Indicates That The Printer Is Not Connected

Why is the problem

Before proceeding with the “treatment”, you should find out the cause of the “illness”. Let’s consider the most common:

  • The device is not connected with a cable to the PC or the cable is faulty.
  • Offline operation enabled by mistake.
  • Cartridge problems. relevant for inkjet devices.
  • Windows Print Server Errors.
  • “Glitches” of the software (drivers) of the device.

The computer says that the printer is turned off although it is turned on. Reports that the printer is off, but it is clearly working. HP Support Community

Running diagnostics from may help resolve the issue. If this is an indication that the printer is disabled, try a few more things: Find the printer’s IP addresses on the front of the printer. On your computer, open a browser and enter the IP address. Does this open the Embedded Printer Web Server (EWS)?

If not, check your network settings, especially if you have a neighbor close enough that your computer or printer could be accidentally connected to their router.

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Solved: Printer is in “error state” and is NOT printing while performing calculations. HP Support Community

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I understand that the device does not print when the computer shows that it is connected. Please run Print and Scan.

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What to do if it says that the printer is disabled although it is enabled in Windows 7,8,10

There can be many different problems with the printing device, but the most unpleasant is the situation when you have to deal with the status, which writes that the printer is turned off although it is actually turned on. At first glance, there are no visible problems, but this is far from the case. Let’s try to figure out how to determine the cause of the malfunction, how to check the operation of the device and eliminate the error.

Most often, you have to deal with operating systems of the Windows 7 or 10 family. Of the printer models, everyone suffers from this disease, but the most popular are HP, Canon and Epson. Using their examples, we will consider ways how to turn on the printer when the status is disabled.

Solved: Re: Windows reports the printer is disabled but it is not. HP Support Community

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You can try using TCP / IP port?

Create TCP IP Port

Print a Configuration Page to Obtain IPv4 Printer Addresses (you can also click on the wireless icon on the front of your printer to Obtain an IP Address) 2. On your PC, go to Control Panel, under Devices and Printers Click right-click printer and left-click Printer Properties, then select the Ports tab. 3. Click Add Port, select Standard TCP / IP Port, then select New Port and follow the instructions in the wizard. 4. Enter the correct IP address for the printer.

This resource will show you how to do it:

Create and use TCP IP port https://goo.Gl/BBI671

Please note that you can ALWAYS revert to the original port where the HP software is installed by selecting the HP port on the Ports tab (in the printer properties)

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Physical check of the printer

The most common problem of the “off” state of any printer in the office or at home can be SIMply the unplugged power cord or USB cable for connecting to a computer or laptop. Your further actions to change the status from “unavailable” to “enabled” may be as follows:

  • Disconnect the power cord and USB cable from the device.
  • Wait 10 seconds. During this time it will be useful to perform a complete restart of the computer.
  • Connect USB cable first, then power.
  • Including printer.
  • On the panel, only one green light should be constantly on, which reports in the readiness mode of the device for work.

Solved: Printer, not printer, even though it appears to be connected. HP Support Community

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I understand that the problem still persists after following the steps in the previous interaction.

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This issue can occur if the drivers are damaged.

Let’s take a few steps to solve this problem.

And here is a step-by-step guide to uninstall and reinstall drivers:

Removing drivers:

Follow the instructions to uninstall the printer software at: Uninstalling the Printer Software (Windows)

Also follow these steps to completely remove the printer software from the printer settings.

Steps to remove printer driver files from print server settings:

  • Open the Print Server Properties Dialog Box. By doing one of the following:
  • Click the start menu and in the search box type “printui / s / t2” (without quotes) and then press Enter or Click it in the search list.
  • Press WINDOWS-R on your keyboard to open the Run window, type printui / s / t2 (without quotes) and then press Enter or Click OK.
  • From the Start Menu or Start Screen:
  • Open Devices and Printers.
  • Select any printer and then Click Print Server Properties at the top of the window.
  • Click the Drivers tab.
  • Select the printer driver you want to uninstall.
  • Click the Delete button.
  • Select “Remove driver and driver package” and click OK.
  • Download and install the drivers from the link: full featured software and drivers

    Update the firmware from the link: Firmware Update

    Let me know if this works.

    You have a good day ahead.

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    Possible reasons

    After refilling the cartridge, the Brother printer does NOT print for the following three possible groups of reasons:

    • Causes related to software failures;
    • Problems with cartridges and ink or toner;
    • Printer hardware problems.

    If the matter is in the printer software, then it is quite SIMple to check.

    If the problem is with cartridges or ink (toner), then there may be several reasons:

    • Drying of ink on the print head or getting air into it;
    • Incorrect cartridge installation
    • Continuous ink supply loop does not work.

    When changing a cartridge to a non-original one, a red light is also often lit, indicating an error.

    Often, the printer does not work due to a problem with the printing device. Such problems manifest themselves as follows:

    • The product does NOT print one of the colors and there is toner in the cartridge;
    • Partial printing;
    • The print error light is on;
    • When refilling a cartridge or continuous ink system with genuine ink, the sensor indicates that it is empty.

    Of course, this is not the entire list of reasons, but only common and most common problems.

    Why my Brother printer does NOT print and what to do?

    Often, users of Brother printers are faced with a fairly common problem when their device refuses to print documents after refilling the cartridge. Why this happens, and what to do if the cartridge is refilled, and the light is flashing red, we will analyze in more detail.


    Most errors and faults are fairly easy to find and fix. A number of optimal solutions can be distinguished.

    • The first thing to do is to check the connection of all wires and connectors. Inspect everything for the integrity of the shell and correct connection.
    • In case of software failures, it may be sufficient to reinstall the device drivers. You can download them from the official website or the installation disc. If everything is in order with the drivers, then you need to look at the “Services” tab in the task manager, where the printer is started, and if it is turned off, it will turn it on. Next, you need to check if the printer is used by default, the absence of a tick in items such as “pause printing” and “Work offline”. If the printer prints over the network, then check the shared access and, accordingly, turn it on if it is turned off. Check the Security tab of your account to see if you are allowed to use the print function. After all the manipulations, carry out diagnostics using a special installed application. This will kill two birds with one stone: check the functionality of the software and clean the printheads.
    • In case of problems with the cartridge, you must pull it out and insert it back. it is possible that initially you installed it incorrectly. When replacing toner or ink Run diagnostics. it will help Not only to clean the nozzles, but also to improve the print quality. Before buying, carefully study which toner or ink is compatible with your device, rather than Buy cheap consumables, their quality is not the best.
    • In case of problems in the printer hardware, the best solution would be to contact a service or workshop, as self-repair can cause irreparable damage to your device.


    Here are some SIMple rules to keep your Brother printer working.

    • Try to use only original cartridges, toner and ink.
    • To prevent ink drying, air clogging of the printheads and malfunctions of the continuous ink supply system, we recommend using the print at least once or twice a week, printing several sheets.
    • Pay attention to the expiration date of ink or dry toner.
    • Periodically carry out self-diagnostics of the printer. this will help to correct some of the system errors.
    • When installing a new cartridge, Be sure to remove all restraints and protective tape. This is a fairly common mistake that happens when you replace the cartridge for the first time.
    • When refilling the cartridge yourself Make sure the ink or toner matches the label and series for your printer.
    • Always carefully study the instruction manual of the equipment.
    Indicates That The Printer Is Not Connected

    Of course, most printing problems can be solved on their own. But if the printer’s self-diagnosis system indicates that everything is in order, you checked the connectors and wires for serviceability, you have correctly installed cartridges, and the printer still DOES NOT print, then it is better to contact the specialists at the service center or workshop.

    How to reset the counter Brother HL-1110/1510/1810, see below.

    Check printer connection

    • Reboot the printer

    Turn the printer off and on again to restart it. Wait a while for it to come to readiness.

    • Check the connection problem

    If your printer is connected with a USB cable, make sure the cable is not damaged and is connected securely and correctly. Also check the USB port and clean the ports in case something inside the port is preventing the USB connection.

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    If your printer is connected via wireless or Bluetooth, follow the instructions provided with your device to properly connect the printer to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

    Solution varies by manufacturer and printer, e.g. operations vary from HP printers to Brother printers, so we will NOT cover them here and you should refer to the product manual.

    • Check your network connection

    Since network problems can also result in the device not being connected, you must also make sure the internet connection is working when you use the printer.

    Update printer driver

    A missing or outdated printer driver may cause the system to report that the device is not connected, so make sure the printer driver is up to date.

    Updating the printer driver to the latest version can not only solve any possible printer problems such as device not printing, printer error, etc., but also give you more options when printing.

    There are two ways to update the printer driver manually and automatically.

    Manual: You can manually download a printer driver from the manufacturer and install it on your computer. Be sure to download the latest correct version compatible with your Windows system. Since this depends on the manufacturers and models of printers, we will NOT cover this here.

    Automatically: if you don’t have the time or patience, you can do it automatically using special programs such as Driver Easy.

    Such programs will automatically recognize your system and find the correct drivers for it. You don’t need to know exactly what system your computer is running on, you don’t need to risk downloading and installing the wrong driver, and you don’t need to worry about installation errors.

    Solve printer problems

    You can also try a troubleshooting tool to diagnose and fix printer problems. Here’s how to do it:

    • Open the control panel on your computer and select large or small icons in the upper right corner.
    • Click “Devices and Printers”.
    • Find your printer, Right-click on it (sometimes it can show up as undefined) and select Troubleshoot.
    • Let your computer fix the problem. Follow the instructions on the screen to fix it.

    Solving problems when the system displays a message that the device is not connected

    If your device doesn’t connect to your computer. Do not worry. The solutions described in this article make it easy to troubleshoot printer problems.

    Why does the computer say that the device is not connected? The reasons are different. It is likely that your USB cable is damaged or the device is not detected by your computer. There might be something wrong with the printer driver.

    If you suddenly have a problem with the printer connection or it never worked over the network, you can try the following steps to fix the problem.

    Try these fixes

    • Check printer connection
    • Update the printer driver
    • Solve printer problems
    • Restart the print spooler service

    Note. Before You Begin Make sure your printer is working properly. If there is a problem with the printer itself, try contacting the device manufacturer.

    Restart the print spooler service

    The print spooler service distributes print jobs and handles communication with the printer. If the service is down, you will NOT be able to print and your printers should not be connected. Thus, you can restart the print spooler service to fix the problem.

    • On your keyboard, press the Windows logo key and the R key at the same time to bring up the Run window.
    • Enter the command services.Msc and click OK.
    • Scroll down and find the Print Spooler Service.
    • If the service is running, right-click the service and select Stop. Then Right click on the service and click “Start” to restart the service. If the service is not working properly, Right-click it and select “Start” to start the service.
    • Restart your computer and try printing again, make sure your printer is now connected.

    That’s all. I hope this post comes in handy and helps solve the problem when the operating system says that the device is not connected. If you have any questions, feel free to leave comments below.

    Understanding the drivers

    Drivers are a common program required for the operation of one or another equipment connected or already built into the computer. Viruses are dangerous for any program.

    You can use the free CureIt utility to check. After scanning and disinfecting infected files, you can proceed to reinstall the software.

    We go to the “Print Server”, making a quick start from the “Run”. Press Windows and R at the same time, then execute the “printui / s” command. On the “Drivers” tab, select the printer model from the list and click “Delete”.

    Next, insert the disc into the drive, open the contents of the media and run the installation file (usually called setup.Exe). Following the step-by-step instructions of the installation wizard, we finish the procedure.

    When the CD is included, then the driver must be downloaded from the manufacturer’s official website. The second way to add a printer in Windows is manual installation with a driver selection in the system base.

    Check the physical connection

    If the printer is working, the power button has turned on the machine, connected to the mains, then there are problems with the cable and the power supply. This means that the signal can be lost further. in the cable connecting the printer to a laptop or desktop computer.

    There are two options for diagnosing the problem:

    • If you have experience in electronics, take a measuring device and ring out the cord. If there is no signal in one of the wires, then it is recommended to replace the cord with a new one, although you can repair it yourself.

    Always connect the equipment only through the rear panel of the computer. Most computers are equipped with a front panel with the necessary inputs to quickly connect the necessary peripherals. But the panel is not always physically connected to the motherboard, because of which the connectors may NOT work. Connect the printing device to the connectors on the main panel on the back of the case and try to put it into operation.

    What to do if the printer is connected, but says that it is NOT connected

    The problem when the printer says “not connected”, although it is connected, may arise when a different way of connecting with a computer or laptop. The reasons for this situation are SIMple, everyone can fix it.

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    If the error is written very rarely or even occurred for the first time, then a banal failure of the printing device is possible. Just turn off and on the appliances, check the work.

    Pay attention to the indicators on the printer body. Or flashing buttons. In case of non-standard behavior of light indication, for example, blinking yellow or red buttons, which used to “behave calmly”, you need to look in the documentation for information about the device. As a rule, in the operating instructions, the functions of buttons and values ​​of different types of indication are always written.

    A rare, but also probable prerequisite for an unconnected printer is the ingress of foreign objects into the machine. Open all the roofs of the machine. If necessary, shine a flashlight in distant and deep places. If foreign bodies are found, remove by hand or with tweezers (in hard-to-reach places). Remove any jammed paper or paper debris if present. Small metal objects (paper clips, pins, needles, etc.) sometimes lead to short circuits of the components, due to which the printer does not turn on at all.

    Connect to second computer

    It happens that the USB connectors of the computer for some unknown reason cease to recognize the connected equipment or turn off altogether. Among the reasons, one can single out a failure in the software (drivers for the USB controller) or hardware malfunctions, in which you need to contact the service center. In the first case, it is recommended to update the driver for the controllers. Go to the properties of the computer, then follow the link to the “Device Manager”.

    To exclude or confirm the problem in the PC, use another computer / laptop to work with the printing device. If it still writes “the device is not connected”, then the reason is different. The status of the printer has changed and printing has become possible. look for the cause in the settings of the computer operating system (see points below).

    Offline mode enabled

    Right click on the printer and select “View print queue”.

    In the window that opens, if no files were previously sent to print and the saving of documents for viewing history was NOT configured, it should be empty. If there are any records, it is likely that the queue is frozen and you need to clean up to make it possible to start printing in the future. Select “Clear Print Queue” from the “Printer” menu and make sure the “Work Offline” and “Pause Printing” functions are not active.


    In the event that Windows components and installed hardware fail, the system has a standard troubleshooting tool. Click on the printer with RMB, in the menu click on “Troubleshoot”. Then, following the step-by-step instructions, diagnose and fix the problems found.

    Make your default printer

    “By default” means that the printer will become the main one and will always be involved in the work when sending any print job, even if a local network is created and other devices are connected.

    Go to Devices and Printers. To do this, press the key combination “WindowsR” and enter the command “Control Printers”.

    A window with a list of connected devices will open. Find the printer you want. If the device is already set by default, then the icon will have a green check mark. Otherwise, right-click on the icon and select the “Use as default” option.

    If you need to define another device as the master, do the same.

    If multiple printers are added and connected, then Windows 10, when the system reboots or updates, may choose to set another one as the main one. To disable this behavior of the operating system, you must uncheck the setting in the parameters (see screenshot below). In the parameters of printers and scanners go like this: “Start-Settings (gear icon).devices”.

    Check print service is working

    For printing in Windows, the Print Manager service is responsible. After installation, Windows is functional and starts automatically when the computer boots. But sometimes the service may be recommended to be disabled in order to speed up the computer and when you do not need to print anything. If you understand that the service will be turned off by you, you need to turn it back on. It will be useful to check the operation of the service for everyone whose device does not connect or does not print after.

    Start the “Run” (WinR) window, write the command “services.Msc”. Find “Print Manager”. The status is written near the service. Make sure it says “Running” and “Automatically”.

    If the status of work and startup is different, then go to properties and set the required startup parameter, start the dispatcher.

    And if the printer is network

    The network machine usually operates through a host computer. That is, there is a computer that is initially configured to work together with the printer. Then shared access to this computer and printing equipment is made. Then other computers are connected in one of several ways, for example, via a network cable (patch cord).

    If the problem is not on the main PC, then the last one should be checked. Proceed according to the above aLGorithm. Be sure to check that all computers have the same workgroup name in the system properties. The computer name must be unique for each.

    Make sure to enable discovery, as the computer will NOT see the printer if access is denied. To be done on the “Access” tab in “Printer Properties”.

    • As with a single connection, the network connection may be interrupted due to damage to the patch cord or wall outlet.
    • The configured Wi-Fi network works only when the router is turned on. Check the serviceability and quality of the signal of the distributing Internet device.
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