iPhone 7 runs out of battery quickly what to do

During games

If the iPhone heats up a little while actively using applications, then this is absolutely normal. But it happens that the temperature of the back side of the case is excessively high. Often a similar phenomenon occurs in the area of ​​the camera. This feature is a characteristic feature of the 6th series of such devices.

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A simple update to the latest firmware version can solve this problem. Apple’s new software includes a dedicated energy-saving module. Thanks to it, consumption during games and using other functions of the device is reduced. Accordingly, the battery heats up less. )

Overheating of the device during a call

During a long conversation, the phone can, of course, heat up. But if only one part of it is heated, for example, the top or back cover, then this indicates an unnatural heating.

disable background app refresh

In order to prevent overheating of the device, disable background app refresh. You need to select “Settings” “General” “Background app refresh” and disable it. Or you can selectively decide which apps to use cellular data in the background.

Go to setting

Go through the settings. geolocation, the Internet (especially mobile and especially in the area of ​​unstable reception) can also have a strong effect on the heating of a smartphone or tablet.

restore iPhone via iTunes

If the above methods did not help you, then we recommend performing iPhone recovery. Before doing that, back up your iPhone X.

Connect iPhone to computer and launch iTunes. Once your device is found, click Browse and then Restore iPhone to return your iPhone to its original state.

The iPhone can and should warm up during use. It’s quite normal. But if the device gets very hot for no apparent reason, then there are problems that should be solved as soon as possible. In no case should such a symptom be neglected, since it can entail many much more serious consequences.

Why iPhone gets very hot when charging

There are times when the iPhone starts to warm up while charging the battery. This may be due to:

  • malfunctions of phone contacts, connector or charger;
  • use of universal or non-original charging;
  • violation inside the device.

Natural causes of heating

If the gadget starts to heat up after connecting to the charger, then don’t panic. During the charging process, the battery may heat up, as chemical processes take place inside, which causes the temperature of the battery itself to rise. And you also don’t need to rush to the workshop if the iPhone heats up while watching movies or playing games, as it gets hot for the same reasons. This is normal and no need to worry.

The natural increase in the temperature of the iPhone should also include a large number of simultaneously running tasks: games, videos or other applications.

Also, iPhone is prone to heat when Wi-Fi is on. This effect can be especially observed when the signal source is located at a considerable distance. The device is constantly looking for it, as a result of which it heats up, which is also considered a regular mode.

The temperature rise of the gadget can also be affected by the automatic check of mail. If this function is enabled and the test timer is set for 5-15 minutes, then this also entails overheating of the battery. But if the iPhone not only heats up, but along with heating there is a rapid discharge of the battery, then the phone has some problems and you need to do something.

Apple manufactures products for a wide temperature range. But for normal use of the phone, the temperature should be within the range of 16-22 ° C. The critical point is 35 ° C and above. If the gadget goes over this point, then this leads to a decrease in the performance of the device and a decrease in the battery life.

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2 Reason. background jump

IOS itself can download new updates or applications do the same. I myself had such a problem, when the new iPhone downloaded the new IOS for almost two days and at the same time practically did not charge and quickly sat down.

Try turning on airplane mode and see how quickly the battery runs out. If everything becomes normal, then for sure, the problem is in the background jump.

Open the settings, go to the “General” section, then open the “Content update” group. This feature can be disabled altogether, or disabled for certain applications, and then manually updated.

4 Reason. closing applications

It is not necessary to close running applications every time. They just hang in the background. they freeze. They are located in RAM. This does not affect the battery in any way. When the memory runs out, the iPhone itself unloads them from there.

And when you often close the application and open it, there is a load on the processor and, as a result, the battery. Therefore, it is better not to close the programs that you often use, but to just leave them hanging in the background. Some games may not be subject to this rule.

iPhone runs out of battery quickly: why and what to do

The situation when the iPhone battery starts to drain quickly occurs even with new devices. This happens for various reasons.

We will consider almost all of them today. As well as what needs to be done in each case. The problem is solvable and quite rarely the device requires repair.

In the last article, we looked at how to view memory on iPhone quickly and easily. Now you will find out all the most popular reasons why the iPhone can run out of battery quickly and how to get it back to normal.

1 Reason. new phone or update

Immediately after purchasing a new iPhone or updating the firmware of an old one, the battery may start to behave inadequately. This happens because IOS is still configuring itself and has not programmatically calibrated the battery. Sometimes it may show incorrect charging percentages, charge slowly.

It takes some time, usually a day or two, for everything to start working normally. You can bring the phone DO 0% yourself, and then charge it to 100%, but there is no particular sense in this. In any case, it’s okay, you just need to wait a little. If the problem persists even after a few days, then we will look for the source of the problem further.

6 The reason is cold and heat

In the cold, the iPhone simply loses its charge rapidly, especially if the battery is old. It may even turn off. In the heat, of course, there is no such thing, but it also affects.

If the battery quickly runs out and turns off in the cold, there is only a replacement. This means that the resource has already come to an end, in the cold the smartphone should not turn off.

7 Reason. battery

It is possible that the battery has already become old or, if you just installed a new one, it is defective. Look in the settings for its state.

In this case, you will have to make a replacement. Just take the device to any service center where these services are performed.

5 Reason. the screen turns on when lifting

This function turns on the display constantly, when it changes its position, it rises. Even in your. it lights up constantly.

Go to the smartphone settings, go to the “Screen and brightness” section and disable the “Raise to activate” function.

Place your phone face down:

When your phone lies screens up, every time you receive a notification, the backlight turns on. If you get a lot of notifications, your battery will quickly lose power. This is especially true for iOS 10 and up, where you can see conversations, images, and more right from the lock screen. Most likely, you simply do not have time to read all these notifications. Protect yourself from the temptation to answer every time you see a notification on your phone by simply putting your phone face down. This will help you significantly save battery power as your Iphone will not light up every time you receive a notification.

How to save battery power if your iPhone X runs out of power quickly:

If your phone is running out of battery faster than usual, the first thing you should do is find out if you are using unnecessary apps on your iPhone. This may explain some of the issues that reduce battery life. However, if you are sure that this is not the problem, then we will help you solve the problem of conserving battery power. The tips below apply to both iOS 10 and iOS 11, but we’ve also included some special life hacks for iOS 11 users.

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Of course Apple is working on fixing bugs in iOS 11, and with updates, some bugs can be fixed, but you may encounter bugs unnoticed by beta testers.

iOS 11 on iPhone. solutions to autonomy issues suggested in phone settings:

With iOS 11, your smartphone will recommend that you set certain options to conserve battery life. Some of the suggestions your iPhone gives you will also appear in our tips below, but you can check your phone’s suggestions anytime. In order to see the iPhone recommendations you need:

-Under “Life Suggestions” you can see the phone’s recommended settings that will reduce the drain on the battery.

-You can click on any suggestion in order to apply the recommended settings

-Even if you do not want to change the settings, you at least know what is burning your battery.

If you do not see Life Suggestions, then your phone does not see any way to improve your settings to conserve battery power. We have to disagree with this and offer our own methods, presented below.

Turn off background app updates:

When you have background update enabled, apps are updated even when you are not using them. This is to ensure that when you launch the app it is always the latest version, but enabling background updates is the best way to drain your battery.

-Select “Update apps in the background”

Note: In iOS 11, background app updates are disabled by default. You need to click on “update apps in the background”. Now you can customize application updates for yourself. For example, you can install an update only via a Wi-Fi network, but even such an update eats up the battery, so we recommend turning it off.

iPhone Battery Drops Suddenly. How to Fix

Life hack for iOS 11 users:

IOS 11 users can add a power saving mode to their control center to be able to easily turn the mode on and off. Just go to the “Control Center” tab in “Settings” and click “Configure Control”. Just like you can remove widgets from the lock screen, you can add, rebuild your Control Center in iOS 11.

If you enjoy interesting effects and reactions in Messages, you are using a lot of animation, which takes a lot of battery life. While the flamboyant features of Messages can be fun, they will definitely reduce the longevity of your smartphone. The iPhone has animations for just about everything. The simple transition from the application to the home screen has its own animation. the iPhone is simply filled with them. Each animation hardly uses too much battery, but collectively can dramatically decrease battery life.

Geolocation only while using applications:

Geolocation is another reason the iPhone 7/8 and iPhone X run out of battery quickly. Lots of apps want to know and use your location for many reasons, but most apps don’t need to track your location when you’re not using them, although some apps do. You can go into your app’s settings and choose when they can use your location: always, only while using the app, or never. If the app always needs your location, select the appropriate option. For most applications, select “only while using the application”.

-Choose the option you need for each application

iPhone X runs out of battery quickly

Turn off animation:

As on any other device, the iPhone consumes more power to deliver a beautiful picture and smooth animation. This feature can be disabled. It will greatly affect the visuals, but it may be because of this that the iPhone X runs out of power quickly. To disable this feature:

iPhone X runs out of battery quickly

What to do if iPhone X runs out of battery quickly?

The iPhone X was released on November 3. It is undoubtedly a revolutionary smartphone, but like its predecessors, it is not perfect. One of the first problems that users of this device faced was the battery draining quickly. In this article, we’ll show you what to do if your iPhone X runs out of battery quickly and how to extend battery life on iPhone X, 8/8 Plus, 7/7 Plus.

Disable unnecessary geolocation

For some applications, geolocation (GPS) is really important: Maps, Foursquare, Uber, Camera, Weather, Tinder. All of these programs need to know your location in order to work correctly.

But there are applications that don’t need to know your coordinates. I have personally disabled GPS for. Instagram, Messanger, Tweetbot and Reddit. I just don’t want to show my geolocation on social networks.

Look at the list of your apps and turn off geolocation where you don’t need it. It’s great if applications in which you spend a lot of time fall under the knife (see point 2).

Settings ▸ Privacy ▸ Location Services

Disable geolocation where you don’t need it

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Please note that there are three options for how GPS works for each application:

  • Is always;
  • When using the program;
  • Never.

The “Always” option is death for the battery. This is the sin of various trackers, Foursquare, Swarm and taxi service applications.

Telegram is the only program that I have allowed to always use geolocation. Thanks to this, I can share my location with friends. The messenger does not abuse this and practically does not drain the battery.

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Set up background content refresh

Almost all programs can update their content even if they are not running. The thing is convenient, but the mobile Internet eats up, which means it drains the battery.

You can save a little internet and battery if you only allow background app updates via WI-FI.

Settings ▸ General ▸ Content Update ▸ Content Update

We only allow background app updates via WI-FI

Vlad Gorokhovsky

often than not, the iPhone runs out of power quickly because it is not properly configured. It is enough to skim through the settings to identify and eliminate what is eating up the battery.

But, if your iPhone is more than a year old, then it will not be possible to return it to its former agility solely by setting. Most likely he will have to change the battery.

Now I will tell you how to independently identify battery “fatigue”, as well as find the applications and services that drain the iPhone battery the most. And, of course, I’ll tell you how to fix it.

Set up rules for using mobile Internet

You may have noticed that when using only the mobile Internet, the phone sits down faster. Everything is simple here: a 3G / 4G modem consumes more power than WI-FI.

See a list of all apps and the amount of mobile traffic they’ve used lately.

I can see on my phone that the Calendar app was using 450MB of mobile data. I do not use the calendar, so I turned off synchronization via mobile Internet.

Calendar exhibits suspicious internet activity and drains battery

How To Fix Iphone 7 Battery Drain. Fliptroniks.com

Look for abnormal mobile internet usage by apps. Perhaps some program is eating up your mobile traffic and battery.

I also recommend disabling the automatic download of software updates so that they are downloaded only in the WI-FI coverage area.

You can disable downloading updates via the mobile Internet in:

Settings ▸ iTunes Store & App Store ▸ Cellular Data

Disable app updates via mobile internet

Check which apps are using the most energy

In the Battery section, you can see a list of applications that consume the iPhone’s battery the most.

Settings ▸ Battery ▸ Battery Status

I recently noticed that the standard Calendar, which I do not use, consumed 18% of the battery in 10 days. It is not normal.

Abnormal energy consumption by Calendar application

There can be three reasons for abnormal behavior: a crooked program, increased consumption of mobile Internet or geolocation.

In my case, disabling and enabling calendar sync via iCloud helped. As well as disabling synchronization via the mobile Internet. But more on that below.

Review the application power consumption table. You may find some anomalies.

What to do if the battery capacity is below 80%

It is worth thinking about replacing it. The battery can be changed at any certified service center.

If the battery capacity is 70–75%, it’s time to replace it. With such a battery, the iPhone will work significantly less in time and slower in performance.

Personally, I love poking around in electronics, so I bought an iPhone 7 battery on Aliexpress for 19 and installed it myself.

The battery can be changed by yourself, but it is better to take the phone to a service center

If everything is good with the capacity, and the iPhone is still running out of power quickly, then the problem is in its settings.

Check the battery status

Starting with iOS 12.1, it became possible to independently check the “health” of the battery, from the iPhone Settings:

Settings ▸ Battery ▸ Battery Status

IPhone Battery Capacity 81% Initial

Battery capacity affects not only the battery life, but also the performance of the phone. One of my iPhones 7 has 81% remaining capacity and the phone is running at maximum speed for now.

As soon as the capacity drops below 80%, the phone will start working a little slower, and will gradually lose in performance with the loss of capacity.

According to Apple’s website, a standard battery is rated to retain up to 80% of its original capacity after 500 full charges under “normal conditions”.