iPhone works but the screen is black what to do

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What to do if the iPhone screen does not work?

If the iPhone does not respond to taps and the application does not close, then you need to force restart the iPhone. To do this, hold down and hold the Home and Power keys. 15-20 seconds until the display turns off and the smartphone restarts.

Why iPhone screen doesn’t work?

If your iPhone’s touchscreen suddenly stops responding to touches, do a hard reset. In order to restart iPhone 7, you need to simultaneously press and hold the volume down button and the power button until the Apple logo appears.

How to Recover Screen Color on iPhone?

To disable applied filters, go to: Settings. General. Accessibility. Display adaptation. Light filters. In the proposed menu, it is enough to disable the Light filters slider. For the characteristic red color, the Intensity and Hue adjustments are responsible.

How to restart iPhone 10 if it freezes?

Here is the Steps to Force Restart iPhone X.

  • Hold the volume up button and quickly release
  • Press and quickly release the volume down button
  • Hold the power button until the smartphone screen darkens and then displays the Apple logo.

What to do if the sensor does not respond to iPhone touches?

If the iPhone stops responding to touch, then there are several repair options: replace the entire module; replace the touchscreen (for this you need to disassemble the model). However, there are times when repairs, as such, are not required.

How to remove black screen on iPhone?

Tap Accessibility VoiceOver Screen Curtain. This option activates screen dimming when VoiceOver is turned on. To turn off Screen Curtain, repeat these steps. May 13, 2020.

How to remove color inversion on iPhone?

To turn off Smart Inversion, just click on the same button. The old color inversion option has been retained, but now it is called “Classic Inversion”. This mode still changes all display colors, including images and other media. As mentioned earlier, Smart Inversion is not ideal.

Other ways to solve the black screen problem in Iphone

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If the phone is still not responding and the black screen does not disappear, connect the phone to the charger and press two buttons at the same time: the wake / standby and start button.

Hold the buttons for about 10 seconds until the Apple logo appears on the screen. In some cases, you may also see a battery icon, which means you need to charge your phone.

A completely discharged battery is the most common cause. In rare cases, the firmware may fly off.

Connect your smartphone to a charger or to a computer / laptop and leave for 30 minutes. If the reason is in the battery, then after half an hour of charging it will definitely turn on.

Program to fix black screen in iPhone

There is a great program that can turn on the iPhone even if the buttons don’t work. It is called “ReiBoot”. Installed on a computer. The translation is really a little lame, but you can figure it out. You can download it here.

In addition to turning on / rebooting, many solutions are integrated into it to fix errors that have arisen in the firmware.

In particular, elimination of freezes on an apple, problems with a black screen, splash screen, screen of death, connecting to iTunes and many others.

The program has been verified. I recommend, although it is not a fact that it will help you, since of course it will not fix hardware problems.

What to do if iPhone screen is black and won’t turn on

“Black screen is on” and no response from iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, iPhone 7, iPhone 6s, iPhone 5, iPhone x is not a rare problem among Apple phone users.

Although it looks “formidable,” it is usually very easy to solve. See below what to do with such situations.

If your iphone 5s, iphone 6, iphone 5, iphone 7, iphone x, iphone 4s, iphone 6s, iphone 4, iphone 7 plus, iphone se stopped responding to attempts to bring it into working order and shows its opposition using the so-called “ black screen “, this is not a reason to send it for repair.

There is a simple and quick way to bring him to life using a special computer program.

Another solution when iPhone won’t turn on

This solution is slightly different for different iPhone models. precisely, the way of its implementation differs.

Try in smartphones 4S / 6S simultaneously press “HOME” (bottom on the screen) and “POWER” (side on the case) for 15-20 seconds, and in 7 models POWER and Volume.

In 8/10 models, quickly press and release the “Volume up” button, then do the same with the side button (POWER).

If successful, the screen should display the “burning apple” logo. Release buttons and wait for launch.

I don’t know why, but it helps many to turn on / off the mute switch several times before performing the steps above (if holding HOME and POWER is ineffective).

If these recommendations above did not give a successful result, then it is regrettable, but the reason may be physical damage to the components.

You can only replace the cable or charger on your own, but it is better to entrust the “insides” to specialists.

NOTE: it has been noticed that sometimes the smartphone does not charge from the charger, but it is charging from the computer or laptop. I recommend you try and see for yourself. Success.

Accumulator charging

Sometimes the cause of a problem is so obvious that many do not even imagine it. If the camera does not work on the iPhone 6, 8, 11 and any other model, the screen is black, the phone does not respond in any way to button presses. the first thing to do is check the battery level of the phone, because it could simply be discharged! A separate instruction for this method is unlikely to be needed. just plug the iPhone into an outlet and wait a few minutes. Then try pressing one of the phone buttons. If the reason was a lack of charge, the screen will light up and display a rechargeable battery icon.

Easiest Way to Fix iPhone 11 Black Screen Problem

Tenorshare, which produces professional software for eliminating any errors, failures and bugs of the iOS operating system, to solve this problem invites users to turn to the specialized program ReiBoot.

Briefly present the main characteristics of the program.

  • The utility is able to fix more than 50 different iOS system errors that may occur on iOS devices, including the iPhone 11.
  • Wide compatibility of the program (works with all iOS devices: iPhone / iPad / iPod, supports all versions of iOS, compatible with both Windows and Mac) makes it an indispensable assistant for any user of Apple products.
  • The program allows you to fix the operating system of the device, while preserving all your data. this option is unique and is of great value for those who store important information on their iPhone and do not have a backup copy.
  • The utility also offers the option to downgrade the system. efficiently and quickly: you only need to make a few mouse clicks.
  • Able to help you find an error in iTunes. when restoring or backing up an iPhone. and achieve the desired result.
  • If you are also the proud owner of an Apple TV, this program will solve any crashes that occur with TVOS.
  • The Russian-language version of the program is available for installation.
  • The utility interface is quite simple and does not require special knowledge or efforts from the user to achieve the goal.

As you can see, the program has many advantages and rightfully ranks first among the ways to solve the “Black screen on iPhone” problem. All you need to do is make a few clicks and in a few minutes your device will be up and running again. So, below we attach detailed step-by-step instructions on how to use the program to eliminate the black screen of death on iPhone.

Step 1 Download the installation file of the program from the official website of the developer and install the program on your PC. Run the program on your computer. Connect your iPhone to PC with a USB cable.

Step 2 In the program window, select the option “Fix the operating system”.

Step 3 Then click on the “Start” button. At this stage, you can also select the deep recovery mode by clicking on the corresponding link in the lower left corner of the screen (by default, the fast scan mode is set).

Attention: the developer does not guarantee the safety of the device data during deep scanning.!

Step 4 In the new window of the program, click the “Download” button to download the latest firmware version of the operating system. Using the “View” button, you can specify the path to save the downloaded file. If your computer already has files for installing the OS, open them in the program using the “Select” button at the bottom of the screen.

Step 5 After downloading the required files, click the Fix Now button. Wait for the process to complete without disconnecting the device from the PC. To close the program, click the “Finish” button. Your iPhone will restart normally and be ready to go.

If the black screen on the phone has not disappeared, the utility offers a second, more radical method of solving the issue. restoring to factory settings. However, it should be borne in mind that in this case, all data on the iPhone will be deleted, so make a backup in advance and only then proceed to troubleshoot the problem. So, in order to factory reset iPhone DO using ReiBoot, follow these steps.

Step 1 Start the program on your computer. Connect your iPhone to PC with a USB cable. In the menu located in the upper right corner, select the option “iPhone Factory Settings”.

Step 2 The deep recovery mode window will open. Click on the “Start” button. Then, to download the firmware of the latest version of the operating system, click on the “Download” button.

Step 3 After the download is finished in the new window, click on the “Fix Now” button. The entire recovery process can take about 10 minutes. Do not disconnect your device from the PC. After that, iPhone 11 will restart normally.

Force restart iPhone

In addition to using specialized software, you can try to simply reboot your device. This procedure helps to resolve many system or device errors. if they were due to any minor reasons.

    To restart iPhone 11, X, XS, XR, 8, and 8 Plus:

Quickly press and release the volume up button.

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Quickly press and release the volume down button.

Hold the side button until the Apple logo appears on the phone screen.

Press the side button and the volume down button at the same time.

Hold the buttons until the Apple logo appears on the phone screen.

To restart iPhone 6s and 6:

Press the side button and the Home button at the same time.

Hold the buttons until the Apple logo appears on the phone screen.

To restart iPhone SE, 5s and earlier:

Press the top button and the Home button at the same time.

Hold the buttons until the Apple logo appears on the phone screen.

Using iTunes

A specialized program from Apple can also help when the user wonders what to do if the phone screen is black. But when using iTunes, all data and settings of the device will be deleted, so when choosing this method, make a backup copy of all data on your iPhone in advance. To restore iPhone using iTunes follow the attached below instruction.

Launch iTunes on your PC. Connect iPhone to Computer with USB Cable.

iTunes will automatically detect your iPhone, and then a message will appear asking you to restore or update your iPhone.

Select “Refresh” to save your data. If this option is not available, repeat the previous steps and select “Restore”. In this case, all data and settings will be erased, and after rebooting the phone will need to be configured as new or restored from a backup created in advance.

Common Ways to Fix iPhone Black Screen Problem

What else can you do if your iPhone has a black screen but it works? Below we list simple methods that can also help in this situation. It should be noted that the result in the case of their use is not guaranteed, however, if you wish, you can start with them, as the simplest, and in which case it is never too late to turn to the above utility.

Black screen reasons on iPhone 11

First of all, we suggest you consider the most common causes of the black screen of death on iPhone 11. Understanding the cause of the problem often helps to find the shortest way to solve it, to choose which method is best used in a particular situation, depending on its complexity. So, some of the most common causes of black screen on iPhone are the following.

Outdated versions of programs or files infected with viruses can lead to many errors and disrupt the phone’s performance. It is important to keep your phone software up to date and periodically scan your device for threats and infected files. In addition, you should be careful about the sites you visit and the data downloaded to your phone.

A black screen can appear on iPhone after being exposed to moisture, sand, hard objects, being dropped, or other external factors. As a result, the internal equipment of the device is damaged. Preventing the appearance of a black screen in this case is to handle the phone carefully and take good care of it.

A black screen on iPhone can also appear as a result of overheating of the battery. If the phone has been connected to the power supply for too long or the battery is already worn out but has not been replaced in time, power problems will manifest themselves in a similar way.

If the screen is broken or any circuitry underneath is damaged, then it will no longer be able to function properly. However, when the device is connected to a PC, the data may be displayed. In this case, you just have to replace the screen at the service center.

These are the main reasons for black screen on iPhone. Now let’s move on directly to the methods of solving this problem. What if iPhone 11 has a black screen and it’s definitely not hardware related? There are several options for getting out of this situation, and in our article we have collected the most effective of them. We propose to consider each individually and we will start with the simplest and most effective method. the use of specialized software developed directly to fix errors in the iOS system.

Contacting the service center

If none of the methods solved your problem, you can contact the nearest service center for professional diagnostics and repair of your phone. It is worth remembering that during the troubleshooting process, all data on your iPhone may be deleted by the specialists of the service center, so try to make a backup copy of your data in advance. Subsequently, you can download them to your phone again.

Common causes of Black Screen smartphone display breakage

There is a popular belief that a black smartphone screen is a serious breakdown. It occurs in the event of a defect in the cables connecting the screen and the main board. And this case requires an appeal to specialists. Perhaps it is so. But there are several good ways to fix the problem. Thus, save on repairing a mobile device. Money is never superfluous.

Display problems have been troubling users for over 10 years. A black screen in a smartphone can appear due to several reasons:

Reason: Features:
Damage to the device Shock or strong shock may also result in burning of parts on the device’s microcircuit.
Condensation ingress If moisture gets under the phone case, with a sharp drop in air temperatures.
System-level failure Firmware problems resulting from incorrect software installation.

There are other reasons for this problem, but the ones listed above most often lead to the fact that the smartphone does not respond to button presses.

A black screen appears on the phone screen, and the phone is working

With the advent of touchscreen smartphones, display failure has become a fairly common case. Depending on the cause of the breakdown, we can eliminate it ourselves or contact the service. Seeing a specialist is usually the last resort. In this article, you will learn what to do if the phone screen turns black, but the phone continues to work.

What to do if your phone is working but the screen goes black

To get started, use simple methods to eliminate black screen on your smartphone. Reboot by pressing the “Power” button and holding it until shutdown.

Now take out the smartphone battery and replace it. Turn on again. If the problem persists, try using the screenshot buttons.

    Press the “Power” button and the volume down button and hold them for more than 5 seconds;

Hold down the “Power” button and the volume down button

  • If nothing happens, press the power button together with the volume up button for a few seconds;
  • Also try a combination of buttons together with the “Home” button, if there is one on the mobile phone.
  • If these methods don’t work, let’s move on to more serious ones. Let’s try to look under the back cover of your smartphone and find the fault ourselves.

    Fixing the black screen of the smartphone by resetting the settings

    Getting to the main board of a mobile phone is not difficult at all. To do this, you only need to unscrew a few screws. But if you didn’t find a breakdown when you opened the lid and got to the board, most likely the reason for the black screen is a software failure of the smartphone. Now we will solve it with you.

    For Android models, the steps are as follows:

      To get to the Recovery menu, you need to hold down the buttons special for this. Before pressing their smartphone, you need to turn off. If it does not come out to do this through the button, remove the battery for a while;

    Press the buttons to enter the Recovery menu

  • Most often, the button to enter the menu is “Power” and the button to decrease or increase the volume. The two buttons must be held down until the logo of your device’s developer appears. In certain models, one of the buttons may be “Home”. Also try to combine it with the “Power” button;
  • As a result of correctly pressed keys, the logo of the manufacturer or the Android system will appear. Following it, the menu we need will be displayed;
  • In this menu, on a black screen, you need to find the item “Wipe Data / Factory Reset” and click on it. To select items in this menu, you need to click on the “Power” button. To move through the list, use the volume control buttons;
  • Select “Wipe Data / Factory Reset”

  • Next, a new screen with items will open. In it, we need to select (usually) a single line called “delete all user data”. To select an item, use the power button again. “Power”;
  • Next, the data recovery process will begin, which may take some time. All your data will be deleted, including settings, photos. As well as downloaded programs, accounts in applications and profiles.
  • In order for you to continue using your mobile device, you must know the login and password for your Google account. When the recovery process is complete, press the Power button to turn on the device. If resetting to factory settings helped solve the error, you will also need to enter your username and password to log in.

    What to do if the smartphone does not respond to touch

    Moving on to more serious methods for solving black screen on mobile. Not all smartphones have the ability to quickly and easily remove the back cover. You may need to unscrew a few bolts that hold it.

    • When the cover is removed, remove the battery from the cell in the smartphone body;
    • Next, you will need to unscrew a few more screws that hold the plastic partition between the rear cover and the main board of the smartphone. Remove the baffle carefully;

    Unscrew the screws on the partition to reach the board
    In some models, it is not so easy to remove the partition. A plastic card or plectrum can help you in this matter;

    Use a plastic card or plectrum to remove the septum

  • When the cover and baffle are removed, inspect the main board for scorched areas or parts of the microcircuit with a defect;
  • Defects can be found on the other side of the board, if possible, unscrew the bolts and turn the board over;
  • If possible, unscrew all bolts to remove additional elements.

  • You will notice the oxidation immediately. They will surround separate areas of the board;
  • To remove them, you need a regular toothbrush. As well as petroleum solvent (gasoline) “Galosha”. Alcohol is also suitable;
  • Use a toothbrush and alcohol or “Galosha” to clean oxidation

  • Wet a toothbrush with it and carefully treat the surface of the oxidized board;
  • After cleaning, try to attach the partition and connect the battery “by weight” to check the functionality of the smartphone.
  • Oxidation of the contacts of the mobile phone board can occur only due to ingress of moisture. If you managed to revive the smartphone, its parts can be collected. But if you find carbon deposits on any parts of the board, the device must be taken for repair. You are unlikely to cope on your own without the necessary knowledge and tools.

    Other ways to fix your phone display if it doesn’t work

    We will continue to fix the breakdown of the mobile device when it seems to be working, but there is no picture on the screen, it is black. Sometimes this happens when a smartphone accidentally falls into a container with water or other liquid. At the same time, he can work for some time. When you take your device out of the water, every minute counts. Immediate action is required of you. Otherwise, the phone can be lost forever. And not only the phone, but all the data that was saved in its memory.

    • You do not need to press all the buttons in a row in the hope that water will be pumped out of it in this way. Remove the back cover immediately as soon as possible;
    • Disconnect the battery from the phone and wipe the tray inside with a handkerchief or dry cloth;
    • Wipe off the battery as well;
    • No need to blow through it with a hairdryer or other similar instruments. If you are out of the house, place your mobile phone parts in a prominent, dry and sunny place. If the weather and weather conditions permit;
    • As soon as you return home, the smartphone will need to be disassembled and the places where the liquid got into with ethyl alcohol.

    Wipe the contacts of the smartphone with ethyl alcohol

    This is necessary so that in the future the metal parts of the microcircuits on the board do not oxidize. Since oxidation will destroy important parts of microcircuits. The phone may not turn on at all. Thus, we figured out what to do if your phone has a black screen, but the smartphone itself continues to work.

    Benefits of specialized service centers

    In the service center, specialists professionally repair the iPhone of all models. In case of mechanical damage (fell, dropped, the screen does not work after falling) or as a result of moisture entering the body, the master performs its diagnostics and repair.

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    When replacing the screen on mobile devices, the smartphone model is taken into account. Almost all versions of the iPhone have a single module, which consists of an LCD panel and protective glass.

    For those who dropped the phone, the screen does not work, and the sensor stops responding to touches or part of the screen turns black, experts offer services for a quick recovery of the device.

    Display Malfunctioning Symptoms

    After an iPhone is dropped, the signs of breakage may be overt or subtle. The phone is damaged if:

    • a green, black or white screen appeared
    • there is no image on any part of the screen
    • the phone does not turn on
    • iPhone touchscreen stops responding to touch

    Hidden signs of iPhone malfunction after a fall will help determine a detailed diagnosis of the device.

    How to change the touchscreen?

    If the iPhone crashed after the fall, the touchscreen (touch screen), then a quality display replacement will help to return the smartphone to working condition. When an iPhone with a broken screen continues to work, experts do not recommend using it, as the glass of the device has a protective function. If the display is damaged, the iPhone will not work for a long time.

    To replace the display module (touchscreen and screen) yourself, you need a small Phillips screwdriver, a plastic spatula and an original replacement part. IPhone repair is performed in the following sequence:

    • the cover of the smartphone is removed
    • the screws to protect the battery cable are unscrewed
    • the battery is removed using a spatula
    • screws to protect the speaker cable, antenna, motherboard are unscrewed
    • details are extracted
    • the touchscreen is removed

    After the device is disassembled, the module is replaced and all parts are reassembled in the reverse order. It will take a specialist 1 hour to change the screen. If you do the work yourself, without experience, it will take more time, and there is no guarantee that the repair will be successful.

    Causes of display breakage

    Despite the fact that Apple equipment is considered the most reliable in the electronics market, under the influence of some factors, it can become unusable.

    Common causes of iPhone screen malfunctions include:

    • mechanical damage (fall, impact)
    • moisture ingress
    • software error
    • factory defect
    • hypothermia, overheating

    As a result of these factors, the display module may stop working.

    If iPhone is dropped on a soft bed or pillow, it will not affect its functionality in any way. But if you sit on it, a green screen may appear, which indicates damage to the device. In most cases, the screen does not work after falling on a hard surface.

    IPhone screen not working after falling

    And get the best deals from trusted masters.

    • Compare and choose the best conditions
    • Feedback from interested professionals only
    • Don’t waste time communicating with intermediaries

    If you drop your iPhone, the screen does not work, you need to calm down first. The consequences of a fall can be serious, but there are effective methods to troubleshoot a phone on your own.

    What to do if iPhone is dropped (dropped) and a black screen appears?

    If it happens that the iPhone remains intact and works after the fall, but a black screen appears, there are several ways to restore it. Here is some of them:

    • charge the device (it may be discharged)
    • restart your iPhone as described above
    • turn the mute switch on and off several times

    If these actions did not help, the display does not work and remains black, which means that the internal components of the gadget have suffered. iPhone needs diagnostics to identify the causes of the malfunction.

    What to do if a green screen appears on iPhone?

    Any repair of equipment, even minor, is impossible without special knowledge. Otherwise, you run the risk of aggravating the breakdown or damage to parts that cannot be restored. Therefore, if your screen does not work after a fall, first weigh everything and make the right decision.

    If the iPhone has a green screen after the crash or it stops turning on, try restarting the gadget. To do this, follow these steps:

    • simultaneously hold down two buttons “Home” and “Sleep”
    • wait 20-30 seconds until the apple logo appears on the display

    When the iPhone is dropped and then a black or white screen appears, a reboot may help. If the damage to the phone was minor, then this will work. Otherwise, the device will need to replace the display module. Now on the electronics market there is a large selection of spare parts for Apple equipment (original and fakes).

    If you have the knowledge and experience to repair an iPhone after it falls, you can change the screen yourself. To replace the module, you need to purchase a set of miniature screwdrivers and a quality part.

    If you do not have special knowledge, then it is better not to replace the display, flex cable, board and other spare parts, so as not to damage whole parts. Better entrust this work to specialists.

    Why is it better to contact the performers Yuda?

    If your iPhone fell, and the screen does not work after the fall, calls are not accepted, applications work intermittently, contact Yudu’s specialists.

    The masters registered on the Yudu website are highly qualified and have extensive experience. They will diagnose the gadget, find out why it stopped working, if necessary, replace the screen with an iPhone after a fall or other non-working parts, and provide a guarantee for operation. In the repair of mobile devices, craftsmen use specialized equipment, tools and original parts.

    If you dropped your iPhone, the screen does not work, the display is no longer illuminated, order the services of Yuda specialists. any repairs will be done quickly and efficiently.

    Black screen on iPhone 11 / X / 12 but it works, what to do ?

    One of the most frequently asked questions is “My iPhone works, even rings, but it has a black screen. What to do?”. This often happens when the device is dropped. In the simplest cases, you just need to reboot your smartphone. But sometimes this happens even with a careful attitude to the device, and standard advice does not always help. The root of the problem could be a beta update or a conflict between third-party applications. This means that you need expert advice, but keep in mind that there is no single one hundred percent solution, options are possible. So…

    Fix Black Screen Through iPhone Hard Reset

    It is better to start with the simplest option. The procedure is common for all smartphones, the only difference is in the combination of buttons, depending on the model:

    On iPhone models 5 and 6 and their versions, a long simultaneous press of two buttons: “Power” (On / Off) and “Home” (Home) is required for about 10 seconds until the logo (apple) appears.

    On iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, the same action, but with the “Power” (On / Off) and “Volume Down” (Volume Down).

    On 8/8 Plus versions, quickly press and release “Volume Up” and “Volume Down” alternately, then hold down “Power / Sleep” to the Apple logo.

    On 11 / XS / X versions, press and hold the volume up or down button and the side button until the Turn off slider appears.

    If these steps did not help, then move on to the next point.

    IPhone has blanked out screen, but it works. what to do

    How to fix black screen on iPhone using iTunes

    When rebooting does not help, the option remains with resetting the smartphone to factory settings. In this case, you can choose any version, preferably the latest, personal data is restored from a backup, but all subsequent content may be lost. Traditionally, this is done using iTunes and rebooting the device itself.

    Launch iTunes application on your computer. Connect smartphone to computer via USB cable.

    If the device appears on your computer, you can make a current backup to keep the last additions: “Settings” “Overview” “Create a copy now”. When finished, check if the date and time of the last copy was saved correctly.

    To reset to factory settings, click here the “Restore [device]” button (marked in red). When asked to confirm, click “Restore” again. Then the program reinstalls the latest version of iOS, the device automatically restarts. Now you can configure it as a new one and return the saved data with the button “Restore from a copy”.

    If the device is not displayed, restart the iPhone depending on its model (see the previous paragraph) and continue to hold the buttons until the recovery mode is activated and the image appears:

    Next, a message should appear on the computer:

    Select “Update”. In this case, an attempt is made to reinstall the iOS OS without deleting personal data. Do not interfere with the operation of the program, the download will take less than 15 minutes, otherwise the device itself will end in error mode. Then you should repeat points 2 and 4, or refer to special applications such as Tenorshare ReiBoot.

    Fix Black Screen on iPhone with Tenorshare ReiBoot

    Very high quality application. Fully compatible with the latest iPhone 12/12 Pro and iOS 14.1. The application is released in two versions: “Tenorshare ReiBoot” and “Tenorshare ReiBoot Pro”.

    Tenorshare ReiBoot is the best free software that solves the most common problems such as stuck iTunes (Enter Recovery Mode) and get your iOS device back up (Exit Recovery Mode). These operations are performed literally in one click with saving personal data and without asking for a password. Tenorshare ReiBoot Pro additionally solves the problem of black (blue, frozen, etc.) screen and freezing on the logo, reset and unlock and more than 50 more crises that even iTunes cannot handle. This is done without the need to know the password by conveniently downloading and installing the selected package of the latest version of the factory firmware (“Fix Operating System” mode). Unfortunately, in some critical cases, the latest data may be lost. So, to eliminate the black screen:

    You need to download and install the latest version of the program on your computer. Launch the program and connect iPhone to computer using USB cable.

    After recognizing the device, click the “Start” button.

    In this mode, press “Deep repair”. Please note that in this function, which is used exclusively in difficult situations, data saving is not possible.

    Click “Deep repair”. If the iPhone is not automatically recognized, the program may ask you to restart the gadget according to the instructions, depending on the type of device.

    After recognizing the device, you will be prompted to select the firmware version (by default. the latest available on the official Apple website), as well as the location to temporarily save the package. You can specify the version already available on this computer. After selection, click “Download”.

    The download will take some time, then use “Fix it now”.

    After reinstalling the gadget, click “Finish” and exit the application.

    Your iPhone is now ready to go. If you have a backup, you can return the content saved in it.

    Bottom line: If the smartphone is working again, please note that the simultaneous operation of the following two functions can lead to just the black screen effect:

    “Settings” “Screen and brightness” “Raise to activate”;

    Settings General Accessibility Home Swipe to Open.

    Choose one option for yourself and, perhaps, avoid repeating the problem.

    If the Tenorshare ReiBoot Pro program did not help you, then it remains to advise you to contact the nearest Apple service center. Since it is impossible to solve the problem of a black screen using software methods, that is, the likelihood of a malfunction of the hardware of the smartphone.

    Mechanical damage is a reason to contact the service

    As we said, there are probably two main reasons why your screen went dark. The first is if the cable that connects the LCD display to the logic board disconnected (came off) when dropped, the second. the display itself is broken. Only experienced service center technicians can determine the exact cause. The service center “iMobi” will conduct a free diagnosis of your device and tell you exactly what kind of repair you need.

    If the problem is the cable, then this fix is ​​relatively simple: the wizard will open your iPhone and reconnect the digitizer cable to the logic board.

    If the LCD is broken, that’s another story, but doable. Replacement of the screen (display) iPhone (Kiev) in the Apple service center “iMobi” will be done quickly and inexpensively using original spare parts.

    Black iPhone screen due to mechanical damage? Let’s take a look inside.

    A quick look at the inside of your iPhone will help you understand why your screen is black. There are two hardware we will talk about: your iPhone’s display and the logic board.

    Logic board. these are the brains of your iPhone, and every part of it connects to it. The display shows the images you see and it is the logic board that tells you what to display.

    Your iPhone’s entire display is removable, but it’s much more complex than you might think! There are 4 main components under the display:

    LCD screen displaying the images you see on your iPhone;

    a digitizer that is part of the display that processes touch. It digitizes your finger, which means it turns the touch of your finger into digital language that your iPhone can understand;

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    Each component of your iPhone display has a separate connector that plugs into the logic board. This is why you can swipe your finger across the screen even though the screen is black. Digitizer works, but LCD doesn’t work.

    Basically, your iPhone screen turns black because the cable that connects the LCD to the logic board is disconnected. This cable is called the display data connector. When the display data connector is displaced from the logic board, your screen becomes inoperable.

    There are other options for the reason for the black screen of the iPhone, for example, when the LCD itself is already damaged and then it does not matter if the display is connected to the logic board or not. it is broken and needs iPhone screen (display) replacement

    Force iOS update

    The firmware update usually takes about 40 minutes. After the performed procedure, your iPhone and display should take some time to work. It usually takes up to 40 minutes for iOS to download from Apple servers. Usually, an emergency reboot of the device helps to cope with any failure during the firmware update, but if this does not happen, try entering DFU Mode and resetting the settings to factory settings.

    What to do when your iPhone is on but the screen is black.

    Even the highest quality smartphones fail periodically. any user can suddenly face such a problem as a black screen on the iPhone. You have rebooted your iPhone, connected it to the charger, and your iPhone screen is still black, take your time to get upset. Perhaps, restoring the device is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. Various breakdowns can lead to the appearance of a black screen, which in some cases can be repaired by yourself.

    In this article, we’ll explain why your iPhone screen won’t turn on and what you can do to fix it.

    Black screen on iPhone

    Screen freezes when software crashes, what to do?

    A black screen is usually caused by a hardware issue with your iPhone, so it is usually not a quick fix. The first thing to try to solve this problem. this apply a hard reboot

    To perform a hard reset, press and hold the Power button and the Home button (round button below the display) at the same time for at least 10 seconds. Live until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

    On iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, you need to do a hard reset by pressing and holding the Volume Down and Power buttons at the same time until the Apple logo appears.

    On iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, X, you need to press and quickly release the Volume key, then press and quickly release the Volume button, hold down the Power button until the Apple logo appears.

    If the Apple logo appears on the screen, chances are there is no problem with your iPhone. it was a software glitch. Read on for what to do if the Apple logo doesn’t appear on the screen.

    Typical reasons why the iPhone screen won’t turn on:

    • If the phone is dropped on a hard surface or other mechanical damage that may damage the display, the flex cable may come off.
    • Full discharge of the smartphone, which can lead to the fact that the “apple” device stops functioning. vibrate, transmit signals, show an image of an apple, etc.
    • There is a bug in a specific application. In this case, the display darkens when you enter this application.
    • A failure occurred during the download phase of updates. At the same time, the apple icon is constantly on the screen and nothing else happens.

    Why does iPhone have a black screen

    Black screens on iPhones can be for a variety of reasons, from hardware glitches to firmware issues.

    Reboot your device

    In some cases, a banal reboot with buttons helps.

    This is done as follows:

    • Press the “Power” and “Home” buttons at the same time. The first is responsible for locking the keyboard and is located on the top or right, depending on the iPhone model. The second is a large circle right on the front side of the device, under the screen.
    • Hold these buttons for about 30 seconds until the gadget turns on. This will be evidenced by the appearance of the Apple logo.

    In most cases, the absence of any images on the screen is solved by a banal reboot. If this does not help, it is worth trying to reset the settings.

    Change your charger

    It also happens that the charger causes the device to malfunction. In some cases, this manifests itself in such a way that the screen goes blank. over, this can happen not once, but many times.

    Therefore, try using at least a week or two other charges. Watch the iPhone. it will probably work well in the future.

    Remove any protective covering

    Sometimes cases or additional protective glasses remove all the brightness or harm the iPhone in some way. Among other effects from the incorrect arrangement of these elements, there is also a screen failure.

    Therefore, be sure to try to remove all covers, protective glasses, key rings and other additional things.

    If all this does not help, there is only one thing left. to carry the device for repair.


    In some cases, only some glare or parts of images are visible on the device. Also, the picture may be very dark.

    Be that as it may, if you can see at least something, even if you look from a certain angle, try resetting the settings. The problem may be in them.

    On the forums, people write that they gave the phone to someone else, most often a child, and he knocked down the settings. Therefore, you need to try to reset them, for which you should do the following:

    • Go to the settings from the desktop. Open the “General” section.
    • At the bottom, select the “Reset” item. In the next menu, click on the item “Reset all settings”.
    • A prompt will appear warning that all settings will be reset. Click on confirmation. this is the “Reset all settings” button.

    If the sensor on your smartphone is working, you can at least approximately try to get to all these menu items. This will reset all settings, including brightness.

    iPhone X: How to Fix Black Screen (1 Minute Fix)

    What to do if iPhone works but the screen is black?

    iIf the iPhone works but the screen is black, the problem may be in the settings or hardware. If you are faced with such a disaster, you need to try to fix the situation yourself, and if all else fails, carry the device for repair.

    Below is a step-by-step guide to what you should do.

    Professional repair

    In the event that nothing solves the problem, it may lie in a loose cable, a screen or sensor failure, as well as in a system failure of the device.

    It is impossible to fix all this without experience on your own. Better not even try, otherwise the iPhone can simply be thrown away, as it cannot be repaired.

    Before contacting the repair service, you can write to Support and talk to the operator. How to do this is described in our article.

    Display is on, but partially or completely unresponsive

    The reasons are the same as in the case when the screen went out on the iPhone, read about them in the previous chapter. It is necessary to clarify the symptoms of a non-working touchscreen in order to correctly resolve the issue with it.

    In this case, the problem is precisely with the screen sensor, which suddenly stopped working in whole or in part. This can occur due to shock or other mechanical damage to the matrix. In this case, the glass of the phone will remain intact, without cracks, but the system will not be able to work as it should, for example:

    • iPhone is not responding to pressing
    • Responds to user actions for a very long time
    • On 7, 5, 6, part of the sensor does not work
    • iPhone lives its own life, not paying attention to pressing

    A yellow spot appeared on the screen

    A rare kind of problem with the iphone display, when yellow spots appear on it, there may be several or one of them. The iphone display is a fragile thing, just put it on a hard surface, and difficulties immediately arise in work.

    Before proceeding, you need to clarify, the yellow spot on the iphone screen is glue. If they appear on a new iphone 5, 6, 7, 8, you should contact the warranty department, you should change the device without any questions. Or you can wait 2-3 months, before handling, the glue should dry and the problem will go away by itself.

    • If yellow spots appeared while using the device, for example, a couple of years after purchase, then you should think about replacing the entire screen.
    • The iPhone battery failed and began to swell, literally, pressing the screen from the inside.
    • Recent renovation, apparently not done in the best way.

    The display does not turn on, the phone is working

    A common iPhone glitch, when the display does not turn on, and all phone functions work, a call goes through, Siri answers requests, etc. Sometimes you can see that the backlight is on, but the iphone 5s screen does not work. just black, no image, even the sensor reacts to pressing.

    How to fix when the screen went out on iphone 6 and the call does not turn on, we will analyze in the following chapters. For now, you need to find out why this occurs in order to understand what kind of situation you have.

    Breakdown reasons

    The reasons are simple to the point of banality, remember, has this happened with the iphone 5 in the foreseeable past? If yes, then this article is for you.

    • iPhone fell on a hard surface. display cables could fly out of the connectors.
    • Pressing firmly on the display module
    • The device fell under water. water ingress and short circuiting of vital circuits.
    • Strong heating of the gadget. damage to microcircuits
    • Software error (iOs)
    • Poor repair grief by craftsmen (tear off your hands)

    Frequent problems

    First you need to understand what happened to the phone, we will analyze the main causes of breakdowns before proceeding to solve the problem. There can be many reasons why the screen on the iPhone has gone out.


    The solution to technical problems is quite universal, we try to do everything according to the list and with a high degree of probability, the phone will come to life and will delight you with stable work for a long time.

    • If the screen does not show properly on the iPhone 5, the first thing is to remove the protection, remove the cover, protective film, and other “decorations and frills”.
    • When the phone itself is working, receiving calls and the backlight is on, but the screen does not work, a “hard reset” of the device will help. To do this, press and hold the “POWER” and “HOME” keys, after 5-10 seconds the iphone will reboot, and in 80% of cases it will work as it should.
    • The streak on the iPhone screen can be caused by a recently installed “Jailbreak”, as this pirated application affects many of the functions of the device. Therefore, we are trying to remove it from the phone.
    • If the phone screen does not work after the impact, then it is worth inspecting the loop of the screen module, it could be damaged if it fell, the verdict is to replace the entire module.
    • An extreme option, when nothing helps, is replacing chips and broken modules. Units can re-solder the module on their own, it is better not to try it yourself, but give it to the masters who have special equipment for these manipulations.

    Display bar

    The stripe on the iPhone screen can confuse any user, even the savvy and capable, without instructions, to hard reset the device on their own. You should not be upset, perhaps it will not come to an expensive repair. What to do when the iPhone does not show the screen, we will consider in the next chapter, while we dwell on the symptoms.

    • Stripes can be single or across the entire sensor. loop or connector problem
    • Colored or gray and black. cable or connector problem
    • Smudges appearing on the monitor. in this case, only replacement with a new part.

    The stripe on the iPhone screen is a reason to contact the service center. Or, if the iPhone does not work properly, open it yourself and check the integrity of the monitor and camera cables. You can carefully disconnect all the conductors and reconnect them, sometimes this helps to remove colored stripes from the screen.

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