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What to do if there is no charge on iPhone?

iPhone is dead but not charged: 5 tips for what to do

How can you charge an iPhone without a charger?

Of course, it’s best to repair the damaged cable and use it normally, at least until you replace it. To charge your iPhone without a charger. more precisely, without an electrical outlet or computer. you can use a wind generator or fruit batteries.

How to charge iPhone through headphones?

To wired charge the case, connect the Lightning cable that came with your Airpods to the Lightning connector on the case. You can use a Lightning to USB-C or Lightning to USB cable. Then connect the other end of the cable to a charger or USB port.

How to charge iPhone if the cable is broken?

If iPhone won’t charge from a wall outlet, the problem is most likely with the adapter. Disconnect the cable from it, insert it into the USB port of your laptop or PC. Connect the back of the cord to the phone. Turn on your computer and put your smartphone into charging mode.

What to do if the phone charging jack does not work?

What to do if your phone / tablet won’t charge?

  • Check that the cord and the charging unit are in good condition. The advice is banal, but often they are the problem.
  • Clean the charging connector from dust. Often, dirt accumulates in the Lightning socket (iPhone and iPad) or micro USB (Android phones), due to which there is no lanyard contact and the phone does not charge.

How to charge your phone without charging?

Over the past two decades, mobile phones have made a real evolution, going from simple “dialers” to mini-computers. But many of the handy features consume a lot of power, which drains the battery quickly. And according to the law of meanness, the phone tends to be completely discharged exactly when it is vital, and there is no charger at hand. You can find out how you can quickly charge your phone battery without charging from our article.

Is it possible to charge the phone without charging?

First, let’s see if it is possible to charge the phone at all without using a charger? Like any other battery, a mobile phone battery can be charged using available tools. But this should be done only in the most extreme cases, since the use of off-design currents can lead to significant damage to the battery. Therefore, we recommend using the methods below only in the most urgent cases.

How to charge your phone without charging. method one

The easiest and safest way to give your phone some power is to charge it from the USB port of your computer or laptop. Let’s make a reservation right away that this method is available only for more or less modern phones, the charger of which is connected via a mini-USB connector.

How to charge your phone without charging. method two

For this method, we need any charger that is at hand. from a phone, a player or other equipment. For this charging, you need to carefully cut off the plug, peel off the insulation from the wire and connect the wires directly to the battery connectors, while observing the polarity. To make life easier for yourself while charging, the wires can be attached to the battery with electrical tape.

How to charge your phone without charging. method three

The previous two methods can be called the Lite version of the solution to the problem, which are suitable for home use. But what to do if you are cut off from civilization, for example, left without charging in a hike or in the country? Alternatively, you can build a charger from scrap materials. This will require metal plates (such as saw blades), copper wire, and salt water. We dig the plates into the ground, wrap them with copper wire and pour them with saline. the makeshift battery is ready. If there is no iron at hand, you can get the energy you need for your mobile phone from food. For example, if you take several lemons, stick a metal pin into each of them, and then connect the pins with a wire, you will get an excellent charge that will give the phone as much as 5% of its life.

How to charge your phone without charging. method four

For a short time, an ordinary knife will help to revive a dead cell phone. It should be heated over a fire and briefly applied to the battery. The rise in temperature will bring the battery back to life for a short time. In this case, several rules must be observed: do not overheat the battery, otherwise it may swell and act quickly. We recommend using this method only if the need to make a call is higher than the further performance of the battery.

How to charge your phone without charging. method five

The last way to charge a mobile phone in this review belongs to the category of extreme, but it allows you to return the phone to working capacity without any improvised means, as they say, with bare hands. To do this, you need to remove the battery from the phone and hit it with force against any hard surface, for example, throw it on stones. A battery that has received such a concussion will make it possible to make one or two calls, but after a second shake it will most likely lose its performance forever.

How to charge your phone using another phone?

Many people have at least once had the opportunity to charge the phone not in the traditional way, but to come up with alternative, sometimes wild options. What can’t you do for a couple of percent of the battery when you need to make an important call! We tell you how to charge one phone from another in the absence of a power supply or an outlet.

How to charge from a smartphone

In an emergency, when your smartphone is discharged from minute to minute, another mobile device will come to the rescue. This method of feeding is very helpful if there are no outlets nearby. Naturally, the second smartphone should have a battery reserve.

Without special devices, most smartphones cannot connect to another mobile device. Charging requires a standard USB cable and a dedicated USB-OTG cable. This device is miniature and affordable. It will not take up much space in the bag, so you need to safely purchase it and take it with you in case of emergency.

How to use a USB-OTG cable and charge your smartphone using another, the procedure:

Can I Use My iPhone While Charging??

  • We connect USB-OTG to the phone, from which another gadget will be charged.
  • We plug the USB cable into a connector that resembles a USB slot on a computer and into a discharged phone.
  • The charging process starts instantly.

Miss Clean magazine advises you to pay attention to the fact that both smartphones must support the USB-OTG function. Sometimes the installation of the corresponding application is required.

Another disadvantage is that the battery drink goes much slower than from the outlet: on average 5% in 15 minutes. USB-OTG is unable to provide amperage equal to the charger. Due to low power, not all devices can start the process.

Conclusion: you should not count on a full-fledged result, it will be possible to charge one phone from another only by a small amount of percent.

Here are some tips to help you charge your phone faster when you have no time to wait:

  • Do not use the device while making up.
  • Put the gadget on airplane mode or temporarily disable data transmission (Internet).

In the same way, you can charge tablets and other gadgets from your phone.

Reversible charging

The latest models allow you to connect gadgets to each other for direct charging. These are smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy s10, Huawei Mate 20 Pro and other flagships of leading manufacturers.

Reversible wireless charging is not impressive in speed. For half an hour, she squeezes out about 10%. But it’s better than nothing, especially in an emergency.

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A smartphone that distributes energy loses as much charge as a consumer smartphone receives.

The mechanism of this function is to use electromagnetic radiation. A field is generated between the two induction coils in the devices and charging is started. Interestingly, the function was originally intended to power lighter gadgets: headphones, smart watches.

Thus, with the help of a small cord and reversible charging, you can solve the problem with the battery at any time, being far from outlets and not having the original power supply with you. The only problem is to find nearby people with mobile devices who will be ready to share the charge and free time.

Battery specifications

Apple traditionally installs a small lithium-ion battery in its devices, which cannot provide autonomy at the level of the best Android smartphones. And even some models in the line of new iPhones differ in battery capacity and other parameters that affect the speed of energy recovery.

Model The weight Real autonomy Battery capacity
iPhone 12 164 g 1 day 2775 mAh
iPhone 12 Pro 185 g 1 day 2775 mAh
iPhone 12 mini 135 g From morning to evening 2227 mAh
iPhone 12 Pro Max 228 g Day and a half 3687 mAh

Despite the differences between gadgets in terms of autonomy, they all charge in the same way. This is both wired charging and wireless charging according to the usual Qi standard or the new MagSafe. In this respect, smartphones and their batteries are absolutely identical, and therefore all standard methods of energy recovery are applicable for each model.

How to charge the iPhone 12 battery

The new iPhone 12 series smartphones have been updated in many ways, including a way to restore energy. So, the manufacturer offers to use a MagSafe charger for wireless connection, as well as a proprietary Apple power adapter to quickly charge the device from 0% to 100%. At the same time, the new iPhones lost important elements in the delivery set, and also acquired smaller batteries.

Is it possible to charge with an old charger

Many iPhone 12 buyers are hoping to charge their iPhone with an older device. But here, too, Apple decided to spoil the mood of the fans. The set with the new devices contains a cable with a USB-A plug as before, but USB Type C. That is, you will not be able to use an old adapter with a cable from the new iPhone. The only exceptions are owners of current iPads, which include a USB C power supply.

Be that as it may, the designated obstacle still does not prevent the owner of the iPhone 12 from using the old charger. It just requires a different Lightning to USB-A cable. If there is one, we can safely charge the iPhone with components from the previous device.

But it is important to note here that the charging time will directly depend on how powerful the power supply is used by a person. If it’s a standard 5-watt adapter, the iPhone 12 Pro Max will take 3 hours 19 minutes to restore power. With an 18W iPhone Pro 11 Series PSU, it takes 1 hour and 42 minutes to fully charge, which is pretty good for an Apple device.

Features of the kit

Before talking about the charging options for the 12 series iPhones, we need to highlight one important point that directly relates to user questions about how to charge the new iPhone 12.

In 2020, many items from the iPhone kit have disappeared. So, buyers have lost accessories such as wired headphones, but most importantly, the box lacks the power supply needed to connect the phone to an outlet.

Apple product manufacturers claim that we (the customers) use hundreds of millions of power supplies that have a detrimental effect on the environment. And to reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere, the developers simply decided to remove the iPhone charging from the package.

Of course, we are not talking about any environmental protection. Apple, by depriving owners of the power adapter, is forcing them to buy new accessories. In addition, shrinking the kit affects the size of the box, and now 2 times more devices will fit on the same transport board with iPhones. The savings of manufacturers in this case is obvious, but the buyer must again prepare extra money.

Total in the box with the iPhone 12 is waiting for the owner:

  • smartphone;
  • documentation;
  • one apple sticker;
  • Lightning USB Type-C cable.

Competitors of the American company are already laughing at the kit, but it is possible that other companies will also follow Apple’s example and want to additionally cash in on their fans.

Can I charge the adapter from another smartphone

Yes, iPhone 12 can be charged with the power adapter of any other smartphone. But even if the old phone supports 30 watts or 60 watts, the upper limit for the iPhone 12 will be 18W. That is, in this case, it will take 1:42 to fully restore energy, as when using charging from the iPhone 11 Pro.

How to properly charge your iPhone, iPad, and iPod so you don’t ruin your battery

There are several rules to properly charge the battery and not damage it:

  • better more often than less. You cannot bring the charge to either zero percent or one hundred percent. In this mode, the element wears out faster and gradually loses its capacity. It is recommended to power the battery several times a day, trying to keep the level between 40 and 80%;
  • above average. As already mentioned, it is necessary to keep the charge in the middle range. Connection to the outlet can occur already at 50%, and disconnection when the indicator shows 90%;
  • full discharge once a month. Experts recommend at least once a month, but violate the first rule and carry out the full process of charging and discharging the battery. This will help to calibrate it after numerous incomplete cycles and extend its life;
  • timely shutdown. Do not leave your phone, tablet or player on power for a long time. So it will not reach 100% and constantly recharge by a couple of percent, which will save irreversible battery resources.

The phone may be damaged due to the incorrect execution of the process.

possible, charge, phone, iphone

How long should the iPhone charge

Apple engineers have created charging that is a kind of compromise between speed and safety. Smartphones of this company do not support fast charging technology, but at the same time they discharge more slowly than their counterparts. According to statistics, serviceable devices should be fully charged in 2-3.5 hours. over, the newer version of the gadget is used, the more time it takes to complete a full cycle.

Comparison of charging times of different phones

How to tell if your iPhone is charging if it’s turned off

The manufacturer always recommends using only original power cords and power supplies. It is possible to use products certified by Apple as suitable for these operations. Turning on a smartphone or tablet for charging is done as follows:

  • The device connects to the cable via a USB port.
  • The other end of the cable fits into the corresponding connector on the power supply.
  • The power supply plug is inserted into a regular household outlet.

Note! You can also charge your smartphone from a computer, hub or docking station. You can also connect a cable to them, but in this case you will no longer need to use an adapter.

If all conditions are met, the battery will begin a charging cycle. If the phone is turned on, it will be immediately noticeable by the lightning bolt that appears on the corresponding icon. In the blocking state, it is enough to press the main button under the display to make sure that the process has begun: a large picture will be displayed in the form of a finger-type battery with the percentage of the available charge.

If the phone was turned off or completely discharged, then when it is connected to the network, it may behave differently:

  • not react in any way to the process for a couple of minutes;
  • show the same picture of the battery, but in red;
  • display an image of the cable in the event of a breakdown or malfunction of the adapter.

How to Know iPhone Charge Cycles

Everyone knows that a full recharge cycle or just a cycle is the process of completely discharging a phone from 100% to zero. The battery life is not infinite, and for the iPhone it is about 500 cycles. After that, the battery capacity will begin to decrease until it is completely worn out. After 500 cycles, it will decrease by 10-20%. If the standard parameter is enough for 2 years of operation, then by simple mathematical calculations it can be understood that by 3-4 years of operation, the capacity will already be 50% of the original. Your device will lose power in half the time.

It is impossible to find out how many cycles a battery has gone through using standard tools, so people use specialized applications, for example, Battery Life. After downloading it from the App Store, you need to go to the “Battery” tab, where the number of recharge cycles passed by the battery will be indicated.

Important! The value can only be seen by owners of smartphones running iOS 7 (S), iOS 8 and iOS 9 (SE). For newer devices (X, XR), a comparative scale will be shown with recommendations ranging from Mint Condition to Nearly Dead, indicating that the battery needs to be replaced urgently.

With Battery Life, you can regularly check the battery status

New iPhone: how to charge for the first time

Buying a new phone and a new battery are a little different things. In the first case, you can charge the device as and when you want. The fact is that iPhones, like other smartphones, go on sale with a certain amount of charge, and they can be used immediately after purchase. There are no restrictions here.

Original and fake charger

When it comes to charging the battery, people often get the following advice: Before using the device, it must be fully discharged and charged to 100%. This is done in order to calibrate the battery.

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For your information! Experts have a different opinion on this matter: modern lithium-ion batteries do not need such actions, since they do not have “memory”. Their resource is designed for approximately 500 full discharge-charge cycles, which is enough for 2 years of use. After that, problems may begin, consisting in premature discharge and long charging.

If a new battery is purchased and it is not original, a full cycle method can help unleash its full potential. Any new battery needs a full charge, although it comes off the assembly line with a certain percentage after quality control. The batteries on the iPhone have a three-stage recharging system, which allows the cell to operate at its highest possible level.

Only the master should install a new battery on the iPhone.

Step-by-step instructions for setting up a new battery after purchase:

  • Insert a new battery into the smartphone.
  • Turn off the device.
  • Plug in the charging cable and plug it into your home outlet.
  • Wait at least 12 hours from the moment the power is connected.
  • Fully charge and then discharge your phone.

Note! You can speed up the process described in the last paragraph by turning on music, running demanding games or stress tests, and starting downloading large files from the Internet via Wi-Fi.

Even non-original batteries can be lithium-ion and do not require a full charge-discharge cycle after purchase. You always need to pay attention to the label and ask the seller about this issue.

Discharging the phone DO 0% is not recommended

How to properly charge your iPhone and other Apple devices

Today, the iPhone is one of the most widely used smartphones in the world. Any technology from Apple. iPad, iPod Shuffle and iMac is popular among gadget lovers. This is dictated by its quality, mass scale and the presence of unique functions. Despite the durability of the “apple” products, certain rules must be observed regarding the handling of devices, careful operation and safety. This includes using the battery. If you charge your phone incorrectly, you can significantly reduce the battery life and the gadget itself. This article will tell you in detail how to properly charge the iPhone (new and old), how to charge Apple Watch and what to do if the iPhone takes too long to charge.

How to charge Apple Watch

If the watch’s battery is low, it will notify you with a corresponding icon. To charge, follow the step-by-step instructions:

  • Connect the cable from the side of the magnetic mount to the power adapter.
  • Connect the power adapter to a wall outlet.
  • Place the watch back on the charger.
  • Verify that the corresponding icon is illuminated.
  • Wait for the end of the process.

How to charge Apple Watch from iPhone?

Connect the Apple Magnetic Charging Cable or the Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock to the USB Power Adapter. Plug the adapter into an electrical outlet. The charging cable can also be connected to the USB port. Place the Apple Watch back on the charger.

Can I charge my iPhone with another adapter?

Is it possible to charge the iPhone from a more powerful charger So, Apple itself has a very clear answer to this question. yes, you can; however, MacPlus strongly recommends that you only use the supplied chargers.

What to do if iPhone is charging and won’t turn on?

If iPhone charges but won’t turn on, restore it via DFU mode.

  • Press the volume up button and release immediately;
  • Press the volume down button and release immediately;
  • Press the side button and wait for the branded apple to appear on the device display.

Why iPhone cable doesn’t work?

If the Lightning cable does not charge your iPhone or iPad, then there are only a few reasons, and two of them can be solved without buying another cable. The connector on the iPhone / iPad or on the cable is clogged; You are using a non-certified Lightning cable (this cable or accessory is not certified); The cable is broken.

How to charge iPhone while it is off?

What to do when there is no battery power

  • turn off and reconnect iPhone to power source
  • If iPhone is completely discharged, leave it off and recharge for about half an hour
  • put your smartphone on charge from another outlet or USB port

Is it possible to charge an iPhone from an iPhone?

With the help of an accessory, you can not only charge one iPhone using another, but also “revive” your smartphone using an iPad. But if you are inspired by the idea and still use the good old iPhone 3GS or “fours”. invest, because the accessory is not yet in mass production.

Is it possible to charge an iPhone with a non-native charger?

Yes, you can. The compatibility of a smartphone and charging does not depend at all on whether it was produced by the same company as the smartphone itself. And if your phone supports wireless charging, then the manufacturer himself ordered it to be charged from devices of other companies.

How many times can a MacBook Pro be recharged?

20,000 mAh, 16,000 mAh, 10,000 mAh. all these are marketing indicators that really have the right to life, but they do not tell exactly how many times the bank can fill a particular device.

And the thing is that the battery capacity actually changes at different voltages at which charging occurs.

For example, the top-end external battery ZMI 10 claims 20,000 mAh at 3.8 V, at 5 V its capacity already reaches only 12,000 mAh, and at 7.2 V it is already less than 10,000 mAh.

And the battery capacity is also determined in Wh. For example, in the 13-inch MacBook Pro 2017 with and without Touch Bar, it is 49 Wh and 54.5 Wh, respectively.

The manufacturer claims that the ZMI is capable of delivering 70.2-72 Wh. It turns out that he can charge such a laptop more than once. Almost, but not quite so.

There are also nuances. The declared capacity of an external battery is usually more than what it is ready to actually give away. There are losses that depend on a variety of indicators outside of our control.

Therefore, in the end it turns out that we can only roughly assume how many times a device can actually be charged with an external battery. And the same ZMI 10 can fill my 13-inch MacBook Pro 2017 with Touch Bar from 0 to 100% and about 20% more. Norm.

Best comment

He will not eat more until he is full. The iPhone will take as much from the powerful unit as it needs, and nothing more. Worse, when a powerful device is charged with a weak unit, and the poor guy’s unit overheats and is covered (iPhone iPad unit).

possible, charge, phone, iphone

All new MacBooks, in which the familiar interfaces have been replaced by the newfangled USB Type-C, can be charged both from the mains and using external batteries (they are also charging banks).

This was the decisive factor for me in leaving the MacBook Pro 2015 and moving to the MacBook Pro 2017.

Now even the longest road is not scary for me, because by 8 hours of autonomy from the built-in battery, I managed to add the same amount from only one charging bank. And this is a victory.

Apple does not have any official explanations about charging the MacBook with external batteries. Therefore, we decided to create something like a guide based on personal tests, trial and error. You are welcome.

Is it possible to charge the MacBook Pro with a regular can

Roma Yuriev also shared his experiences in this direction. Then he actually did not manage to fully use the charging cans together with the 12-inch MacBook.

I tried to connect with a USB-C to USB-A cable the most common Xiaomi charging bank for 10,000 mAh (we will talk about the meaning of this and other similar values ​​later in the text), which can produce no more than 15-18 W (this is indicated on its back side).

The 2017 MacBook Pro notified me that the wall charger was connected to it, but its capacity did not grow from 71% in a couple of hours.

Note that I am also not saying that the capacity dropped during two or three hours of operation, which does not require a lot of performance.

It turns out that due to the small power, such a charging bank simply cannot charge a 13-inch MacBook Pro. Nevertheless, it is able to power it and significantly increase the battery life of the laptop. by about 20-30%.

The indicator is not painfully large, but this is already something. It turns out that several of these cans on the road will by no means turn out to be useless for work or entertainment, which I will try to check during the next train journey, which will take about two days.

Which Apple devices support fast charging

The gadgets on the list do support fast charging and can tolerate higher electricity rates without affecting their batteries. It doesn’t matter which power supply you use: 18W or 87W. Neither will damage the devices or cause early battery wear. Efficiency is another matter.

What is the fastest iPhone charger

Charging speed for iPhone 11 with 18-watt charger

Charge speed for iPhone 11 with 30-watt charger

Inviolabs experts independently tested Apple branded power supplies, choosing the new iPhone 11 as a test subject. As part of the experiment, it was sequentially charged using an 18-watt power supply, measuring the charging speed, and then using a 30-watt one. As a result, the result turned out to be almost identical, confirming that there is simply no point in spending on a more powerful adapter in the presence of a less powerful one.

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But as for the iPhone and iPad without fast charging support, as well as Airpods and Apple Watch, Apple recommends charging them using power adapters whose power does not exceed 12 watts. Apparently, despite the built-in controllers, more powerful chargers can damage gadget batteries. In any case, there is no direct permission to use power supplies from laptops with older iPhone and iPad models.

Is it possible to charge MacBook with iPhone charging

Apple USB Power Adapters for iPad or Mac laptops can be used to charge iPhone, iPod, Apple Watch, Airpods, and other Apple products.

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The 12W and 10W Apple USB Power Adapters can be used to charge iPad, iPhone, iPod, Apple Watch, and other Apple accessories such as Airpods and Siri Remote. To do this, simply connect your device to the power adapter using the cable included with your device: Lightning to USB, 30-pin USB connector, or Apple Watch charging cable.

The 18W, 12W, or 10W Apple USB Power Adapter can charge some Apple devices and accessories faster than the 5W Power Adapter. The 29W, 30W, 61W, or 87W Apple USB-C Power Adapter and AppleUSB-C to Lightning Cable support fast charging of the following devices.

  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPad Pro (12.9-inch, 3rd generation)
  • iPad Pro (12.9-inch, 2nd generation)
  • iPad Pro (12.9-inch)
  • iPad Pro (11-inch)
  • iPad Pro (10.5-inch)

If you don’t know which power adapter came with your iPad, look at the bottom of the power adapter or locate your iPad model.

Even before Apple began equipping iPhones with fast charging support, users wondered if they could use MacBook power adapters to charge them. For a long time, Cupertino ignored this question without giving a specific answer. As a result, many, guided by the rule of permissibility of everything that is not forbidden, used laptop chargers and, seeing how much more efficiently they charge smartphones, they did not even blow their heads. But what does Apple think about this??

MacBook power adapters with 29W, 30W, 61W, and 87W output are acceptable with iPhones and iPads that support fast charging. This is stated in an explanatory article on the official Apple website. There is also a complete list of devices compatible with this technology:

Which banks are best for charging a laptop

But for charging new MacBooks, of course, special solutions that are already appearing on the market are better suited, including in the not the most expensive segment.

One of the best solutions to date is the ZMI 10 charging bank (consider that Xiaomi makes it), which Kolya Maslov wrote about not so long ago.

For example, it is capable of delivering power not just 15-18, but already as much as 40-45 watts. And that’s enough to power a 13-inch MacBook Pro.

When working with text and Adobe Photoshop, it recharged my laptop battery by 1% in about 1-1.5 minutes. And its total volume was enough for me to charge the device from 0 to 100%, and I did not drop it off until the end.

New technologies that are used in such a bank make it possible to charge it incredibly quickly. Imagine that a 20,000 mAh monster (this is when charging your iPhone) is able to fill up completely in 3-3.5 hours using a standard power supply from the MacBook Pro 2017.

Remember how many banks of this volume were charged before. once I tried to fill the Xiaomi power bank with 16,000 mAh with a standard iPhone charger. 24 hours was not enough for this. the process took 35-40 hours.

In general, we recommend that you pay attention to special external batteries for MacBook, which are already starting to appear on the market.

What Apple says about charging MacBook Pro

Apple insists that new MacBooks should be charged with power adapters that match the wattage it ships with.

  • 29W. for 12-inch MacBooks
  • 61W. for 13-inch MacBook Pro
  • 87W. For 15-inch MacBook Pro

However, Apple Support emphasizes that lesser or greater power sources can also be used to charge new laptops.

Charging with less watts of power will simply not be enough to get the most out of your MacBook.

When charging with a lot of watts, there will be no harm to the device up to 100 watts. Further. only at your own peril and risk.

If you are using the USB-C to VGA Multiport Adapter or USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter, the built-in “C” port will not charge more than 60W of charging power, which may not be enough for full performance on a 15-inch MacBook Pro.

If you connect multiple power sources to your MacBook Pro at once, it will use the most powerful one regardless of the sequence in which you connected them.

A Brief History of Apple

You can write several rather voluminous treatises about the history of Apple and still miss something important.

The corporation was founded on April 1, 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. Apple has become one of the most famous manufacturers of software, laptops, tablets, phones, personal computers, audio players, etc.

The main center of the company is located in Cupertino, California.

Apple’s annual market capitalization has been the highest in the world for several years. The founders of the company created such practical and aesthetically pleasing devices that a kind of consumer cult was built around Yabloko.

Until 2007, the name of the company included the word Computer. This was because for the first thirty years Apple focused on developing personal computers and suitable software. However, over time, Yabloko began to devote more time to more mobile devices: iPhones, iPads and iPods.

Is it possible to charge an iPhone by charging from an iPad?

Owners of Apple gadgets often lose a charger from a smartphone or tablet. After that, by all means, they are trying to find out whether it is possible to charge the iPhone by charging from the iPad, and vice versa.

Someone thinks that if you charge the iPad with an iPhone charger, you can ruin the battery. Someone sincerely believes that the charger of one gadget does not fit the parameters of others.

It’s time to dispel myths and find out the truth.

A little about batteries

Before answering the question of whether you can charge your iPhone with an iPad charger, you need to know a little more about the properties of the battery in these devices. Since the days of the first phones, the material used to make batteries for smartphones and tablets has changed. Batteries have become lighter and more practical.

The Apple devices listed above use lithium-ion polymer batteries. Due to the fact that lithium is one of the lightest metals, the battery is light, but practical.

Their main difference from nickel batteries is the ability to charge the battery at any time. Also, gadget owners do not have to worry about the fact that incomplete charging can damage the battery and reduce its operating time.

For the iPhone or iPad to work correctly, the developers recommend that you fully charge the battery once a month and then completely discharge it. This will help keep the electrons moving.

Is it possible to charge an iPhone by charging from an iPad: useful tips

Technology has long become an integral part of the everyday life of almost everyone. Computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones and so on. Young companies succeed, but those that were the pillars of yesteryear disappear.

But among all the “apple” company stands out. Apple. “Yabloko” has long been a mark of quality, and the products, although not cheap, are distinguished by the latest developments and elegant style.

The wide variety of gadgets has led owners to wonder if a standard tablet and smartphone charger can be used. But first, a little information about the legendary company.

Pros of the solution

Smartphone owners note that it is easy to charge the iPhone by charging it from the iPad. Genuine accessories and devices are perfectly matched to each other, and there are simply no problems with connection.

The main advantage of this method of charging an iPhone from another “apple” charger is time saving. The charger supplied as standard with iPhone has a maximum output of one amp. On the charge from the iPad. two amperes. Thus, the time to fully charge the battery will be cut in half.

Also, if you charge your iPhone with an iPad charger, you don’t have to carry multiple chargers with you. This plus will be appreciated by those who need to constantly carry a smartphone, tablet and laptop with them. There are several cables in the bag, which are always confused.

However, is it possible to charge the iPad by charging the iPhone, since it is a more powerful device? Of course it is possible, but it is worth noting that then the time to fully charge the battery will increase significantly.

Smartphone owners do not need to worry about a more powerful iPad charger damaging their iPhone. The maximum current specified in the application does not play a big role, since smartphones have built-in controllers that do not allow more power to be passed than the gadget requires.

How the iPhone differs from the smartphone?

If everything is clear with tablets, then how does the iPhone differ from thousands of other smartphones?

The owners of “apple” smartphones note that the main advantage of the iPhone is the operating system. Unlike Android, which updates are installed on phones of any brand, iOS is designed specifically for Apple. Thus, accidental “lags” of the system are practically excluded.


But are there any disadvantages to this charging method? Users did not notice any special deviations in the battery life of phones or tablets.

Most of the information on how to charge an iPhone and not damage the battery’s properties comes from the fact that almost all modern smartphones do not have batteries that last. The owners are trying in every way to keep them.

So, there was information that if you charge the phone with charging from a tablet, then in a year the smartphone’s battery will become almost unusable. However, they forget to mention that, one way or another, most of the owners of “Apple” smartphones change batteries in a year.

Thus, there are no significant disadvantages from such charging.