How to view photos in Samsung cloud

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Samsung Cloud

Thanks to the Samsung Cloud service, the smartphone user has 15 GB of memory that can be used to store personal data. Samsung smartphones provide automatic synchronization of videos and photos, so all data in the device’s memory is duplicated on the user’s cloud. If the owner of the smartphone has not changed the data, recovering deleted photos is not a problem. The main condition for the device to be connected to the Network.

  • Enter Samsung Phone Settings.
  • Select the Cloud and accounts section.
  • Go to Samsung Cloud.

Here’s How to Access Samsung Cloud Data on your Computer

  • Check that sync is turned on and make sure it was working before taking the necessary photos.
  • Click on Restore and wait for the device to find the latest copy.

In the list that appears, select the Photos section and wait for the process to finish. After a while, the photos return to Samsung from Android.

Samsung Cloud Gallery Download & Samsung Cloud Drive Tutorial

DiskDigger app

The easy-to-learn DiskDigger program has a free version, the functionality of which is enough to find and restore old photos and videos on your phone.

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The advantage of DiskDigger is the ability to recover files of deleted images without root on the gadget. To start searching, click on the big button and wait for the scan results.

Deleted files, images from the application cache are scanned. This significantly increases your chance of finding the photo you are looking for if it was opened in a graphics editor or other application before deleting it from the drive. To narrow down your search, use the filter hidden under the gear icon in the upper right corner.

You can specify the minimum image size to cut small thumbnails from the game cache folders from scanning. A useful option is the choice of file date boundaries. If the user knows when the lost photo was taken, then the date can be specified with an accuracy of a day or a week. The number of options will be reduced to several dozen. Files can be restored to the local drive of the gadget or sent to cloud storage. The action is selected in the context menu that opens by a button with three dots.

The user can select several recoverable images at once to perform an action for a group of images.

The professional version of DiskDigger has advanced features. There will be even more recovery options after running Root on the gadget, but this mode is recommended only for advanced users.

Accidentally deleted photos on Samsung smartphone can be recovered. photo recovery methods

When erasing files from your gadget, do not forget that there are negligible chances of recovering them using a simple (standard) method. In the article, we will take a look at whether it is possible to recover deleted photos on Samsung using progressive techniques. If Samsung does not read the memory card, then you should read the instructions on how to act in such a situation.

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If Data Recovery doesn’t suit you, try other options. DiskDigger is quite primitive, this software has an evaluation (free) version. You will have enough time using the trial version to save old photos. But it is quite possible to do without root. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Start scanning with a big button.
  • Customize filter.
  • Wait for results.
  • Revert pictures to their original location.

You can customize not only the size, but also the date the file was created.

The context menu (ellipsis) allows you to operate the file.

Dumpster Cart

To prevent problems with photos and not think about how to recover deleted photos from your phone, install Dumpster. an application that creates a trash bin on your phone.

  • Works independently, without user intervention. When you remove an image from the Gallery, Dumpster intercepts the event and sends it to its repository.
  • Easy recovery without loss of quality. The user is guaranteed to be able to return his photo from the Trash. Image quality does not degrade.
  • In Android 7 and above, the Trash icon is built into the standard notification window as a separate icon, which is convenient. You can turn off Dumpster to reduce battery drain on your smartphone or delete a file without the Recycle Bin.
  • Is free. The app shows ads. To disable it and get the backup function to the cloud storage, you will have to purchase the paid version.
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Photo recovery software

Google Market has special programs that will help you recover your loss. The newest Androids are also equipped with a utility called Data Recovery. its developers know how to recover photos on a Samsung phone after deletion. Here are some interesting facts about this software:

  • functions even with a “missing” SD card;
  • you do not need a computer. the software is installed directly on the phone;
  • any information is reanimated. contacts, files, SMS;
  • the file is scanned before recovery;
  • there are versions for OS X, Android and Windows.