HP printer does not print what to do

Using water-based ink

In order to avoid problems with clogged nozzles, experts recommend using water-based ink. With them, as a rule, the listed problems do not occur, any Canon, HP and Epson printer prints normally.

printer, does, print

Reasons if the printer does not print in yellow

Canon, HP and Epson all have one characteristic, sometimes the printer refuses to print in yellow. Despite the lack of patterns, you can often find comments in the forums that, for example, a Canon printer does not print in yellow. Sometimes, at first glance, it is impossible to explain this fact. But this is only at first glance. The reason is usually dirty contacts, the need to clean the nozzles to remove air. It is possible to eliminate the malfunction without having specific qualifications.

Other reasons

The list of reasons why the Epson printer does not print in yellow or any other includes the following points:

  • out of ink;
  • the device was idle for a long time, the paint dried in the CISS;
  • the ink supply system is not removed from the transport position;
  • the supply system is below the supply, which interferes with the pumping of ink;
  • air supply plugs closed.

The maintenance process for Epson and others, if the device does not print, is as follows.

  • Remove the cartridge and clean the chip.
  • Check the correctness of the installation of the CISS, first of all, the level relative to the printer interests.
  • Check if the dye plume is pinched.
  • Clean the nozzles and possible air in the plumes.
  • Run the test.

One of the suggested methods will help you deal with your problem. Typically, the cause of Canon, HP and Epson malfunction in such cases is negligible.

What to do if one of the colors does not print on an inkjet printer?

If the yellow color disappears when printing on the printer, you need to first inspect and determine why this happened.

Likely reasons that characterize Epson:

  • the chip on the yellow cartridge is flooded;
  • there is air in the yellow ink supply unit;
  • plugs on air holes are closed;
  • nozzles are clogged with air and require pumping.

What to do in these cases to restore the efficiency of the Epson printer and others:

  • Reinstall ink cartridges and clean chips.
  • Suck air out of the ink supply unit by making notches on the syringe.
  • Remove the covers.
  • Reinstall the cartridge.
  • Thoroughly clean the nozzles using the driver.
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After these manipulations, the printer should start printing without difficulty. In some cases, none of the proposed cases helps. As a rule, device owners do not notice contaminated chips or transmitted loops. After cleaning, the printing device usually restores its functionality.

Air purging and cartridge refilling

Here’s a description of what to do if your HP printer does not print in yellow:

  • for refueling, 18 ml of paint, a syringe (strictly without a needle) and a refillable cartridge are used;
  • the syringe is simply inserted into the hole where the ink is injected;
  • after filling, the filling plug is closed;
  • testing the printer.

What if it doesn’t help? Try to pump out ink from the supply, if it is supplied normally, then the device should print normally. Do not forget that when refueling, you will need to reset the diaper or an auto-reset chip.

The service component requires at least initial knowledge, so we recommend that you perform the appropriate work in the service center so as not to make erroneous actions. With all the common features Canon, Epson, each model has its own characteristics, known to the masters. For this reason, resorting to professional services in many cases is the best option so as not to have the hassle.

Poor refueling

It happens that after adding high-quality black ink, the technician still refuses to print. This may be due to a poor-quality refueling: the cartridge was incorrectly inserted or sealed. Then the malfunction is eliminated simply:

  • the cartridge is taken out and reinserted until it clicks;
  • before or after installation, seal the hole from the syringe needle with adhesive tape (adhesive tape);
  • then check if the device is working.

All manipulations should be done carefully so as not to accidentally break anything.

Clogged printhead or dry nozzles

The following common reasons for the printer to stop printing in black are:

  • clogged printheads;
  • drying paint in the nozzle.

Cleaning the printheads is carried out in this way:

  • check the black ink level in the printer settings;
  • if available, perform a test printout;
  • when this does not bring a result, the print head is washed with a special solution;
  • give the composition time to take effect (about 15 minutes);
  • go to the settings of the printing device and select the head cleaning item;
  • after the process is completed, carry out a test print of any document.

If nothing happened the first time, then all the steps must be repeated again. When the second attempt did not bring the desired result, then you should deal with the nozzles. They often dry up with infrequent use of the technique. To remove dried paint from the nozzles, wipe them with cotton wool soaked in alcohol. Only after drying is the test document printed.

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When a satisfactory result is obtained, you can start working with the technique. Please note that nozzles and printheads need to be cleaned periodically to prevent clogging or ink drying.

The exact timing of regular inspections is given in the instruction manual for each model.

Damage to the print head

Very often, black color does not print in the printer due to damage to its print head. Determining this problem is difficult. If there are suspicions of this kind, then it is better to take the used device to the manufacturer’s service center. When confirming printhead damage, there are two ways to resolve this problem:

  • replacement of an old part with a new one;
  • purchase of new printing equipment.

But before contacting the service, you need to check for other possible reasons in order to exclude them. This will avoid unnecessary steps and potential costs if the device is not under warranty. Often in this way the issue is independently resolved.

Disabling ink level control and zeroing the chip

A number of printing equipment models are equipped with an ink level control function. Therefore, when the latter run out, the printer does not print in black, it locks up. To fix the problem, you must turn off the level control function. They do this in several ways.

  • When a message appears stating that the ink is low, then press the button responsible for the paper feed, hold it for at least 10 seconds.
  • You can go to the computer in the printer menu, select the “properties” tab there, deselect the item that allows two-way data exchange, confirm the actions.
  • For some models, special programs are installed that reset the ink consumption counter, for example, iptool and mptool.
  • Zero the chip on the cartridge.

Please be aware that stopping the ink level control function on your own will void the warranty.

There is a less expensive way to reset the cartridge counter. for this, the corresponding contacts are sealed. The problem of practical implementation is finding them. Different cartridge models use different contacts. The aLGorithm of actions is as follows:

  • include equipment;
  • take out a black ink cartridge;
  • they put it on the table, directing it with the nozzles towards themselves, and with the contacts. up;
  • glue the upper left contact with tape;
  • insert the cartridge, press “OK”;
  • print out the verification document;
  • take out the cartridge back;
  • glue any contact on the bottom right;
  • the cartridge is installed in the slot;
  • check the performance of the equipment;
  • remove the cartridge and peel off the first contact;
  • put it back in, expect recognition;
  • then take out the cartridge and remove the second tape;
  • wipe all contacts with cotton wool soaked in alcohol;
  • put back.

After the performed manipulations, the ink identifier should show 100% of their level. If this does not happen, then you can try to glue the second time instead of one lower right contact at once 3 upper ones. All further actions are carried out in the same way.

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Lack of ink or incompatible ink

The simplest reason that the device stopped printing with black ink is the banal lack of ink. The computer may not notify the user about the incident due to various failures. The problem is solved by adding ink:

  • about 2 cubic centimeters of paint is injected into the cartridge with a syringe;
  • testing;
  • if the result is positive, then you can still add the same amount of ink and print documents.

When refueling yourself, you should remember that in some models it can be done only after installing the cartridge in its place in the printer. For the procedure, you will need a special syringe.

Also, the equipment used may not print in black if the used and applied inks are not compatible with each other. Therefore, before refueling, you should carefully study the label on the ink bottle. Such information is always indicated there.

It is better to purchase consumables from well-known, trusted manufacturers to be sure of their quality.

Replacing the cartridge you are using with a new one that matches your model is an even easier solution to this kind of problem. But doing refueling with your own hands will cost several times cheaper.

What to do if the printer stops printing in black

The fact that the printer does not print in black is often encountered by users of these devices. These types of problems can be caused by various reasons. They are typical for HP, Epson, Canon and others. The most serious from the point of view of repair are mechanical damage to parts, for example, the print head. In such cases, you will need to seek help from the specialists of the service center. But most of the reasons are enough to simply eliminate yourself, without outside help.

Driver problems

At home, you should also check the operation of the hardware drivers. In this case, they do the following:

  • reinstall the corresponding programs;
  • print test text.

In order for the technique to serve for a long time, you should regularly clean the printheads and nozzles. You should also use compatible, high quality ink. If the equipment is idle, then once a month it is required to print any document to prevent the ink from drying out. It is recommended to use several cartridges of each color, then after refilling they will be perceived as new.