Is It Possible To Connect A Printer Via The Phone

How to connect two computers to one printer

This article will help you implement the necessary settings in order to print from multiple computers, while having only one printer. We offer step-by-step instructions for performing this process.

Knowledge of this topic is very important for large offices, for small businesses and companies in general. This process is not very easy to carry out on your own, but with the help of this instruction you will master the necessary skills in a short time.

Please note that this post is only suitable for Windows users, WindowsXP. Windows Vista. Windows7.

Step-by-step instructions for installing a printer on two computers:

Most printers have a USB cable included. If it is a modern printer for home or office use, then most likely this cable will be the same for different printer models. The image below shows how to connect the printer to a computer using USB.

Open the START menu on your computer and select the Printers and Faxes menu (WindowsXP OS). If your computer is running Windows Vista, click the Print Devices button.

Right click on the printer you would like to use from two computers and select Printer Properties.

Go to the Share tab in the dialog that appears.

Click on the Share button, and then select a printer name that will help you recognize the printer on your local network. It is recommended that you use the default name as not all characters may be network compatible. Click Apply and Save Settings. Step Now go to the second computer from which you want to print, click Control Panel. Printers and Faxes (in WindowsXP). In Windows Vista, SIMply select Printing Devices. Step Click on the Add Printer button and, in this case, select the “printer on a local network or connected to a second computer” option, then click Next to continue the installation process.

Find the printer with the network name that you set earlier in step # 5, add the printer and click Continue. After adding the printer, it is recommended to print a test page to make sure the installation was successful.

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Even if you followed the above instructions in detail, there is still a possibility that the procedure did not go as expected. Leave a comment on this post to clarify the situation. How to contact us.

Let’s go to the phone settings

To do this is quite SIMple (literally in a few clicks) and if you follow our instructions carefully. In order to further SIMplify your work, we strongly recommend downloading the GScriptLite program, in which you will need to work a little with scripts.

Next, Install the program, create a new script in it and write this text there:

That’s all, now you can use the Internet from your PC via your phone. But before completing the work, you need to check something (check if the Internet is working correctly):

  • Phone needs to be connected to PC using usb.
  • Then run the application you downloaded on your Android (android) device and activate the Internet connection.
  • Now create a new script, after which the Internet will automatically connect to your Android mobile device (android).

After the connection is activated, you can fully surf the world wide web without restriction. In order to deactivate the Internet connection, you just need to restart WiredTether.

Possible problems

Even despite the SIMplicity of this procedure, an ordinary user may have problems connecting to the Internet via a PC:

Is It Possible To Connect A Printer Via The Phone
  • The first and also the most common reason is that NK does not detect a computer when connected via usb. In order to solve this rather common problem, it will be enough to reconnect the smartphone. If the problem persists, then it’s better to take another usb and try to connect the phone again.
  • The second problem may be related to the program itself. Often there have been cases when the Plasma utility is the version of Android (android) you have installed. There is only one solution. you need to go online, find the necessary application there and upload it akb to your phone and then install the utility.

How to connect the Internet on a phone via a computer using a usb wire?

As much as we want it, the Internet has taken almost a central place in our lives. If you delve into history, then it was originally invented to transmit secret data, then began to be used for communication, and about 20 years ago, it actively began to be filled with all kinds of information, multimedia and entertainment sites.

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Hence the conclusion. we need the Internet everywhere. Now you have a thought. in order to distribute the Internet to your smartphone, you just need to connect to a wireless access point. But what to do if a stationary computer or laptop is occupied by households, the wireless wi-fi access point does not work, and mobile traffic has long since ended. DO NOT run to a nearby cafe! you thought.

We will reveal to you one life: Armed with one usb cable through a PC, you can connect (distribute) the Internet to your smartphone, no matter what operating system it is running. How to do this, how to connect, by what methods and how it works, today we will analyze in detail below.

Method one. WiredTether

  • First of all, download the program for Android (android) called WiredTether.
  • Connect your Android (android) to PC via usb.
  • Then on the phone, click on the installation of the program.
  • Immediately after the program is installed on your PC desktop, a new Internet connection with Android appears along with all DHCP settings. Working with the settings is quite SIMple, and it should be noted separately that in them you can rename the connection name with your Android (android) device. For example, you can name a connection to an AndroidUSB phone, as well as a connection to the Internet with a general access. Internet (in the course of the article, these names will be used in order NOT to cause confusion).
  • The next step is to disable the connection named Internet in the properties of network connections. You need to do this in order to activate the AndroidUSB connection.
  • After that, go to the AndroidUSB settings and change your IP to (the rest of the fields can be left blank). By this action you can also erase the default gateway settings. After this procedure, be sure to first check the ping status on your Android (android) device. details below in the images:

The second way is USBTunnel

First, on your computer, go to Internet Connections, then click the Advanced tab. A new Dialog box will open in front of you, where you will need to allow second users to use the Internet connection of this computer.

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Well, then you need to follow a few SIMple steps:

  • To get started, download the USBTunnel utility, and download AndroidTool to your computer.
  • Now let’s go directly to working with the phone. You need to get to the menu and enable usb debugging.
  • Connect your phone to a PC via a standard USB connector.
  • Run AndroidTool on the computer.
  • After the program starts, click search for components. search for Android (android) devices. show a list of devices. Important to know: the program may ask if you have administrator rights to make such significant changes to the operation of devices. Answer yes immediately. Also, the application is sometimes extremely unstable. Therefore, the program can knock out from time to time.
  • And finally, click done.
  • Also, there may be additional various requests with which in most cases you must agree. It is important to know: it is not mutilated that the program will give a system or other error. In this case, all of the above steps will have to be done from the very beginning.
  • After you have agreed with all the requests of the program, you will see a joyful inscription “connect“.
  • Then your device will ask if you have root rights. You just have to press the yes button.
  • If all the above steps were performed in the correct order, then the connection to the Internet through the computer will start automatically.

There are situations when, it would seem, everything was done correctly, but the Internet still DOES NOT want to work with a wired connection through a computer. The most common mistakes:

  • The computer SIMply does not see or does NOT sync with the phone.
  • The phone does not see the program you need.
  • All steps were performed correctly, but the Internet on the phone still did not appear.