Install HP ink tank 319 printer

Printer HP Ink Tank 319 All-in-One (Z6Z13A)

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A type

Maximum format

Continuous ink supply system (CISS)

Automatic Document Feeder

Capacity of feeders, pages.

Capacity of output devices, p.



Printing Print type

Printing technology

Automatic duplex printing and copying

Print resolution (max.), Dpi

Monochrome printing speed, max., Ppm

Color print speed, max., Ppm

Number of colors

Print volume, pages / month

Borderless printing

Dəstək direct print

Photo printing

Scanning Scanner type

Optical resolution of the scanner, dpi

Maximum scanner resolution, dpi

Color depth, bit

Copying Maximum copier resolution, dpi

Max. copying speed (b / w), page / min

Max. copying speed (color), page / min


Dimensions and color Dimensions (WxDxH)



Main characteristics
Printer / Scanner / Copier
there is
USB, Wi-Fi
Informative display
4800 x 1200
Yes (up to 210 x 297 mm)
there is
1200 x 1200
1200 x 1200
600 x 300
there is
52.5 x 55.35 x 25.66 mm
1 year

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Printer HP Ink Tank 319 All-in-One (Z6Z13A) Bakıda almaq üçün, sürətli, keyfiyyətli və evdən çıxmadan istənilən təklif olunan üsullardan birini seçib sifariş: etmək ol

How to connect HP ink tank 319 printer

Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10. full driver package (recommended)

Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10. basic driver package

Driver Installation in Windows 10

To get started with the HP Ink Tank 319 printer, you need to install the software. The product will not print unless there is no driver on the computer. The system will “see” the new equipment, but will not “know” how to interact with it. Therefore, you should follow the link and download a special program. First, it will go to the Downloads folder, which you need to find in your browser and click on the new file. Then agree with the installation and perform the following steps in order.

In the dialog box that the assistant will first display, select the “Continue” button.

Then read the information provided by the manager, including the one located at the link ” about data collection”. Click “Next”.

To study the license agreement and other information on the links, check the box at the bottom of the screen “I have viewed”. Go “Next”.

Connect the device to the computer / laptop, following the prompts of the wizard.

If everything is done correctly, the manager will display a dialog box with an active “Finish” button.

To start printing on the printer, find its icon on the desktop and double-click to launch the setup program.

Instruction HP Ink Tank 319 in Russian in pdf format for the device: inkjet MFP. Read the instructions to familiarize yourself with the functions and operating conditions, specifications and remedies. This user manual will help you use all the functionality of the product and will increase the service life, provided that all the rules set forth in the document are observed.

Additional information in the MFP category:

A multifunctional device, or MFP, today is an indispensable device for both the office and home. No wonder the MFP is also often called “printer-scanner-copier”, because the multifunctional device is designed to replace these three main devices. Now MFPs are divided into many types according to different properties. There are two main groups: laser MFPs and inkjet MFPs. In addition, the ability to print in color on MFPs is also often important, so MFPs with color printing and MFPs with black and white printing also stand out. Accordingly, the more features and functions a certain MFP has, the higher its price and quality will be.

It is profitable, but you have to fight. Setting up and printing examples

big savings, especially with regard to color printing (according to my observations, even official, branded ink bottles are cheaper than a cartridge, and the consumption is quite economical)

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the ability to independently monitor the consumption of paint

easy replenishment of tanks (to spill or get dirty, you need to try)

environmental friendliness (cartridges are not recyclable, while bottles can be recycled)

The MFP comes with 3 small bottles with colored paints and 2 large bottles with black (in the first refueling all the colored ones run out, half of the black leaves). 1 year warranty.

After purchase, you need to set up everything in great detail, according to the instructions. Among other things, you need to remove the rivet from the printheads yourself: I was scared to break everything, but everything is shown in the instructions quite illustratively. It is very important to fill the reservoirs with paint before turning on the device and in its immediate place so that after the device does not have to be moved (there is a risk of spilling paint).

Otherwise, everything is as with a conventional MFP. Please note that the device is sold WITHOUT a USB cable. This was done in order to reduce the cost of the product, since many still have a cable from a previous printer or other devices. If you do not have it, it is better to take care of the purchase in advance (it costs a couple of hundred rubles).

III) Design, control panel

The appearance of the device is quite futuristic, it seems to me a plus. In my case, it fits perfectly into the interior. The device is quite light, in a sense it seems “squishy”: the plastic is not very durable.

The paper insertion tray retracts inside (I advise you to keep it there without leaving the paper inside: there is a risk that dust may get there over time, which will lead to problems, more on them later), as well as the tray with finished printed sheets.

3) Operation, print quality

During the printing process, it can make a rather loud noise, make unexpected strange sounds. Sometimes this happens even outside the printing process when the device is turned on: this is how the printer cleans the print heads.

B / W printing itself is not fast, but I would not call it slow. Compared to a laser printer. yes, a little slower. With regards to color printing, you can say that you have to be patient.

The print quality, in general, suits me. It happens that on the first sheet printed after turning on the device, the printer strips or smears one line, but this is not critical. Printing photos, according to my observations, is better given by the MFP on glossy paper than on matte: everything printed on matte has inadequate color shades. If you do not do photo printing professionally, but print for yourself, then the quality by 4/5 should suit you.

Returning to the CISS, I will say that in a month and a half of periodical printing, the amount of ink in the tanks has not significantly decreased.

I will not hide, but I had to suffer in order to gain experience and learn how to solve (relatively) problems arising in the process of using. I hope this helps someone to avoid suffering with the HP Ink Tank 319.

  • Inadequate Auto Print Preferences in HP Smart Software.

The story is this: after printing several photos in a row, the printer began to print A4 sheets as if 10×15 paper was inserted in the tray, although it was clearly noted that the sheet was A4. I tried printing through different browsers, document viewers, the official HP Smart app.

At the moment, I have found such a solution: you need to print through the HP Smart app. There, be sure to go to the additional settings section (highlighted in the screenshot).

In this section, you need to reselect the paper size. There you can also choose whether to print b / w or color, as well as the number of copies per page, etc. These settings themselves are displayed crookedly in the window (most of the screen is not visible, the scroller is also invisible if you do not click additionally), which confirms some software inadequacy. If you have such a problem, do not forget to select the “normal print” mode, otherwise the printer will print each b / w A4 sheet as long as it is an A4 color photo.

If you do not go into additional parameters and do not change anything, my printer, ignoring the usual settings, prints everything at a size of 10×15. All this tuning takes a lot of time and requires care. Through other programs, it never worked out for me to set everything up normally. Perhaps I came across a defective device.

By the way, another detail, the application so far can only print photos and documents in pdf, so all word documents have to be translated into a different format.

  • Occasionally, the printer does not see paper even though it is inserted in the tray.

It happens that both photo paper and plain paper are inserted into the tray, but the printer tries to grab it, supposedly it does not find it and constantly reports an error. If the problem is not with dust getting inside (which is why you should not keep the trays open), try inserting a whole ream of paper. It helped me.

  • When printing 2 sheets per page, the sheets are narrow.

On the preview on a computer, everything looks human, but in fact it turns out like this:

What I want to say: it is possible that you will have to develop your own ways of dealing with jambs by trial and error. Perhaps you are lucky, and adversity will bypass you. I also advise you to print at regular intervals, otherwise the printheads may deteriorate (at least once a week), such is the specificity of inkjet printers.

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Printed photos may be slightly grainy, in rare cases with fuzzy edges. Again, for home use will go.

The printer prints, the scanner scans, the copier xerit. Overall, I’m not complaining. I shoot a star for what is described in point IV.

P.S. Until November 2019, there is a promotion to extend the warranty for a year (2 years in total). For some reason, I was extended by as much as 2 (total 3 years of warranty)! If you have a corresponding booklet put in the box, hurry up to register on the website indicated there.

Update 15.09.
Comrades, I have found a solution to printing problems! I removed the drivers from the official site, and ALL problems disappeared: 2 pages on the sheet do not shrink, the preview immediately shows the original result, and the print size can be changed very simply. It’s your business, but without drivers, I now really get high with this MFP.

Fixing Printhead Issues

The instructions in this section only apply to installing the printheads during the initial printer setup. Do not open the printhead latches after the printheads have been filled with ink, unless you install new printheads or move the printer from your home or office.

We buy up cartridges, we buy original cartridges, we buy up cartridges for the printer. we will buy wholesale printer cartridges! We accept cartridges expensively for a wholesale warehouse.

If, after installing a printhead, if an error occurs or an error message appears, remove the printhead. Make sure the protective plastic strip and plug are removed from the printheads, and then reinstall the printhead. If that doesn’t work, clean the printhead contacts. If the problem still persists, contact HP Support for assistance.

Determining if the print head is working

To determine if there is a problem with a printhead, check the status of the corresponding Printhead Alert light and Printhead icon.

Printhead Problems on HP Ink Tank 315 Printer

Checking that the printheads are installed correctly

Close the output tray extension, and then rotate the output tray clockwise to insert it into the printer.

Remove and reinstall the printhead. and. Open the front door of the printer.

b. Open the printhead access cover. Press and hold the Black & White Copy button for about three seconds until the carriage begins to move.

The instructions in this section only apply to installing the printheads during the initial printer setup. Do not open the printhead latches after the printheads have been filled with ink, unless you install new printheads or move the printer from your home or office.

in. Press down on the printhead latch to open it.

Check for a plug on the top of the printhead or plastic tape on its contacts. If any, remove the plug from the top of the printhead and the plastic tape from the contacts.

AND NOTE. Do not touch the electrical contacts on the printhead. f. Insert the printhead into the slot until you hear a click.

Close the printhead latch securely. Make sure the printhead latch is properly closed to avoid problems such as carriage jams.

h. Close the printhead access door.

install, tank, printer

Pull out the output tray and tray extension.

How to clean the printhead contacts

Only open the printhead latches when necessary; for example, if the print head is not detected.

These instructions apply only to this section. Do not open the printhead latch if the printhead is already full of ink. This can only be done when installing new heads or moving the printer outside the home or office.

The cleaning procedure takes only a few minutes. Reinstall the printheads in the product as soon as possible. We do not recommend removing the printheads from the product for more than 30 minutes. This could damage the print head.

Close the output tray extension, and then rotate the output tray clockwise to insert it into the printer.

Open the printhead access cover. Press and hold the Black & White Copy button for about three seconds until the carriage begins to move.

These instructions apply only to this section. Do not open the printhead latch if the printhead is already full of ink. This can only be done when installing new heads or moving the printer outside the home or office.

Press down on the printhead latch to open it.

Remove the printhead indicated in the error message.

Clean the contacts on the print head and printer.

and. Hold the side of the printhead upside down and locate the electrical contacts on the printhead.

Electrical contacts are small gold or copper colored metal rectangles on the print head.

b. Wipe contacts only with a dry, lint-free cloth.

Wipe only the contacts and do not smear ink or dirt on the print head.

in. Locate the contacts for the printhead inside the device.

Printer pins are a set of several gold-colored ridges positioned to match the printhead pins perfectly.

d. Wipe the contacts with a dry, lint-free cloth.

Close the printhead latch securely. Make sure the printhead latch is properly closed to avoid problems such as carriage jams.

Close the printhead access door and then the front door.

Check if the error message is gone. If the error message still appears, turn off and then turn on the printer.

Installing the HP INK TANK 315 Printer on Linux Mint 19.1

There is an “HP INK Tank 315” MFP device, so for work there is a need to use it, we will try to configure this device on Linux Mint 19.1. Everywhere it is described that it is enough just to run the “Printers” utility there everything is there.

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Launch the “Printers” utility and select a device.

The driver is being searched for. Utilities offers to choose the manufacturer HP, which in turn is obviously a Hewlett Packard printer, you can’t argue with that. We choose.

  • Select a printer from the database
  • Provide PPD file
  • Finding a Printer Driver

When choosing a search for a printer driver, we write our model “HP Ink Tank 315 series” and click “Search”, which gives me nothing.

The item “Provide a PPD file”, the question is where to get it. Found information that it can be unearthed in the official device driver for the Windows operating system. To do this, you need to unpack the EXE file and it may be there. For the sake of the purity of the experiment, I unpacked the file with the driver, but I did not find a file with such an extension there. Or my driver is not standard or I was looking for it in the wrong place.

In the first paragraph “Select a driver from the database” I was recommended by the system to select the driver “DeskJet 310”.

After installing it, the printer was silent like a fish, by a little brute force I was able to pick up the “DeskJet 3000 j310” driver.

The printer came to life and began to print, but the scanner refused to work. It was decided to visit the official website of the manufacturer, the driver was not there, but there was an interesting link where you can download.

By clicking on it you can download a certain utility “HPLIP”.

HPLIP (HP Linux Imaging and Printing) provides drivers for HP printers. Also, it includes support for the scanner and fax, as well as service tools for various peripheral devices for various purposes.

Before downloading in the “Program Manager” I found that this utility is already installed in the system. When I started it, I also could not defeat the printer, the utility did not detect it at all.

I decided to download from the site. In order to download, you need to click on the “Download HPLIP” button on the site. Select the operating system “Linux Mint” and click “Download HPLIP”.

I found a description on the site where I found out that it is supported by Linux Mint 19 but not 19.1.

Installing HPLIP

To install, you must allow the program to run. To do this, open the file properties of the downloaded file.

And on the rights tab, we allow to execute the program.

File properties. permission to execute the program

HP ink tank 319 printer | unboxing and setup guide| hindi video

After that, we launch the program in the terminal, for this it is enough to double-click on the program itself and select “Run in terminal” from the menu. The installation procedure began, and immediately a warning message came out that Linux Mint 19.1 it is not supported, but is intended for the Linux Mint 19 version. To that we answer “Y” to continue the installation.

HPLIP Installation. Incompatibility Error

It is proposed to install the program in manual mode or in automatic mode, choose automatic “A”.

HPLIP Installation. Selecting the Installation Mode

The installer has a question whether it is correct that we have a Linux Mint 19.1 distribution kit. “Y” and enter our password.

Installing HPLIP. Confirming Distribution

Agree to install a specific HPLIP policy.

HPLIP Installation. Consent to install a specific policy

We agree to install the missing dependencies. For further installation, you must close the browser Windows if they are open. The program downloads the missing packages from the Internet, it takes a certain amount of time, depending on the speed of the channel.

Installing HPLIP. uninstalling version 3.17.10

The installer found the installed version of HPLIP earlier version 3.17.10 to continue the installation asks us for permission to remove it and install the new version 3.18.12. we answer “I”. When asked about checking for updates, we answer in the affirmative.

Installation is complete, to complete, select “Reboot”. “R”

After rebooting the system, “HPLIP Device Manager” was launched, its icon is visible in the tray near the clock, with which the utility can be launched. Or find it in the “Menu” in the “Standard” section.

When starting HPLIB, we see that the drivers for the printer have been installed correctly and are in working order; when a test page is printed, it is printed. Additionally, a program for scanning XSane was installed, with which you can scan documents. During the check, the scanner was installed correctly and it is in working condition.

Small conclusions can be drawn: by default, the older version of the HPLIB program is installed, in which there are no drivers that would provide support for the HP INK Than 315 device. When installing the new version of the program, support for new devices is already enabled. Installation and configuration did not take much time, the most important thing is to know what from where and where to get and install.

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