Ipad 2 does not see the SIM card

iPad 2 does not see the SIM card

Today we want to tell you about the problem of iPad 2 GSM version. The other day, the iPad 2 3G 64 Gb was repaired to our service. The malfunction is as follows. the device did not see the SIM card. Sometimes after a fall, sometimes for other reasons, or for no reason at all, the iPad stops seeing the SIM card. Of course, there are elementary ways to solve the problem. to restart the device or replace the SIM-card in the communication salon, but these methods do not always help. What is the essence of the problem?

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Let’s turn to the technical part of the device. Several nodes are responsible for identifying the SIM card in the ipad 2. Rather, it would be correct to say that not one, but one of several units of the device may be to blame for this malfunction. So, the first thing that can be faulty is of course the micro SIM itself. The second is a loop on which the SIM-reader is soldered, the connector where the SIM-card is inserted. And the third case. unfortunately, the most common one is when the GSM module ipad 2 does not see the connected SIM card.

The fact is that the main part of the iPad 2 motherboard is connected to the GSM module (for GSM versions) with a flexible cable, which is attached with a special glue. This cable is not soldered, and is always in a slight tension due to the rigid attachment to the motherboard case. Therefore, sometimes, due to a fall or other reasons, at the place of attachment of the loop on the motherboard, an open break occurs between the contact pad of the cable and the contact pad of the motherboard, in other words, the connecting cable partially tears off the motherboard. Thus, the GSM module of the device ceases to see the connected SIM card.

What to do in this case? We open the iPad 2, find out the malfunction by elimination method and proceed to the repair. How to repair a faulty patch cable? Ideally, this is to take the same connecting cable and mount it in place. But such parts are not sold at all, and it is physically impossible to solder a native loop, because it burns out during soldering. The solution is one and quite simple. to replace the loop with flexible conductors, in other words, jumpers. There are 50 such jumpers soldered, this corresponds to the number of conductors of the connecting loop. In fact, to be honest, fewer of them can be installed, since some of the pads are parallel and go to the same electronic circuits. But in our service we try to preserve the original design of the device, and install all 50. And, you see, it looks much prettier.

After soldering, we isolate the motherboard and GSM module pads and assemble the device in reverse order. As a rule, such work is performed under a microscope, but after repairs, you should check if adjacent contact pads are not shorted to each other. If the work is done correctly, then when you turn on the iPad 2 will see the SIM card and find the network. Our service center for repairing an iPad with a problematic GSM module has all the necessary equipment, and the repair time takes from 4 to 6 hours, depending on the workload of the master and the state of the device.

Why the iPhone does not see the SIM card

One of the reasons may be a malfunction of the SIM reader. Determine if this is the case, or if there is another breakdown. only a qualified specialist can. In a big city, with many options, it is difficult to find a service center that suits you. The site lists the best organizations, among which you will find the most convenient location for you and the most affordable.

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If the iPhone does not see the SIM card, then the device may be locked for a specific operator. Very often, in the case of Apple, it is beneficial for manufacturers that the phone works with some specific operator. This problem can be solved quite easily by unlocking, but such a procedure should be performed in a good service center, because “home” renovation can lead to serious consequences, which means additional costs in the future.

iPhone does not see the SIM card

If the iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, SE, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X, XS, XS Max, XR does not see the SIM card, without diagnosing the device get along. Whether the SIM card itself is out of order, whether the SIM-reader mechanism is faulty, or another error has occurred as a result of exposure to moisture or mechanical damage. can only a professional repair center.

Our resource provides the best services, and we will definitely check how quickly assistance was provided to you.

Don’t pull. Call!

When the iPhone does not see the SIM card, you need to start by diagnosing the device so that the wizard can identify and, therefore, fix the problem as soon as possible. It is always easier for a qualified specialist to find what the malfunction is, because he has already dealt with a broken SIM-reader mechanism or an unsuccessful firmware more than once. In order not to waste your time on the tedious search for a suitable service, we have posted on our website a list of proven service centers, among which you can always choose the most convenient one for you. After setting the necessary parameters of the price, location of the center, etc., you can select the desired service in a couple of clicks, call and get a preliminary consultation.

You can always also leave a request on the website by calling us at the hot mowing line number 8-800-100-39-13.

How much does it cost to replace the SIM-holder (mechanism) ?

Device Price onsite Price in service centers

iPhone 11 Price on request Price on request
iPhone 11 Pro Price on request Price on request
iPhone 11 Pro Max Price on request Price on request
iPhone 12 Price on request Price on request
iPhone 12 mini Price on request Price on request
iPhone 12 Pro Price on request Price on request
iPhone 12 Pro Max Price on request Price on request
iPhone 4 990 rbl. 990 rbl.
iPhone 4s 990 rbl. 990 rbl.
iPhone 5 1 190 rub. 1 190 rub.
iPhone 5c 1 190 rub. 1 190 rub.
iPhone 5s 1 190 rub. 1 190 rub.
iPhone 6 1 390 rbl. 1 390 rbl.
iPhone 6 Plus 1 390 rbl. 1 390 rbl.
iPhone 6s 1 390 rbl. 1 390 rbl.
iPhone 6s Plus RUB 1,590. RUB 1,590.
iPhone 7 1 990 rub. 1 990 rub.
iPhone 7 Plus 1 990 rub. 1 990 rub.
iPhone 8 RUB 2,490. RUB 2,490.
iPhone 8 Plus 2 690 rub. 2 690 rub.
iPhone SE 1 390 rbl. 1 390 rbl.
iPhone SE 2 Price on request Price on request
iPhone X 3 490 rbl. 3 490 rbl.
iPhone XR 4 490 rbl. 4 490 rbl.
iPhone XS 4,990 rbl. 4,990 rbl.
iPhone XS Max RUB 6,990. RUB 6,990.

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repair time may vary depending on the model of the device and the complexity of the work carried out

What to do if iPad can’t see SIM card?

Faced with such a problem, first of all, you should check the performance of the card and only then start taking other actions.

  • Try to remove the SIM card and check its status. The slightest scratch on the contact side may cause a malfunction.
  • Take a dry cloth and wipe the contact area to get rid of dirt.
  • Insert another SIM card into iPad to check if the main one is working.

In the event that the above did not help, and the iPad (iPad) still does not see the SIM card, then the problem is not with it, but with the device itself.

Why can’t the iPad see the SIM card? The most common reasons are:

  • Damage or deformation of the SIM-reader. This damage is often the result of attempts to incorrectly insert the SIM card into the slot with excessive force, for example, if you inserted the card the wrong way. Usually, this leads to a breakdown of the SIM-reader, which cannot be repaired, but only replaced with a new one.
  • Software failure. In the event that problems with the SIM card appeared as a result of a firmware update, then most likely there was an incorrect installation of the software, and you need to try to reflash the device again.
  • Damage to the SIM-receiver or its strapping due to ingress of dust or moisture into the case. In this case, you need to do a comprehensive professional cleaning of all components of the gadget.
  • Malfunction of the loop that connects the radio module to the printed circuit board is the most common failure resulting from mechanical stress. A curved, fragile cable is very sensitive to physical impact, so if the tablet is dropped, even from a small height, it can break or deform. The repair scheme is determined after analyzing its damage: if it has suffered insignificantly, then you can get by with its repair. If such a part can no longer be restored, then our masters will replace it.
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Be that as it may, in any of the above points, you will not be able to perform an independent repair of the iPad. All attempts can lead to disastrous results. Do not become another “master” who “ruined” your tablet, but contact our service center “Apple-SAPPHIRE”, where experienced staff will restore your device to its original functionality and appearance in case of any malfunction.

We offer comprehensive and free diagnostics of the gadget, according to the results of which you will understand the causes of the breakdown and determine the ways to eliminate it. We have specialized equipment at our disposal. We use only high-quality and original parts, as well as rely on our rich experience. All this allows us to bring the iPad back to life, no matter how complex the malfunctions.

On our website, you can navigate the execution time and cost of repairing your iPad, namely, such a breakdown when the iPad does not see the SIM card.

Headphone Jack & Sim Reader Repair. iPad 2 GSM How to Tutorial

Can’t see iPad SIM

Owners of iPad (iPad) tablet computers may face such a problem when their device does not see the SIM card. Naturally, in such cases, it is impossible to use the device fully, since it is impossible to connect to the mobile operator’s network.

How to make sure your iPad won’t break and work fine in the future?

If your tablet does not see the SIM card, our specialists will repair it as soon as possible. At the end, we test the device without fail. Such an operation is performed using special equipment, and our clients can be sure that their device will work as well as before. Upon completion of the repair, we issue a warranty for the entire device, and not only for the replaced or repaired part, which also distinguishes our service among others.

Since our company “Apple-SAPPHIRE” is considered one of the largest in the repair of mobile equipment, you can safely entrust us with a task of any complexity and once again enjoy the normal operation of your favorite gadget.

How to make a micro SIM yourself from a regular card?

For this procedure, you only need a ruler, scissors (stationery knife) and a pencil or pen. The dimensions of the micro-SIM should be as follows: 15x12mm.
It is better to cut a SIM card, of course, with ordinary scissors, but you can also use a clerical knife and a metal ruler.
After you cut out the micro SIM, the corners can be finished (smoothed) a little with fine sandpaper or a file.

Video on how to make a microsim card with your own hands:

Be careful. You can damage the SIM card by cutting it out with your own hands. All manipulations are done at your own peril and risk. If you damage the chip card, you will have to restore it through the operator’s service center.

The tablet does not see the SIM card? Why SIM does not work

Why can’t the tablet see the SIM card? This is all in the order of things, similarly, like the usual thing, when a smartphone happens to lose contact with the SIM card. It doesn’t matter which tablet you have. a brand or a Chinese one, all tablets have this problem.

First, let’s understand a process like

How to properly insert the SIM card into the tablet?

The SIM-card is connected to a special slot. A prerequisite is that the SIM card must be inserted so that the operator’s logo is up.
IMPORTANT! You do not need to look at the interior, but to look at which side you insert the SIM into the tablet. Naturally, if you insert it upside down, the tablet will not see it, and sometimes you can even damage the card.
Most tablet computers support the standard form factor of SIM cards. However, there are devices that only accept a special type of card. the so-called Micro-SIM. An example of such tablets is Asus FonePad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Acer Iconia Tab, Lenovo, etc.

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On Apple iPad it looks like this:

The tablet does not see the SIM card: options to fix the problem

If these recommendations for eliminating problems with SIM cards on the tablet did not help, we advise you to contact the service center to diagnose the problem.

Update operator settings

Most of the operator settings are loaded and installed automatically, but the update can also be installed manually. To do this, open the smartphone settings, go to the “General” tab, where you will select the “About this device” item. If an update is available for installation, a message will appear on the screen. Confirm your choice and wait for the installation to complete. The process takes a couple of minutes, you may need to restart your smartphone. It is imperative to update the settings, even if the SIM is working properly. the mobile network will work better and “cleaner”.

Problems with firmware

Sometimes the answer to the question “why the iPhone does not read the SIM card” is an incorrect firmware update of the device. To remedy the situation, the smartphone should be rolled back to factory settings. For this:

  • open iTunes on your computer;
  • connect your smartphone with a cable to your computer;
  • when prompted to enter a password. enter;
  • select the defined device in the program;
  • press the “Restore” button, and then confirm your choice;
  • wait for the recovery to complete.

The smartphone will turn on, but all the information will have to be entered again. the iPhone will return to the state of the new device.

Reboot smartphone

The first method that users resort to is to reboot the device. It has long been known that this procedure can solve three quarters of iPhone problems. The fact is that under active loads, the operating system starts to “glitch”, and the smartphone. to give errors. This is normal, rebooting the device and cleaning up unnecessary debris will quickly improve the situation. Users regularly complain about pop-up errors, but the masters say that they will have to put up with it and do not forget to restart the smartphone. Buying Android will not solve the problem. such errors occur even more often.

SIM locked

Also, the iPhone does not see the SIM card if it is locked, that is, it is designed to work with the network of a certain operator. In this case, other networks will not be recognized / therefore it is worth buying only models marked “SIM-Free”. There are two ways to solve the problem with a locked SIM card:

  • use the R-SIM microchip (the method will lead to the loss of warranty, there are also problems with communication and Apple branded applications);
  • contact the operator for whose work the smartphone was created.

In the second case, you will have to be patient, but the unlocking will be “clean” and forever. It is also worth noting that you will have to pay several thousand rubles for the procedure. Only scammers perform such works quickly and cheaply.

Firmware upgrade

Updating the device through iTunes will also help solve the problem:

Ipad No Service Fix

  • install the program on your computer;
  • connect your smartphone using a cable;
  • select a specific device in iTunes;
  • go to the “Overview” tab;
  • click the “Update” button;
  • click on the “Download” link;
  • confirm your choice by clicking “Update”.

After updating the firmware, the smartphone will start normally. If there is a problem with the SIM card, the iPhone will kindly inform the user about it. A similar solution helps if there were errors with the previous installation of the update or the iOS version was not stable.

Why iPhone can’t see or read SIM card. what to do

Owners of “apple” products often face situations when the iPhone does not recognize the SIM card. And although Apple products are traditionally considered reliable, breakdowns occur with any equipment. iPhone also breaks with active use, and there are a large number of reasons that provoked the appearance of problems with the SIM-card. The list is impressive, from crashes and bumps to incorrect firmware updates. The owners of smartphones panic, because it is expensive to carry them for repairs, besides, the owner will solve three quarters of the problems without the help of a master. The main thing is to figure out what is the cause of the breakdown, and instructions for elimination can be found in this article.