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most common iPhone breakdowns. Everyone needs to know

There are a number of iPhone breakdowns that are all too familiar to the employees of all smart service centers. With such problems, users of Apple smartphones turn to repair literally every day and, according to trends, this will definitely not stop in the near future. We interviewed the experienced craftsmen of the iMobi SC and compiled a list of the 20 most frequent iPhone breakdowns. It is important to know them, although in order to try to avoid them.

❗ You should not repair your smartphone on your own, as this can only exacerbate the problem. It is highly recommended to take the device to a service center, where you will be repaired professionally and with a guarantee.

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When the phone boots up, the screen shows red or blue and the iPhone turns off

When turned on, 15 seconds after the appearance of the Apple logo, the screen is filled with blue or red, after which the smartphone turns off.

When replacing the display, during assembly, the screws of the holding plate of the display cables are screwed in with force, thereby scrolling the tracks on the board under the sleeve. For example, on the iPhone 6, it is possible to scroll three sleeves, on the 6s. two.

There are no exceptions, the reason is always the same. “self-repair”.

Recovery of rolled sleeves is required.

for the restoration of one sleeve (depending on the model). Repair time is about 2 hours.

Spots on the camera and taken pictures

When you open the camera, spots of different transparency appear in different places on the screen, there are stripes (cracks) along the diagonal. All defects are also present in the pictures.

Dirt, moisture, or lens deformation after dropping.

The problem is eliminated by simply replacing the camera module.

Working time. up to 30 minutes.

It is hard to hear the interlocutor or the interlocutor does not hear you well

Muffled sound from the overhead speaker when listening to the other person. Or the interlocutor hears you badly, “like from a barrel”.

Dirty speaker or microphone mesh. Over time, they become clogged so much that it becomes difficult for the sound to pass through. In rare cases, the speakers sit down and the sound becomes quieter.

Replacement of speaker and microphone meshes is required. In not the most neglected cases, cleaning the meshes helps, but it is still better to change them to new ones, for complete purity of sound.

Working time. about 20 minutes.

Errors 56, 4013, 4014.1 and 9 when trying to reflash the phone

When trying to update or restore iPhone using iTunes or Finder in macOS Catalina, the process is interrupted with one of the following errors.

Errors are caused by periodic drops of the phone, due to which there is a loss of communication between the processor and the main components of the motherboard.

The main thing to know is that the problem is in the motherboard and you need to carry your smartphone to the service center. But we will analyze each error separately, for a deeper understanding:

Error 4014. the processor is out of order.

The job of replacing the processor is very difficult. Units take on the job and the cost is high. If a crack has appeared on the board under the processor due to an impact, then the phone is not repairable. There were times when after the processor was restored, the phone started up, but worked for two weeks at most. There is no way to know in advance how long the smartphone will work after this procedure, so customers are either immediately warned before repair that the device can be restored only to retrieve data, or the SC returns money under warranty if the client was not warned in advance.

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Error 4013. basically a faulty flash memory chip (sometimes a modem).

The defective flash memory chip is replaced with a new one. The data previously stored on the iPhone, of course, will not remain.

Error 9. differently on each firmware, also depends on the device.

For example, on the iPhone 6s this is a faulty flash memory, on the iPhone 6 it is a faulty ARB (Antirollback) chip. We will not go deeply, for a general understanding of what is wrong with the phone, this is enough.

Some iTunes errors only appear on older firmware versions:

Error 56. faulty NFC.

Errors 4013 and −1. the modem chip is faulty.

how to fix voice memos not working

Common causes

First, let’s take a look at the two most common reasons why you only hear a quiet sound or you can’t hear voice messages in WhatsApp at all.

IPhone Problems

If you cannot hear voice messages in Whatsapp at all, you should make sure that you have not connected a headset, in which case the sound will disappear completely.

  • Check if a third-party device is plugged into the dock or headphone jack;
  • Open the settings and go to the “Bluetooth” section;
  • Turn off bluetooth.

The question, why is it difficult to hear voice messages on WhatsApp, is still relevant? Be sure to trick the receiver. if it is dirty, it will not work.

Fix No Sound for WhatsApp Voice Messages in iPhone

  • Check if the speaker is blocked by a cover or film;
  • Look for dirt in the holes. if necessary, clean them with a dry and clean brush.

There is another tricky way. while listening to voice in WhatsApp, turn on the speaker. If the problem persists, you still can’t hear it, perhaps the reason lies in the lack of a network or signal. Wait a while and try again.

Look at the link for funny and cool SMS, it will become more fun for you.

Nothing Helps to Deal with Issues on iPhone 7 or Other Models?

  • Hold the shutdown button and wait a few seconds;
  • Turn on the iPhone again and try to play audio again;
  • Open the settings and go to the item “Basic”;
  • Find the “Software Update” section and install the latest version of iOS.

Complaining to your friends: “I can’t hear voice messages in WhatsApp on Android”? Read How To Solve Your Problem Why You Can’t Hear Voice Messages on WhatsApp.

Volume turned off

  • Click on the audio play button;
  • While the file is playing, click on the volume up button;
  • Look at the screen and make sure the volume scale goes up;
  • Try listening to the audio document again.

Confirmed that the sound is on and working, but the phone still plays audio without sound?

Why can’t I hear voice messages on WhatsApp: solution

Why can’t I hear voice messages on WhatsApp when I open a conversation? Where does this problem come from? We know the answer! Read our review to find a list of the main reasons and solutions for iPhone and Android.

Proximity sensor closed

  • When you bring the smartphone to your ear, the screen goes out. this means that the proximity sensor is triggered;
  • Make sure that you do not cover the top panel of the smartphone with your finger or hand;
  • Try to play the sound again.

We’ve sorted out common mistakes. let’s talk about why Whatsapp voice messages are hard to hear on iPhone 7 and other apple models. If the phone does not send voice SMS, then read what to do here.

Microphone problems

Another common reason why there is no sound on WhatsApp calls is microphone problems. Here you need to clearly understand whether the device is broken or you simply forgot to give the system the necessary permissions.

Maybe the answer to the question why there is no sound in Wotsap is the lack of corresponding parameters in the messenger?

  • Open your smartphone settings;
  • Find the section with applications and click on the name of Watsap;
  • Go to the “Permissions” block and put a tick in front of the microphone;
  • Save your changes.

The second option is a real breakdown. Test the microphone first in other applications. Does the problem persist? We’ll have to take the phone to a specialist to fix it.

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The microphone is okay, but the hearing on WhatsApp hasn’t improved? Let’s explore the issue in detail!

iPhone Voice Message Issue With Solution

Muted microphone

If WhatsApp is recently installed, then the problem may be that it has not been granted access to use the microphone. To check this, you need to go to the phone settings.


Transferring audio from WhatsApp via Android is done like this:

  • Login to the messenger.
  • Open chat.
  • Select the paperclip icon in the text input window.
  • Open sign with headphones and find the desired track.
  • At the bottom, confirm the selection by pressing the “Yes” button.

It remains to click on the command “Send”.

Why WhatsApp Voice Messages Won’t Load?

Let’s start with the most common question. Most of the users who are faced with the problem of downloading audio messages say that they were not played. That is, it looked like this: the interlocutor sent you a voice recording, but you simply cannot play it.

For example, the application gives an error or the voice messages are simply not loaded in WhatsApp. the download bar simply does not move and there is no sound. So, we have described the problem. Now let’s look at the reasons.

Proximity sensor closed

  • When you bring the smartphone to your ear, the screen goes out. this means that the proximity sensor is triggered;
  • Make sure that you do not cover the top panel of the smartphone with your finger or hand;
  • Try to play the sound again.

We’ve sorted out common mistakes. let’s talk about why Whatsapp voice messages are hard to hear on iPhone 7 and other Apple models. If the phone does not send voice SMS, then read what to do following the link.

Reasons: why the sound notification disappeared?

Let’s voice the reasons why your WhatsApp does not sound when you receive an incoming message:

  • There is a silent mode on the phone or the volume is turned down to the very minimum (as an option, a quiet melody);
  • Sometimes WhatsApp messages come without sound, because in the phone itself, notifications about incoming in this application are disabled;
  • No internet connection;
  • There is not enough memory on the phone’s hard drive, so the messenger cannot download new incoming messages. Therefore, notifications do not come;
  • The power saving mode is activated, which often turns off the transmission of any data, including over the Internet;
  • Malfunction of the operating system or WhatsApp application;
  • Sound notifications are disabled in the messenger itself;
  • A tab with WhatsApp Web is open on the computer, as a result, the system “thinks” that the message on the phone was delivered and read;
  • Background data limiting is enabled in Application settings;
  • An application such as Task Killer is installed on the smartphone. Its main task is to suppress notifications of utilities that are currently closed;
  • WhatsApp was not given the required permissions during installation;
  • Headphones are plugged into the phone or on the display in the upper line (near the cellular network indicator) the icon is lit that they are inserted (failure, often happens if the device is wet).

Accordingly, if you have the opposite problem, all these actions allow you to remove the sound of messages in WhatsApp. systemically or pointwise.


In the “Privacy” section, select “Microphone”. In the list that opens, find the messenger, and put the toggle switch into working state.

Receiving a voice message

After receiving a voice message, click on the play button to listen to it.

Place your phone to your ear to listen to the message through your phone’s speakers, or simply hold the phone away from your head to listen to the message on the speakerphone. When headphones are connected, voice messages will always be played through the headphones.

The microphone next to messages that have not been heard will be green:

The microphone next to messages that have been listened to will be blue:

Problems receiving messages

If you don’t receive SMS messages on your iPhone, start with the simplest thing. rebooting your device. You can simply turn your phone off and on, or if that doesn’t work, perform a hard restart.

  • Hold down the Home and Power keys.
  • Hold until the device reboots (until the Apple logo appears).

If messages are not received on iPhone 7 and above, then instead of the Home button, hold down the volume down key together with Power. If that doesn’t help, move on to testing other methods to fix the error.

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Disable call forwarding

When answering the question why no messages are received on the iPhone, do not forget about the existence of call forwarding. This feature allows you to send and receive SMS on iPad and Mac, but sometimes it can cause the phone to fail to receive messages. To turn off call forwarding:

  • Open the settings, go to the “Messages” section.
  • Select the submenu “Forwarding Messages”.
  • Move all switches to inactive position.
  • Restart the device.

If it’s not a call forwarding, check for other possible causes.

Solving problems with receiving messages on iPhone

No messages on iPhone. try restarting your device, turning off forwarding, or resetting your network settings. As a last resort, you may need to restore your device, but usually the problem is solved much earlier than you try all the methods.

Reset network settings

Most of the connection problems can be solved by resetting the network settings. The situation when sent SMS messages do not arrive on the iPhone falls into this category. To reset network settings:

  • Open the settings, go to the “General” section.
  • Select “Reset” at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click “Reset Network Settings”.

After confirming the operation, the iPhone will reboot. Next time you switch on, check if your phone is receiving messages.

In some cases, disabling LTE can help. This can be done in the “Cellular” section in the settings. The speed of the Internet when working on the 3G standard will decrease, but there will be no problems with receiving messages in places with a weak signal.

Reset and Restore iPhone

Why else don’t SMS messages arrive on iPhone if LTE and call forwarding are disabled and network settings are reset? The cause may be a serious system failure, which will require a factory and content reset and then a device recovery. To avoid looking for your computer, follow these steps on your phone and back it up to iCloud.

Do not reset your settings without creating a backup. When resetting, all user content will be deleted, you can restore it only from a backup.

To back up to iCloud:

  • Connect your phone to Wi-Fi.
  • Open the iCloud section in settings.
  • Enable backup.
  • Click “Create”.

After saving the backup, you can proceed to reset settings and content. The corresponding function can be found in the iOS settings, in the “Reset” section.

When you turn it on for the first time after a reset, you must choose to restore from an iCloud backup to get all your custom content back.

Not receiving notifications

If you are not receiving message notifications on iPhone, even though the text messages are in your inbox, check your alert settings and Do Not Disturb status.

  • Open the settings.
  • Go to the “Messages” section.
  • Make sure the options “Allow notifications”. Notification Center, Sticker, and On Lock Screen are enabled.
  • Select the “Banner” reminder style.
iphone, voice, messages

If iPhone still doesn’t receive message alerts, go back to Settings and go to the Do Not Disturb section. Make sure it’s off. When the “Do not disturb” mode is active, any notifications will be blocked.

If you do not receive messages in the VK application on the iPhone or text messages on the iPhone are not received in Viber, check the status of the Internet connection. It will also not be superfluous to make sure that notifications about events in VK and other clients and messengers are not disabled in the notification settings.

If you do not receive a notification about a message in Viber on the iPhone, then check the settings of the application itself. In the VK client, notifications can also be disabled, although by default they should be active.

Another possible reason for apps not displaying new messages is memory fullness. To check this factor:

  • Open your phone settings.
  • Go to the “Memory” section.
  • Look at the status of the internal and external storage.
iphone, voice, messages

If there is no memory, you can delete data and application cache, clean media files: photos, videos and audio recordings. After that, a free space will appear in which new messages from Viber will be saved.