HP laserjet pro mfp m28w refill cartridge

Main characteristics:

  • Black color
  • Resource: 1000 pages.
  • Authenticity: Original
  • Reference: CF244A
  • Refillable: Yes
  • Technology: Laser
  • Manufacturer: HP
  • Compatible printers: HP LaserJet Pro M28a; HP LaserJet Pro M28w; HP LaserJet Pro M15a; HP LaserJet Pro M15w;

laserjet, m28w, refill, cartridge

(Static Control toner, UniNet)

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Filling of the cartridge HP 44A (CF244A) for the LaserJet Pro M28a, M28w, M15a, M15w printer in Kiev

Filling of the cartridge HP 44A (CF244A) for LaserJet Pro M15, M16, MFP M28, M29 printers

HP CF244A toner cartridge used in Hewlett-Packard LaserJet Pro M15, M16 monochrome printers and MFP M28, MFP M29 series MFPs.

In this post, we’ll show you how to refill the Original HP 44A Ink Cartridge.

The original 44A cartridge has no retaining pins; the body is partially glued; a couple of screws slightly simplify disassembly.

The peculiarity of the first refueling of the original CF244A cartridge is that one of its side covers will have to be carefully broken to disassemble the cartridge. This applies to the glued part of the case. To do this, first unscrew the screw:

Then, using a scalpel or a fairly narrow strong blade, you need to penetrate the gap between the side cover and the body, directing the point in such a way as to cut the glue about a couple of centimeters up:

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This procedure will take some time. The force must be distributed in such a way that the lid comes off in a strictly defined place and does not break at the same time.

This is what a “broken” side cover looks like in the end:

The hardest part is over. You can now split the cartridge into two compartments. We take the cartridge with both hands and with a “shift” movement divide the cartridge into two parts.

The CF244A cartridge is visually similar to the previous CB436A / CE278A / CE285, and not to the previous models CF217A, CF230A, and has nothing to do with the “new” W1106A cartridge.

Let’s continue the disassembly. To get to the niche of the waste toner compartment, you need to remove the drum unit:

We clean the niche of waste toner with a vacuum cleaner. After cleaning the compartment, we assemble it in the reverse order.

Let’s take a closer look at the recovered consumables.

Photocylinder in CF244A cartridge. special. It does not look like drums from previous cartridge models. But this series of photoconductors is already on sale and is represented by the trademarks Static Control (SCC) DRHM15, Suzhou Goldengreen Technologies (SGT) DAS-M28. On

The primary charge roller of HP 44A is completely identical to the PCR rollers for HP 35A / 36A / 78A / 85A / 79A, Canon 712/713/725/728 / 737. For comparison, we used PrintPro and Delacamp charge rollers. On

The cleaning blade is also the same as the P1505 / 1005 series. We compared with PrintPro WB1005 and Kuroki LP163 blades:

When assembling this compartment after installing the squeegee, you can lubricate the contact sleeve of the charge shaft and the edge of the contact axis of the photocylinder with conductive grease:

Set aside the assembled waste toner compartment. Now it is the turn of the toner compartment.

You need to remove the side cover with the chip by unscrewing the screw.

Then remove the white plastic guide sleeve:

And we remove the magnetic shaft from the seat:

Then we unscrew the screws at the edges of the metering blade to remove the white stabilizer sleeves:

Now the metering blade. In the original HP 44A cartridge, the dispensing blade is sealed to the body. Accordingly, to remove the blade, you will have to carefully peel it off the sealant. It is more convenient to start peeling off the blade from the side of the gears by prying a flat-head screwdriver under the edge of the blade. Distributing force evenly, slowly and carefully raise the blade, peeling it off the body:

The sealant must remain adhered to the body:

HP 44A metering blade did not match with P1005 / P1505 series blades.

The HP M15 / M28 blade has technological differences. The silicone-acrylic edge is longer than the HP P1505 / 1005 blade and has a slightly different shape:

HP M15 / M28 metering blades also available: Static Control HM15DBLD, AHK 3203089.

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The magnetic shaft also did not line up with the shafts of the P1005 / P1505 series. The HP CF244A shaft is slightly longer than the CB436A:

But there are magnetic shafts for HP M15 / M28 on sale, for example Static Control HM15MDR shell.

The toner hopper is accessible under the dispensing blade. Vacuuming the niche from toner residues before refueling.

Refilling the original cartridge is more convenient with the TPS-90 SCC nozzle with a narrow nose. The TPS-P nozzle we used was not very easy to refuel.

Before replacing the dispensing blade, it is necessary to refresh the adhesive properties of the sealant. To do this, you need a cotton swab moistened with isopropyl alcohol.

Install the dosing blade on the cleaned sealant and fix the stabilizer bushings.

Before putting the magnetic shaft back in place, install the white guide sleeve. We check that the truncated edges of the magnetic core and the sleeve coincide during assembly:

Install the magnetic shaft assembly with bushings in place:

Now we take both compartments in our hands and connect the cartridge. First, the bays are shifted relative to each other:

And we change the chip to a new one. The HP M15 / M28 chip is the same microscopic as on all HP cartridges for the last 3-4 years. On the side, the chip is fixed with a claw-lock, which must be slightly pressed when removing the chip for replacement.

That’s all.
The cartridge is filled and ready for use.

Filling a cartridge for the HP LaserJet Pro-M28 printer

In 2018, the HP LaserJet Pro-M28 printer with the HP CF244A (44A) cartridge entered the market in Russia. This cartridge can be called an analogue of the HP 85A with some changes.
After reading the instructions, you can refuel the HP LaserJet Pro-M28 cartridge even at home, also at the end of the article there are comments and questions that you can read and write.

If you visually look at the cartridge, we see similarities with the cartridges that were produced earlier, but there is a difference, the most noticeable is: the absence of a gear on the photo roll and the soldering of the side covers (the trend of recent years at HP can be traced on monochrome and color laser cartridges, from the usual bolts),

Let’s start refueling the HP LaserJet Pro-M28 printer with our own hands, first you need to halve it in two. picture 2:

  • Bunker with mining and fotoval;
  • Toner hopper with magnetic roller.

To do this, unscrew one bolt and remove the side cover soldered to the main body,

In order not to damage the photo vault, we removed it. To do this, pry off and pull out the cotter pin (in this case, the likelihood of breaking the case increases, if you are sure that you will not damage the photo roll, then you can not remove it),

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Raised the edge of the photo roll and turned it a little and it came out of the grooves, Figure 5, 6.

It is worth noting that the length and diameter of the photo roll are completely the same with the HP 85A drums, if you change the gear to the HP 44A plastic plug, they are interchangeable,

We proceed to the most difficult thing in refueling, this is to remove the soldered side cover without breaking the case,

It is necessary to carefully pry with a knife at the sealing points without breaking the thin plastic protrusions, Figure 9, in order to accurately do this, we drilled holes in the attachment points (not through),

After removing the side cover, we move the development unit relative to the other part of the cartridge and it can be easily detached and halved, like in previous models,

Next, we proceed to cleaning the processing bunker, for this we remove the corotron, unscrew the two bolts that hold the squeegee,

We clean the mining bunker, install the squeegee back, fixing it with two bolts, clean the corotron with a dry rag and install it back, as well as the photo roll that was removed at the very beginning, install it back,

Next, we proceed to cleaning and filling the toner, for this we unscrew the bolt of the side cover and remove it, Figure 14, 15.

We remove the magnetic shaft and clean it, after which it is necessary to clean the old toner from the hopper. We scrolled the gears, thereby activating the toner stirring mechanism in order to clean it as much as possible, for this we used a service vacuum cleaner,

It is worth noting that the design of the magnetic shaft is identical to the HP 85A, but not the same, mag. the shaft is slightly longer,

We put the toner into the hopper (we used ordinary universal toner HP 35A / 36A / 78A / 85A / 44A), reinstall the magnetic shaft (note that the gear, bushings, plastic retainer of the magnetic shaft rod were in place), install the side cover and screw bolt. Scroll the magician gear. roll and see an even distribution of toner,

HP LaserJet Pro MFP M28-M31 Printer Series


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