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Blurred photos will look more natural with lidar

At this stage of development, lidar in a smartphone can serve several purposes at once. First, it provides more natural portrait photos with natural bokeh. Thanks to him, ears, hair, tails and other parts of the bodies of people and animals will no longer remain out of focus. And in the future, it is planned to add the ability to shoot portrait videos. But, most likely, this will only happen next year.

Secondly, the lidar can be used for highly accurate distance measurements in the physical world. That is, using a smartphone with a lidar, you can measure the area of ​​the room, the length, width and height of the walls, as well as the curvature of the floor. This can be convenient when carrying out construction work in which special rangefinders and levels are used.

Russian for iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, as well as iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max announced

Thirdly, due to the fact that the lidar sees in the dark as well as during the day, it can be used to improve night photography. Its ability to detect objects regardless of lighting allows it to accelerate autofocus up to 6x, thereby eliminating out of focus photos.

Well, and fourthly, lidar allows AR objects not to fall into the textures of the real world. You’ve probably noticed how 3D animals from Google fell through the floor or climbed onto your dresser. With a lidar that detects all three-dimensional objects at a distance of 5 meters, this will not happen.

How does lidar work in the iPhone 12 Pro

This is the beam of light that the lidar emits. A man cannot see him

At its core, lidar is a computer vision tool that is used in autopilots, robots, and other devices. It generates a series of laser pulses, invisible to humans, and directs them to the subject. The beam then returns, carrying a vast array of data. Thanks to them, it is possible, firstly, to more accurately calculate the distance to the object, secondly, to calculate the volume and, thirdly, to more accurately determine its boundaries. This is how the lidar sees the world around it:

This is how the lidar sees the surrounding objects.

Despite the fact that Apple did not invent this technology, it, as usual, went a little further than its competitors. Unlike most manufacturers, it equipped the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max with a lidar rather than a ToF sensor. Lidar sends multiple light pulses, not just one like a ToF sensor. This provides two main advantages: an increased range of up to 5 meters and the ability to detect even those objects that are overlapped by other objects, for example, people behind trees or cars.

Why you need a lidar in the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max

Apple introduced the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max two days ago. Despite the fact that they belong to the same line as the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12, Cupertino singled out the announcement of older models in a separate chapter, even within the same presentation. This was a justified step, given the more perfect filling of the “real” flagships. After all, 5G, the A14 processor and lidar are not lying on the road. But if you already know plus or minus about 5G and A14, then the lidar for many is still a mystery.

iPhone 12 Pro became the first Apple smartphone with lidar

Lidar is a technology that first appeared among Apple devices in the iPad Pro 2020. Then, in the midst of the pandemic, Cupertino surprised everyone with the launch of a new tablet for professionals, which turned out to be almost the same as its predecessor, but differed from it only in the presence ultra-wide-angle camera and the same lidar. The company said that this piece is needed for more correct positioning of objects in augmented reality, but did not share any special details. Is it different now.

Lidar-enabled applications

Snapchat has already got lidar support, and more will be coming soon

One of the first apps to receive lidar support was Snapchat. The developers have added new filters that use new technology to more accurately position objects in augmented reality and increase their realism.

Pay attention to the fact that virtual plants are located not only not on the floor, but also on the table, taking into account its height, and the virtual bird flies directly over the hand of the posing girl. In the near future, Snapchat plans to integrate lidar technology even deeper into its application, introducing several new use cases.

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iPhone 12 mini. Best what happened to the iPhone in recent years! If you do not believe it, just take it in your hands ✋ and you will understand everything. Or just read our first experience.

I’ve been using Apple tech for a long time and have amassed enough power supplies, headphones, and Lightning cables over the years. So when I found out that Apple was planning

The iPhone’s color scheme has never been particularly rich. For a long time, Apple was limited to only two types of paint: white and black. Only in the last

Plt14, the cameras there are heavily upgraded relatively non-missile defense, especially on the MAKS version. I would not call high-quality photos and videos show-off, and the large screen suits many more than the already standard 5-6 inches.

I remember many asked for the ability to call from the iPad mini, and then their need for a smartphone will disappear

In general, the concept of “show-off” is different for everyone, more often than not it is just envy, which you really want to express aloud, but for which everyone except you does not care. Complex, in short.

How to Extract Data from Locked iPhone: iMyFone D-Back [Instructions]

Hello. In this article I will share with you the secret knowledge that I myself have comprehended not so long ago. To be honest, I never believed that it was possible in some simple way to take and easily extract certain information from a locked iPhone.

I didn’t believe it until today Until I touched the iMyFone D-Back application with my own hands. From what I saw, my jaw dropped, and you will even put it in your pants

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What is it about him? Let’s talk about everything in order. Today I will tell you how to extract data from a locked iPhone. Go!

Imagine a case that your iPhone is locked, but it contains a whole collection of photos (for example, a child, from travel, etc.) that are dear to you and losing them would be tantamount to a disaster.

I am often asked this question But until that time I could only shrug my shoulders and say that at the moment there is no way to save data in a similar situation.

If you forgot your home screen unlock code, or your device is locked after several incorrect attempts to enter this password, the only solution was to restore the device to factory settings and thereby remove the password along with all data.

It turns out I was wrong. It turns out there is an application that easily allows you to fetch a variety of information from locked iOS devices, and it is called iMyFone D-Back.

Perhaps some of you are now going to think “Some nonsense…”. I thought so too, until I did a seemingly impossible experiment, and look what I did.

Retrieving data from a locked iPhone

Initial data: iPhone 6S with 6-digit numeric unlock code set, Lightning cable, computer.

Task: Get access to the call history and correspondence of WhatsApp and Viber on the iPhone, as well as the ability to save them to the hard drive of the computer.

Solution: To recover data from iPhone, we will use the iMyFone D-Back program (you can download it from the link above). It only takes a few simple steps from you.

STEP 1. Connect iPhone to computer using Lightning cable and launch iMyFone D-Back. The iPhone remains in a locked state.

STEP 2. Select “Recover from iOS Device” from the menu on the left, then press the Start button.

STEP 3. At this stage, select the data that needs to be restored to iPhone. As you can see, here are Messages with Contacts, and correspondence in the main instant messengers, and photos from videos and something else there.

In short, everything of value that interests you is here. Check the boxes only next to the data you want to recover.

STEP 4. Press the Next button and wait for the program to finish scanning the iPhone.

STEP 5. Now look what you got. Here is all the Viber correspondence with my sister and other friends, including pictures and videos that they sent me. As well as call history, iMessage and regular SMS, WhatsUp and Skype correspondence.

Have you not yet understood what this program allows? Yes, this is just a godsend for a spy for example, a jealous wife. My husband came drunk and fell asleep, and take your wife and read with whom he was having fun there today and why it smells of women’s perfume.

It’s a pity that in the morning there will be a lot of questions I hope there are few jealous wives among you?

And here’s another real story that happened in crazy America recently. Again, I recall the confrontation between the FBI and Apple in the trial of unlocking the iPhone 5C of the shooter from San Bernardino, who killed 14 people.

Apple refused to provide such a service to the FBI, although the court ordered them to do so. And all the investigators needed was to get access to the notes, call history and SMS of the criminal.

If they knew how easy it is to do it, even if the phone is locked with a numeric password, perhaps they would have caught a couple more recaptured villains.

But this is not all the program’s features. Let me list them better below:

  • 4 modes with almost 100% chance of data recovery: Recover data from iOS device, iTunes backup, iCloud or Smart Recovery mode.
  • Support 20 data types, including WhatsUp, Viber, WeChat, photos, messages, contacts, notes, etc.
  • fix various iOS glitches without losing data from the device.

I would also like to draw your attention to the Smart Recovery mode, which will help you decide in which of the sections you should recover data. The lettering on the buttons is in English, but even an eighth grader will understand their meaning. You’ve already finished seventh grade?

The program also allows you to recover data from an iPhone that is stuck in reboot mode, either with a white / black screen, or the eternal Apple logo, etc. For this, the program provides a special section “Fix iOS System”.

In a nutshell: Application. Agony! True, the paid version is 49.95, but there is also a free trial. Link to the application somewhere above in the article.

This is how we simply retrieved data from a locked iPhone. Developers from China have done the impossible. I still don’t understand how it happened at all.

Most likely, this program allows you to fetch information from a password-protected backup copy in iTunes. By the way, I’ll have to try.

Well, this seems to be all. Save regularly data in a backup copy to your computer and then you will not have to run around and tear your hair out on your bottom. Be prudent!

View photos and videos in the cloud via iPhone

Viewing multimedia files is accompanied by the following actions:

The application will open, where there will be three sections: “Albums” # 8212, all photos are divided into groups, “General” # 8212, available photos for all users, “Photos” # 8212, all photos contained on Ayklode servers.

Setting up iCloud storage

Before we look at photos and other files through Ikloud, you need to enable synchronization, as well as activate a number of functions in the gadget settings. We follow these steps to set up the cloud on an Apple device:

In the proposed list, select the information that you want to synchronize with the servers.

Now we carry out detailed settings for photo synchronization.

We choose the most suitable method: “Optimize storage on iPhone“. This will save memory on the device, since when this option is activated, all the photos taken will be automatically sent to the iCloud servers and deleted from the gadget’s memory. If you select “Keep Originals”, the created snapshots will be stored both on the Ayklode servers and in the device’s memory.

You can also activate the “Upload to my photostream” option. In this case, new photos will automatically begin to be sent to all other gadgets that are synchronized with your account.

Turn on the option “Upload photos of series“. Only selected photos will be sent to other devices synchronized with yours.

Now we activate the “Shared access to the iCloud photo”, to show our photos to the rest of the users of the storage. It also provides the ability to view pictures of other users.

Only 5GB of cloud storage is available by default. When they are full, when trying to sync gadgets with iCloud, a notification will be displayed that there is not enough space.

If you see that 5 GB will not be enough for you, then you should return to the general list with settings and go to the “Basic” tab.

A list of available seat packages will be displayed in the cloud storage. Choose the one that suits you the most in accordance with the cost / GB criteria, click the “Buy” button, and then follow the instructions that appear on the screen.

After completing all the iCloud settings and synchronizing the device with cloud servers, you can view all the photos through any of your gadgets.

How to back up your iPhone to iCloud

How to transfer contacts from Google Gmail to iCloud


If this is the first time you open your photos in this way, it may take some time.

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How to hide a photo or photo folder on iPhone

Deleting Photos and Videos

  • Open a folder or album to select videos or photos to delete, or double-click on a single video or photo.
  • Click on the “Delete” button.

Deleted photos and videos are moved to the Recently Deleted album, where they will remain for 30 days. Then, files will be permanently deleted from all your gadgets, on which Ayklode Media Library is configured.

Viewing Photos to Videos in iCloud from Computer contains your entire iCloud video and photo library. To open it, you need to go to the site, enter your username and password from your Apple ID.

How to view a photo or video on iCloud

In this article, we will figure out how to view photos or videos uploaded to iCloud from a computer or iPhone, as well as analyze the storage settings and organization of albums in it.

This article is suitable for all iPhone XS / XR / X / 8/7/6/5 and Plus models on iOS 12. Older versions may have different or missing menu items and hardware support specified in the article.

Manually uploading videos and photos to

On our computer, select the necessary files and wait for the download to complete.

How to quickly determine file size on iPhone and iPad

  • In a new window, you will need to specify the name of the command. For convenience, we indicate “Determine file size”. Here we activate the toggle switch “On the export page”.
  • In the “Export Types” section, select the file formats that our team will work with. “Files”, “Images”, “Media” and “PDF files”.
  • Return to the command editing page and click on the “” button. Here you need to find the action “Get file information” and select it.
  • Click on the “Select” item, and select the “File size” property from the list.
  • Let’s proceed to setting up a notification. Go to the edit page, click on “” and add the action “Show notification”.
  • All is ready! To find out the file size, you need to go to the appropriate application, open the desired file and click on the “Share” menu.

    The “Quick Commands” option will appear in the list of actions, within which you will be able to select the “Determine file size” operation. By activating this script, a small notification will be displayed on the screen, which will indicate the exact size of the file.

    How to find out the size of any file on iPhone or iPad

    One of the main innovations in iOS 12 is the Quick Commands app. The new program allows users not only to create chains of actions to automate daily and routine operations, but also to perform actions that were not originally provided for by iOS. It is also convenient that scripts can be activated using one button or a voice command. Using this article as an example, we will look at how to create a script with which we can quickly find out the size of any file.

    While Apple has brought many improvements in iOS 12 and 13, some important features have never been added by the developers.

    Take the built-in Photos, Music, or Books apps as an example. For some reason, users still cannot determine the size of the files stored inside these applications. there is simply no such possibility.

    You can find out the size of files only within the “Files” application, so users often resort to the procedure for importing photos, videos or documents. And it is really very inconvenient and time-consuming.

    Fortunately, there is a much easier way to determine the size of your files. over, this can be done without even leaving the built-in applications and without resorting to the import procedure. The application “Quick Commands” will help us with this.

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    WatchOS 7 ⌚️ introduces the ability to share and download third-party watch faces to your Apple Watch. But for some reason, few people use it. We tell you about an application that will help you create a unique watch face for your watch.

    I often use FaceTime to make regular and video calls for both personal and business purposes. As a rule, there are no problems with this service, oh

    From time to time we have a desire to break against the wall of the iPhone, especially when, for some reason, important data is deleted from it. These apps will help you deal with this problem, and they also have cool discounts on Black Friday Honor.

    Can you imagine that an android would have such a crazy way? Yes, all the eplovtsy would go and laugh.
    This is no longer some kind of rake, this is a rake)))

    How to Take Burst Photos on iPhone 11

    In turn, the gesture of pressing and sliding the shutter button to the left activates burst shooting for as long as you hold your finger. Of course, there is a risk that the QuickTake video will be shot instead. The problem is adding too many gestures to simple controls. But the nice thing is that the burst counter displays the number of shots taken right inside the shutter button.

    It seems that Apple has decided to focus on a great new video camera in the iPhone 11, but to quickly access it you still have to learn a non-obvious gesture. And this change changes the system of working with gestures for those who are already used to using burst shooting.

    Continuous Shooting on iPhone and iPad: How to Shoot 10fps and Choose the Best Image

    Burst Mode is a special camera mode on iOS devices, when it takes 10 pictures per second in a split second. This is a great way to capture a dynamic scene. because it gives you a much better chance of getting a high-quality image at the output.

    Before the iPhone 11, Apple smartphones could easily capture a series of photos. To do this, you just had to hold down the shutter button in the Camera application.

    Serial photography allows you to effectively capture some action, and in a group shot you can get the perfect scene when everyone’s eyes are open and there is no grimace. However, a similar action on the iPhone 11. pressing and holding the shutter button. results in a short QuickTake video being captured. Fortunately, the burst mode is still there. He just hid behind a little-known gesture.

    Like many other features in iOS, shutter button actions are now tied to gestures. By simply clicking on it, you can get a photo, which is expected. But pressing and holding this button allows you to shoot video as long as your finger remains on it. The same happens when recording a voice message in the Messages application.

    But there is more. If you press and hold the button and then slide it to the right, you can instantly switch to video recording.

    How to view photos taken in Burst mode

    Open the Photos app on your iPhone or iPad.

    Click on the burst photo set icon. Take a closer look. they appear in the Camera Roll as a stack of photos.

    Tap Select in the bottom corner of the screen.

    Flip through the virtual film slider to view the entire series of shots.

    See the dot below the image? This icon indicates that. according to Apple’s algorithms, of course. this is the best image in terms of focus and detail. Of course, you still have to make the final decision, and you don’t have to be guided by the opinion of the “robot”.

    How to save individual photos from Burst

    To do this, just put the “checkmarks” in the corresponding circles (in the lower right corner) and click the Finish button in the upper right corner. After that, you will have a choice. to leave only the favorites (ie those that you marked with a “tick”) or everything that was removed. If you do not need all, all the pictures, and you only need what turned out well, choose the Only select option.

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    How to start bursting photos on iPhone and iPad (iOS 7. iOS 12)

    Open the Camera system application. If your iPhone or iPad is locked. on the lock screen, swipe from right to left (quick gesture to call the camera) or click the corresponding icon in the Control Center (swipe up on lockscreen).

    iPhone. How to view your photo Info. EXIF Metadata

    Press and hold the white shutter button just long enough to capture everything you need. You will hear a characteristic sound (this is how photographers shoot stars on the red carpet), and a counter with the number of pictures taken will appear just above the button.

    By default, all photos from Burst mode go to the Photos application. there is a special album for them called Series. However, they are also in your Camera Roll (again, marked Series).

    Is it possible to delete a photo from a carousel from a computer

    On a PC, you can use the web version of the service or download the Instagram APK file of the official application for the Windows 10 operating system. In this case, as in the previously described, for mobile devices, you cannot delete individual photos from the carousel after the post has been published in news feed.

    There is only one way out. completely removing it from public access and re-publishing it, but without unnecessary content.

    On iPhone

    As for mobile devices from the manufacturer Apple with the iOS operating system, the principle of erasing an unnecessary snapshot from a group will be completely similar to the algorithm described earlier:

    • Run the app and log into your account.
    • Find the publication you want on your personal page.
    • On the top panel, click on the ellipsis icon and select delete.
    • Completely cancel the post from the feed, then re-upload the pictures from the internal memory of the smartphone, while removing all unnecessary.

    How to remove Instagram carousel photos from your phone and computer: all the ways

    Do you like to tell the whole world about your life through photos or videos, do you like sharing experiences and emotions? A tool such as a carousel allows you to publish several photos at once in one post. But what if you need to erase an extra shot from the series? In this article we will tell you how to remove one or more photos from the carousel on Instagram on mobile devices and a personal computer.

    On Android

    If you own an Android phone, the procedure for removing a photo from a series will look like this:

    • Turn on the utility on your device and go to your page. Write down the security password and login.
    • Go to your personal account, for this click on the icon in the form of a silhouette of a man.
    • Find the carousel you want to edit in the list of publications and click on it.
    • Click the ellipsis button.
    • In the new window, select delete.
    • Then, re-arrange the burst of pictures by eliminating unnecessary.

    This is the only way to erase one photo from the carousel, standard tools do not allow you to carry out the procedure after posting in the public domain.

    What is an Instagram carousel and is it possible to edit photos in it?

    If the account is not closed, then the records can be viewed by everyone: subscribers and visitors. Sometimes it is difficult to fit one story or event into one picture, and publishing each image in a separate post is inconvenient and makes it difficult for the viewer to perceive.

    The solution to this problem is the carousel function, it allows you to fit several photos in one publication at once. There is no need to install additional software to create collages or collections, all this is provided in the interface of the social network. Thus, it is allowed to contain no more than ten pictures within one post. Viewing will be done by scrolling and pressing the corresponding arrow on the screen.

    The service has introduced a number of restrictions that must be observed in order to avoid problems with the placement of information:

    • The number of photos in the publication should not exceed ten pieces.
    • The carousel can display not only a photo, but also a video. The total duration of the series should not exceed 50 minutes.

    As you scroll, short mowing lines will light up on the bottom panel, the number of which corresponds to the number of shots in the record.

    This way of displaying information can be useful and applied in the following situations:

    All this opens up a wide range of functionality for the user. After placing the carousel, you can edit it at any time. For this you need:

    • Launch the mobile application on your smartphone. Log in to the system by entering your personal information.
    • Go to the personal page of the service.
    • Here you will see a list of all posted publications since registration in the social network.
    • Find a previously posted series of photos and click on it.
    • Press the button in the form of three dots. A pop-up menu will open.
    • Select the item to edit the record.
    • After that, you can change the text signature in the post and mark certain users on it.

    Unfortunately, only the text caption under the photo can be edited, and the order of their display, color filters and graphic elements cannot be changed. The only way to do this is to delete the entry and re-place it with the necessary settings.

    How to Check Details of Images on iPhone | Check EXIF Data on iOS | Guiding Tech

    How to remove a carousel photo from your phone

    Over time, the posted post may lose its relevance. It needs to be edited or a certain photo removed from the series. Below we will analyze whether it is possible to remove an individual photo from the carousel and what is required for this on different models of mobile devices and on a personal computer.

    Delete all photos from the carousel at once

    As we found out, the standard tools and functions of the Instagram social network do not allow you to remove one photo from a series separately. You can only erase the shared post completely, for this:

    • Log in to your account using your username and password.
    • Go to your personal page in the service.
    • In the list of all published posts, find the unwanted one, click on it.
    • Click the ellipsis button.
    • An additional menu will appear on the screen, in it you need to select the delete item.
    • Confirm your action.

    Done. After that, your post will be permanently canceled and unavailable for restoration. So think before you start erasing.

    Unfortunately, after the publication has been posted in the public domain, you will not be able to remove a photo from a series on Instagram.

    The standard interface of the social network only allows you to edit the name of the post, and you will not be able to change the display order or delete an unnecessary picture from the group. It is only possible to completely delete the entry and upload it again.

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