HP 410 Printer Does Not Print

All indicators are off

Unplug the power cord from the outlet. Examine the cord for damage. If found, the cable must be replaced.

Verify that the electrical outlet is working by plugging in another device. Reconnect the cord to the MFP. The plug should fit snugly into the power socket. Insert the other end with a plug into a 220V household outlet. Press the power button. The power indicator on the DeskJet 2130 dashboard will illuminate when the main systems are working properly.

HP 410 Printer Does Not Print

If after the described actions the printer does not turn on, you need to contact the specialists. The cause of the breakdown is associated with a malfunction of the power supply or board. Be careful, repairs can cost more than buying a new device.

Ways, ways to solve them

The reasons why the HP DeskJet 2130 does NOT print to the printer can be different. Some of them arise due to violations of operating conditions or resource depletion. Others cannot be warned. All of them can be divided into groups depending on the operation of the dashboard. Consider the options for detailed examples.


Locking the printer means stopping or refusing to print: there is power, but some lights are on or flashing. The reasons may be:

  • Paper jam. Remove any sheets from the input tray. If the jam is NOT severe, the device will “return” the letter when you press the “Cancel” button. Remove paper from the output tray. Then check the inner space where the carriage is located. Pull out crumpled sheets with smooth and slow movements.
  • The cartridge access door is not closed properly: The power light is blinking quickly. Open the door, then close it again until it stops.
  • An error in the software appears due to viruses, conflict with other programs, when working with large files or non-standard formats. Software errors are accompanied by a system message on the PC monitor with an explanation of the problem.
  • Improper placement or installation of cartridges. Remove the flashing light cartridge and reinsert it until it clicks. When doing this, DO NOT touch the contacts or nozzles. Restart the printer.
  • Failure of the cartridge. Standard cartridges are test cartridges. Their resource is limited. Even after refueling, they may not be “perceived” by the system. If the problem is with the Color cartridge, its contacts can be sealed with black insulating tape, continuing to use black. After sealing, the color cartridge failure indicator will be on constantly, but the device does not block.
  • Use of non-genuine consumables The MFP is designed with dynamic security. It can be disabled when installing drivers while connecting the device to a PC. The option protects the equipment from the use of non-original or damaged consumables. In practice, automation blocks products with inappropriate or altered electronic circuits. As a result, the currently used blocks may stop working.


The article will discuss the problems in the most popular device for scanning, printing and photocopying. HP DeskJet 2130. I will describe why the device does not print, what are the malfunctions, their causes and solutions without the involvement of specialists. In conclusion, I will provide recommendations for improving the work of MFPs to prevent such situations.

White sheets come out

If the MFP prints faint or blank pages after a few pages, the problem is critically low ink. The absence of THESE symptoms indicates other reasons:

  • Violations of the rules for refilling the cartridge. This procedure requires precision with strict adherence to sequence and conditions. It should be performed only by illustrative example: or Step-by-step illustrations with description. Problems arise when overflowing ink, using low-quality materials.
  • The cartridge is out of order. Test cartridges that are included and are not reusable.
  • Software malfunctions. The device does not support the selected format, an error has occurred in the file, the program conflicts with other applications on the PC, the drivers are out of order. To solve the problem, you need to reinstall the drivers on the computer.
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Does NOT print a specific color

  • The cartridge is dry. Drying of ink occurs with prolonged inactivity. If the module has not been damaged, it can be soaked and refilled. To prevent drying, it is recommended to do a test color print every 7-14 days. The exact drying time depends on the conditions: humidity level, temperature.
  • Incorrect filling. The ink replenishment process requires close attention to detail. The contact plate must not be touched by hand. She is sensitive to any influences. Refill ink slowly to avoid filling the interior with air. The syringe must not be buried to the very bottom. Otherwise, the protective membrane may be damaged.
  • Depletion of the cartridge resource. Test cartridges have a limited yield. This problem is pronounced in colored cells. They can fail after several refueling.

Out of ink. HP DeskJet 2130 Basic Ink Cartridges are designed to print 30-55 black and white sheets and 3-7 color sheets. To solve the problem of small capacity, you can use CISS (continuous ink supply system).

Canon printer does not print well

Problems, which are associated with the fact that the print quality is poor, very often appear in most owners of Canon and second brands. Are you already tired of what you see after the print on the sheets on which the print is faded or black stripes are visible? Then let’s try in this article to understand and understand the reasons for all this.

Why does a Canon printer print poorly? Aside from ink-related problems, poor-quality printing is also possible due to refilling of cartridges. In such cases, it is SIMply a matter of design, and it is also possible that because of the quality of this element. There are also some models in which it is NOT possible to get the highest print quality than it is. But of course, this is not the case with Canon printers. If the problem is that the product does not want to print a single color in a Color printer, carefully inspect the cartridge. Perhaps there is damage that allows air to pass through. Check to see if the plugs are tight and that there is no casting burr where the Printhead contacts the cartridge. Try swapping the cartridges of the same color. Clogged printheads are another common reason a printer does not print well. Here, both the nozzle of the heads, both one and several, can be clogged. Use the “Clean the cartridge nozzles.

So-called “curling of ink” can also occur. This happens if you use a mixture of coloring pigments of various types. This is fundamentally wrong, just like it is wrong to mix inks from different manufacturers. It is after such actions that the printer begins to print poorly. In fact, the reasons why a Canon printer does not print well. There can be a huge amount. The main thing is to fix the malfunction in time, otherwise it can lead to damage to the device. The problems we have described are mainly related to inkjet printers. Laser printers, the repair of which our company pays close attention to, are prone to breakdowns as often as their inkjet counterparts. Let’s list the main defects: a strip of dots chaotically scattered along the sheet; gray background throughout the sheet; faint print; dirty print; black sheet; White list;

Blackheads or bald patches that repeat at regular intervals gray, smeared strip with fuzzy edges along the sheet; black stripes along the sheet; black depressed stripe; increasing the saturation of the image at the edges or in the center of the sheet; thin white stripe with clear boundaries along the sheet; extraneous background repeating at the same interval; repeating horizontal stripes in black or white; downward repeat image, etc.

Canon printer does not print well

This happens if there are CISS or refillable cartridges, and even worse if disposable cartridges from different manufacturers are mixed.

In any case, it is like this: if you change something. either cartridges (ink) or paper, then the print result changes. When installing the drivers, color profiles are installed for original inks (cartridges) and original paper, if something changes, then the print result also changes. The way out is either to adjust the color rendition manually or to make an individual color profile, but as you change something again, the profile will be useless. What if the printer does not print well or blank sheets come out? There are many nuances in which this can happen. All of the following is for inkjet printers only. You have NOT used the printer for a long time, therefore the ink in the print head (PG) of the printer could dry out. We print with cartridges from different manufacturers. We highly recommend buying cartridges from only one manufacturer. this will save you from mixing different types of ink in the printer’s PG and as a result of clogging it. I print periodically and change the cartridges on time, but I bought a new cartridge, and the device does not print with the replaced color. There could be an airing of the steam generator when replacing the cartridge. you just need to wait, to speed up the process, you can do a regular cleaning. When printing photos, colors are displayed incorrectly. photo paper plays an important role if I print NOT with original ink (cartridges), and even on NOT original paper.

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The printer prints blank sheets

This symptom is typical for malfunctions of cartridges, ink tanks, printheads. They are described in detail above. Also, white sheets can get caught during heavy printing. This indicates overheating of the printheads. Let the printer rest for a couple of hours and it should start working properly. If the problem persists, try printing a test page. The printed page indicates that the printer is working properly. Computer problem Check:

  • Whether the document was created correctly, sometimes it may contain missing pages
  • Are the saturation, contrast, brightness controls in the settings not strayed to a minimum?
  • Did the driver NOT crash, it is better to reinstall it

It also does NOT hurt to do all 12 operations from the previous chapter.


You urgently need to print a document, and the printer turns out to print or prints with defects. Do not rush to run to the service, the problem can be solved quickly, cheaply and on your own.

The product does not print with color ink

Everything that applies to black ink cartridges is also true for color ink cartridges. But if all the colors stopped printing at the same time, then most likely the head is out of order.

The product does not print with black ink

  • The product does not print with black ink
  • The product does not print with color ink
  • The device does not print, although there is ink
  • The printer prints blank sheets
  • Printer queues instead of printing

HP office equipment according to experts. Most frequent customers of service centers. Therefore, when buying an HP printer, you need to prepare for future problems and learn how to solve them yourself. Of course, complex malfunctions must be trusted by specialists, but in some cases, you can diagnose and fix the problem yourself.

The device does not print, although there is ink

Any of the reasons described above are NOT excluded. A working, refilled printer should issue a reminder:

  • Out of ink
  • Available paper
  • Unidentified cartridge
  • No connection to the computer

These messages can provide guidance, but what if the product won’t print or respond? First, overload the printer. This removes random errors and temporary files that could block the operation of the printing device. If it does not help, you need to check the settings using the following aLGorithm:

  • Start Settings Devices Printers Scanners Printer Model.
  • Double click on the printer icon.
  • We activate “Use by default”.
  • Deactivate “Pause Printing” and “Work Offline”.
  • In properties, right-click on the printer icon.
  • In the drop-down rolls, specify the main default printer.

If it doesn’t help, let’s proceed

  • Start Control Panel View Local Services.
  • In the search box, specify “services”.
  • Select “View Local Services”.
  • In the window that opens, double-click on “Print Manager”.
  • In the window we find the “General” tab. From the drop-down rollout in the “Startup type” select “Automatic”.
  • Click “Start” and “Ok”.

If it doesn’t help, we try to reinstall the driver. If it does not help again, we carry it to the master.

Printer queues instead of printing

Typically, these problems are associated with the printer settings configured in the computer.

HP P1102 printing errors and recommendations for resolving them

Understanding the meaning of the color cues on the control panel will help you recover your printer.

The table summarizes common errors of the HP P1102 printer and presents the ways to solve them. But, before you start troubleshooting, watch for a while the status indicator on the device.

Attention light. blinking

Ready light. off

Paper jam;

Cover is open;

There is no consumable;

Pull out the jammed sheets carefully;

Close the consumables compartment tightly;

Check if the cartridge is installed correctly

Attention light. blinking

Ready light. on

Attention light. on

Ready light. on

Fatal error. Put the printer offline. After 30 seconds, turn on the device and wait for initialization.

The HP P1102 printer is NOT printing? Recovery of performance!

Having problems with your HP P1102 Printer? Malfunctions in the operation of a printing device can occur for various reasons: from general malfunctions to more serious problems, which cannot be dealt with without the help of a specialist.

If the HP P1102 printer does NOT print, the first step is to reinstall or update the driver on your PC. This can be done by installing the software from the included disk. You can also download the desired product on the official HP website in the “Support” section.

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The HP P1102 printer is NOT printing? Recovery of performance!

HP P1102 Universal Recovery Instructions

Have a problem with your HP P1102 printer? The specialists of the MosToner service center recommend to act according to the Step-by-step instructions for troubleshooting. If at a particular stage a way to solve the problem is found, it means that there is a need to perform other operations.

  • Step Verify that the printer settings are correct, including connecting the power cable to the network.
  • Check how the consumable is installed.
  • Launches the printing device by pressing the “Start” button.
  • Step Establish a reliable connection between the printer and the computer.
  • Step If a characteristic blinking of indicators was noticed on the control panel, to eliminate the error, refer to the information from the table.
  • Step Select paper that is suitable in quality and second parameters for a specific printing device and correctly insert it into the feed tray.
  • Step Verify Software: Install the required software and print driver for your printer model.
  • Step Print a self-test page or print any second size document. You can also try using a different PC to print the test document.

HP P1102 prints slowly? Checklist of factors that affect print speed!

Typically, the following factors will affect the performance of your HP P1102 printing device:

  • Using different types of paper for printing (including heavy-weight sheets)
  • Size and format of images for printing;
  • Computer power;
  • Unstable connection between devices: PC-printer.

Need to restore your HP P1102 to work? MosToner service center. free visit of the master within the Moscow Ring Road!

Product does not print, requires user intervention in Windows 10/8/7

Occasionally, the printer may give an error message. User intervention is required on your Windows 10/8/7 computer when you keep printing some documents. If your device won’t print and you will receive these error messages frequently, here are some troubleshooting steps that can help you.

Product does not print, requires user intervention

The message will look something like this:

1] Check if the flashing lights are visible on the printer and make sure all connections are secure.

2] Turn on the printer. Disconnect the power cord from the printer and also from the power source. Wait a minute. In the meantime, restart your computer. Once the computer boots to the desktop, plug the cord into a wall-mounted power source, then into the back of the printer, and then turn on the printer.

3] Reset or cancel the print queue.

4] Run services.Msc. To open the Open Services Manager and check if the Print Spooler service is running. If not, launch it. If it works, restart the Windows service. If you are having problems with the service, run the Microsoft Print Spooler Cleanup Diagnostic utility. It removes third party print processors and monitors. In addition, it collects basic information in the print spooler and computer, such as information about print drivers, printers, core networks, and Failover Clustering, and offers various cleaning modes.

5] Use the built-in printer troubleshooter.

To invoke the built-in printer troubleshooter, open the Run window, type the following, and press Enter:

You can also run Hardware Troubleshooter.

6] restart printing the document and see if that helps. To do this, open Control Panel All Control Panel Items Devices and Printers. Select your printer, right click it and select View What is Printing.

In the Print Driver Status window that appears Click the Document tab and select Restart.

7] Check if there are any driver updates available for your printer on the manufacturer’s website. In the same Printer Status Window, click Printers and select Update Driver.

8] While in the Printer tab, make sure the Pause Printing and em Use Printer Offline entries are not checked.

9] If you are using an HP printer, run the HP Print and Scan Doctor and see if it helps solve the problem.

10] If you connected the printer locally, switch the USB port and see.

Hope something helps!

See this post if your scanner doesn’t work on Windows 10.

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