Install the HP laserjet pro m15a printer

HP LaserJet Pro M15a. compact and simple

Already at first glance, the new printer surprises with its compact size, which does not prevent it from printing at the same speed as more advanced models.

The HP LaserJet Pro M15a is a wired USB 2.0 desktop laser printer. After a cursory acquaintance with its characteristics, it becomes clear that when developing this device, compactness and ease of use have become priorities. Let’s see how true this is.

The HP LaserJet Pro M15a printer is rated up to 18 sec / min. when the time of the first page of the job is 8.4 s. According to these indicators, the new product is at about the same level as similar devices. However, the dimensions of the model are 346 x 189 x 159 mm when folded when the folding paper guides in the input and output trays are raised. Therefore, the device takes up the minimum area of ​​the desktop. The maximum monthly load of 8 thousand pages is declared for him, and the recommended one is 100-1000 pages. From which we can conclude that this printer is optimal for use by those users who do not often have the task of outputting documents, and they are not voluminous.

The HP LaserJet Pro M15a printer is offered for UAH 3000 (according to as of September 2018)

As for the ease of operation and installation, then in this regard, the developers of HP were at their best. Indeed, all operations for unpacking and installing new items are very clearly illustrated in the accompanying documents. However, there is no need to look at them, because the instructions for the correct installation of the printer are on the printer itself, it is attached to the plastic tape that secures the trays and the cartridge. After unpacking and connecting to the power supply, all that remains is to connect the printer to the PC and install the drivers on it. They are available on CD or downloaded from HP.

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The included HP Smart Pack allows you to output documents and photos, as well as view the status of the machine, including the indication of toner stocks. The manufacturer draws attention to the fact that only original HP cartridges with an integrated chip can be used. Handling the cartridge is easy. During the initial installation, just shake it and pull out the protective tape. The new cartridges do not support the automatic removal function, as their design is as small and simplified as possible. Starter Cartridge is rated for 500 pages and HP Standard 44a (CF244A) for 1000 seconds.

With the input tray raised and output folded, the printer takes up very little desktop space

The device itself has only a power button and a status LED. The HP LaserJet Pro M15a driver is missing any quality selection settings. Only job options are available, including plain printing, envelopes, labels, and EcoSMART. The manufacturer claims support for 600 x 600 dpi resolution and HP FastRes 600 technology. Our test page was printed with the default settings. When examining the capabilities of the device, we traditionally limited ourselves to only this test, since for such devices it is much more important to understand their capabilities in terms of output quality, and not the performance, which is more than enough for the expected load.

The test page was printed without noticeable flaws. The world is formed with a compact center. The gradient stretch is uniform. Fonts are legible up to 2 pt on a white background and up to 3 pt on reverse. The block with the formation of dense lines confirmed the stated resolution.

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Scanned test page printed on the HP LaserJet Pro M15a Printer

Summing up a short acquaintance with the new desktop personal printer HP LaserJet Pro M15a, it can be noted that the new product coped with the test task with dignity. Therefore, it can be recommended for those users who need to display small documents from time to time. The cost of the device itself at the time of preparation of the review was about UAH 3000.

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Filling a cartridge for the HP LaserJet Pro-M15 printer

In 2018, the HP LaserJet Pro-M15 printer with the HP CF244A (44A) cartridge entered the market in Russia. This cartridge can be called an analogue of the HP 85A with some changes.
After reading the instructions, you can refuel the HP LaserJet Pro-M15 cartridge even at home, also at the end of the article there are comments and questions that you can read and write.

If you visually look at the cartridge, we see similarities with the cartridges that were produced earlier, but there is a difference, the most noticeable is: the absence of a gear on the photo roll and the soldering of the side covers (the trend of recent years at HP can be traced on monochrome and color laser cartridges, from the usual bolts),

Let’s start refueling the HP LaserJet Pro-M15 printer with our own hands, first you need to halve it in two. picture 2:

  • Bunker with mining and fotoval;
  • Toner hopper with magnetic roller.

To do this, unscrew one bolt and remove the side cover soldered to the main body,

In order not to damage the photo vault, we removed it. To do this, pry off and pull out the cotter pin (in this case, the likelihood of breaking the case increases, if you are sure that you will not damage the photo roll, then you can not remove it),

Raised the edge of the photo roll and turned it a little and it came out of the grooves, Figure 5, 6.

It is worth noting that the length and diameter of the photo roll are completely the same with the HP 85A drums, if you change the gear to the HP 44A plastic plug, they are interchangeable,

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We proceed to the most difficult thing in refueling, this is to remove the soldered side cover without breaking the case,

It is necessary to carefully pry with a knife at the sealing points without breaking the thin plastic protrusions, Figure 9, in order to accurately do this, we drilled holes in the attachment points (not through),

After removing the side cover, we move the development unit relative to the other part of the cartridge and it can be easily detached and halved, like in previous models,

Next, we proceed to cleaning the processing bunker, for this we remove the corotron, unscrew the two bolts that hold the squeegee,

Next, we proceed to cleaning and filling the toner, for this we unscrew the bolt of the side cover and remove it, Figure 14, 15.

We remove the magnetic shaft and clean it, after which it is necessary to clean the old toner from the hopper. We scrolled the gears, thereby activating the toner stirring mechanism in order to clean it as much as possible, for this we used a service vacuum cleaner,

It is worth noting that the design of the magnetic shaft is identical to the HP 85A, but not the same, mag. the shaft is slightly longer,

We put the toner into the hopper (we used ordinary universal toner HP 35A / 36A / 78A / 85A / 44A), reinstall the magnetic shaft (note that the gear, bushings, plastic retainer of the magnetic shaft rod were in place), install the side cover and screw bolt. Scroll the magician gear. roll and see an even distribution of toner,