iPhone does not light up when removed from your ear

Beauty gate

Users visiting the forums say that Apple’s new iPhone selfie camera automatically smoothes skin in photos taken with the front camera, making them look too good. And there is no way to turn it off. This is the most unacceptable

Solution: According to Apple, the selfie camera system on the iPhone X uses faster chips with better sensors and “advanced algorithms” to improve the quality of photos using the “Smart HDR” feature. Users can go to Settings Camera Smart HDR to disable Beauty Mode.

Charging device

Some users are experiencing problems charging their devices over a wired connection. They find that their iPhone XS cannot charge with the charging ports connected. If you don’t unplug the charger, wake up the screen, and then plug it back in, it starts charging. But not all iPhone XS models experience the problem. over, some people with older phones report similar behavior. This suggests that the issue may be related to the latest iOS 12 software update.

Solution: This can be fixed with a software update.

6 common iPhone XS / iPhone XS Max issues and fixes

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Sound connection problem caused by Bluetooth.

A small number of iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max owners have Bluetooth connectivity issues when their iPhone is unable to properly communicate with the car’s entertainment system.

Solution: This issue does not yet have a solution from Apple.

Poor cellular connection and low WI-FI speed

According to iPhone XS / iPhone XS Max users, their devices had fewer WI-FI bands and poorer signal compared to its last generations. Sometimes it even shows “no service”, especially in the area of ​​weak signals. While the number of these claims is growing rapidly, in addition to the LTE issue, other users claim that their devices operate at lower WI-FI speeds. Most people experiencing slower speeds found that their iPhone XS models were connected to a 2.4GHz network rather than a 5GHz network.

Solution: Some have speculated that Apple may be to blame for the switch from Qualcomm to Intel for the iPhone modem. Others noted that this is unlikely to be the cause of the problem. Anyway, Apple has released IOS 12.0.1, which fixes LTE and WI-FI problems.

Annoying green line on display

Apple switched to an OLED display from the iPhone X in 2018. However, a user reported bright green line running vertically across the screen of his iPhone XS Max after a period of use. A number of clients are facing this problem after doing this.

Solution: Apple will replace the device under warranty for this problem. If you see this vertical green line of pixels on the side of your iPhone, it’s time to make an appointment with the Apple Store.

Dust inside the camera lens

This is actually a small problem. Some users claim that dust gets into the camera lens all the time. What makes the camera ineffective. In fact, just because they are tightly sealed, the iPhone is not immune to dust and dirt. The environment also interferes.

Solution: To get rid of this problem, take it to Apple Store to clear it.

If you have an iPhone XS and XS Max facing any of the above issues, please let us know in the comments section.

If you find an error, please select a piece of text and press CtrlEnter.

Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite 3 / 32GB

1. The stated operating time is most likely not true. I personally only have enough for 2 days. Before that, there was Nokia Lumiya 350. It was enough for 5-6 days with a smaller battery capacity. But this is not critical, I think. Rover Bank solves this problem.
2. Initially, I got ads on my smartphone, but after removing the excess and installing the add block, I got rid of it.

A good and fast phone in its price segment. How it behaves in games. I do not know. I did not take it for this and did not play games. Recommend for purchase.
A month after the start of use, the battery began to run down in a day, overnight it was discharged by 30%. After some experimentation, I found (as it seems) the reason. Removed or disabled everything related to Google and lo and behold. Now the charge is enough for 5 days! And this is when Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are always on, the Internet is actively used and the screen is at full brightness. So 4000 Ma really does exist in this device! Recomend for everybody. Cool smartphone.

I completely agree with all other users who have unsubscribed here.

I do not understand. I have some kind of factory marriage. Applications take a very long time to start, the video constantly slows down. The most common application “My MTS” opens after a couple of minutes, first a black screen, then a dull white background and finally it starts. Constantly in all applications the “application does not respond” error crashes. At first I endured, now I can’t take it anymore.

Naked Android is not very user-friendly
Battery life is less than that of a similar miui
Not smart at all

– low cost
– big battery
– no brakes
– 2 SIM
– nice, fresh appearance

perhaps the lack of NFC

Great phone. Not a shovel. Big battery and good screen.

Inexpensive, relatively compact. Pure Android, for those who like pure Android. Immediately updated to the 9th Android. The interface does not lag. There are microfreezes, but it is almost imperceptible.

The screen is not bad. But compared to Amoled. black is not black enough. The picture is not so juicy. I have the following problem: the sound is not muted through wired headphones. Which button do not press. the sound only increases, but does not decrease. I checked it on two headsets. on both this problem was. The problem was not observed on Bluetooth headphones.

1. The proximity sensor works very badly, during a conversation everything is pressed, this is a disaster.
2. After 3 months of use, glitches began, at 4 months the phone simply rings, there is no indication on the screen about who is calling, it is not possible to pick up the phone

Cool design, big battery, good display, decent camera, great processor, fast charging, Android Q.

Bad front camera, no NFC, no Type-C.

The smartphone is great for the money. Any iPhone 6s with the same performance costs twice as much. I took it only because I needed a smartphone with a fingerprint, a pure android. There used to be a Samsung Galaxy S5, it had NFC. I had to get used to the card. I advise you to wait until Android Q is released on it.

Despite the large battery capacity, it charges very quickly in literally 2 hours with 50% brightness. It is very convenient that the cover goes inside. This is a smart phone.

When you talk to a person, the phone does all sorts of game. The native charging cable is small.

I really like this phone.

We have been using it since October 2018, everything is ok. according to the characteristics have already described everything.
no miu shell
dropped in price, became almost budget (we took for 15990)

I see no flaws, everything is clearly stated in the characteristics

Now the husband does not hide the phone. Therefore, you can put his finger on the scanner while he sleeps;) and rummage through the messages)

1) Battery. 4000 mAh is at least a day of guaranteed autonomy.
2) Performance. The already middle-aged SD625 is not enough stars from heaven, but it pulls and pulls a lot when working and playing.
3) Screen. Excellent in quality, brightness and resolution.
4) Android ONE. Of course, it has its pros and cons, but in general it is very, very convenient and practical.
5) Assembly. It is of high quality: no backlashes, no creaks.
6) Compactness and ease of use. And all thanks to the aspect ratio of 19: 9
7) Fast fingerprint
8) Triple SIM / Flash Card Tray: You can use two SIM cards and a flash card at the same time.
9) Volume of the external speaker. Well not that oh and oh, but on top.
10) Almost complete gentleman’s kit on board: GPS, IrDa, Bluetooth, gyroscope, compass, radio.

1) Camera. Here is the camera and evening / twilight / night. things are incompatible here. Quite slag photos at the exit in the dark, as well as indoors, and in cloudy weather. And even in good lighting, the photos are not perfect, but more or less bearable. Add to that a slight delay after pressing…. I hope that the camera will be corrected in the new firmware.
2) Monobrow. This is of course a trend, but for me it takes up useful space because it does not carry a payload.
3) There is no NFC, but these are trifles
4) There is no mode for one-handed control, as it was implemented in MIUI
5) On the screen, the battery charge is indicated only by the icon (now there are percentages: added in the last update)
6) The screen is here. not Gorilla Glass. scratches very easily.
7) Notification indicator light. bottom left is generally nonsense. It seems that in the dark with normal phones you always understand that the LED is on is the top of the phone and you are guided, but here you are mistaken out of habit.
8) Jamb. notification icons that do not fit are jumping (top, left).
9) Another jamb. you are talking on the phone, during the conversation the screen goes off, but the sensor does not turn off, i.e., the screen turns off, but the pressing on the screen works. Usually, after prolonged conversations, the ear can turn on Bluetooth, GPS or some kind of application.

In general, if you do not focus on the camera, the device is very good.

Eliminating the problem

The first thing to do is to eliminate the possibility of a system failure that prevents the sensor from functioning normally. If the iPhone screen locks intermittently during a call, do a hard reset. It will help eliminate non-critical errors in the system.

  • Press the Power and Home buttons at the same time.
  • Hold until the Apple logo appears. 9-10 seconds.

IPhone 7 and other models without a physical Home button use a different combination. Power Volume Down key.

If the issue is not resolved after a hard reset, perform a factory and content reset. Be sure to back up your iPhone so you don’t lose personal information. After resetting your device, take your time to restore it from a backup. First, set up your iPhone as new, check if the sensor is working, then return the settings and files that were on the phone before the reset.

If factory reset doesn’t solve the problem, take a look at the smartphone screen. Is there a film, glass, or case on it that covers the top of the device? Remove all accessories from the display and test the sensor again. Perhaps a film, glass or case does not allow the waves to pass, and without them the screen will again block perfectly.

When a hard reboot, factory reset, film removal and other measures do not help, there is only one way left. to the service center. Probably something bad happened to the sensor and needs to be replaced. The procedure is quick and inexpensive, but necessary if you want to get rid of your lock screen problems.

Causes of the problem

Among the most common causes of the problem are:

  • Mechanical damage to the proximity sensor due to impact or falling.
  • Poor quality repair or installation of non-original components.
  • Moisture penetration under glass.
  • Reflection of the sensor signal by protective film or glass.
  • System crash.

Most often, it is possible to detect and fix the problem on its own, but if we are talking about poor-quality repairs and non-original parts or damage due to mechanical stress and water ingress, then you need to contact the service center. In order not to worry about the quality of the repair and the parts used, choose authorized service centers. it will be more expensive, but you will not have to redo everything again.

Important: when the speakerphone is on, the display should not go out. The sensor is triggered only when talking through the speaker.

Who is responsible for the screen lock

The proximity sensor is responsible for locking the iPhone during a call. Its working principle is as follows:

  • Waves emanate from an emitter and bounce off a surface. for example, the head to which you bring the phone.
  • The reflected wave hits the receiver, which turns off the display.

It is very simple to check the operation of the proximity sensor: if you cover the part of the phone above the display with your finger when connecting to a subscriber, the screen will turn off. There are no proximity sensor settings on iOS, you cannot turn it off. That is, it either works properly, or does not function due to some kind of error, software or hardware.

Enabling iPhone screen lock during a call

The iPhone should be locked during a call automatically as soon as the device is near your ear. Usually there are no errors in the operation of this function, but sometimes users are faced with the fact that the screen is not locked. This leads to accidental call drop, speakerphone on, microphone mute, and other unexpected consequences that interfere with the conversation.

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Display stays on after notifications

Another similar problem is that the screen lights up when a notification of a message or other event arrives, and then does not go out. If this happens at night, then by the morning you can get a well-discharged smartphone. The problem is unpleasant, but you can solve it yourself, without contacting a service center. For this:

  • Open iOS Settings and go to the “General” section.
  • Select “Auto-lock”.
  • Set the time interval. By default, the minute should be selected, but you can set it less. The main thing is not to select the “Never” option. it is because of it that the screen does not go out after the notification appears.

If that doesn’t fix the problem, remember when the problem first appeared. Uninstall recent games and applications if you have jailbroken or installed tweaks. pay close attention to them. Jailbreak, by the way, can also be the reason that the proximity sensor stops working on calls, so be careful with system hacks.

If you can’t find a specific app or tweak that is interfering with the normal operation of iOS, perform a hard reboot and reset of settings and content and then set up iPhone as a new device.

Why is this happening

“Black Screen of Death” is a relatively new concept for iPhone users, we have rarely encountered such system crashes before. Most often this was solved by a banal reboot or firmware update.

Now almost every user of “apple” technology has seen similar failures on their device or on the device of friends. Black screen may appear on most models regardless of iOS version.

There are several main reasons for this strange glitch:

Black screens often appear on devices that have been in the water. Even the new iPhone 7 with moisture protection has this inherent sin. It is not at all necessary to flush the smartphone for this. It is enough to actively use it in a humid environment, in the rain or spray the device several times.

No service center will be able to establish 100% that a black screen began to appear on the device after it gets wet. However, the adoption of “water procedures” with a smartphone will be another reason to think about the reasons for such glitches.

Problematic software

Every year iOS becomes more open, developers can embed their modules into many standard programs. This can affect the way iOS works.

Any system update can bring a piece of code that does not fit well with existing applications or settings.

Only a complete cleaning of the device with firmware restoration can minimize the chance of a black screen, but not everyone can take such measures. Not everyone wants to turn their iPhone for 50 thousand into a test site.

Service technicians point out that battery problems can often cause a black screen to appear. An old, worn out battery can cause this.

On new gadgets, a black screen is often caused by an overheated battery. This can happen even on a fully functional device with a long connection to the charger.

How to overcome the “black screen of death” on iPhone

Spontaneous freezes and glitches of the iPhone, unfortunately, are no longer a rarity. Many are worried about this, but it seems that Apple is not going to do anything.

Our reader Alexander described the problem best of all:

iphone, does, light, removed

It happens periodically several times a day, I did not reveal any sequence leading to this. Honestly, I’m already tired, I don’t have the strength to endure this mess, I want to fire my iPhone against the wall, he infuriates, is already ready to sell both.

iphone, does, light, removed

Such a problem really exists, and the described case is far from the most difficult.

What can be done

Unfortunately, there is no advice that helps in 100% of cases. We can offer such methods of “treatment”.

First, make sure you are not using the beta version of iOS, completely disconnect from receiving test builds.

Charge your smartphone properly. Do not charge your iPhone all night and follow simple rules for using gadgets in the winter.

Discard applications that are embedded in system programs. The App Store is now full of add-ons for iMessage, extensions for Safari, informers for the Phone app, third-party keyboards, and other add-ons. All of them are embedded in the system and can affect its operation.

Disable the Raise To Wake function (Settings. Display and brightness. Raise to activate), which is responsible for turning on the display when the user picks up the iPhone in his hands, or Opening with a finger (Settings. General. Accessibility. Home. Opening with a finger).

It happens that it is the simultaneous operation of these two options that leads to system failures.

If all else fails, you can reset your iPhone to factory settings and use your smartphone, gradually adding apps from the App Store and making changes to settings.

Yes, the output is not the best, but this is the only way to establish exactly what exactly leads to the appearance of a black screen in a particular case.

We wish you not to get into such situations, and if you do, find the right way out faster. Happy holidays!

THL W5 Review

At first glance, the new THL W5 may seem like a completely new device. Actually, it is so, although the “filling” of the smartphone almost completely repeats another model THL W3, which came out in the summer, but still remains very popular. There are two main differences between the two. Firstly, THL W5 is equipped with an enlarged display by 4.7 “, versus 4.5” in THL W3, and secondly, smartphones have completely different designs. The rest of the differences are not so significant, although it can be noted that the new item has a notification light and a magnetic sensor.
As a result, we have two almost identical smartphones, what is the characteristics, what is the price, and I think many would like to know which one is better and which one to buy? Well, we already had the THL W3 on our review, now it remains to find out what the new THL W5 is.?

At first glance, the new THL W5 may seem like a completely new device. Actually, it is so, although the “filling” of the smartphone almost completely repeats another model THL W3, which came out in the summer, but still remains very popular. There are two main differences between the two. Firstly, THL W5 is equipped with an enlarged display by 4.7 “, versus 4.5” in THL W3, and secondly, smartphones have completely different designs. The rest of the differences are not so significant, although we can note the appearance of a notification light indicator and a magnetic sensor in the novelty.
As a result, we have two almost identical smartphones, what is the characteristics, what is the price, and I think many would like to know which one is better and which one to buy? Well, we already had the THL W3 on our review, now it remains to find out what the new THL W5 is. ?

  • Supports 2 SIM (WCDMA / 3G and GSM / 2G)
  • Android OS 4.0.4 (Russian)
  • 4.7-inch IPS display, 1280×720 pixels, aspect ratio 16: 9, multi-touch 5 points
  • Processor: MTK6577, ARM Cortex-A9 1 GHz Dual Core
  • GPU: PowerVR SGX531 Ultra
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 4 GB ROM, microSD up to 32 GB
  • Camera: front 2 Mp, rear 8 Mp, flash, autofocus
  • Interfaces: microUSB, standard 3.5 mm audio output
  • Optional: Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, 3G, Bluetooth 3.0, GPS / A-GPS, FM radio, proximity, lighting, gravity sensors, magnetic and light alert indicator
  • Battery: 2000mAh
  • Dimensions: 136 x 69.8 x 10.3mm
  • Weight: 157 grams
  • Average price in China: 220-250 (Dec 2012)

THL W5 received virtually identical equipment to THL W3, with the exception of one additional battery. As before, the quality of high-level components.

  • 1x Smartphone;
  • 1x Battery (2000mAh);
  • 1x Charger block with USB input (0.5 A);
  • 1x Data cable USB-microUSB;
  • 1x Earphones (vacuum);
  • Documents.

The packaging is made in the traditional style of all THL smartphones, in white colors and from thick cardboard.

Complete set THL W5. In principle, all THL smartphone models are equipped with the same accessories, while the quality is as always at a good level, the THL W5 package is no exception.

Data cable with USB-microUSB outputs and charger unit (current strength 0.5 A) with USB input. I am glad that the plug is “our type” in the BZU, so an adapter is not needed here. This is certainly not a problem, but a nice little thing, because most modern “Chinese” are equipped with “blocks” with a non-standard plug.

Branded headset from THL. Vacuum-type headphones with pretty good sound quality, as for me, are not the best in the budget segment. In addition, this accessory can be used as a hands-free.

2000 mAh battery. If THL W3 included two batteries, then there is only one.

Documentation (Chinese instructions, warranty card) and protective film.

Summing up, we can say that the THL W5 package has remained the same as in previous models, that is, of high quality and in a large assortment, perhaps only minus one battery. Even so, I would rate the kit 5 out of 5.

Design, ergonomics
The new design of THL W5 is perhaps the most important difference between this smartphone and the THL W3. The smartphone was not just pulled out, it was given a completely new look. Personally, in my opinion, THL W5 came out much more successful in appearance than its predecessor THL W3, the design of which was impudently copied from HTC Sensation XL. True, here you can also feel a considerable influence of the design of the latest new products from HTC, for example, they took a lot from the One X, especially the shape of the rear camera, but not so clearly.
As for ergonomics, we have finally removed the extra control key. search and left only the three most necessary. back home and settings. Anyway, with a 4.7-inch display, the smartphone looks somehow more harmonious.
The phone fits perfectly in the hand, does not slip, the quality of the materials is excellent, the back panel is made of soft rubberized plastic, and the side edging is made of glossy plastic, which is artfully styled like metal. But there is one unpleasant feature left, probably it is hereditary, the back cover, although it lies tight, but there is a creak. The creak does not cause discomfort, it is essentially not noticeable, but we could at least solve this problem here, because it has been going on since THL W3 !

The dimensions of the smartphone are 136 x 69.8 x 10.3 mm, thanks to such dimensions, it is quite easy for them to operate with one hand, though not the smallest, medium and higher. The front of the smartphone is almost entirely covered with glass (not Gorilla, for sure), and it is easy to get dirty with fingerprints, which are difficult to wipe off. Therefore, I recommend covering the smartphone with a protective film immediately.

Above the display THL W5 placed an external earpiece and a 2 megapixel front camera. In addition, the smartphone is equipped with proximity and lighting sensors (and in general there is also a gravity sensor and a magnetic one), which are located to the left of the logo, and there is also a red alert indicator.

Below the display are three touch-sensitive buttons. back, home, settings. During the day they can be seen well, but in the dark without backlighting they are not visible at all. The backlighting is smooth and with a pleasant vibration feedback.

The smartphone is relatively thin. 10.3 mm, while the THL W3 has 2 mm more. As you can see, there is nothing on the right side end. But the volume rocker was placed on the left.

At the top there is a 3.5 mm audio jack and a power button, which is already in the very center.

At the bottom, as usual, they placed the conversational microphone, and under it the microUSB connector.

The back cover is easy to remove and put on, but as mentioned above, the problem remains with a slight creak. Like the THL W3, the logo is pressed into the lid.

At the top of the rear panel is the main 8MP camera with backlight. The shape of the camera is convex, like in HTC One X, a round bezel made of plastic. The backlight is weak, even as a flashlight it is inconvenient to use it, but if you take pictures at close range. then she copes with her task quite normally.

Below is an external speaker. Sound quality is pleasant, volume is reasonable.

Under the cover there is a microSD slot for memory cards up to 32 GB and two compartments for two SIM cards, as well as a place for a battery.

Hardware part
THL W5 is based on the MTK6577 chipset, which is based on a dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor with a frequency of 1 GHz and a PowerVR SGX531 Ultra video core. The amount of RAM is 1 GB, built-in. 4 GB, of which less than 3 GB is available to the user, but if necessary, the internal memory can be increased to 32 GB using memory cards. As you can see, the “stuffing” of THL W5 is practically identical to THL W3.

The result of the synthetic test AnTuTu for THL W3.

The result of the synthetic test AnTuTu for THL W5.

The number of points scored by the new THL W5 and THL W3 in AnTuTu Benchmark is slightly different, this may be due to different versions of the synthetic test itself, the W3 model was tested on AnTuTu 2.8.3. 4947 points, and the W5 model on a newer version 2.9.4. 5385 points. At the same time, on the latest version of AnTuTu 3.0.3, the W5 model scored 5725 points in general. In general, the test is a test, but in fact, the THL W3 seemed to me even a little faster, although we can state the fact that both smartphones are of the same level in terms of work and their capabilities.

Both smartphones are good at work, fast, do not slow down, easily cope with video quality up to 720p, many demanding 3D games and work perfectly on the Internet (free surfing, Skype video calling, support for flash, online video, etc.), and with W5 on the Internet has become even more convenient, because it is more.

Voice connection
THL W5 supports dual SIM, where one card works with 3G networks (WCDMA / HSDPA / HSUPA: 850MHz / 2100MHz), and the other with 2G (GSM / GPRS / EDGE: 850/900/1800 / 1900MHZ). But this does not mean that the smartphone works only in a WCDMA GSM pair, you can install two SIMs with GSM GSM without any problems. In general, the smartphone works great with our networks, both with 2G and 3G. The network catches well, the connection is stable, the quality of voice communication (speaker and microphone) is at a good level, moderately loud and the sound is quite pleasant.

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WI-FI, Bluetooth
The THL W5 also has support for Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n and Bluetooth 3.0 wireless connectivity. Both technologies work great, although I’ve only used Bluetooth a couple of times. But I used Wi-Fi all the time, no problems. Wi-Fi catches through several walls, it is clear that the larger and thicker the wall, the worse. But for example, throughout the apartment (3 rooms) or in the office, as well as outside it, 15-20 meters from the point of access. the connection was, though not everywhere 100%, but went to www.china-review.com.ua: winked:

SpeedTest result by WI-FI. From left to right: near the access point, 7 meters away and one thick wall, 10 meters away and two walls.

The quality of GPS / A-GPS also raises no questions, the cold start took 10-15 seconds, after standing for a couple of minutes, the navigator error dropped to 87 meters, moreover, I was indoors, although near the window.

The sound quality in the headphones is good, the hi-end smartphones are of course inferior, the juiciness is lacking, but as for the budget segment it is excellent, for example, in the Zopo ZP900 it is worse. The volume is above average, that is, in conditions of strong external noise (for example, in the subway) it is heard quite well.

The second significant difference after the design. it is a display. The THL W5 is equipped with a slightly larger 4.7-inch display. The resolution and matrix are the same as in THL W3, that is, HD (1280 x 720) and IPS, respectively, the number of multitouch touches has not changed either. 5 points. In principle, I did not notice much difference between them, I liked the W5 screen even more, although logically it has less PPI.

Personally, I really liked the THL W5 display, the picture is clear, the viewing angles are high, and the color rendition is excellent. But there is one but. not high brightness. This of course did not upset me, since I do not consider it critical, but because of this, the visibility in the sun will be even worse. I also did not like the fact that the display is very easily soiled.

Comparison of the display THL W3 (left) and THL W5 (right). As I said above, I liked the W5 more, its picture is more real or something, but the difference is minimal, so I won’t give an unambiguous answer to the question “who has a better display?”, As for me. they are equal, but there were people who liked W3 better.

Bonus. To make it clear what I mean by low brightness, take a look at the comparison of displays THL W3 (left), THL W5 (center) and JiaYu G3 (right). The JiaYu G3 has a very bright display, unlike the device from THL. Another undoubted advantage of the JiaYu G3 is the incredibly soft touch (in the budget Chinese, it seems that I only met something in the Xiaomi M1S), it is also not so easily soiled and can be easily wiped off. But it is definitely inferior in the quality of color rendition, its colors are not so saturated, some kind of overexposed.

The THL W3 is famous for its 8MP rear camera, according to Sony. So, the new THL W5 is definitely not inferior to it, the quality of images and video is one of the best in the segment for sure.
The rear camera shoots 720p (30 fps) video, photo. 8 MP (3264 x 2448), there is an autofocus and a backlight that is not very powerful, it is problematic to use it even as a flashlight, although it will do its job well at close range.
The front camera is 2 megapixels, the picture is somewhat overexposed and not very smooth, although it is definitely better than VGA, enough for Skype.
As always, there are problems with the quality of pictures / videos in low light conditions or with digital zoom, but these are the problems of all smartphones.

Photo in good lighting, but in different conditions (daylight, indoor with combined light and artificial light).

How to Exit Stuck HeadPhone Mode on iPhone 6 & iPhone 6s & Plus

Like the THL W3, the new THL W5 has the same battery capacity. 2000 mAh. And we can say with confidence that the battery life of THL W3 is slightly higher, probably because of the smaller screen. In general, according to my calculations, THL W5 will work with active use for a day and a half, this includes constant WI-FI (just did not turn it off), which I actually used up to an hour, four hours of music and half an hour of voice calls. The rest is small things, photos, some videos or games. But if you use your smartphone sparingly, then it should be enough for two days, but if you are very active, we will add more games and videos. count on the day.

Unfortunately, THL W5 did not receive Android 4.1 JB OS, it still costs the same Android 4.0.4 ICS. There are about 30 preinstalled applications, there is practically no Chinese software and there is Russian language. In this regard, THL W5 is good, among the available programs there are all the most necessary ones. Play Store, browser, file manager, email client, Google maps, audio and video players, radio, flashlight, calculator, calendar and even Flash Player.

As a result, out of the box we have a smartphone well-equipped with software, which is quite ready for full-fledged use, and everything that is needed from above. can be downloaded from the Market, there were no problems with its work.

THL W5 may not have any significant changes in the “stuffing”, but personally I would take it myself. Its advantages over the THL W3 include better design and ergonomics, as well as a larger 4.7-inch display. Although all these qualities are subjective and someone will consider that the design and 4.5-inch size of the THL W3 are much more attractive. But here’s the battery life. this is an objective drawback of THL W5, although the difference is minimal.
Summing up, we can say that THL W5 justified the expectation by all 200%, it costs more than its money.

  • Excellent 4.7 ” IPS display with 1280 x 720 high resolution
  • Dual SIM support
  • Good performance, speed of work
  • Beautiful design
  • High-quality assembly and materials
  • Excellent rear camera
  • Good 2000mAh battery
  • Great kit
  • Not a high price
  • Availability of Android 4.0 OS
  • Not a high margin of screen brightness
  • Marked display

IPhone screen not dimming when talking? Decision!

First of all, take a close look at the front of the gadget. Do you see films, glasses, covers on it. covering the front side of the iPhone? Even if they seem completely transparent to you, it makes sense to get rid of them and test the operation of the light sensor without such accessories.

If this did not help, and all the previous tips (reset, reboot, restore) were followed, then most likely the matter is in the light sensor. He could just “move away” or break.

That is why, when you bring your phone to your face during a call, your iPhone does not know that it needs to turn off the screen and this does not happen. There will be only one solution. replacing the proximity sensor. Fortunately,

Why the iPhone screen does not turn off automatically and what to do?

All ardent categorical greetings! Constantly active backlighting of the screen can become a rather big problem. after all, the fact that the display does not turn off automatically leads to a variety of inconvenient things. Which ones? But for example: very fast battery consumption, strong heating of the device, and in general it is terribly annoying, since it is almost impossible to operate an iPhone in such a state!

No, of course there is one win-win option. put your smartphone on charge and never unplug it from the outlet. How do you like that? I do not like. Much better. once and for all deal with the always “on” display of the iPhone. This is what we are going to do with you today. Are you ready? Reade set Go. Let’s go! 🙂

What situations can cause the iPhone screen backlight to be constantly active:

  • Mechanical damage. fall, impact, other deformation of the case.
  • Poor quality repairs or components. For example, let’s take the iPhone 4 model (yes, it was a long time ago, but for an example it will do). Often, when replacing the screen in this model, they forgot to install (they did not know about it at all, it was too lazy to look for) the so-called uv-filter for the light sensor. Because this thing came only with the original sensor (which comes from the factory), and the one that was installed instead of it was without this filter. Accordingly, due to its absence, the proximity sensor worked “anyhow” and the iPhone screen did not go out on its own during a conversation.
  • Moisture and other troubles can also lead to malfunctions of the backlight.

But you never know what else can be! Let’s take a better look at all the ways to solve the iPhone screen stuck problem.

So, here are the generic actions that are appropriate for each case:

  • Hard and forced reboots.
  • Updating or restoring software via DFU, after that it is important not to restore the backup and observe the behavior.
  • The display does not go out during a call.
  • Does not lock automatically, does not turn off the screen after receiving a notification or in standby mode.

IPhone display does not turn off after receiving notification or SMS

The situation is as follows. a notification comes to the locked iPhone, the display naturally lights up, but later it does not go out automatically, and you can turn it off only by pressing the lock button. I know from myself. terribly annoying.

Received a notification at night, wake up in the morning. the phone is completely discharged.

I’ll tell you right away and please. the problem, most likely, is in the software. This means that there is a chance to fix everything without going to the service center. What can be done:

  • First of all, go to Settings. General. Auto-lock. If it is set there. “never”, then this is precisely the reason that the screen is not automatically locked. Set the exact time interval (by default it is 1 minute).
  • Next, you should follow the steps that are indicated at the beginning of the article, namely, a full reset and restore the firmware. But here there is a small “quirk”. such actions are not always convenient to perform, and it takes a long time. Therefore, you can do this
  • Remember which games and applications you have installed recently and uninstall them one at a time and check if the situation has changed for the better. And of course, if you have a jailbreak on your device, then you should also pay attention to those tweaks that are installed, they certainly can lead to the fact that the screen will not go blank.

Finally, I would like to note that you should not forget about the warranty (which in some cases is two years!) And if you are too lazy to look for the cause of the breakdown yourself, feel free to bring it to the workshop. In the end, this is their job, let them figure it out themselves. You need to know your rights! 🙂

Replica Airpods 2 with wireless charging

I really wanted to test a copy of the famous headphones from Apple. The interest was primarily sports. what kind of copy did the Chinese manage to make. There were many models: TWS i7s, i20, i60, i80, i120 and so on. From dumb and oversized to a full copy of the original in size and even, God forgive me, connect, define and animate from the iPhone.

The choice fell on the very latest model, that is, Airpods 2 with wireless charging. TWS i200, with all the goodies: connection, definition as Airpods, animation, signals, tapas, sensors. And so they came. And you can immediately spit on the quality of the cardboard box, typography, lettering, headphone design, in general, the entire package as a whole. The feces are still. Compared to the original box from the first Airpods.

Ok, why do we need a box, throw it away. We open it, we see the instruction in English and Chinese, which tells about the first connection and tapas.

Next, the headphones themselves. At first glance, it seems like nothing like that. Under them is a miserable plastic insert, and a cable in a decrepit cardboard of good quality.

Now about the headphones. You take it in your hands and immediately, according to tactile sensations, you know, a copy. Cheap white plastic. Slightly darker than the original ones. On the sides, the rosary is clearly visible sizing (strip) in two parts. The lid is loose (when closed), the pairing button sticks out a little. There are no inscriptions.

We open. A completely different lid stroke, sharp, with a flimsy sound. The originals run smoothly, with a dull sound. The front LED lights up, like the high beam of the car, trying to burn through the case. The inscriptions inside the lid are very different from those of the originals. Above the original, below a copy.

To connect to an iPhone for the first time, the headphones must be in the case. We press the button on the back and look for headphones. In the settings, the phone sees them as Airpods. We connect. And here it is, the first animation, everything is like the original. Connectym. Everything is ok, a second window pops up showing the charge of the headphones and the case, the widgets show the charge of the case and both headphones are connected to the headphones. But this should not be. Instead of the correct word “case”, “case” is displayed. Well, okay, it doesn’t matter.

As soon as we insert it into the ears, a short signal sounds in both headphones. We turn on the music. At full volume, there is no wheezing, not quiet, the volume reserve is enough exactly for training or listening on the street. In noisier places, nothing is heard. Almost comparable to the originals. Sound quality is on average lousy level. The originals are cleaner, nicer and louder. I am not a guru of music, bass and other things, I am quite happy with such headphones, so everything here is purely individual. By the way, there is a painted sensor on the sides of the headphones. Here are the artists!

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The left or right earbuds periodically glitch when connected. That is, one earbud has sound, the other does not. Helps only to put one or both earbuds in the case, close, reopen, take out and put on.

The microphone shows itself well only in a quiet place, on the street they hear a chuckle and a booming, distant voice.

Checking tapas. Everything works, but the order is different: 3 tapas on the left. track backward, 3 tapas on the right. forward. The originals have 2 tapas each. The call of the lady Siri works, the pause of the track is 2 tapas on the right. We remove the earpiece from the ear. pause the music, put it back. turn on the music. Here it seems without any interruptions. YouTube stops when you remove the earpiece from one of your ear, but does not turn on when you put it back.

It took me two days to understand the charge of the case and headphones. The Chinese brazenly lie about 3-4 hours of music playback, or they simply do not indicate that this is in total. That is, they play continuously for 60-70 minutes and then start signaling the need for recharging, although the widget shows that one earphone has 55% of the charge, and the other has 30%. After 5-10 signals (about 2 minutes), one earphone is stupidly turned off. Not only is the battery crap there, but it seems to show a fake charge, and the right earphone is discharged one and a half to two times faster.

The earbuds in the case are fully charged in 30-40 minutes. The case is enough for 3-4 full recharges, from which, apparently, 3-4 hours of work pour out. Basement cunning. They really charge via wireless charging, but both the case and the headphones get hot.

Size 1: 1 with the original, fiddle with the case and the lid will fit;
2. Connection to iPhone, definition and animation (although not without drawbacks here);
3. Not a bad sound, thanks for the fluency;
4. Hype, but convenient headphone format, for a short workout or YouTube will do;
5. If you lose, you will drop other blood-handed deeds. it is not a pity, albeit unpleasant.

How I transitioned from a recessed 5S to an iPhone 11. Maximum excitement and minor flaws. Photo in different modes and functional overview

I used to have an Apple 5S phone and it was fine with me. But after many years of work, swimming in water and replacing parts began to fail. I was choosing for a long time which phone to choose for replacement. The consultant convinced that it is not worth considering the phone under the G8.

As a result, I stared long and hard between Apple iPhone 11 and Apple iPhone 11 Pro. The first one was inferior in camera characteristics and was much less accurate in size, but the price of the issue outweighed my wishes. I bought an iPhone 11 for 59,500 rubles, which includes the phone itself (52,500 rubles) and an extended warranty in case of drowning and other cases (7,100 rubles). The are rounded off without kopecks.

As a result, when I bought the iPhone 11, I discovered at home that this is a huge shovel that can comfortably fit exclusively in a man’s palm. Of course, after a few days I got used to holding the device in my hands, but discomfort is still present. Instead of holding the phone with one hand and with the same hand typing on the keyboard, I have to hold the phone with one hand, and with the other, carry out the indicated manipulation. But these are all lyrics, let’s get it in order.

The Apple iPhone 11 smartphone is packaged as standard in a white one-color box with a picture of the phone on the front side. It is this image that testifies to the original origin of the device.

I noticed that the Air Pods headphones this time are not located in a plastic box, but wound over a white block. Not the most convenient option for storage, but, apparently, such a change was caused by Apple’s savings.

The charger is a USB cable and adapter. The cable is standard length and looks just like the rest of the iPhone chargers.

Now let’s take a look at the Apple iPhone 11 itself. The body is made of glossy glass and aluminum. Due to these materials, the gadget weighs 194 grams and, as for me, is even heavy.

The main plus of this gadget, of course, is the 6.1-inch screen. It is glossy, so fingerprints easily remain on it, and dust actively adheres. No matter how strong the glass is, this material is still fragile, so after the purchase I immediately glued on the protective glass.

At the top of the screen, you can see the light sensor and the front camera. There is no fingerprint scanner in this model, but there is Face ID.

On the right side there is a compartment for a SIM card, which makes it possible to install one nano SIM card. The compartment is quite easy to open with a key.

By the way, the smartphone has the ability to install a second SIM-card, but not a physical one, but a digital one. To do this, you need to contact a cellular salon and register it, after which you receive a QR code. Considering it a phone, you can use two SIM cards. MTS told me that virtual SIM-cards are made only in large cities of Russia, but Tele-2 has already launched this procedure in many cities.

Above is the power button for locking / unlocking. This button has an additional property. Apple Pay activation. By pressing the button 2 times, the bank card linked to Apple Pay is displayed on the screen.

On the left side there are 2 volume control buttons. I want to note that they do not look like “rockers”, but are located at a distance from each other. This makes it easy to feel them under your fingers and press calmly without tension. Nearby you can see the volume control slider. By moving the slider down, you activate silent mode. Thus, all incoming calls and SMS will be muted. At the same time, vibration remains, but all this can be adjusted.

Let’s move on to the fun part. cameras. They are located on the back of the device in a separate box. There are two cameras here, which gave the pretty name for the iPhone “two-eye”. One is wide-angle, the other is ultra-wide. There is also a flash.

I will try to list the most necessary and useful things about the device.

Since there is no fingerprint scanner, the manufacturer suggests using a face scanner instead. To install it, you need to follow the phone prompts in the settings and fix your face in the device’s memory.

It looks rather strange from the side, as a person looks at the phone screen and shakes his head back and forth and in a circle, but it’s worth it.

Sometimes the phone locks up, you swipe the screen again, and the iPhone comes to life. It would seem that the face is not directly above the screen, but the scanner also reads from this position.

At first it seemed to me that this was some kind of glitch, and the phone simply did not ask for either the code or Face ID, but then I figured it out. everything works without failures. Even at night, lying in bed in pitch darkness, I swipe up on the screen, and the iPhone instantly activates the desktop.

The smartphone is initially configured so that at the slightest touch to the screen, it will attempt to unlock. This can also be changed in the settings.

In the absence of a central button, the phone is controlled by waving your finger across the screen from bottom to top, top to bottom. You quickly get used to it. The photo shows the moment of reflection of all open applications.

There are a huge number of items in the settings and there is a search bar with which you need to find the desired setting.

The charge holds up very well. With moderate use of social media, only 10 percent of energy can be wasted. Sometimes the battery lasts for 2-3 days. This, of course, depends on how much time I spend playing games and other applications. But if you use the IPhone for calls, photos and moderately other applications, it will be enough for a couple of days for sure.

Compared to the iPhone 5S 11, the iPhone doesn’t run out of power in the cold. I calmly talk on the phone on the street even in sub-zero temperatures. The only thing that freezes is the hand that holds the phone.

The LCD display is supplemented with IPS technology. 1792-by-828-pixel resolution at 326 ppi delivers high-quality images.

During the operation of the display, I will note the bright colors, but without the annoying juiciness of the Samsung. An item such as screen time analysis has appeared in the settings, which allows you to determine how actively you activate your display.

I’m not a huge fan of photography, but the camera here is amazing from an amateur point of view. In size, one photo weighs on average 4 mb. Not 1, but as many as 4. When viewed on a computer, you can see the gorgeous quality, and the resolution is 4032 x 3024.

There are many modes including photo, video, portrait, panorama, slow motion, time lapse. I will briefly run through the main.

The front camera takes great selfies: bright, clear. I am completely satisfied.

As with previous iPhone models, the user has the ability to choose a shooting mode: original, bright, silver, black and white, sepia, etc. In the settings, you can set a command that will force your smartphone to set the camera parameters that were used during the last shooting each time.

The camera now has a live mode that allows you to create “live” photos. These videos last literally a few seconds, and when they are transferred to a computer, they have the format of ordinary photographs.

When shooting, you can choose, in addition to the size, the usual photo format or wide-angle. 1x or 0.5x. With wide-angle, much more of the space adjacent to the object falls into the frame.

There is a night shooting mode, but it is not at all what I expected. It was a sinful thing, I thought that it would turn on at the request of the user, but the smartphone itself decides when to turn on the night mode.

In low light conditions, the moon icon lights up in the camera, which means that this mode is activated. In this case, the iPhone 11 will take a little longer to focus, but the results will be worth it. After you press the camera shutter, it will take a few moments before you see the finished processed image.

Of course, I took the photo late in the evening, it was almost night. In reality, it was dark, dark, but in the photo all the trees are clearly visible. They are contrasting and bright.

Portrait mode allows you to capture beautiful portraits. When it comes to photographing a person, the smartphone independently chooses the most important parts of the body. the face, neck. As for everything else (when shooting to the waist), everything below the neck and chest is washed out by the phone. Hair sticking out in different directions, it can also blur.

The most successful in portrait mode is large objects of more or less specific geometric shapes. round, rectangular, etc.

Comparing a regular photo and a portrait photo

I will show an example of Portrait modes on flowers. cactus and aloe. The shapes of these flowers are not the most geometric. Rather, mother nature reigns here, so the plant has an original shape.

  • Natural light makes for simple photography without much improvement. The only thing that is added is a soft blurring of the background.
  • Studio lighting adds light and depth to your photos. Compared to natural light, this is noticeable.
  • Contour light gives contrast, making dark shades more vibrant.
  • Stage and studio lighting are very similar, and it is even possible that I confused them in the collage. Differences were difficult for me to find.

iPhone Headphones Not Working! ��[5 FIXES & TIPS!]

IPhone 11 has amazing sound. I often listen to music on my phone and enjoy it every time. The sound is loud, spacious, it has enough low and high notes, bass. over, the characteristics of the phone are such that it makes no sense to turn on the volume at full power. there will already be a bust. For an apartment, half the power is enough for me.

I love the clarity of the video. When shooting and looking at the screen, there is no feeling that you are shooting with some kind of bad camera.

I will list the points that can cause inconvenience from habit.

During a call, if you remove the phone from your ear, the screen does not immediately light up. It can be very annoying sometimes. For example, I make a call to the subscriber and after the first beep I want to drop the call. What am I doing. I tear the phone off my ear and want to press the cherished red receiver on the screen as soon as possible. But it was not there! The screen is dark and doesn’t even think to light up. It only happens after precious ten seconds.

If I’m standing outside in the cold, I have to frantically press the side unlock button so that the phone first makes Face ID, and then, when pressed again, disconnects the call.

You can set up automatic transfer of photos from iPhone to computer when wi-fi is on. This is very convenient, but the effect of this function does not apply to the live foto upload. My problem is that when working with the camera, I accidentally press the live button, and then I have to manually flip these live photos.

Despite the listed disadvantages, I am still delighted with the phone. Its intuitive interface, excellent camera, speed of work far outweigh some small points, which, in principle, you get used to.