Install Ringtone on iPhone Using iTunes

Downloading a finished ringtone to iPhone from a computer

Our ringtone is ready, and now all you have to do is upload it to your phone. There are two ways.

Free. GarageBand app

If you want to put a ringtone on your iPhone for free right from your smartphone, then the excellent GarageBand program is at your service.!

To set a ringtone, do the following:

  • open the “App store” on your iPhone;
  • find and download install GarageBand (it’s free!);
  • launch the GarageBand program on your device;
  • select tools in the main menu and click on them;
  • go to the pointer button in the upper left corner and click on it;
  • click on the “open file” function and select the song of interest by clicking;
  • after importing a track, the audio track will appear in the music field. Here you have the option to delete or trim it;
  • go to the function “my songs”, name the track and click “Save”;
  • sync.

Setting a ringtone via a computer

Despite the fact that the American product has colossal advantages over Android phones, it is much easier to install your favorite melody in the latter.

To upload a ringtone from a computer to an iPhone, you must first adjust it to the requirements: the duration is no more than 40 seconds and the format.m4r, not.mp3, as we are used to.

All Ways to Set Ringtone on iPhone

Happy iPhone owners when buying a device have to face such a problem as changing the ringtone to an incoming call.

In the article, we will figure out how to put a ringtone on an iPhone in all possible ways.

An alternative way is the WALTR 2 program

As you already understood, there are methods that allow you to put a ringtone on an apple device without installing iTunes. However, you should still have a PC.

The shareware utility WALTR 2 will help you download any files to your iPhone in a couple of clicks. You just need to select the desired object, it will be automatically converted into a suitable format and transferred to your device. So, you have the opportunity to download not only melodies, but also images, films, etc.

The method is suitable for those who have no desire to install iTunes on their computer.

In order to install a ringtone on an iphone, follow the step-by-step instructions:

  • download the WALTR program. download it from the official page;
  • install it on your computer following the instructions;
  • connect iPhone to computer;
  • open the program, wait a couple of minutes for the parameters to load;
  • when the program sees your gadget, the inscription “drop file here” will pop up (drag the files here).
  • take an m4r track and drag it to the application window, wait until it is fully loaded;
  • pick up your phone and select a ringtone following the following path: Settings Sounds Ringtone.

Simple. via (123apps)

In case of elementary processing of musical compositions and their transformation into ringtones, there are special online services, the best of which is mp3cut.

To make a high-quality ringtone with it, follow a few simple steps:

  • go to the mp3cut website;
  • click “Open file” and select the song with which you will work;
  • cut the melody around the edges so that it is less than forty seconds long;
  • for smooth playback, you can enable smooth fading;
  • select the “Ringtone for iPhone” option below;
  • click on the “Trim” button and wait for the conversion to complete;
  • click “Download” and save the finished ringtone in a suitable folder.

We set the ringtone through the iPhone applications

GarageBand app

install, ringtone, iphone, using

GarageBand also lets you create ringtones by:

Go to GarageBand and select at the top of the screen

Select Audio Recorder from 11 tools

Click on the exclamation mark icon so that no extraneous noise is heard on the recording

Find Loop or Apple Loops on the right side of the screen. select My files and start searching for a song

Click on the desired song and, holding, drag it to the track

Select the desired fragment and trim it to 30 seconds

Find the menu on the left, then My Songs and Share

In the list, click on the Ringtone and give it a name, then select Export

After that, the song can be immediately installed on the call, GarageBand will offer to do this, and the user will only need to select the desired option from the list

GarageBand allows you to quickly and completely free to install ringing music. The appearance of this program finally removed the question: “how to put a ringtone on an iPhone without a computer”.

How to put ringtone on iPhone (iPhone) | TOP-8 Ways: use iTunes, computer and other applications to create your own ringtone

How to put a song on a ringtone on an iPhone: instructions and tips.

The article describes in detail how to set a ringtone using iTunes.

Provides a guide on how to use additional software for PC and smartphone.

How to create your own melody

The AppStore has tons of applications for creating your own call option. They allow you not only to cut a song, but to create something unique. This is possible with the Ringtonino app.

You can find the following functions in Ringtonino:

  • Copying
  • Pruning
  • Insert
  • Fading / Fading
  • Effects for audio recording (Pitch, Reverb, Delay, EQ)

User creates a 30 second media file and saves it in the app.

Next, you need to connect to iTunes, select the Apps folder and Ringtonino. The desired file is saved by clicking Save to. then dragged into the Tones folder.

Now all that remains is to sync the sounds and the media file will appear on the iPhone.

Ringtone on iPhone without iTunes and computer

Sometimes you don’t have a computer at hand, and you don’t want to buy tracks from iTunes. After the appearance of the new software, it became possible to download files directly to the phone from the Safari browser.

It’s worth installing iOS 13, which will allow you to download tracks directly to your iPhone. The thirteenth version of the mobile operating system is available on smartphones from Apple, starting with the SE model.

To download, you need to go to the Safari browser and go to any site with music. You can enter any combination in the search bar, for example: download MP3 ringtone

Next, you should go to the site you like and find a suitable song, click Download

The Download icon appears at the top of the screen. By clicking on it, the user will see information about the download. After downloading, the sounds will appear in the Files application

How to put a new ringtone on a call? We’ll have to use the program from the AppStore. It will help you add downloaded music to the standard ringing options in the settings.

MobiMover App

The user needs to connect the smartphone to the computer and open MobiMover. The main menu will display information about the model, battery level, amount of memory, operating system and phone number.

There is a Custom button at the bottom of the screen. By clicking on it, the user should select Audios and Ringtones.

Then you need to drag the media files and send them to the device by clicking on the corresponding icon. The audio file should now appear among the ringtones on the iPhone.

Ringtone on iPhone using iTunes

Apple’s media player allows you to buy songs, movies, books. In addition, there are ringtones here. The user can use both computer and mobile versions to purchase and install a song for a call. The media library has a huge number of sounds, there are selections and division into genres.

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A large number of people have a smartphone from the American company Apple. In crowded places, you can often hear the standard “Intro” during a call.

Apple’s creative users are wondering how you can put something more original on a call. The question arises: “how to put a ringtone through iTunes or another program for the iPhone?”.

The article contains detailed information that will help you figure out how to install your music using iTunes and other programs for PC and iPhone.

mobile version

Work as a standard mobile application from Apple

The easiest way is to use the mobile version of iTunes. It is installed on all smartphones on the iOS operating system.

As an iPhone owner, go to the main menu and select Settings. then Sounds, tactile signals and click on Ringtone

Now you need to go to the Sound Store. where various sounds will be collected and collections will be formed: New and interesting. Bestsellers of all time. Hip-hop

The user clicks on the new sound and selects Set as default ringtone. ITunes also allows you to use a song to alert you to a message or assign it to a specific contact.

Formatting difficulties: changing the extension

If you have Windows

Click on the composition transferred to the desktop with the same right-click and select “Show in Windows Explorer”.

If the extension “m4a” is not displayed at the end of the file name during the installation of the ringtone on the iPhone, then do the following:

In the explorer, follow the path: Alt button = “Tools” “Folder options” View. In the lower part of the window that appears, uncheck the box “Hide extensions of registered file types” and click OK.

We see that the format of the desired melody is displayed as m4a. Right-click on it, select rename, and then change the extension to m4r and confirm your choice.

How to put ringtone on iPhone using iTunes?

Attention! With the release of iTunes 12.7, the procedure for creating ringtones for iPhone (iPad) has changed somewhat. Read more here

The “closed” iOS provides exceptional security. Only an experienced hacker can “hack” the data on your device. However, high security has a number of side effects. Such an ordinary, at first glance, task of how to put a ringtone on an iPhone can be fraught with some difficulties for beginners who have been dealing with Apple products recently.

The main nuance, which should be determined in advance, is from what moment the melody will be played. Its maximum duration is limited to 38 seconds. To do this, in any player, orient yourself at what point in the song the desired melody begins and where it will end. In the future, this will reduce time costs.

If you have a Mac

Open Finder and follow the add-on settings path, make sure that there is a check mark on the item “Show all name and file extensions” (if not, then put it).

Now go back to our AAC slicing, click on it once, and then hit enter and rename the.m4a extension to.m4r

Step-by-step instructions for installing a melody

So, to put a ringtone on an iPhone, you will need: a computer with iTunes installed on it (if you have Windows), on Mac OS X everything is already installed by default, the phone itself with a cable and, in fact, the desired song. For convenience, it is better to place the track on the desktop of your Mac (PC).

Open iTunes and add the song to your library. To do this, click on the menu in the upper left corner of the program window, and select “Add to Library”.

We go to the desktop and find the desired file.

After the track is displayed in the library, right-click on it and select “Details”.

In the menu that opens, we find “Parameters” and set the time from which the ringtone will be played, and the moment when the playback ends. Ticks should appear in the checkboxes opposite the temporary data. Click OK.

Next, again click on the file with the right key and select the item “Create version in AAC format”.

A cropped AAC version will appear below the original composition. Drag it to your desktop.

And at this point, the paths of Windows users and Mac users diverge for a short time.

If you suffer for a long time, you can put something on the call

If you’ve gotten to this point, you’ve almost managed to get the ringtone on your iPhone. Few simple steps left.

Attention! Before uploading the.m4r cut back to iTunes, first delete the original version of the song and the AAC version from there. It is important.

Fine! Now we fill in iTunes (as we did at the beginning) our cutting with the new m4r extension.

Connect iPhone to Mac (PC) and open your data by clicking on the iPhone icon in iTunes.

In the “Sounds” menu, mark the file with a checkbox and click “Apply”.

This completes the interaction with the phone with the computer, you can turn off.

Finishing the “epic” in the settings

To complete our story with the installation of a ringtone, open the settings menu on the iPhone, select the Sounds Ringtone item and, when you find your melody there, throw your fist up victoriously.

Would you like to learn how to transfer media files from Mac to iPhone using iTunes? Then you are here

On devices controlled, for example, by an android, this procedure would take much less time. However, competitors are still far from the level of reliability and protection of user data that Apple provides. over, having done the procedure once, in the future you will cope with it in 2 minutes.

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How to put your own ringtone on iPhone with MobiMover

MobiMover is an alternative to the desktop version of iTunes. Works adequately during installation, both on computers and laptops with Windows OS and MacOs. Designed to exchange files between computer devices and iPhone. In the application, you can process media files, crop to the desired size, drag and drop to Iphone.

Download ringtone to iPhone via GarageBand app

A convenient application that does not require the use of other gadgets besides your device. You can download and install the application using the App Store, besides, it is free.

Its functions include the ability to process any file and set it as a ringtone for an Iphone call. You can download the track for the future ringtone for free or use the existing ones on your device.

Program for quickly changing ringtones on iPhone

One of the programs that allows you to quickly drag any file to your Apple device is Waltr. It can be installed on computers and laptops, as well as other portable devices that run on Windows and MacOS. Very easy to use application.

Just install the software on your gadget, connect the Iphone, wait until the program detects the device and you can drag and drop any file. In the case of a ringtone track, do not forget that it should be no more than 30-40 seconds.

ITools app from Chinese developers

It’s no surprise that Chinese developers have tried to create a product that is no worse than iTunes. This is how the iTools application appeared, which in terms of functionality is not inferior to the original. In addition, some users claim that this program is more intuitive to use.

It is very easy to use the program to create a ringtone and download on iPhone: upload the desired audio file to the “Music”. “System Sounds” category when the gadget is connected. Synchronization occurs automatically and in minutes, the track will be on your device.

How to set ringtone on iPhone via iTunes

The easiest way to create a ringtone, as well as put a song on an Iphone call, is using the iTunes program. To do this, the software must be preinstalled on your computer or laptop. Depending on the version of iTunes, the process of creating and installing a ringtone on the gadget will be different. Let’s consider both options for outdated and new software:

  • Install the program on your computer device. In iTunes 12, before you start creating a ringtone on the Iphone, you first need to make sure that the checkbox next to the line “Process music and video manually” is checked. You can find this field by opening the program and selecting the category “Browse”.
  • Drag the media file or media files from which you will “cut” the ringtone to the library. To do this, go to the “File” tab, and then to the “Add file to the library” category.
  • Now you need to right-click on a specific music track to use on the call.
  • Select “Information” or “Details” in iTunes 10.
  • In the window that appears, and more specifically in the top panel, click the “Options” category.
  • Now a window should appear on your screen with the ability to select the time segment of the song being played. Ringtone on iPhone should not exceed the time size of more than 30-40 seconds, so you must decide in advance on a piece of music composition and choose the best playback section during a call. But, as stated above, it should not be longer than 30-40 seconds.
  • Now in the window with the ability to select a time interval, you need to put a tick next to the word “Start” and write the start time of the composition. Do the same with the “Stop” category. check the box and write down the end time of the musical segment.
  • Save your changes.
  • After that, you need to click again with the right mouse button on the selected composition and select the line “Convert to AAC format”. In newer versions of iTunes, you must first select the line to convert, another small menu will open, where you need to select “Convert to AAC”
  • After this action, your 30 second piece of music will appear in the list of media files. It also needs to be right-clicked and selected to show in “Finder” or “Windows Explorer”. A window will open where the file we need is located, but in a different format. m4a, and you need the m4ar format. The new version of iTunes will offer you the option to show the track in the “Finder” for MacOs or show it through Windows Explorer.
  • To change the file format, you need to go to the “Control Panel” in the Windows OS through the “Start” menu. Next, find the line “Folder options”, and in the top panel of the window that opens, select the “View” category. Closer to the bottom, find the line “Hide extensions for registered file types” and uncheck it. Then save the changes.
  • Now you can start renaming the file type m4a to m4ar. To do this, right-click on the file, select the “Rename” line and the desired file format.
  • Drag the m4ar media file with the future ringtone to any place convenient for you on your computer.
  • Finally, we start solving the question of how to install a ringtone on an iPhone via iTunes. This process depends on the version of iTunes installed:
  • For version 10 and below. Connect your iPhone to your computer. Now drag and drop your ringtone into the iTunes folder called “Ringtone” located under the “Sounds” section. Now put a tick in front of “Synchronize ringtones”, confirm your actions using the active “Apply” button. After the synchronization process, already in the gadget itself, go to the Sounds / Ringtones category and set the track you created instead of the standard call sound.
  • In iTunes 10 through 12.6, the Sounds folder is hidden, so you have to dig a little. There are several ways to make a folder visible. For example, right-click on the iTunes menu and select the “Edit Menu” category, and then check the box next to the “Sounds” item, and transfer your media file to the folder that appears.
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You can also open the hidden folder “Sounds” if you go to iTunes in the directory “Edit-Settings-General” and check the box next to “Sounds”. If the track cannot be dragged into the appeared folder as standard, and copying via the mouse does not work, then try copying and pasting the music file using the keyboard shortcuts: “CtrV” / “CtrC”. Now connect your iPhone, sync and transfer the file to your gadget.

  • In iTunes 12.7, you must first connect the Iphone, as soon as the synchronization process starts, drag the file with the track to the device section and the iPhone subcategory, or copy the “CtrV” / “CtrC” keyboard shortcut into the same category. Now grab your gadget, go to Settings-Sounds-Ringtone and make your track your iPhone ringtone.

There is nothing difficult in installing a new ringtone on a gadget from Apple, although, of course, you have to tinker. Perhaps it can be done faster with the help of third-party programs.

Creation steps

The process of creating a ringtone in iTunes is as follows:

    if itunes is not installed on your computer, you need to download it by following this link Going to the program page, you must click on the “Download iTunes” tab and the download process will begin. After the program has loaded, it must be installed;

Important! Ringtone duration on iphone should not exceed 40 seconds.

On the duplicate, you need to right-click and select the “Show in Explorer” item in the drop-down list, after which the folder with this file will open.

Important! The file initially has the extension “m4a”, so you need to rename it to “m4r”

Online services overview

To create a ringtone on the iPhone, you can use special software or online services. To date, online services have won the greatest popularity among iphone users. Further there will be a detailed overview of the best services that will help you make ringtone on iPhone without iTunes.

How to make ringtone on iPhone

While using the iPhone, many users may notice a slight inconvenience. setting a ringtone. On a smartphone, there is no way to assign absolutely any mp3 file as a call. First, let’s figure out what a ringtone is.

The ringtone is an ordinary mp3 file with a time limit of approximately 40 seconds and converted to ACC format. Thus, it turns out that to create a ringtone, you need to take an mp3 file, limit it in time and convert it to the desired format.

Make Own Ringtone

Free online service for creating ringtones for iphone. The main distinguishing feature of this service is that it allows you to change the level of ringtone quality. The service also offers its users to apply various filters to the finished melody.

The process of making a ringtone with Make Own Ringtone:

  • you need to go to the Make Own Ringtone website;
  • then you need to click on the “Browsea File” tab and wait for the file to load;

MP3 Maker

MP3 Maker is an online service for creating ringtones for iphone. The service is quite easy to use: just download an ordinary mp3 file and edit it. Also, on the service website, you can find quite detailed instructions on how to cut fragments from a track and how to download a ready-made ringtone.

Create Ringtones on iPhone with MP3 Maker:

  • first you need to go to the MP3 Maker website;
  • then you need to download the mp3 file. To do this, click on the “Select mp3” tab and after selecting the desired composition, click “Download”;

Smart Mp3 Splitter

Smart Mp3 Splitter is a free online service that allows you to create iPhone ringtone in three easy steps. The user is required to download an mp3 file, select the desired part of the track and cut it, and then download the finished ringtone. Also, the service does not require users to register.

Low internet speed! Why? Answer further.

Ringtone creation with Smart Mp3 Splitter:

  • first, you need to follow the link to get to the Smart Mp3 Splitter website
  • then you need to click on the “Upload” tab and select the desired mp3 file;
  • then with the help of markers it is necessary to mark the cut out part of the track;
  • after the actions taken, you need to click on the icon with the image of a floppy disk to save the ringtone and then load it.

How to make iPhone ringtone in iTunes

You can create a ringtone not only using online services, but also using iTunes. It is enough to have a computer based on Windows or MacOS at hand and iTunes installed. Next, let’s take a closer look at how to create an iphone ringtone in iTunes.

How to Create iPhone Ringtone Using iTunes

Added on 12 April 2016: You can find more modern instructions on how to create and install ringtone on iPhone here:

And below is an old, time-tested, working instruction:

2) Select the file \ add the file to the library

3) Select the song from which we want to make a ringtone and click open

4) Click on our song with the right mouse button and select information

5) Select the parameters tab and set the start time (start) and stop time there. just keep in mind the piece should not exceed 39 seconds

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7) Right-click on the song and select: Create version in ACC format

If there is no such item, then in the iTunes menu: Edit-settings-basic-import_ settings (button).In the importer window select “AAC encoder”

8) Then, on your new track no more than 39 seconds long, press the right mouse button and select copy

9) Press the start button and select music

10) In the folder my music, right-click and select create a folder

12) Open this folder ringtones and click in it with the right mouse button and select paste

13) Go to the start menu \ control panel \ folder properties there the view tab and uncheck the hide permissions for registered file types

14) We return to the folder my music \ ringtones and there we right-click on the file and change the resolution after the point from m4a to m4r and confirm the change of resolution

15) Now go to iTunes there, select the edit \ settings, the main tab and tick the box to show ringtones

17) Select a file \ add a file to the library and select your ringtone in the ringtones folder in my music and click ok

18) Now we connect your phone to the computer and select the ringtones tab and put a tick to synchronize ringtones and click synchronize (just before synchronization, go to the music and delete that file in the ass format, which we now do not need in music and we can also the one from which the ringtone was made so that all this is not added to our music)

Create an iPhone ringtone and add it to your device

Apple has set certain requirements for ringtones: the duration should not exceed 40 seconds, and the format must be m4r. Only if these conditions are met, the ringtone can be copied to the device.


Now let’s go directly to iTunes, namely the built-in tools of this program, which allow us to create a ringtone.

    To do this, launch iTunes, go to the “Music” tab in the upper left corner of the program, and open the “Songs” section in the left pane of the window.

Click on the track that will be turned into a ringtone, right-click and select the “Details” item in the displayed context menu.

In the window that opens, go to the “Parameters” tab. It contains the items “Start” and “End”, near which you need to put a checkmark, and then indicate the exact start and end time of your ringtone.

Please note that you can specify any segment of the selected song, but the length of the ringtone should not exceed 39 seconds.

For convenience, open the song in any other player, for example, in the standard Windows Media Player, in order to choose the right time intervals. When finished indicating the time, click on the “OK” button.

Select the trimmed track with one click, then click on the “File” tab and go to “Convert”. “Create AAC Version”.

Two versions of your song will appear in the track list, one original and the other trimmed accordingly. We need her.

Right-click on the ringtone and select “Show in Windows Explorer” from the displayed context menu.

Copy the ringtone and paste the copy to any convenient place on your computer, for example, by placing it on your desktop. We will carry out further work with this copy.

If you look in the properties of the file, you will see that its format is m4a. But in order for iTunes to recognize the ringtone, the file format must be changed to m4r.

To do this, open the “Control Panel” menu, set the “Small Icons” view mode in the upper right corner, and then open the “Explorer Options” section (or “Folder Options”).

In the window that opens, go to the “View” tab, go down to the end of the list and uncheck the “Hide extensions for registered file types” item. Save changes.

Go back to the copy of the ringtone, which in our case is located on the desktop, right-click on it and in the pop-up context menu click on the “Rename” button.

  • Manually change the file extension from m4a to m4r, click the Enter key, and then agree to the changes.
  • You are now ready to copy the track to your iPhone.

    Create iPhone ringtone

    Below we will consider several ways to create a ringtone for your iPhone: using an online service, proprietary iTunes software and the device itself.

    Online service

    Today, the Internet provides a sufficient number of online services that allow you to create ringtones for the iPhone in no time. The only caveat is that to copy the finished melody, you still need to use the iTunes program, but more on that later.

    • Follow this link to the page of the Mp3cut service, it is with the help of it that we will create a ringtone. Click on the “Open file” button and in the displayed Windows Explorer select the song that we will turn into a ringtone.

    After processing, a window with an audio track will unfold on the screen. Below select “Ringtone for iPhone”.

    Use the sliders to set the start and end for the melody. Do not forget to use the play button in the left pane of the window to evaluate the result.

    Once again, we draw your attention to the fact that the duration of the ringtone should not exceed 40 seconds, so be sure to take this fact into account before proceeding with the cropping.

    When you have finished creating the ringtone, click on the “Trim” button in the lower right corner.

  • The service will start processing, after which you will be prompted to download the finished result to your computer.
  • This completes the creation of a ringtone using the online service.


    The ringtone can be created using the iPhone itself, but here you cannot do without a special application. In this case, you will need to install Ringtone on your smartphone.

      Start Ringtone. First of all, you need to add a song to the application, which will later become a ringtone. To do this, tap in the upper right corner on the icon with a folder, and then provide access to your music collection.

    Now slide your finger along the audio track, thus highlighting the area that will not be included in the ringtone. Use the Scissors tool to remove it. Leave only the part that will become the ringtone.

    The application will not allow the DO ringtone to be saved as long as its duration is more than 40 seconds. As soon as this condition is met, the “Save” button will become active.

    To complete, specify the file name if necessary.

    The melody is saved in Ringtone, but you need to pull it out from the application. To do this, connect your phone to your computer and launch iTunes. When the device is detected in the program, click on the miniature iPhone icon in the upper part of the window.

    In the left pane of the window, go to the “Shared Files” section. To the right, select Ringtone with one click.

  • On the right, you will see a previously created ringtone, which you just need to drag from iTunes to any place on your computer, for example, to the desktop.
  • Transfer ringtone to iPhone

    So, using any of the three methods, you will create a ringtone that will be stored on your computer. The only thing left is to add it to the iPhone via iTunes.

    Make Ringtone for iPhone using iTunes! [2019] [EASY METHOD]

      Connect your gadget to your computer and launch iTunes. Wait for the device to be detected by the program, and then click on its thumbnail at the top of the window.

    In the left pane, go to the Sounds tab. All you have to do is just drag the melody from the computer (in our case, it is on the desktop) into this section. iTunes will automatically start syncing, after which the ringtone will be immediately transferred to your device.

  • We check: to do this, open the settings on the phone, select the “Sounds” section, and then the “Ringtone” item. The first in the list will be our track.
  • Creating an iPhone ringtone for the first time can seem like a lot of work. If possible, use convenient and free online services or applications, if not, iTunes will allow you to create the same ringtone, but it will take a little more time to create it.

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