HP Laserjet Mfp M28w Cartridge Refill

Filling a cartridge for the HP LaserJet Pro-M28 printer

HP Laserjet Mfp M28w Cartridge Refill

In 2018, the HP LaserJet Pro-M28 printer with the HP CF244A (44A) cartridge entered the market. This cartridge can be called an analogue of the HP 85A with some changes. I read the instructions, you can refill the HP LaserJet Pro-M28 cartridge even at home, also at the end of the article there are comments and questions that you can read and write.

If you visually look at the cartridge, then we see the SIMilarities with the cartridges that were produced earlier, but there is also a difference, the most noticeable is: the absence of a gear on the fotoval and the soldering of the side covers from the usual bolts), Figure 1.

Let’s start refueling the HP LaserJet Pro-M28 printer with our own hands, first you need to halve it in two. Figure 2:

  • Bunker with mining and fotoval;
  • Toner hopper with magnetic roller.

To do this, unscrew one bolt and remove the side cover soldered to the main body, Figure 3.

In order NOT to damage the photo, we removed it. To do this, fake and Remove the Cotter Pin (in this case, the probability of breaking the case increases, if you are sure that you DO NOT damage the photo roll, then you can NOT remove it), Figure 4.

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Raised the edge of the photo roll and turned it a little and it came out of the grooves, Figure 5, 6.

Worth Pay attention that the length and diameter of the photo roll is completely the same with the HP 85A drums, if you change the gears for the HP 44A plastic plug, they are interchangeable, Figure 7.

We proceed to the most difficult thing in refueling, it is to remove the soldered side cover, and not breaking the case, Figure 8.

It is necessary to gently pry with a knife at the sealing points, and not break the thin plastic projections, Figure 9, so that we do this carefully at the attachment points, we drilled holes (not through), Figure 10.

After removing the side cover, slide the waste block to the other part of the cartridge and it can be easily detached and halved, like in previous models, Figure 11.

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Next, we proceed to cleaning the processing bunker, for this we remove the corotron, unscrew the two bolts that hold the squeegee, Figure 12.

We clean the mining hopper, Install the squeegee back, Fix it with two bolts, clean the corotrons with a dry rag and Install it back, as well, which was shot at the very beginning, Install it back, Figure 13.

Next, we proceed to cleaning and filling the toner, for this we unscrew the bolt of the side cover and remove it, Figure 14, 15.

Remove the magnetic roller and clean it, after which you need to clean the old toner from the hopper. We scrolled the gears, thereby activating the toner stirring mechanism in order to clean it as much as possible, for this we used a service vacuum cleaner, Figure 16.

It is worth noting that the design of the magnetic shaft is identical to the HP 85A, but not the same, mag. The shaft is slightly longer, figure 17.

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We put the toner into the hopper (we used ordinary universal toner HP 35A / 36A / 78A / 85A / 44A), Install the magnetic shaft back (note that the gears, bushing, plastic retainer of the magnetic shaft rod were in place), Install the side cover and screw bolt. Scroll the magician gears. Shaft and we see an even distribution of toner, Figure 18.

HP recently became aware of a vulnerability affecting several inkjet and laser printers (Inkjet and Laserjet). HP is offering updates to address this vulnerability, which can be downloaded and installed from the HP Software and Drivers page for your printer model. For more information see the security bulletin.

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