How to View Blacklist on Samsung Phone

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You can find blocked numbers in your Meizu phone if you use the following instructions:

  • Find on the main screen the contacts icon. the “Phone” application and tap on it.

All blocked subscribers will appear on the screen. Then you can edit.

Attention! The algorithm is the same for all Meizu smartphones, starting from Android OS 4.0.

How to view the blacklist of contacts on the phone

You can find a section with blocked numbers on smartphones running Android OS using the same algorithm. Small differences arise when changing a brand or model. All popular gadgets have a similar section.

Where is the blacklist on an Android phone

Sometimes it is necessary to exclude contacts with unwanted callers. This possibility exists in modern devices. The blacklist of numbers is a convenient smartphone function that protects the owner of the gadget from unwanted calls. The caller will hear short beeps indicating that the line is “busy”. It is also necessary to look at the blacklist in the phone to delete or add numbers.


For Samsung, the sequence of steps is similar to that for Meizu. A small difference appears at the end of the process. The following sequence must be followed:

  • As with Meizu, first launch the Phone app.

Also in this window is the “Block unknown subscribers” slider. When activated, unidentified calls will not be accepted.


The emergency opening on Xiaomi is slightly different from the first two brands. You can check it using the following algorithm:

  • Find the Settings icon and launch the application.

Having learned how the emergency situation is located on smartphones, you can start editing. For example, exclude a contact from it.

How to remove a number from the blacklist

Unlocking is possible directly in emergency situations. For the smartphones in question, the removal processes from the emergency situation are similar. For Meizu, you need to poke the arrow opposite the blocked contact and select “Remove from emergency”.

view, blacklist, samsung, phone

To unblock in Samsung, press on the screen with prohibited numbers on the minus sign opposite the “pardoned” subscriber. After that, he will be excluded from the emergency.

To remove a contact from the blacklist on Xiaomi, you need to take 2 steps. First, click on the “Change” item at the bottom of the emergency screen.

Secondly, mark the necessary subscribers with checkmarks and tap on the item Delete.

Finding a list of “unwanted” contacts is not a difficult task. An inexperienced user can easily set up a smartphone and receive calls only from desired subscribers. You can also easily edit an existing emergency.


Here is a list of blocked numbers.

To unblock, click on the number and select “Unblock”.


Find the “Phone” icon on the desktop, click on it.

Here find the “Menu” button. highlighted in red.

When you click, a menu will appear in which you need to tap on the line “Settings”.

And here are the subscriber numbers added to the emergency.

To remove a number from the black list, you need to click on the minus button opposite the desired number.

Where is the blacklist in Android phone / smartphone?

What is a phone blacklist? This is a special section where the user can add subscriber phone numbers. All incoming calls from numbers added to the emergency will be blocked by the system. A very handy thing. But sometimes it becomes necessary to familiarize yourself with the numbers added to the emergency. So how do you find the blacklist on your phone? As you can imagine, it all depends on the specific firmware version installed on your smartphone.


Go to the “Phone” application. At the bottom of the screen, find the button in the form of three dots, click on it to bring up a menu.

A blacklist has opened. True, in our case it is empty.

In the same way, you can access emergency situations on other devices, including Lenovo, Fly, Alacatel, etc.

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Where to see the blacklist on an Honor phone

Mobile devices from the popular Honor brand are capable of creating a database of unwanted contacts. After choosing a number in the phone book, he will no longer be able to call or write an SMS message. But there is a small problem. it is not so easy to find out exactly where your blacklist is on the Honor mobile phone. And how you can see it. you can read about it below.

Removing a contact from the black list

At any time, we can change our mind and reverse the decision to block a contact on the Honor phone.

And now that we know where to look for it, it becomes much easier to do this:

  • Go back to the contact book and click on three dots;
  • We select the item “Blocked”;
  • In the list, we find the “Delete” button opposite the added contact and press it.

This is enough to remove the number from the list. You can also select the “Delete the entire list” button in the settings, so as not to erase each number individually. If the need arises. The stock app on Honor has only basic call and SMS blocking functions. There are many more features in third-party programs.

Additional features of the standard “Blacklist” in Honor

In the last context menu, we are interested in a special item. “Add prefixes”. This feature allows us to immediately block a group of numbers on Honor, which start with a certain prefix. Often in companies, phone numbers have a repeating stem, which differ only in the ending or postfix (the last few digits). Thus, you will have the opportunity to block entire organizations. There is also a function with which you can block incoming SMS with the words you specified. It’s called “Keyword List”.

This word list is useful when blocking bulk spam to your phone. On an Honor phone, you can view and change it in the blacklist. All subscribers know how the owners of pizzerias, gas stations and eateries love advertising SMS mailings that we do not want to watch. There are tons of such ads coming to our mobile devices. But if you set up your black list correctly, you can immediately get rid of it once and for all. Select a function in the application settings and add keywords separated by commas. Save and close the window.

How the blacklist is created in the Honor smartphone

In general, the article will focus primarily on new versions of Honor mobile devices with Android 6 and higher. Since smartphones released by the company earlier differ slightly in capabilities and composition of functions.

On most versions of Honor, the black list can be created like this:

  • We need to open numbers in the phone or call book. To do this, click on the green tube;
  • We are looking for the number that needs to be blocked in the call list and select it. Or an icon with the Latin letter “i”;

Blocked phone numbers and contacts from the book will not be able to call you, write via SMS, send MMS messages. When you call your number on the handset, the subscriber will hear the same message as if your phone was out of network coverage. The subscriber will not notice any more additional signs that his number got into the blocked database.

This tool is convenient to use against intrusive calls. And also in other cases when the caller should not contact us.

At some point, it may be necessary to unblock the number that we blacklisted on Honor. It is not possible to do this without knowing where it can be viewed.

Where can I see the database of blocked numbers in the blacklist in Honor?

The standard “Blacklist” application in Honor smartphones has settings and some functions. But most owners who have just recently purchased a mobile phone cannot figure out how to find it.

    Go back to the contact book of your Honor. click on the green tube;

By the way, you can also add numbers from this list. To do this, go to the application settings on your Honoré, click on the gear at the top of the window.

In the next window, click on the item “Blacklist of numbers” and select the plus sign.

In the next window, you can again select a contact that will no longer be able to call and write. By clicking on the plus button, we will also be able to add contacts from different locations on the smartphone.

For example, from the book of contacts, calls, from messages, or add a number arbitrarily manually to preview it.

Number blocking by “Phone Manager” in Honor

Honor mobile phones have a special menu section called “Phone Manager”. It is a smart task manager and the main tool for managing the entire system. Here we can view the system for the presence of harmful processes that take away the maximum battery charge. And also for residual files.

From this module, we can also get into the system blacklist:

  • Launch Phone Companion in Honor Smartphone;
  • Click on the “Blocked” button;

Select the appropriate method, contact or message whose number you want to add to the black list.

Numbuster. convenient application for working with contacts

Mobile apps solve problems that the built-in apps in your smartphone couldn’t solve. In this case, this definition is not correct, because the built-in blacklist in Honor does its job. The Numbuster application is a tool with a wide range of possibilities for blocking and identifying numbers. With its help, you can easily add contacts to emergency situations, as well as determine the reliability of incoming numbers not from the phone book.

When Numbuster is installed, its icon appears in the main menu. By clicking it, we immediately find ourselves in the program menu, from where almost all functions are available. Including a button to add a contact to an emergency. Its “feature” is a database of phone numbers, which you can use to make sure that you are not being called by scammers.

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Before adding a contact to the blacklist in Numbuster, you can first check it. Enter the number in the line, and if there is nothing about it, click on the “Block” button.

In the application menu, there is an option to “put a shortcut” on a contact (stupid, boring, greedy, etc.). In the list, indicate his type of character, temperament or characteristics by which the person stands out. So you can see at a glance who exactly is calling.

Your acquaintances will not know about it anyway, the application does not share this data with others over the network. No one can spy on your blacklist on your Honor mobile phone unless you want to. But be careful, if you find out about the labels you have attached to them, your friends may be offended by you.

Lock hidden phone

To block a hidden number, follow the algorithm:

  • go to the “Phone” application and tap on the three dots;
  • in the menu that opens, click on “Settings” and open the emergency section;
  • select the contact you want to block and click on the plus next to it.

Done. Now this subscriber will not be able to reach you from this number, even if it will be impossible to identify him.

How to block and unblock a number on a Samsung phone

Surely many of you periodically receive calls from annoying employees of banks or MFIs and try to impose their services. over, some of them call from hidden numbers, which makes it difficult for the user to identify the caller.

Samsung Galaxy smartphones have a blacklist in which you can prohibit calls both to employees of banks and other organizations, and to some acquaintances. This article will show you how to block and unblock a contact on your Samsung phone.

How to block or unblock a number

We figured out how to block unknown numbers. Now how to block selected number on Samsung Galaxy phone.

  • Open “Phone” by clicking on the application icon on the main screen.
  • Now click on the “Contacts” item and tap on the “Options” located a little higher.
  • In the menu that appears, select “Settings” and open the “Block List”.

Attention! Some operating systems may have a Call Block button. If it is, then click on it.

  • You will go to the emergency and see all blocked numbers on your phone. If the “Block List” is empty, it means that you have not previously added contacts to it.
  • The application provides 3 ways to block a contact: by entering the number manually, by adding from the phone book or by selecting from the dialed list.

After you select contacts, they will be blacklisted. If necessary, you can remove the blocking of the contact from the emergency by clicking on the red minus opposite the number.

Where to find the blacklist

The blacklist can be located in a smartphone in a variety of places. It depends not only on the gadget model, but also on the Android version. To find an emergency, do the following:

  • enter the “Phone” application;
  • the page with the number input will open. In the upper right corner, find the ellipsis and tap on it;
  • an item with settings will appear. click on it;
  • in the list that opens, select “Blocking numbers”;
  • opposite the item with blocking unknown subscribers, move the slider to the active position.

Now only subscribers entered in the phone book will be able to call you. And even those users for whom the name is not saved. The limitation applies to both 11-digit and short numbers.

Important! This option will be useful for users who want to receive calls exclusively from friends.

If the function is already active, then, if necessary, you can turn it off so that unknown subscribers can also call you.

Application to block users

Although the built-in application allows you to quickly block a contact or a hidden incoming number, the functionality of the factory utility is very limited. That is why many users advise using third-party software for these purposes.

One of these programs is the Black List, which can be downloaded from Google Play. This application will not only add a number to an emergency, but also block SMS, as well as prohibit calls for users without numbers (hidden subscribers). The software has an intuitively simple interface, so you will quickly figure out how to use it.

Now you know how to block an annoying user and / or bar calls from unknown subscribers. After the subscriber is added to the black list, he will not be able to call you even from a hidden number.

How to add a number to the phone blacklist on NoKIA. Blacklist in Nokia how to add a contact. How to remove a number from the blacklist on your phone.

On this page, we will try to briefly explain what the blacklist on the phone is and how to add a number to the blacklist on Nokia. And so let’s figure out why we need a black list on the phone, but we need it so that we can enter the phone number to which we do not want to answer. It so happens that sometimes we do not want to answer some calls on the phone, for example, you gave someone your number, and then you would not want him to call you. But what to do in this case, do not constantly change your number because of one or two people with whom you do not want to communicate, that’s why we came up with the black list function in the phone. Thanks to this useful function, you can add unnecessary numbers to this list, so sometimes you come across idiots who randomly call different numbers or can torture them with their calls, and we also add such numbers to the black list.

Before, I myself simply did not pay attention to the black list in the phone, and somehow I once noticed that when I received a call on my NoKIA from the same number, there was no sound and vibration, and so every time. In the beginning, I somehow didn’t pay much attention, but then I thought and decided that there was no sound because of some settings and looked at the melody settings on the contact and it turned out that there was a default melody for this number. Then I looked at the general settings of the signals and everything is in order there too, but there is no sound on the phone when there is an incoming call from this particular number. Then I decided to find out what is the reason that there is no sound signal from one number and found out that the number was added to the black list of the phone, of course, I probably did it by accident, or the children lost and added the number to the black list and I decided briefly about this write, maybe someone will come in handy.

Now let’s see how to blacklist a number on Nokia or how to remove a number from the blacklist on a phone. There are several ways to add a contact to the blacklist on NoKIA 108 and similar phones:

1) Open “Contacts”, look for the desired “Contact”, press “Information” and select “Number” then “Functions” and “Add to filter list” is ready. The number is now added to the blacklist of the phone.

2) Open “Settings” next “Call settings” next “Number filtering” select “Options” and add the number and confirm the action “Ok”. In the same way, you can remove a number from the blacklist on your phone.

3) On some Nokia, the blacklist setting function is located in the following path and is slightly different from the above methods. We go to “Settings”, then “Protection” and then “Permitted numbers”, by default “All” you can add the allowed numbers to which you want to answer, all the others that are not in the list will be in the black list, you may need to enter Pin2.

How to open blacklist on Samsung phone

Depending on the year of manufacture, you can find and open emergency situations in Samsung devices in different ways.

New lineup

How to find blacklist on Samsung phone:

  • go to: “Phone book” (icon with a green tube on the desktop of the mobile phone);
  • go to: section “Logs”. “Additional functions”. “Call settings”;
  • in the last tab: “Call rejection”. “Emergency”.

In all gadgets, after carrying out the specified actions, a line pops up with a proposal to add contacts to the black list.

Model range up to 2005 release

  • go sequentially: “Settings”. “Applications”. “All calls”;
  • in the last tab find: “Emergency” and in the pop-up window tap “Activation”. After activation, a proposal will pop up to add new items to the block.

Where is the blacklist in Samsung

The location of the lock function in Samsung mobile phones depends on the version of the Android operating system, that is, on the year of release. The differences are not significant, but worth mentioning. For models up to 2005, the function is located in the “All calls” tab, in earlier models. “Call rejection”. The phones of the brand have an intuitively simple menu, so finding this function will not cause problems for the owner.

How to find and add a subscriber to the blacklist on a Samsung smartphone

Much of the communication in the modern world takes place through mobile devices. Gadgets allow you to find a subscriber at any end of the world. The blacklist in a Samsung phone is a convenient feature that allows you to cut off an unwanted interlocutor from communicating with the owner without paying a penny. There are paid services of mobile operators that offer to automatically block those incoming that fall under the signs of spam or indicated by the owner of the SIM card. Let’s take a closer look at where the emergency is and how to add a subscriber or group to it, unblock.

How to add a number to the blacklist

Note that in the “BLack list” you can enter both mobile numbers of any operator, and city (landline): long-distance and international. The main thing is to enter the correct combination of numbers by which the caller is identified. After entering the block, the contact simply cannot reach the owner of the phone.

For him, this number will be defined as “dialed incorrectly” as long as he is present in the Black list.

How to block annoying or unwanted calls:

  • Find “emergency” according to the above algorithm.
  • In the menu item tap “Add” or “Create”.
  • Enter the desired combination, mark a group or select from “Contacts”, “Incoming”.
  • Save entered data.

A simpler option, which can be carried out right after the incoming call of an unwanted person or company, is to tap on the number, then agree to the offer to block.

How to clear the blacklist

Note that the Samsung Galaxy block sheet can have a large volume and allows a huge number of people and organizations to contribute to it. over, at present there are many calls from firms conducting sociological surveys, offering unnecessary services and scammers. Sometimes it becomes necessary to extract a subscriber from it or completely clear it: an error has occurred, there is no longer a need for blocking and other reasons.

  • Enter: menu “Emergencies”.
  • Select a person or group, tap on the name, select “Delete” from the menu. At this stage, it is worthwhile to carefully double-check all the data in order to avoid mistakes.
  • End the process by saving changes.

Another way to delete from a block in Samsung Galaxy is through “Contacts” or “Call log”. Select the subscriber and tap the item in the menu that removes the blocking.

If you do not want to use the paid “Black list” service from a mobile operator, you can block it yourself. The owner can block individual contacts, create groups based on characteristics, set a block for incoming contacts from certain regions, etc. To prevent money from being withdrawn automatically, the service must be disabled. Be careful. you can block the wrong person or organization. Such a contact will be cut off from communication with the owner of the phone and will not be able to get through.

How to Blacklist on Samsung Phone

As already mentioned, the previous method is suitable for smartphones of the Nexus and Android One series. For all other devices, another will do. It is generally very similar to the previous one, but there are several differences:

  • Open the system application “Phone” located in the main menu of the screen.
  • Open the “Journal” tab.
  • Select the number you want to block, open it.
  • Click on the “Options” line located in the upper right corner. It can also be displayed as three vertical dots.
  • Select “Block / Unblock” or “Block / Unblock”.
  • A window will open where you can choose what specifically needs to be blocked: incoming calls, messages, or everything.
  • Complete the action by clicking “Yes”.
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Note! This is the only method that works for Samsung devices. It will not be possible to get rid of numbers from the book of magazines.

How to see the list of blocked numbers on Android

Blacklist subscribers are located in the memory of the mobile device. How to view blocked numbers on Android? It all depends on the brand of the phone:

  • Samsung. In this case, the algorithm is as follows: find “Settings” on the desktop, go to the “Phone” section, select “Menu”, and then “Block numbers”. The list of blocked subscribers will become available. Here you can delete unnecessary ones by clicking on the minus sign opposite the desired number;
  • Xiaomi. On phones of this brand, the sequence of actions is somewhat different. You need to launch the “Phone” application, select the “Menu” column, go to the “Black List” item. On some smartphones, it may also be referred to as “Antispam”. The user will see a list of contacts that have been blocked. Here you can delete unnecessary ones. click on the subscriber to be unblocked and select “Unblock”;
  • Meizu. The principle of operation is in many ways similar to the algorithms already described: launch the “Phone” application located on the main lock screen. Now find the button with the image of three dots at the bottom. Clicking on this icon will launch the main menu, where you need to click on the sections in sequence “Settings”. “Blocking spam”. “Blacklist of users”.

Where is the list of blacklisted subscribers

Where in Android are other phones blacklisted: Lenovo, Fly, Alacatel, etc.? The algorithm of actions is the same, the names of the items may only slightly change.

view, blacklist, samsung, phone

The paragraph on how to view the blacklist on an Android phone has been sorted out. There is one more. how to add subscribers to it.

How to view blocked numbers on Android, where to find

Nobody likes calls from unknown numbers. Most of them come at the wrong time and do not bring any important information. As a rule, these are advertisements, offers of banks for loans, installments, etc. It is not difficult to get rid of such incoming contacts; it is enough to add the subscriber to a special list of blocked contacts, called the black list. How do I view the blacklist on an Android phone? About this this material.

How to turn on the blacklist in the standard Android application

In the first versions of smartphones based on the Android operating system, this option was not provided. It appeared starting with Android 4.2, and over time, the capabilities of this function only grew and expanded.

Note! The user can blacklist any number without any problems. The easiest method is to use the built-in system application “Phone”, call log or contact book.

The simplest method is using the contact book.

This method is suitable for users of smartphones based on the operating system Android 5.0 and higher. In addition, it is applicable on Xiaomi, Meizu phones, and for Samsung there is another instruction described below.

To add a subscriber to blocked numbers, you must:

  • The first step is to enter the “Contacts” system application located in the main menu of the screen.
  • The next step is to select the subscribers you want to block. Open contact.
  • Then select the “Edit” item. On some versions, it may also be titled “Change”. Usually this item is indicated by symbols in the form of a pencil and is located in the upper right corner.
  • In the upper right corner, select the vertical ellipsis icon and click on it.
  • Check the box next to “Voice mail only”.
  • Save changes by clicking on the checkmark icon.

For phones based on the latest versions of the Android operating system, the procedure changes slightly. In this case, you must also select the required subscriber from the call log. To do this, you need to click on the button in the form of three dots and go to the item “Block”.

Important! Using a similar method, you can also add subscribers whose numbers are not recorded in the contact book.

The unneeded user is now blacklisted. If he calls or writes messages, the phone will receive a notification about this.

What is the blacklist of numbers on Android

The situation when a smartphone receives incoming calls from unknown subscribers with various offers from advertising agencies, banks and other organizations is familiar to many. Nobody likes this, it causes irritation, anger, distracts from everyday tasks. There is a solution, and most importantly, it is quite simple. to move unnecessary contacts to the black list.

What the blacklist looks like on a smartphone

What is it? This is a special feature found on many Android smartphones. It allows you to block unknown numbers and messages coming from them. Working with this option is extremely simple, it is done in two clicks, but the user gets Stihl, gets rid of intrusive incoming.

Open blacklist with subscriber numbers

How to Add or Remove Blacklist Number Samsung Any Keypad Mobile | b110e, e1200, b310e, b313e, e1200y

The function works differently on each device, it all depends on the model and version of the operating system. On some phones, incoming and outgoing messages from this number are completely blocked, and the user does not even know that the person on the other end of the line tried to call.

On other devices, notifications are sent to the phone, informing about the attempts of the subscriber to contact or send a message. But no signals and ringtones, only text that the user can view at any convenient time. So that a person will not be distracted by such notifications.

For your information! In appearance, the list of blocked contacts resembles a regular list of numbers and subscribers, like a subscriber list. The user can independently add or remove any person from there. The main thing is to know where to find blocked numbers in Android.

How to enable blacklisting with a third-party Android app

The blacklist can be launched in another way. through third-party resources and applications. This method is suitable in cases where a huge number of calls are received on the phone. Such applications can block several numbers at once.

  • “Blacklist” for blocking calls and messages. Has an accessible, intuitive interface, provides the ability to independently add and remove numbers. At the same time, it takes up very little space in the device’s RAM and does not interfere with its normal operation;
  • Blacklist PRO is an improved version of the previous application. Allows you to block not only messages and calls, but also numbers starting with certain combinations of numbers, for example, all incoming from advertising organizations, banks, etc. In this case, there is no password entry, as well as notifications that the subscriber tried to call or left a voice message;
  • Call Blocker has the most intuitive and simple interface, very few functions and settings. But they are enough to block subscribers, calls and messages. In addition, the application allows you to block incoming from unknown numbers;
  • Don’t Call Me is a simple application in Russian that allows you to block incoming calls and messages from unknown numbers. To enable the function, you need to go to the “Call log” and select the number that you want to exclude. The main advantage of this resource is the presence of an extensive database of numbers of advertising agencies, banks and collection agencies. They are automatically detected and blocked.

Note! All of the apps listed are completely free, but some of them have paid features and add-ons. Whether to connect them or not is up to the subscriber.

Thus, the blacklist allows you to make using your smartphone as convenient and simple as possible. It will forever save you from annoying calls at any time of the day, messages from subscribers. All that remains for the user is to find the most convenient way to use it.

How to view your Instagram blacklist on your phone and PC

How to view the blacklist on Instagram if a regular user was added there by mistake or if you need to unblock a previously blocked account? ChS allows you to protect your page from annoying users of the social network. After blocking, a person will not be able to view your publications on the page, published stories, leave comments under photos or videos, or mark “Like”.

A special section has been created on the social network where you can easily view all blocked accounts and, if necessary, unblock them. Below we will consider where the emergency is located in the official applications of the social network on Android and iPhone, on a computer when using the desktop version of the site.

On Android

How to view your Instagram blacklist on Android? Follow the step-by-step instructions to get to the emergency:

  • Launch the social networking mobile application on your smartphone. The method works only in the application, in the mobile version of the site there is no section.
  • Log in with your username and password.
  • Upon entering, the user is automatically directed to the “Feed” section, where all the latest publications of subscribers are shown. You need to go to the main page, for this, in the bottom menu, click on the circle with the avatar image.
  • On the main page in the upper right corner, click on the icon with three stripes to call the side context menu.
  • In the list that opens at the very bottom, click on “Settings”.
  • Go to the section “Confidentiality”.

Next, you need to decide on the list with which you want to familiarize yourself. The username and avatar will be displayed in the required section.


The procedure for viewing people who have been added to the black-list on smartphones and tablets with the IOS operating system is almost the same as the process on smartphones running Android.

The only difference is that to go to the settings section, the user needs to click in the upper right corner of the main page of his account on the gear image.

If you need to exclude a user from the blacklist for one reason or another, you need to go to the section according to the above instructions, hold down and hold the desired account for a few seconds to call the context menu. From the menu, select the item “Unblock”. After that, the user will again be displayed in the subscribers and subscriptions section, will be able to watch your publications, leave comments and likes.

How to view the blacklist on Instagram via phone

To view the list of people who have been blocked, you need to go to the settings of the social network. The blacklist function is available only in the official Instagram application, if you are using the desktop version, you can only add and exclude specific users from the list through the main page of someone else’s account.

In the settings of the social network there is now a section “Blocked accounts”, “In silent mode” and “With limited access”. In the settings, you can familiarize yourself with the features of each section and choose the most suitable one. Depending on the required degree of activity restriction.

How to view Instagram blacklist on a computer

There is no blacklist on Instagram on a computer as a separate section. Users of the desktop version can block annoying users, but it will not work to see all accounts that have been blocked for one reason or another.

To add a user to an emergency from a computer, you need to follow a few simple steps:

  • Find the account you want. This can be done through the publication in the feed, through the comments under a specific post, in the search or in the list of subscribers if the user is subscribed to your page.
  • On the main page of the account in the upper right corner, click on the button with the image of three dots to open the context menu.
  • In the section that opens, select “Block”.
  • Specify the reason for blocking your account.

Please note that you cannot find a blocked account through subscriptions and in the section with subscribers. If you need to exclude an account from the blacklist, you will need to find it through other users or through likes and comments left under old posts.

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Where to Find Black List on Samsung Phone

The Blacklist app in Samsung smartphones can be located in different places. It depends not only on the model of the device, but also on the version of the Android OS that it has.

In order to open an emergency, go to the “Phone” application:

    In the window with a numeric keypad for dialing a number or combination, select the three dots at the top;

If this item is currently activated on Samsung, you can turn it off by moving the slider to the “Inactive” position. The function will be useful for those who want to receive calls only from a fixed list or phone book.

What is the blacklist for Samsung

Most of us have faced situations when we are pestered by acquaintances or strangers with phone calls. The blacklist was created so that we can block unnecessary incoming SMS or calls on our phone. Create a list of numbers that will not be able to reach us. On Samsung mobile devices, such a list hides short text and multimedia messages in a special blocked folder. In this case, the user receives a notification that the spam storage has been replenished.

Call Blocker applications for adding subscribers to the black list

You can download the Call Blocker app for Samsung devices from the Play Store. This is a set of utilities that will help to resist not only unwanted numbers, but also to determine whether it belongs to scammers.

In the program, you can search the database of cybercriminals’ numbers if you are often called from unknown numbers. Blocked calls will not bother you. They are silently saved to an archive, from which you can view all the details.

Application Features: Explanation:
Multitasking. Complete blocker of SMS messages and incoming calls.
The application can recognize calls made by a robot from various services. It blocks them immediately.
Enhanced CallerID function. Automatically identify contacts.
Do Not Disturb. In it, you can create a schedule for which hours or days you will not be disturbed by incoming calls and SMS.

The app is supported by most Android versions including 4.0.

In addition to the ones mentioned, the Call Blocker application has a number of other, less significant functions. After installing it on your Samsung smartphone, you can familiarize yourself with them in more detail.

Blacklist in Samsung phone: Where to find, how to add and how to remove?

Many smartphone brands have their own Black List. It can be used to filter out messages from unwanted callers. Consider the black list in Samsung phones: where you can find it, how to add a subscriber there, and then remove it. You will learn about everything in order in this article.

How to add or remove a blacklisted contact on Samsung

When you need to find a contact, add it to an emergency on Samsung or remove it from the list, follow these instructions:

    Open the Phone app again. This can be done by pressing the green handset in the main menu or at the bottom of the smartphone screen;

The standard application has a limited set of functions. But they are quite enough to manage the black list of contacts. interesting features are available in third-party applications, which can be downloaded to Samsung from the Play Market.

Why Samsung is not receiving messages

You already know how to delete contacts from your smartphone in the standard application. Therefore, if messages are not received on the device, check the blacklist in your Samsung phone, find and remove contacts from it that have been added. If this is not the case, you need to determine whether SMS does not come from one subscriber or from all at once. Ask your friends to send you a message. It is better that these are subscribers of another operator. Maintenance work may be taking place on your mowing line. And at the moment all subscribers have communication problems. Try also rebooting your cell phone to Safe Mode.

What is a blacklist and what is it for?

Black List is a special list where mobile and home numbers can be entered. The maximum number of subscribers that can be added to the Black List depends on the specific smartphone model. But usually up to several thousand users.

You can manually remove or add a subscriber to the blacklist on Samsung. And so that you can quickly find the desired contact, all numbers are sorted by name and sorted into folders.

Blacklisted contacts will not be able to send you messages or make incoming calls.

How to block and unblock a number

We figured out where the emergency is and how to look at it. Now let’s find out how to block a subscriber or clear the Black List.

  • Once again we enter the “Phone” application and tap on the “Contacts” tab.
  • In the upper right corner of the screen, click “Options” and go to “Settings”.
  • Now we open the section “Call blocking”. A page will open where you can check the list of numbers entered in the emergency, or clear the Black List.
  • Enter the phone number you want to block and it will appear on the page. If you need to remove the subscriber from the emergency, then just click on the minus sign opposite his number.

Attention! If you need to block a user who is saved in the list of your contacts, then click on “Add from phone book” and select from there.

The instructions described above are relevant for most modern Samsung models, including budget J5, A5, A7, A40, A50.

Samsung phone blacklist: how to find, add and remove a number

Samsung Galaxy smartphone owners can sleep peacefully. Now they can easily blacklist the number of an annoying subscriber or bank employee who imposes their services. But for this you need to understand how the Black List works. In this article, we will explain what a blacklist is on a Samsung phone and how to add a number to it.

Where to find Black List

The location of the blacklist in the menu depends not only on the model of the gadget, but also on the version of Android installed on it. To find an emergency, do the following:

  • click on the “Phone” application on the main screen;
  • on the dialing page, find the ellipsis in the upper right corner and click on it;
  • “Settings” will appear. click on them to open the menu;
  • at the very top, select “Blocking numbers”;
  • a page will open with the words “Blocking Unknown Numbers”. Move the slider to the active position, and from now on unknown subscribers will no longer be able to dial up to you, including employees of banks and various companies. Right below this option is the line for adding users to the emergency.

If the feature is already active on your phone, you can disable it by moving the slider to the left.

Note! Even if a subscriber is saved in your contacts list without a name, he will not be banned from making calls and sending messages.

If you have a push-button telephone manufactured before 2005, then you need to look for the section with the black list according to another instruction:

  • go to “Settings”;
  • select the tab with applications and open “All calls”;
  • in the list that opens, find “Emergency” and in the pop-up window, click on “Activation”.

After that, the system will offer to add changes and configure the list.

Applications that allow you to add subscribers to the blacklist

Above, we examined the principle of operation of the Black List system application. However, there are dozens of utilities on the network with a more user-friendly interface and wider functionality.

One of these utilities is the Black List program. You can download it on Google Play.

With the help of this software, you can easily add to the Black List, and subsequently find the blocked numbers. In addition to blocking regular numbers and SMS, the application provides the ability to blacklist hidden numbers.

Call Blocker is another advanced utility with wide functionality and an intuitively simple interface. It attracts with the fact that it allows you to check who is calling from unfamiliar numbers before blocking them. Also, the software will warn you about a spam call and will protect your smartphone 24/7 from calls from robots, bank employees and intruders. The program was released quite recently, but has already received more than 13,000 ratings in the Play Market.

When manipulating the black list, be careful, because there is a risk of accidentally adding the subscriber you are communicating with to the Black List. In addition, be careful with the “Block Unknown Numbers” function, as it prohibits calls for all subscribers not included in the phone book.

How to view blacklist on Meizu phone?

Here, the algorithm is slightly different, so we will consider it separately:

  • we are interested in the “Phone” application. Look for the button in the form of three dots on the bottom of the display, click on it to open the menu;
  • here you select “Settings” and “Spam blocking”;
  • in the list that opens, find the item “Black list of users”, everything opens.

It does not have to be filled in, sometimes it is completely empty. With the help of such instructions, you can check emergency situations on other devices, for example, Lenovo, Xiaomi, Fly, Alcatel and others.

We use third-party software

On Google Play, you can find a huge number of applications that will help you create and manage an emergency. Just download what you like and use. Most often, the interface of such programs is clear, and sometimes there are even hints. This can be, for example, “Call blocker”, “Backlist” and others.

Although this option is available in all mobile devices, both in expensive flagship smartphones and in budget.

Blacklist. how to view in the phone, add / remove a number

Many users have a special section in their smartphone, where they add phone numbers that they want to block. emergency. So today we will talk about how to view the blacklist on the phone? This option is very handy, but not everyone knows how to use it. It should be noted that the viewing procedure depends on the version of the operating system installed on the smartphone. But the general principle is usually the same.

We manage the special section

If you wish, you can not only add an unfamiliar number or a boring one here, view it, but also manage it. For this:

  • in the “Calls” mode, go to the call parameters (simple or long press of the options button on the mobile or the button on the screen);
  • look for the desired item in the “Settings”;
  • here in the section there is a huge number of possibilities for configuring emergency settings (enabling / disabling the blocking of unwanted calls and SMS even by keys, a list of subscribers, etc.);
  • to add a contact from the phone book here, go to the “Emergency numbers” section;
  • tap “Add”;
  • click “Select contact”, after which you automatically enter the phone book, where it is easy to select a phone to block by checking the box next to it.

Manual for Samsung devices

Devices of this manufacturer are used by many users, so you should familiarize yourself in more detail with the procedure for viewing emergency situations in these smartphones. It’s simple, follow this path:

It is there that the subscriber numbers that you sent to this special section are located. If necessary, you can always check, clean.

Another option for adding a mobile to the block

There is one more way, which is also worth talking about. This is where the call menu is used:

  • go to the “Calls” mode (click on the button with the receiver);
  • go to the menu of the desired contact;
  • tap “Block”.

After that, you will not be able to call and send messages to the person you have blocked until you unblock him in the same way.

Now you know how to view the blacklist on your phone, so you can do it yourself if necessary. Good luck!