Is It Possible To Connect The Printer To The Tablet

How to connect a monitor to a tablet via USB?

Let’s look at the first method of connecting via a USB cable. It should be noted right away that there are two options for connecting a tablet:

  • As a USB drive (like a USB flash drive).
  • As an additional display (like a computer via HDMI).

In the first case, you need a TV that supports USB storage. If there is one, then it is enough to connect the tablet to the TV using a standard cable that comes with any smartphone, tablet, and so on. Then on the TV you need to select the connected device as the source, find the file to play and press Play.

Is It Possible To Connect The Printer To The Tablet

In the second case, a TV with USB support is not needed, but an adapter for the tablet is needed. The easiest and most convenient option is the MHL adapter (micro-USB on one side and HDMI on the other). Most TVs support this technology, which allows you to stream data from a tablet to a screen or monitor. Thus, you can “stick out” games, movies and music on the big screen and fully enjoy the content. Older monitors and TVs work either via USB to VGA or composite adapters. This method is only suitable for tablets running Android version 4.0 and higher.

Using Chromecast

How to connect monitor to tablet wirelessly and Miracast? Let’s make SMART-TV out of it. Any modern monitor can be transformed into a SIMilar SMART TV by connecting to it a Chromecast, an inexpensive repeater that connects to the HDMI port and receives audio signals from mobile gadgets (in the case of Android, you can send a mirror image from the device). It costs only 35 and works with any monitor that supports HDMI. A more advanced version with 4K support will cost 60, which is in any case cheaper than buying a SMART TV, and more convenient than connecting a monitor via an MHL adapter.

How do I connect a monitor to my tablet? Instructions

A tablet is, of course, a powerful and advanced gadget that has managed to replace a computer and a TV for many, but for a tablet you will not be going to watch some fresh film and will NOT work with the same comfort as in front of an HD-monitor of a powerful computer or laptop. No matter how offensive it may be, the tablet did not move the old technologies primarily because of its compactness.

Well, in this case, old and new technologies need to be friends, and many people are already wondering how to connect a monitor to a tablet, a tablet to a TV, and so on. In fact, all this is quite realizable and does NOT require much effort. In this material, we will find out how to do it.

How to connect a monitor to a tablet via Wi-Fi?

The method presented above is perfect for those who own an old monitor or TV without support for SMART functions. If you still have SMART-TV or a “monitor with brains”, then you should think about connecting a tablet via Wi-Fi. You can use Miracast wireless technology. This method only works with devices running Android version 4.2. So, to duplicate an image from a tablet to a SMART TV, you need:

  • Connect TV and tablet to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Go to the TV settings and select the item “Image duplication”.
  • Go to the tablet settings, open the “Display” submenu and enable the Miracast option in it.
  • Select the desired one from the list of external monitors and click on it.

After the connection is established, all content from the tablet will be mirrored on the connected monitor or TV.

You can also set up sharing files between your tablet and TV using the DLNA standard. This requires:

  • Connect TV and tablet to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Activate UPnP protocol on the router.
  • Download a server application for managing devices in the same local network.
  • Send a file in the tablet’s memory to the desired TV (the TV will display a corresponding request, which will allow you to play the Sent file).

How to connect a monitor to iPad via AirPlay?

As for iPad owners, things are a little more complicated. Due to the closed nature of the iOS operating system, it will NOT work directly to connect the iPad to the monitor. To broadcast from YouTube or music from Google Play, you can use the same Chromecast, but to fully work with an additional monitor and display a mirror image, you will have to purchase an Apple TV of the 3rd generation or later.

Apple TV connects to the monitor using an HDMI cable, and iPad connects to Apple TV using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The user only needs to open the “iOS Control Center”, click on “AirPlay repeat” and select the desired set-top box. The mirrored image is automatically transferred to the monitor connected to Apple TV.

How to connect a printer to a tablet

We often have a variety of technologies at our disposal that are in line with the latest developments. But we do not always use such a technique for its intended purpose. The question “how to connect a printer to a tablet” is inspired today by the fact that most people use this gadget as a computer. Tablets are devices that replace large computers or laptops. Due to its mobility, lightness and often intuitive design, it is the best assistant in work. Tablets include many different functions, besides playing games and watching movies. here you can build a variety of tables, graphs, write texts of any complexity, edit photos, read books, create your own drawings or even whole pictures using various graphic editors. The question “how to connect a printer to a tablet” is very relevant and therefore requires a complete clarification.

If you really use your device one hundred percent and most importantly for its intended purpose, sooner or later you may need some functions. So, for example, in this article we will consider the solution to the question “how to connect a printer to a tablet”.

To connect, the printer must be turned on and working.

Wireless connection between tablet and printer Many of you at work use wireless communication when connecting to a printer. Often we don’t even think about how this happens. We SIMply open the file and send it to print to a default or manual printer. Believe it or not, the exact same steps can be taken to connect the printer to the tablet. What do you need for this? Know the IP address of your printer; register this IP address in the tablet so that it can find the necessary printer and install the device driver on the printer. If you find it difficult to directly install a driver or register a printer in the system, you can do all of the above actions on your personal computer, and then SIMply transfer it to your computer in any way convenient for you. There are often some difficulties when connecting wirelessly or synchronizing the tablet and peripheral device. Tablets, firstly, come in different brands and are based on different platforms. Think Android or IOS. In addition, system updates are regularly downloaded to your tablet, often for the better, but there are some malfunctions. If you do not understand why the connection is not established, your device does not see the tablet, or the tablet cannot send the necessary files to print, it would be best for you to turn to professionals. Often, you only need to configure the tablet once and in the future It will not fail when working with peripheral devices.

One comment “How to connect a printer to a tablet

And what, can any printer be directly connected to any tablet, or does this apply only to certain device models? I did not know. I read this blog and learn more and more useful and interesting things. Thanks for the valuable and helpful information, this is the best tablet blog.

Is it possible to connect the printer to the tablet

Doubt about your new Huion HS610 and HS64 tablets? Don’t worry, in this article you will find frequently asked questions about THESE two models.

How to know if my mobile phone or tablet is compatible with Huion HS610 or HS64?

Your phone or tablet must be equipped with Android 6.0 or higher and must have OTG function.

Can I connect HS610 or HS64 to iPhone or iPad?

Comments, you cannot connect it to iPhone or iPad. Currently, these two models only support Windows 7 or newer, Mac OS 10.12 or newer, and Android 6.0 or newer.

HS610 and HS64 can be compatible with Android phones, but can they be used in Android tablet?

Yes, it can be used on an Android tablet, but it has certain system requirements.

First, you must make sure your tablet is running Android 6.0 or newer. Second, your Android device must have OTG enabled. Likewise, to connect HS610 or HS64 to Android phone, you need to make sure your phone also has the above specifications.

How do I know if my phone / tablet has activated the OTG function?

By default, the OTG function is already enabled, but for some models you need to enable it yourself. To enable the OTG function, go to “Settings”, then “Other settings” find the OTG function and enable it.

How to use OTG function to connect tablet to Android phone or tablet?

First, make sure you have enabled the OTG function on your phone or tablet. Secondly, please select the correct OTG option from the possible settings, depending on the type of USB port of your phone or tablet; then connect your tablet to your phone or tablet as shown in the following figure:

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Do I need to install the driver when connecting the tablet to Android phone or tablet?

Comments, no need to install driver. The tablet can work without installing any drivers on the phone or tablet.

What is the work area of ​​HS610 or HS64?

In PC mode, which refers to connecting the tablet to a PC or laptop, the HS610 has an active area of ​​254 x 158.8 mm (as shown in the green area) and the HS64’s active area is 160 x 102 mm (as shown in the green area). In phone mode, which refers to connecting the tablet to an Android phone or tablet, the HS610 has a working area of ​​158.8 x 99.2 mm (as shown in the red area) and the HS64’s working area is 102 x 63.8 mm (as shown in figure in the red zone).

Please note that after connecting to a phone or tablet, the graphics tablet automatically detects the phone mode in which the pen can only work in the red area on the left. Also, if you connect your tablet to PC or laptop without the driver installed, it will still recognize it as phone mode. Thus, in this situation, the tablet active area will be as shown in the red area.

What to do if the tablet cannot enter phone mode?

If the HS610 pen tablet fails to automatically enter phone mode, press and hold buttons 1 and 5 SIMultaneously for 3 seconds to enter phone mode.

If the HS64 graphics tablet cannot automatically enter phone mode, press and hold button 1 for 3 seconds to enter phone mode.

Will the touch ring, express keys, and pen buttons work in phone mode?

Comments, touch ring, express keys, and pen buttons cannot work in phone mode.

What is OTG?

OTG. It is short for On-The-Go. It is a technology developed in recent years that was announced by the USB Developers Forum on December 18, 2001. It is mainly used for communication between various devices or mobile devices to exchange data.

Which app can be used in phone mode?

In theory, if it is a drawing software that can be used in Android OS, then you can use this drawing software in phone mode.

Can I use the tilt function of HS610 in phone mode?

If the software used can support the tilt function, then you can use the tilt function in phone mode.

Will there be sensitivity to pen pressure in the application in phone mode?

It depends on the software itself. If your drawing software has pen pressure sensitivity, then in phone mode, the pen will be.

Conclusion. Why the tablet does not see the carrier

If the tablet does not see the USB flash drive, then there may be several options. The most common problem is that users SIMply could not find the required drive directory (address). The easiest way is to find what you need in Total Commader, you need to return to the root location and find the name of the folder with the inscription USB. this is the flash drive.

The second option is that the device cannot produce enough voltage. Any media and accessory requires power. In the case of a tablet, it is fed through the USB connector, a flash drive with a large memory capacity may NOT open for the reason that the tablet is not designed to provide it with energy. This usually happens when trying to pair the device and an external hard drive. Sometimes the device SIMply does not support large amounts of memory, and then you need to choose a drive with a minimum size. Today it is 2 or 4 GB.

The third possible problem is the lack of Root rights on the device. To get them, you need to install the Kingo Android Root application on a PC or laptop, and connect the device to the device via USB. Further, on the tablet in the settings we find the item “For developers”. If it is not there, then it is not activated. Activation is performed as follows.

  • We go into the settings and open the item “About phone”.
  • Click on “Build number”. An inscription will appear: “You have become a developer”.

We go to the main settings menu and find the above item. In it, you must activate “USB Debugging”. After that, we return to the laptop and re-enter Kingo Android Root, if everything is done correctly, the program will determine the model and manufacturer of the tablet or smartphone and install the necessary drivers. At some point, a window will appear on the PC screen, where it is necessary to name it by the “Root” button. Now all that remains is to download the StickMount application, and through it you can see the USB flash drive on the tablet.

NOT every user knows that any USB drive is formatted for a certain standard of work. Most often, tablets only understand FAT32. In order to check how the flash drive is currently formatted, you need to insert it into the PC and open the properties. If it says that NTFS, then SIMply formats it through a special menu item and change the type of file system.

Sometimes the problem with connecting a flash drive to a tablet is associated with a physical breakdown of the media and cable. It is very SIMple to check whether this is so: you need to connect another carrier through the same cable. If it opens, then the adapter is working. The drive itself can be opened on a PC or laptop, if it works, then the problem is not in it.

Is it possible to connect a USB flash drive to a tablet

Information is the most valuable resource. There are a lot of ways to exchange her. Sometimes it happens that someone gives the necessary files on a USB drive, and only a tablet is at hand. Most modern models are not equipped with a corresponding connector, so you have to look for other ways. Below is described how to connect a USB flash drive to a tablet, and what to do if he does not see it.

How to open files

At the second stage of work, you need to open the USB flash drive on the tablet. Most often, the device itself will detect the carrier and show the corresponding message in notifications. It is enough to lower the curtain down and name it. If this does not happen, then the file manager will save, it is in any modern device. In his absence, one of the file manager applications will help you to see the USB flash drive on the tablet.

The most popular option is Total Commander, it is known to many from PC, and in fact it is NOT different. Here you can not only get access to folders and files, but copy them, move and perform any other actions. The application is free, and you can find it at the corresponding request in the Play Market. In addition, the Explorer, Root Explorer, ES File Manager applications are quite popular. The principle of their operation is completely SIMilar, only the interface changes. Which option is better is a matter of personal preference.

To open this or that file, you need special software. Many text documents open in Microsoft’s reading or office programs. And the music will open in the player, if we are talking about PDF files, then you need Adobe Acrobat Reader or Foxit Reader. In other words, it all depends on the situation, therefore, in each individual case, its own decision.

OTG cable

An option that will help in the situation described above is to use an OTG cable. This is the only answer to the question “is it possible to connect a USB flash drive to a tablet”.

The OTG cable has a microUSB connector on one side and a female USB output on the other. To open files through the adapter, you need to connect the cable to the tablet, and on the other hand, connect the storage medium. Starting with Android 3.1, the developers have provided support for this connection method, which means that problems should not arise, since finding a device with an older version of the operating system is now quite difficult. This method also works on smartphones. After the flash drive is connected to the tablet, it will be displayed as external memory, and it is enough to move the files or just open them. How to do this will be described below.

OTG cable is a useful accessory that will allow you not only to connect a USB flash drive, but also to use a mouse, keyboard, printer or 3G modem. For the latter two, a special driver is required, which must be provided by the manufacturer of the equipment. Usually the technical documentation describes where and how to download it.

Flatbed printer

Very often you have to print a document or web page directly from your tablet. At the same time, you DO NOT want to save everything to a USB flash drive, connect it to a PC and only then print. But how do you connect to a printer? Let’s take a look at the ways in which you can print directly from your tablet.

Setting up a direct connection between the router and the printer’s Wi-Fi via WPS

To configure some models, you need to know the SSID (network name) and the password for it. Also check if your device supports WPS at all. It is also desirable that the network be protected with WPA or WPA 2 encryption. And finally, you need to make sure that MAC address filtering is turned off.

One more nuance: you must know your PIN. It is located on the box from the router (8 digits under the serial number or MAC address).

Next, you need to enable WPS on your router. Type in your browser. Login and password. “admin”. Set the “ENABLE” parameter in the WPS SETUP, which is found in the “Security / Security” section. Most routers do this. But there are some types of routers with a slightly modified interface. For example, as in the picture.

In this case, check if MAC address filtering is disabled:

Sometimes the router has a physical WPS button, which, of course, needs to be pressed. The device should also have a button, but only search the network. Clamp it until the two devices do NOT connect. If there is such a button, then you will have to perform a search using the device software. Next, you need to find the “Network” section, go to the “Wireless” section there and select the “Wi-Fi Protection Setup” item. Remember that you need to enable WPS on both devices within the range of NOT exceeding 2 minutes!

Wi-Fi connection of the printer

Is it possible to connect printing to the tablet if both have Wi-Fi. Here, of course, everything is SIMpler. You can connect in several ways. So, modern printers can be printed directly via Wi-Fi Direct. It must be turned on. To enable Wi-Fi Direct, go to the Device Settings in the “” section. Some Android versions call it “Wi-Fi Direct”.

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In the first models with a Wi-Fi module, there is such an opportunity, but you can do it differently. Connect to the network. It has been discussed in many forums that tablets cannot see network printers, but there is a trick here. It is necessary to make the network not from the computer, but connect directly to the router.

How to connect a printer to a tablet via usb

Let’s take a look at how to connect a printer to a tablet via USB, although this method is NOT the best and NOT with all models and printers this can be done. For everything to work out, you need to have a USB Host output on your tablet PC. But besides this, you will also need drivers for the device. There are very few printed devices with Android drivers. However, sometimes the device starts to be seen after installing the “USB connection Kit” application from the Play Market. If everything is exactly like that. The drivers are steel, a tablet with a USB host, then the printing device will be seen as USB and, accordingly, it will be possible to print on it.

Among all the manufacturers, only HP took care of their models. They created an ePrint app that, once installed, sees almost all of the company’s devices on tablet PCs connected via a USB cable.

Virtual Printer Services

This is the easiest way to print from your tablet. On the Internet, there are a huge number of services that will make your printer virtual without any problems, that is, you can print on your device from anywhere in the world. The most important thing is that there must be internet.

The most popular is Google’s Cloud Print service. In order for tablet printing to work, you need to have your own Google account. You need to connect one or more devices to it.

To do this, go to Chrome settings. At the bottom you need to click “Show advanced settings”. Go to the very bottom again, where in the third section from the bottom there is an option to add printers.

To print from your tablet, you need to install the Cloud Print app and print. New features and functions appear in the service almost every week. Using Cloud Print or SIMilar services makes things much easier. For example, you don’t need to set up something every time. you only need to remember your Google account and password.

How can you connect an MFP to a tablet

There are only two main methods:

  • Via wireless networks Wi-Fi or Bluetooth;
  • Via USB cable.

Wi-Fi connection

This is perhaps the SIMplest method. All you need to use third-party accessories or special software. All you need to do is download Printer Share, the most popular software for printing from Android devices. You can also use analogs.

After installing the program, you need to launch it, and then follow the very clear instructions. The interface is SIMple and easy to use. As stated above, to use this function, make sure you have a Wi-Fi adapter.

USB cable connection

USB pairing

Another pairing method. It uses a special cable that directly connects the tablet to the printer. You need to take such a cable and connect one end to the USB port of the device, and the other, microUSB to the tablet computer. Not difficult, but not enough. To get it working, you need to install the appropriate driver on your computer, which will control the pairing process. Not for all models, especially old ones, it is easy to find this driver. Often it SIMply may not exist, which will negate the possibility of using this method.

Some device models do not have a USB output. However, this is not a desperate situation. For any device, you can find special adapters or special wire adapters that provide access to a wired connection.

If the cable is connected, the driver is found and installed, then you will need to use one of the programs for printing from compact devices. Here, the course of actions is approximately the same as for other connections. The most important thing is to strictly follow the instructions of the program.

Bluetooth connection

This type is very SIMilar to the previous one, differing only in the type of wireless data transfer protocol. The presence of the appropriate adapter and the necessary program will allow you to quickly print the necessary documents.

What should be a printer

Wireless connection. The most important condition for pairing with a printing device is that it has such a function. But not all models are equipped with corresponding adapters. Almost all new models have them, but the old ones, unfortunately, are deprived.

For a wired connection, you will need a USB output on the device to which you can plug a cable. However, this is NOT an absolute confirmation of connectivity. After all, for it you will need to install the Corresponding driver, which SIMply may not be.

What should be a tablet

The main requirement for a tablet is an operating system. This is necessary in order to be able to use special software for printing. The most popular OS on devices is Android, so it is for it that all programs suitable for this case are sharpened. It does NOT have to have any special functions.

Connect the printer to the tablet

The ubiquity of tablet computers could not but affect the office sphere. Many workers now prefer to work with compact devices. However, during such work, the need to print something periodically arises. Until recently, the only way was to pair with a personal computer and then transfer the necessary files to it. And only after the transfer, the necessary files were printed from the computer.

This process is long, exhausting, which takes up working time. The emerging trends prompted manufacturers of digital technology to create the ability to directly connect laptop computers to the printer.

Google Cloud Printing

Another innovative way to print is using Google Cloud, a dedicated service that allows you to print documents to remote printers. To use it, you will need to first configure the so-called “virtual printer” through the Google Chrome browser. This method is based on the functioning of the account of this system. The SIMultaneous use of an account on different devices allows, roughly speaking, to combine them all into one program group. Thus, wherever users are located, they can always send documents for printing to their machine connected to a PC.

On Android models, a special Google app is used for THESE purposes. It has almost the same functionality as its counterparts. The only difference is that this software is aimed at solving one clear goal. the use of Google Cloud.

It is worth noting that the last method does not require any specific adapters on the MFP itself, as well as drivers. It is enough just to have an idea of ​​how to connect the device in a standard way to a personal computer. From this point of view, a virtual printer is the most convenient and practical solution.

Thus, the question of whether it is possible to connect a printer to a tablet has several answers. Yes, of course you can. However, you need to consider all possible ways, and then analyze the current situation. If the model is advanced, all of the above methods are usually available. Then the question of personal preference arises. If some adapters are missing or drivers cannot be found, we recommend using the latter method, based on the principle of a virtual printer.

Downloading programs to your devices

First you have to download a special application called PrinterShare from the Android Market. This program is just used for remote printing from mobile devices on Android. You need to enter the Android Market from a tablet.

Visit the web resource, and download the same program from this site, but now on a PC. You can download from the main page; if you are using Mac OS, look for software under “Apple” devices.

Web Printing Software

Register the printing device

View detailed instructions on registering a printer (link at the end of the article). I would also like to note that HP ePrintCenter has the ability to manage print jobs, edit various ePrint parameters.

At the registration stage, you will receive your own e-mail address, but, of course, it will not belong to you, but only to your printing device. Now follow the instructions below:

  • Go to the menu Choosing there Subsequently “Login”;
  • By clicking on the item “Create an account”, write your data in the appropriate cells, then click “Create an account”;
  • You will see the Add Printer window. There you will write the code (you will see an empty cell “Enter the printer code”, that’s where you need to write)
  • Click OK. The message “Completed successfully” should appear.

The method of connecting the printer via PC. Touch devices and printer

All modern touch devices operating on the basis of Android, in fact, have some pretty interesting hidden capabilities, which are not requested in the characteristics. It is not difficult to connect a tablet to a printing device; it does not require any special knowledge or skills. If you are interested in the answer to the question of whether it is possible to connect a tablet to a printer, then carefully study the information below, which will describe the basic principles of synchronization, as well as Possible nuances and difficulties when connecting.

Tablet in conjunction with a printer

Features of the current printing method

Print files even away from home

I would like to note the incredible advantage of this method! Since here exclusively the Internet connection is used, the user is able to send to print any required document remotely, even if he is now on the other side of the city or on the other side of the planet! Send your colleagues important photos, presentations, documents. This method of remote printing has a peculiarity: here it is necessary to enter the login / password without fail.

Conditions required for connection

Any modern tablet can be used for synchronization. There are several connection methods, one of which requires a desktop computer with a printer already connected to it. This method requires several components.

  • Components required for connection via PC;
  • A working stationary PC, or a laptop;
  • Also a functioning printer connected to a PC and configured;
  • Internet on your touch gadget, which, in fact, is the main condition, without which the method will not work.

Installing the required software

Install the program you downloaded in the previous paragraph on your desktop computer. Install the tablet version of the same program on your tablet.

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The next step is to transfer the application file to your tablet device; for THESE purposes, any method that is available to you will do. If your desktop computer has a card reader, then just pull the card out of the tablet, and insert it into the PC, then wrote down the file you need there.

Card readers allow you to connect microSD to your PC

The next step is to install this very file. Please also note that you will be required to register. When you go through this SIMple process. proceed to the next step. this is an indication of the printer you need. When you specify it, your program will open access to this printing device.

When you later open the application on your touch device, you will undoubtedly see that the printer is ready for printing, and, if necessary, you can start printing the required document or photo. Thanks to the extension of the interface, you will be able to print out such file types as a picture or photo, an e-mail, a document. When you have selected the file you want to print, we click the “Print” button, and then you will notice that your printer is starting to work.

Downloading the required firmware

Printing device from HP corporation

Press the “Download” button, followed by all the instructions on the display, downloaded the software.

Next, open the folder where your saved file is located (as a rule, look in the “download”). Double click on the file, and then also follow the instructions on the screen.

Printing via Wi-Fi using a special program

There is another way to print files from a touch gadget. We need a special ePrint program. This application allows you to print any of your documents directly from your portable device.

By using ePrint, users can print their files to an HP printer. Here you can send files directly from your tablet.

You will need an HP printer with ePrint support. Each such printer has its own e-mail address. Once you’ve enabled the appropriate service, you can SIMply send emails to the printer’s address and print instantly! This method differs in that we no longer need a PC here. Everything happens directly.

Branded logo of the program

  • Check that there is paper in the input tray of your printer;
  • On the control panel you will need to click “Settings”;
  • Then press the arrow to the right and select the “Reports” term. Click OK;
  • Pressed the arrow key to the right, select the line “Configuration report”. Also click OK;
  • Check the software version number in the configuration report;
  • Follow the link “Download software and drivers”, download the software necessary for full operation from the HP website;
  • Enter the printer code in the window, click “Next”, click the link “Download programs and drivers”;
  • Clicked on the arrows to expand the list, mark your OS;
  • To specify your system, click the drop-down arrow, select the installed OS. Click “Next”;
  • Now click the plus sign next to the “firmware” timeline, and there you will see all the latest updates that are suitable just for your device;
  • In the next step, you will need to compare the software version (from the report) with the software version on the HP website. If everything matches, feel free to go to the next step.

Connecting a touch gadget to Ethernet

In case of breakdowns of a Wi-Fi router in an apartment, or under other circumstances, the user needs to connect to the local network directly, using RJ-45. So is it possible to connect the tablet to the wired Internet, is it really possible to do this if the tablet has a corresponding connector? What external devices are required to connect? This will be discussed in this article.

USB network card

Drivers and other necessary software

It was tested on many gadgets for Android 4.0.4 and older: the drivers for these network cards are already installed in the operating system, so there is no need to search and download anything.

We insert your card into the tablet, and then connect to the network switch.

Net Status Program Window

If you use “Net Status” (a free program with all the necessary functionality), then you will see on the Netcfg tab (by clicking the “Get Netcfg” button). of course, after connecting the tablet and the network card. a line with the eth0 interface specified there. note that this is our card connected to the touch device. However, it has NOT been assigned network settings. Most often this happens due to the fact that in Android your network connection is designed to connect with parameters based on DHCP technology. here settings on your own. impossible!

For all users who do not have a network with a working DHCP server, you can go the other way. Try to run this same DHCP server on your PC.

Having eliminated all the problems yourself, your equipment should begin to function stably, in normal mode, without failures.

If your tablet has an Ethernet port

Some tablets already have a wired internet port. In this case, you can try to connect even without using any third-party external equipment (that is, without extra cost).

Network settings options

Option Description 1. Your cable is connected to a DHCP-based router. If so, then it’s quite SIMple. You need to connect the RJ-45 to the tablet, and then activate this network in the settings of the tablet itself (put a checkmark in front of the Ethernet item). Here you need a section called Ethernet Configuration. Most often it can be found below.

If you are faced with a situation where DHCP SIMply refuses to work, then I will go this way. Click on the “Static” item in the same Android settings, then manually enter there:

  • IP addresses
  • Subnet mask
  • Gateway
  • DNS.

Description of option 2. You have a network in your house where traffic is distributed via PPPOE (in particular, you need a login / password). Then first perform the first connection step, described above (Connect with a cable and put a tick). After that, download a small program called “PPPoEW”: http://vk.Cc/2IfFF7

For the normal functioning of the program, you may need ROOT rights. download the Ginger Break program, and click “Root Device”.

Here we will be required to log in. Enter your username / password, then Tapa “Dial-up”. Then press the “Home” button and you can launch your browser and check if your Network is working.

PPPoEW program window

In any case, you need to Summarize that connecting a tablet to a wired Internet is far from the easiest thing, and it does not always justify the efforts. Today it is easier to purchase a router (or even two routers, one in reserve) if you are a business person and you constantly need a stable connection. The cost of routers is now extremely low (25-40), setting up Wi-Fi in yourself in an apartment is worthwhile. If you have several portable devices in your house (for example, a tablet, smartphone and netbook), then by setting up Wi-Fi at home, you will gain a lot, for example, you can download your favorite music to your smartphone, at high speed, and absolutely free without even pulling out the microSD card from the phone! There is a very useful application for downloading music from portable devices from “Zaycev.Net”: http://vk.Cc/2If8g6

It is extremely convenient and useful for all music lovers, downloading any music literally in one click!

Does the wired connection method work??

Network card connected to OTG

There is a widespread opinion among people that connecting a tablet to wired networks of the Global Network is an absolutely stupid and pointless exercise (after all, the tablet was originally created as a portable device). However, in fact, it turns out that sometimes there are exceptions to the rule:

  • Sometimes a router breaks down in people, and if there is no stationary computer in the house, then the person is SIMply cut off from the world. For some people, this is tantamount to some kind of emergency, because the Internet has now become a part of our life, and many of them have plans collapsing or business stops.
  • This method will also be useful for those people who use a tablet primarily as a “stationary PC”. Who bought a tablet for home use (not for travel and travel). As you know, wireless networks have never been stable (in comparison with wired ones). Crashes, freezes, speed drops, etc. often occur here. Again, for business people and people doing business and other important affairs through the World Wide Web, this poses a barrier. Wired networks are more stable anyway! If you use the tablet mostly at home, and, even better, in one room, then you will gain a lot by connecting your tablet to the wired Internet.
  • The method will be very useful for those who travel a lot to hotels or hotels, or go to visit where there is no Wi-Fi. Sometimes you need to go online very urgently, and in this case, the method will be “saving” for you!

Connecting a second USB device to the tablet

It so happens that the user needs to connect some other device to his tablet (for example, a USB flash drive or an external keyboard with a mouse). In this case, you will need to purchase a combined USB hub with a network card. Such equipment looks like this:

Combined hub and network card

For those who do not really want to mess with a bunch of adapters, we can recommend another very useful device (with Micro-USB):

Micro-USB adapter

Step-by-step connection process

Buy the required adapter. They come in different looks, but in reality they are based on the same chip. You can buy any:

The appearance of the adapters may differ

It should be noted that such adapters are made mainly in China. Therefore, buy without fear, anyway you will NOT find anything else. They can have a different appearance, shape, color, but they are based on the same chip. So you will NOT be wrong.

Basic connection principle

The bottom line is that you need to purchase a special USB network card based on the RD9700 chip, which, in fact, is an adapter between USB and RJ-45. If you even have USB in your tablet, then use another OTG adapter.

OS update

If, nevertheless, after all attempts to connect the wired Internet, the tablet refuses to connect, it makes sense to update the operating system to a more recent version. Go to settings, in the tablet PC, system update.

The only thing is that you have to connect to the Internet in any other way (3G or Wi-Fi).