Is It Possible To Connect The Printer To USB

Connecting the printer to a PC: methods, features

Consider three ways in which you can connect the printer to a PC, namely:

1) connection with a USB cable to install a local printer;

2) network connection of the printer by IP address;

3) connection to a printer installed on another PC.

Connecting a Printer Using a USB Cable

When you unpack and install the printer next to the computer device, immediately Connect the USB cable to it. the end where the plug looks like a SIMple USB input plugged into the computer. Connect the other end of the cable to your PC. Then proceed as follows.

1) go to the “Control Panel” and select the “Devices and Printers” section there. You will see a list of all devices that are connected to your PC.

2) On the panel at the top, click on “Add Printer”. A window will open in which you need to select the type of printer you are connecting. Since in our case this is a USB device, select “Local Printer”.

3) Mark the point “Use the next port” with a dot and click on the field with the names of free ports for connection. Select the name “USB001” from the opened list.

4) The next step is to select a driver for the connected device. In the list with the name “Publisher” find the name of the manufacturer (for example, Canon), and in the list “Printers” find directly the model (for example, Canon LBP5960).

Is It Possible To Connect The Printer To USB

If you cannot find your device name, you will need to download the driver and install it manually. Download the driver on the official website, then click on the line “Install from disk. “, Specify the path of the downloaded driver and Confirm the action by clicking on the” OK “button. Then check the box “Replace the existing (current) driver” and click on the “Next” button. Now do this:

1) Specify the name of your printer, after which its installation and configuration starts.

2) Pay attention to the item “Sharing settings for home PC”: if you are at home, cancel sharing, if you work in the office. you can open it in order to be able to connect to the printer and print to it from several PCs.

3) Check the box “Use default printer” and click on the button “Finish”.

If you did everything correctly, then, looked in the “Device Panel”, you will find there your “freshly connected” printer.

How to properly connect the printer to the computer: methods, instructions

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A printer is one of those devices that “accompanies” every computer device, and many users want to know how to properly connect a printer to a computer, I think this is quite difficult to do. Some time ago, this procedure was really not the easiest, but today everything is different. And you yourself can easily cope with this task.

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Connecting a network printer

In order to install a network printer connected to the Internet, click on the “Install a printer” button and select “Local printer”. Only in this case, you need to check the “Create a new port” item, then select its type. “Standart TCP / IP Port”.

You will see two fields: in the first, specify the IP address of the printer, in the second. the name of the port, so that it can be further identified.

Your further actions will be the same as in the first case, when the connection was made via a USB cable:

1) select the driver (or install it manually),

2) allow (or deny) general access,

3) mark the printer as primary,

4) close the window by clicking on the “Finish” button.

Connecting to the printer from a second PC

It often happens that there are several computers and the user of each of them needs to print. Here is just one printer. How to proceed in this case? It’s very SIMple. connect a printer from a second PC over the network and send a print job to it from any network device. precisely. the task will first go to the PC to which the printer is connected, and from there it will be sent to the device.

To print over a network, it is imperative that the printer be shared. To do this, go to the “Properties” of the printer, go to the item “Access” and there check the box for opening access, indicating the network name (for example, it can be Xerox WC 5010). Click on “Apply” to save the settings.

Next, on all PCs that you want to connect, go to “Devices and Printers” and click on the line “Install a printer“. Again, select “Local Printer” and create a new port. “Local Port”.

A window will open in front of you where you will need to register the full path to the printer, that is, specify the name of the computer and the network name of the printer. It may look like this: \\ AndreyPB \ Xerox WC 5010. Here AndreyPB is the name of the PC to which you want to connect, and Xerox WC 5010 is the name of the printer (you specified it when you opened the general access). Then do the following:

1) click on “OK”;

2) Substitute your printer driver, for which: 1) click on the line “Install from disk”; 2) specify the path to the folder where the downloaded driver is located;

3) select the default printer;

4) close the installation window.

As you can see, connecting a printer to a computer is not at all difficult, and you can easily cope with it.

How to connect a printer to a laptop on Windows 7

Operating systems of the Windows family are very widespread among users. It was the ease of installation and handling of the system that greatly influenced this. The same goes for the printer. Very often, when you connect it, the drivers can “pick up” themselves and the device will be immediately ready for use.

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Windows 7 desktop

If the automatic setup failed, then insert the disc and Install from it. If it is not there, then you need to go to “Devices and Printers”. This item in Windows 7 can be located directly in the “Start” menu. At the top of the window that opens, there should be a button “Install”. After clicking on it, a new dialog will appear, which will offer you to select the type of connection. If you need to do this using USB, then select local, if other methods. the second item. Next, you need to either select a model known to the system from the list, or install from Windows Update. The second method rarely helps, so we select a ready-made driver from the list. Then we write the name of the device, if necessary, select the network access. This completes the installation.

How to connect a wireless printer to a laptop

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  • Tablets
  • How to connect a wireless printer to your laptop

The wireless printer connects to your laptop through a technology called Bluetooth, which requires the devices to be close to each other or, if you have access to a wireless network, use Wi-Fi (available for devices within 50 to 100 feet or about that). Here’s a quick rundown of what you should know when setting up your laptop to connect to a wireless printer:

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. These are short-range wireless connections (this means you have to be near the printer to connect to it).

To use a Bluetooth-based wireless printer, you may need to connect the Bluetooth transmitter to the USB port of your laptop. This transmitter is a small chewing gum-sized device that transmits a signal to a printer. If you have a laptop with Wi-Fi support, you can skip this step.

You must follow the procedure from the previous task to set up your printer in the Windows Control Panel and install any required drivers. After you click “Advanced Printer Setup” in the Hardware and Sound window, click the link “The printer I want is not listed,” and then select “Add Bluetooth, Wireless or Network Printer” in the first dialog that appears and follow the instructions.

The Add Printer Wizard guides you through the process of pairing your laptop and printer; you may need a password for this (supplied with the printer).

Once you’ve set up your printer, you can print just like you would on any other type of printer, but without the extra wires on your desk.

If you have a problem, see the instructions for your wireless printer for help.

If you have an Air-Print printer, you can print directly from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. See your printer user’s guide to see if your model has this capability and how to use it.

How to connect a printer via a wireless network. How to connect a printer to a laptop on Windows 10

Several interface changes have been made to the Windows 10 operating system. Therefore, the installation of devices in it is slightly different. In particular, adding a new device is not done through the “Control Panel”, but through the “Settings” in the “Start” menu. Then you need to go to “Devices” and here find “Printers and scanners”. To add a new device, you need to click “Add a printer or scanner.” Next, SIMilar to Windows 7, the model, name, access is selected and all this is saved.

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Windows 10 appearance

Software installation methods

In order for the operating system to know how to work correctly with the new equipment connected to it, a set of special instructions. drivers. is required. They are unique for each device. Sometimes developers can use one common driver for several devices.

Thus, a driver is a kind of adapter with which the system controls the device. Software refers to both drivers and additional software. Typically, it serves to facilitate the user, calibrate, configure and test the device. You can use the device without drivers (as a forced temporary measure) before the disc is found or the drivers are downloaded. Consider connection methods with and without drivers.

Complete the task

  • Your device will display a Print Preview page asking you how you might want to customize the print job and the number of copies you want to make.
  • After you have finished entering the information, press “Print” and the job will be completed.

How to connect an HP printer to a laptop

A large number of HP devices can be installed using the drivers built into Windows 7, 8, 10. For example, for Windows 10, you can follow a few SIMple steps:

  • In the search, you need to drive in the phrase “Change device installation parameters” and click on the result.
  • In the window you need to specify “Automatic” and save.
  • Connect printer to computer.
  • Go to “Devices and Printers”.
  • Click “Add Printer”.
  • Select your model in the list and click “Next”.
  • The device should be successfully installed.

HP 2529

How to connect a printer using a wired USB cable

If you receive this notification, follow the computer’s intuitive prompts and click the notification. He can do all the hard work for you. If your computer provided you with the opportunity to independently resolve all issues, follow these steps.

operating system

The fact that the printer supports your platform does not mean that it will work with your version of the operating system, especially if you are using newer hardware with an older OS. Since printers require driver software to communicate with your application software through your OS, you need drivers that support your computer’s current configuration. Some newer printers provide backup support for at least one OS generation earlier than the version on the market. Visit the download section of the manufacturer’s website to find drivers that are compatible with your needs.