iOS 13 for which iPhones

Whether to update iPhone SE to iOS 13?

If you are a happy owner of an iPhone SE, then you probably have been thinking for a long time whether it is worth updating your old iPhone to iOS 13.

Today we will go through the most popular questions and you will immediately understand whether it is worth doing.

Finding iPhone SE users who have already installed iOS 13 on their devices is not so easy. Therefore, we will simply turn to

We write in the search for “iOS 13 iPhone SE” and this is what we have:

    . the user complains about accidentally opening the application and typing:

Hey @Apple! Why is your iOS 13.1.2 update killing my battery life. I have a iPhone SE with a new battery that was working fine before the update. I’m NOT buying a new iPhone

. the user talks about unstable work and a large number of bugs

iOS 13 has so many bugs please @Apple do something, my iPhone Se is unstable in iOS 13.1.2. AND PLEASE USE PITCH BLACK SCREEN on Dark mode. piccom / NTqqbox0NQ

. the robot battery was great before the iOS 13 update

iOS 13: Top Features & Changes for iPhone!

Hey @Apple! Why is your iOS 13.1.2 update killing my battery life. I have a iPhone SE with a new battery that was working fine before the update. I’m NOT buying a new iPhone

From all this, we can draw the following conclusions: a lot of bugs and poor battery performance.

Should you install iOS 13 on iPhone SE?

We have gone through a large number of points and now we can summarize some of the results.

If you have an iPhone SE, you can feel all the delights of the new OS: we get almost all the innovations, including a dark theme, a new sound icon, optimized charging and others.

But, for now, it is very raw and you need to wait until Apple brings it to mind. At the moment, the current version of iOS 13.1.2 and the problems with it are just the sea. The next few updates are not even worth thinking about installing.

Therefore, the totals can be divided into two parts:

  • If you have iOS 12. don’t update yet.
  • If you have already updated to iOS 13 We are constantly updating to the latest versions to get rid of lags faster.

How iPhone SE works on iOS 13?

Every year, the situation with old models and the latest version of iOS is repeated. 2019 was no exception.

Now I mean that the first versions of iOS 13 lag and eat up the battery on absolutely all old iPhone models. As you can imagine, “iPhone SE” is no exception.

Yes, apps and games will work just fine. But with each new update, you will receive new bugs in different places of the OS.

How to upgrade iPhone SE to iOS 13?

When it’s time to install a fresh version of iOS, just go to Settings. General. Software Update. Install.

DO NOT FORGET! Before updating, be sure to make a backup copy in case something goes wrong. Now it is very important and suddenly that it will help you save time and nerves.

New iPhone features

According to the forecasts of insiders, the upcoming iPhone 13 will be without any ports (connectors). Wireless headphones are already available, and if there is wireless charging, then in the absence of ports, the iPhone will become more moisture-resistant and resistant to dust and dirt.

Presumably, developments are underway on the location under the screen of Touch ID. a fingerprint scanner on iPhones. It is expected to improve the function Face ID. technology to unlock the face of a person. After all, a face in a mask is difficult to distinguish.

Face ID is the result of a combination of Apple’s most advanced hardware and software components. The TrueDepth camera captures facial data by projecting and analyzing over 30,000 invisible points. Thus, the device creates a detailed structural map of the face.

Thanks to True Depth technology, the Face ID system works. TrueDepth is a camera system on iPhone that includes a 7MP front camera, infrared camera, dot projector and infrared emitter.

The relevance of the release of a new model for Apple

The situation in the smartphone market is tense. Xiaomi and Samsung have already presented the world with new pretentious and defiant models in 2021.

The success of the iPhone12 Pro released last year never ceases to amaze. The plant does not have time to produce the declared amount. Apple needs to solidify its luck and release a new model.

The agency publishes daily news about the Asian computer industry (computers, smartphones). Information about the iPhone12 and 13 can be found on Appleinsider. the largest Russian website about Apple technology.

which, iphones

Qualcomm, a wireless research and development company, can put a spank in its wheels when new models are released. This view is expressed by Fast Company, a monthly American business magazine in print and online that focuses on technology, business and design. Users hope that despite the problems, they will be able to get acquainted with the iPhone 13 in the fall of 2021.


The image refresh rate will increase to 120 Hz. Automatic adjustment will become from 1 to 120 Hz. The screen will be made according to the technology produced by the Samsung company. The iPhone 12s series will be based on the new Apple A15 processor. A Taiwanese chipmaker will be engaged in its production using a 5-nanometer process of the 2nd generation.

Using the main process technology will increase productivity. It also means increased energy efficiency, will have a positive effect on the autonomous operation of new models. The cameras of the 13th iPhone model will retain the same optics that the company currently has. The lenses will be from the same series as the current cameras. Major camera innovations can only be expected from the 2022 iPhone.

iPhone 13. release date in Russia and price

Before the 12th iPhone model came out, the attention of users switched to the release of the next model. The release date of the 13th iPhone model and its price in Russia cause heated discussions.

When the iPhone 13 comes out

The expected appearance on the market of the 13th smartphone model in the fall of 2021 is causing heated discussions. iPhone 13 may or may not be named. Perhaps it will be called 12s, or in another way.

Apple executives may revert to the old nomenclature. Then the line of smartphones will consist of 4 models, slightly modified, improved in performance, but still updated versions of the already released 12th model. Then the classification, starting from 2021, will be called: 12s, 12s mini, 12s pro and 12s pro max.

  • worsening of the epidemiological situation;
  • problems with the optics supplier;
  • changes in company plans.

Any changes will immediately become known to insiders.

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Model design

A flexible and foldable display like the 13th model would be desirable for consumers. The original slider model was expected to be the iPhone 12. When that didn’t happen, they waited for the 13th iPhone.

iPhone Flip is the purported version of the iPhone that can be folded. In November 2020, an unofficial video appeared that demonstrates what the first foldable smartphone could be.

However, if the company starts releasing smartphones according to the previous nomenclature, then you shouldn’t wait for this. The design will not be updated, so the photo of the new model will be similar to the image of the previous one. The phone case will get a little thicker. The cutout above the screen for the camera, the so-called “bangs” or monobrow, on the contrary, will be slightly thinner.

The issue of design changes is primarily economic. The longer you can use the appearance of previous smartphone models, the more profit for the company from sales of previous versions.

The company benefits from a minor design change. For consumers, this is prestigious, because the iPhone in the hands can be seen from afar. The appearance of the smartphone is significantly different from the phones of other companies. The possession of the latest iPhone model speaks of the respectability of the owner and a promising outlook on life.

And those dreamers who, based on rumors, dream of releasing a smartphone in a completely new design, can be advised to make assumptions about new products for other companies.

Estimated price of new smartphones

Apple sets for each specific iPhone generation. The cost of new models of the same series is different, but not significantly.

  • iPhone 12s. from 79,990 rubles;
  • iPhone 12s mini. from 69,990 rubles;
  • iPhone 12s Pro. from 99,990 rubles;
  • iPhone 12s Pro Max. from 109,990 rubles.

Presumably, the cost of new models of smartphones will not differ much from the cost of those already released. Traditionally, on the day of the presentation of new models, the price for last year’s models goes down.

The iPhone 12 was unveiled to the general public on October 13, 2020. The presentation of the iPhone 13, that is, the next model, is expected around the same time in 2021. The release date of the new model on the Russian market and the price will be announced during the presentation.

What is the cost of an iPhone?

Experts from IHS Markit immediately after the release of the iPhone 7 in 2016 tried to calculate the cost of an Apple device by adding up the costs of all its components, including:

According to the calculations of experts, myself). Market at the current exchange rate. It is worth saying that it is not difficult to calculate that in our country the cheat on Apple devices is almost fourfold.

Curiously, the difference in cost between iPhones of different generations is very small. Let’s look at the diagram:

To yourself. Gadgets of the same generation, but of different modifications (for example, 5 and 5S), as a rule, require equal component costs. But what surprised me most was something else: the iPhone SE turned out to be the most economical smartphone in the Apple line (cost. 160). Even the iPhone 3GS was more expensive to manufacture.

Where are iPhones assembled??

The factory of the Taiwanese company Foxconn is where iPhones are made for Russia and other countries. Foxconn’s factory is located in the Chinese city of Shenzhen, not far from Hong Kong. He has been working with Apple since 2007. Apple isn’t the only company to partner with Foxconn; a giant Chinese factory produces almost 40% (!) of world electronics.

Foxconn’s factory area is 5.6 million square meters. km, the number of employees is 1 million 250 thousand people. In a day, 400 thousand brand new iPhones roll off the Foxconn assembly line, each of which fully meets the high standards set by Apple.

Foxconn has been repeatedly accused of forcing its employees to work in truly slave conditions. Chinese workers allegedly work 12-14 hours 6 days a week, eat portions of food sold on the streets, and are also discriminated against by their Taiwanese colleagues. Apple has conducted numerous investigations, following which it has found out that most of the allegations of violation of labor laws are groundless.

Buyers often ask themselves: why doesn’t the Apple company produce gadgets in their country? There are many reasons for this:

    Americans are too highly educated. In the United States, there is a shortage of citizens with a secondary technical education who are capable and ready to perform routine monotonous operations on a daily basis. Chinese labor is quite cheap. Foxconn employee salaries are 300. 400 per month. An American would have to pay four to five times more. Taxes are high in the United States. If the assembly of iPhones took place in America, then due to additional insurance and taxes, the final cost of the “apple” product would be doubled. In China, the lion’s share of rare earth metals is mined, which are necessary for the creation of mobile gadgets. If Apple moved the production of smartphones to another country, it would have to negotiate with China on exports. and this is not an easy task.

Foxconn has factories not only in China, but also in other countries. in the Czech Republic, Hungary, India. In 2010, the factory was also opened in Russia. in the village of Shushary, Leningrad Region. Now there is information that Foxconn is going to build a plant in the United States. Who knows. perhaps this is the first step towards the beginning of the production of native American iPhones.?

Where the original iPhones are designed?

IPhones and iPads are being developed at Apple’s headquarters, which is located in the US state of California, in the city of Cupertino. This is confirmed by the inscription, which is present on the back faces of all “apple” devices: “Designed by Apple in California”.

The following works are performed at Apple headquarters:

    Software development (iCloud, iTunes, iOS). Development of the design of “apple” gadgets. Planning marketing and promotional activities. Logistics planning. Pricing. Quality control of finished products. Apple takes final quality control very seriously, which is why the defect rate among products is minimal.

Experts of the mobile market claim that 99% of the total contribution to the creation of “apple” gadgets is made by the employees of the Cupertin office. despite the fact that many of these employees have never seen how the devices are assembled.

Who supplies the components for iPhones?

Foxconn factory workers assemble iPhones from components that are shipped from many countries. There are no Chinese components in Apple devices. but there are American ones. Among them:

    Audio chips. manufactured in the USA by Cirrus Logic. Radio modules. manufactured by the well-known company Qualcomm. Controller chips. created by the American organizations PMC Sierra and Broadcom Corp. Touchscreen controllers. also manufactured by Broadcom Corp.

Other components are supplied by European and Asian manufacturers. for example:

The situation with iPhone displays is interesting. Now at once 3 firms produce this component for the “apple” company. Japanese Japan Display and Sharp, as well as Korean LG Display. However, for the iPhone 8th and 9th modifications, Apple plans to purchase panels only from Samsung. moreover, in huge quantities.

Among the suppliers of components for the iPhone. “full” international. Apple prefers to partner with trusted and reputable component manufacturers. no matter where they are located.

Where is the iPhone made?

Apple products are renowned for their high quality. Users associate this with the “noble origin” of iPhones and iPads. they say, they are made in the civilized country of the United States. Are they right. find out by reading this article.

Domestic users of Apple devices believe that their mobile phones come from the USA, Japan, Taiwan. from anywhere, but not from China. Russians have long had an extremely negative idea of ​​Chinese production. as if they do everything there “on their knees”, in conditions of terrible unsanitary conditions and prefer quantity to quality.

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In fact, this is a delusion. In China, the situation is the same as in other countries (for example, in the same Russia): there are clandestine factories that assemble penny machines from low-quality components, and there are also official factories, from the conveyors of which first-class products come off.

Apple produces iPhone and iPad in cooperation with China, but this is by no means a reason to hang offensive labels on Apple devices.

In 2016, Donald Trump, entering the presidential race, announced that he would force Apple to produce iPhones in the United States. If that day comes, then for Russian fans of “apple” products it will definitely become “black”. the final cost of the iPhone, created by American workers on American soil, will be “unaffordable” for Russians.

Now Russian users can afford to buy Apple products only because they are assembled in China. Through cooperation with the Chinese, Apple saves on labor resources. A worker from a developed country in America or Europe would not agree to work for an amount three times more than a native from the Middle Kingdom receives.

Installing the first beta of iOS 13 for developers

We do not recommend installing this version for many reasons. For example, you will not be able to get off it without losing the data, and you will not be able to return everything from a backup copy.

  • Unnecessary iPhone (SE version or higher) and USB cable for it;
  • Firmware version directly for your device;
  • A computer with either the macOS 10.15 Catalina beta, or a Mac with Xcode 11 beta installed, or a Mac with this program link installed.

If a beta profile of another version of iOS is already installed on your iPhone, then delete it. You can do this along the path “Settings” “General” “Profile”:

Then connect the iPhone to your Mac, launch iTunes (or open sync via Finder, if you have a beta of macOS 10.15 Catalina) and open the sync menu:

After that, with the Option button pressed on the keyboard, click on “Update” and select the appropriate firmware file for you:

If you did everything right, then you will have an iPhone with the still buggy iOS 13 Developer Beta. If you did something incorrectly, then you will have a “brick”.

Why iOS 13 won’t install

There are several reasons why the new iOS may not be installed. For instance:

  • incompatibility between firmware and device;
  • lack of the Network;
  • there is not enough space in the internal memory of the device;
  • the phone needs a forced reboot.

It is worth considering each reason separately. In the first case, as mentioned above, the owner of the device should check whether the iPhone model for updating is supported or not. If, after the release of the firmware, the device does not receive a notification about the ability to install the latest OS, then most likely this option is excluded.

As for the second Fri, a popular problem is the wrong cellular network options. With a Wi-Fi connection, such discrepancies are usually not observed, therefore it is necessary:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Section “Cellular”.
  • To the item “Cellular data”.
  • Make sure Cellular is enabled.

Fundamentally! If difficulties are observed, then go to the options, to the “Basic” section, select “Reset network options” and reboot the device.

The most common reason is the lack of internal memory of the device. The latest iOS requires over 5GB. In this case, of course, it is necessary to check the device for the presence of this place. If not, then allocate the available volume.

As for the forced reboot, users discovered this bug when they first started updating to the latest iOS. In this case, it is necessary:

  • on iPhone 6S, immediately press the “Home” button and the “Power on” / “Power off” button. Hold until the Apple logo lights up on the display;
  • on the seven, immediately hold down the volume down and power button. Similarly, wait for the logo to appear;
  • on a figure eight and newer, at first, quickly press and immediately release the volume up button, later also quickly do this with the adjacent volume down button. Then press and hold the “Switch on” / “Switch off” button.

Fundamentally! On the latest versions, after rebooting, the system will additionally ask you to log in using your fingerprint.

Summing up the above, it turns out that the new software released in 2019 from Apple no longer supports the company’s phones released before 2014.Users of these devices, unlike others, have not received an update notification. Owners of iPhones 6s and above can install iOS 13 as standard through options or by connecting to iTunes on a PC. With the release of the freshest operating system, the test mode is also available to developers.

How to install iOS 13 Developer Beta 2?

Everything has become easier here: Apple has returned the ability to install the beta through the bootloader profile.

Then go to “Settings” “General” “Profile” and install the downloaded profile. After restarting your iPhone.

When the phone turns on, inspect the updates and install them.

New Memoji Stickers

Minor updates like these always contain a bunch of new features, bug fixes and security fixes. In this regard, iOS 13.4 does not differ from previous versions of the mobile operating system.

Among the new abilities, there are 9 additional types of Memoji stickers.

[Updated] Enthusiast installed iOS 13 on iPhone 6. How he did it?

At the beginning of June, Apple announced its latest mobile operating system iOS 13. The update can be safely called a landmark update, because the system debuted many long-awaited features: black interface mode, a download manager in the browser, support for all external drives and even a swype keyboard. As annoying as it may sound, all these innovations will not be received by the owners of outdated phones. iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, since Apple has ended software support for these devices. Nevertheless, a way out of this situation was found.

An enthusiast hiding under the pseudonym NightigerFTW succeeded in the impossible. he was able to adapt and install iOS 13 beta 1 on his own iPhone 6. To prove his own words, the user posted several pictures of his own phone with the installed assembly of the latest system.

According to the developer, it’s all about a bootloader vulnerability. The flaw only affects iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Therefore, running iOS 13 on iPhone 5s will not work with all the desire.

According to the developer, the IPSW firmware file from the iPhone 6s was taken as a base. The enthusiast made certain configurations in the firmware file before installing a beta build was likely.

The creator of the project chose to shyly keep silent about the details and aspects, since in the future he plans to release a special version of iOS 13 for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. If the vulnerability is disclosed here and at the moment, Apple can quickly remove the gap and put an end to the plans of the enthusiast. For the same reason, the developer did not publish the modified assembly in the public domain.

It is catchy that many seasoned developers have criticized NightigerFTW. In their opinion, the enthusiast is misleading everyone. Even the recognizable cracker pwn20wnd, who jailbreak for iOS 11 and iOS 12, has spoken out.

A similar scenario really looks slightly mind-blowing, since no one has previously been able to launch new versions of iOS on unsupported devices. Yet hope is the last to die.

What do you think? Leave your Комментарии и мнения владельцев here or in our Telegram chat.

How to access iOS 13 Beta profile

The principle of activating the iOS 13 beta profile is similar to the usual firmware update using a PC on MAC X OS, which was mentioned above. But there is a small amendment. an Apple computer is also useful for this, but in addition with a beta version of the operating system. According to the official annotation, you need either beta macOS 10.15 Catalina, or Xcode 11. But if you don’t have one or the other, you can use special driver programs. For this, the familiar MobileDevice or at least some other analog is suitable for many. The utility still needs a PC with an Apple operating system.

  • the aforementioned PC with the corresponding OS or program;
  • installed the latest iTunes or Finder (if there is a version of Catalina);
  • USB cable;
  • downloaded iOS 13 beta (just find it on the web);
  • iPhone starting from the seventh generation or SE (which is not a pity).
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Direct your attention! If any beta version of iOS is already installed on the phone, it must be uninstalled by going to the options, the section “General” and to the item “Profile”.

  • Install a previously downloaded utility (if there is no suitable OS version).
  • Launch iTunes or Finder.
  • Connect iPhone via USB.
  • Wait for synchronization.
  • In iTunes or Finder (the utility must be the freshest), click on the device icon and go to the “Overview” section in the left menu.
  • After that, click on “Update” in the new field, with all this you need to hold down the “Options” button, or “Shift”, and in the pop-up window select the beta firmware downloaded in advance.
  • Wait for iPhone to finish updating.
  • Quit iTunes and turn off your phone.

If everything is done correctly, developer rights will be activated, and the user gets something like Root rights in Android.

What’s the latest version of iOS for my iPhone or iPad: how to find out and where to download

iOS is the simplest operating system from the point of view of interaction with an inexperienced user, and this is one of the main reasons for the popularity of the iPhone and iPad among absolutely all categories of the population. Almost any user can solve problems that have arisen in the iOS software environment and even reinstall the OS on his own.

How to find out which version of iOS is currently installed on your iPhone or iPad

To find out which system controls the device at the moment, you need to go to the menu “Settings → General → About this device” and pay attention to the line “Software version”.

To check for iOS updates for this device, return to the previous menu “Settings → General”. select the item “Software update” and wait for the data loading.

The reasons why updates may not appear on an iOS device are described in this material.

How to install new (latest) iOS on your iPhone or iPad

The easiest way is to reflash the iPhone “over the air”. To do this, just go to the above-mentioned section “Settings → General → Software update”, click the “Download and install” button. In this case, all existing data will be saved on the device. It is important to remember that installing iOS “over the air” should never be done if there is a jailbreak on the device.

To completely reinstall iOS via iTunes (on Windows), or Finder (on Mac), you will need to perform a slightly more complex algorithm of actions, which is described in detail in this material. In this case, you will need an up-to-date version of iOS for a specific iPhone or iPad.

What’s the latest version of iOS for iPod Touch

  • iPod Touch 2G. iOS 4.2.1
  • iPod Touch 3G. iOS 5.1.1
  • iPod Touch 4G. iOS 6.1.6
  • iPod Touch 5G. iOS 9.3.5
  • iPod Touch 6G. iOS 12.5.1
  • iPod Touch 7G. iOS 14.4.1

What’s the latest version of iOS for iPhone

  • For iPhone 2G, the latest possible firmware to install is iOS 3.1.3;
  • iPhone 3G. iOS 4.2.1
  • iPhone 3Gs. iOS 6.1.6
  • iPhone 4. iOS 7.1.2
  • iPhone 4s. iOS 9.3.6
  • iPhone 5 / 5c. iOS 10.3.4
  • iPhone 5s. iOS 12.5.1
  • iPhone 6/6 Plus. iOS iOS 12.5.1
  • iPhone 6s / 6s Plus. iOS 14.4.1
  • iPhone SE. iOS 14.4.1
  • iPhone 7/7 Plus. iOS 14.4.1
  • iPhone 8/8 Plus. iOS 14.4.1
  • iPhone X. iOS 14.4.1
  • iPhone XR. iOS 14.4.1
  • iPhone XS / XS Max. iOS 14.4.1
  • iPhone SE 2. iOS 14.4.1
  • iPhone 11. iOS 14.4.1
  • iPhone 11 Pro. iOS 14.4.1
  • iPhone 12. iOS 14.4.1
  • iPhone 12 mini. iOS 14.4.1
  • iPhone 12 Pro / 12 Pro Max. iOS 14.4.1

Update release date

The operating system was announced on June 3, 2019 at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. Judging by the news from the developer company, iOS 13 will be released at the end of September. However, there is no official release date yet.

What’s new in iOS 13?

Dark theme. With her, everything will look expressive. The mode can be configured to turn on automatically at night.

Even more photo editing options. Adjust the light intensity for portraits, the ability to make a color portrait monochrome and add filters with one touch. Photos from your phone will look professional.

Interesting: Apple promises to modernize the function of organizing albums. Now iPhones will sort photos by day, month and year for quick search.

Simplified video editing. The system will allow you to rotate, crop and process video instantly.

Cool chips with “Cards”. Virtual walks, the ability to add frequently visited places to favorites and create collections of attractions.

Siri just got smarter. She will better interact with other applications and learn to read incoming messages aloud.

Memoji will become more versatile. Apple will add even more makeup, hairstyles, and hats and other hats. They also promise that memoji will be able to automatically appear in folders with stickers.

Updated Reminders. A quick toolbar in iOS 13 will allow you to add a photo or screen, date to a reminder in a couple of taps. Also, the user will be able to add times, places and flags. Smart lists will distribute reminders by themselves.

New “Calendar”. One tap. and the user of the operating system will know how to get to the point he needs or whether it is possible to join the conference.

Listening to music on your smartphone will become even more convenient. It’s easy to quickly choose the right track for your trip. The app will display album art. With the new iOS, it will be possible to connect 2 pairs of Apple Airpods at once. One for yourself, the second for a friend or girlfriend to watch movies and listen to audio together.

Higher productivity. The brand promises that iPhones with the new iOS can be unlocked 30% faster. The new version of the OS will allow you to open applications 2 times faster. Also, developers will reduce the size of download files to improve data processing speed.

Enhanced Augmented Reality. Applications will now be able to place objects not only to the side, but also in front and behind of the person.

Apple’s new operating system. release date and features for iOS 13

The Internet is excited. a new 13th iOS is due out. Rumors are multiplying, information leaks are surfacing in the news, and experts are trying to predict what it will be like. What characteristics and functions to expect, the article will tell.

Important! Information collected from unverified sources and does not represent the official position of MOYO and Apple.

Which iPhones will upgrade to iOS 13?

The trial versions will come in two flavors. One is for general users, and the other is for app creators.

The good news is that not only the new iPhone 11 and last year’s flagships will be able to support the operating system, but also devices from the previous series:

  • XS, Max;
  • XR;
  • X;
  • 8, 8 Plus;
  • 7, 7 Plus;
  • 6s, 6 Plus;
  • SE.

The new Apple OS promises to bring the use of the company’s smartphones to the top level. Improved specs, a bunch of added features. everything looks cool. But whether this will actually be the case, the owners of iPhones will find out after the release of the official update. However, you can test the system by downloading the beta version.

iOS 13 on iPhone 6 Achieved!!