the user.

How to send geolocation via WhatsApp to iPhone

To reset the geotagging on iPhone, you first need to make sure that the geolocation service is functional. For this you need:

  • Open the “Settings” menu.
  • Select “Confidentiality”.
  • Go to the section “Geolocation services”.
  • Make the slider active.
  • Find “WhatsApp” among the list of different programs and check the box next to “When using programs”. Next to the word WhatsApp will be marked “Using”.

After that, in the application, you need to find the desired contact and click on it to start a conversation. On the left you will see a plus sign. You should click on it and select “Location” among other items. This will transfer the point to Google Maps wherever you are.

How to reset geolocation by Whatsapp on Android

To enable the option in the mobile version, you must allow the application to access the geolocation system. First, turn on sharing in the settings:

Next, go to the settings of your phone, then to the “Applications” item, find Vastap and enable access to geolocation data.

Then go to the application, open the chat you need, click on the paperclip icon at the bottom of the screen and select “Location”. “Share geodata”. It is also necessary to set the length of time during which geodata will be broadcast in the conversation. When the time expires, the broadcast will stop.

If you have any questions. let us know Ask a question

Transferring geodata via iPhone

On Apple smartphones, the procedure for sending a location is slightly different. The user needs to enable the geolocation service in the phone settings.

  • Go to smartphone settings.
  • Select “Confidentiality”.
  • Go to “Geolocation Service”.
  • Activate option.
  • Select a messenger from the list, and allow location determination.

After that, geolocation in WhatsApp will work. The user only needs to go into the application, select the desired dialogue, click on the plus sign and determine his location.

Sometimes it is necessary to inform the interlocutor of your location. For example, so that he meets you or explains how best to get to a particular place. Once in such a situation, you should not painfully select words or frantically look around, looking for noticeable objects. It is much easier to do this in the messenger. Many users are interested in how to throw off geolocation on WhatsApp.

Geolocation features

The ability to show your location in WhatsApp at any time is convenient for children and their parents, as well as for tourists or guests who want to see the city.

In addition to where you are directly located, you can also share the geodata of large objects in the vicinity (for example, a theater, cafe or parking lot). The device will itself provide a list of these places. To do this, you need to enable access to your location in the application. This is done differently on phones with different operating systems.

How to find out the location of a person without his knowledge

In “Watsap” you cannot secretly track the whereabouts of a person. The messenger complies with the data security and privacy policy. Therefore, it will not work to see the movement of the interlocutor without his consent.

However, the user can voluntarily activate the “Share geodata” function. Both iOS and Android phones will offer to take advantage of this opportunity at the first attempt to share the location in Whatsapp. A window will appear with a message that the subscriber can see your geolocation regularly, for some time: 15 minutes, an hour or 8 hours. You decide whether to confirm or cancel the action.

During the selected period, the interlocutor observes your movements (for example, if you went to another city, where you haven’t been yet, or got into the car with a stranger). The geolocation transmission function will allow family and friends to check your location at any time, and you. to feel safe.

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WhatsApp is an application through which you can share almost any information with your loved ones. The geolocation (location) function in Whatsapp is a great way to quickly explain to the interlocutor where the place of the scheduled meeting is or where you are at a certain moment. Let’s understand the nuances of using this function and the possibilities that it opens up.

How to turn off WhatsApp geolocation on Android

First, you need to give the application access to your geodata, if this has not been done before:

  • Go to phone settings.
  • Check the boxes “Access my location data” and “Use GPS”.
  • In the desired chat, click on the paper clip and select the “Location” icon.

It will take the app literally 2 seconds for your coordinates to be determined.

If you want to share not your location, but some other object, you should find it on the map using a magnifying glass (she searches by the address) and send the point where it is in the chat.

When the smartphone is turned on, it is extremely easy to find or track it

The main task of the updated program “My Friends” (My friends) is, first of all, to determine on the map itself the geolocation of people who use gadgets iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and so on. In principle, a very narrowly targeted service, although it is a rather useful application for these devices. Simply put, when any two people have installed the applications “My friends” on their own devices, you just need to activate them, while using their own accounts. The program independently recognizes where the other owner of the smartphone is when the phone is turned on.

Thanks to this function, you can find out where absolutely anyone is. This application is also convenient because you can simply find the iphone, but only if it is turned on. You can also use the app to find your iPhone. Important: if a person has lost his iPhone, then it is possible to find it in this way only if it is turned on and working.

In addition, find and find out where the iPhone can be if it works in absolutely any mode. The main thing is that the settings are not reset. Since if a factory reset was performed, then the phone will automatically log out of the account.

How to find out where a person is on the iPhone, how to find if he is lost?

Purchasing new gadgets from Apple, such as iPad and iPhone, is always a very joyful event, especially if you are a fan of this corporation. Absolutely every tablet or smartphone model from the company of the same name gives its fans a huge number of very pleasant and quite useful surprises as completely new games, programs and updates.
But if you lose your device, the joy of purchasing can turn into disappointment.
It is worth noting that among the most recent software innovations from Apple is the radically updated My Friends application, which was specially created for devices that run on the iOS operating system. This new program is already different:

  • updated appearance;
  • special adapted design;
  • the general style of the seven (there are extremely thin icons, and the design is in light colors);

Improved “Find iPhone” function

Immediately after you have purchased an iPhone mobile smartphone for yourself or as a gift, be sure to ask the sales assistant to install the iPhone Search program. Thanks to this function, you can also find out where anyone is. By the way, you can also find someone else’s iphone under the same condition. it is turned on or works offline.

First, you need to make sure that you have an original iPhone and it is configured as it should, so that the function for geolocation is active (go to the settings menu, then go to the privacy item and there will be a Geolocation menu).

It should be especially noted that it is imperative to activate, after which you must immediately activate the Find iPhone service in the tab located in the system settings. Naturally, this procedure is not able to protect you from what you lose or your smartphone will be stolen.

We would like to clarify again that the special service finds the iPhone lost by the owner only if it is turned on! It’s simple enough and doesn’t require much effort. you just see exactly where the iPhone is at the time of the request. What you need to do for this:

  • go to
  • select the desired contact.

After that, a special map will show the exact coordinates of the place where your iPhone is located, if it is turned on.

How to change location on a photo?

  • Open on your computer.
  • Open a photo or video.
  • Click on the “Information” icon.
  • Next to the location, tap Edit.
  • Add or select a location.
  • Click Remove location if you want to hide this information.

How to change Geolocation on a photo on iPhone?

Change or add location information to your photo

  • Allow the program to access your photos.
  • Select the desired photo from the list of displayed albums.
  • Click on the Edit location button to change the current data or add new ones.

How to change location on laptop?

  • In the upper right corner of the browser, click the button → Settings.
  • Click the Show advanced settings link (at the bottom of the page).
  • In the Personal data section, click the Content settings button.
  • In the Location block, set the switch to the desired position:
  • Click the Finish button.

How to change your Geolocation?

How to change location on Android

To do this, first click in the GO application, and then Settings. the “For Developers” section will open. Then find the item “Select applications for fake locations” and use it to select Hola Fake GPS location.

How to view iPhone location?

How to view your travel history

  • Open “Settings”.
  • Go to the “Privacy” section (icon with a white hand on a blue background).
  • Select “Location Services”.
  • Scroll to the bottom and select “System Services”.
  • At the bottom of the list you will find the section “Significant places”.

Where is the location service on iPhone?

How to view your travel history on iPhone

  • go to settings,
  • go to the “Privacy” tab,
  • further in “Geolocation Services”,
  • scroll to the bottom of the page to the last item. “System Services”,
  • at the end of the list there will be an item “Significant Locations” (for English localization. Significant Locations).

How to change location on iPhone?

You can change geolocation using iPhone and iPad. On the iPhone, go to the “Privacy” section of “Geolocation Services” and select the “Share location” item. You will see a list of gadgets active for this Apple ID account. Section “Link to the map”.

How to view a person’s location on iPhone

Recently, our editorial office received a question: “How to track the location of your child using his iPhone?” The answer is simple, the fastest and most convenient way to properly configure the “Find iPhone” function on the device of the person we want to track.

You can track not only your children and close relatives. I, the administrator of the site, often use the Find iPhone function in order to determine the location of my wife. It is important for me to know where she is, and if everything is fine with her.

How to properly set up Find iPhone to locate your child, relative or other half.

Step 1. Make sure that you know the username and password from the Apple ID account of the required person. Or you can use your account in iCloud settings.

You can explain why you need a login and password in the usual way. You need to set up Find iPhone to instantly find your iPhone if it is lost or stolen, and to quickly delete all personal files from your lost phone.

Step 2. Go to iCloud settings to set up Find iPhone on the phone of the person we want to track.

Go to “Settings”, then to “iCloud”, enter your username and password from your Apple ID account. Or enter the username and password from the Apple ID of the tracked person, you must know it.

It is better, of course, to enter data from your account, the password from which can only be changed by you.

Step 3. Set up Find My iPhone.

In order to determine the location of a person, it is necessary to configure only the “Find iPhone” function in the “iCloud” settings. Other functions, if you will not use them, it is better to turn off.

Step 4. Find the location of the desired iPhone or iPad

There are two ways to find a location: Find My iPhone and

Method 1. Find a person using Find iPhone.

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Download the Find My iPhone app on your iPhone or iPad

Open the application and enter the username and password from the Apple ID of the device that you need to find

Determine the location of the monitored vehicle

Example: Three machines are set up for the same Apple ID account. The program shows the location of all three devices.

Method 2. Find iPhone via

Follow the link and enter the username and password from the Apple ID of the device that you need to find

Select the Find My iPhone app from the home screen

As you can see, I was able to find all my 3 devices via over, the full functionality of the Find iPhone function is preserved. You also can:

But most importantly, now you can track the location of the person you need. Provided that the device is turned on and has Internet access.

How Find iPhone works in iOS 13. Totally different

IOS 13 has completely changed the Find iPhone app.

Apple has combined the Find iPhone and Find Friends apps into one, now called Find My. It is very different from older programs and is equipped with new functions.

What changed

▪️ There are now two tabs on the Latitude home page: Users (friends and Family members) and Devices (your gadgets)

▪️ there are three functions for each friend: view a contact, build a route to him and set up notifications

You can set the name of the current location yourself

The first tab of the application shows the devices of your friends who have agreed to share their location.

By selecting a user, you can view his exact location. Even the address will be written under the name.

You are allowed to share your location with other people right in Find.

In addition, here you can quickly build a route to a contact, as well as see his card.

Plus, set notifications either for yourself or for a person: about leaving the place where you are, or vice versa. show when your friend left, plus share the location at a specific time.

Alerts depend on the user’s geolocation and are triggered upon arrival or departure from a specific point

▪️ in the Devices tab, you can additionally block the device remotely

The second tab lists all your devices. The design of this menu has also changed.

How to track anyone’s phone location without them knowing! This was used on me��

Here you can remotely play a sound, build a route to the device, notify it upon detection and mark the gadget as missing. And also erase the device or remove from the list.

If the device is found, you will receive an email with the exact geolocation.

Note: Removal from Find My iPhone is not accompanied by an additional notification. The device will immediately disappear when you click on this button, but will return after restarting the application.

Now your iOS 13 gadgets are displayed even offline. How it works

IOS 13 introduces the ability to find a lost iPhone that is not connected to the Internet.

With Find iPhone enabled, the device constantly uses energy-efficient Bluetooth LE technology to display its location. And even if the iPhone is turned off, the Bluetooth module will remain active. It practically does not drain the battery.

Craig Federighi explained that it actually takes two Apple devices for Latitude to work properly. On the lost device, the geolocation data is encrypted, and on the second, it is decrypted.

Each gadget sends an ever-changing key that nearby Apple devices use to encrypt and download geolocation data, so only your other Apple device has a key to decrypt those locations.

When you hit the search button on, for example, your laptop, the iPad downloads to Apple the same public key hash as the identifier. So Apple can search millions of encrypted locations stored and find the corresponding hash.

Your lost device creates a secure network that sends a signal to the nearest Apple device. Even on someone else’s.

Through it, the iPhone will be able to discreetly connect to the Internet and show where it is right now.

How to install iOS 13 now: instructions and direct links

Stop sending geolocation data

To stop sharing in the chat about your location, just follow these steps:

  • reopen the chat;
  • click on the “stop sharing” function.

How to share a location with others on WhatsApp

Instead of resorting to drastic measures to find out someone’s location via WhatsApp, you can simply ask that person to share their location with you. WhatsApp, like many other apps, has a built-in feature that allows users to share their real-time location with others. The location sharing feature makes it very easy to get the exact location of a person, which can come in handy if you want to make sure your child is at school or at home when they say they are.

This is how you can share the location with your contacts via WhatsApp;

Open a chat or group chat in WhatsApp and then click on the attached file icon.

Click “Location” in the options presented and then select “Share Location”.

You will see the exact location of the phone using Google Maps. Then you can simply tap “Send your current location” to share this location with your contacts.

You can share your current location in 15 minutes, 1 hour, or eight hours.

Sending geolocation

How to send location to whatsapp? For this you need:

  • open a chat;
  • click on the “add” function;
  • click on the paperclip in the upper right field of the display;
  • select a geolocation position, then “share data”;
  • select the time interval for feeding these coordinates;
  • click on the “send” button.

Enabling and disabling geolocation.

To always be able to share your location with friends, family, or colleagues, you need to check if geolocation is turned on. How to activate it:

  • Go to Settings, select the “Privacy” section, go to it.

Go to Settings.
We go to the item Confidentiality.

  • Above we see the option “Geolocation Services”. it must be enabled. If not, activate it by moving the engine to the active (green) position.

Checking if Geolocation Services are enabled.
Activating the Geolocation Services option.

  • Accordingly, if for a number of reasons you need to disable geolocation, you can do this in a similar way through Settings by putting the engine in an inactive position.

Disable location services through Settings.

Now that geolocation is turned on, we can see a list of programs that use it, and clarify the conditions when it can be used:

  • If “Never” is selected opposite the program, this means that access to geolocation is prohibited for this application.
  • The option “While using the program” means that the application will only be able to access your position when you are using this application;
  • “Ask next time”. this option means that the next time you open the application, it will automatically ask you a request for location data, and you can choose whether to allow the program to use them, allow only once, or never allow.
  • “Always” means that access to geodata for this application is always allowed, even when it is running in the background.

Use cases for geo-location for different applications.

Function capabilities

The location program in WhatsApp allows you to indicate your real location for a certain amount of time, send the location to others. This function gives access to the location of one interlocutor or several users from a group chat, at your request.

When the time expires or you stop sending the geolocation to the interlocutor in WhatsApp, the function will be inactive. But the participants in the conversation to whom you sent the geolocation via WhatsApp will be able to see the data originally sent by you.

This feature has secure end-to-end encryption. In other words, if you decide to choose a team with which to share your geodata, no one else will see it.

An interesting question is whether it is possible to stop showing the interlocutor your location. Yes, this function can be disabled.

IOS instruction:

Function setting

How to send your location from iPhone using Whatsapp app. To do this, you need to perform the following actions:

  • open a chat window in this whatsapp in which you want to share geolocation data;
  • click on the arrow-shaped icon located in the left half of the text field;
  • select the function “my location”, after which the map will appear on the display.

However, to understand how to show your location in WhatsApp, you need to allow whatsapp to access your location.

The option “locations” in the menu will present a list of positions of places that are near you, or you can choose a specific place yourself.