How to write on iPhone without lifting your finger

How to independently learn to type quickly on a smartphone

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Learning to quickly type on a computer keyboard is not difficult. The main thing here is to practice as much as possible. A smartphone is a completely different matter. Most users are accustomed to typing on their mobile phones, but not everyone can do it quickly. Fortunately, there is a way out, and not even one. Today we will tell you how to learn how to quickly type on a smartphone on your own.

And which way is better?

It is impossible to determine the fastest option. this concept is individual and depends on how you are used to typing. If you like writing with two fingers, it’s best to turn off T9 and AutoCorrect. If you are a supporter of continuous typing or word selection, it is wiser to try several third-party keyboards and choose the most suitable one. Fortunately, there are a lot of them now. Most Popular. SwiftKey, Chrooma, Multiling O, ai.type, GO Keyboard and Minuum.

To train, use special machines. There is a famous utility “Solo on the keyboard”, but in mobile layout it is more suitable for masochists. Ratatype is more suitable. a service where you can first check your typing speed, and then practice (although you have to register). If it does not start, turn on Fastfingers, with which we tested different ways.

Well, were the scientists right who called typing with two fingers the fastest way? Partly. yes, this is how we knocked out the best result in simulators. However, this does not mean that other methods do not work: this is already a matter of habit.

Turn on one-handed printing

Of course, typing with two hands is faster and more convenient, but they are not always free. It is even difficult to hold the phone with one hand, much less typing. That is why they came up with a special mode in which the keyboard becomes slightly smaller and shifts to the edge of the screen.

To enable this mode on Android, you need to hold your finger on the semicolon key, and then on the button with the hand holding the smartphone. The arrow at the edge of the screen allows you to slide the keyboard to the other side of the display, and the Expand icon returns to normal view.

In iOS, one-handed printing mode is activated by a long press on the globe button. The location of the keyboard relative to the edge of the screen is selected here.

On some smartphones, the one-handed printing mode looks like this

Turn on one-handed printing

Of course, typing with two hands is faster and more convenient, but they are not always free. It is even difficult to hold the phone with one hand, much less typing. That is why they came up with a special mode in which the keyboard becomes slightly smaller and shifts to the edge of the screen.

To enable it in Android, you need to hold your finger on the semicolon key, and then on the button with the hand holding the smartphone. The arrow at the edge of the screen allows you to slide the keyboard to the other side of the display, and the Expand icon returns to normal view.

In iOS, one-handed printing mode is activated by long pressing the globe button. The location of the keyboard relative to the edge of the screen is selected here.

Enabled Touch ID. Fingerprint for iPhone protection

Some users and potential buyers of iPhone and iPad mobile devices do not know what Touch ID is, what it is for and how to set it up. Explaining. Touch ID is a touch module built into the Home button that can scan (as well as read) your fingerprint, so the phone recognizes its owner and unlocks the screen to access the home screen.

Well, you get the idea, basically this fingerprint button serves as protection for the iPhone or iPad, while replacing the password on the lock screen. You can also use your fingerprint to download applications from the App Store and purchase media content from the iTunes Store.

Swipe Typing For Your iPhone!

Not all iPhone and iPad models have a built-in Touch ID sensor. Starting with the iPhone 5s and up, Apple phones began to feature a fingerprint sensor. The list of models without Touch ID is below:

  • iPhone
  • iPhone 3g
  • iPhone 3gs
  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 4s
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 5c
  • iPhone X. also no Touch ID, now has Face ID
  • How to enable Touch ID fingerprint on iPhone

    In order to put a fingerprint on your iPhone, which will be requested each time you unlock, you need to click on the Settings application:

  • Select: Touch ID and Passcode
  • Press the button: Add fingerprint
  • Next, follow the instructions on the screen. place your thumb on the Home (or index) button
  • Then raise your finger
  • Now again we apply to the button and perform steps 4 and 5 several more times, until all finger drawings turn red.
  • When finished, click the Next button to continue scanning the edges of the fingerprint
  • A notification appears: “Touch ID is ready. You can unlock iPhone using your fingerprint “, click. Next
  • And we enter the screen lock password twice (if you have not set it before), this password is now used to enter the Touch ID settings and passcode, it can also come in handy in the event of a Touch ID sensor breakage.
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    By enabling Touch ID, you can unlock your iPhone or iPad using your fingerprint

    The screenshots above show your fingerprint recognition screens for iPhone login. But if you go to the Touch ID settings and turn on the iTunes Store and App Store, then the fingerprint can be used instead of the Apple ID password and when purchasing applications, music, videos, etc. In the same settings, you can add fingerprints, those who are allowed to use your iPhone.

    On Android

    How to hide the “Online” status in WhatsApp and remove the online status for Android owners? Let’s use the following algorithm:

    Further capabilities and settings are completely identical to the functionality of the iPhone, there are no changes.

    Be careful! On the web, you can find a lot of services and applications that promise to remove the “Online” inscription in WhatsApp and hide it online. We do not recommend downloading such software. the “manufacturers” do not give any guarantees. The most unpleasant thing that can happen to you is that you will lose your personal data and give access to correspondence to strangers.

    How to hide visiting time on iPhone in WhatsApp

    Currently, instant messengers have completely replaced SMS messages. They are convenient to use, their functionality is very wide. One of the most popular is WhatsApp. It can be installed on both Android and iOS. The messenger shows the last time a user was online, but not everyone wants this information to be available. The article will help you learn how to hide the visiting time on iPhone (any versions. s, se, XR) in WhatsApp and other interesting features, for example, “Invisible” mode.

    Using special software

    Changing the privacy settings in the messenger makes the user “invisible”. However, this method also has disadvantages. Disabling read reports and hiding the status closes access to similar information about the interlocutors, who also become “invisible”. In order to hide yourself and see other people’s statuses, you will have to use special programs. For owners of smartphones and tablets on Android, such applications include Hide Status.

    When the function is enabled, the green logo showing the “Online” status can be grayed out with one click. over, for the interlocutors, information about the user’s presence in the network is not available, but he still has the ability to receive information about contacts and readings of messages.

    On iPhone

    Apple phones are different from Android smartphones, so the algorithm is different:

    Hiding visit times in WhatsApp

    Many people want to hide the time of their last visit to maintain their privacy. Thus, it is not visible when a person was last online. Not everyone wants those on their contact list to know when their last WhatsApp visit was.

    Especially for such cases, the program has a function that allows you to disable the option to demonstrate the last visit to WhatsApp. Depending on the phone model, there are some differences in how the setup process takes place. You can change the invisibility settings on both iPhone and Android smartphone.

    Why is the “online” status not displayed?

    The situation when a person knows for sure that the subscriber is online, but sees in the application that the state of his status is “offline” can be caused by 2 reasons:

    On Android

    The blocking procedure starts in the same way as when hiding the visit time. Go to “Settings”, select “Account” and click on “Privacy”. Then go to the “Blocked” item. If the user previously had blocked contacts, they will be displayed in the list. A profile icon with a “” will appear in the upper right corner. By clicking on it, you can see the entire list of subscribers. Now select the desired contact and block it.

    How to set up fingerprint on iPhone

    Instructions for setting up the fingerprint scanner on the iPhone. For scanning the fingerprint, the Touch ID sensor module built into the Home button is responsible. It protects your smartphone and replaces the password on the lock screen.

    Not all iPhone models support Touch ID. below is a list of smartphones without a scanner:

    they can also be distinguished by the touch button

    • iPhone
    • iPhone 3g
    • iPhone 3gs
    • iPhone 4
    • iPhone 4s
    • iPhone 5
    • iPhone 5c
    • iPhone X. Touch ID replaced with Face ID (facial recognition)

    Setting up Touch ID

    Go to Settings Touch ID and Passcode Add Fingerprint.

    Just follow the instructions on the screen. the system asks you to put your finger on the scanner several times.

    Upon completion of the scan, you will need to come up with a password code.

    The password will be required in the event of a scanner failure, as well as to change the fingerprint settings, so be sure to remember it, or better. write it down.

    Done. You can now unlock your smartphone by placing your finger on the Home button.

    How to use Touch ID to shop

    You can use your fingerprint for App Store and iTunes Store purchases. To do this, go to the Touch ID Settings and Passcode and activate the switch opposite the iTunes Store and App Store. When you enable this function, the system will ask you for your Apple ID password. enter it and you’re done.

    Now you can make a purchase with one finger press on the Home button.

    How to label a photo on iPhone

    Modern technology is making our smartphones more and more like good cameras. First of all, this applies to the iPhone, where, in addition to high-definition cameras, image processing technologies are also being introduced. With the system update to version 10, the Markup function became available to all iOS users. It gives the owner the opportunity, for example, to enlarge a certain area or to write on a photo on an iPhone. The image processed in this way will definitely not go unnoticed.

    Increase in the shape of a circle in the photo

    This feature is also available using the Markup tool. Let’s do it in steps:

    Stop Typing Like An Idiot: Top 10 Hidden iPhone Keyboard Tricks

    • Go to the “Gallery”, select the desired photo.
    • Click on the link “Change”, then. item “Markup”.
    • We take the “Magnifier” by touching the circled “plus sign”:

    Moving around the circle of the green point changes the magnification, and the blue one decreases and enlarges. You can move it by dragging it around the screen without lifting your finger. To save the result, click “Finish”.

    Adding text using iOS

    To launch the built-in image editing tool, you will need to go to the “Photos” section. It is usually found on the iPhone’s home screen. Inside the “Gallery” select the photo on which we plan to place the text, click the preview icon. In the opened snapshot, click on the “Edit” link. Further in the bottom menu. the item “Markup”:

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    In the menu, at the bottom of the screen, click on the icon in the form of a circled plus, select the “Text” item. After that, touch the text box that appears on the photo and “Edit” to write the text on the photo. We type words to add, you can write both in Russian and in English.

    Changing the position of the title on the picture is possible if you hold it down with your finger and move it across the screen. Another field for the text increases in size, for which you need to touch its corner and stretch to the side.

    In addition to the text block inside the photo, you can add an author’s signature, as well as insert a circle, square or arrow.

    The size of the text is also changed in the bottom menu, for this there is an “Aa” icon. If you want to choose the color of the inscription, you need to tap on the colored circle located below. To save the changes, you must click “Finish”.

    Circle signature using apps

    The built-in photo editing application, with all its advantages, has rather limited capabilities. Therefore, for more beautiful inscriptions and effects, it is better to use third-party programs. The SnapSeed application is popular.

    To sign a photo in a circle, start the application and by clicking on the gray screen with the “” icon select the picture where the circle with the inscription will be inserted.

    Using the bottom panel, select the “Tools” tab, then. “Text”. The Effects panel opens with patterned fonts or texts in various shapes: circles, diamonds, or squares. And also a variety of logos. To change the standard “handwriting”, you need to double-click on the inscription. To save the result, click on the checkmark in the lower right corner.

    Of course, you always want to make photos richer and brighter, add some inscriptions and emotions. For simple actions, you can limit yourself to the functionality built into iOS, but for complex effects, give preference to third-party programs. By applying beautiful titles to your pictures, you can be sure that other users will definitely notice them.

    How to transfer photos from iPhone or iPad to Windows computer or external storage using a cable

    Connect an external storage drive (USB stick). If you are going to transfer a photo or video simply to a computer, skip this step.

    Make sure the connected external drive appears in Windows Explorer.

    Connect the iPhone or iPad from which you want to transfer photos to your Windows computer using a cable.

    When connecting an iPhone or iPad to a computer, the device should be recognized as an external device.

    Click on the icon of the connected Apple device.

    Go to Internal Storage → DCIM.

    If instead of the DCIM folder, the message “This folder is empty” is displayed, unlock the connected iPhone or iPad and click the Allow button on the notification that appears.

    After that, the DCIM folder will appear in Windows Explorer.

    All photos and videos will be placed in system folders like “100APPLE”. Copy the entire contents of the DCIM folder or selected photos and videos to your computer.

    How to transfer photos from iPhone to computer, USB stick or external hard drive

    IPhone owners with little storage space are sometimes amazed at how quickly their smartphone runs out of space. Most often, this problem is encountered by lovers of photos and videos, as well as fans of Live Photos.

    True, it can be easily solved. you just need to activate the function of saving backups to the cloud storage, for example, to the iCloud Photo Media Library (though the service is paid). Users who are interested exclusively in free unlimited services can use Google Photos or Yandex.Disk.

    In addition, photos can be backed up to a desktop computer. However, a 128 GB Mac is clearly not enough for this purpose, so you often have to use external drives.

    How to transfer photos and videos from iPhone (iPad) to Mac using AirDrop

    The main condition for transferring files via AirDrop is that the devices (iPhone or iPad and Mac) are on the same Wi-Fi network. Also, both devices must have Bluetooth enabled.

    AirDrop works flawlessly since iOS 10 and macOS Sierra.

    New iOS 13 Feature: How to Use Keyboard Swipe Slide to Type | iPhone 11 Pro

    On your Mac, open Finder and go to AirDrop.

    On your iPhone or iPad, open the Photos app. Go to the required Album and click the Select button in the upper right corner.

    Select a photo or video to copy to your Mac (photos and videos can be swiped without lifting your finger).

    Click on the Share icon in the lower left corner.

    In a few seconds, the available devices for AirDrop will appear in the middle left of the screen.

    Tap the icon of the Mac that appears and the file transfer starts. The downloaded files will be available in the Downloads folder on Mac.

    How to transfer photos and videos from iPhone or iPad to Mac using the Image Capture app

    Launch Image Capture on your Mac. To open the program, enter its name in the Spotlight search (you can use the hot keys ⌘Cmd Space).

    Once launched, in the control panel on the left, find the iOS device and click on it. All photos and videos stored on the iPhone or iPad appear on the screen. Now you can manually select the pictures you want to save on the external hard drive, or select all at once by clicking on ⌘Cmd A.

    By default, pictures are saved in the Pictures folder. Call the drop-down menu and click on “Other”. Now select the folder on the external hard drive where you want to save the photo.

    Optionally, you can delete photos and videos from your iOS device when you move them to your Mac. To do this, check the box next to Delete after import in the lower left corner.

    Click on the “Import” button and wait until the photos or videos are saved. If your hard drive supports USB 2.0, and there are a lot of photos, the whole process can take much more than a few minutes.

    How to change the keyboard?

    With the advent of iOS 8, developers have the opportunity to write their own applications for entering information on the iPhone and iPad. What they, of course, did not fail to take advantage of. The App Store (whether official or not) has a fairly large variety of keyboards, including those with the Swype function.

    The most common ones are:

    Both know Russian and support the method of entering text without lifting your finger from the screen. What else do you need?

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    Installing an alternative keyboard is quite simple. download the application, and then go to the main settings. keyboard. And here put the one that you need.

    Missing keyboard on iPhone (or iPad)

    The reason for the keyboard not to appear can be both a not very correct flashing of the device, and the use of any tweaks (if a jailbreak is installed).

    There are several options to correct this misunderstanding:

    • The easiest is to reboot your device.
    • difficult. reset the settings.
    • Even harder, do a hard reset. Do not forget about backup (using a computer or the cloud) and subsequent recovery.
    • Long (but most effective). install the latest software (firmware), even if you already have the latest software. Just update one more time.

    Keyboard problems on iOS devices and ways to solve them

    Good time! Using a keyboard (even a virtual one) is not tricky. Know, tap on your screen and write messages, notes, SMS, poems, novels Well, or whatever you would like to print there. However, sometimes in the process of work, certain difficulties or problems may arise (call them whatever you want), which directly interfere with the full use of the phone or tablet! 🙁

    And although these very troubles happen quite rarely on devices from Apple, no one is immune from them. And since this can happen at the most inopportune moment, it is better to be prepared. Therefore, today we will consider the most common questions regarding the virtual keyboard on our favorite gadgets.

    Functional features

    Keyboard does not work

    It is important to understand. the display does not process pressing or the text input function simply does not work. To do this, launch any application and try to “poke” the screen.

    Depending on the result, we do the following:

    • In case of problems with the display, contact the service center.
    • If everything is fine with the screen, then the tips from the previous paragraph will help.

    Split keyboard on iPad

    The function of splitting the keyboard appeared on the iPad a long time ago, it was done, of course, for our convenience. Being able to print with both hands at the same time while holding the device “on the weight” is really cool. However, not everyone knows how to get everything back.

    To combine, just swipe with two fingers as shown in the figure. With your gesture, you connect the two parts into one. Everything!

    Change layout

    The “globe” icon on the keyboard is responsible for this action. Short press and the input language is changed. But, as always, it so happens that this very icon is missing.

    This means that you have only one language set for printing text. You can add different languages ​​by going to settings. basic. keyboard.

    These are probably all the questions regarding the on-screen way of entering information on the iPad and iPhone. If this is not the case and the author has forgotten something. feel free to ask in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.


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    Even if you’ve lived with an iPhone for several years, you probably don’t know many of these useful tricks.

    Note: some features only work from iOS 9.

    Step 2

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    Draw and write on the pictures attached to the letter

    In the native Mail application, click on the attached photo right arrow Markup. Now you can annotate a picture by drawing on it with your finger, enlarging an important fragment, adding text or a signature.

    Step 5

    Next, add the last 4 digits of the number.

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