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The device is delivered in a cardboard box of quite typical dimensions. The device is traditionally protected from external loads by foam elements. The set includes a power cable, a USB cable (USB. A), a driver disk (which can also be downloaded from the official website) and a user manual.

In appearance, the Pantum M6500 is a typical home printer with a built-in scanner: a small paper feed tray at the bottom, a little higher. an output tray, at the top. scanner. MFP dimensions. 417 × 244 × 305 mm, weight. 7.5 kg. This model has several chips, and one of them is a control panel with a display, the angle of which can be adjusted, which makes it equally comfortable to use, whether the printer is on the nightstand or on the desktop.

A few words about the MFP: there are traditionally marks on the glass about the location of sheets of different sizes, and one of the advantages is the ability to adjust the lid in height for easy scanning / copying of passports, magazines, books, and other waste paper, which is significantly thicker than one A4 sheet.

Now let’s look into the “soul” of the printer. The cartridge is traditionally accessed under the scanner module. We lift the scanner, open the lid and take out the PC.211 cartridge already familiar to us. This cartridge is refillable, for which original PC.211 RB kits are available for sale. We talked about what it gives and how much it costs to print in the P 2207 review.therefore, we will not repeat.

And finally, let’s take a look at the back of the printer. As we can see, this case is also universal, a wide variety of ports and interfaces are provided, but we see plugs everywhere, except for the mains power connector and the USB connector. A to connect to a computer.

Indeed, at Pantum. The M6500 is a whole line of MFPs. We are testing the most basic version, there is also a model with the M6500 W. it has a Wi module. Fi. there is an M6550 NW with Wi. Fi and LAN interfaces, as well as M 6607 NW. which, in addition to the above, support the fax function. In general, the models are identical in all key characteristics, with the exception of the amount of RAM. the latest model has 256 MB, versus 128 MB for the first three models.

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We have already tested two printers from Pantum. and today we will talk about the Pantum M6500 MFP. It uses the already familiar PC 211 cartridge, the feature of which is the possibility of self-refilling using a proprietary refilling kit. Also, the M 6500 is positioned as a device for home and small office, as evidenced by the permissible load of 20 thousand pages per month. Let’s explore it in more detail.


Let’s move on to practical tasks, and first, let’s estimate the printing speed. When sending a document to print, the printer in power save mode will print the first page after 25 seconds. It takes about 1 minute and 20 seconds to print 20 pages (including the above 25 seconds). This correlates with the manufacturer’s stated figures of 22 ppm. Print quality. good, declared print resolution. 1200×1200 dpi.

As for the function of scanning and copying, everything is quite familiar and convenient here. Copy settings are easily set through the control panel. you can adjust the brightness, number of copies, and more. There are buttons for quick copying of passports and receipts. You can also adjust some copy settings, scan settings, and system parameters (for example, the time before entering sleep mode) from the display. Scanning from a computer is carried out through a proprietary application, it has a simple and convenient interface, the maximum scanning resolution is 1200 dpi. There is a preview and setting of the scan area.

Pantum M6500 is quite a logical representative of the brand’s lineup. it is a compact MFP with good functionality and the popular PC.211 cartridge. Considering the permissible load of 20 thousand pages per month, as well as the ease of refilling the cartridge, Pantum M6500 can be safely recommended for a small office. Perhaps the only disadvantage may be the lack of a network port, but for this case, there are slightly more expensive models in this line. The rest of the device is very interesting for its price.

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Connecting the Printer to a Computer

The first step is to set up the connection of two devices. If we are talking about a standard wired printer, then plug the USB cable into a special connector on the equipment, and connect the other end to any USB port on the laptop case.

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The second option is a wireless connection. In this case, you need to position the printer so that it can freely connect to control devices. Then connect the equipment to the network and proceed to setting up the laptop on which you need to activate the Wi-Fi module.

Installing the generic driver

If we are talking about a printer for which it is difficult to find a suitable driver, then you can rely on the automatic selection of Windows. To do this, open the “Devices and Printers” section in the control panel and click on the button for adding new equipment. After that, the system will automatically search for devices. If the printer is not found, then go to manual configuration.

Specify the connection option and follow the instructions of the setup wizard. With this standard utility, you can configure your old printer, wireless device, and so on.

For the convenience of managing and diagnosing the MFP, we recommend installing a special application from the manufacturer, which will monitor the status of the device.

Downloading the driver from the site

Since we do not have a physical drive with the necessary drivers, we will have to turn to the official website of the device manufacturer. Before that, check the name and the exact model of the printer using the instructions or in the menu of the equipment itself. Then enter the name of the company in the search engine and go to the official resource. Most of these sites have a separate section with software. It can be called “Drivers”, “Software”, “Help and Support” and so on. If the company is engaged in the production of different devices, then first select the appropriate option. For example, such a system is used on the HP website.

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Now enter the product name in the appropriate field and click the search button. Some sites offer to manually select a position from the proposed options. A list of suitable software will then appear. Select the option you want and download to your computer.

Also on the official sites you can find proprietary software for printing and scanning documents.

Before downloading, you need to know the bitness of your operating system. To do this, open the “System” window located in the “Settings” application. Go to the “About the system” tab and look at the corresponding item. After that download the appropriate driver version.

Now open your downloads folder and run the driver EXE file. In some cases, it is downloaded in a RAR archive, so first unpack it to any folder on your hard drive. Most printer drivers are installed through a guided wizard. Take a few step-by-step steps and wait while the utility installs the software.

All that remains is to restart your computer and print any document to check the functionality of the equipment.

How to connect a printer to a laptop without an installation disc

There are frequent cases when users need to install and configure an old MFP or printer, the disk with the software for which has already been lost or simply missing. However, this does not interfere with the connection of an external device and normal use. Today we will talk about how to connect a printer to a laptop without an installation disc.

Now you know all about connecting a printer to a laptop without an installation disc. If you have any additional questions, then ask them in the comments to the article.!