HP 2620 Printer How to Scan

How to force the printer to scan without cartridges?

Most recently I ran into a problem with my printer, Canon Pixma MP250 model. The problem was that I needed a scanner, but the printer refused to work correctly, since the cartridges had not worked for a year. But this is not the point, but how to make the printer Scan without cartridges.

Usually, when the printer is turned on, it displays errors like E3 or E5 on the display and does NOT react in any way to your actions, even to dancing with a tambourine :-).

You could just take and replace the cartridges, but getting them for such a model is NOT an easy task, and the cost is almost more expensive than the printer itself. In general, there are solutions to this problem, and in them I will tell you now.

The problem “errors E3, E5” or errors U051, U052, U059 for all-in-one printer Canon Pixma MP250 (should also be suitable for Similar models, namely for Canon MP140, MP150, MP160, MP170, MP180, MP190, etc. Like all-in-one printer and printers), you can bypass the following steps:

You must turn off the printer physically (by unplugging the power cord).
2. Press and hold the power button (on / off) and Do not release this button will turn on the printer.

While holding and Do not release the same power on / off button, press the Stop / Reset button 8 times (red circle with triangles inside)

4.Repress all the pressed buttons.

After this operation, the printer will start in the low-level service mode, in which the scanner will be unlocked, the control buttons are unlocked.

Canon pixma MP250. unlocked from error U051, U052, U059 or “Error E3 or E5” (depending on the model).

2620, printer, scan

In this access mode, the device will not be available, since the cartridge is unusable and the all-in-one printer is blocking the printer, but most importantly, all other functions of the all-in-one printer have become available!

Note! When turned off with the on / off button on the all-in-one printer and turned on, the all-in-one printer remains in this low-level mode with access to all Canon pixma MP250 functions (except for the printer).

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You can exit this low-level mode by turning off the machine with the on / off button and unplugging the power cord from the outlet, after waiting 30 seconds or more, press the power button on the all-in-one printer, the printer will be available in the user normal mode in which you you will see the same errors that were earlier on the screen.

But there is a chance that this method will not work in all all-in-one printers, so another one will be described below.

  • Clamping button with red triangle (stop / reset).
  • And press the power button (on / off).
  • Then press the button with the red triangle (stop / reset) twice and release the power button (on / off).
  • After that, rotate the printer with the shafts, twitch the cartridges and calm down, drawing on the display the value 0.
  • In this mode, the scanner most likely will not work.
  • Next, insert a letter of paper into the tray and press the power button (on / off).
  • After the performed operations, the printer will grab the paper a little and turn off.
  • Then you press the power button (on / off), and due to the fact that there is paper in the printer, it will begin to feed it.
  • At the moment when the letter travels about halfway, grab the letter with your hand and do not let the printer stretch the entire sheet.
  • The sound you hear from the printer will not be very pleasant. After 7-10 seconds of such a mockery, the printer will calm down and display an “E3” error. Which means that the paper is jammed, or the printer mechanics are faulty.
  • Jammed paper must be removed.
  • And press the button b / w, or a color copy (no difference).
  • The printer will start loading for a while and will go into working mode. In which the scanner is available.

You can Scan whatever you like.

Note! You should not send anything to print, as most likely the “E3 or E5 error” will appear again and you will have to do everything all over again.

After the above operations, the scanner should work. Each time you turn on the all-in-one printer The above operations must be repeated so that you can use the scanner again!

The scanner does not scan: instructions for solving the problem

There are many reviews and a lot of questions on the Internet, like “The scanner does not scan, help!” or “bought a new printer the scanner is not working. What to do. “, A lot of information on the repair or elimination of” disease symptoms “. Experts say that in 30% of cases a completely serviceable car gets sick. So it is not necessary to immediately run to the service center and return the printer for repair. Do-it-yourself repairs.

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For example, try pre-scanning, that is, it will launch any software that allows you to Get an image.
When scanning starts, the previously installed driver is launched. If the driver has not been installed, then you need to take the installation disc, which is included in the kit, and just install the desired one. If the driver is installed and ready to work, then the actions are completely different.

The driver is installed, but the scanner still does not work

So, the software is there, but the device is not detected. The first step to start diagnosing the problem is by clicking on Start Search and going to Control Panel. Then find the item Administration, click on it. A window opens with a list of different functions. You need to find and launch the device manager (the light version is to go to the My Computer shortcut, right-click on an empty space, and go to the hardware tab).

The item is found and another window pops up on the monitor, with a bunch of plus signs and is named. You need to find exactly the scanner and determine if it is installed. Searching for “Imaging Devices” shouldn’t take a lot of time. So, click on the plus sign and here it is, the model name and an exclamation mark next to it on a yellow background. What does this mean? This means that the drivers are either not suitable or outdated. But the way out from the position is the same.We go to the Internet and find the driver we need.

You can also download a program that will automatically update all drivers on the hardware. Drivers found and installed, restarts the machine, everything is ready.

But what if everything is in working order in the device manager? The scanner is detected, but still refuses to work? There is another snag. For normal operation, you need to purchase a specific program on the manufacturer’s website. And, of course, not for a small amount. But this problem is solved in the same way, you need to go to the Internet and find the necessary software.

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Having considered the technical problems, let’s move on to physical

Very often they ask such a question, why does the hardware refuse to Scan when the device is working properly? Some solutions to this problem.

  • Checking the power supply and power wires (in case of a malfunction, both elements will prevent the scanner from functioning).
  • Look at Visible damage to the wire connecting the system unit and the scanner itself.
  • Check the voltage in the network (it happens that many electrical devices work at the same time, and the scanning device simply does not have enough power).
  • Some experts claim that the scanners may NOT work due to the creation of microwaves by any objects (just in case, turn off the microwave, it may help).
    Check the grounding of the wiring.
  • Finally, check your settings, suddenly it’s just not configured correctly and resetting to defaults will restore all work.

If the device uses a USB interface, then perhaps the reason is in the connection port and installation on a different port will solve all problems.

It still does not work, although everything has already been checked?

An important role is played by the operating system installed on a computer or laptop. Most manufacturers have recently released printers and scanners are designed for use on the Windows 7 operating system.

Let’s sum up

The simplest method to check is to open the “device manager” and check the controller. It should not be marked with a yellow exclamation mark. The controller should be operating optimally. If there is a problem, then you should try to install the scanner on another computer, perhaps a problem with your hardware. It often happens that perfectly serviceable systems simply refuse to work. A striking example is the Mustek scanner, which simply refuses to work with the bus controllers made by Tekram. So, before installing the scanner, you should definitely consult which bus this product works on or ask for a recommendation on choosing a new controller.

If none of the proposed options came up and the scanner refuses to work further, then there is only one way out: carry it to the service center for warranty service. The service center will help you exactly and explain what was the reason.