HP printer does not print from computer

Why the printer won’t print

To solve the question “Why won’t the printer print?” you need to change this command: “Start”. “Settings”. “Printers and Faxes”. Next, find the printer icon and remove the ban. One of the problems with the printer can be unfulfilled jobs in the list for printing documents. If you have “hanging” documents on the seal, you need to delete them. By the way, I recently wrote an article about how to remove eset nod32 antivirus.

printer, does, print, computer

If all else fails, then the device needs to be removed. Right-click on the Printer icon and select “Delete”. After that, disconnect the USB cable from the system unit and restart the computer.

After turning on the computer, plug the USB cable into a different connector. The “Installation Wizard” window has popped up on your screen. If so, the printer is set to automatic mode. If the window does not appear, then open it manually: “Start”. “Settings”. “Printers and Faxes”.

If the printer does not work, then the problem may be in the drivers.

Open the printer properties: “Start”. “Settings”. “Printers and Faxes”, right-click and select “Properties”. Next, open the “Advanced” tab and select a different driver. Or remove this device completely. Then turn off the PC and unplug the USB cable. Next, restart your computer and start the printer, but at the same time insert the cord into a different connector.

The “Installation Wizard” window should appear, in it you need to specify the location of the drivers. If nothing worked and the window did not pop up, then the drivers will need to be installed manually. Read another article on how to update video card drivers. In a situation where the printer is not detected by the computer at all (i.e. the device is connected and visible by the system, but Windows does not detect its model), then follow the route:

Go to “Device Manager” and open the line “IEEE 1284.4 compatible printers” or “IEEE 1284.4 devices”. Then update the driver. by right-clicking the desired.

If all else fails and the question “Why doesn’t the printer print?” it remains open for you, then you have to contact the service center. Tell me, is the Internet good for you? Write about it in the comments or read the article on how to strengthen the WI-FI signal. I look forward to your comments on the article! All good!

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Why won’t the printer print? THE ANSWER IS SIMPLE!

Hello everyone! If you have visited this article, then, for sure, you have problems with the printer and you are interested in the question “Why does not the printer print?” I will try to help you with this. Of course, the benefits of a printing device can hardly be overestimated. It is needed everywhere: at home and in the office, at school and at the factory. In a word, in the era of information technology, this apparatus is necessary almost everywhere, since it greatly facilitates the work. You can also read the article about error 651, and sometimes you may have an unidentified network without access to the Internet.

Problems with a printing device do not depend on its type (laser, dot matrix, inkjet, sublimation) or from the manufacturer. Even well-known brands such as Canon, HP, Epson or Samsung do not guarantee that there will be no damage or problems with their printing devices. So, if the printer does not want to print from the computer, then do the following:

  • Check the device itself. That is, make a printout of a test page by pressing the corresponding button on the printer. If it doesn’t work, check the paper, the cartridge is installed correctly, and then try again. Pay attention to the indicator: it should be lit “green”. Does not help? Move on.
  • Check the power cable. its contact with the printer. If the test page is printed, but the data does not print from the computer, then you need to adjust the settings in the system.
  • First, check the contact of the cable in the printer and in the system unit. Now watch the monitor screen as you send your documents to print. If nothing happens, check if there is a “birdie” in the dispatcher, near the item “Pause printing”?

Why won’t the printer print? THE ANSWER IS SIMPLE! : 68 comments

the red indicator is on, makes scans, prints from the computer, but no copies., writes that the device is busy, although documents are in the queue. 0, writes for scanning “ready”

Printer Old HP Laser jet 4L. I was unemployed for a long time, about four years. There was no USB connectivity. When the adapter appeared, the Computer detected the printer, but the kirgudu began to print. The test page on the printer prints, but it is very pale and seems to be covered with a dirty veil. What’s the problem? Is it possible to get rid of it?

HP Laser jet 1018 printer does not print. Only green is on, not flashing. Why?

Help Canon printer writes tl
(Dedicated user) only. This is what help)))) ((

the HP laser jet 1018 printer which I have not tried firewood
writes that everything is fine, detecting problems does not help either
checked the print manager everything is working
when sending the dock to print that it has already been printed
test page does not print
contacts all work, so I rearranged the ports, but the firewood is automatically installed, so there is no point in sinning on the ports, I think
2nd day I suffer help

The printer simulates printing. But the page is clean. There is ink in the cartridge.

Thank. helped a lot. I didn’t know what to do anymore. turns out to be suspended. thank))

Good evening, the HP Photosmart B101 printer does not print a test copy from the computer, it prints a photocopier too, but there is no text from the computer, all the Drava are set up norms, too, but I don’t understand the question help.

Installed printer drivers?

So, your printer still does not print, what do you do not know? If you still do not have the drivers installed on the printer, urgently install them from the disc supplied in the kit. Above you saw that in my case everything is fine with the drivers, but if you do not see the printer at all, then most likely the problem is in the drivers.

No disc? We go to the official website of the manufacturer of your printer and download the drivers directly from there. By the way, even if you had everything installed, you still do not mind taking a look there, since the software is becoming obsolete at an incredible rate. To learn how to download drivers, here’s an article for you: “Why the computer does not see the printer”.

Sometimes there are problems even with the installed drivers! If you installed the drivers, but the printer still does not print, then you need to uninstall the driver from the printer and reinstall it. This problem is very common, so you shouldn’t ignore it.

Print queue

As an option, I can also suggest cleaning the print queue. To do this, go to the already familiar “Devices and Printers” located in the “Start”. Then we right-click on our printer, select “View the print queue”. We delete absolutely everything that is in the window that appears, if it is empty, just close it, the problem is clearly not this.

If the queue is not deleted, then you need to restart the computer. After that, go to this window again and try to delete the queue. It is possible that these manipulations will lead nowhere. Then disconnect all wires from the computer that relate to the printer and try cleaning.

Checking Windows Settings

First, let’s check if this device is disabled in the computer itself. We go to “Start”. “Devices and Printers”. In the window that appears, look for your printer model and pay attention to the printer icon, if it is discolored, so to speak, then you need to check the contacts. Because this indicates that drivers are installed on the computer, but the computer does not see this device.

You should also make sure that the printer on which you are going to print the document is the default device. This is done as follows: go to the same “Devices and Printers” in the “Start” menu, at the bottom left of the icon there should be a green check mark. If there is no checkmark, then right-click on the desired printer and select “Use as default”.

If none of the above did not affect the solution of the problem, why the printer does not print from a computer or laptop, then we will try to restart the print manager. Disconnect all connecting wires from the printer before starting the procedure. Now go to “Start”. “Control Panel”. “System and Security”. “Administrative Tools”. Double-click on “Services”. Find “Print Manager” in the list and go to properties using the right mouse button.

On the “General” tab, opposite the “Startup type” item should be set to “Automatic”. If this is not the case, correct it. Also in the “State” the “Stop” button should be active, if this is not the case, then click on the “Run” button and save the changes by clicking on “OK”. Now right-click on the name of the Print Manager service again and look for Start. Click it. There is no such inscription? Means everything is in order and you did everything right.

What steps should be taken to get the printer to start printing documents

Today we will try to answer the following question: why the printer does not print and what to do with the situation that has arisen. There can be a lot of reasons here, related to both technical problems of the device, which can be easily fixed manually, or with the software part of Windows. I will consider several possible options for problems and analyze in detail the ways to solve each of them.

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Looking ahead, I want to say that if your printer does not print: Epson, HP, Canon, Samsung or any other printer model and you think that the problem is in your printer model, then most likely this is an erroneous opinion. There are, of course, some printer models that need an individual approach, but there are very few such printers. Therefore, this instruction will most likely help you find the problematic part in today’s situation.

The first reason, no matter how funny it sounds, is associated with poor contacts, network outages and other similar nuances. Therefore, before reading further, make sure that all of the above is in perfect order for you.

Also at this stage it is necessary to check the sheets in the printer. Try to take out some of them if you put in too many. Try to push them a little deeper into the printer’s inlet. If it does not help, then move the sheets either all the way to the right or to the left. Is the tray still unwilling to accept A4? Turn off your device, restart your computer, then reconnect everything. Still to no avail? So the situation is really serious. Let’s figure it out!

Doesn’t print in a specific program or there is a problem with the ports

For example, you want to print a MS Word document and everything freezes (there is such a problem), then you need to open another program and try to print any document from it. To do this, open Notepad, type a few letters in this program and print.

If the printer prints, then the problem is in the program. You will need to remove it and reinstall it. If there was no printing, then most likely the problem is in the printer.

Another pitfall to tell you about is misuse of the port. To test this, let’s go back to Devices and Printers. Right-click on the device of interest to us, select “Properties”. On the “Ports” tab, carefully look at the set value. It should be of the form USB, if the wrong port is used, select the appropriate one from the list. Save changes and close all Windows. Now unplug the printer from the computer for a couple of seconds and plug it back in. Everything should work.

For inexperienced users, I remind you: when printing a document, in any program, pay attention to which printer you are sending this document to. Sometimes, users choose the wrong printer.

That’s all I wanted to tell you. I sincerely hope that one of the methods I described helped you to deal with your printer printing problem.

Why doesn’t the printer print? Fast decision

Those who often print something, whether at home or at work, sometimes face a similar problem: when you send a file to print, the printer does not seem to respond (or “buzzes” for a few seconds and the result is also zero). Since I often have to solve such issues, I will say right away: 90% of cases when the printer does not print are not associated with a breakdown of either the printer or the computer.

In this article, I want to give the most common reasons why the printer refuses to print (such problems are very quickly resolved, for an experienced user it takes 5-10 minutes). By the way, immediately an important note: the article does not deal with cases where the printer, for example, prints a sheet with stripes or prints blank white sheets, etc.

5 most common reasons why a printer won’t print

No matter how funny it sounds, very often the printer does not print due to the fact that they forgot to turn it on (I often see this picture at work: the employee next to whom the printer is standing just forgot to turn it on, and the remaining 5-10 minutes are sorted out what’s the matter). Usually, when the printer is turned on, it makes a buzzing sound and several LEDs light up on its body.

By the way, sometimes the printer’s power cable can be interrupted. for example, during repairs or when moving furniture (very often happens in offices). In any case. check that the printer is connected to the network, as well as the computer to which it is connected.

Cause. the wrong printer was selected for printing

The fact is that in Windows (at least 7, at least 8) there are several printers: some of them have nothing to do with a real printer. And many users, especially when in a hurry, simply forget to look at which printer they are sending the document to. Therefore, first of all, I recommend that you pay attention to this moment carefully when printing (see Fig. 1).

Cause. a crash in Windows, freeze of the print queue

One of the most common reasons! Quite often, a banal hang of the print queue occurs, especially often such an error can occur when the printer is connected to a local network and several users use it at once.

It also often happens when printing a “damaged” file. To restore the printer to work, you need to cancel and clear the print queue.

To do this, go to the control panel, switch the view mode to “Small icons” and select the “devices and printers” tab (see Fig. 2).

Next, right-click on the printer on which you are sending the document for printing and select “View print queue” from the menu.

In the list of documents to be printed. cancel all documents that will be there (see fig. 4).

After that, in most cases, the printer starts working normally and you can re-send the desired document to print.

Cause. missing or jammed paper

Usually, when paper runs out or is jammed, a Windows warning appears when printing (but sometimes it doesn’t).

Paper jams are quite common, especially in organizations that save paper: they use sheets that have already been in use, for example, printing information on the sheets from the back. Such sheets are most often wrinkled and you cannot put them in an even stack in the receiving tray of the device. from this the percentage of paper jams is quite high.

Usually, a crumpled sheet is visible in the body of the device and must be carefully removed: just pull the sheet towards you, without jerking.

Important! Some users jerk the jammed sheet away. Because of this, a small piece remains in the device body, which does not allow printing in the future. Because of this, a piece that you can’t catch on to. you have to disassemble the device to the “screws”

If the jammed sheet is not visible, open the printer cover and remove the cartridge from it (see Fig. 5). In a typical design of a conventional laser printer, most often, behind the cartridge, you can see several pairs of rollers through which a sheet of paper passes: if it is jammed, you should see it. It is important to carefully remove it so that no torn pieces remain on the shaft or rollers. Be careful and careful.

The reason is a problem with the drivers

Usually problems with the driver begin after: changing the Windows OS (or reinstalling); installing new equipment (which may conflict with the printer); software failure and viruses (which is much less common than the first two reasons).

To get started, I recommend going to the Windows control panel (switch the view to small icons) and open the device manager. In the device manager, you need to open the tab with printers (sometimes called the print queue) and see if there are any red or yellow exclamation marks (indicate problems with the drivers).

And in general, in general, the presence of exclamation marks in the device manager is undesirable. it indicates problems with devices, which, by the way, can also affect the operation of the printer.

If you suspect a driver, I recommend:

  • remove the printer driver completely from Windows: https://pcpro100.info/kak-udalit-drayver-printera-v-Windows-7-8/
  • download new drivers from the official website of the device manufacturer and install them: https://pcpro100.info/kak-iskat-drayvera/

Cause. a problem with the cartridge, such as out of ink (toner)

The last thing I wanted to dwell on in this article is the cartridge. When ink or toner runs out, the printer either prints blank white sheets (by the way, this is also observed simply with poor-quality ink or a broken head). or it just doesn’t print at all

I recommend checking the amount of ink (toner) in the printer. This can be done in the Windows control panel, in the “Devices and Printers” section: by going to the properties of the required equipment (see Fig. 3 of this article).

In some cases, Windows will display incorrect information about the presence of paint, so you should not completely trust it.

When you run out of toner (when dealing with laser printers), one simple piece of advice helps a lot: you need to take out the cartridge and shake it a little. The powder (toner) will be evenly redistributed throughout the cartridge and you will be able to print again (albeit not for a long time). Be careful during this operation. you can get dirty with toner.

On this issue, I have everything. I hope that you will quickly resolve your issue with the printer. Good luck!

Why doesn’t the printer print from the computer. Actually, if I were you, I would be happy

Hello dear office workers and home users! I think that many of you quite often cried out nervously in your hearts. and maybe in reality the following phrase. why the printer does not print from the computer?

I undertake to assert this only because, at least in my work, such a phrase sounds regularly. I would like to say that especially women are waging an irreconcilable war with printing technology. Well, it pisses them off when the ill-fated plastic box is meanly silent, like a guilty drunk husband. ;. )

This instruction will be universal. It is suitable for solving problems with various brands of printers and MFPs. such as, for example, HP, Canon, Kyocera and many others.

So, if you sent a print job and nothing happens, the first step is to make sure that the printer is generally available and the computer sees it. Naturally, in this case, we mean that the drivers have already been installed in advance.

Using the good old Windows XP as an example, it looks like this. We follow the path:

Then we look at the state of the device. Ideally, it should be in Done mode:

If so, then right-click on the printer icon and make sure that there are no ticks next to items like “Delayed Print” or “Pause Printing”. If there are any, be sure to remove them:

Also notice the green checkbox next to the icon. It indicates that this is the default printer. If you do not have one, you should acquire it by selecting the item of the same name in the additional menu:

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After that, it makes sense to go to the “Properties” section (see the picture above) and try to carry out “Test Print”. If it does not work, a banal restart of the computer quite often helps:

So what do we end up with? If the printer still sealed, that’s good, but if not, we continue to read the article further. But now let’s talk about the situation where the state of the device is defined as “Not connected”. Here is such a sad picture:

Then you should pay attention to whether the printer is turned on at all with the power button. That is, at least some light bulbs and indicators are glowing on it? Yes, friends, such incidents happen quite often. For example, your co-worker at the end of the day wanted to drink coffee and plugged in the kettle instead of the printing box.

Also, it is not uncommon when cleaning offices to disconnect the USB cable that connects the PC and the printer. You should also pay attention to this. In principle, this is all that an ordinary user can do in such a situation. If the device is still “Not ready” after that. it means that you need a qualified specialist to analyze the situation.

For now, let’s go back to the fact that the printer is available, but still does not print. What else can you do? First, once again, pay attention to whether you select the model in the application from which you want to send a print job:

And after you clicked the “OK” button. find the printer icon in the system tray next to the clock and click on it to open the print queue. In the “Printer” section, note that the items “Pause Printing” and “Work Offline” are not opposed. again, there were no jackdaws. That is, these items must be disabled:

After these procedures, we try again to print the coveted page. In case of failure, select the “Clear print queue” item and see that this queue, her mother’s leg, is really cleared. This is how the task window should look, pristine clean:

If, after that, the list still continues to hang a document with the status “Deleting” and the like, then the print queue is frozen. As a rule, this is guaranteed to be treated by restarting the computer, which is not very convenient.

Therefore, in the next article, I will tell you how this can be done quickly and simply without any unnecessary hemorrhoids. So stay tuned to the blog. And on this article about why the printer does not print from the computer comes to an end. As they say, everything he knew, he told you too.

It remains only to add that if someone has difficulty finding the tab of installed printing devices, for example, in Windows 10, then look for it at the following coordinates:

  • Start. Options. Related devices. Devices and Printers

People, rejoice! You will be healthier! If someone doesn’t quite understand what I’m talking about now, I suggest watching a very informative video. I think many will be shocked.


In order to check if you have an up-to-date driver for the printer connected to the system, you can take a few simple steps:

  • Using the search, launch the device manager.
  • Expand the branch with our model and right-click on its name.
  • Select the automatic update item and wait for the process to complete.
  • If this does not help, install the driver manually by downloading it from the manufacturer’s official website.

It is important to select software specifically for your version of Windows and its bit depth. You can determine such parameters using one of our articles.

Print queue error

Often there is a software glitch that stops printing and disrupts the print queue. If this happens, you can solve the problem as follows:

  • Right click on the printer icon in the Windows system tray.
  • From the menu that appears, select “Print Queue”.
  • Again we do RMB on one of the files and click “Restart” or “Cancel”. In the second case, you will have to configure the queue again.

Read about how to properly connect a printer to a PC in one of our articles.

Out of paint

You can check the ink level in your printer either by looking at the CISS block attached to the body of the device, or using the software installed with the device.

Watch carefully for the presence of paint, if it runs out completely, the gadget may be irreversibly damaged!

Lack of paper

Often the problem when the printer does not print from the computer is caused by a banal lack of paper. If so, just add the consumable. It also happens that there is paper, but the machine is not able to grab it. In this case, you need to try to clean it, if this does not help, give it to a service center.

The aLGorithm for cleaning the rollers is as follows:

  • We’ll need a piece of thin plastic wrapped in a damp cloth. You need to hold the card and napkin so that the drum does not pull it out of your hands.
  • Start printing and insert the fixture instead of paper, holding it firmly.
  • The device will try to tighten our device, as a result of which its rollers will begin to slip on a damp cloth, while cleaning.
  • Repeat the procedure several times, all the time changing the napkin to a new one.

After that, there will be no problems with paper picking up.

Why won’t the printer print from the computer

In our today’s article, we will talk about why the printer does not print from a computer or laptop. We will briefly review all situations that could have developed and caused the problem. Accordingly, you, guided by the information received, can quickly solve the problem.

The instruction is suitable for computers running any operating systems from Microsoft, including Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10.

Print Service Disabled

Sometimes the question why the printer does not print from the computer is explained by the fact that someone has banally disabled the print service.

You can solve the problem by enabling the process. To do this, go to the Windows search and find the “Services” menu there. Then double-click on the desired process and launch it in a new window.

Choosing the right device

The first thing to do is check if your device is selected by default. To do this, you can use the print settings menu when printing. Accordingly, in this case we have an active Epson printer? And since it is he who should print, everything is set up correctly.

If the wrong device is displayed in the line, just select it and click “OK”.

Solved: The print queue job does not print. HP Support Community

Still not printing. I don’t think this is a print spooler problem because I see the status transition from spooler to print where it stays for about 5 seconds and then disappears. I ran the troubleshooter, HP Print and Scan, pretty much everything I found on the internet. The printer worked about 2 weeks ago, and then one morning there was a bunch of updates for Win10. I can print wirelessly from my laptop. I uninstalled the driver with printui / s / t2, uninstalled the device, disabled for 2 min. I can scan from the desktop and from the printer. I can print reports, but they seem to be commands sent to and executed by the printer as they do not appear in the queue.

I don’t have another printer, but I don’t know what a successful print is.

I can even print from laptop via this USB cable. Now I’m grabbing at straws, but now I’ll try any new one.

Incorrect settings

In addition to physical problems, one cannot dismiss systemic problems that arise when the previous settings were accidentally or by mistake changed by the user. All of them similarly negatively affect the operation of the printer, which entails situations when he puts a document in the queue, but does not print it in the future. Let’s consider them in detail and how to eliminate them.

  • Offline work is a mode in which the printer will not print text or photos, but you will see that they are hanging in the queue for execution. The transition to this mode is possible for a variety of reasons. The main and most common is a break in communication between devices. Make sure that there are no checkmarks in the points indicated in the screenshot.
  • The paused printing of a printer can be automatically by a management program, often a driver, or directly by the user. For example, if you start printing a large document, and you notice that you need to replenish the supply of consumables in the cartridge, then you can use this function. Cancel it like in the picture above. Detailed Information about the Paused Printer Status.
  • The required machine is not selected by default. Check that your product is marked with a green checkmark in the control panel under the printers section. This means that it is selected as the main one and all print jobs will go to it.

Checking the connection

The first step is to immediately check the connection of the printing device with a personal computer or laptop, depending on what you are using. Pay attention to the power supply cord and USB or Ethernet cables. When using Wi-Hi wireless communication, a signal quality check is mandatory. Turn off the equipment, disconnect everything, and then reconnect. Better yet, find and try other wires, at least for a while as a test.

Here are some more practical tips that can liven up your printing device:

  • Lift the cover on the front panel under which the cartridge is located. Close it again and wait until the device is ready for use.
  • Turn off the printer for a while and then turn it back on. In some models, this helps to erase the list of jobs, which may well unblock printing.
  • Restart your computer completely. Better yet, at the same time as the previous advice.

Hanging print queue

A print queue is a list of documents that the printer is working with, with status indications that indicate the status and progress of a particular job. One of the main “sores” of the queue is the frequent freezing due to the large number of documents. The system software and the printer physically simply cannot “digest” everything. In such cases, it is advisable to perform cleaning.

The easiest and fastest way to do this is through the viewport menu. But it is not always possible to do everything so successfully. There are other more complex cleaning and disposal options.

Reinstalling the driver

The software of the device (driver) itself needs periodic updates from time to time. Perhaps now the moment has come when it needs to be done. Conflicts between hardware and system software may well lead to a situation where the printer queues, but does not print.

  • Go to “Device Manager” through “Start” by typing the desired query in the search bar.
  • Find your printing device in the list and open its context menu, where you will find the item “Update drivers”.
  • Select the option with automatic updates first. If it does not give a positive effect, then you should try the manual method. But before that you will need to download the required driver package from the official website of the manufacturer of your equipment or on our website.
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There is no paper in the tray

Paper problems can also affect printer performance in a suboptimal way. There are a few basic points that are most often encountered in working with inkjet and laser devices.

  • There may be no paper in the tray. It could have ended, but you did not notice it. Just add as many sheets as needed to make the compartment more than half full. Better not to load more than 90% of the capacity.
  • If you are using an MFP, there may be multiple trays. Check in the settings, which is specified by default and if there are sheets in it. Multiple blank pages can be loaded into each compartment.
  • For inkjet printers, when using photo paper, an important point is its compatibility with the capabilities of the device. Look in the documentation for the technique for all types of supported weights and compare with the characteristics of the sheets used.

Solved: The printer will scan and print, but not print from the computer. HP Support Community

Thanks for posting your question on this forum, it’s a great place to look for answers.

I have reviewed your message and I understand that you are having problems printing from your computer.

So that I can provide you with an exact solution, I will need a few more details.

  • When was the last time the printer worked normally?
  • Have you made any changes to your computer’s software or hardware?
  • Have you followed any troubleshooting steps before posting?

Meanwhile, I recommend you follow the steps below and check if it helps.

1.) In Windows, search for and open Programs and Features

4.) In Windows, search for and open “Devices and Printers

5.) In the Devices and Printers Windows, find your HP printer. If you see it in the list, right-click it and select “Uninstall” or “Uninstall device”

6.) Open the launch command using the “Windows R” key combination.

7.) Enter printui.exe / s and click OK. (Note: there is a space between “printui.exe” and “/ s”)

9.) Find the HP printer driver. If you see it, click on it and click “Delete” at the bottom

11.) Select Apply and OK in the print server properties window

14.) Download and install the printer software from the link below.

15.) Connect the USB cable ONLY when prompted and follow the instructions on the screen.

Let me know how you are and have a good day!

To simply say thank you, press the Thumbs Up button. to give me a Kudos, to appreciate my efforts to help. If it helps, please mark it as “In Decision”. as this will help several other users to solve the same problem without issue.

I’m an HP employee

Out of consumables

Many new modern models began to be equipped with special chips or sensors for ink or toner consumption. If, according to their data, the remainder of the dye is very small, then printing is automatically blocked and does not occur. The printer is queuing a document and waiting for supplies to be replenished.

Check visually, if possible in your case, the presence of ink in the cartridges. Refuel to the correct level and try again to print the desired text or photo.

It should be noted that the sensor does not always work correctly. It is not placed directly in the ink can, but calculates according to its own aLGorithm. This can be the number of sheets printed, but each one counts the same amount of ink. But it’s not quite right to do this.

In such a situation, you should pay attention to the possibility of resetting the paint counter for your model. There is no universal instruction, and the procedure for HP, Epson or Canon equipment may be radically different. Search the internet for options for your printer.

What to do if the printer does not print, but queues and gives an error?

This situation is very familiar to computer users who often and a lot work with printers. At one point, the printer simply refuses to print the document sent to it, placing it in the print queue and at the same time giving an error about the impossibility to print the document. In this article, you will learn how you can get out of this situation and restore the printer to work.

Correct sequence of actions

So, the first thing that you need to check in the event that the printer refuses to print is whether it is plugged into an outlet and whether the button on it is lit, indicating that it is turned on. It is also worth checking the reliability of the cable connection from the computer to the printer.

If everything is fine with the wires, they are inserted correctly and the indicators on the printer are on, then try turning the printer off and on. The same should be done with the computer to which the printer is connected.

Also, remember to clear the print queue each time you try to print the document. To do this, turn off the printer and delete all documents in the print queue.

It is also worth checking if the offline mode is enabled on the printer.

To do this, go to “Devices and Printers” through “Start” or “Control Panel”, find your printer in the list and right-click on it.

Please note that the checkboxes “Pause Printing” and “Work Offline” have been unchecked. Otherwise, remove them by clicking on them with the left mouse button.

Why the printer goes offline and the methods for solving the problem are described in detail here: https://poprinteram.ru/avtonomnaya-rabota.html

If all of the above did not help and your printer still does not print, but puts documents in the print queue and gives an error, then the last thing that should definitely help solve this problem is reinstalling the driver.

To reinstall the driver, you must first uninstall the printer itself. To do this, all in the same “Devices and Printers” you need to click on your printer and select “Remove device”.

After that, turn off the power of the printer and turn it on again after 10 seconds. The printer driver should install automatically.


good day!
there was such a problem: the printer stopped printing, does not connect to the laptop I send files to print. it queues up, the printer lights up red for “on the network / error” (when I was printing, it was green)
despite the fact that when connected to another computer, everything prints normally

Printer not selected by default

If the printer does not print a document from the computer, but queues it up, you need to check if the printer is checked by default.

The list of all devices on the main printer will also have a check mark.

Out of toner, ink

Most printers have sensors for ink or toner consumption. If the sensor indicates insufficient dye, the printer queues the document and blocks output until the cartridge is refilled.

The amount of ink can be seen in the software installed after connecting the printer. Below is an example for HP.

The amount of dye can be checked visually. If the level is insufficient, only refueling will correct the situation.

Not all sensors work correctly, since they are not located inside the cartridge, but carry out mathematical calculations according to the laid down aLGorithm. The sensor counts the number of pages printed, not the amount of toner used. It is not taken into account that the filling of the sheets in each case may be different.

If there is enough toner and the sensor is blocking printing, try zeroing. The zeroing procedure is different for different models.

Doesn’t print due to queue hang

When many documents are fed to print at the same time, the queue may freeze intermittently. The printer stops printing and generates an error when physically and programmatically cannot complete the specified amount of work. To fix the error, clear the queue.

  • Go to “Devices and Printers”.
  • Click on the name of the device with the right mouse click.
  • Choose “View Queue. “.
  • In the “Printer” menu choose “Clear queue.” “.
  • If there are still some documents left in the queue, right-click on each of them one by one and select the “Cancel” function.
  • Restart your computer.

For advanced users, you can restore the printer to normal operation via the Windows command line. The line must be run with administrator rights. The command “sc config spooler depend = RPCSS” is registered. RPCSS must be preceded by a space. After entering the command, press Enter and wait for the execution. After executing the command, restart your computer.

Paused printing

The stop can be made by both the user and the control program in automatic mode. If the user sent a large document to print, and then saw that the cartridge is low on toner and the pages are printed in low quality, he can go to “Devices and Printers”, select the machine, right-click and in the queue window in the “Printer” menu click ” Pause Printing ”. To resume printing, uncheck the box.

Checking the connection

Check the connection between the printer and the computer. Make sure that the power cable, USB cable, or Ethernet cable is intact and not kinked. The Wi-Fi signal quality is checked when the printing device is connected wirelessly. If the visual connection is normal, use the following guidelines.

  • Turn off the device, disconnect all wires, then reconnect and start the technique.
  • Try connecting the printer with a cable from another device.

There is no paper in the tray

When the printer is queuing up and not printing, check the paper tray. The device could freeze due to an empty bay. Fill it up a little more than half with clean sheets. To prevent paper jams, do not fill the tray more than 90%.

Some MFPs have multiple paper slots. You need to check which one is specified in the default settings and whether it contains sheets. To check, you can load several blank pages one by one into each compartment.

Verifies that the paper is compatible with the manufacturer’s declared capabilities of the printer. It is especially important to choose the right photo paper for inkjet printing. The printer manual lists all supported paper types and weights. The information should be compared with the characteristics of the pages used.