Install The HP Laserjet 1200 Printer

Windows Tools

By default, the LaserJet 1200 Series printer automatically installs basic drivers, which are sufficient to keep it running. However, if the device does not function correctly and you cannot download the software from the official website, you can use the standard Windows tools. This will ensure that the printer works the same as if it was connected correctly the first time.

Driver Download for HP LaserJet 1200 Series

The LaserJet 1200 Series printer does not stand out from other SIMilar devices from HP. For its stable operation in some cases, you may need official drivers, in the search and installation of which we will tell you below.

Third party software

To install or update drivers, you can use one of the Special programs, each of which has been discussed by us in other articles. The most user-friendly software includes DriverMax and DriverPack Solution. Thanks to this approach, you can find all the latest drivers you need, fully compatible with the operating system.

Official HP resource

The most convenient way to install the driver for the LaserJet 1200 Series is to use the HP official website. Suitable software, as is the case with other printers, can be found in the dedicated section.


  • Having opened the page at the above link, use the “Printer” button.

In the provided text term, enter the model name of your device and through the expanded list click on the appropriate link.

The device in question belongs to popular models and therefore is supported by all existing OS versions. You can specify the required one in the “Selected operating system” block.

Now expand the term “Driver-Universal Print Driver”.

Having decided on the choice, click the “Download” button and specify the location to save the file on your computer. If the download is successful, you will be redirected to a special page with detailed information on using the installation package.


    Open the folder with the downloaded file and double click on it.

In the window that opens, if necessary, Change the path for unpacking the main files.

Then use the “Unzip” button.

Install The HP Laserjet 1200 Printer

Upon completion of unpacking, the software installation window will automatically open.

From the presented installation types, select the one that suits your case and click the “Next” button.

If you did everything correctly, the procedure for copying files will begin, followed by installing the device in the system.

Additionally, you should restart your computer. This completes this method, since after the actions taken, the printer will be ready for use.

Equipment ID

Unlike the previously named methods, installing a driver by searching for it by device ID is the most versatile. This is because the DevID site or its equivalents cover both official and unofficial software. In more detail about calculating ID and searching, we talked about the corresponding article on our website. In addition, below you will find identifiers for the series of printers in question.

HP LaserJet 1200 Series Drivers

There are several ways to find and download software for the LaserJet 1200 Series to choose from. However, it is recommended to download drivers exclusively from official sources.

HP Support Assistant

Among the standard tools provided by HP for updating drivers, you can use Not only the website, but also a special utility for Windows. This software is also suitable for the installation of Certain Secondary Devices on HP Laptops.

    Using the provided link, click the “Download” button in the upper right corner.

From the folder where the installation file was downloaded, run it by double-clicking LMB.

Use the installer to install the program. The whole process takes place in automatic mode, without requiring you to change any parameters.

After the installation is completed, run the software in question and set the basic settings.

To install drivers without unnecessary problems, read the standard tutorial.

Optionally, you can log in to the program using your HP account.

On the tab “My devices” Click on the line “Check for updates”.

The procedure for finding compatible software Will take some time.

  • If the search is completed successfully, the program will display the “Updates” button. After selecting the found drivers, install them using the appropriate button.
  • This method only in some cases allows you to find a suitable software. If possible, it is best to resort to self-downloading drivers from the official website.

    After reading this instruction, you can ask your questions on the topic to us in the comments. This concludes this article and we hope you were able to find and download the software you need for the HP LaserJet 1200 Series.

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    Installing an HP LaserJet 1000 Printer in Windows 64

    The only way to get this printer to print is to run it in Windows XP. Therefore, we have two options:

    Presence of an additional computer with Windows XP. We can install a printer on it and share it via a local network. It is very easy to do, but it requires another PC. 2. Using a virtual machine to run Windows XP inside Windows 7 This is our solution.

    There are several options for virtualization software, but I will use Microsoft Virtual PC because it worked for me easily, Using XP Mode: it is SIMple and the integration with Windows 7 is pretty good. You can of course try using Virtual Box or VMware instead.

    XP Mode is SIMply a virtual machine with a preinstalled Windows XP image running under Virtual PC. Installation and setup is pretty easy.

    The main stages of the process are: 1. Installing and configuring XP Mode. 2. Connect and install LaserJet 1000 for XP Mode virtual machine. 3. Share the LaserJet 1000 printer from XP Mode, so it was accessible from the Windows 7 host via a “virtual” network.4. Install LaserJet 1000 Printer in Windows 7 as a Network Printer.

    It would be nice if you know what is in virtual machines. In addition, some files are required: O Windows XP driver installation file: This is called lj1488en.Exe. You can download it from the HP support site. Selecting HP LaserJet 1000 Printing Software Solution.O XP Mode installer. You can download it from the Microsoft Mode XP.O Microsoft Virtual PC installation site. Included in the MS Virtual PC site.

    Installing XP Mode The main steps are as follows: 1. Download and install XP Mode. This will copy the preinstalled Windows XP image to your computer. 2. Download and install Microsoft Virtual PC. This software can run Windows XP image.3. Setting up XP Mode for first use, in order to configure the parameters of the XP system, for example, users, etc.

    The whole process is described in the official XP Mode instructions. Which I recommend to follow. It would be nice to enable “hardware virtualization” in your computer’s BIOS (read the Official Instructions for more information on this).

    Be careful if you want to use the printer from different user accounts in Windows 7 In this case, the first XP Mode configuration is slightly different, as you have to share the virtual machine files between all users, and then create a shortcut for each user. This is what I did:

    XP Mode setting

    After installing XP Mode and Virtual PC, the first time you launch XP Mode from the Start menu All Programs Windows Virtual PC Windows XP Mode, a setup wizard will appear to create a new instance of the virtual machine. Accept the terms and you will see this window. The installation folder (red square) must be changed to a viewable folder for all Windows 7 users. I used a separate D: \ hard drive partition. But you can use another folder like C: \ Users \ Public access. As long as it is shared among all users. Set a password, check the Remember credentials check box, and continue. In the next step, you can turn off automatic updates (they are NOT required for the printer) and you avoid the system to update for several hours.

    Continue until the setup process is complete and you will see the Windows XP desktop in the window. Extra configuration for XP mode Some additional settings are required after installation. Click on Tools Configuration. To open the virtual machine configuration window. First of all, change the default close setting to this: This will allow the virtual machine to shut down whenever we want. We will need to shut it down for this configuration process and I also recommend shutting it down every time we shut it down so that you can set Shutdown as the default option. Hibernate is not a good idea when you are sharing a virtual machine between Multiple users: This is my virtual machine’s corrupted files and I had to install everything again.

    Then go to the “Network function” menu and change adapter 1 from the public network (NAT) to a real computer adapter (I have this Belkin Basic USB adapter): This change will integrate the virtual machine into your home network, and make it available to others computers.Now, go to the “integration functions” menu and Uncheck the “Printer” box so that the printer we add in the future does NOT appear inside Windows XP. Accept the changes and restart the virtual machine from the Reboot action. You can check the virtual machine is now available by opening the window Network in Windows 7 The virtual machine will appear when it started: If it does NOT appear, then you need to set it up with Windows XP: Go to My Network Places and click “Set up a home or small office network”. In the wizard, you should put the same workgroup as Windows 7 is in the “WORKGROUP” by default. Now Shut down the virtual machine if you have one to configure XP Mode for more users on the W7 system.

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    Setting up XP Mode for the rest of Windows 7 users The first thing I did to share XP Mode between Multiple users was to create a new virtual machine in every other user. To do this, I selected “Create a virtual machine” and “Use an existing virtual hard disk” in the Windows Virtual PC wizard However, this did not work for a long time: the virtual machine got damaged soon and I had to reinstall everything again So DON’T do this. To solve this problem, I realized that it was enough to copy the following directories: C: / Users / MAIN_USER / Virtual Machines C: / Users / MAIN_USER / AppData / Local / Microsoft / Windows Virtual PC

    All you have to do is copy these folders from the MAIN_USER folder in (the user’s XP Mode installation) in the same folder as the second users folder (what you want to share XP Mode with). After that, you must create desktop shortcuts for every second user to the location “C: \ Users \ USER_X \ Virtual Machines \ Windows XP Mode.Vmcx” in order to start the virtual machine. Now you can log in with the main user to install and configure the printer.

    Install and Share Printer in XP Mode Connect via USB printer and turn it on. Ignore and cancel all installation attempts from Windows 7 Launch XP Mode.

    Connect the printer to the virtual machine pressed USB HP LaserJet 1000. You will need to repeat this step every time you want to print. Windows XP will detect the printer. Cancel the unattended installation process and install it with the Windows XP driver file mentioned in the section.

    Tip: As XP Mode can access all Windows 7 drives, you can copy it to an accessible folder. Otherwise, you will need to download it from within Windows XP. After installation, you will see the printers in the “Printers and Faxes” window: The next step is to Share the “HP LaserJet 1000 DOS” printer on the local network. To do this, right-click, select the “Share” option, and share it without a wizard. Then set the share name (“hpLaserJet1000” is ok) and click on the Apply button. Go to the Ports tab and select the USB port. Apply changes and Accept. The printer is now accessible from Windows 7, as we can see in the Network window by typing VIRTUALXP-XXXXX on the machine:

    Note the name of the share, which is “\\ machine name \ Resource”. In my case, it would be “\\ VIRTUALXP-19687 \ hpLaserJet1000”.

    Installing a Printer in Windows 7 The last step is to add a shared printer as a local printer in Windows 7. Start Devices and Printers. Click on the “Add Printer” button, select “Local Printer”, then “Create a New Port” with the type “Local Port”: Write the shared URL of the resource, the port name and click on Accept. Now we have to choose a driver for the printer. We will be using the “HP LaserJet 1100 (MS)” driver. If it does not appear in the list, just click on the “Windows Update” button to update the list of drivers and it will appear. To set the printer name in Windows 7 I used HP Laser Jet 1000 (XP Mode). To distinguish it from the “native” HP LaserJet 1000 device: It’s done! At the end of the process, you can print a test page to check everything was successful.

    Instructions for Printing Now, every time you want to print, you need to follow these steps: 1. Start XP Mode. 2. Attach the HP LaserJet 1000 to it, clicked the HP LaserJet 1000 USB menu. 3. Printing from Windows 7 using an HP LaserJet 1000 (XP Mode) printer.

    Then, shutdown the XP Mode virtual machine the next time you want to print. DO NOT use the hibernate option if you are sharing a virtual machine between Multiple users, provided that XP Mode files may be corrupted.

    Configuring the Printer for Network Printing

    This step can be skipped for those users who will send documents for printing from only one computer. Now many people use several PCs or laptops at once, which are on the same network, so it is convenient when you can start processes without first reconnecting the device. This requires a series of steps on the host computer, which you will learn from the following article.

    Further, the network printer is added on other computers, which ensures its correct display and functioning. This is done by entering the path to the device in one of the convenient ways.


    The HP LaserJet P1102 model in question is a standard wired laser printer that connects with the included USB cable, so users shouldn’t have any connection problems. In addition, along with the device comes an instruction where the developers present illustrated instructions for connecting. If you do not have access to this manual, we suggest reading our guide:

    • Start the computer or laptop you are using. Wait until the operating system is fully loaded.
    • Find the power cord included with the printer, connect one side to the device and plug the other into a power outlet.
    • There should also be a cable in the box, one side of which has a USB-B connector and the other a standard USB. Find it and connect USB-B to HP LaserJet P1102.
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    Insert the other side with a regular USB into a free port of the laptop.

    When using a stationary PC, we recommend making such a connection through the built-in connector on the motherboard, and not on the front panel of the case, so that there are no failures in signal transmission.

    Upon completion of this procedure, you can safely press the power button and wait until the PC detects a new device. Only after successful launch, proceed to the next step.

    Calibrating the Printer

    It is NOT excluded that during transportation the HP LaserJet P1102 was in a state of constant shaking or even fell from the surface. The protective box does not always cope with preserving the original state, therefore sometimes even a new printer does it incorrectly when printing. This may be due to printheads, cartridges, or SIMply the system settings were set incorrectly. Therefore, when poor-quality finished pages appear, it is recommended to calibrate. You will find detailed guides on this topic in a separate material below.

    Installing drivers

    Installing drivers is the most important step when connecting a printer to a computer, because without the right software, printing will NOT work. Owners of the Windows 10 operating system usually receive drivers automatically, as indicated by a notification that appears on the screen. If this does not happen, you need to download it yourself. There are several ways to carry out this process, each of which will be the most suitable in certain situations. Read all of them in more detail in our next article.

    If the printer was successfully detected in Windows 10, but the error “Installation was not completed due to a paid-for-traffic connection” error appeared during automatic driver downloads, you will need to activate one parameter responsible for downloading on the metered network. This can be done in a couple of clicks:

    • Open the Start Menu and go to Settings.

    Select the “Devices” section.

    Through the panel on the left, navigate to Printers Scanners.

    In the window, go down a little and check the box “Download via metered connections”.

    In just a couple of seconds, the inscription near the printer will disappear and the drivers will be successfully added.

    After successful installation of the drivers, it is recommended to reconnect the peripheral device, turn it on and run a test print to check the operation.

    Installing the HP LaserJet P1102 Printer

    HP is actively engaged in the production of a wide variety of computer equipment, including printers and multifunctional devices. In the series of LaserJet printing equipment, there is the P1102 model, which at one time gained popularity in the market. After purchasing this peripheral, the user is faced with the task of installing and preparing for normal printing. As part of today’s article, we would like to consider this task step by step, having told about all the details and nuances that often arise before users.

    Installing the HP LaserJet P1102 printer

    The whole operation is performed in stages, so we decided to split it into several parts so that novice users would not have problems. Before connecting, please note that the new printer comes with a refilled cartridge, so it is immediately ready to print. You just have to connect it and configure the operating system itself.

    Working with the printer

    Now that all the preliminary configuration steps have been completed, you can start using the LaserJet P1102 for its intended purpose. printing documents. You will find detailed instructions on how to perform this procedure in other articles at the links below, where each of them is dedicated to a separate type of projects and documents.

    In the future, it will be mandatory to replace the cartridge, clean and clean the printheads. Of course, you can contact a specialized service center, where all these actions will be performed by professionals, but each user is able to cope with this manually, Applying ready-made manuals with a detailed description of all the steps.

    This is where our article comes to its logical conclusion. If you purchased new equipment, after connecting, there should be no printing errors, but if they do, we advise you to study the material below in detail to find the cause of the problem and its solution.

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