iPhone is hard to hear during a conversation

I can’t be heard or it’s hard to hear during a conversation.

If, when talking on the iPhone, you hear the interlocutor, but he does not hear you. most likely this is due to the incorrect operation of the microphone, which is located below. It can be clogged with dust, or simply fail. Therefore, you can try to clean the grid, which is located next to the charging connector. If it doesn’t help. most likely you need to change the spare part. It also often happens that during a conversation, you yourself cover the microphone with your hand with which you hold the iPhone during a conversation. In this case, the interlocutor may not hear you well. To confirm that the microphone is not working, just open the voice recorder application and try to record sound.

IPhone microphone only works on speakerphone.

This is due to the fact that the lower microphone does not work and the upper one works. Try to follow the recommendations described in the previous paragraph.

Sound problems on iPhone 7

One of the most common iPhone 7 malfunctions. Audio codec. The signs are as follows: when you call, you cannot hear the interlocutor, the dictaphone does not record, and the camera freezes when recording video. If these three problems appear on your iPhone at the same time. Need to repair Audio codec.

IPhone microphone is not working or is hard to hear

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Important! If you are not heard when you call. it’s a microphone problem. If you can’t hear. these are speaker problems. IPhones from 4th generation use 2 microphones. One of them (the bottom microphone) is located at the bottom end next to the charge / sync connector. The second (top microphone) is on the top next to the headphone jack (iPhone 4 / 4S) or between the camera and flash (iPhone 5 / 5S / 6). Determine which one does not work. very simple. It is enough to check the sound recording in the voice recorder application and in the camera application. (when recording video, the upper microphone is used and the lower one in the recorder)

Audio is not recorded when recording video on iPhone.

If no sound is recorded while recording video. this means that the top microphone is not working. In this case, you need to check if the lower microphone and speakers are working. As practice shows, in 90% of cases, the microphone needs to be changed, but before that it is necessary to check whether it is closed with a cover, whether it is clogged with dust / dirt. To confirm that the upper microphone does not work, it is enough to turn on the speakerphone when making a call. If the interlocutor will not hear you when you are talking on the speakerphone. this confirms that the upper microphone does not work, since it is he who is used for speakerphone.

This manual is also intended for iPhone 6 and 6S

I can’t hear the interlocutor on the iPhone

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Users of Apple mobile devices sometimes have a situation when the interlocutor on the iPhone is hard to hear. In exceptional cases, the cause of the malfunction is communication problems. just wait a while or restart the smartphone for the sound to return to normal.

If the problem of poor audibility during a call appears regularly, then you should look for the causes of the problem in the smartphone itself and eliminate them.

Poor audibility due to earpiece loop

If the subscriber is not heard on the phone during a call, or the sound in the speaker constantly “floats” during a call, the cause of the breakdown may lie in the loop of the earpiece. The flat connection cable can oxidize or break and you will not hear the caller during a call.

To fix the problem, you need to replace the flat cable on the iPhone using a special screwdriver, a flat plastic object and an original spare part, but this is a rather difficult task for a person who is not familiar with the device.

Modem breakdown

Quiet conversation sounds are often the result of a broken modem in a new phone. The symptoms of this part in an Apple mobile device are as follows:

  • rewind sounds are heard during a conversation
  • connection suddenly disappears when making a call
  • very quiet sound of microphone and speaker

It is very easy to determine that the caller cannot be heard on the phone due to a breakdown of the modem. If your smartphone does not catch the network or does not connect to the Internet, then most likely this is caused by a damaged modem. It is not recommended to repair or replace this part yourself, as careless actions can lead to more serious damage.

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Broken speaker

Most often, it is hard to hear the interlocutor on the iPhone if the speaker is malfunctioning. This part of the smartphone is one of the most vulnerable, since dirt and dust accumulates on the membrane. The main reasons for speaker breakage in iPhone are as follows:

  • moisture ingress
  • fall of a mobile device
  • swipe
  • violation of the contact of the audio codec with the board

The first thing to do when the sound in the speaker becomes quieter or disappears is to thoroughly clean the membrane. If this does not help, then you will need to replace the speaker in the iPhone. When a smartphone is dropped or bumped, the speech and microphone codecs are damaged, which affects the quality of the conversation. In this case, you will hardly hear the caller during a conversation, and he may not hear you at all.

Fixing the problem yourself

When the interlocutor is not heard on the phone, the first thing to do is to make sure that the problem is not accidental or inattentive. Sometimes during a call, the user presses the volume control button, and the sound in the smartphone disappears. If the volume on iPhone is set to maximum, then the following may help to solve the problem:

  • operating system update
  • cleaning the sound channel
  • reboot smartphone
  • restore default settings

If, while talking on the phone, the sound in the speaker suddenly disappears and the headphone icon appears on the display, this may mean a malfunction of the audio jack and the loop connected to it. To fix the problem, just plug in the headset and pull it out sharply (but carefully).

When they call you back, you can hear the interlocutor better.?

If it does not help, we continue the diagnosis.


For self-diagnosis, take the test. The virtual assistant will identify the problem and tell you what to do.

It is difficult to hear the interlocutor on the phone: the causes of the malfunction

So what could be the reason that the speaker became quiet or the sound disappeared altogether? In most cases, the problem lies on the surface and does not require the intervention of the service center specialists. Let’s take everything in order:

  • If you do not hear any one interlocutor, you need to make sure that the problem is not on your side. Try to make a call to a known working phone and check the sound quality. If this is not your case, then move on.
  • Check the volume level. To do this, during a call, press the volume rocker up and check if there is a result. No result? Read below.
  • Inspect the earpiece of your phone for dirt. Often it is the dirt in the speaker grill that causes the sound to deteriorate during a call. If you find dirt. take a toothpick with a piece of soft cloth or a cotton swab and gently wipe the dirt, slightly moistened with a drop of alcohol. You can also use a soft toothbrush. Do not use a needle or other metal object for this purpose, as it can easily damage the speaker, which will only exacerbate the problem.

I was faced with a funny situation when a person, after buying an iPhone, leaves a factory film on the screen to protect the screen. But the whole point is that this film covers the earpiece and practically nothing is heard during a call. You don’t have to do this, if you want protection. buy yourself a normal protective film or glass, especially since they are not at all difficult

  • Make sure that the headset is not connected to the phone, as in this case the sound will go through it, and not through the speaker of the phone. The same applies to bluetooth headsets and other bluetooth devices.
  • Reboot your phone. This will help if the cause of the problem is a software failure on the device.
  • If none of the methods helped, then the malfunction is more serious and it will not be possible to solve it on your own without appropriate experience. You need to contact the service center for help.

    What to do if the interlocutor does not hear me well on the phone? If the device is under warranty, then you can simply contact the service center, where they will repair or replace the corresponding parts. What if the warranty, unfortunately, has already expired? Then you should try to independently establish what is the cause of this defect: a software failure or a hardware malfunction.?

    Why can’t the other person hear me on my Android phone??

    You can quickly find out the cause of the problem by simply plugging in a headset. If after that you make a speakerphone call and the interlocutor hears you, it means that the microphone built into the phone is damaged, and the device must be taken to the service center to replace the part. At times, the usual restart of the smartphone helps.

    Sometimes a consequence of the fact that the interlocutor does not hear you well on the phone is a system failure, which you can try to fix on your own without contacting specialists. In this case, proceed as follows:

    • Go to “Settings”
    • Find the item “Memory and backup”

    This is a radical measure, but if the device worked fine in its pure form before you started installing programs, then the problem is in the installed software. This turns out to be enough to eliminate the reason that the interlocutor does not hear me well on the phone.

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    If you use this method, save all the information that is stored on the device, as it will be deleted during the reset. Please note that all photos, videos, account settings, messages, contacts, and applications will disappear, so do not neglect the backup. Some smartphone models have built-in utilities for saving a backup to cloud services of phone manufacturers. Read more about this in the article Android factory settings or factory reset.

    A full data reset will delete all information stored on the device (photos, videos, account settings, messages, contacts, and applications). Be sure to create a backup before resetting data. instructions.

    Weak speaker sound or why the iPhone became quiet?

    Good! Just the other day, some incomprehensible nonsense began to happen to my iPhone. It consisted in the fact that the sound from the speakers. normal and spoken, suddenly became quiet. And if you can somehow live with the main unimportant speaker (nobody canceled vibro), then the fact that the interlocutor is very hard to hear during a call is quite a problem. And I really was about to go to the service, but before that I decided to tinker myself As a result, the author tried a lot of methods and one of them helped. Victory!:)

    To celebrate, it was decided to help everyone who encountered a quiet sound from the speakers on the iPhone and collect all the tips for eliminating this problem in this article.

    As the saying goes, we will always have time for the service, first we will try to fix it ourselves. Go!

    At first I wanted to share the tips for each of the speakers specifically, and then I realized that they are almost identical. Therefore, do not blame me. all possible solutions will be presented in the form of a general list.

    • Let’s start with the simplest, but you never know check if the volume is set to maximum? The buttons on the side of the device will help you change the volume.
    • Reboot your phone.
    • There is another very strange, but at the same time, frequent situation. Immediately after buying an iPhone, people sometimes complain about faint audio when talking. The whole problem is in the shipping film, which is glued to the phone right at the factory. Since the iPhone is an expensive device, some do not even remove the film. thus trying to preserve its appearance for a longer time. Naturally, this blocks the speaker and does not fully reach your ear.
    • We continue about accessories and the next in line are covers. If worn, it is recommended to remove and check without them. Some part of the cover or bumper can easily block the lower speaker and thereby muffle the sound.
    • It is possible that the mesh that covers the speaker membrane is clogged. In this case, you can try to clean it (alcohol, a toothbrush, cotton wool and some non-sharp object will help you) or blow it out, just do not forget about accuracy and caution during this whole process. True, there may be another problem lurking here, you can clean the outside, but the dirt accumulates from the inside. You may have to disassemble the phone.
    • Try plugging in and pulling out the headphones. Judging by the messages on the forums, some users are helped by just such a simple action.
    • If moisture gets in and corrosion forms, the sound may also be muffled or even absent altogether. How to be? We read about water and the iPhone here, about complete silence. here.

    It must be remembered that there is only one bottom speaker. it is on the right.

    • At the very least, a very strange phenomenon.
    • As a maximum, you are the owner of an absolutely unique device.

    However, let’s go back to what helped the author of this blog. And in the end, my situation was solved very simply.

    Some kind of software glitch was to blame for everything, which I personally associate with the use of beta firmware.

    It was enough to do the restoration and that’s it. the sound became loud again. Yes, it took a little time, but better than walking around with a quiet iPhone 🙂

    I hope that one of the listed methods will still help you and you won’t have to go to the service center.

    Listening and Responding. How to Communicate During a Difficult Conversation

    However, it may happen that this cannot be avoided.

    Fortunately, there is good news (of course, if in this case they can be good at all). such repairs will be relatively inexpensive. And they will do it quickly. Replacing speakers is a simple operation.

    Looking for a reason

    It is important to remember, after which it became difficult to hear the interlocutor on the “iPhone 6”. For example, after the gadget fell out of your hands or you threw a glass of water on it. It is possible that sand got into the speaker after relaxing on the beach. Anything could disrupt his work, but most often the owner is to blame. The speakers themselves rarely deteriorate. After all, this is a simple module in which there is really nothing to break.

    Fix for iPhone 6S Caller Cannot Hear Well or Cannot Hear Caller

    Unfortunately, only a few users can repair the iPhone 6 on their own. This cannot be done without special screwdrivers, therefore the simplest concise advice. take the phone to the service center.

    over, if you remember exactly that the speaker began to work worse after a fall, then you shouldn’t be in a hurry. However, if you are sure (or at least there is such a possibility) that you identified a bad sound on the “iPhone 6” after water got inside the case, then you must immediately turn off the phone, remove the battery and take the device to a service center. In this case, this is the minimum that you can do useful. The maximum is if you also dry the phone with a hairdryer for at least 5-10 minutes. Surely during this time, the water will evaporate from the inside. After that, take the phone to the master anyway.

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    If it turns out that water got inside and closed the contacts, then you will have to put a new speaker on the “iPhone 6”. Usually it is inexpensive, but with the condition of payment for the work, it will not be so cheap. Also, it cannot be ruled out that some contact or train did not come off during the fall. In this case, repairs will not be expensive.

    Could there be a software reason?

    Can. The iOS operating system itself is great. It is well optimized, easy to operate and constantly updated. But nowadays many users have popular jailbreaks. These are special programs installed on iOS. In other words. firmware.

    iPhone Can’t HEAR Phone Calls Unless on SPEAKER

    Yes, they open up a lot of possibilities for users, including the ability to install cool free programs that would have to pay money without jailbreak. But firmware. these are unofficial software, and no one is responsible for their performance. No need to be surprised that after some jailbreak it will become hard to hear the interlocutor on the “iPhone 6”. And although the problem in the software is solved quite easily, a similar feature takes place.

    So it is not recommended, unless absolutely necessary, to install all sorts of complex software that can harm the system. It’s good if the problem with the speaker is of a software nature. In this case, “iPhone 6″ repair is not required at all. It will be enough just to install the latest official software through iTunes.

    By the way, it is extremely rare that there can be a problem even in the official firmware. There have been times when new versions of Apple’s software only hurt the phone. Therefore, you can try to “roll back” to the previous version of the software. It is unlikely that this will solve the problem, but it is worth trying.

    We clean the speaker mesh

    If the mesh that covers the membrane and serves as some kind of protection from debris could become clogged, then to clean it, you need to use a cotton swab with alcohol or a toothbrush. Also try to blow it out and take out the trash.

    If cleaning helped, then that’s great. True, dirt accumulates not only outside, but also inside. Therefore, sometimes the phone needs to be disassembled in order to clean the debris from under the mesh.

    For disassembly, special star screwdrivers are used. Most likely, you do not have them, so you will have to contact the service center. If you have the necessary tool, then you can try to remove the cover yourself. But do it carefully so as not to hurt or tear off the train.

    Did it help? If not, then we will look for the reason.

    Shipping films and covers

    Another reason: transport film. After buying a new smartphone, there is always a film on the screen, which for some reason people do not remove. They do this ostensibly in order to preserve a beautiful appearance, but this film can simply block the speaker, which will make the interlocutor hard to hear.

    Covers can also block sound. They usually have a speaker hole, but sometimes it gets clogged with debris. Try cleaning it and test your phone again.

    Add volume

    Let’s start with the banal. Inexperienced users, when talking, simply make the sound of the speaker quieter by involuntarily pressing the volume down button on the side panel. In this case, you don’t even need to open the “iPhone 6” settings. To set the maximum volume, you need to call someone and increase the volume with the side keys during the call.

    Judging by the messages on various forums, a simple action also helps many users: insert and remove the headset. If it helps, then that’s great, but if not, then let’s move on.

    What to do if the interlocutor is hard to hear on the “iPhone 6”? Causes and solutions to the problem

    Modern telephones have not been used for their intended purpose for a long time. Now it is a music player, video and photo camera, GPS-navigator, etc. For conversations, of course, phones are used, but less often than before. But even if the interlocutor is hard to hear on the “iPhone 6”, this is a reason for the owner’s excitement. Such expensive gadgets from Apple should work properly.

    Unfortunately, not a single phone is immune from this. Even the new flagships iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are at risk.

    If all else fails

    If removing the jailbreak and installing the official software did not help and the interlocutor on the “iPhone 6” is still hard to hear, then you will have to contact the service center or, if there is no guarantee, to some private workshop.

    Well, as a last resort, just use a wired (it always comes with the phone) or bluetooth headset, and also talk hands-free.

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