iPhone 11 Internet does not work

Reset network settings

Most network problems can be resolved by performing a factory reset. This will clear the cache, DHCP settings, and other data. To do this, go to Settings General Reset and select Reset network settings.

Using a cable

The method is suitable for PCs and laptops, because here you cannot do without a USB cable. First, you need to connect the device to a computer or laptop using a cord, and then create an access point. The work is done through the configuration section. The algorithm is as follows:

  • go to phone settings;
  • go to the cellular section;
  • go to the data and cellular network settings section.

Scroll down the page and look at the settings. It is important that the APN is registered here. Most often it is assigned automatically (this fact depends on the operator). Login and password data does not matter. Next, go to modem mode and set the password for the access point.

To share the Internet via a wire from the iPhone, you do not need to enter a password. But it’s best not to ignore this possibility and set up a security code. Suddenly there will be no cord at hand and you will have to distribute Wi-Fi from 6 6s iPhone to a laptop or PC wirelessly.

To turn off the distribution, you must deactivate the modem mode, turn off Bluetooth or disconnect the cable, depending on the connection method.

How to Share Internet from iPhone. All Ways

Experts identify several methods on how to distribute the Internet from an iPhone. Consider each of the solutions.

Pairing devices

  • On a device that is in tethering, select Settings tethering and make sure tethering is enabled.
  • Select “Settings” Bluetooth and make sure Bluetooth is turned on.
  • Leave this screen open, then follow the steps for the connected device:
  • On your iPad or iPod touch, go to Bluetooth Settings and make sure Bluetooth is turned on. Press the device working in tethering mode, confirm the code that appears, then press “Pair” on both devices.
  • On your Mac, choose the Apple () System Preferences, then click Bluetooth and make sure Bluetooth is turned on. Select a tethering device, click Connect and follow the instructions on the screen.
  • On a Windows PC, click the Bluetooth icon in the notification area and make sure Bluetooth is turned on. Select “Add Bluetooth Device” and follow the instructions on the screen.

If you cannot connect to the device in tethering mode via Wi-Fi

On the device operating in tethering mode, select Settings tethering and follow these steps:

  • Make sure Tethering is enabled.
  • Remember the name and password of the Wi-Fi network used by the device displayed on this screen. If you want to change the name of your Wi-Fi network, learn how to change the name of your device.
  • Stay on this screen until the other device connects to Wi-Fi.

On the device that you want to connect to the device in modem mode, do the following:

  • Turn Wi-Fi off and back on.
  • Make sure you are connecting to the correct Wi-Fi network. The network name matches the name of the iOS device operating in tethering mode, and next to it we can display.
  • If you get an incorrect password when you try to connect using the Tethering function, check the Wi-Fi password. To do this, on the device operating in modem mode, select “Settings” “Modem mode”.

How to turn off the internet

It’s pretty simple. If we connected the Internet according to the first option, then we will need to go into the settings according to the same instructions and drag the slider back so that it turns gray. You also need to reconnect if the phone does not catch well and you do not understand why the connection does not work on the iPhone.

If we connected the Internet using the second option, then we need to follow the same instructions as in the case of the connection. You just need to drag the slider to the left side, it will turn gray and WI-FI will be disabled. We recommend that you disconnect the connection when you do not need it. it drains the battery very much even in standby mode.

Second option

This connection option is probably the easiest and fastest compared to the others. First of all, we need a router or a working WI-FI network (for example, a neighbor’s, if there is a password) with a connection.

  • We go to the phone menu, look for the “Settings” section.
  • Find the WI-FI section, go to it
  • Find the slider in the upper right side of the screen and move it to the right side.
  • It takes literally a few seconds to search for active WI-FI networks nearby.
  • We are looking for and select the network we need by name, if it is not there, update the search.
  • We find our network and select it. The phone will immediately require you to enter a password to connect to it.
  • Enter the password and click the “Connect” button

The first option for connecting the Internet on the iPhone

To do this, we need one iPhone and a SIM card from any mobile operator. We would like to note right away that it will not work to connect and configure data transfer without a SIM card. Then follow the steps below and you will understand how to catch 3g or 4g:

  • Turning on the iPhone
  • We go to the menu and look for the “Settings” section, go into it
  • We are looking for the “Cellular” section, go to it
  • We are looking for the section “Cellular data”, go to it
  • On the screen, you see the slider in the upper right part, drag it to the right. The slider is gray in off mode, and green in on mode.
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Now we need to check whether it is catching 3g / 4g or catching, to do this, enter the browser and try to load any site. If it doesn’t work, then we have configured everything correctly. You can also check through any application installed on the phone, which requires a network connection for its operation.

Does not go to sites, does not catch 3g / 4g and everything was done according to the instructions described above. Yes, it also happens, now we will look for a problem, why it does not work.

  • First of all, check the functionality of the inserted SIM card. This is very easy to do. It is enough to look at the phone screen and make sure that the bars of the mobile signal are displayed. If they are not there, then the SIM card is not working properly.
  • If there is a division of the mobile signal, but still does not access the Internet, then check the balance of the SIM card. If there is no money on the account or there is no connected tariff, you will not be able to connect.
  • If all of the above points are completed and there is still no network, then we need to return to the settings in the “Cellular data” section to check for automatic installations. If they are not there, then they should be in the SMS sent to you by the operator.

If suddenly your settings in the “Cellular Data” section are lost and the Internet stops working, then you need to enter them manually.

  • The necessary settings can be taken from the SMS sent to you by the operator or you can clarify them by phone in the support service.
  • Having received the necessary information, you need to go back to the “Settings” section
  • Then select the section “Cellular”
  • We are looking for the section “Cellular data network”
  • Now you will need to enter the settings received from SMS or from the operator.

That’s all you need to know how to catch 3g or 4g.

The third option

This option almost completely copies the second option, the only thing that you have to configure the distribution of data on a computer or laptop yourself. To do this, you need a computer or laptop with a stable connection to the World Wide Web, preferably by cable. Next, you will need to create Wi-Fi with access to the world wide web. As a matter of fact, it is to this network via Wi-Fi that we will need to connect, following the instructions given in the second connection option on the iPhone. What if you can’t create a network on your device? Use a different method to connect.


  • Go to the settings department.
  • First, select “Wireless networks”, half of this. “Mobile networks”.
  • Press access point “APN”.

Then you need to enter the following data:

  • Name: Altel Internet;
  • APN: internet.altel.kz;
  • Proxy, port, user name, password, server, MMSC, proxy and MMS port: are not to be entered;
  • MCC: 401;
  • MNC: 77 or 07;
  • Authentication types: no;
  • APN type: default;
  • APN protocol: IPv4.

Here, the instructions for connecting and normal operation are even simpler: you need to go to the settings menu, select the “cellular data” item there, go to the APN menu.

The name and password are not registered.

How to connect a tablet

The Altel network is also available on a tablet. Before starting the connection, you need to check if the funds are on the balance, as well as the activity of the “Data transfer” function.

Then dial the command 800 # or send an SMS with any text to the short number 800.

Connection details depend on the operating system.

Phone settings

When purchasing a new SIM card, WAN services will be offered automatically.

If this has not happened, there is an easy way to set up Altel 4G Internet on your phone. To re-request you need to dial USSD command 800 #.

You can also send SMS from any m to 800.

To customize your phone, you need to follow the link that appears.

Not all phones support normal automatic configuration, and therefore you may need to contact a customer service center or manually prescribe network parameters.

If you need to manually set the Internet data, then these are the following parameters:

  • Access point. internet.altel.kz;
  • Settings. TCP / IP :;
  • Obtain the IP and DNS address of the service automatically.

Login and password fields can be left blank.

Some Android smartphones do not have automatic configuration. The subscriber receives them in the form of SMS.

How to set up Internet Altel 4g on your phone

For tablets and phones that are connected to Altel, the Internet setting is different. We will also analyze the possibility of auto-tuning and configuration for iOS and Android.

Auto tuning

Automatic tools are offered immediately after purchasing and installing a SIM card. They need to be saved and activated on your device.

Just a way to request Internet settings on Altel is to dial the command 800 #.

Automatic configuration is provided free of charge.

Not all mobile devices can correctly support the automatic settings service. In case of problems, you must contact the Altel sales and service center.

How to set up Internet on iPhone?

SIM cards of most mobile operators are sold with a connected mobile Internet: the user just needs to install the card in his iPhone, and access to the network will immediately be available to him. However, it is still necessary to know how to configure the Internet on the iPhone manually, otherwise, in the event of a system failure and deleting the network settings, the user will be left without access to a significant number of functions. neither checking mail, nor downloading applications from the AppStore will be available to him.

How to turn on mobile internet on iPhone?

First of all, you need to clarify whether data transfer is activated in the iPhone settings. To do this, go to the “Cellular” section in the “Settings” menu.

Then check the two sliders “Cellular Data” and “Enable 3G”. Both must be in active position.

If the “Cellular Data” toggle switch is not turned on, the iPhone will only be able to access the Internet if it is present in the Wi-Fi distribution area. Turning on 3G is also highly recommended. otherwise the smartphone will use the EDGE standard. The maximum download speed that can be achieved when connected to EDGE is 474 Kb / s, but you should count on 50 Kb / s. Needless to say, this is too slow internet?

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Even if you switched the “Enable 3G” slider to the active position, this is not a guarantee that the gadget will work exactly via 3G. It all depends on the coverage area: if in the area where the iPhone is located, the connection is poorly received, most likely you will have to deal with EDGE.

It is very easy to find out which standard the data is transmitted through. just look at the top of the screen. Operator name can have one of two icons: 3G or E.

How to fix cellular data not working on iPhone 11 after iOS 13.3 update

The second is evidence of data transmission via EDGE. Therefore, the letter E horrifies all lovers of fast Internet surfing.

If there is neither 3G nor E in front of the provider’s name, then the mobile Internet is not available. There are two possible reasons for the lack of a network: either the “Cellular data” slider in the settings is disabled, or the coverage is very weak.

After you check the toggle switches, you need to clarify whether the mobile connection settings are entered correctly. This is done like this:

In the same section “Cellular”, scroll down, find the subsection “Cellular data communications” and go to it.

Pay attention to the “Cellular Data” block. 3 fields must be filled in here: APN, username, password.

The following parameter values ​​are valid for leading operators:

How to repair a gadget after disassembling it

If smartphone functions work poorly or did not recover at all, disassemble the device using special tools and try to determine what the problem is.

To disassemble Apple smartphones, two screwdrivers are usually enough (a regular Phillips screwdriver and a specialized one for smartphones) Having prepared the tools, follow these steps in stages:

  • unscrew the fasteners and remove the front cover of the iPhone
  • find the Wi-Fi module (1 by 1 cm square, covered with a thin film)
  • gently peel off the protective cover using tweezers
  • slowly, at an angle of 90 degrees, start heating the module with a hairdryer, gently directing hot air to the board
  • evenly drive the hairdryer around the perimeter of the Wi-Fi module
  • after heating the board, press it to the contacts, fix the square with a small piece of cardboard
  • wait for the components to cool completely and turn on the iPhone

After such actions, usually Wi-Fi begins to function stably, however, there were situations in which the owners of smartphones discovered additional malfunctions.

Such a nuisance can happen with any iPhone model, therefore, if Wi-Fi does not work, and you do not know what exactly the problem is (in a software failure, in a module, power and volume buttons, or other hardware elements), you doubt the successful completion of an independent repair, use the services of qualified specialists.

What to do if Wi-Fi does not turn on due to software glitch

It happens that Wi-Fi freezes and functions poorly due to system errors. A software failure after updating the operating system is often the cause. However, there are other software reasons due to which Wi-Fi does not work very quickly or does not turn on at all.

If iPhone stops functioning properly, Wi-Fi isn’t working properly or won’t turn on at all, a button won’t turn on, an icon is grayed out, or you see other signs of a problem, try the following:

  • reboot the router
  • if restarting the router did not help, make a forced “reboot” of the mobile device
  • If Wi-Fi is not working or freezes, please update your operating system
  • install antivirus, the iPhone may be infected
  • try to connect mobile internet

If the steps you performed did not help, and the Wi-Fi in the Apple mobile phone did not work, the problem is most likely in the hardware. The reasons for such breakdowns are quite varied, ranging from the breakage of contacts with the motherboard and the failure of the power button loop, and ending with the breakdown of the module.

The main causes of the malfunction

If you surf the Internet a lot, the quality of the wireless network reception is very important. Therefore, when Wi-Fi stops working on the iPhone (does not catch the network, freezes or works with poor speed), it can become a very frustrating problem. You can try to restore the device yourself or use the help of experienced specialists.

There are reasons why Wi-Fi may stop working on iPhone:

  • hardware failure
  • software glitch
  • accidental factory reset
  • mechanical damage to the device
  • ingress of moisture inside the smartphone

How to Fix Mobile Data not Working on iPhone

Software failure and flashed network settings can be easily fixed by yourself.

WI-FI does not work on iPhone

And get the best deals from trusted masters.

  • Compare and choose the best conditions
  • Feedback from interested professionals only
  • Don’t waste time communicating with intermediaries

If Wi-Fi is not working on your iPhone, do not rush to take your device to a service center. First, try to fix the problem yourself. As soon as there is a problem with the wireless network connection, reboot the device and reset the settings. There are also other ways to troubleshoot the Wi-Fi problem, which depend on the cause of the problem.

What to do if Wi-Fi does not turn on due to hardware failure

The hardware failure is not related to OS firmware or malware. This problem is quite unpleasant. Improperly performed repairs can affect not only Wi-Fi performance, but also other functions of the iPhone.

On the Internet, you can find the following methods for self-recovery of the Wi-Fi hardware:

  • Warm up the switched on iPhone with a hairdryer at the maximum power level. if a warning about an extremely high temperature level appears on the smartphone screen, immediately stop heating and reboot the device
  • if Wi-Fi still doesn’t work, try putting iPhone in the refrigerator for no more than 15 minutes, then restart your smartphone

These methods are quite simple, but they are not always suitable, so if you are not sure of the correctness of the actions, it is better not to do anything until you disassemble the device.

Signs of Wi-Fi Problems

It’s easy enough to understand that there are problems with Wi-Fi. If Wi-Fi is not functioning very quickly, the problem may not be with the smartphone, but with the router. Therefore, first check if the router settings are correct.

The following symptoms indicate a Wi-Fi problem:

  • the device does not catch the network
  • smartphone does not connect to hotspot
  • Wi-Fi icon is gray
  • Wi-Fi freezes after a short period of time
  • the button of the mobile Internet, Wi-Fi connection does not turn on
  • Internet is not working well (low speed)
  • lost network settings
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Of course, Apple equipment undergoes rigorous production testing, but some users notice that even the new iPhone does not catch Wi-Fi. Fixing a software glitch is much easier than fixing a hardware problem with Wi-Fi not working on an iPhone. In any case, the troubleshooting method depends on the type and complexity of the breakdown.

iphone, internet, does, work

Professional recovery for iPhone with wireless networks

Using the Yuda website, you can quickly find an iPhone service provider near you. An experienced technician will immediately arrive at the specified address to diagnose the device, determine the cause of the malfunction and repair the Wi-Fi.

It is profitable to order the services of certified specialists registered on the Yudu website for many reasons:

iPhone 11 Cellular Data Not Working After iOS 13.5

  • no time wasted on a trip to the service center
  • works are performed in your presence
  • only high-quality components and spare parts are used for iPhone repair
  • the master brings with him all the necessary equipment and tools
  • the specialist provides a guarantee for the work performed

If Wi-Fi does not work on the iPhone, you should not risk expensive equipment, order repairs from trusted masters on the YouDo website.

What to do when there is no internet connection on iPhone

Each smartphone connects to the World Wide Web in two ways:

When the phone is simultaneously in the range of mobile communication and in the place of coverage of the “familiar” wi-fi, priority when connecting to web pages is given to the Wi-Fi connection.

The function to connect / disconnect data transfer methods is in the “Control Center”, which opens by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. We sequentially activate one and the other service and determine with which method of communication the smartphone does not load websites.

An active cellular data connection is indicated by a green indicator, an active wireless connection is indicated by a blue light. Gray icons indicate that Internet communication services are disabled.

No connection via mobile network

There are four reasons why the Internet does not work on an iPhone when connected via a cellular connection:

  • Weak or unstable signal. To download sites and work applications, you need a high-speed connection, which is displayed by the icons 3G, LTE or H. If the “E” symbol is lit next to the mobile signal indicator, the speed of the connection to the network will not be sufficient for normal Internet operation. To restore the Internet connection, you just need to choose another place.
  • Limited features of the subscriber’s tariff plan or negative account balance. Mobile operators have service packages in which Internet traffic is not included in the tariff. In this case, you need to change the tariff plan, purchase additional gigabytes or top up the phone balance.
  • Malfunction of the SIM card. The problem is relevant for new devices, into which old SIM cards are inserted. SIM cards released before 2015 do not support LTE and 4G standards. Mechanical damage to the chip can also lead to improper operation of the SIM card.
  • Incorrect network settings. When the SIM card is activated for the first time, the parameters of the connection with the mobile operator are registered in the phone automatically.

You can check the data in the “Settings” menu, section “Cellular”.

Disconnection and subsequent connection of “Cellular Data Transfer” will solve the problem with the mobile Internet. If the problem persists, you need to reset the settings and enter the data yourself. The correct cellular settings can be obtained by contacting Support. The operator will send the settings by SMS.

iPhone won’t load websites when connected to Wi-Fi

When the wireless network is working properly, the Wi-Fi symbol appears on the smartphone screen. In the “Control Center” you can see the name of the connected access point.

When the Internet connection symbol is active, and the browser on the phone does not load, the first step is to restart the router and make sure that the network cable is connected to the device.

The following parameters must be set on the phone:

  • In “Settings”, section Wi-Fi, the checkbox must be in the enabled state (green).
  • The connected network must be ticked.

When working with Wi-Fi, the iPhone warns the owner about possible failures:

  • The “Unable to connect to the network” error is resolved by rebooting the phone and router.
  • “No Internet connection” means that the smartphone is connected to Wi-Fi, but access to the World Wide Web is blocked. The reason may be a negative balance or incorrect operation of the access point.
  • “Invalid password”. the phone cannot connect to the router due to entering incorrect authorization data.
  • “Insecure network”. appears when iPhone is connected to public or unsecured Wi-Fi.

If the router is in the access zone, while other devices use it to access the Internet, and the iPhone does not see the wireless network, then this indicates a mechanical breakdown of the phone. We recommend updating the software before taking your iPhone for repair.

System crash

Restarting your phone can help resolve problems connecting to websites. If restarting the device does not help, you should update the operating system. The operation is performed in the “Settings” menu, the “General” section, the “Firmware update” function.

You can completely reset the parameters for connecting to the Internet in the “General” section at the bottom of the list, find “Reset”, select the command “Reset network settings”.

The operation will reset the settings for Wi-Fi, mobile data settings, and VPN and APN information that were previously used.

Defining the problem

On the iPhone, Internet problems are associated with the following reasons:

  • There are errors when connecting to mobile data;
  • Wi-Fi is incorrectly configured;
  • Failure of the iOS operating system;
  • Technical problems with the device.

The user can identify and eliminate the first three reasons on their own. To do this, you need to determine at what type of connection the Internet is lost on the iPhone.

What to do when applications do not load read in the material Android applications crash and Android programs do not start

Internet does not work on iPhone

Without a stable internet connection, smartphone functions become limited. In fact, without a connection to the “World Wide Web”, the prestigious iPhone turns into a regular phone. Find out why the Internet on the iPhone is not working, and this article will help you troubleshoot.